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Kal Ho Naa Ho CD1

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New York... one of the biggest cities in the world
Business capital of the world.
Every breath of the city... every heartbeat is filled with speed
People are always in a hurry here...
in a hurry to leave home... in a hurry to reach the office...
always in a hurry to be a step or two ahead of life
There is no place for anyone who can't cope here
Miles away from India, this city is infested with Indians
In fact they say every fourth face in New York is an Indian
One more thing...
Oh... by the way that's mel
This city taught me to be independent...
it taught me to fulfill my responsibilities...
taught me to face life...
...but it couldn't teach me to love...
where was the time?
Whenever I watched the city from far...
I felt Papa was closer
Whenever I missed him, I came here
I am Naina Catherine Kapur and this is my story
I understand Mr. Shah,
but try and understand my problem
I must have the loan extension, please.
I know the restaurant is centrally situated.
But there's competition around, Mr. Shah...
My mother, Jennifer. After Papa passed away...
the entire responsibility of the family fell on her
But she never allowed us to ever feel the burden of her sorrows
Thank you... l. - I'm home.
Where were you?
Central Park
Central Park? Why?
To meet someone. - Who?
To meet my boyfriend...
Bill... bills... bills Private & confidential.
That's mine.
What is this? It's Sweetu's mail again
When will the mailman understand that we are Kapur with a 'U'...
and they are Kapoor with an 'O'? He always...
Were you crying?
No... you were crying...
No mom.
My mother and I... We lied to each other everyday
Kunwari kudi
Kunwari kudi marriage bureau, what's this?
Why don't you ask your grandmother?
It must some new plan to find you a groom
But I don't want to get married... Why doesn't Dadi leave me alone?
Why doesn't she just leave?
Mom! Where's she?
It's going to be eight...
Hi Guys, 10 seconds to go.
8 seconds to go.
4,3,2,1... bang.
My grandmother Lajjo... She had three dreams
One that New York becomes a part of Punjab
Two, that I marry a Sardar and three... that my mother dies
Saraswatiji, Lata, Asha and Usha have served you with their music for years
But from today Kammo, Vimmo and I, Lajjo...
Hello! Will serve you.
So without delay further we are going to present you a song
The words are 'Pritam come hither... '
The song is specially requested by our neighbour, Chaddaji from Queens...
That's very kind of you
Kammo... Vimmo...
Go Lajjo...
Go Lajjo...
"Pritam, come hither..."
"Pritam, come hither..."
"My sad heart calls out to you..."
"Pritam, come hither... Come hither... Come hither..."
Dadi! Stop it.
Oh God! Interrupted our prayers?
Insulted the goddess?
Don't you have any shame?
Don't you have any shame?
Singing 'Come hither' 'Come hither' to Chaddaji?
Who's singing it to Chaddaji? We are singing 'Pritam, come hither'
What is his first name? - Pritam...
And what is this?
What? - This.
Wow! Pictures from Kunwari Kudi!
All three of them are so goodlooking
Three? They look like the same guy
No, no my child... they are different
Now what is that Kunwari kudi ad?
"Hey girl, Hey Girl, hey Girl... choose your groom and be free"
"Choose one, two or three"
Dadi, I am not interested in marrying anyone... one two or three
If you don't marry, my child, how will you have children?
I can have my children. There's no need to marry
My brother Shiv, a handicap.
He couldn't play basketball like the other boys...
but he could be quite irritating like the other boys
Shiv, put off the T.V.
Whenever I see, it's always basketball!
Just because I can't play doesn't mean I can't see...
Don't get cute with me. All right. Hurry up.
Gia, help your brother.
Didi, did you see my new dolls? - Gia!
This is Mama, this is you...
this is bhaiyya, this is me and...
Oh, so you are awake...!
Looking so good... like Hari Putter...
Harry Potter, dadi...
Ya ya... whatever... Hari, Harry...
Good morning, dadi. - Ya Ya...
What's your schedule today?
Dadi's love for Shiv was only matched by her hatred for Gia
Gia was adopted and probably that's why Dadi did not consider her, our own
And Gia... She always kept the Dadi doll away from her perfect family
Distance was not just between the two in the family...
Guru Nanak and Jesus had their own battle in the house
It's so cold! Is the heater on?
You are always on, aren't you?
What? - Nothing!
Will it? - Shut up.
Bet? - Don't irritate me.
Chicken is just 1 dollar.
What's for breakfast? - Fruit and cereal
What? - Cereal...
Has it started? The serial Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki...?
Not the TV serial... the cereal we eat
So what's new? That we eat everyday
Poor daughter-in-law... she doesn't know how to make Indian food
Our dear daughter-in-law, Jenny
Do you know, Naina?
I saw a lovely dream last night
In the dream, I was eating hot aloo parathas...
with lots of white butter Oh... how I missed Chandigarh!
If you miss Chandigarh so much then you must go away there
What do you think Naina?
I'm going nowhere. If I leave, what will happen to these children?
I'm very concerned about them
And I'm concerned only about them
Yes of course... why would you be concerned about me?
Who am I to you? If only my son was alive today...
Only if he was alive...
Stop it. Just stop it.
Here's your dollar. You won. As usual, are you happy now?
And both of you... just forget it.
My morning began this same way everyday
Mama and Dadi's fight, followed by my angry walkout...
and then listening to my stupid neighbour, Sweetu's stupid chatter
Oh Hi! - One minute.
Okay, make that 2 glaced doughnuts, 2 blue berry muffins.
2 chocolate frappechinos.
And what will you have?
Sweetu. Full name, Jasprit Kapoor... Kapoor with two 'o's.
My neighbour... & unfortunately best friend.
She has two problems. The weight that she never loses...
and the fact that she never feels sad about it
Tell, Na... - One double expresso please.
Here's your letter. It came again to our house
Your name had to be J. Kapoor...
Oh wow Naina! Blind date application. - What application?
It's a very cool service... it's very popular in New York
Just fill in a form describing the guy of your choice...
write something about yourself...
they match the details and bingo, you get the guy...!
Wow! And what have you written about yourself?
See Naina, I have written what's the truth... what is... is
What did you write?
That from far, I look like Aishwarya Rai...
And up close, like Aishwarya Rai's house
Oh my god! - Just look at me...
Oh my god! Just look at him
Look at me. I'm out of control. - He's so cute.
Sweetu, look at me... - I see you everyday...
He's so cute... - Shut up... shut up.
Boys, boys boys... That's all you are interested in
What will happen?
You will get the boy you want...
you will get married, you will have his children and then...
he will leave all of you and go away
What will you do then? What will you do?
I will marry again... What else?
Forget it. Just...
Naina, what Didi says is right...
Babes! You need help.
You & your Didi!
Bloody... Eating all our business!
Jazz... Full name Jaswinder Kapoor
Sweetu's elder sister and unfortunately...
Mama's best friend and restaurant partner
She had problems too
Youth, that she is desperately holding on to...
and age that she refuses to accept
Oh customers!
3 coffees please. - Coming up.
Thanks... mummy.
Look, I said I'm sorry Jenny.
It's okay. - It's not okay.
With great difficulty, we have four or five customers coming in
Thanks to you, if they run away, what are we going to do?
Listen to me. - No, you listen to me.
You know very well that if we don't return the loan from the bank...
on time we will have to leave this place
Then, what are we going to do. I mean what...
Oh god! This rain. I hate this rain.
Opps! Sorry. That's my friend. I forgot to mention about him
Meet Rohit Patel.
Son of Karsanbhai & Sarlabhen Patel.
Karsanbhai was one of the richest Gujaratis in America
His food chain was quite popular in the whole country
Name: Dial a Dhokla
Rohit lived alone in New York
As for work, in the last three years he had made no progress
Hi guys. Have fun.
Yes, Thank you. - Good.
Okay. So, if I can get this file with this...
Ah Julia!
Dinner at 8?
Dinner at 8... 8... Dinner
Dinner at 8 - Yeah.
All right. I'm going to pick you up at 7.30.
Poor Rohit... he wasn't as cool as he thought he was
He never stopped trying.
Hey Gorgeous! - Are you talking to me?
Who else? You think I was talking to this rhino here?
My name is Rohit
Don't bother. I'm married - So what?
So what if you are married... him
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. - Put him down.
I don't even like her. - Put him down.
Bye, take care.
So that's Rohit Patel.
How do I know him? For the last one year...
I have been studying with him in the evening MBA classes
Sorry, I'm late. - Walk.
What happened? - Nothing I was coming down in the lift and...
I understood... What's the girl's name?
I don't know. - Husband hit you or boyfriend?
Husband... - What was his name?
Hari Prasad Chaurasia... How do I know? Husband's name...
Oh Rohit... I'm feeling so bad... - It's ok...
...that he didn't hit you more... - Thanks.
How was your weekend?
Fantastic! I went to London and Paris...
It shows. Anyway my weekend was rocking
Laila and I. In the same room... on the same bed... all weekend
You know what I mean. - Oh please.
Oh... Ah Laila, stop it. Not there.
Stop it. No. Stop it.
Listen. Will you
Laila, no...
Thank God you are not like the other girls in New York
You are neither sexy, nor beautiful and you always have time for me
I like you. - Thanks Rohit.
Thanks Rohit... if it wasn't for you, I would have died
Gita Patekar, New entry.
Today is her first day. Divorcee, for God's sake leave her alone
Hi! - Hi!
Please sit - where?
I'd say in my heart... but for now... right here behind me.
Please don't, okay.
I wonder what Rohit wrote in his black diary...
I never asked him about it...
He is mad
When I met him the first time, I didn't like him at all
But today, he's my friend... a very close friend
Basically, he's a nice guy and this I can vouch for... you know why?
Because that night he did not cancel his date
To you.
Rohit Patel, I forget about all my household problems when I meet him.
Are you all right, my son? Hope you are not hurt... - Sorry, dadi.
What sorry? Can't you see? What if my Shiv had got hurt?
What are you doing? She's just a child...
Child? You have spoilt her
It's her duty to take care of her brother
And yours, to forgive... not to raise your hand
I haven't been able to forgive you... so who's she?
Forgive me? What have I done? - Forget it...
No no... please say... what wrong have I done?
Listen... Just keep quiet...
The same comment everyday! Please blurt it out today
Don't make me open my mouth
Why are you scared? Please say...
It's because of you that my son...
Dadi... Enough!
The fact that was known all these years but never spoken about...
was mentioned today
Papa's death was not incidental
He had taken his own life... he commited suicide
The truth is always bitter.
No one knows the truth. Not even you
Stop it Gia... stop it... Don't cry now...
She hates me. - No darling, she doesn't hates you.
She hates you.
Don't say that...
she's angry now... everything will be alright
When will everything be alright, Mama?
Do you know, when I was young...
I used to cry over little things. My mother used to tell me...
that Jesus sends his angel to all of us to wipe our tears
Angel? - Angel darling, Angel!
Our angel will come... he will wipe our tears
He will give us lots of happiness...
and will leave our sorrow somewhere far away
When will our angel come?
Let's do one thing
Today, in our prayers let's ask Jesus for our angel... OK?
Dear god, if you're listening.
Please bring some light into these dark times... A little light...
And suddenly the season changed...
no one knows how, but moving aside the gloomy clouds...
the sun smiled on all of us
Come on, he's open... He's open. Come on.
What are you doing guys?
Want to come & teach me, you shit.
If I could play, I'd surely have played
Hello boy, Hello girl, Hello doll.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
No, I'm sorry. I'm Aman... Hello.
Mama has said not to talk to... str... str... stranglers...
Not stranglers, silly... Strangers
But I'm not a stranger. I live in that opposite house
Wrong. That stupid Chadda uncle lives there
I know... That's my uncle
You made a Boo boo.
Yes, he made a boo boo. It's okay.
I know he's a little stupid...
and I have also heard that he has something on with a silly old hag here
That's our grandmother
Oops! I made a - Boo Boo
I'm sorry.
By the way, what's your grandmother's name?
Grandmother! - What a nice name!
Listen to us poor... and God will hear your prayers
Oh wow! What's this? Beggars in New York?
Those are not beggars... That's our grandmother!
Oh! I'm sorry for you. I'll do something about it
Best of luck.
"Listen to us poor... and God will hear your prayers"
"You give us a dollar and He will give you ten lakhs"
Grandma! Grandma!
Oh Lajjoji... He has heard our prayers!
Who? - He...
Grandma! Oh Grandma...
Jennifer Lopez!
Spice Girls... here... here...
What's the matter? We were praying to Goddess Saraswati!
You were not praying to Saraswati... you were torturing her!
Now... Saraswati can't come here
herself so on her behalf I beg you...
Please don't sing!
What do you mean 'what'?
Just look at them... these young children who are playing here...
it will have such a bad effect on them
They will lose faith in music!
And who are you to say all these things to us?
I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself...
I'm Aman Mathur, your new neighbour...
and Chaddaji's nephew
Chadda's nephew?
Lajjoji... Don't mind. My nephew is a bit mischevious!
Hmmm... Chadda and Lajjo's love story...
doesn't care about age and blooms in glory...
She's quite sexy!
Chadda! - Lajjo.
Lajjoji... don't shout so much at this age
If you do, it's straight...
If you guys are so fond of singing, I will come and teach you
Tell me... When do I play you guys...?
Chadda! He doesn't even know how to speak
What's happening here? What's this noise so early in the morning!
He comes to our locality and stops us from singing?
We were singing so well and he says we don't know how to sing...
He must be that Chadda's relative... - Let's speak to him...
"I saw someone moments ago..."
"who is that girl?"
"The more I look at her..."
"the more I wonder..."
"what may I say to her?"
Hit it.
"I saw someone moments ago..."
"who is that girl?"
"Is she a bud...? Is she a ray...?"
"Or is she part of a legend?"
"The more I look at her, the more I wonder..."
"what may I say to her?"
"Pretty Woman..."
"Look... Pretty Woman"
"Say with me... Pretty Woman"
"Ya Pretty Woman!"
"Listen up, girl... you're feeling this way"
"Don't you see the sunshine coming up today?"
"You got to feel it right, just like day after night"
"Don't let the sunshine out of your sight"
"I can feel you..."
"I'm crazy about you. Pretty Woman"
"The colour of gold..."
"the colour of crystal..."
"the sight leaves me breathless... I'm amazed"
"What trait is this...?"
"Why're there so much of pride...?"
"What secret is it...? How will I say it"
"Happy in a moment and angry too..."
"she changes colours every moment"
"But when I look at her, I find her oh so beautiful"
"The more I look at her..." "the more I wonder..."
"what may I say to her?"
"Pretty Woman..."
"Go for it!"
"Her eyes hold an intoxication..."
"Her tresses are ike the clouds..."
"such trait, O lovely one, I had never seen"
"I see this fairy..."
"it brings my heart alive..."
"isn't this a spell being a cast?"
"I know not her name, nor where she lives..."
"but this much I surely know"
"The one she casts a look at will surely go crazy"
"The more I look at her the more I wonder..."
"what may I say to her?"
"Pretty Woman..."
"Look... Pretty Woman"
"Say with me... Pretty Woman"
Sorry... sorry.
Hello! Hi, I'm Aman.
I know. Everyone heard it this morning
I never knew that Chaddasaab had a nephew!
Even I didn't know that my uncle's neighbours are so beautiful! - What?
I was talking about your mother!
Jennifer right!
Jennifer you're very very very beautiful. - Thank you.
Let me say this.
This is shiv, Basket ball champ.
And this is my sweet heart Gia.
And you're... - Not interested.
That shows on your face
Anyway, It's very to nice meet the rest of you.
Nice to meet you too. - Thank you.
Do you know Aman?
I saw so much colour together in our street for the first time today?
I know. It's a boring sort of a street.
But don't worry. Now that I am here...
Just see what happens in future!
You must have come here on important business
No, not at all. Just to get married! - Really!
Jennifer, I want to marry your daughter! - What?
Do you mind? I'm talking to Gia.
Gia, my sweet heart will you marry me?
Yeah... please... - No... no.
Doesn't matter...
Just one thing... is she in a bad mood or was she born this way?
She has always been like this - Don't say like that.
Please don't mind her. - No... no, not at all.
This is a childhood problem.
Anyway, lovely to meet you all.
I will see you guys at about 7 or 8...
7 or 8? - For dinner
At your place... I'm your new neighbour
Obviously you will invite us to show your hospitality... won't you?
Okay... okay... okay.
Actually not 7... at 8... I'm a bit busy...
and after I go she will be angry with you.
...for inviting me to dinner
But don't worry... it's a childhood problem
She won't say any such thing
Where was the need to invite him for dinner?
Yes... What was the need?
One minute weren't you there?
I did not invite him... he invited himself
I tell you Lajjoji... Our Mrs. Sharma was telling me...
Who? - From Kunwari Kudi...
She was saying that
these young goodlooking boys come from India...
and take our girls for a ride...
Ride? For what?
For a card... - Ya... ration card
Oh Shut up. For a Green card... what else?
Lord! Did you hear that?
Lord, please protect us
Oh forget it aunty. It's just one guy...
I can handle an entire army
I'm inviting Sweetu and Rohit for dinner
Rohit? A boy! - Is he single?
He's a boy... he's single and he is Gujarati
Gujarati! - They are vegetarians
Relax dadi.
He's a close friend. Just like Sweetu. - Sweetu?
What? I was getting ready for my blind date!
Blind date? - Oh! A date with a blind boy
No wonder she has blindfolded herself!
Blind date means a date with a boy who has never seen me
And when he sees, he will be blinded with shock
How rude is that?
Anyway Naina, I can't come tonight bye all.
Bye ball make your call.
I'm coming... Wait for me.
Hey Naina. - Hey Rohit.
What's up?
What are you doing? - Nothing... I'm with Gita.
Gita. - Yeah you remember Gita.
Exchange student from our class.
She lives in Soho with two other girls
Two other girls?
You have got a bonus! - Well.
Yes. - You please come home for dinner tonight
What dinner!
Yes... Mom has invited some stupid neighbours for dinner...
so even you come
What time? - 8 o clock...
8 p.m.? Such a short notice for Kunwari Kudi?
Sorry Mrs. Sharma
but the honour of my family now lies in your hands
You have really put me in a tight spot
Sardar! Sardar!
And yes... the boy should be a Sardar, please
Enter this. They want a Sardar boy
Should I go then? - Oh Shut up
All you think of is your marriage sorry,
Please tell me the address...
Where were you? You took so much time
Go and ask supermarket.
Naina's come home...
Let me help, close the door darling.
Not so much... it's too much...
I said I'd do it, Jenny...
Thank you. - What's the need...?
What have I done? I'm just impressing my mother-in-law
What do you say?
You're very sweet. - You're also very sweet.
I know her
I forgot to tell you... Rohit had called
He said he would be 15 to 20 minutes late
Sweet boy. Boy friend. - Friend!
Mom... I need to speak to you privately
Gia... Go out!
Now what is it?
Mom. - What are you doing Naina?
This Aman... - Aman's mother...
Hello aunty! - Hello. - Hello uncle.
Can't see Lajjoji anywhere
Yes... sometimes we are lucky
So funny.
Is it our house or theirs? - Mine
See I've got a new T. Shirt.
Wow! Who gave it? - Aman!
Mr. Mathur - Yeah darling.
Don't call me darling.
Then call me Aman.
Is something less? - Salt!
Even you have the same problem
Why are you following me?
Don't you have anything to do?
The restaurant accounts are so bad...
How's it so bad?
How dare you, it's my private affair.
Let me look.
I'm sorry my son is really mad.
I'm really sorry child. - It's okay.
What is this?
When will you change your childhood habits?
One slap... in the childhood should have helped
Tell me.
Lajjoji... this pink really suits you
Your blue is not so bad either!
Mr. Blue... Ms. Pink... the dinner is ready
I can see that...
Indian Food! I'm sure Jenny hasn't made it
Aman helped a lot!
Congratulations on getting a new servant!
Congratulations on getting a new son-in-law!
Keep the change.
Your father must be a waiter! Waiter, where's the party?
Excuse me, I'm looking for No.29 - 27.
Oh my darling son...
you must eat all the Indian food that's cooked today...
you have become white eating that silly bread everyday
Have rice.
He looks so good my son. Just like Rakesh Roshan
Hrithik Roshan, stop it dadi.
Stop it sister... stop it.
I'm seeing it for the first time in New York...
had seen it once in Bombay... - What?
BEST bus. There comes your blind date I'll get it.
It's Rohit... - I'll get it...
Dadi... - I said I'll get it
O hello. - Hello!
Yes... me
Have you come from the bureau? - Yes
But I asked for a Sardar on the phone
And I'd said 'young' on the form
It's not me... lt's my granddaughter
Sweetu... he is here
Oh! You call her Sweetu at home?
Come on...
No no... My name's Guru - Come... my son
Mrs Kapoor... - Miss Kapoor.
"Come into my arms..."
Music. - "come into my arms..."
You look like you are Sweetu's sister
I am Sweetu's sister, silly boy. - What?
What's the matter? Our guest is our God... Just sit down
You naughty, you never told us that Rohit is so handsome
You are Rohit.
Who did you call Rohit? Who's Rohit?
What is this Rohit business...? His name is...
Guru Guru Guru... C'mon, get started
Who is Guru? - You 'Guru'...
Forget it... Tell me where do you live...?
I live in Jackson heights First I had my den in Mumbai...
I left Mumbai and took an entry into US... What say?
Absolutely fit bhai! Wanna have chicken? Naina's made it.
Who's Naina? - That one... Specsy
Who else lives in your house? - Where? - Home?
At home... there's mummy, I and Master...
You mean your father...? - Master is a dog!
Never say such things about your father!
Long nose.
What do you do?
Video Pirate! - Pilot?
Piracy... Long live video piracy
You mean crime... theft
E... Specsy... Don't call me a thief... Who did you call a thief?
Don't you get scared, my son?
What's to get scared? Big brothers... they handle everything
Brothers? How many brothers do you have?
Brothers... Four but one has been sent up there
Up there? You mean even he's a pilot?
Up there meaning... - Oh! I'm so sorry... How sad! - It is okay.
What happened?
Mummy, Papa... live in Connecticut ...- Connecticut.
...and I'm alone in Manhattan... - Manhattan.
You speak too much
Just look into my eyes... what do you see?
The bathroom is over there. - Where?
There! - It is okay.
It's okay... Everything will be alright...
The mother's slightly mad but everything will be alright
Why are you guys shouting?
E... Mummy...
You old hag! I'm running out of here...
This doesn't work for me. And this specsy...
She's like cactus... thorny... What Sweetu is she man?
You are Sweetu? - Who are you?
You are mine!
Look, I have come to the wrong house...
I came to meet Naina... I will take leave... - Please
Please don't go... I'm going...
if you need any DVDs or video tapes You must come to my shop...
You'll come, won't you? - Yes!
Please don't go... Please...
Let me go... For God's sake, let me go!
You! - Are you alright?
Are you alright... I'm fine
Those guys are lunatics!
I will call you later. - I will also call you later.
Run... run...
We don't want to go there.
You are laughing? I don't believe this.
Normal people find such situations funny
Are you trying to say I'm not normal?
If you are normal... then I'm Sridevi
Well. According to me. You are not normal
Since morning, you have been behaving like you have known us for years
Not years, darling... For eons
In fact, I feel our bond is from several past lifetimes
Listen... You are our neighbor so please behave like one
Open the door... May I please borrow half a cup of milk?
What are you doing?
Didn't you just say that I should behave like a neighbour?
So may I have half a cup of milk?
So funny.
See... please take this happy-go-lucky nature...
and knock on someone else's door
And we're genuinely not interested.
What happened? - What's your problem?
Problem? - Yes... why do you feel... that the entire weight of the world
is on your delicate shoulders?
Who are you?
What's the point of praying to God...
when you don't know how to value the life he has given?
What do you know about my life anyway?
Not much, but enough to say...
that in your eyes perhaps you don't have much
But look at your life through someone else's eyes...
and you'll know you have a lot! - Now I have to hear a lecture
Listen... Live... be happy... Smile... Who knows?
Tomorrow may not be...
What a thought.
Tomorrow may not be... Oh, It is too good.
Anyway, I will teach you to smile
It is a simple 3 parts process.
Try... - Don't touch me.
God... the poor thing has forgotten how to smile
Just keep practicing and it will come back
Your problem is that you think...
I know! I am very sexy.
But you are not my type For now, just practise
Forget it. I am sorry.
I kept thinking the whole night... was that idiotic Aman right?
Had I really forgotten to smile?
Of course she smile The last time she smiled when... Uh
Now she will smile only during her wedding!
Uh... uh...
Whenever she was with her father, she smiled...
Uh... uh...
When the big brother threatens her... that's when she will smile
What a beautiful smile!
Whose? - Priya... Who else?
The photograph was taken at the wedding...
where did you find it?
It was lying in this file
I spoke to Priya this morning
She said you are meeting her today?
I was just leaving to go there...
Should I come with you? - What will you do there?
In any case, I want to speak to Priya in private...
Aren't you scared? - I'm not scared
You keep worrying unnecessarily. There's nothing to worry
Everything will be alright...
everything will be alright...
Nothing will be alright...
till you lose weight you are going to get no boy
But I'm trying Naina... - I can see that
Wow! He is so cute, Naina.
He looks cute to you? - You don't find any guy cute!
That is not true. - I can't hear anything...
You were listening to our conversation?
I wasn't listening... I was trying to listen
If you speak so softly how do you expect me to listen?
Excuse me, move... move...
We didn't meet that day...
I'm Ms. Square's new neighbour ...Aman
I'm Ms. Square's old neighbour, Sweetu
Shut up. We were talking. - Now we are talking
Look Sweetu... Any guy who looks at your figure and loves you...
...will be blind! ...will be wrong. Ignore her.
He should look into your heart deeply... - You're right.
I am always right.
Tell me something... ls there a guy here whom you like?
That one.
His name is Ramdayal? You know him?
No... but he looks the Ramdayal type
Yeah. Calling me? - I am talking to you, Ramdayal.
Name's Frankie
Frankie Ramdayal
This girlfriend of mine wants to leave me for you...
she says you are cool, sexy...
she says your hairstyle is wow!
What do I do Sweetu, If I've not seen 'Dil Chahta Hai'?
So what if I don't know much about hairstyles?
Are you going to leave me for this... this shriveled mango?
What? - Sorry, Ramdayal.
How would you feel if I left you for this... specsy?
You are a lucky dog, Ramdayal.
Go Sweetu... Go live your life...
be happy... be prosperous... be happy with Ramu...
Is he coming?
Come on... come on...
Hi! Franky here. - Hi! I'm Jaspreet.
Jas... what?
Sweetu. - Sweetu, sweet name.
I DJ at Club Nirvana. Tonight's the retro night
Why don't you guys come along? And get your mummy along
You take care, man. Everything will be alright
How did you like my performance?
You are jealous because now Sweetu has a boyfriend...
and you don't, Mummy! - I do... I have a boyfriend!
You do? - You do? Who's he?
But you said Rohit was just a friend
I said that because I don't talk about my personal life to everyone
But you should have told me
Oh! Sweetu, don't mind. We'll go to the disco... and there
you won't have Ms. Square, Mummy!
Of course Rohit and I will come!
Of course we won't go!
But why? - I said no!
Gita is coming home for dinner
You can do all this but you can't come for dinner with me?
Naina, try to understand.
Gita says she likes me... - Why won't she say that?
After all she's found a father for her kids...
Liar! - So she's a liar... and you?
I spoke lies because that stupid Aman irritates me a lot
He just met you yesterday... How can he irritate you so much?
Do you know what he was saying? - What?
You won't believe it.
That I don't laugh... I don't know how to smile...
that I don't have a life... That I don't know how to live...
Naina... all that is true
I know, But why should I hear it from him?
2 cream bagels... - Low fat.
I want to show him that even I can have a boyfriend...
who's cool, handsome and sexy... - What did you say?
How much? - 3 dollars.
Before that... - Before what?
Before how much? - Just a second lady. - Oh that...
That you are handsome, cool and sexy...
You mean that? Do you really think I'm sexy?
You are right! Just for that stupid Aman we don't have to...
No... No... Let's do it. - Let's do what?
Me boy friend. You girl friend.
What about Gita? - Who's Gita?
So we'll meet this evening at Nirvana
Yeah! What do you guys say? - Having fun.
Sweetu! - I'm going to the DJ cabin. You want to come here?
Yeah sure.
Aman, he called me Babe. I love you Aman.
Now, go & love him.
By the way, where did you two meet?
In the park... - Park?
In the park?
But I thought you two studied together in the MBA classes?
So what? Can't we meet in the park?
Of course you can meet... but what were you doing in the park?
Very good question.
I had taken my doggy for a walk...
and she had taken her doggy for a walk...
That's strange.
But Naina doesn't have a doggy
Yes. - No.
I had taken my neighbour's doggy for a walk
That's stranger.
I'm your neighbour. And I don't have a doggy
Naina, you silly silly girl you're forgetting. took my doggy for a walk that day...
Rohit, you silly silly boy.
If she took your doggy for a walk
Then whose doggy did you take for a walk?
I have two doggies
In fact, I have a lot of doggies in my house
In fact, at times even I look like a doggie
And then we met at a friend's house
What's your friend's name?
Gita! - Gita?
That same Gita with two filthy children
Hello Gita, hi.
Rohit... what are you doing here?
Didn't you say that you were going out with your family? - Yes, yes.
Meet my mummy and papa.
He's a funny man.
Gita, my child!
I just got to know that their
love story was born in your house - My house?
Oh, I'm sorry. Aren't you the same Gita who has two filthy children?
Filthy children?
How dare you? - Are you mad? Little Angel.
You didn't even tell me you had a girl friend.
I didn't know it myself...
She's not my girl friend.
Rohit, I'm confused... what's going on?
Ask her!
Naina... What's going on? I'm very confused ya.
You just shut up.
You knew all along that
Rohit and I are not boyfriend-girlfriend
Then why did you act? - Was I acting or were you? - It's you.
It's all because of you...
Didn't you say 'laugh, sing, smile...?
I didn't say he he he... I said EEEEEEEEEEE
Oh, please just keep quiet.
What do you think?
Coming here, dancing, singing and drinking... means living life?
Well... anyone can do it But I don't want to do it...
That's because you can't do it. You're a bloody bore.
You're a cute boy.
Tell me about Gita, she's very hot ah? - She's very hot man.
She has two children. - Hey, you mad...
Nice, come on.
Yeah, come on, go ahead.
Come on...
Hey you nude... get down...
Hey babie, I'm talking to you. Come on get down...
Get down you scum...
Hey, stop this music.
She's taking her clothes off, man...
That doesn't matter. Everyone here is nude anyway
Come on, Naina...
"Mine is a crazy heart..."
"what has it to fear...?"
"When I sway to the beat..."
"what have I to feel shy or hesitate about?"
"Let's dance, let's sing..."
"let's say together..."
"it's the time to disco"
"There's no saying whom you might find"
"Mine is a crazy heart..."
"what has it to fear...?"
"When I sway to the beat..."
"what have I to feel shy or hesitate about?"
"Let's dance, let's sing..."
"and let's say together..."
"it's the time to disco"
"Whom might you come up against...?"
"Bodies gyrate to the pulsating beat..."
"hearts being carried away in the storm..."
"that's our state... we're drowned in merriment"
"Lose yourself, make merry..."
"say to the one who provokes you..."
"it's the time to disco"
"Say it to everyone you meet..."
"it's the time to disco"
"This colourful evening, dancing to the spirits..."
"there's intoxication in the air"
"What has sobriety to do...?"
"It's all about young hearts"
"This is the way to be..."
"and say it openly..."
"it's the time to disco"
"Try and get the word..."
"it's the time to disco"
"Mine is a crazy heart..."
"what has it to fear...?"
"When I sway to the beat..."
"what have I to feel shy or hesitate about?"
"Let's dance, let's sing..."
"and let's say together..."
"it's the time to disco"
"Whom might you come up against...?"
"It's the time to disco"
Listen, I'm telling you. - What?
I think she's drunk. - Rohit, one minute.
Naina fell down.
Rohit. He too.
Okay, then.
Leave me...
Hey, you Mohamed Ali.
Naina, What's going on here? - How dare he? Let's leave...
Who are you?
I'm Aman and you are Naina
And he is Mohammed Ali- Yeah.
Shut up. I'm going
What's going on?
Why? Didn't you say laugh, smile... Live for today
And now when I'm enjoying, you say let's go home...
You are so confused.
Hey, even I'm confused. Is he Mohammed Ali?
Shut up. I'm going
Now, listen. - No... leave me... leave me...
Hey, listen... - Leave me... - Shut up.
If you scream, I'll slap you across your face!
Why are you shouting? - I'm not shouting
Excuse me. - Shut up.
Now you two... hold hands and start walking
Idiot. Not each others. Hold my hand... Now come on
It's the time to disco.
Hey, please both of you shut up. - Okay. And you...
What is it? Can I say something? - Say...
It feels like we are all going to school
Wow, Ya... Papa used to hold my hands like this and take me to school
What happened to you? - I miss Papa...
I'm sorry... when did he die?
He's alive... can't I miss him?
Of course you can... I miss my Papa very much...
I don't know why he had to leave us and go away
I miss him.
Yeah, - Thank you sir.
You don't look nice when you cry
You look nice when you are angry
Whenever you miss your father,
think about me... you'll get angry
Hey, I really like you. I like you Naina
My day is not complete till I have met you
You are so cute.
Hey, I'm not cute, okay. I'm Mohammed Ali.
No, you are cute...
Good mornign, Laila... - Good morning, Rohit.
You have learnt to speak?
Ya... I... what?
What do you mean speak?
Last night the two of you had gone berserk...
I came to drop you. Got late, so I stayed back
No problem. - Okay, can I've some water please?
Please get it yourself.
Oh... last night...
Good morning Kanthaben.
The newspaper and breakfast are ready
What should I get for the guest?
Rohit... won't you introduce us?
This is... - Aman!
And this is... - Kantaben...
Kantaben, how are you? Ok?
Anything else?
Nothing else
So you didn't meet Naina in the park...? - Park.
No... we met in the MBA classes
You know, when I met her the first time I didn't like her at all
But now... - I know...
Isn't it strange? You guys are so close to each other...
you spend so much time together...
You even take your dogs for walks together
Do you want more? I mean do you want more?
No no yeah, no more more?
With Naina... I'm happy with just friendship No... no.
Not Naina... I was talking about the milk
Do you want more? - Oh yeah, little please.
Anyway Thank you, bye, - see you Aman.
Oh sorry.
I forgot to tell you
I didn't know much about Naina,
but now I know everything!
Thanks to your diary!
You read my diary? - Not all of it...
only till the part where you have
Written that you wear red underwear
Red underwear... - Aman, that's not cool.
You can't read my diary.
Hi - Hi.
How did you like the service?
I liked it... Specially...
I'll come every Sunday...
Coming father, coming. - Okay I see you bye! - Bye.
You? - You? What are you doing here?
Wherever I go you follow me...
I beg you please leave me alone
You know. - Have you come again? Please go away go.
I was joking, come on.
I want to say something to you
I don't want to listen to anything
You shouldn't say 'no' in God's house
I... - Shut up.
Last night, for the first time I felt...
that you are like all other girls
But for some reason, you want to hide the girl in you
And one more thing. Wherever he is,
your Papa is looking at you...
your anger... your sorrow... he's watching everything
And perhaps he's crying with you too
Now you can't wipe his tears from here...
but you can stop them by smiling and laughing
With your dimple oops wrong side... this side.
Come on, come on.
And Naina, please leave my hand...
what will people say?
May I sweet heart?
Aman Mathur's magic was spreading in all the directions...
whether they liked it or not,
Everyone was being swept off their feet
On Aman's insistence Dadi, Kammo and Vimmo had given up their music...
and had embraced a new passion to...
...Kill us... Allah... Kill us...
Excellent, what a performance!
And while this was the situation upstairs...
downstairs was a cookery special...
Half a spoon...
No... Full spoon...
Half... - Full...
What are you...?
Aman could do anything... anything
Gia's perfect family had a new entry
I love you.
And as for me...
I was laughing... I had learnt to smile
It was scary
So much happiness...
what if sorrow was just round the corner?
What happened?
Why are you sitting quiet? Has someone died?
Shut up Aman.
I need some more time
No... you can't get time
The restaurant is going to shut... You have to order now
I'm not talking about the restaurant...
It's not the time to joke
It's a serious problem.
I had told you before you came to new York...
What do you mean? Are you saying I shouldn't have come?
When did I say that?
Isn't that what you are saying?
You don't understand.
I need time... Yours and mine
I understand Priya
I came to New York just for you... because of you
Now whatever you say I will do
And as for time... all my time is yours
Two months... We have to leave this place in two months
If you don't mind.
Can I do something? - God Almighty!
Such bad days that we have to seek help from a Gujarati?
Wonder who's evil eye has fallen on us...
Must be yours
And when did you ever help me that you are feeling bad today?
Mom please. Now the two of you please don't start
This is a serious problem. - With a simple solution.
Shut up Aman. It's our family problem
That's why I'm saying
But we aren't... - Shut up specsy.
Jenny, this restaurant of yours doesn't run... it shouldn't
Why should it?
Just tell me what is available in this restaurant...
that isn't available anywhere else on this street? Zero.
Come here...
Why does that Chinese restaurant do so well?
Indian-Chinese Brother Brother...
Bye Bye Bloody fools
The bloody fools' restaurant works...
because they have got their culture
and their country to this place...
Did I say wrong? - Not at all!
We should do the same
We have a great advantage which we must make use of being Indians.
We must get India to New York.
Yes, including, Gujarat. - Yes I'm with you.
Right on.
We have to get India here... bring it to this small street...
spread it in all the directions.
I don't believe this nonsense. - I told you to shut up.
Because India can do anything... anywhere... anytime
So who are they? - They are Chinese...
Chinese, Japanese... whatever
But Aman... - No... Jenny... Try...
There's no harm in trying
because those who try never lose... Never!
Come on everybody come on India.
You're with me, come on.
What do you say? - Greetings.
That's the spirit Gujarat yes Jenny, yes sweety.
"Now and forever..."
"speak up in one voice..."
"may victory be ours..." "and defeat be theirs"
"Now and forever..."
"speak up in one voice..."
"may victory be ours..." "and defeat be theirs"
"Let nothing deter you..."
"keep marching on"
"Break the shackles..."
"keep marching on"
"Break the finger that rises against you"
"Close the five of them together..."
"to make a fist"
"May no one ever defeat us..."
"keep marching on"
"May those who clash with us, fall apart..."
"keep marching on"
"We shall shake the earth..."
"we will shake everyone up..."
"be he king or subject..."
"Let what is to be, be..."
"keep marching on"
"Bow not your head..."
"keep marching on"
"May no one win against us..."
"keep marching on"
"May those who clash with us, fall apart..."
"keep marching on"
Excuse me... are you open? - YES!!!
Yes... Why?
Why, what?
God knows where you came from
and suddenly so much around has changed!
I mean you don't even know us...
I just don't understand why?
I did all this for you
I did all this because of you, Naina
Isn't that what you wanted to hear?
No... no...
even I was saying it just like that
Aman- Naina... Naina...
have you seen your mother's eyes?
There's a lot of pain in them
Whatever I have done, it's for those eyes
You know I have a problem
I can't see any mother's sorrow or pain
Because Mothers are strange
When God made them, he gave all things
that were meant to be here... here...
in their hearts... So this is where
they think from, understand and love
And they have another problem too
They listen to others' conversation
and start crying at the smallest things
Mine must be crying right now
What do you mean heee heee? I did so much for you...
at least say Thank You...
Thank you.
What happened, Naina?
I can't see anything!
Oh! Now?
What's going on? The glasses are gone...
you are looking pretty... and now you are laughing...
I mean where's Naina? - Shut up.
Whenever I am with you, I'm happy
How sweet...
Rohit, can I ask you something?
What's to ask? My answer is 'Yes'... - Uh?
Ask... - Has it ever happened to you...
that initially you didn't like someone at all...
and then suddenly you like that someone a little...
and then a lot... and then... then...
You know... Why are you asking me all this?
Just? - Ya, just...
Naina, come on. - I'm going...
No listen. Come on, tell me.
Rohit, I'm going...
At least hear my answer...
"Something has happened..."
"something surely has happened"
Have you fallen in love?
There's no such thing called love.
If there's a marriage it's always... arranged!
Love? The body does not know to love.
It only knows hunger... hunger for lust!
Love... Love is Yash Chopra's songs.
Love... Love is... to chill
Love... l'll just tell you...
"Something has stirred..."
"something surely stirred"
"In the last couple of days, I've felt as if..."
"everything has changed..."
"everything is new"
"Something has stirred..."
"something surely has stirred"
"I keep things somewhere..." "and forget about them"
"Absent-mindedly..." "I hum to myself..."
"when I'm all alone..." "I smile to myself'
"So different now..."
"are my traits"
"Something has stirred..."
"something surely has stirred"
"Ever since I have found my heart melting..."
"my mood has been swell too"
"I meet everyone..." "with a smile nowadays"
"I'm happy..."
"with whatever I've found"
"Something has happened..."
"something surely has happened"
"I find sparkling colours... "in everything I look at"
"My path strewn with stars..." "I now find"
"Roses I now find so much more beautiful"
"As if the air too..."
"were filled with a fragrance"
"Something has happened..."
"something surely has happened"
"I take better care of myself'
"I keep wondering..."how I look"
"Whenever I see mirror..."
"I check out my appearance"
"This face of mine..."
"now breaks into a smile"
"Something has happened..."
"something surely has happened"
"This is a high we both feel."
"It's a wave we both flow with"
"Make what you will... this is love indeed"
"I have found love..."
"and lost my heart"
"Something has happened...
something surely has happened"
Love... when in love everything begins to look beautiful
Every dream seems to come true
All your goals change direction
Even the wind changes its course...
eyes search for colours...
and now even red starts to look nice...
every moment... every time... always...
there's only one name on the lips
Sweetu, Sweetu, Sweetu... Do you love him?
I love Frankie - I love Aman.
Can't you hear?
I love Naina.
Where are you? - I'm here... at home
I'll be there
Priya, I have to go... - Where are you going?
Something important has come up
What can be more important than this?
I'll tell you later, I'm sorry.
Aman... - I love you.
I love him.
Sweety, I love you.
I didn't think this would happen to me
That too Aman
At first, I used get angry with everything he did...
and now, I love those very same things...
I think of him day and night...
and I keep feeling like he is moving with me everywhere I go
You think I have gone mad?
No... You are not mad This is what love is!
Oh my god! I am so excited. You are in love and I'm in love.
But what should I do now?
What do you mean what to do? Go and tell her... that's it!
It's not that easy, Sweetu
I mean, I don't even know about his feelings
Unless you ask her how are you going to know...?
Come on, go and tell her. Be a man.
Yeah Naina, tell him.
Even I'm going to tell Frankie about my love... You do it too
Hello! - Hi Rohit.
Why did you call him? - You should have called her first
Rohit, I want to ask you something...
and tell you something too
Even I want to ask you something
Yeah, tell me. - Not like this...
4 o clock... Water's Edge? - Cool.
Okay, bye, see you then.
Yes... - Yes.
Today I'm going to say what's in my heart
I love you Aman... - I love you too.
Thank you... you're the best.
I love you
I'm so excited. Thank you so much.
Did you hear something? - No... I didn't
Keep the change.
She's here. Start...
Hi - Hi!
Nice place.
Nice dress. - Nice tie.
Okay, stop. - Okay.
I love Aman!!!
You love Aman. You love Aman.
Oh god, you love Aman.
Yes, I knew it...
I just knew that you were hiding something from me
I knew you would be shocked with the news!
I can't tell you how shocked I am!
My god Rohit, I'm really nervous yeah.
You think he loves me?
He has to be insane not to love you
Come on Rohit, let's be serious.
You think I should tell him...?
No. - What?
Go... Please go... of course.
Ok... So I'm going!
When you tell him, please give him these flowers
Oh Rohit, you are so cute. I love you.
Oh thank you... bye.
I love you too.
I'm home.
Hey Aman, It's me.
Hi! - Hi, no thank you. We don't want to buy anything
Just kidding. Come in...
Thank you. No... Not now...
It's good you came. I just made some tea... will you have some?
Oh god, look at your hair.
Once again, Let me wipe you... Come here be quiet for a minute.
Catching a chill...
Yeah much better. Sit down... sit.
Now tell me... will you eat something?
No. - Good. There's nothing at home anyway
New dress.
Thank you. You like it. Just bought it today
I hate it. Why did you buy it?
It's raining outside - I'm sitting in my house
I know
Even I know, Naina that it's raining outside...
I can see it...
Aman... I... I...
...l- What are you stammering for? Go ahead
I am going. - It's okay, I'm sorry.
It's raining outside
Yes, come on, let's start... I...
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