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Subtitles for Kaena The Prophecy Xena CD1.

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Kaena The Prophecy Xena CD1

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Kaena: The Prophecy
600 years later...
Nothing up here? Move to the next one!
- Easy, easy! - Still nothing?
- We need more sap today. - Look out below!
- Any luck? - Look higher up.
Move to the left!
We don't have all day. Hurry!
- I've found some. - Good.
That's right! Hoist them up!
I got it.
What's up?
- Nothing here - Same here
Hey, Enode! Working hard?
What would you know about work?
Always off playing.
I don't play, Enode, I explore.
You're waste of time.
Our only duty is to serve the gods, Kaena.
They protect us.
Come on, hurry up! We'll be late for the offering.
Protect us.... They're not doing such a great job..
Here they come!
It steals our sap and keeps us thirsty.
It has turned our planet to a wasteland
My queen, these attacks are killing us
Our world is dying
You must save our people from extinction.
Axis, protect me!
Good, good...
Ilpo. Don't move.
Don't move, or the Marauder will see you.
Don't move.
Ilpo is...
I told you...
I warned you...
Ilpo... broken
All broken.
Ilpo, it is me, Kaena.
Don't be frightened
Ilpo broken again today
Three times.
Always broken since long time.
You're not broken, Ilpo.
The bug's not looking too good, but you're fine.
They don't grow like they used to.
It's weird, you have to go further and further to find
pines that are not dried up.
- What is that? - Oh, that?
I had a little run in to a sharken.
Kaena go too far.
Too close to Great Oblivion.
Ah, the Great Oblivion!
The sharkens are not afraid of it. You should see them diving in and out clouds.
Kaena get broken. No come back.
You came back,
why wouldn't you ever tell me what you saw?
That, everywhere.
You've seen this stuff before?
Past the clouds? You saw it past the clouds?
A Marauder -- attack.
Ilpo don't move.
Then fall, almost break.
The worm catch Ilpo.
The worm? A worm caught you?
Then sleep.
Then see the man
But not man
Bad, bad.
Then too much light.
Very bright.
- Blue light. - Blue light?
Ilpo, listen, in my dreams there is a blue sun.
Was it a blue sun below the clouds?
- Below, all above. - What?
Below, all above. Above, all below.
Come on, Ilpo!
The Grand Priest!
Kaena must go! Quick!
I know -- Time for another offering.
Hey, watch your...
You just say something?
I heard you. Talk again!
That's OK, pretend you can't talk
And you will talk to my brother.
Kaena, where have you been?
Did you draw any more pictures?
- Show us them! - All right, all right.
But only if you promise not to tell!
The Grand Priest wouldn't like it.
We promise.
- You saw a sharken up close? - Yes, pretty close.
Is it a fast flyer?
- Very fast. - I'd love to have wings...
so I could be free.
You don't need wings to be free.
Imagine another world,
a beautiful place,
with a blue sun and so much sap you can swim in it.
Where is it, Kaena? Have you seen it?
No. But I've dreamed about it and...
My children...
We know that the sap is vital to our survival,
but with passing time,
it seems we are beginning to exhaust our resources.
That's right. What are we going to do about it?
I understand your suffering
Your suffering is my suffering.
But we must not doubt.
Who made us a gift of the Axis?
Who protects us from the Great Oblivion
and its terrifying guardians?
The gods!
Who at the moment of eternal peace
opens the gates of paradise for us?
The gods!
Who has given us life?
The gods!
Yes, our gods!
Let us examine our consciences!
Kaena, you won't believe what I've found!
What is it this time, Essy?
A warm that talks. I've got him over there in a cage.
I want to see.
Why are they holding us?
They plan to eat us.
We have to escape from here. Follow me!
Okay, there's still some work to be done here.
But not by moment... Get my armours and my wings...
and get out of here!
The Master's going to want a full report.
- Oh, silly... - Hey, don't make fun of him!
I bet the warm talks better than you.
- Oh, that warm is so silly... - Hey, Kaena...
- You like my brother, don't you? - He's alright. A bit tall.
Is our faith unshakable?
Do we not owe everything to our benevolent gods?
Then raise our offering to the Well of the Gods!
The gods are angry.
We've been cursed by The Great Oblivion!
No, my children!
This is a sign, don't you understand?
The gods are testing us at this very moment.
They're testing our faith.
We must trust in them and put our lives in their hands!
Stay where you are! Don't move!
You defy the gods.
Be pure! Knee! Pray!
May the will of the gods be done!
Kaena, wait up!
Kaena, what are you doing?
He moved, Zehos, the Grand Priest moved.
The gods saved him.
The gods don't care about him. They don't care about us.
She's right. Why did they destroy the temple?
You go fix the pan!
- But it's true... - Now!
Don't do anything stupid.
I saw you move
My parents moved and you called them impure!
- Are you impure? - Kaena, you're upset.
You moved to save yourself.
The gods moved me, Kaena.
They guide me. It is they who saved me.
No, the gods don't save anyone. They didn't save my parents.
Your parents didn't want to trust in the gods.
So why would the gods protect them? You parents made their choice.
I pray that it's not the choice that you will make.
You pray?
What's the point of it?
Your gods are deaf. If they even exist.
Life is hard.
After your parents died I've raised you as my own daughter...
I fostered your intelligence, your spirits.
And it wounds me that now you turn your gifts to dishonoring the gods
instead of worshiping them
Think of the life that awaits us beyond Axis!
Oh, I do.
- All the time. - Ah, of course...
You think I'm not aware you fill the children's heads with lies
showing them drawings of imaginary creatures and places.
They're not imaginary, I've seen...
- In your dreams, is that it? - They're real.
I've seen another world I've seen a blue sun at the base of Axis.
Listen to yourself, Kaena
Waving like poor Ilpo
Do you want to become like him?
Meshing bugs and whimpering in your sleep?
He is not crazy! He would pass the clouds, and saw...
The Great Oblivion, and it made him mad!
Look at this! This hatchet is harder than our hardest sap.
Whoever made it he was certainly not afraid of your gods.
Don't provoke the gods!
Give me that!
You tried to kill me.
- No, I only wanted... - You're mad.
You've become a danger to us all.
Catch Kaena before she harms someone else.
Her actions are angering the gods
and putting all of our lives in peril.
Find her before she escapes the village.
I saw her! This way.
So, even a tough girl like you can cry?
I thought you'd come here.
I haven't been down here since we were kids.
We are not kids anymore.
You were right.
Zehos, what am I going to do?
Have the knife?
He grabbed it and I wasn't even thinking, and he just pulled away...
I know you didn't try to kill him.
Look, I'll talk to the Grand Priest. He'll let you come back in to the village.
I'd rather disappear in the Great Oblivion then go back.
- Come on, Kaena! - Listen to me!
There is another world out there.
And I'm going to find it.
I'm sorry, Grand Priest, there is no sign of her.
May the will of the gods be done.
Hail to you, gods of my people!
Was our offering accepted?
It was not acceptable.
Is this the best you can do for your gods?
I am sorry, Almighty!
Great troubles inflect our village.
The sap is drying out and...
we have a heretic, a young girl who dishonors you.
She has run away, Almighty.
She wants to enter the Great Oblivion, she believes...
Is your authority so weak over your people?
It is just one girl, Almighty...
- She has always been... - One heretic...
can delude the others with impure ideas.
And then hard will come to all your people.
The girl is already dead. Think no more of her.
Do any devotion to the next harvest.
Do not consult us again.
We will not, Almighty.
You remember when we were kids
we used to have these contests, see who goes farthest from the village?
And I'd always win.
Weren't you ever afraid?
Sure, I was. I didn't want you to know.
Anyway, I knew that Axis would always show me the way back.
"Axis, protect me !" That's what you used to say, right?
Like it was something alive.
It is alive. It talks to me.
Listen, when we were kids, that was alright...
But now we're supposed to be over that, right?
And spend our lives harvesting sap and eating worms and...
never wondering what's on the other side of the clouds?
I didn't say that.
All I mean is...someone has to harvest the sap and repair the huts,
and tend the warms...
You used to be interesting.
But now you're boring. Now you raise worms.
What else are we supposed to eat?
Anyway, I've got a little brother to look after.
- I can't just... - Daydream like me?
Go bore your warms, Zehos!
My children...
the gods appeared to me last night.
They spoke to me.
They will punish Kaena.
And her treason has made them angry.
The gods are demanding another harvest of sap...
by day's end.
Our offering must be better...
or we will all perish.
Let us raise our offering to the well of the gods!
I need more.
There may not be much more, my queen.
Sap is drying out.
The villagers can't find any more.
I don't care about slaves.
Once we turn that thing, there will be.
Your Majesty,
we have been trying to kill it for hundreds of years.
And these slaves are beginning to doubt.
If we ignore this a riot can come.
I beg you, my queen
to consider the fusion now.
And what about descendants?
They'll be dried of sap by this monster?
Destroy it!
It must be destroyed.
Your will be done, my queen.
It's okay, Zehos.
You've got to take care of Essy.
I'm sorry.
Find her!
Oh no! I hope that she's alright.
No villager could have invented that worm's armor.
There must be a survivor.
Master, if I may,
this is a complete and total waste of time.
She nothing but a primitive being.
A surprising specimen.
This is the one you were telling me about, Assad?
- You sure? - Yes, Master. It's her.
She's not like the others, she is curious.
And she has got a kind of intuition.
in the way she moves...It's... as if she knows every branch.
And twice, twice I've seen her
close her eyes and just jump, as if something were guiding her.
Not a very scientific, Assad.
You've heard her talk of the blue sun at the bottom of Axis?
Master, a delusional girl sees a blue sun
and suddenly she's a prophet? Please, Master!
This is completely irrational. It hurts my brain! Ow!
It really does.
But what if Vecanoi survived the crash, Gommi?
That isn't a possibility, Master.
Vecanoi was destroyed along with everything else.
It's all just scrap metal, scattered across Axis,
most of it went on building this place.
So it's as if she sort of imagine Vecanoi?
Yes, Master. And egg is what she imagined.
She saw an egg. A nice, glowing blue egg.
Maybe if we all thought it was a blue egg, we could have...
She's violent too!
Back off you, you're creatures of the Oblivion!
You back off! And calm down.
You have nothing to fear from us.
Why have you brought her back, Gommi?
Don't ask me. Ask this genius! Why did we?
She needed help.
And what do they do with the worms?
They eat them.
That's disgusting!
And they enjoy it.
The Master
would like to speak to you now.
What do they do?
They're making ultimate preparations to facility to lift off.
Yes, this entire base is an intergalactic vessel.
What's that?
Typical humanoid being... I don't think you'll be able to understand.
Assad, the Master wants you to come as well.
You may take it!
It's yours.
Are you gods?
No. My name is Opaz.
I am a mortal, just as you are.
I'm sorry if we've frightened you We mean you no harm.
You were badly injured
so we treated your wounds.
- And my knife? - Later.
Your clothes are being repaired by my prosthetics.
You mean worms?
We happen to be highly evolved Oligochaete warms,
with mind capabilities far beyond the best artificial intelligences.
Let me explain something to you, I myself can speak 1200 languages,
identify over 10,000 galaxies,
and repair virtually any form of silicone based technology.
"Worms"? Indeed!
- You're really only a worm. - No, we are not just worms!
- You're a worm! - And don't you talk Warm to me!
I heard you all out there talking Worm.
And that's indignity!
It's disgusting! It's beneath you!
But it is our language.
I do not talk Worm.
I think I like our worms better, they don't talk as much.
Let me explain to you, humanoid: those specimens are sadly not evolved.
You'll find that I have evolved. And we're superior in every aspect.
Except that I can eat you.
I hope not.
I would be quite lost without Gommi and the others.
I wouldn't have survived without them.
And I certainly couldn't have built the ship to return home.
Where is your home ?
Far away from here.
My queen,
this thing has defied your attacks for centuries.
It may outlive us all.
And if something should happen to you... or I
our race will be forever extinguished.
As queen you must protect your people.
I know what you want, Voxem.
I know you are the last male.
And that you crave fusion with me.
But our future?
There will be future while this thing lives.
That problem may solve itself, my queen.
I believe that one of the invaders may have survived
living high in Axis.
If we can find him, he can take this thing away.
I decide!
Your world is not quite as you imagined it, Kaena.
Your world is Astria, and here
is its twin, Tales.
which you saw for the first time last night.
Hundreds of years ago,
a Vecarien ship carrying thousands of my people
exploded in space, near your planet.
I was the only survivor.
This is your home, Kaena.
It was within these branches that my craft finally landed.
It was Axis that saved me.
Your people live in the middle of Axis. Here.
At the exact point where the gravitational forces
of the two planets cancel each other out.
And we're here.
All the time I thought I was going down towards roots of Axis.
Then I was really...going up?
Below is above and above is below!
Ilpo was right. You saved him.
I only dressed his wounds.
As I did for many other creatures of Axis.
- So that's where the blue sun is. - Blue sun?
Yes, I've dreamt it so many times. It's down there, at the roots of Axis.
- It's Vecanoi - What's Vecanoi?
All the knowledge of my people is contained in his brain.
It was transmitted to all Vacariens as children.
- It's our memory. - So, it really exists.
No good can come out of listening to a worm eater with an IQ of 2!
I think you might be underestimating her just a little, Gommi.
In a matter of days the ship will be ready.
And then we can leave this pitiful little world...
It's what you've always wanted, Master.
It's what you've always wanted!
But it's our chance to retrieve Vecanoi
to save all the knowledge that it didn't on time passed on to me.
You should have let her get eaten,
but no, you had to save her, bring her back to the ship!
Master, perhaps we should be moving to the base of the Axis, just to make sure.
Perhaps, Assad.
You miss her too, don't you?
She's coming back, isn't she?
Soon, I hope soon.
Did she go to that other world?
I don't know. Maybe.
You should've gone with her!
Maybe you're right, Essy.
- Ilpo ? - Break! Break!
Have you seen my brother?
No. The gods are testing us again.
We must pray.
I had a terrible nightmare.
Excuse me...
This is the unstable behavior I've been talking about.
Listen to me! The blue sun, Vecanoi,
was being attacked by some evil force and...
Only the impure move.
Do not mock the gods!
- No! Get up! - Pray!
This place is going to collapse. Come on!
May the will of the gods be done.
Is this what happened in your nightmare?
Vecanoi... was it destroyed?
No, but it suffered. And when Vecanoi suffers, Axis suffers.
- They are linked, aren't they? - I don't know.
Axis is in danger. The village...
Zehos and Essy and the other children...
- I have to go. - Wait!
We'll go together First, to your village...
then to find Vecanoi!
Come on! I know you can talk.
- How much long will this go on? - Calm yourself!
Gods of my people, my gods...
we are in need of you.
Our village is destroyed.
And we don't know where to go.
Please, answer us!
Answer me!
Is everything alright?
Come, Enode. I have good news for our people.
The gods have spoken to me.
What did they tell you? Did they offer us help?
Better than helping out. Deliverance.
Our suffering has finally been rewarded.
The gods have destroyed our village.
But why?
So that we may go to join them.
The gods have called us,
they will give us shelter, Enode.
We have passed the final test!
Let everyone know. We leave tomorrow.
I am ready. Perfect!
I'm fine. I'm not fine!
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