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A long time ago,
ancient Japanese farmers used burning
odors from human hairs or animal's
bodies to scare away wild beasts
that harm the fields.
This method was called "Kagashi"
Later, they discovered these wild
beasts embodied evil spirits.
They then erect man-like figures
in the fields to scare the beasts away.
These figures are called "Kakashi" scarecrows as we know it
Aside from the power to defy animals
and evil spirits, Kakashi can also
attract gods from heaven to protect the fields.
Legend has it that all
"man-like figures" embody goodly spirits,
and so do Kakashi's.
But the "gods" that Kakashi call upon
the earth can be "unkind"...
Why? Why is this happening?
Maho Nonami
Kou Sibasaki
Mr. Yoshikawa?
Mr. Yoshikawa, are you inside?
I am opening the door now.
Excuse me.
Help yourself. I'll be waiting outside.
You didn't contact your parents that ok?
We don't have parents. I am his only family.
Oh, really?
If you have any problems, please let me know.
Oh, sorry,
the newspapers are piled up oupside,
I'll just put them back here.
I'll be waiting outside.
You have reached the voice mailbox.
Please leave message after the beep tone.
Hello, Tsuyoshi, it's me,
Where have you been lately?
Please give me a call
Kozukata Village. Izumi Miyamori
Izumi Miyamori? lzumi?
Why is there a letter from her now?
"Everything I see,
and even myself, is all a dream.
Is this a dream, or a fantasy?
The only real thing is your face.
If I can see you,
I might get out of this nightmare...
Please come to me, my beloved one."
Kozukata Village?
Thank you very much.
No problem, please take care.
Thank you for waiting.
We couldn't find Ms. Miyamori from the address you gave us
Oh, really... thanks anyway.
Missing person: Sally Cheng
Kozukata Village
What happened?
Wait a minute!
Why in such a place?
Excuse me.
I am sorry,
my car broke down inside the tunnel.
This is Kozukata Village, isn't it?
Is this Kozukata Village?
There are so many Kakashi's.
The festival once a year.
Is this some kind of Kakashi festival?
Do you know the Miyamori house?
Mr. Miyamori, the doctor.
Go straight.
Go straight?
It's a straight road.
A straight road?
Call this a straight road?
Excuse me.
How do you say this?
Wild Chrysanthemum.
Wild Chrysan... themum.
Wild Chrysanthemum.
Wild Chrysanthemum.
Ayumi, why are you here again?
Go home!
No! I want to look at flowers!
You shouldn't get along with outsiders.
Wait! No!
Get on!
Excuse me.
I'm sorry for the sudden visit.
I'm Yoshikawa. Kaoru Yoshikawa.
I'm an old classmate of lzumi's in Tokyo.
Oh, you're... Kaoru?
I'm sorry to come here so suddenly.
My brother received a letter from lzumi.
I want to ask you about my brother.
Please go back.
But... this is a letter from lzumi.
Sorry, please wait a minute!
My daughter's not here.
I see. She wrote to your brother.
So where is your daughter?
She is in a special clinic around here.
She might have sent it to him from that place.
The clinic?
Did my brother go to that place?
No, unfortunately.
Then, where is he?
Excuse me for being impolite, did you talk to the police?
No, I didn't think it would be such a big trouble.
So, is lzumi in a really bad condition?
This village is my birth place.
When I was young, I hated it here,
so I took off,
but lzumi became such condition.
So, we thought if we came back here,
Izumi would become what she was...
If possible, I want to go visit her.
No, you better not to see her any more.
Oh, it's late.
You should head back.
How did you come here?
By car, but it broke down.
Do you know some place to stay near here?
No... then tonight....
Hey you!
You should stay at my house tonight.
Thank you...
Excuse me?
May I use your telephone?
Sorry, we don't have a telephone.
You love lzumi, don't you?
Of course!
I came back here all because of her.
Then, why did you let her stay here?
It's all her fault that lzumi became...
You don't understand,
something is wrong here.
This village is not what it used to be.
But lzumi's coming back soon.
Then it's ok, right?
That's all our hope.
Of course it is.
Brother, are you here?
Brother? Brother?
Why are you here?
Izumi? Are you lzumi?
I thought you're at the clinic.
Where is my brother? Tell me, lzumi.
My brother came here, didn't he?
You're always like this.
You are always... in my way.
But it's OK.
Because I'm very happy now.
I'll be myself soon...
Is this a dream? Or a fantasy?
I'll see you off to the village hall.
If you ask them, they will repair it for you.
Thank you.
So, let's go.
Let's go.
He will be back soon.
This village is so small that, nothing ever happens here.
After your car's fixed,
you should leave as soon as possible.
If not, you will not be able to go back.
No, I should say you won't want to go back.
So long.
Yes, thank you very much for taking care of me.
Financial Department
Are you... Sally?
I knew it's you.
How do you know my name?
On my way here...
Hey, wait!
So it's you?
The car, is it you who left the car inside the tunnel?
So it's still not fixed yet?
Kozukata Police Station.
It's going to take a little while.
What? What's the matter?
Excuse me, actually I'm looking for this guy.
Who? Your boyfriend?
It's my brother.
Oh. So?
He was supposed to be here around a week ago.
Oh really. But I don't know.
This is a small village,
everyone knows when an outsider comes in.
But I can't contact him.
And this has never happened before.
But it's just one week?!
Maybe he went for a trip with his friends or something.
You guys look like a couple.
Ok, it's almost time now.
There's going to be a Kakashi festival, right?
No, it is much more important than that.
Like the village's birthday?
When is the date of the festival?
Tomorrow night.
Excuse me. Sorry to bother you again.
It's OK.
Good morning.
Oh, good morning.
Your car is fixed already.
Oh, thank you very much.
Excuse me, do you know where Sally is?
Excuse me!
No! Stop!
Wait! What is it?
He's my father!
The letters...
Look at these letters!
I know he's been here!
What happened to him? You should know!
Get out of this village!
I'll handle it here, get out!
What are you doing? Move! Fast!
Brother! Are you here?
October 4,
"Kaoru introduced her brother to me.
He seems very kind.
I asked things about him from Kaoru.
I'm starting to fantasize.
I cannot sleep.
Is this a dream? Or a fantasy?
Or is this love?
But Kaoru didn't tell him.
Kaoru didn't say anything.
Always digressing.
My letter to Tsuyoshi.
Kaoru didn't give it to him.
I'm depressed. I cannot bear.
Kaoru's always in the way.
I hate Kaoru.
I curse Kaoru.
I curse you.
Kaoru Kaoru Kaoru Kaoru..."
You are always like that.
But I'm OK.
I'll become myself tonight.
That's enough.
Give me back my brother!
You are jealous of me.
I was always worried
whether I could take Tsuyoshi from you.
You can't take him back anymore.
What happened?
No! No!
What happened?! What happened?!
You saw her??!
Brother! Give me back brother!
No, no! What are you doing?
Tsuyoshi, didn't you come here to find him?!
You want to see him, right?!
My wife and I could not accept my daughter's death.
We believed that if we came back to this place,
we can restart our family once again.
My daughter can be revived.
But something begins to go wrong.
Well, let's go.
What on earth is this village?
We co-exist with death here.
Co-exist with death?
Here they revive the souls
of the dead to Kakashi's.
But when I came back here several years later,
the power of the Kakashi is surpass.
What about lzumi?
Her case is different from others.
Izumi did not die peacefully..
That you should know very well.
Her thoughts remained in this world,
and they are much stronger and deeper than we expected.
The sound!
We could not hear this sound before.
Izumi's presence
empowered the evil in this village.
Anyway, you don't have enough time.
You came...
Let's go! Let's go back together.
I can't go.
What are you talking about?
Wake up! Brother!
No, I don't think I can..
I can't go. I don't want to go.
What did you do to him?
Hey, hey!
No, nothing.
You are lying!
You're the one who's done something.
you're gonna be OK by yourself, right?
What are you talking about?
I am exhausted.
What's this?
I'm sorry.
I don't feel well being with you.
Please don't say such a thing.
I have to go to lzumi's place.
Brother, wait! Brother! Wake up! Brother!
Are you OK?
I can walk now.
For me, I still have my child here.
Doctor! Help! Ayumi is...
What happened?
I...l never expect this to happen.
I never meant to slap her so hard.
Ok, please come in. Quick!
Let's go.
Are we going home?
Yes, but I have somewhere to go before that.
Wait here. I'll be back in a second.
Let's escape together. Please...
I know.
I can't, l...
"Just leave!"
It's time to go now.
Ayumi! Ahumi!
Brother, get on!
Close the door! will be back soon.
Why!? The Kakashi is still...
What the...?
What should we do?
Izumi, lzumi
This way!
What happened here?!
Brother! Don't go.
Tusyoshi, did you forget me already?
Tsuyoshi...come this way
Brother, no! That's not lzumi.
The real lzumi is somewhere else!
Is this a dream, or a fantasy?
Calm down! This way!
We're almost there!
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
We're almost there!
What are you doing!?
What are you doing?!
Kaoru! No! That's not your brother!
Go. You just go.
I don't have any place to go back anymore...
I'll be OK.
This is fine with me..
Kaoru! Kaoru!! Kaoru!!!
Brother! Brother, wait,
I'm coming now, brother.
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