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Subtitles for Kaena The Prophecy Xena CD2.

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Kaena The Prophecy Xena CD2

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Continue with the final preparations.
When I return, we proceed to liftoff.
Master, this expedition is much too risky.
Please reconsider! Please!
Vecanoi exists, Gommi.
And Kaena seems to have some special relationship with it.
Can't say I'm crazy about these new clothes.
That should protect you, Kaena.
I feel a lot better with my knife.
Let us depart!
What, you're best friends with a worm eater now?
- Ready to fly? - To fly?
Come on, Assad! Faster!
She's crazy, Master! She has the brains of a sluggard.
Zumo, are you okay?
Look out!
Poor Zumo!
- I'm so sorry, Gommi. - "Sorry" won't bring him back!
Master, it's not worth it.
We cannot risk our lives trusting her stupid visions!
The success of this mission is beyond our own lives.
We must face our destiny.
Time is running out.
I still say this is a bad idea!
A very bad idea.
Let's go back to the base before we're killed.
The faster we turn around, the sooner we can be home.
The harvest is over! We are free!
Come on, everyone, run to meet the gods!
The gods are opening the doors of their worlds.
They've gone crazy. We can't stop them.
But the gods said...
There are no gods, Essy. We have to go.
It's alright, let's go find Kaena.
That is not the way to paradise, Zehos.
The gods have called us.
I saw you in the temple
I saw you begging the gods and they didn't come.
Silence this impure one!
Run, Essy, go!
You have just sent your brother
to his death.
But which branch!
It's very quiet.
Too quiet.
- It's close. - What's close?
- What is she talking about? I don't hear anything. - Quiet!
I mean, I don't hear anything and my hearing is biotechnically enhanced...
so I should be the one who is hearing...
Don't move!
Or the marauder will see.
Opaz, Gommi, don't move!
- Master, let's move! - Gommi, stay still!
There you are, the invader.
Now you will come and kill what you left behind.
Do not kill him!
Kill her!
We fly, my brothers and sisters,
we fly to meet the gods.
I must tell her what I intend to do, Gommi.
I wouldn't be too hasty, Master.
If Vecanoi and Axis are truly linked,
what will happen when I retrieve Vecanoi?
How do I know Axis won't be destroyed?
This is a dying world, Master.
But it is her world, Gommi.
She has the right to know.
- You're right. - Nobody asked you.
If only I could persuade her to leave with us.
If you had the chance...
would you leave Axis?
It's my home.
You could make another
in a world less hostile,
in a place you dreamt about,
you'd have time to learn, to dream,
to build a civilization.
Got you!
Essy, what are you doing here?
Ilpo took care of me.
Kaena not broken.
It's alright, Ilpo. They're friends.
They saved my life, and yours too.
What's going on here?
Essy, where is Zehos ?
They go into the world of the gods.
All go up there inside. Village gone.
Something terrible awaits them.
I dreamed it. I've got to find them.
We don't have time for this. What about Vecanoi?
You do talk! I knew it!
I knew I was right.
Essy, you stay here with Ilpo until I get back!
I'm coming too. I want to see Zehos.
It is too dangerous, Essy. I'll bring him back.
I promise.
Assad, I want you to stay here and protect Ilpo and the boy.
It would be an honor.
Master, you're not...
You're not going there alone. You can't be serious!
Master, if you think I'm staying here - you're crazy! I'm coming too.
I wouldn't have it any other way, Gommi.
Okay, let me help you.
Because there's "floating" and there's "flying".
"Floating" - you don't know where you're going. "Flying" - you do.
We should reorientate ourselves now.
Kaena, look out!
Hold on, Gommi!
Let me just remind you: I'm not built for this.
- Thank you, Gommi. - Well, forget this...
Our queen has become obsessed with her attacks.
And with each attack more of us die in vain
sucked into her body to make her stronger.
Who will be next?
The queen fears the ultimate fusion
because she knows that she will have to sacrifice her own life
to create new life.
A new generation of Selenites.
Join with me
so that we may live.
Kaena, there's something I must tell you.
You, your people, Axis...
all of you are in danger because of me.
Remember you asked if Vecanoi and Axis were linked?
They're not just linked. They are the same.
The crash of my ship, the birth of Axis
happened at exactly the same time.
Vecanoi created Axis.
And if I am to remove Vecanoi...
What do you mean, "remove" ?
I must bring Vecanoi back to my people, Kaena.
And what about my people? My world?
- I fear, Axis will die. - But we'll die.
How can you accept sacrificing so many people?
We used to think your people were too primitive to care about their destiny.
Until I met you, Kaena.
Please, come with us. There's room for you in our ship.
And for all of my people?
You don't realize how much power do we need to reach the...
You knew that from the start?
Kaena, your world is dying.
And you must realize how important Vecanoi is!
I curse the day I met you!
Here! You might need this to get back to you ship. My people need me.
Axis, protect me!
Please, have mercy!
The gods will help us, they promised.
Don't you get it? Your gods are nothing but sap monsters!
Perhaps the gods are really angry.
- We must pray and ask. - We trusted you.
No, wait! Let's not waste our time!
There's got to be a way out of here!
So, little one!
It's you who killed my marauder?
How lucky you are to finally meet your gods!
You are not gods.
- What have you done to my people? - You are nothing but slaves.
Before the arrival of the blue monster, you didn't even exist.
Your species are a vile aberration.
Too bad we are incompatible, little one.
To fuse in with your pretty little body
would be so much more pleasant than what awaits me with my queen.
Where is the old man?
- Where is the invader? - I don't know.
You lie, slave.
Why would such a powerful god worry about a sick old man?
Never mind!
We know where to wait for him.
He will come to us. Put her with the others!
It's Kaena. She's alive!
Zehos, you made it.
But Essy... I don't know what's happened to him.
He's safe, back at the village with Ilpo.
I knew you'd come save us.
- Come on, follow the worm! - A talking worm!
- Where is Opaz ? - He went to find Vecanoi
These monsters are waiting for him, Gommi.
- They want him to kill Vecanoi - I don't care about Vecanoi!
All I care about is the Master.
Stupid, stupid, stupid! I should have never let him go alone.
Take them back to the Well of the Gods, back to the village.
- You're not coming? - I don't have time to explain...
I've got to find Vecanoi and Opaz.
But what about us?
None of us are safe unless I do this, Zehos.
- I've got to. - What about me?
I don't want to lose you a second time.
You'll never lose me.
I'm coming with you. I've got to find the Master.
Gommi, they'll need you to show them a way!
I'll find him, Gommi. I promise.
Please, we need you.
We're just primitive unevolved worm eaters.
To the Well of the Gods, no further.
Then I'm coming back for the Master.
Good luck, Kaena!
Thank you, my friend.
It leads to the village. Go! Now!
- It's the only way. - Well, worm eater,
- this is where I leave you. - Wait, I'm coming with you.
I'm not leaving without Kaena.
Hear me! I have came for you.
Vecanoi, speak to me! Open for me!
Your monster...
Your monster killed my planet.
- Our ship crushed... - Your monster steals our sap!
We meant you no harm.
Your monster starves my people.
You created it,
you will kill it.
I can't kill it.
Vecanoi would not listen to me.
He will not open.
He has forgotten me.
Then you...
will die!
Fuse, my queen!
It's real!
I'm getting you out of here, Opaz.
- Just hold on! - You...
did this, Kaena.
It's you.
I haven't done anything.
Tell me what to do, Opaz. Tell me what to do!
At last I see you.
Now, you will die.
not yet.
Not until I kill.
Kaena, wake up! Please, Kaena!
Opaz, where are you?
Listen to me, Kaena!
My people are no more.
I was the last.
All the others died hundreds of years ago when our ship crashed.
Only Vecanoi survived.
So he created a gigantic reservoir of life,
Axis, so that you could exist,
you, humans.
Vecanoi created you.
I don't understand.
He chose you to carry the memory of the Vecarien people.
He chose you, Kaena.
Now, you are the future.
You must lead your people.
But how?
How will I know what to do?
Come on, Kaena, wake up!
Stay with me!
The Master?
Kaena, wake up!
She is dead.
Kaena is dead.
Who will guide us?
She's alive!
There is no more sap, no more water.
How will we live?
He chose you, Kaena.
You must lead your people.
No, stand up!
That is nothing comparing to what all of us can learn.
Beyond the clouds is a wide universe
millions of suns shine on unknown worlds
sheltering so many people.
I'm no leader.
All my knowledge is yours.
No one will think for you now!
You are free now, we are free.
Oh, come on, people! It won't hurt you!
Kaena, the new world, will it be beautiful?
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