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Subtitles for Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai.

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Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

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Get up Amit, or you'll|be late for school.
Forgotten it's a Sunday?|Go back to sleep.
Sunday today?
Sorry for waking you up.|Go to sleep.
Why aren't the kids here yet?|- Let then take their time.
Where's kiddo?|You didn't bring him along?
You've forgotten too?|It's Sunday. He's sleeping.
Are Sundays coming two days|too early nowadays?
He fooled you.
Fooled me?|- He's very naughty.
Wake him up. Or he'll|be late for school.
Advantages of retirement including|not caring for Fridays or Sundays.
Fooling your brother?|Sundays on Fridays?
A little lie is all right, brother.|- First thing in the morning?
Shall I tell you something?|- Go on.
Anyone can fool you.
Written on my face?
You're simple...
And innocent.
You insult me. In installments! One.
A line would do. Simple and innocent.
Pulling your leg is fun!|- Fun? Want me to tell you something?
When you're pulling my leg...
I love it.
Smells delicious! Auntie must've|cooked omelets today.
Omelets and bread and butter|and jam! Our Auntie is great!
No apple-polishing.|No jam today.
No problem. My brother|will buy me a chocolate.
See how he latches on?|- He's too sharp!
Always gets his way.|- Want me to tell you something?
In life, you got to be sharp.|To stay sharp, you must eat chicken.
Understood! Chicken tonight for you.
Uncle, what say the papers?
Good news for you, Rohit.
Your boss... he also owns|a five star hotel.
He wants a singer for the evenings.|Look, here's the ad.
How hard do you expect|the boy to work?
You don't do a thing!|And you tell him to work!
He works the whole day.|And now nights too?
Look at it from the man's|point of view.
A man works by the day|to fill his stomach.
By night, he tries to make|his dreams come true.
You won't understand, charwoman.
Music you know,|is the love of life!
"God is kind to send you my way"
What were those closing lines?|Oh forget it!
Thanks for coming, Sirji!|- Shakti, but for calling me Sirji...
you are a completely changed man.|- Keeps slipping my tongue.
So what brings you here?|- I want a car.
Why car? I could give|my life for you!
Rohit, come over here my boy.
My star salesman. One look at him|and all the girls fall for my cars.
And this is my old friend Mr. Saxena.
He's a millionaire.|Show him a great car.
You're lucky to have top of the line|cars in India these days.
Take it, sir.
Nice, but...
This one, sir?
The color suits your personality|a hundred per cent.
What kind of car would you|like to buy?
Autorickshaw, sir.
Not you. You'll buy|an autorickshaw. I know that.
Sir, if I had the money...
I'd take that one.
Compact. And fast.
My word!
Then take it, sir.
It's mine.
Have you spoken to the boss?|- Yes, but his son manages the hotel.
I have to talk to him.
Daddy called me. You're here|for the singer's job, right?
Yes sir.|- Hear us out, sir.
All right. Bring your band.|We'll do an audition.
We don't have a band. I sing.|And Tony here, plays the flute.
Hear us out, sir.
This is a five star hotel.|For music shows, we need...
whole ensembles. With gadgets,|synthesizers, the works.
Hear us out, sir.
This hotel is a business.|This is a matter of our reputation.
Maybe you should try a restaurant?
What's the program this evening?
Atul is throwing a party in my honor.|In his outhouse.
Where's my birthday present?
Waiting for you.|Outside the door.
Really?|- Beyond doubt!
Please to accept your gift.
How do you like your gift, Sonia?
What about the color?
Clear and pleasant, Daddy.
Why don't you try it out?
Are you a clockwork toy?
Depends upon your nature.
Sorry, my language isn't so strong.|- So I gather.
Now would you like to see your gift?|- I'm seeing.
What do you think?|- Very pretty.
But baubles would ruin the beauty.|Beauty lies in simplicity.
What happened to your tune?|- It was fine just now.
Play on.
What's that?
That's the boss' son.
He refused to give us an audition.|Now he's going to be forced to!
Get it?
I've never seen you dressed like this.|- I was just told that...
beauty lies in simplicity.
What's wrong with the sound?
"The moon, the stars, the flowers"
"All that's dated"
"There is a budding flower|And I'm mad for her"
"The clouds, the rain, the monsoons|all that's passed"
"There is a budding flower|And I'm mad for her"
"She is new"
"Her madness is something new"
"The beauty of youth is now|her crowning glory"
"With a smile her childhood vanishes"
"Geet and ghazal belong to the past"
"There is a new music"
"There is a budding flower|And I'm mad for her"
"So simple yet beautiful"
"How beautiful is she at heart?"
"Even without ornaments"
"She looks as pretty as a bride"
"The kohl, the dot, the bangles,|the anklets, belong to the past"
"There is a budding flower|And I'm mad for her"
What is the matter?|Why did you call me here?
We have a problem.|Had to call you here.
You haven't been reading the papers.|The drugs.
The police were supposed to have|incinerated it tonight.
Last night, they were put to fire.|- But I've already taken the advance.
Not to worry.
We saved stuff worth about|100 million. It's with us.
You better take the stuff|before someone finds out.
And please to let us have our share.
You simply go on and on!|You will get your share. As always.
Look at this Lily. The cache of drugs|that the police had nabbed...
they say that it was incinerated|last night. Bloody eyewash. I know.
You're worried about everything else|in this world except...
what we'll have for dinner.
How about boiling your newspaper|down to noodles?
Rohit hasn't paid the month's rent.|Nor money for the food!
How are we going to make ends meet?
Stop talking like that.|If he hasn't given, he will.
He might not have been paid yet.|Besides, you know...
how expensive everything is nowadays?|- That's just what I'm saying.
Everything is so expensive| expensive as gold!
But come dinnertime, everyone comes|and sits down at the table.
How am I to make ends meet?
What's this?|- Piggybank. Take it all.
But don't you say anything|about my brother!
What did you say?
Little boy! Are you throwing your|weight around? Flashing money!
You do that to your Auntie?|Just sit down and eat your breakfast.
I don't want to eat!
What happened Auntie?|- Amit is angry with us.
He didn't even eat breakfast.|He went hungry!
Why didn't you eat breakfast?|Auntie is worried. What happened?
Why did she have to talk ill of you?|- What did she say?
That you haven't paid her money.
She isn't wrong, you know.
Still, I don't like to hear it.|Why does she have to say it?
You know, there are compulsions.|Like mine. I can't pay her.
She's desperate because she doesn't|have the money to run the house.
You might have seen her angry.|But you haven't seen her tears.
She is like a mother to us.|- Like a mother.
But she isn't our mother, is she?|- Someone who is like a mother...
is no less a mother, Amit.|- Why did Mummy leave us?
To tell you the truth, I don't know.|Maybe it's just tough luck.
First Mummy. Then Daddy.|But I promise you, Amit.
Never will I let you feel|how much you miss them.
Who is that meant for?
How did you know?
The way you were looking at him|last night...
and the way he reciprocated,|anybody in the world can guess!
The eye-language... am I right?
I don't want to come.
I'm not in the mood.
In which case, Rohit|doesn't come either.
Rohit is joining us on the cruise.|I've engaged him as a singer.
I just gave him an advance. $10,000.
Now you're coming, aren't you?|- When did I refuse?
Rohit isn't here yet! What do we do?|- And it's nearly time to cast off.
What if he doesn't come?|- Don't you cast a spell!
He must be coming.
No chance of him coming now.
I've lost my $10,000|- Stupid! All you think of is money?
He missed the ship! Dashed|all my plans! All my hopes!
What do I do now, all alone|on this stupid ship?
Why did he do this?
Rohit! He's here!
"On the ship of love"
"On the ship of love|buffeted by waves"
"Driven by the wind"
"We sail"
"Far away from these skies"
"Shall we find love there?"
"Do flowers blossom there?"
"Shall I find the man my heart seeks?"
"Where will my dreams come true?"
"Where will I find friends?"
"Will I find love?"
"I have heard"
"What you said|- What did I say?"
"We have a long way to go"
"When I find love"
"May no evil eye touch us"
"In this lifetime we have met"
"May we never separate"
"No evil eye can touch|The place which is so full of love"
"Lovers never separate|In the land of lovers"
"Come, let's go|- Let's go"
"Together|- Yes, together"
"Let's have fun!"
Where were you? You nearly killed me!|Why were you late?
I was here three hours|before cast off.
I didn't sleep all last night.|- Neither I.
I guess it's because|this is the first time.
What happens in the first time?|- There's a bit of anxiety.
That's the fun of it.|- Just what I feel!
You too?
I can't explain in words.|Sometimes it's as if...
all the stars in the sky have fallen|into my lap. And sometimes...
We're alone here.
So where were we?|- The stars, right?
Forget it. Tell me|what's on your mind.
I never imagined my dream|would come true!
Your dream? Has it come true?
Not yet. But it's happening.
It's happening to me too!|- You must've gone on cruises before.
And you must've seen so many ships|- Ship? All this time you were...
talking ships and cruises?|- Yes. What did you think?
Oh I thought... you and I...|about you...
You got me floored!|What a voice you have!
I'm breathing your song!
Come on, etch your name on my heart.
What...?|- I mean over here.
I knew this scene would happen.|But I didn't count on it...
to happen so soon!
Look at it! He's signing his way|into her heart!
He's writing on her arm!|- Starts at the arm.
Listen to me.
Come along, my parents are|expecting you for tea.
What?!|- Come along, please.
"My dear little brother Amit:|Here I am in a magical city."
"This ship is a whole city|racing across the waters."
"I miss you."
"If I ever make it in life I'll take|you, Uncle and Auntie on a cruise."
"Here's something funny. Remember|the girl at the traffic signal?"
"She's on this ship.|Her name is Sonia."
"But her friends|call her Miss Jealous."
"She's has a terrible temper."
What does he think of himself?|He isn't the only man in the world!
And he flirts right under my nose!|I'll show him what flirting is.
He doesn't know me.
That must be him, groveling.
Were you expecting someone else?
As long as I have you,|how can I expect someone else?
You've made my evening!
You've changed!
Wait till you've seen some more.|I'm no Sonia unless I drive you crazy.
Why aren't you ready yet?
The party!
Are you going to a Christmas party|dressed like that?
Get up! Hurry!
To the party? In that coat?|- This is my Sunday best!
Bought it from the flea market.|I even wear it to church.
Won't do.|- What does?
Read it. Dress code is DJ.
Dinner jacket. Bow ties.|Do we have any?
No. Does this mean we aren't going|to the Christmas party?
Sit down. Let's celebrate|our Christmas.
From me.
To you.
From me to you.
A gift mustn't be gifted away|- Just what I wanted to tell you.
What am I to do with this?|- It looks lovely on you!
But Sonia you know, I'm allergic!
For you.
For me?
This flower has traveled|right across the hall.
You're the only one|who deserves it. Take it.
How did you know my name?|- That's the magic of love!
What's happening? Where did you|get these clothes from?
Those two must've been|the magicians!
Beloved beloved... you turn your head.
Your heart is here.|Where are you looking at.
Beloved beloved... you turn your head.
Your heart is here.|Where are you looking at.
Lets let our hearts meet.|Let's love each other.
Its night there...|Morning is here.
Beloved beloved you turn your head.
Your heart is here.|Where are you looking at.
Beloved... oh beloved...
Admiration for your youth...
...I'm no less than you.
Admiration for your youth...
...I'm no less than you.
It's sad to be away from you...
...otherwise there is no sadness.
You are so clever...|And acting ignorant.
The magic of love is|finally happening.
Beloved beloved, you turn your head...
Your heart is here.|Where are you looking at.
Beloved... oh beloved...
I'm made just for you...
...I'm not like the rest.
I'm made just for you...
...I'm not like the rest.
Just ask your heart... I not your heart?
It's a new affair...|It's a new journey.
We have new goals...|But the path is the same.
Beloved... beloved you turn your head...
Your heart is here...|Where are you looking at?
Let's let our hearts meet.|Let's love each other.
It's night there...|It's morning here.
Beloved, beloved... you turn your head.
Your heart is here...|Where are you looking at.
Beloved... oh beloved.
Won't you wish me?
Your face looks like a poster.|No place to plant a wish.
Thinks he's too smart!|His face is full of lipstick...
and he says, won't you wish me?|Who does he think he is?
Sonia! What are you doing|over there?
Don't you shout at me|from up there!
If your father was man enough,|you'll come down here!
What are you doing?|- Do you have night-blindness?
I'm boozing!|- In celebration?
What is it to you? You go back to|flirting with those stupid girls.
It's the girls who are after me.|What can I do?
Girls! After you?|- Yes.
Ever seen your face in the mirror?|You look like a langur!
One minute!
And what were you up to with Atul?|Flirting openly!
Did you feel bad?|- Why should I?
You do what you want. That's none|of my business. Go on, do it.
What are you doing?|- Do you have night-blindness?
I'm boozing!|- If you finish my bottle...
I'll finish you off!
What happened?
Where's the ship?|- Do you even have day-blindness?
It's gone.|- Gone...?
Left us and went gone?|- Yes.
All because of you! Had you not|drunk yourself silly last night...
we wouldn't be here this boat!|- You're forgetting something.
Were it not for your flirting,|I wouldn't have drunk myself silly.
I wouldn't have stepped on this boat.|- Hey, you're still on your trip!
Do you realize what you're saying?|We are in a fix!
Fix? Where? The blue sky above us.|And air, and water everywhere.
Nor any drop to drink!|And try eating air if you're hungry.
If you're chilly at night, go to sleep|under the blue blanket of stars!
Why are you screaming?|What'd people say?
They'd say you're mad!|Besides, who would hear us?
I shall. Just say it|- Just shut up!
And let me think!|- Can I make a suggestion?
Let's play hide and seek.
Did you find them?|- No.
Not a beach in sight.|How long am I going to paddle?
Look! There's an island!
What a landing!
This beach was made for us to land!
Good work! Row, row, row your oars!
Stop screaming, or I'll take|the wind out of you!
How romantic! Never heard that one|before. Where did you pick that up?
Romance! In every thing!
Stop staring. Get down|and give it a push.
The parrot doesn't stop chattering.
Come on, give it a push.
She's a goner.
Anybody around?
Doesn't it feel great, Rohit?
The two of us here, like Adam and Eve|in Eden, before the world came to be!
Drop your skirt.|- What? Skirt?
You can't be serious!|We aren't Adam and Eve for real.
Just listen to me and|take the skirt off.
Are you out of your mind?|Or are you trying...
to take advantage of a pretty girl|marooned on a desolate island?
You shameless, merciless you!|That's all the Hindi I can muster.
You won't, will you?
Rohit! Leave me!
Rohit! What are you doing?|Let go!
What have you done?
What are you doing?|- Raising flag. Can't you see?
What for?
They might spot this flag.|They'd know we're somewhere near.
We might yet be saved.|Understand?
I don't want them to disturb us.|- What do you mean?!
I'm happy here.|Very happy!
Look! That hill! We'll have|our tree house on top of it!
We'll live there!
You'll go to work in the mornings.|And I'll wait for you to come back.
When you return home after|cutting wood, you'll be tired...
and I'll give you a smile.|I will keep looking at you...
while you light the fire.|And then you'll cook.
Do I get to do everything?|What about you?
Of course I will.|I'll let you feed me.
Oh yes! And I'll sing lullabies|till you fall asleep.
And with the first rays of the sun,|I'll sing the raga of dawning sun...
to wake you up! But you will|refuse to wake up.
And I will give you two tight slaps!|- Slaps...?!
Why slaps?
Useful to pull you|out of the reverie.
Where are you going?
Shopping hamburgers from Macdonald's.|Like some?
Yes. But vegetarian.
Where's the flag?
Hey Sonia! What are you doing?
Fishing for dinner.
Fishing with the flag?
It was meant for signaling.|They came and they went way!
Did you call me a moron?
Yes! You're mad! You're stubborn!|You're bozo!
You pushed me!
I'll kill you!
You want to kill me?!
I can't swim either.
He's drowning for real!
Rohit, are you all right?
Moron! Why did you jump in the water|if you don't know how to swim?
I was just joking!|Why did you risk your life for me?
Tell me.
Because I love you.
What did you say?
Say it again!
Have I said something wrong?
Say it again!
I love you.
Say it again!
Say you love me.
I said! I love you.
Keep saying! Keep saying it!|Again and again!
"My heart wants to hear|again and again"
"Say you love me"
"Say you love me"
"Yes, I love you"
"I love you"
"In those lovely words"
"There is something said|I have never heard"
"Say you love me"
"I said I love you"
"If there was no love|what would happen?"
"No one would have felt|their hearts beat"
"My heart is beating|Come into my arms"
"This is proof I love you"
"Say you love me"
"I said I love you"
"Two lovers"
"Two people madly in love"
"What do they do?"
"Why do you ask me"
"Ask yourself"
"I know what you're waiting for"
"Say you love me"
"I said I love you"
"Had we not met,|what would've happened?"
"Then my dreams would never|have come true"
"My heart tell me"
"Ours is the greatest love"
"Say you love me"
"I said I love you"
"I'm in love with you"
Still counting the stars?
I'm looking for a face in the stars.
My mother's.
I don't understand.
Mummy used to say, those who|leave this world, become stars.
Mummy died when I was a kid. Is she...|- She has become a star.
And the stars light up our lives.|- Then promise me something.
Let the light shine in our hearts|forever.
I promise. Forever. Like the stars.
What are you doing?|- Raising the flag.
Why?|- To go back and tell the world.
What happened?
I don't want to go back.|- What are you saying?
Back in that city, there are|so many walls between us.
Walls? Where?|I don't see any walls.
Do you see any walls?
Malik, fire Rohit! Immediately!
Don't worry, Saxena.|I've decided to fire him.
And I'll try to see to it that|he doesn't get a job anywhere.
Good. Let him live off|the dirt on the streets.
Daddy, I've never seen you like this!
Daddy, he is so nice! I couldn't|tell you in words! You don't know him!
It's your hatred! You don't know him!|- I don't want to!
I know you. And I know myself.
I've decided something. You're going|to New Zealand. To my brother.
You'll complete your education there.|I have made all the arrangements.
Your passport. And your ticket.|I've spoken to your Uncle Raju.
He will come to receive you|at the airport.
I know you're feeling bad about this.|But try to understand.
There's a lot of difference between|him and us.
See the difference?
Here you are, in this grand car.
And he's riding a cheap cycle.
He's on the ground. You are...
Now there's no difference, Daddy?
He whisked Sonia away,|and you kept staring?
You never even tried to stop him?|- There was no time to think!
And how could my daughter...|- Not all is lost yet.
Inform the police right away.|Else they'll come asking for...
your blessings after the wedding.|- You're wrong, sir.
Yes, we have come back.|But we haven't married.
Eloping would be beneath|our dignity.
I am in love with Sonia.|And I respect my love.
I'll marry Sonia the day|I stand on my own feet.
To do that, you will need my help.
No sir. I don't need your help.|I have faith in myself.
I am very impressed.
Should you succeed...
I will give you my daughter's hand|with pleasure. I promise.
Before leaving, I would like|to say something.
It was not my weakness|that brought me here.
I am leaving Sonia|in your safe custody.
I will be honest to my commitment.|And you will be honest to yours.
I will be honest. I promise.
Besides, honesty is my calling.|Say what Malik?
Of course.
Rohit, you did the right thing!
I'll make sure you succeed.|- But how?
He has the voice.|We'll make him popular.
By singing outside railway stations?|- Come on, he can always sing on stage.
We'll record him, and we'll distribute|the cassette in all the colleges.
And discos!|- Also at traffic signals.
And when he becomes famous,|we can organize stage shows.
I'll organize the stage shows.
This is what you call a stroke.|- Strokes are what Rohit is playing.
It's Rohit-Rohit-Rohit|all over the city!
I think he might succeed. You will|be forced to make good your promise.
Malik, I made the promise after|a good deal of thought.
We are the ones who will decide|how far he succeeds.
And he has a long way to go.
Shinde here. I just met|Commissioner Varma.
He's asking too many questions|about you.
I fear he might take steps|against you.
Before he takes those steps,|set up a meeting with the Commissioner.
How come you're here?|- No questions. Oh, it's been so long!
Just let me feel you!
I can't live a moment without you!|Without you... oh I hate it!
Do you think I can live without you?|I'm doing all this for your sake.
I'm afraid, Rohit. Aren't you afraid?
I used to be. The prospect of singing|before these crowds... it was scary.
But you've filled my heart with love| place left for fear.
Today I'm not scared at all. Today is|our day. Today is the day we win.
I have no need to fear.|Because you are with me.
And I am with you.
And those stars... they are with us.
And we! We're with you!
And luck is with us too.
The tickets are sold out!
Just a minute... I forgot!
What's the time?|- Five.
I'm supposed to pick up Amit.|Do you have a bike?
Yes.|- Can I borrow it?
I'll be back.|- Be back soon.
Welcome Commissioner sahib.
Thank you for taking your|valuable time off to see me.
I wanted to meet you too, Malik.|But not in such a shady place.
Shady yes. But secret meetings|are best done in shady places.
Your secret is a secret no more.|I know very well that...
of the drugs which are taken away|for incineration.
Very little is actually put to fire.|The larger part reaches you.
Then why don't you arrest me?|- That's exactly why I am here.
But if you turn witness|for the prosecution...
and if you give me the names|of my men who supply you the drugs...
I can reduce your punishment.|- I'm sure you speak in my interest.
But is it safe to tell the names|in front of these police officers?
They are trusted men.
Sir, Rohit has seen everything!
Kill him.
Everyone is here!|And no sign of Rohit.
What happened to Rohit?|- He met with an accident.
Stop!|- Where's my Rohit?
You can't go ahead.|- Tell me! What happened to him?
Fell in the water?|But he can't swim!
Rohit can't swim!|Save him! Please!
We didn't find the body.
Doctor, why doesn't he speak?|What's he staring at?
Why did this have to happen to|our children? Why did God do this?
Saxena! Great news! Kadam and Shinde|have put the lid on...
the Commissioner's murder.|He was killed in an encounter.
So we win this round too.|- But as a father, I am a loser.
It's well over a month. But Sonia|is still in a state of shock.
It's as if she has cut off herself|from life.
Time cures everything, my friend.|Give her a break. Send her away.
Maybe you're right.|I'll send her away to my brother.
Why are you screaming?
Daddy, where's Sonia?|- She's in her room.
She isn't. That's why I asked you.
Watch! - Don't worry, Dad. Tripping|over is written in my horoscope.
Sonia, why are you standing here?|We're going out, aren't we?
Come on, we're getting late.|- I'm not in the mood, Neeta. Go on.
What do you mean not-in-the-mood?|You haven't stepped out in two weeks.
While we're waiting for the green,|let me tell Mummy that we'll get late.
Mummy wants us home early.|I said we'll be back by two.
What's the matter, Sonia?|- I'm not feeling well. You go ahead.
This is the best disco|in New Zealand.
"Life's only for a moment"
"Then we have to leave"
"Nothing we take away with us"
"Empty-handed we came"
"Empty-handed we will leave"
"A few words of love|we will speak"
"Laugh and make the world|laugh with you"
"Sing, sing your hearts out"
"In my eyes there's a dream|About love"
"There's someone in the world|She's mine"
"There's a face|Close to my heart"
"For her lips I thirst"
"Her I desire"
"But no sign of her"
"Sing, sing my heart"
"Life is a waft of|breezy happiness"
"But it's just a fantasy"
"What cruel joy this is|that burns"
"Burns, dies down,|then burns again"
"Pleasure so elusive"
"But don't lose heart"
"Sing, sing my heart"
Who are you?
I am Raj Chopra.
Strange coincidence.
Aren't we meeting|for the second time?
She's my cousin from India.|Sonia Saxena. She's staying with us.
The beauty of the Taj Mahal|has come here!
Without you India must be so empty!
Please don't mind him.|He's afflicted with Urdu.
A lifetime of trying to learn Urdu,|and he's still groping.
I'm Sonia. Neeta's cousin.|I have come from India.
I wanted to see Raj.|- He just left for skiing. Come in.
How long have you been here?|- I left India 25 years ago.
Got married here. Settled down.
Have you never gone back?|- Didn't get a chance. Raj was born...
a year after the marriage.|Bringing him up, his education...
my husband's businesses|...time flies.
Has Raj never been to India?
No one to go home to.
When I was born, the astrologer said|that I'm accident-prone.
But where is she...?|- Who?
Went missing early up. I'm cross with|her. But why are you a bit off color?
Because of your cousin Sonia.|- Why, what has she done?
Ask what she hasn't done! She doesn't|let me sleep! She doesn't let me eat!
Won't let me ski!|Won't let me drive!
She's everywhere!
But you've just met her!
I can't understand this!|One look at her, and...
I cannot quite explain, Neeta.|The way she looked at me...
I can't forget those eyes.|Those eyes were full of questions!
It was written all over her face.
And she just walked away...
Had you used those lines on Sonia,|she would've fainted right here!
I want to see her. I want to know her.|I want to talk. I want to listen.
In that case I must help you.
This evening. On the waterfront.
What are you saying? A girl has|come from India to meet Raj?
Yes. She was probing. As if she was|trying to make up her mind.
Raj has never spoken about her.
Come son.
What are you hiding?|Who is she?
Stop acting.|Sonia came asking for you.
The girl from India?
She came here?
Passions aflame, on both sides!
Relax Dad. There's no flame, right?
Something about the way she spoke.
What about the way she spoke?
Caught your goat!
Dad, do you think she's feeling|exactly the way I'm feeling?
Yes. This is love.
This is love?|- Yes.
Mummy, this is love?|- Yes.
Where are you going?
"Why is there music in the air?"
"Why is there music in the skies?"
"Why is there music in my heart?"
"You do not know|Nor l"
"Why this change of season?
"Why this change of heart?"
"Why does one fall in love?"
"You do not know|Nor l"
"This ecstasy, this Ioneliness"
"Who clouds my imagination?"
"The wet wet season|the desires of youth"
"Where is love leading you?"
"Why do I not see anything?"
"Why am I intoxicated?"
"Why do I love this feeling?"
"You do not know|Nor l"
"The new feeling hurts"
"Sometimes it burns my heart"
"A new fragrant desire"
"At heart, I'm faithful"
"Why do our eyes hold each other?"
"Why is this happening to us?"
"Why are we together?"
"You do not know|Nor l"
"Why this change of season?
"Why this change of heart?"
"Why does one fall in love?"
"You do not know|Nor l"
How long will you go on sulking?|Have courage, I say.
If not for yourself, you will have|to live for those who love you.
Life is full of miracles! You never|know what's around the corner.
The miracle has happened.|That's why I'm pensive.
You have no idea what games|my fate is playing with me!
I haven't quite gotten over Rohit.|And here comes...
What are you doing here?|- Coincidence.
Coincidence number three.|The third time we're meeting, right?
What's wrong with her?
Anything wrong with my face?|- Let me take a look.
Perfectly all right.|- Then why does she run from me?
Let me find out.
You ran away. As if|you were possessed! Why?
Sonia, Raj is a nice guy.
And he comes from a good family.
Girls would die for him!|And all he wants is you.
Don't talk like that.|I don't like it.
Why? What's come over you, Sonia?|What are you doing to yourself?
Forget the past. You have|to live in the present.
This is just what isn't letting me|forget my past!
I look at him, and I see my past|mirrored in him!
How is Raj involved with your past?|- He's deeply involved!
Raj looks just like Rohit! Whenever|I see him, I remember Rohit!
I look like Rohit? So he had two eyes,|a nose, a mouth and two ears?
This is why she runs away from you.|Says your looks are a torture for her!
She doesn't want to see me.|This is just an excuse.
It isn't. I have seen|Rohit's photo myself.
The same eyes. The same nose.|The same face.
I'd like to see that photo.|Where's Sonia?
Here I am.
Where is he gone?
You scared me!|- So easily?
What if I was ugly to look at?|- I would've given you an ugly look.
What if I looked like this?
I would've given it back to you.
What if I looked like that?
I would've looked at you like that!
That way, you can't even see your|own nose. How would you see me?
I don't need eyes to see you.|I can see you even with my eyes closed.
You love me so much?|- All around me, all I see is you.
And how much do you love me?|- I love you so much, so much!
Whenever you open you eyes, you will|find me right in front of you.
I would like to see his photos.
Enough Sonia. I want to know|why my face is torturing you...
how I remind you of Rohit.
Come with me.
Look at that... and that...
and that!
My own face!
That's just the way I felt!|How could this be?
When I saw you for the first time,|I thought Rohit has come back...
maybe he never drowned.
I was ecstatic!|My Rohit was back!
When I realized you aren't Rohit...
I died a second time!
I've heard it said that every man has|an alter ego. But such resemblance?
A joke life has played on me.
For the first time in my life,|I fall in love!
And I lose her!
Because my face reminds her about|Rohit! She doesn't want to see me.
She runs away from me.
No one in this world ever faced|such a dilemma!
My enemy is my face!
Tell me Dad...
what's my fault?|What am I to do?
What do I do?
As far as I know you, you have|never accepted defeat.
You always got what you wanted.|You love her, don't you?
Is Neeta at home?
No. She has gone to the airport|to see Sonia off.
Are you pursuing me?
What's that?
Some people hate my face.|So I had to wear a disguise.
If that isn't enough,|I have a beard too.
Take it off.
I'll take it off if you don't like it.|I was just trying to make you smile.
Raj, I don't like jokes.
Sonia, I know you've been|through a lot.
I don't think I can even imagine|how much you've been through.
But you are forgetting something.
You're still alive.|That's what you are forgetting.
And there must be a reason to be|alive, there must be a purpose.
Someday, you will smile again|I want to help you smile.
The rest I leave to you.
Raj, I want to tell you something.
I know your answer.
Maybe this is where our journey ends.|I'll stay tonight at some hotel.
I'll take the flight back tomorrow.
Here are some photographs.|I photographed you.
I don't think I have a right|to these anymore.
But I'll keep the memories|You take those photos.
I'll take my memories back with me.
Come on!
I saw Rohit!
Found the body?
Not the body. He's alive.
What nonsense?
Are you out of your mind?
I know! Till I nab him,|you won't believe me.
Do something for me. Just keep|a watch on Rohit and Sonia.
And tap their telephone lines.
Where are you calling from?
You didn't even inform me!
I'm in Bombay. And I'm all right.
I'm on my way. I've a friend with me.|Raj. Someone is trying to kill him!
Where are you now?
Globe shopping Center.|Near the telephone booth.
Don't you worry. And stay put.|I'm coming over.
Let me tie it for you.
Strange city you live in.|Anyone can shoot anyone?
No sooner than I land!|A few inches away, and...
I would've made the take-off|for heaven!
There's no one here.|Did you hear it properly?
I tapped the phone on your say-so.|She mentioned this telephone booth.
He's somewhere nearby.
What's all this happening?
I can't understand a thing!|Some people want to kill you.
And my telephones have been tapped.
I don't understand anything either.
Who are these men?|Why do they want to kill me?
I've come to India for the first time!|And someone is trying to shoot me.
I don't know anyone here.|And no one knows me.
Why should anyone try|to shoot a stranger?
They know that face!
What do you mean?
You were foxed when you saw me.|They might've been foxed too.
They aren't trying to kill me.|They are trying to kill Rohit.
Was Rohit involved with something?|- He was just a simple fellow.
How did he die?|- It was an accident.
What if it wasn't an accident?|Could he have been killed?
Killed...? What are you saying?
I can't be sure. But it's adding up.|Why would anyone shoot at a stranger?
And your phones being tapped|...surely something is amiss!
At the airport, you saw|Rohit and Sonia together?
Then you shot at them?
And then you dare tap phones!
And then you went chasing them!|- Yes, but Kadam was with me too.
Kadam, did you see Rohit?|- No. I didn't see Rohit.
He vanished!
Tell me something...|try explaining this.
How does a dead man|spring back to life?
All because of booze!|- What's it got to do with booze?
I'm not blind. I saw him|with my own eyes.
Shut up, you ass!
Had Rohit been alive, we would've|all been in jail!
And Sonia isn't home yet.|All because of your foolishness!
Get the police force to find her!|And bring her home.
Don't worry. We'll find her.
They are the ones who were|tailing us last night.
But what are they doing|outside my house?
Maybe they are waiting|for you to get home.
Are they setting up a picket?
Daddy could be in danger.
I think we should inform the police.
In there for 2 hours! You ate what?|Food or sleeping pills?
Or did you go to a feast last night?|2 hours! What, you own that place?
That loot is for officers.|Not for constables!
You rascal! Who is it?
We're here to lodge a complaint.
Last night, we were on our way home|from the airport...
But this is a police station!|Airports have so many facilities, no?
For people... to sit, to stand|...enjoyable, isn't it? And here...
Look Inspector sahib,|we have a problem.
Look Inspector sahib, we've been|trying to tell you something...
Do you hear me?
I'm in no position to hear!
I've never held it back|for so long. First time.
Last night, when we were leaving|the international airport, someone...
This is Sonia Saxena.
She has eloped with someone|called Rohit.
Have the photos copied and send them|to all the police stations.
They are to be arrested at sight.
I think I've seen them somewhere.
Where?|- That's what I'm wondering, sir.
Hurry up now!
Please don't scream, sir!|In my situation, anything can happen!
Sir! They're here!
They are with me! Come!
Where are they?|- They left, sir.
Are you sure they are the ones?|- Yes.
Take a good look!
Why are the police after us?|- I don't understand a thing!
The cops are after us!|And the goons are after us.
You're alive man!
Where have you been?
What happened to you?
I cried and cried for you!
Why did you hurt us like this?
And your little brother... ever since|he heard about your death...
he has been struck dumb!|He doesn't say a word!
He's going to be so happy|to see you! Come, let's go.
Look what I got you!
Remember, you used|to ask your brother...
how will I become a pilot|unless I have a plane?
Here's your plane.|See how it flies!
Amit, look at the airplane.|- Amit, I made chicken for you.
You like chicken, don't you?
We're looking for|a notorious criminal.
He's hiding in this area.|The police are looking for him.
Go on. Take a look.
But sahib, no one has come here.
Finding out is our job.
Who is it?
What happened?
Is that Rohit's house?
Stop joking. You don't know|your own house?
We've searched the whole place.|There's no one here.
What are the police doing|in your house?
Let's get out of here.|I'll tell you everything.
This is true.|- I can't believe it!
This is God's own miracle!|Looks just like Rohit!
The more I think about it,|the more I'll get confused.
Let me go and get some food.
That tune!|- Rohit's isn't it?
But you...?|- I found Rohit's notations.
Music is my hobby.
He was supposed to sing at the show.|- Do you remember the lyrics?
"My heart calls out"
"Your love I want"
"You are the shore"
What do I eat?
There's nothing to eat here.
How do you cook eggs?
Is that the way you crack eggs|in this country?
How do they do it in your country?
And how do you whip it?
And how do you cut onions?
A dash of green peppers please.
Won't you do anything?|- I'll eat. You can feed me.
At your service.
What kind of omelets|would you like?
Where are you going?
I'm the milkman, can't you see?
I've been here for 7 days.|How come I've never seen you?
My father comes here.|I'm doing the rounds today.
What father?|Yesterday it was a woman.
Mother! Must've been my mother!
Does everyone in the family|sell milk?
Could you make me a cop?|No takes in the milk trade, you know.
Go in!
Who do you want?|- Milkman.
What? Toned milk?|We don't take bottled milk.
We take buffalo milk.|Get lost!
Where are you going?|I'll call the police!
What happened?
What if Amit...?
Where have you been? Your Daddy is|so worried! We're all so worried!
An important announcement. This is|Sonia Saxena. She has been missing.
Informers will be rewarded|by the police.
Anyone who spots this lady|may please contact the police.
Manager! She's the one!
Take up positions!
There was news about a girl here.|Where is she?
She ran away.
Was there a boy with her?|- Yes.
This one?
No. Not him.
By whose permission did you flash|Sonia's photo on television?
I thought it'd be the best way|to nab Sonia and Rohit.
What's wrong with you? That woman said|it was someone else with Sonia!
What's wrong with this moron?|Why is he messing things up?
You deserve to be shot!
Sonia, where are you?
I can't tell you where I am.
Your phones are tapped. The police|are picketing outside the house.
I'm perfectly all right.|I'll call you back.
What happened?
Did you put up that picket|outside my house?
Why? You know my daughter's life|is in danger!
You don't want her to come home?|- No one is going to stop her.
They are looking for Rohit.|- Not again!
If you don't shut this Rohit case,|I'll have you fired! Rohit is dead!
What are you doing here?
I have come to take you home.|Come home, brother.
No Amit. I shouldn't go home now.|- I know you're afraid...
that the police|will shoot you again.
How did you know that|the police shot at me?
I saw it with my own eyes.|- What did you see?
On the day of the show, I was waiting|for you to take me for the show.
I wanted to give you a present.|So I went out to buy a fruit.
On my way back...
Sir, Rohit saw everything!
Who is this "Sirji"?
Amit, could you recognize them?|Have you seen them before?
No. But if I see them,|I'll recognize them.
But where could the three|of them be seen together?
There's one way to bring|the three of them together.
I have to draw them out.
They will think I'm Rohit.|They'll attack me again.
Then Amit can mark them.
Now how do I draw them out?
Idea! Why not announce the show|Rohit was supposed to perform?
We'll put up posters all over|the city. "Rohit is back"
They will come to the show.|They have to turn up!
We'll put up TV cameras|all over the place...
what do you call it?|- Closed circuit television.
Amit can identify them on TV.
No one else but us must know!
Let's get cracking.
What is the matter?|Why are you standing here?
You are going home.|- What about the show?
No show! I won't let it happen.|- Why?
You don't want Rohit's murderer|to be apprehended?
Not by putting your life on the line.|Anything can happen at the show.
I don't care for my life. But you|must get to know what the truth is.
But why do you want to risk|your life for my sake?
Because I am in love with you.
Read this!
He's doing a show.
You slapped me! You called me bozo!|You threatened you'd have me fired!
Drunk out of my mind, right?|Now see for yourselves...
your own death warrant!|- If Shinde is so sure...
we should take a look.|- All right.
I must commend your intellect!|If he really is Rohit...
he will recognize you the moment|he sees the three of you together.
The tables will be turned!
I'm the only one he hasn't seen.
I'll look him up.
Does everyone remember what to do?
What happened? Why are you|looking at me like that?
You aren't my brother?
Who says?
Everyone was saying that|you aren't my brother.
What does your heart tell you?
That you are my brother.
My heart tells me that too.
Amit, hurry up. We're going|to the TV room.
Take care.
Your Daddy is here to see you.
What's all this going on? Why have|you been hiding for so long?
Where have you been?|With whom are you staying?
And what's all this about Rohit|being back, etc?
He isn't Rohit.|He's Raj. Raj Chopra.
He looks just like Rohit!|I met him in New Zealand.
And he's helping us to trace|Rohit's assassins.
Rohit's assassins?
The police shot at Rohit...
What proof have you?|- I have proof.
Rohit's brother Amit|was an eyewitness.
Sonia, the show is starting.
Come on, Daddy.|- Go on. I'll take a minute.
Malik, where are you?|- Inside the stadium.
Are you mad?|I told you not to come!
Don't worry. Even you won't|be able to recognize me.
Sonia has told me everything.|Now don't do anything.
He isn't Rohit. He's a look-alike.|Raj Chopra.
"Let the stars sing the song|that resonates in our hearts"
"What says my heart to you?"
"Here I am"
"For you, I have returned"
"Your love I want"
"I am the sea that|laps up to your beaches"
"Let the stars sing the song|that resonates in our hearts"
"We promise each other"
"Witness be the whole world"
"Our eyes now speak"
"Of secrets"
"Your secrets"
"My secret pride"
"What do they say"
"Your heart"
"I want"
"I am obsessed"
"What says my heart to you?"
"My heart yearns to hear"
"Say that you love me"
"Of desire you and I were born"
"Of desire the world was made"
"Say you love me"
"Say you love me"
Thank you friends!
It's your love for me that has brought|me back from the jaws of death.
This is a miracle.
A dead man is standing|in front of you.
A man who was said to have died|in police action.
Friends, he didn't die in action.|He was murdered.
Maybe God kept me alive so that|I could tell you the truth.
So that I could show you|who my assassins were.
So that I could expose them.
So that they are punished.|Punished by God...
And punished by the law.
And now, I'll tell you their names.|There were three of them.
Two of them were police inspectors.
Their names...
Their names are...
Malik!|I told you not to do anything!
Don't you raise your voice!|You played this game!
With your daughter.|Rohit hasn't seen you.
If anyone gets caught, it's going|to be the three of us.
Now watch my move.
Put Rohit on the line.
Raj, a call for Rohit.
Enough of your smartness.|Listen to this before you tattle.
Let go!
Heard her?
Now listen to me.
There's a white car waiting|downstairs for you. MH 02 M 3818
Memorize the number.|The car is waiting.
Make sure you come alone.
What happened?
They have taken Sonia.
They want me to go there alone.
What happened?
Start the car.|Do what I tell you.
Turn right.
Drive through the gate|in front of you.
I'm here.
Let Sonia go!
No Raj! Go away from here.
Come here, and get her.
He isn't here.
If you don't come out by|the count of three...
you'll see another corpse.
He won't?
Call Rohit!
I won't!
Call him, or won't you?
Call him!
Rohit, come out!
He won't come out|unless she's dead.
Kill Raj.
Kill them!
Fate and circumstance forces me|to show up in this color.
But Uncle, why are you doing this?|Why do you want to kill us?
Because Rohit saw us|kill the Commissioner.
Shocked you will be,|when I tell you...
the name of my fourth accomplice.|Want to hear his name?
He is the one who called|"Sirji".
What's all this?
So you are "Sirji".
Daddy you? You are...?
Crime I have committed.|But I hid it
I hid it from you.
I hid it from the world.
But I couldn't hide it|from Him.
Where and in what form|He brings us to justice...
no one knows.
Forgive me, my child.
Where are you going, Raj?
With Amit.
And I... won't you take me along?
Once I have lost my love.|I don't want to lose my love again!
Say it.
Say it for once.
Say you love me!
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