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Kahpe Bizans CD2

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Emanuel, don't spoil the gravity of the ceremony. Move off!
Emanuel! Sister! My Emanuel, my sister! Sister...
Etiquette would have you embrace your mother first, not Emanuel.
Marcus Antonius, my darling son! How you've grown!
Mother? Mother?! Dear mother!
Nurse, hasn't he grown?
Nurse! Dear Nurse! Nurse, see?
I was teeny, but I'm huge now. What's up, Theodora?
You're not happy to see your beloved nephew?
I I'm in shock, forgive me, your Majesty...
I wasn't expecting this at all.
He looks great.
I mean, he's really grown so much.
You've grown, too, Aunt. Every bit of you is bigger, Aunt Theodora.
OK, that's enough.
Come on now, go to your room and change. Tonight I'll be giving...
...a massive banquet in your honor.
I beg you, your Majesty! Forget him and give the banquet in my honor.
I beg you, your Majesty. He's only a kid.
Goddamn it, you're here again, you filthy Najar woman.
The woman's a Najar? You don't recognize her?
You know that woman with huge tits who fed you as a baby? It's her.
That's the woman who fed me, ha? Welcome, your Majesty.
Oh Lord! Thank the Lord!
Nursie! Nursie! Son. Oh son!
How you've grown!
How I missed you! Mother!
I missed you so much too, poor mother, brave, suffering mother!
What bullshit! I see the woman for the first time and look what I say!
But I mean, it felt good, too. Far out!
Shall we do in a Najar each tonight to honor your return from Rhodes?
How about it? I have the weirdest Najar here. Let's kill him!
What, a Najar? Kill?
What is this outrage? But Theodora, believe me...
...I used my best men. I just don't get how he did it.
I have great plans for you, Marcus Antonius.
Father's going to make you commander in chief, Marcus.
Father? What do you mean father? You call me father? Take this!
Ex cuse me, your Majesty.
Shut up! What a nerve! Who does she think she's talking to?
So you have serious plans for me, your Majesty?
Ha, yes. Like the idiot said, I'm making you commander in chief.
But first you must be a knight.
I beg you, your Majesty! Forget him and make me a knight instead!
I beg you, your Majesty! I beg you!
You're getting to be a pain, you madwoman. You are a pain!
Don't you dare do that again! Don't you dare!
You're right.
It's quite wrong to feed these guys meat and stuff.
God forbid, if they got fat, they'd be tough to keep under control.
Hey, OK. I'm bored.
Guards, take them away.
Let them do a special show for the lions.
Come on, start the music up again.
Bring on the dancer!
I can't bear these Najars, Marcus Antonius. They have a real talent...
...for dancing, just like they do for war, science and the fine arts.
Isn't there a knife around? A knife? Dance!
Come on! Dance, Najar woman! Come on, dance!
Forget about her.
I'll dance! Come on, music!
Oh God, it's a cat.
Oh, was it you, dear brother? Brother?
What's that? Are you embarrassed, Marcus Antonius?
No, why should I be? I mean, what is there to be embarrassed about?
After all, we're brother and sister, aren't we?
Here... Here, if you really want, you can look at mine, too.
Do you remember, Marcus, how we used to bathe together as kids?
Wow, lucky dog!
How could I forget? We'd bathe in water like this.
Then we used soap as well. Can you scrub my back?
Sure I'll give you a scrub...
Just like when we were kids, isn't it?
It might be easier if you used the sponge. Sure.
Tell me about Rhodes, Marcus Antonius. What's the place like?
Like the Rhodes you hear about. The guys there are really advanced.
What the hell's that? What's that chicken doing here?
Ha, you mean Princess? Princess?
Princess Olimpiakos. Father fought in a war last year and saved her life.
That's the only reason he called the thing Princess.
What's that around her neck?
A key. The key to the dungeon where Superwarrior's being kept.
He tied the key round her neck as no one would think to look there.
So... What were you up to while I was in Rhodes, sweet sister?
What can you get up to in this madhouse, Marcus Antonius?
What can you do in this hell hole ex cept get upset by Father killing...
...the poor Najars. Such proud, kind, hospitable and heroic people.
So you also get upset by our vile father's cruelty to the Najars, ha?
Sure I do, Marcus Antonius. Can you pass me that towel over there?
The towel? Sure I can...
Thanks, brother. You're welcome, sister.
That witch Theodora made me cry a lot too, Marcus.
You have no idea what I went through while you were away.
You know, Theodora is such a bad person, Marcus.
There's nothing she wouldn't do to make that dumb son of hers emperor.
I know. She's very dangerous, the whore.
Take care of yourself, I beg you Marcus! Please!
I'd die if anything happened to you, dear brother.
Sister! Dear brother!
Princess? Princess has gone!
Marcus Antonius! The towel! The towel?
Let me go find Princess. Someone might take her for a stray and...
...go slaughter her or something...
Good night, dear brother. Good night, sweet sister.
Take great care!
Come here Princess, come here. Come here! Princess, come here.
Marcus Antonius has changed such a lot, hasn't he Helena?
Sure, he's as good as grown up.
Not only has he grown up...
...he's also grown tough, the son of a gun.
The weakling Marcus Antonius who used to help the Najar prisoners...
...has turned into a model Byzantine, my fabulous son.
He's also very good looking, isn't he Horribilis?
How dare you call me 'Horribilis', cattle fodder?
Who do you think you're talking to?
How could you be so insolent, just because we sleep in the same room?
Damn you! It's my fault. Who in their right mind would ever take a wife from Byzantium?
Princess! Come here! Come here! Come on, Princess! Here, girl!
There, caught you, pig fowl! Let me have the key then...
Dear brother...
Sweet sister?
I see you're just a little too interested in the key, brother.
In that case, I think you bathe just a little too often, sister.
Is the towel made in Turkey?
Stop bullshitting! You're hiding something from me and...
...I'm dying to know what, OK? OK, fine.
You know the guy in the dungeon? That's my father.
I came here to rescue him and the other prisoners.
That also happens to be why I'm chasing this dumb chicken around.
OK? Does that make you happy? God, Marcus.
Stop kidding around and tell me the truth, will you?
That is the truth. I'm not your real brother, sister.
That Najar in the dungeon really is my real father and...
...I really did come here to rescue him.
What are you talking about, Marcus Antonius? Not Marcus Antonius.
My real name's SOS. The real Marcus Antonius is being held prisoner in my village.
Which is a real Najar village. I don't believe you!
Then how do you explain what went on the other night?
If you were really my sister, you think that would have happened?
And what about how we feel when we're in each other's arms?
What about how I feel right now as I look at you?
What about how I feel when I touch you?
If we were really brother and sister, do you think that...
...I could have fallen in love with you, Emanuel?
Yes, that's the truth.
I've fallen in love with you.
Now yell and scream if you want. Let the guards come and get me!
Guards! If you were anyone else, I'd shit on you right now.
But I can't do that to the woman I love. It would be barbarian.
Farewell, Emanuel!
My soap fell down there somewhere. Bring it to up to me...
...when you find it. I'm in the bathroom.
Why did you do that?
Because, because I love you too, bad boy.
Go on, now go. Don't keep your father waiting too long.
He's been waiting 20 years. Let him wait another 20 minutes.
Let me ask you something. Can you do it with cheese as well?
I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me, Marcus Antonius.
Believe me, it's the first time I've done any of this stuff. I know...
However little we Byzantines care about virtue, honor and dignity...
...compared to you guys, I want you to know, Martyr, that...'s the first time for me too.
Has he run into some kind of trouble, I wonder?
He's never been this late before.
Where have you been all this time, son?
Well, it took a while to catch the chicken.
But I managed to get the key in the end.
Great. Now let's go and rescue Superwarrior. Come on!
A, B, C... Bravo!
What's he doing here? Don't worry, he won't do any harm.
We're friends now. Come on, let's hurry along and rescue Superwarrior.
I have urgent business to attend to before that.
What a great day for war, isn't it SOS? You're right, Basketcase.
Did you really have to take off your trousers, son?
God forgive you. OK, OK. I'm done.
Come on, let's go.
I thought so. There's no way that's Marcus Antonius.
How do you know? Didn't you see his oversized dick?
There's no mistaking that for anything but a Najar dick, idiot.
Where? Where?
46 seconds later.
So he dressed himself up as Marcus Antonius so as to kill Horribilis.
Wow! Very smart.
What do you say, shall we get the security forces onto the bastards?
But you are the security forces, idiot.
Besides, what's the hurry? Let him go and kill Horribilis.
This is a golden opportunity, Theodore.
Very soon the throne will pass automatically to Simitis.
You're completely psycho, Actifius.
What a beautiful song, Marcus. Where did you learn it?
I didn't. It just popped into my head and I sang it.
The lyrics, music and arrangement are mine.
Is that it? Isn't there any more? Yes, but I have to go now, Martyr.
I'll sing you the rest another time maybe when we meet again.
Leave? Please don't leave me! I can't live without you!
Your life is in greater danger when you're with me, Martyr.
My father's a total psycho.
If he realizes I'm not the other idiot, he'll come looking for me...
...and crucify everyone in the village plus the sheep and goats.
I wonder if he's caught my father. Don't worry, my love.
Even if he has, I'll rescue him.
And in the meantime, I think I'll grab a shower.
So, will I see you again?
Will you come and see me?
I'll kill you all! I'm going to kill you all! Die!
You're going to die, filthy swine! No one insults me! No one!
I'm not scum! No! I'm not scum! I'm not scum!
That's my father's voice!
What? What? Who's that?
Don't make a sound. They'll wake up with the tiniest creak.
But if we make a whole load of noise, they won't hear a thing. OK, my man, OK.
Father? Father?
Father... I'm not your father, idiot!
I'm no one's father! You're going to die! You're going to die!
Father! It's me, SOS! SOS? Which SOS?
Which SOS do you think, Father? Your son, SOS!
SOS! Son! Yes Father, it's me!
Look, do you remember this? How could I forget?
What are you doing here? I came to rescue you, Father.
Oh Lord! Thank the Lord!
Come on SOS, open the gate now.
Is that you, Basketcase? Yes, it's me! Basketcase!
Father! Son!
Scumbags! How could they do this to you father? Dogs!
Fallow deer!
Well they did it, son. They did it.
Thanks be to God for the time I've spent here.
Wait, let me have a look at you. How you've grown.
You too, Father.
Even your skullcap's gone gray.
I've been through hell, son. That's why.
They used every kind of torture on me you can imagine, cowards.
Come on, move it! Come on, Father!
What's up? Where are you off to? I'm taking this dog to be killed.
Oh shit, a trap... No one can kill me, rat...
Shh, Father. Don't give the game away...
Oh yes. He's taking me off to be killed. Move aside. Move aside...
They're lying. Opening that gate is forbidden without the emperor here.
Seize them! You run for it, I'll keep them distracted.
Son! This way...
They got us in tight corner here, the sons of a bitch.
Hold on, we're here! God, God, God, God...
What kind of door do you call this? Is it alive or what?
Come on, use all your strength! Come on!
What's going on here? Seize them! Grab them!
Don't let them get away! Get them!
Stop! What are you doing? Don't you recognize me, Lombelicus?
It's me, the prince! The prince! The prince! It's me!
So you thought you fooled me by dressing up as a priest, ha?
I pity you, rip off merchants! And you're supposed to be Najars...
Guards! Come here quick!
Execute these two at some point.
And what to say to you?! I feed and water you for all these years...
...keep you in my finest dungeon, treat you to my most advanced...
...torture instruments, but still it's done you no good, ha?
Throw him in the dungeon. I'll be killing him personally tomorrow.
If you kill me, you'll pay for it! You'll regret it! Come on, man.
You'll die! You'll die! You'll suffer in misery!
Come on, they're only Najars. What's going on with you?
And you're a priest. Watch your mouth!
A priest is your father. Guards!
Take him away and stick him in the winter dungeon.
Hey, don't push me around, heathen.
And you, Princess? And you?
You betrayed my trust, shame on you!
Take her away. Have her made into schnitzel! Take her away...
And you?
You're a great disappointment to me Marcus Antonius.
But Father, what have I done? What do you think, idiot?
You tried to smuggle the prisoners out.
There's been a misunderstanding, I swear Father.
Shut up! Don't call me father. I'm not your father. I'm my own father!
Take him away and kill the peasant!
I beg you, your Majesty! Leave him out of this. Let them take me away...
...and kill me instead. I beg you, your Majesty! He's only a kid.
What does he know about dying, your Majesty? Hey OK, OK, madwoman!
Guards! Take her away as well.
I beg you, your Majesty, forgive your son this time!
Have pity on him, your Majesty. Please!
Please, your Majesty! Have mercy on my brother, please!
I beg you too, your Majesty. Please forgive Marcus.
Have you gone nuts, Mamma?
Theodora? Are you OK, sister? Of course I'm OK.
It's just you never used to like Marcus a whole lot before.
Don't get sentimental about affairs of the state, your Majesty.
Ignoring the countless mistakes of his youth, I'd say Marcus was...
...a far more suitable heir to the throne. I mean at least he's a man.
Oh Mamma, you're so mean! I guess you're right, Theodora.
OK, let him go!
Marcus Antonius, this is the last time I forgive you!
I beg you, your Majesty! He's only a kid. Don't forgive him!
Forgive me instead, I beg you!
Martyr! Darling!
What did they do to you, Marcus? Who did this to you? Tell me!
Marcus, my love!
Aunt Theodora?
I hope you weren't asleep, dear nephew.
No, I wasn't.
Thank you so much for what you did for me today, Aunt Theodora.
Don't get on my nerves. What?
Cut the crap. I know who you are. Do your stuff and...
...get the fuck out of the palace as fast as possible.
But Aunt Theodora. It's very convincing. Do carry on.
Be sure to drop by before you go.
Ha? Was that you, Emanuel?
I thought you were someone else.
Did you miss me? How could I not miss you, Emanuel?
Of course I missed you.
I really missed you too.
Emanuel. Emanuel.
30 days later.
How could you do this to me, SOS? We grew up like brother and sister!
But I didn't do anything. Whatever it is, it's your invention, dear.
And now you dare to patronize me!
What's in the cart? Hay. Fresh hay for the emperor.
So you're bringing the emperor fresh hay, ha?
Let's have a look at this fresh hay then...
Why is the hay yelling?
It's the species of hay, sir.
OK, carry on.
What's in the cart? Yelling hay.
OK, you carry on too.
I'm going to find Marcus, SOS. OK, but don't be too long.
I won't.
I've been rotting in this dungeon for 25 years.
I'd give anything to have my kids here with me now, Basketcase.
Greetings, gentlemen.
SOS... Action. We're getting out of here. Come on.
How do we get out of here? Don't worry.
I've been 25 years in this dungeon.
I know the place like the back of my hand. It's this way.
What's up, gentlemen? And where might your journey be taking you?
Who the hell's this? Son of a bitch!
So you were trying to escape, ha?
So you were trying to escape, ha?
Hey man! Was that an echo? No, idiot. It was me.
Get moving! Ha! Look, Father's here.
Ha! Look, Father's here. Stop.
He's lying, Father. His name isn't Marcus Antonius.
Hold on a second! Now, be men and tell me which of you is my son.
Me. Me.
Me. I'm nobody's son.
No, I'm not anyone's son. OK, OK, we got that. Throw a net.
Now, we'll do a small experiment to see which of you is Marcus Antonius...
...and which of you is the impostor.
I say we shouldn't take any chances your Majesty. Let's kill them both.
Keep your nose out of my affairs, Theodora.
I never asked you who to kill before and don't suppose I will now either.
Bitch's clitoris, what'll happen? Don't worry, Princess.
Pretty soon both Marcus's will be dead.
Oh my God! It's Brutus! Yes, Princess.
We spared no expense. As you see we brought him all the way from Rome.
You'll get everything you deserve for this, Theodore.
Give Marcus Antonius on the left an arrow.
I'll give it to him!
I beg you, don't give him the arrow, give it to me instead, your Majesty.
He's only a kid.
Guards, take away this fucking woman! Take her away!
Well, what are you waiting for? Give the one on the left an arrow.
Now Marcus Antonius, I want you to kill Superwarrior with that arrow.
If you're my son, you'll kill him without batting an eyelid.
Go on, then.
Don't you dare! You're SOS. If you kill me, nobody in the village...
...will look you in the face. It'll be patricide. You'll be an orphan.
Look here man, I'm telling you. Are you psycho, son? It's a sick joke!
Guards! Seize him, arrest the scumbag! Come on!
Come on then, dogs! The Najars even win the wars they lose.
Jump on him. Come on!
Curse the parents of anyone else who tries to save me again, OK?
So you were the fake Marcus, ha?
Sure, it was me. So what, motherfucker?
What did he say? I don't know, your Majesty.
He was probably cursing. I never heard anything like it either.
Let's see if he can show the same skill against my sword.
Son of a bitch. What did I say?
I never heard that before either, your Majesty.
Son! It's nothing, Mother. I'm OK.
I stabbed him. What the hell's the matter with you?
Don't you get it, shit for brains? They're brothers. Twin brothers!
Triplets in fact! Where the fuck is your other brother?
He's lying, your Majesty! He's lying.
Don't bullshit, Helena.
Did you ever know a Najar to lie?
Well, can you prove what you said?
Sure. Look at the chains around their necks and you'll see.
My God!
Helena! Helena, this is scandalous! What's going on?
He's your son, your Majesty, I swear!
Don't lie, whore! The empress is guilty of nothing.
Your Majesty, wait and I'll tell you everything
It was the day Helena gave birth. We were thinking how to get back... the palace, when we found this baby in a basket on the river.
Then we told you it was her twin.
He's not your son.
So if he's not my son, what is he? So if you're not my mother, who is?
Me! My baby! Son! Oh no, dairy whore! Oh no!
As you see, the empress is guilty of absolutely nothing.
It was me who planned everything.
She's guilty of nothing, ha? Theodore, my sword!
Everyone's guilty. You're all going to die. The lot of you!
Helena, I'm sending you to the herd of girls you've produced.
You will die too!
Get off my mother, ignorant pig! You murdered enough people as it is.
Idiot, she's not your mother. Guards! Grab him!
What are you waiting for? Grab him! Farewell, brother.
You go and rescue the prisoners, Basketcase. OK, SOS.
Kill them all! Kill them all!
Basketcase, Rabbit and Hadji Makaryos Chelebi!
Bravo, Rabbit! Perfect timing!
His Majesty Horribilis X VI!
Get out of here, retard! What are you doing?
Horribilis is escaping! Horribilis is escaping!
Your Majesty? Lombelicus, I'm running away.
You can't escape anywhere now, dog.
Oh, Theodora... Sweet sister... I'm not your sister.
I'm his sister.
But Theodora... There are no buts, Horribilis.
I've put up with enough of you and your impudence.
As you have no sons, the empire will pass to my son when you die.
And therefore to me. There's no need to rush things.
Besides, I'll die within the next 80 years, Theodora.
Then Simitis will come to the throne and as such you'll be queen.
I can't wait that long, Horribilis. You will die now...
Thank you, Lombelicus, for saving my life.
But I can never forgive you for killing my sister.
But your Majesty, she was about to kill you.
Hey, what's it have to do with you? What's it to you, spineless?
You think it's your job to kill her when I'm around?
Out of the way, move back. Superwarrior's here.
Long live Superwarrior! You too. Come on, men! Come on!
Basketcase! Wait! What do you want?
Don't you recognize me, Basketcase? Sure I do. Theodora, you slut.
Not Theodora, Basketcase. Eftelia. Eftelia?
Eftelia! Basketcase!
Eftelia, my love.
I spent years looking for you, Eftelia. Where on earth were you?
I didn't tell you that day, but...
I'm Horribilis's sister, Basketcase.
When I first saw you at the palace, I was devastated.
But if he'd found out I knew you,
Horribilis would have killed you me, everyone.
I never forgot you, Basketcase. Me neither...
Nor the "Nine 1/2 Weeks" we spent in that hayloft.
You know, Basketcase, you left me a souvenir of those days.
We had a son, Basketcase. Simitis. A son?
Wait, don't tire yourself out. I'll pull the knife out.
You'd kill my mother, ha? Filthy Najar! You're disgusting!
I vow that there is no god but God. No!
Mother! Don't worry, Mother. It's all over.
You! What have you done? What's the matter, Mother?
What have I done?
What else? You've killed your father.
Fuck it! My father? Yes, that was your father.
He was pulling the knife out of my back... I met him years ago...
...when I was dancing at the circus. He was a stableman.
Just as we find each other years later, you go and kill him.
I mean, you really fucked up, Simitis. Father.
Forgive me, Father! Son...
Forgive me, Father... Please Father, forgive me...
OK, man, OK!
Stop crying like a woman and get up.
You're a Najar now. Najars don't even cry...
...if their parents die at the same time.
Come on!
Get up and fight like a real man!
You're right, SOS. It's time to attack the infidels!
Give us a sword!
Oh, cursed Horribilis! Prepare yourself!
Grab him! He's running away!
Wait, you guys stay here. Protect me. And don't let the press in.
Get moving, come on! Quick!
So you're here, bastard. You're finished, chestnut face.
I'll make you regret ever being born, you bugger.
Go on then, nose shit.
Hey, what's that?
Give me that sword! But, your Majesty...
That's for my mother! Didn't hurt!
That's for my father! Didn't hurt. Not a bit.
That's for Basketcase! Didn't hurt, man!
And that's for my uncle who died of TB.
Shit, that hurt! Did it hurt?
Make way, goddamn it. Make way...
SOS... SOS, come closer...
Come closer! Here!
You hear the bell ring?
He's dead, the dog.
Emanuel... No, it's not Emanuel, SOS.
I'm one of you now.
My name's now Emine VI. I belong by your side.
The pleasure is mine, Emine VI.
Infidel. Brother. I have a surprise for you too.
SOS, sister in law, we're getting married!
Long live my so!
In the end everyone got what they wanted.
Hadji Makaryos Chelebi became minister of religious affairs in the village.
His relations with the army cooled. Just before he died...
...he left the village and became a Buddhist.
After embracing manhood rather late in the day, Simitis became Abuzer.
When he couldn't abide by the laws of the village and marry...
...he emigrated to Denmark where he set up a happy home.
Superwarrior, who became head of the village after 25 years in jail...
...developed tetanus from the door hinges embedded in his backside and died.
He was buried together with the door.
Martyr had a supremely happy marriage with Infidel.
Keeping well away from politics, Infidel entered the olive business...
...choosing to become an olive tycoon instead.
Emine VI and SOS were married.
Taking over as head of the village...
...SOS had 12 sons who looked like their grandfather, Horribilis.
Go with the flow, meanwhile, married Water Nymph.
He met her swimming in the river. They had 3 kids and 2 turtles.
Believing onions and garlic to be the best method of birth control...
...the Najars experienced a veritable population explosion.
Ultimately, they were to spread themselves over 5 continents.
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