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Subtitles for Kajmak In Marmelada (2003).

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Kajmak In Marmelada (2003)

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This is not just a story about a Slovenian woman and her Bosnian,
it could have happened anywhere.
There is a Southerner for everyone.
Costume design
Set design
Original music
Director of photography
Written and directed by
This one, yes.
Hey, move over.
Move over!
You could have cleaned up a little,
I would really like to return to a home every once in a while
and not a pig sty. Or you could ask me about my day.
You wouldn"t fall off your piedestal if you made dinner.
What kind of stinking butter do they send you from Bosnia?
It"s just our kind of cheese.
Does this cheese go with jam? -What?
You know, like butter.
Yeah, sure, like butter.
What are you eating? - Cheese and jam.
Cheese and jam, together? - Yeah, you said it was OK.
Then it"s OK.
You think you"re funny or what?
Cheese and jam!
What about the Chinese, they eat chicken with chocolate.
And Italians, they eat ham with watermelon.
And there"s this island where they eat meat with fruit.
There"s also this island where they eat people.
But then, you don"t have to go far, it"s enough to look
at your mother, she makes pizza pie with sugar.
It"s our cheese pie, you idiot.
It"s like if you went to the station and asked for pizza
with a little sugar on top.
I went to see the doctor.
Yeah, and?
Nothing. Just like last time.
But they said it would be a good idea for you to come next time.
Me? - Why not?
What do they want to see me for?
To jerk off into a test tube, no way.
That"s your problem, anyway.
What"s my problem? Do you think I enjoy hanging around hospitals?
Everything is my problem.
Looking for a job for you is my problem too, right?
Cleaning the house is my problem, isn"t it? Cooking is my problem.
Everything is my problem.
l"ve had enough of this.
Spely? You idiot, you could at least look a little sorry.
Aren"t you embarrassed? Now everyone"s gonna see what
an ass of a guy l"ve got at home. What guy anyway?
l"ve got a plant. A plant that watches TV 24 hours a day-
football by day and porn at night. And only knows two phrases:
When"s dinner and get me a beer. Who picks his nose and
throws his snot around. - Who throws snot around?
Shut up! You live off my money and you"re gonna bugger me?
I spend all my money on you!
When was the last time I bought myself something? When?
Do you know how old this coat is? When I bought it, it was trendy,
then it went out of fashion, now it"s so old it"s fashionable again.
When was the last time you brought home some money?
Except for when you found a wallet in front of the store. When?
Have you ever told me you loved me?
Now listen to me: l"m going to my mother"s for a while and
don"t you come looking for me. Do something with your life.
Find a job, make some money. I won"t support you anymore.
Either change or forget me.
At least leave me the keys.
Here are your damn keys.
And the bride hits the road.
Excuse me!
Shit, she"ll be late for work!
Hello, good morning, it"s Bozo.
Did Spela wake up yet?
I was just worried that she would be late...
Ah, she left already, great.
I was just worried...
Bozo, yes, Bozo. Goodbye.
Hey, neighbor.
Had it a little rough yesterday, huh?
What? - Rough.
Rough what? - Noisy.
Sometimes you"re noisy too. When you practice.
Well, that"s different, that"s music, you know.
Maybe what"s music in your house is noise in our house.
Hey, neighbor, could I ask you for a favor?
Could I climb over your balcony and leave through your apartment?
It"s just that-well, I lost my keys and...
Yeah and Spela threw hers in the garbage, yeah I saw that.
I was just thinking that... - That you could leave through
my apartment, right? - Yeah, neighbor, please.
Well, hurry up, the garbagemen are coming. - Thank you neighbor.
Could you just grab this. - What else, then?
Well, I have to get to town.
Be careful!
Thanks, neighbor. - Yeah, OK.
Thank you.
In your shoes, huh? - Should I take them off?
Yes, please. Now pick up the bicycle.
If you could just hold my shoes for a second, neighbor.
Go on, be careful,
that"s it, there you go.
Can we take over now?
Just a minute, please, I lost my keys.
Call the driver.
Now look at this shit! Get the fuck out man,
can"t you find any work? What would a German tourist
say, for example, if he saw this? - What would a German tourist
be doing in this neighborhood? - You fuck!
You, pick up the containers!
Hey, fellow Bosnian, l"d help you, but the driver is Slovenian, sorry.
If you could just look to see if there are any keys...
Thanks, goodbye.
Yes? -A quarter kilo of bread, if you could cut it in half,
and 50 grams of special salami.
Can I make it 60? - No, 50, please.
That"s 148 tolars.
Here"s 2 tolars, your change.
Keep the change.
You had a great boyfriend,
why was it that you left him?
Hey, Bozo, what"s up? Come in, let"s have a beer.
l"m in a hurry.
l"m buying. - OK, just one quick beer.
I don"t know where to leave the bike, someone will nick it.
Who would take it?
Leave it here, I guarantee you it"ll be OK.
Where"s my bike? - What?
They stole my bike? - What bike?
It was here. - What the fuck did you
leave it here for? - You told me to.
Me? Cut the shit.
I lost my bike, I lost Spela. I have nothing.
She told me to either make some money or to forget her.
You don"t know Spela.
Maybe I don"t know Spela, but I sure do know women.
If anyone knows women, Bozo, it"s me. What was it that Marx said?
Or maybe it was that other guy, Engels. What the fuck.
What"s a woman? A woman is just decoration around the pussy.
Oh, come on.
It was Marx. Ah, Marx. Bozo and Marx.
That"s your women, Spela"s different.
l"d like you to meet my women. They"d work you over
and then you"d just be thinking: what an idiot I was up to now.
Listen, whatever it is you say about my women, they"re
professionals. You have money, you call them, they do their job,
you pay them and that"s it. And what did Spela say:
Bozo, when you have the money, call me.
It"s all about money, just the same.
No money, no woman.
How much money would I need? - It all depends.
For 100 Deutsch marks, she would blow you good.
Not those whores of yours, how much would I need for
Spela to come back?
For her, I don"t think it"s the quantity
of cash that matters, it"s the continuity. That you
would be well situated, she would have to see that you are reliable.
What does a reliable person make? How much?
I don"t know, man.
Let"s call my girls, they"re cheaper.
Hey, anybody home?
Not interested, not interested...
Hey, Goran, do you happen to know of a job for me?
Listen to old Bozo now! When it"s about fun, it"s the mother tongue,
when it"s business, he switches to Slovenian.
Well, I do happen to know of a job.
Seriously? Or are you fucking with me?
I never joke when there"s money involved. The trade fair
starts tomorrow. Do you know Palcic? -No.
You don"t know Palcic? Palcic is God there!
He handles the hostesses, everything! Palcic and me,
we"re like brothers! You call him tomorrow
and tell him that Goran sent you about that business,
and you"ve got the job. And- 20% of what you make is mine.
OK, deal. - What about thank you?
Thank you. - God had his eye on you when you ran into me.
What kind of job is this?
It"s a good job, at a fair. A gentleman"s job.
Go away!
What"s up, mousey?
These kids are buggering me. Let"s get a beer, you"ll cool down.
I can"t, the boss said.
Who, Palcic? - Yeah.
I just ran into him, he"s very happy with you,
says you"re perfect for the part. And he"s paid you for
a week in advance. - Wow.
Let"s go.
Here, take. - What?
Your 20%.
No, I already took my share. Just pay for this.
Oh, OK. - 380 tolars.
500, keep the rest.
Cute girl.
l"ve got another business proposition for you.
Better, more money.
Not so easy and there"s big money in it.
But it"s not 100% legal.
No, I wouldn"t. Something honest, yeah, but this...
Fine, if you prefer a lot of work for small money
to little work for a lot of money, just grind away.
How much is a lot?
You could make...
2000 per afternoon.
Well, I make 5000 here, but it"s for the whole day.
2000 Deutsch marks, idiot. - 2000 marks?!
Hey, there"s Spela.
Hey, Spela, come on over, let"s have a cup of coffee.
No, I can"t, I just ran out to get something for my mother,
now lunch break is over. - Where"s Bozo?
Bozo? Home, waiting for me to bring him a beer and make dinner.
Home, sure. You threw the keys away on me.
But Bozo can handle things very well on his own, without you.
I have a serious job now.
Yeah, I can see that! And don"t make a scene.
You"ve already made a scene. You threw away the keys.
I had to look for them in the garbage, the whole building
was laughing at me. Like I was a bum.
You think they"re laughing because of me?
They would be crying! And you are a bum.
A bum, huh? L"m going into business now.
l"ll make good money and then you"ll say: Sorry, Bozo.
What, you"ll be promoted to Donald Duck?
l"m going to be somebody and you"ll just be a stupid cook
for the rest of your life. - Pig!
Cool it, man.
What"s so funny?
Ready? L"ve been ready for an hour and a half.
Do you have a driver"s licence?
Yeah, but I haven"t driven since that crash.
Well, you"ll definitely be driving later.
Me? - Yeah, you.
Enough. - Just one more dumpling.
I can"t, l"ve had enough.
Spely, you have to eat something, look at you.
Daddy"s had 3 plates.
I read somewhere that you can"t find this much calcium anywhere
else but in homemade beef broth. - Good for constipation, too.
Sit down, l"ll get it.
I wouldn"t get up now, if it were for the President.
If the soup gets cold...
Yes, of course, Mr. Strazisar.
Yes, Mr. Director. No, you"re not interrupting anything, l"m
Just going over some papers I brought home from the office,
you know, sometimes 8 hours aren"t enough to get things done.
Yes, yes, you"re right.
Did he call? - No.
It"s been a week.
It"s better this way. Another week or two and you"ll forget him, too.
You mean that he"s already forgotten me?
Well, you know how they are, those people, the Southerners.
Now, when we get there and pick up the stuff, then you"ll drive.
If someone stops us and asks anything at all,
just say that you picked me up as a hitchhiker.
I was just hitchhiking, right?
l"ve never driven a truck in my life, I don"t know how to.
How do I shift gears?
How, you ass, in a circle, or what?
Like any other gears, normally, clutch, breaks etc.
What"s important is that you"re the driver and l"m the hitchhiker.
Dad is really happy that you left him, anyway.
Dad can"t stand any Southerner, he thinks they"re all criminals.
What do I know, I don"t really know Bozo, so I can"t really say
what he"s like. But Daddy and I would like you to find
someone normal. - So Bozo is abnormal?
Honey, don"t get me wrong, but there is no future with Bozo.
You have to think of yourself now, you"re not a teenager anymore.
Right, Jozko? He"ll get by, don"t worry.
You have to look ahead now.
There"s bound to be someone that we"ll-that you"ll
like in one way or another. Right Jozko?
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the Grmsek boy is coming
over tonight. Dad"s colleague"s son. Nice boy, isn"t he, Jozko?
Yeah, good boy.
Well, let"s have the roast now. Have you finished?
We won"t be throwing anything away now, will we.
You"re young, and there are so many men in the world, real men,
you know what I mean? I don"t know why you hang onto
this Bozo character.
Bacause I love him.
What if the police stop us? I don"t have the licence
for a truck, only a regular one. - Lf the police stop us,
the last thing they"ll ask for is the licence. - What?
Fuck the licence, I said.
I don"t get it anymore. Who"s paying us? Where are we going?
Shut up! Looks like we"re here.
Wait here.
You"re the guy? - That"s me.
Where"s the stuff? - Over there.
And the money?
Half is here, Baya has the other half, you"ll get it when it"s done.
Baya doesn"t trust me? - Looks that way.
OK, give me the stuff.
Get in!
Come on, get in!
This is not exactly 1 st class. - What you pay for is what you get.
Shut up!
And now - Italy!
They"ll suffocate. - No they won"t, it"s just
30 minutes to the border, they"ll live even if they don"t breathe.
Now drive.
Wait, Goran, you didn"t say we"d be smuggling people.
What then? Hurry up, get in.
OK, now the clutch!
Pull away!
Hello, yes, they did, yes.
Remember, if anything happens, l"m just a hitchhiker.
Yeah, and l"m screwed.
They"re gone!
Fucking hell, what do I need this for. For 10.000 marks...
I mean for a few thousand marks I have to put up with all this shit.
Stop here, along the road.
Buongiorno signori!
Avanti, chianti, Cicciolina, canzone.
Benvenuti Italia, Italia, carbonara,
quattro stagioni, DOCUMENTI.
Why are you...?
Fumare, camione.
Adriano Celentano, Dolce Gabbana,
Batistuta, camione.
OK, signori, OK.
Cosa nostra, O sole mio.
We"re here! Go, quickly, go!
Listen up!
Here - Italy. There-forest.
You, go forest.
Go, understand?
That"s what l"m saying. Go, run, forest.
Italy. Go, damn it.
What"s she shitting about?
Yeah, you too.
Go, go! Let"s go.
You can"t leave them here. - What, why the fuck not?
You stay here then. - Come on, you can"t...
Don"t you start now. What if the police come, and we are here.
Goran. - Goran what? -You can"t just leave the people here.
Are you crazy? Enough now. - But you can"t leave them...
Spely, could you get the door please?
Good evening. - Good evening.
l"m Matevz.
Grmsek, I presume?
Yes, yes.
Oh, look who"s here!
Well, Matevz, come in, don"t just stand in the doorway.
Majda, look who"s here!
Nice of you to come. - Have a seat, we"ll talk.
Will you have a bite?
No, thanks, mom made the most heavenly dumplings, I had four.
Oh, Matevz! Thank you.
Such fine manners!
Well, l"ll prepare something anyway.
Oh, Matevz!
And otherwise?
l"m going to Baya"s tomorrow to get the other half,
then we can do some serious fucking around.
You"re not crazy enough to give that Spela all your money or what?
For 2000 marks, I could organize 6 Ukrainians, 2 Russians
and God knows what else.
As you like it.
Anyway, if Baya"s happy, there"ll be more easy money.
When tomorrow?
When what?
When will you bring me the money?
At four.
l"ll wait for you at my apartment.
Now what? - Good evening.
l"m sorry neighbor, but I still don"t have the keys and I would...
No. Do you know what time it is? Do you know that you"ve been
climbing over my balcony for the past week?
I know but...
Please, neighbor, just tonight. l"m getting a new luck tomorrow.
Lock, it"s called a lock.
No, find another way.
What"s too much is too much. Good night.
Please, dear neighbor, please, my phone is ringing.
I said no!
No, I didn"t hear the phone, I was in the bathroom,
I was taking a bath.
I know it"s not Sunday, but I just felt like it.
I was working and I got all sweaty.
Working, and I...
No, not Mickey Mouse, that was just for the fair,
now l"ve got something else, a real job.
The apartment?
It"s clean as a pharmacy.
I promise.
I would like that, too.
Spela, I love you.
I said...
When are you coming home tomorrow?
Oh, after work.
Immediately after work?
No, of course I want you to come.
No, I didn"t find the key, the garbage people...
But I got a new lock, I changed it.
Tomorrow then, after work.
You had a nice boyfriend,
why was it that you left him?
How can you dust your carpet here, don"t you see
l"m drying my laundry? - L"m sorry neighbor,
my vacuum cleaner doesn"t work. l"ll do it over the other side, see.
This never happened to me before. - Too much.
Too much, what do you mean, too much? This is too much!
I can"t even dry my laundry anymore and you"ve been
climbing over my balcony every day for the past week at night,
and you hammer in the hall in the middle of the night!
Yes, l"m sorry, but Spela is coming home today,
and I wanted to... - Don"t explain!
You"ve always been nothing but a problem!
Me? Why? This is the first time I have ever dusted a carpet.
I don"t mean just you, I mean all of you here. You"re all the same.
What"s with this guy?
What do you mean what"s with this guy?
How dare you talk to me like that? Don"t you read the papers,
watch TV? Who gets into shootings in bars? You, not us.
Who causes accidents with Yugos? You, from down South.
You steal. Noone else. You Southern scum.
And all you do is commit suicides!
Who said that? Come out here, right now!
No Jozko, he"s not a criminal, he"s just lazy.
She makes the money, he spends it. He lives in a flat that I pay for.
I found him a job. In the paint assembly line,
but the smell bothered him. Our boys are unemployed
and he can"t stand the vapor.
This is what he"s like
and this is how he"ll end up.
So, I see you"ve made a decision?
Daddy"s asking if you"re sure you made the right decision.
About what?
Your life, girl!
l"m going back.
Daddy thinks that perhaps you should reconsider.
Mom, Bozo"s got a job now, everything"s different.
Yes, but Daddy thinks it"s not a real job.
And that he"ll soon be back in his ways.
Mom, what do you think? - What do you mean, me?
Daddy thinks this, daddy thinks that.
I want to know what you think.
Well, I just keep asking myself why him, what you see in him.
Don"t hold it against me, but... - He"s different.
That he is. So different that you"re the laughing stock
of the town, and me as well.
l"d rather be laughed at than cry seeing you suck up to
anyone you can profit from. It makes me sick.
I won"t have you talking to your father like this!
Mom, let me ask you something. Do you love this person?
This is no person, he"s your father.
That"s right he"s no person. When was the last time he
kissed you? Did he ever tell you he loved you? When was the last
time he even smiled at you? Do you love him?
Have you forgotten what it"s like when your father hits?
Oh no, I haven"t, you beat me at every chance, didn"t you?
Get lost! - L"m going, that"s right!
Calm down, Jozko, you"ll just vomit again.
Hello, is Marjan here? - Yes.
Can you call him?
Bozo, what brings you here?
I need a lock, Marjan.
What kind of lock?
A regular one, for a door.
I don"t have any old ones, just a new one, all packed.
So give me a new one, packed, l"ll pay you tomorrow.
I can"t, the boss will kill me. It only comes with the whole door.
I have a door, I just need a lock, it"s broken, that"s all.
I have nothing of the kind.
If you give me one, l"ll bring you the money tomorrow.
So why don"t you go out and buy one?
I can"t pay for it now, but I could in one hour.
I mean you, I know, I can pay you tomorrow.
Right, you don"t have the money.
No, I do have the money, I mean l"ll have it tomorrow.
But I can"t give you just a lock with no door.
If I had an old one...
The police have captured a group of foreign citizens,
presumably trying to illegally cross the Italian border.
And now, following the news, for some music from films...
Oh, it"s you. - Oh, it"s you.
I thought it was Bozo. - And I thought it would be Bozo.
So, you"re home. - Yeah.
I mean, where"s Bozo? - He just went out for a minute.
Come in.
I just happened to be in the neighbourhood, and I thought...
But, yeah, why don"t I wait for him.
What"s with the lock? - I don"t know.
A drink? - No, thanks.
Have a seat.
And, otherwise?
What"s up, Goran? I have the feeling
you want to tell me something.
show me your tits.
What"s wrong with you? - Don"t be scared, it"s nothing.
l"ll give you 2000 Deutsch marks for just one quick look.
Leave me alone, l"ll tell Bozo. - You"ll tell noone.
l"ll give you 2000 marks and no one will ever know.
OK? Come on!
It"s not even real money. - Check.
OK, it is. But l"d never do it, not for any amount.
Think it over. You"ll never have the chance to make
this much money in 5 seconds again.
OK. If you don"t want it.
Step back.
Further back!
OK, l"m off now.
Bozo, we"ve been waiting for you.
Who"s we?
Spela and me.
Well, I don"t want to get in the way.
I left the money with Spela.
Now you can buy a new coat.
ET, phone home.
Bozo, phone Spela.
Do "Give Grandma a cigarette"! - No. - Yes.
Give Grandma a cigarette.
Give Grandma a kiss.
Who did that?
Ah, Zahovic.
How can that happen to Zahovic?
It was a one-shot, a volley.
No, you shouldn"t do that in a one-shot.
You have to first stop it,
calm it,
go like this,
and then like this,
and - boom!
See, like this,
or like this,
you can do all this stuff with it.
Let"s go inside.
At least this is in one piece.
What do you mean? - Because you blew it up.
If we ever had a kid, l"d teach him to play football.
For real, no shoes first, training every day.
What if it was a girl?
Oh, yeah.
Let it go. It"s Sunday. It"s not the postman.
Bozo! - It"s Goran.
Come down here. I can"t talk to you there.
Why don"t you come up? - Are you alone?
So come down.
What"s this?
Baya went crazy went he found out about the transport.
I don"t know how he found out.
They sure did you good. - This is nothing,
if he gets even, you"ll be talking to me in intensive care.
So what does he want now? His money back?
No, he"s giving us another chance.
We have to go to this place and threaten a little.
What? - With two of his guys.
We go over there, make a little chaos.
You"re kidding?
The owner"s stopped paying up. You know, racketeering.
Like when the owner gives Baya money, then everything"s OK,
but if he doesn"t, then... Now he"s stopped paying.
We go over there, do some shit and the guy starts paying again.
I couldn"t. - Yes you could,
you don"t know Baya. You can"t imagine what he could do.
We"ll pick you up at 9:30.
What am I gonna tell Spela? - Tell her you"re going
out for a beer. - I can"t, she just came back
and I promised her I wouldn"t drink beer anymore.
She got you good, didn"t she. Think of something.
We"ll see you at 9:30. OK, bye.
Yes, I said OK.
Yes, OK, I said.
Who was it? - Mom.
I got into a fight with Dad yesterday.
Why? - Doesn"t matter.
But I forgot today was his birthday, he"s 60.
She wants me to come to this restaurant. - When?
Tonight. - Go, Spela, make your father happy.
I don"t know, he really offended me yesterday.
Take a bottle of wine and go. He"ll be so happy, he"s 60.
You"re so good to me.
And a one and a two,
and a one and a two...
Tails up!
Happy New Year and Merry Easter.
What"s with you? Get in!
Hello, l"m Bozo.
Where exactly do you think you"re going looking like this?
To this place...
What do you think this place is? What are you wearing?
You look like a used car salesman.
I don"t have a suit.
In fact, I do have a suit. Could you wait just a minute?
l"ll be right back. - Go!
What did I tell Baya? We shouldn"t work with amateurs.
Bozo"s OK, he"s just got a style problem.
You can shut up about style - look at that double breasted
suit of yours. Who still wears that?
What"s wrong with it?
You look like you just stepped out of parliament.
Do you two have any experience at all with this job?
What do you mean?
Can you handle a shot?
Well, I can, I don"t know about Bozo.
He couldn"t even handle a spoon.
I mean, you know, if it gets a little rough there...
It"ll be no problem.
What did I tell Baya - never work with amateurs.
Here I am.
Can anyone tie a tie?
Now Spely will sing Daddy"s favorite song. Come on, Spely.
When I went out to the village last night,
over by the spring,
I heard my girl crying.
Cry, cry, oh girl of mine,
it"s all of your own doing.
You had a nice boyfriend,
why was it that you left him?
Good evening. What will it be?
Four beers. - No, not for me.
Well, yeah, one for me as well.
Where is Mr. Skerjanc?
Tone or Franci? - The elder.
Franci is Tone"s father.
Then he is probably older.
The father is usually older than the son. A little.
Mr. Franci Skerjanc is upstairs. Should I go get him?
Yes please.
Who should I tell him is here?
Zinedine. Zinedine Zidane.
Zinedine who? - Zidane.
And everyone ate and drank,
and they all went like this
just because it was nice.
Abraham had seven sons,
and they ate and they drank, and they all went like this...
Good evening. Which one of you is Mr. Zidane?
What can I do for you?
You-very little, your waitress - that"s another story.
Baya sent us.
Mr. Baya and I have already settled everything.
Franci, the fact that we are here means that you probably didn"t.
Spela, doesn"t that guy in the suit look just like Bozo?
Mom, Bozo doesn"t have a suit.
OK, l"ll call him and... - Listen up, Franci-
People like to come. Why do they like coming here?
Because they feel safe. You wouldn"t want them
suddenly not to feel safe anymore.
That they would become afraid. And stop coming? Get it?
I understand. - I didn"t ask you if you understood,
I asked you if you got it.
I get it.
You get it my dick.
I just have one thing to say: Without Cimerotic,
we have no team. Cheers. - OK, Mom, OK.
People like it here, because they don"t like noise, disco.
If this were a disco, then it would be a whole lot different.
Come on, Franci, join us.
But Spela, that guy dancing really does look like Bozo.
Mom, Bozo doesn"t dance.
Don"t anyone move.
This is an armed...
Or, should I say, an armed walk.
Get down, don"t move.
This place is not as safe
as it used to be.
How is your sausage ma"am?
Bozo? - Spela, hi.
Brave girl. Has heart.
Let"s see if she has balls.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
You fucked up, Bozo.
I know, ages ago.
Hello. Is he here? - He just came to.
Hey, Bozo.
Oh, Goran.
Are you alive?
You"re crazy man, you really did it now.
Did this really have to happen? What happened?
What happened? You made a real mess Bozo, real deep shit.
What happened with Spela?
Forget Spela. Meme"s in prison. You hit him so hard
with that bottle that he woke up in a police car.
Serves him right.
Serves him right? For grabbing that little woman of yours
by the tits?
What will I tell her? - Bozo, come to your senses,
please, don"t you see the shit we are in. We"ll never get out.
Maybe the police will let us off, Baya won"t.
We"ll bite it because of that whore of yours.
What whore?
I love you, man, but you"re crazy.
Believe me, think of yourself, first.
He wasn"t the first or the last to have her by the tits.
Goran what?
l"ve had enough of you and Spela!
You really think she some saint or what?
You want me to tell you? OK, l"ll tell you.
She"s got a birth mark on her left tit, doesn"t she?
Come on, Bozo, be realistic, please, and you"ll have Spela,
you"ll have a life, everything.
Hello. - Hello.
Where are you headed?
Well I checked the hunting ground, now l"m headed home.
You"re known for making decorations from deer"s tails.
Yes, l"d love to show you how I do that.
Bozo, can you check if it"s OK?
You can only see if it"s a man or a woman this way.
Well, that"s the most important thing, isn"t it?
How much do I owe you? - Come on, Bozo.
No, really. - You"ll buy me a beer.
I comb it a little,
pull them together,
and I tighten it up really well and lay it on the table.
I add a little saliva, straighten it out,
and again, the saliva, and I lay it on the table.
And now, I bind them together.
This job requires a lot of responsibility.
If there"s a mistake, I start over.
l"m pregnant.
With whom?
What do you mean, with whom?
Who is the father?
Bozo, what"s wrong with you?
Nothing, whose is it?
Spela, wait!
Are you going to tear the whole building down again?
We can"t live like this anymore.
Hey, wait. Don"t do that. It can"t be that bad.
Who are the suicidal ones here now?
I love you. There, l"ve said it.
That"s it!
That"s it!
End of training. Lunch.
Something for our girl.
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