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Kal Ho Naa Ho CD2

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Who's this? - Who?
That's me
I know that... But who's this?
That's Priya. - Priya?
Yes... Priya... my wife!
She is the reason why mother and I have come to New York
I'm so silly. I never told you about it.
I keep talking about everything...
and forget to mention the most important things
Priya and I married three years ago
And after marriage it was the usual husband-wife squabbles
One day, it went out of hand and I said some nasty things to her
You know how I'm... I can be a bit rude.
She got angry... she left home... and came to New York
Her parents live here. My mother and I followed her here
To take our Priya back home
But she's still angry with me
She says she needs more time
But I know everything will be alright
You know how it is? Ins't she so pretty?
Why are you crying?
Oh god, all you women are the same...
Don't worry, everything will be alright
I'm telling you everything will be alright!
Can I go?
Please stay, Priya... - I mean Naina
I'm really sad...
Me too... I'm going
They are not for you
They are for Chadda uncle
If it wasn't for you, we would never have met these nice people
My blessings, my child
Won't you wait?
No aunty... That's it!
Naina... it's raining outside... why don't you take this towel?
Bye Aman... - Bye...
You love her, don't you?
There's no such thing. I don't love Naina...
But when did I say Naina?
I don't love her!
I'm your mother. You can't lie to me
So what do you want me to do? Tell her the truth?
When you can't face the truth after knowing everything...
how will Naina bear it?
What do I do Mom? What do I say?
How do I say that for the first time this heart is beating for someone...
is breathing someone's name...
for the first time this heart has loved someone...
how do I say... Naina the love from this heart is very strong...
but the heart itself is very weak
How do I give her my weak heart, Mom?
How do I tell her...
that the girl in the photograph is not my wife...
that she is my friend... my doctor...
who's fighting day and night just to keep me alive for a few more days?
I'm dying Mom...
That's not true...
That's not true...
Priya said a transplant is possible
After that everything will be alright... Everything...
everything will be... alright...
I'm your son, Mom... You can't lie to me
No... Mom... Please.
If you become weak... who will give me strength? Please mom.
I will hide my tears and pain...
but will you be able to hide your love?
It's not my love anymore. It's someone else's
I just have to reach it to the right destination
That's my only dream now
And He has to fulfill this dream for me
He has to
Priya, I want to ask you something
Tell me the truth
Do I have very little time?
Ah! Aman, you know...
That stupid face... How do you make that face?
I have tried so many times... Is it Doctor's special?
Aman, be serious. - Okay, I'm serious.
What did you tell Naina? - What's to tell Naina?
Actually Naina has a mental problem
She thinks whoever she loves leaves her and goes away
If I leave her too she will go insane
She's half way there anyway
And anyway, you know the effect I have on girls
I'm so sexy, baby.
Except me... of course
Yes... That's because you are taller
It will take time but will definitely have an effect
You really love her, don't you? - I do.
I can't believe it.
I have known you for so many years but I have never seen you like this
How did you manage this?
It's kind of strange.
All my life I ran away from love
And now when life is running away from me, I have bumped into love
Tell me the truth, Priya... Do I really have very little time?
Can't anything be done? Tell me the truth, please
Aman... as soon as you get a donor...
Aman, it's really not funny.
It's really not funny. - Give me a hug.
No. - Come on.
How will it have effect otherwise?
Long hug from a long lady. Come on. Please, give me a hug.
Is it having any effect?
While it was a season of heartbeats at one end...
it was a season of heartbreaks at the other
One was my heart... the other was Gia's
whose Aman had turned out to be married
I love you, Aman.
And poor Rohit... Even Laila had found someone
But the greatest heartbreak was...
He doesn't love me, Naina.
Sweetu, don't cry. Relax.
Everything will be all right
He doesn't love me... He says he's confused
Silly boy.
I don't blame him.
How rude is that.
He wants to leave for London... to join some bhangra group
Bhangra group?
Yes... and do you know the name of the group?
'Forget Daler... Watch us' What kind of a name is that?
Tissue... thank you.
And while we youngsters were nursing our heartaches...
the elders were finding their mates
Can you believe it?
Those stupid red roses were back in my house
Enough is enough.
And if red roses were in the house... the red dress was outl
Hi, I'd like to return this sorry, not my color.
Not mine either.
So... you didn't like it?
No, And you? - No
Nice dress. - Nice tie.
Oh... What happened with Aman?
What? He's married? Why didn't you tell me earlier?
If I had known earlier, would I fall in love?
What now?
First I couldn't fall in love... and now I can't fall out of it
But I have to... Or else me and my heart will feel lonely
You will never be alone. I will always be there
Why are you being so nice to me?
Well... l'm a nice guy.
Had you loved me, your heart wouldn't break
That's the problem with you. You never take me seriously
But when are you ever serious?
Right now!
You don't really mean that... - Not at all.
You think you will ever fall in love with someone again?
My silence said it all...
and Rohit realized that his first love...
has to be forgotten
I have to forget my first love
I have to forget my first love.
It's not easy. It's not that easy to forget your first love
My first love... Dev Anand!
My first and last love... Lajjo
My first love... - Lovechand...
Kukreja... - You too!
My first love...
Basanti... from Borivali. She said 'no'... Shot her!
You cannot forget your first love... you can never forget it
I will not allow you to
Listen Rohit, if you don't call me back... I will do something
Please Rohit... Please call me back Rohit.
That's it, keep it up.
What's all this, Dad?
Nude girls... enjoy... enjoy.
I don't want to enjoy!
Don't want to enjoy? Is everything normal?
Normal? Meaning?
No... Kantaben mentioned something...
What was Kantaben saying?
That... that... that you are in love with someone
How does she know about it?
She knows you since childhood... Of course she would know
Anyway... the love is not mutual anyway
Thank god.
Thank god.
I'm telling you that I'm in love...
I want to get married, I want to have children, and...
Children? Is that possible?
Of course... it's possible. Why is it not possible?
Yes, that's true. This is America, anything is possible
Look at my fate!
I asked for a daughter-in-law, and I'm blessed with a son-in-law!
Son-in-law? - Yes... Kantaben was telling me...
that you... closet... forget it!
Oh my god. No... no...
I am in love with a girl! Naina... It's all normal!
Yo... It's normal! Normal? - Yeah.
It's all normal...? Then what is the problem, man?
It's long story.
We'll hear the long story later... why don't you come home?
Your Mom's been missing you
"My Rohit has come home... Lord be praised!"
"Rohit Rohit has come home, Lord be praised..."
Now what is all this, Mom?
This is mango juice... this is Khus...
Not this... All this dance, music...? - Oh that!
It's our silver wedding anniversary rehearsals
We are going to perform that day... What are you doing?
I don't want to do anything.
I mean... come on yeah.
And by the way, how can it be the twenty-fifth year of your marriage...
when I am 28 years old myself?
No... no... We are trying to hide our age from the Gujju community
I'm sure that much of cheating is allowed explain him.
We are still young.
And who are these people?
That? Now you are a GCGC... - GCGC?
Good Catch Of Gujju Community!
But don't worry about them
We have found you a girl and the marriage is fixed for Navratri
Here! See her photo...
and this is her horoscope... It matches perfectly. Absolutely.
And look... look... here's the honeymoon brochure
Mummy, he has got my honeymoon brochures
And that's not all. If you have a baby boy...
we will call him Jignes. And if it's a girl it will be...
Jigisa... So then the pet name will be common. Jigi!
Okay? - No, it's not okay.
I'm not marrying this girl. I am not marrying any girl
Everything's normal, isn't it? - Everything is normal, Dad!
Why don't you understand? I don't want to get married!
Are you sure?
Good looking & rich.
Hi, I'm Camilla.
Very nice name...
The phone number is better than the name
Take it... take it! - What?
Phone number... note it down
And if the Gujjubhais were forging new relationships...
would we Punjabis dare being left behind?
What are these letters? Private & confidential.
Best of luck.
This is our Naina
She's very beautiful.
And Naina, this Kamoo's brother and his family... That is...
This is my life, my wife Pammi
That's my elder son Montu
That's his Mrs. Jassi...
and that's my shy and coy son, Bantu
And I'm the eldest in the house... Badi Biji... Do PP...
PP? - Pairi Pauna... What else?
And yes, I forgot... these are my grandchildren
Bhagat Singh and Bhagat Singh...
Two Bhagat Singhs?
When there can be two films why can't there be two grandchildren?
You are absolutely right...
Dadi, I need to speak to you about something...
can you please come with me to the kitchen?
Of course... She loves a lot. You please eat
Yes... Please eat
What's all this? - What do you mean?
It's Kammo's brother and his family...
they have come specially from India to meet us...
very healthy and wealthy. - That I can see...
but what are they doing here?
Oh, they have come with a marriage proposal... what else?
Oh... Congratulations... Why don't you get married then?
They can hear everything... - I don't care...
tell them to leave immediately. - Why should they leave?
Listen, you are 23 years old already
If you don't marry, what will our community say?
I don't care what your community says or what you think...
I'm not interested in getting married... - How can that be?
If you are so interested in marriage why don't you get married?
I'm sure Chaddaji will be ready for that
they can hear...! Just look at how rude she is!
It's all because of you
If you were not running after that stupid hotel...
you wouldn't have forgotten your duties as a mother...
I remember my duties as a mother
You are forgetting that besides being a mother...
I also had the duties of a father... - And whose fault is that?
Just stop it?
You are talking about duties?
It's the duty of a family to teach love
Children in other families have grown up watching love
We have only seen your hatred... your hatred
After Papa's death has there been a single day...
a single day when the two of you haven't fought?
Who would want to forge a bond with these broken relationships?
Who would want to marry me? Tell me, who would want to marry me?
Hello... So you guys want to marry into this family?
Bad Idea! We are all mad and we will drive all of you mad too!
Please eat that big laddoo please
You love Aman and he's married
Why did you fall in love, Naina?
Don't be silly mom.
If I'd known earlier, would I have fallen in love?
Now why are you crying?
Because I know you well
You will never be able to take this rejection
You will never be happy
You will never fall in love again
You will never marry
You will be all alone... just like me- yes.
What do you mean 'yes'? How can you agree with me?
You should be consoling me... You should be telling me, "No Mom..."
"I will be happy... I will love again... I will marry!" Says yes.
How can I console?
I love him, mamma, I really love him.
He harasses me, he makes fun of me
Wherever I go, he follows me
And he eavesdrops on everyone's conversations
But, I still love him.
Why do I love him?
Why is this happening to me? What should I do?
Everything will be alright!
I know... Our angel is looking at us even now
He will make sure that your life is filled with love again!
He will teach you to love again... You will love again...
Come on my child. Let's go home
Even Aman wanted to fill my life with love again...
with Rohit's love
But Rohit...
The lady's name is Camilla.
Camilla! It's a very lovely name.
You must really love this Camilla! Because this necklace is very expensive.
It's $20,000.
How much?
$5.- Okay, Great.
Oh! Not the red ones please. They disturb me.
How's the yellow? - Okay, much better.
Thank you, nice meeting you, Bye, take care.
I was about to phone you. Where are you?
I'm in the temple, where else?
Praying for a looooong life for you
Really! Wow! That's nice.
So... are we meeting this evening?
Of course. Can't wait. 9 p. M... Water's Edge?
Your table for 2 is ready. - Lovely.
Excuse me a sec. Jerry my man.
You know what to do? Yeah, sure.
Where's Rohit? - I wouldn't know...
You wouldn't know? - I mean I don't know
Where's Rohit? - I won't tell...
He's gone with a girl!
With a girl! - Girl... Girl...
I got that! But where has he gone? - I won't tell...
Why not? I won't tell...
Leave me... I told you... I won't tell.
Water's edge 9 P. M... with a girl.
...You... you... Look... please don't follow him there
What do you mean? Don't ruin his life! Leave him...
Kanta! I will kill myself but I will never leave Rohit
He can't become any other girl's
Oh my god! Yes... yes... yes... I will marry you.
Ladies & Gentlemen. He just proposed to me.
I'm getting married! I'm so excited.
Come on get up Rohit. Take a bow.
I'm very happy and you?
I... l... I'll be back...
Hi Mom... Job done!
No problem at all. Nothing can go wrong when I'm around
Come hell or fire... let Rohit and Aman always be far apart!
Rohit weds Camilla... okay.
Congratulations! Heard you are getting married!
Yes... yes... Pamela loves me
Her name is Camilla... And she only loves your money
Money? How can you be so uncool? - You are a bloody fool!
Listen... I'm not getting carried away by you this time
Ok... Just go and tell her... Camilla darling...
I don't want my father's money. I want to make my life on my own...
I want to stand up on my own two feet... Will you stand by me?
That is sick! That is cheap...
I will never say that... never... never... never
Camilla darling... I don't want my father's money
I want to take my life on my own
I want to stand up on my own two feet... will you stand by me?
I'm ready to marry you!
Just listen to me... Please...
I don't understand this... How did you let go of Naina so easily?
Look at you...
Ladies & Gentleman... Welcome to Lalaland.
Rohit loves Naina... Naina doesn't love Rohit
She loves Aman
But Aman tells Rohit that he shouldn't let go of Naina so easily
So basically Aman is... insane!
Who are you talking to? I haven't gone insane
Your brains have been displaced
Naina hasn't fallen in love with me
She just thinks that she has fallen in love with me.
She thinks... Ah... she thinks!
Now what is 'she thinks' supposed to mean?
Man... I am a new entry into her life
I just laughed a little with her, made her smile...
and she thought she is in love with me
While you have known her for years...
she takes you for granted...
now she is not going to dream that you are in love with her
Now just forget all this friendship nonsense and show her some love man...
whether she says 'yes' or 'no' leave it to her
But at least give her a choice... You keep running after that Chameli...
Lily... - Camilla...
But you know Camilla has sexy legs. - What legs man...
Shut up! We are talking about Naina - Sorry focus on Naina.
Naina's beautiful eyes!
Naina's lovely face
Naina's fury...
Naina's love...
Naina's smile...
Whenever she does, that is
Naina's hair... when she ties them up like this
Actually I like her hair all let down
Why are you saying, Naina?
For you... I'm married!
And what if you weren't?
Then I wouldn't let go of her. I'm not an idiot like you
I am talking about Naina.
You are right! Now what do I do? - You don't do anything
Now whatever has to be done, I will do
You just do as I say I have a plan...
six days and girl in your face... Just six days.
Wow! But why six days?
Because I don't work on Sundays
Naina waits for me everyday here at 6 p.m.
We go together from here to the class
But you won't go with her today - Why?
Because I say so
Is your plan to bring us together or throw us apart?
I have a theory about girls
The more you run after them, the more they will run away from you
But if you run away from them they will be confused and will run after you...
to find out the reason for their confusion
And we have to take advantage of such a confusion of a confused girl...
Even I'm confused!
That you are... from childhood! That can't be helped...
but trust me... do as I say
Put this into your ear
Put it where? - In your ear
This device will be attached to the phone...
so that I can speak to you constantly
Whatever I say or do... you should do Got it?
Rohit come in please. - Alfa Bravo Charlie, I read you.
I have reached the college
Good Soldier, Now relax at ease... at ease.
Loosen your tie
For God's sake, change your walk
Walk? - Yes, your walking style. I mean cool walk, you know?
Have you reached the classroom. - Yes
So stop shaking, idiot! Can you see Naina?
Yes... - Shut your mouth, duffer
Go and sit next to her but don't speak to her
Where were you? I was waiting for you for over half hour
You are always late. I just don't understand this.
Don't look at her... Don't... Look up... look down...
Look to the side... Not her side, idiot... the opposite side!
I'm talking to you... what has happened to you? Are you ill?
Look at her angrily
Look at me.
Not so subtely... Over act... Look at her angrily
Look at me, Rohit
Okay, very good.
Now, put your finger into your nose
Just kidding, soldier. Catch you at the base bye.
And don't forget, cool walk
Don't sit near Naina
Then where do I sit...? - Near some sexy girl...
Oh my god! It's Gita.
Okay, Hi. - It's my birthday. Oh, Birthday.
Not mine, you dumbo... Tell her that
Hi, It's my birthday. - Hi, Happy birthday.
Now push your cheek ahead
Did Naina see that?
Now hold her... Hold her tight... Hug her... Don't let her go
Over & out.
Hello Rohit! - Yes, come in Aman.
Rohit! - Yes. - Idiot.
Do you want to say something?
You won't attend class today - Ok...
No... I want to go to the class today
Your plan is all rubbish! I haven't spoken to Naina since three days...
Even I haven't spoken to Naina for three days
But you are not the one in love with her, stupid!
Don't worry. Now when Naina calls you... you will not speak to her
No... I will speak to her. - No, you won't
Yes I will... - No, you won't
Naina, I love you...
Sorry. It's your mother
See? It's mothers who always run to rescue Mummy, I love you.
Sorry, yes Mom... I have taken the medicine
Why should I lie? Mummy, Bye... Bye...
And what is that?
Those are two fingers what else?
Sorry man, I asked. See...? Naina didn't call.
You don't worry. I know Naina
She will wake up from her bed, she will pick up the phone to call...
but her ego will stop her
She must be missing you. So she will get up again...
She will pick up the phone again. She will curse you twice...
Idiot... Moron... - She'll definitely make a call.
I don't believe you... that must be your mother again!
Don't make fun of my mother! - What did I say?
Aman, give it to me. - No... never.
Oh my god!
What happened to her - I don't know
Oh no.
Today you will speak to Naina
And you will say what we discussed... Understand?
Hi Naina... - Hi Lee. Thank you for your notes.
You are welcome.
One second... one second... How far can you run from me darling?
Leave my hand... Just leave my hand
I don't know what's happened to you, I think you have gone mad
For the past three days, I have been trying... Where were you, Rohit?
When I needed a friend, where were you?
I'm tired... I'm really tired of being your friend
What? - What? What?
When you want to laugh, it's Rohit...
when you want to cry, it's Rohit
But when you have to love, it's someone else!
It's not going to work anymore, right?
Are you alright, Rohit? - No, you listen to me, Okay.
We are friends, right? - Yes...
So a very intelligent man has said that
the first step to love is friendship...
and the last step is friendship too
It's the middle that's left
Take a step Naina and you will find your path
Think... Naina... think...
And to think I give you...
my entire life
Wonder what Rohit meant
That day I felt Rohit had ceased to be my friend...
he had become something else
And what that 'something else' was... I didn't know... Didn't know...
Hi Sweetie, how are you doing?
This is for you
What's in it?
My heart... Just kidding!
Nice dress.
"The red in here is the colour of my heart"
"On you I'm sure it will look smart"
"It's not a gift... it's something I don't know what to call..."
"Isn't Subhash Ghai's film called 'Taal'?"
"P.S. Sorry couldn't think of a rhyming fourth line"
"Love Rohit"
What's this?
"I'm not a poet. O damsel, I surrender..."
"Cos the next lines of the song I do not remember!"
What's going on?
Look, I need something from you. - What?
This... Dance classes... salsa - Salsa?
It's Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary...
and I have to perform an item? Don't ask me, okay?
Look, I can't do that 'Dandia' Okay.
So I thought... why not Salsa?
I need a partner to join the classes
Since you are going to be my life partner, why not start now? - NO
I'm just asking for a chance to dance not to flirt with you.
No Rohit, Shut up... this is the last thing I will do for you
My boy... Those were very fine lines
Cos they were from here, man!
God, I really love her. I love her too.
Fooling man
Dog... Dog... See you later man.
I'm not a poet damsel, the moment I saw you and me...
"Life's changing every moment"
"Life is now a shade..."
"life is now sunshine"
"Every moment on earth..."
"live life to the fullest"
"Whatever time you have is yours..."
"for tomorrow might never come"
"Life's changing every moment"
"Life is now a shade..."
"life is now sunshine"
"Every moment on earth..."
"live life to the fullest"
"Whatever time you have is yours..."
"for tomorrow might never come"
"Someone to love you with all his heart..."
"is difficult to come by"
"Should there be someone like that..."
"he's the one for you, be sure"
"His hand..."
"you must take"
"For all you know..."
"tomorrow might never be"
"Every moment on earth..."
"live life to the fullest"
"Whatever time you have is yours..."
"for tomorrow might never come"
Dinner at 8? - No... not to night, darling.
Can I?
Hey, we are married.
It's okay, I don't mind.
Shall we tonight?
Look in front.
Shall we tonight?
"In the realm of your eyes..."
"should someone get close to you..."
"try a million times to control your crazy heart..."
"but it shall continue to beat wildly"
"But think it over..."
"this is the moment"
"This legend..."
"might not exist tomorrow"
"Life's changing every moment"
"Life is now a shade..."
"life is now sunshine"
"Every moment on earth..."
"live life to the fullest"
"Whatever time you have is yours..."
"for tomorrow might never come"
Nice Tie.
"Red tie and a suit blue... Will make you look like a new you"
"Which is... turn to page two" "Absolutely Buddhu"
"P.S. Sorry couldn't think of a rhyming fourth line..."
"Love, Naina"
Oh my god! Naina.
I love you.
I really love you, Aman. - Thank you, Rohit.
Just look at me... - Why?
What do you see? - Nothing... Ok
Just look at this!
Why should I? I don't want to see that
Just see this... Look at my tie. - You were saying this, I thought...
Naina has given me this tie
With a lovely love letter
Love letter, very good. - You... you are something else, man.
If it wasn't for you, there would be nothing
I know... I know... You are a genius. - Since birth.
You are intelligent, brilliant...
You should write a book
Six days and girl in your face!
Even I was thinking along those lines
Anyway, whatever I did for you is ok
But even you are quite lucky. Because for you, I...
What did I do? I didn't do anything...
It's all you... It's because of you... your love...
You are so great! You don't even want to take the credit for it
Listen to me for once. Okay.
The truth is that it's because of you Naina is in my heart...
in my heartbeat... in every breath
and in my room... - And in my room!
Naina wait, let go of me... - Listen... Let go of me... what?
Must have been fun... right?
Must have been great fun breaking my heart
Six days and girl in your face
Both of you should be given an award! Fantastic, Rohit.
Listen to me... ya... - No, listen to me.
I thought of you as a friend and poured my heart out to you
And what did you do? Told him everything!
And he... He, who wants to play God to everyone...
decided that since he couldn't love me, he would find love for me...
and he knocked on your door
And told you that your friendship is not just friendship, it's love
And you got convinced?
Rohit, what kind of a person are you...?
Who doesn't know his own heart... understand his own feelings?
I love you Naina... and that's the truth
No! That's not the truth...
The truth is that you have broken my heart! You have hurt me...
I know that I didn't have laughter in my life before...
didn't have happiness... But at least I had a friend!
But today you have taken that away from me...
Both of you
Just listen, Naina... - No.
No! I don't want to hear anything
I don't want to understand anything
For God's sake, just leave me alone!
Just a sec...
Naina, I wish I could tell you how much I love you
One sec. Wait, I love you very much...
And then it says... I love you &...
And when I close my eyes I see you
When I open my eyes, I long to see you
Even when you are not near me,
I feel you in everything I'm surrounded by...
Every second... every minute... all the time...
my eyes search only for my dear Naina
Call it love, madness or just my heartbeats...
it's the same thing for me
A lot of people have loved before...
but my love stands apart from all of them because...
they don't have you
I can never forget you Naina
I don't want to forget you
You are mine and I will love you forever
I will love you till I die... and even after that!
All this is written in this diary... Rohit has written all of it
How can he hurt...?
And you have such a bad handwriting
Aman... all this... I didn't...
You didn't write... but I said it
If you had to write it, you would write the same thing
So I said what was in your heart... what's the big deal? Right?
And girls like all this... I have done it a lot
Are you okay?
I just want to make a call. Excuse me!
Sorry Mom It's late, let's go
I want to say something to you... just listen
Naina, to sustain lifelong...
every relationship has to have strength along with love
Your Papa loved us a lot, but he was a weak man
He left us all and went away...
didn't even for a moment think what would become of us after him
But Rohit... Rohit is not weak...
he loves you a lot
How easy it is for you to say Papa was weak!
And Rohit... taking someone else's help to attain your love...
isn't that a sign of weakness? Tell me Mama...
To attain his love he sought help...
what's wrong with that?
Look, I still maintain Rohit is not a weak man
He knows you love someone else and yet he is willing to accept you
That's strength, my child. That's love.
If you reject his love today, it will be a girl's decision...
and tomorrow when you repent it, it will be a woman's regret!
Hi Rohit. - Hi Naina.
Where are you?
In the office
Wanted to speak to you
Actually it's kind of private.
Private & confidential... J. Kapur?
Oh My God! It's Frankie's letter
Didi... Guess what? - Now what's happened?
Congratulation! Fantastic!
Thanks, Aman... But how did you know? I haven't even opened it
What did you not open? - Don't even open it...
Aman will run away. - No, I won't
Just see... It's Frankie's letter! - Yes... yes
What happened? - Naina wants to meet Rohit
Finally and they're going for the first meeting.
And Frankie's sent a letter - Yes that's fantastic news.
I'm going to get her ready myself! I've got the perfect white dress.
And do you know what? - Yes... Frankie has sent a letter!
And now we'll go... & eat something.
But how did that happen? I'm just a sexy genius.
Oh that you are!
Give to me... lt's Frankie's letter...
Letter is mine give it to me. - One minute.
Let's see what the cool dude says
It's... not Frankie's letter!
Alright everybody, she's coming... - Come on...
Oh She's looking so pretty!
Just pull this up a bit... Lord protect you from evil eye!
Now enough... May I leave?
I like her hair open
Your hair... - What?
Looks better open
All this...? - Please.
I know you don't have love to give me today
But I'm sure someday you will have... I'm sure
And I will wait for that day...
because I know that day will come... for sure
But for today, please have faith in my love
Because I know it's enough for both of us, Naina...
I wanted to give these flowers to you earlier too... I couldn't
Please don't refuse them today... or else they will wilt!
Naina... Naina... Naina...
Marry me!
Hello... Yeah... Yeah...
She said 'yes'!
Everybody... I need a hug come on everybody.
The next step was to convince Karsanbhai and Sarlaben...
which wasn't very difficult. After all...
It's just geography!
Come... Come... Julieben!
Jennifer! - Jennifer who?
It's alright.
Why don't you have something? - Yes... Sure
Listen... just pass me the Cock!
Coke, Dad. Please... - Yes, yes. Coke
So everything is fixed!
Engagement and our wedding anniversary will be on the same day
And two days later will be the wedding... is it alright?
As you say!
As you wish.
And the funny thing, Jamnaben is...
You know. It's Jennifer - Yes... Jenniferben...
there's this famous decorator from Paris...
who is coming and at the same time he will decorate my hole!
No... I have a very big hole! Isn't it?
Very big. - Hall
Now look Patelji... I leave all the details of the wedding upto you
I am just happy that we got such a good boy
I just miss my son! - Very sad.
Rohit told us...
What happened? - Heart attack!
Oh, heart attack.
Just waiting for Naina and Shiv to settle down...
then I can peacefully leave for Chandigarh!
And what about Gia?
She is not ours! - Dadi.
No, no, Gia is as much ours as Naina is
And my husband didn't die of a heart attack...
he commited suicide
Why did you have to tell them the truth?
You cannot base new relationships on a lie
You couldn't handle old relationships
How will you know how to handle new ones?
Relationships are not handled. They are maintained
But what would you know about them?
Now listen my dear daughter-in-law...
I will only be your daughter-in-law the day Gia is your grand daughter
Gia was not my grand daughter and she will never be!
Blood is blood after all!
That's it! I don't want to hear anymore!
Why? When you are so fond of saying the truth...
learn to listen to it too. Gia is not my grand daughter
She is not a part of this family She is just a burden...
a burden which you thrust on this family by adopting her
A burden which took away all the happiness in the family...
took away peace... took away my son...
I hate her... I hate her... I hate that nasty little...
We are still paying for my son's mistakes
The first mistake he made was marrying you
The second was adopting that girl
He made a third one too
You? Who the hell are you to interfere in our family matters?
No one... Just a voice that should have reached you a long time ago
A truth that you should have realized long ago
Please Jenny, please let me
Since you are harping on the truth, I would like to tell you a truth too
About your son's illicit relationship...
which he hid from all of you
But he couldn't hide its result
Do you know the name of the result?
Aman please. - Jenny, it's alright.
The result was Gia...
Who could not be accepted by her own mother...
but was accepted by your daughter-in-law, Jenny...
was brought into this house by your daughter-in-law, Jenny...
Jenny... who could have seen the face of the other woman in Gia's face...
who could have seen her husband's mistakes in that face...
But what she chose to see were those incomplete eyes...
and she chose to complete those eyes by filling them with love...
your daughter-in-law Jenny
Your son would have understood her hurt and her anger...
but he couldn't understand her acceptance
Jenny's strength reminded him every minute of his own weakness...
and it was this feeling that took his life... Not Jenny
Dear Jennifer
I know in these last six years I have only enquired about Gia...
never about you
But today, in this last letter I want to thank you...
Thank You Jennifer. Thank You
Women are built to forgive the mistakes that their husbands make...
but very few women have the courage to accept the mistake...
and shower love to such a degree that it doesn't remain a mistake
You accepted Gia when I, her mother, couldn't accept her
And for this I will always remain indebted to you
They say that when a man makes a mistake...
he also possesses the ability to pay the price for it
But Jennifer, all these years you have paid a price for a mistake...
that was not yours in the first place
And all that because of me
If you can, please forgive me
I'm sorry Jennifer.
I'm really sorry
I caused you a lot of painl I'm sorry.
He was a good man!
It was just a mistake! Just a mistake!
Yes, my child... Yes...
He was a good man! He was a good man, Mother...
He was a good man Naina! Just a mistake!
And finally Gia's perfect family was complete... complete
All the distances were bridged...
and we started praying together...
like one big happy familyl
The engagement preparations had begun in full swingl
Jean De Bon... the famous decorator from France had arrived...
to do up the Patel Mansionl
From the top.
Leaving all the love of my family I have to go to my beloved's land...
And in Aman's mansion there was chaosl
Oh Godl -Oh god!
God had heard Kantaben's prayers. Rohit was getting married to a girl
Finally, the day of the engagement...
Gujarat opened its opulent doors for Punjab in its characteristic splendour
"One, two, three... what a community!"
"The Shahs, the Patels, the Mehtas... they have the best jewellery"
"But who are we...? - Yes, who are we?"
"G..." "Gathiya"
"U..." "Undiyo"
"J..." "Jamwa (eat)"
"J... - Jamnagar, of course"
"U..." "G-U-J-J-U"
"Gujju, Gujju..." "Rohit and Naina..."
"we are proud of you" "Gujju!"
It's okay.
Should we call Kunwari Kudi again? - Shut up!
Wow!! That was great Fantastic!
What a show! Fabulous It was great... it was great... Fine.
And now that Gujaratis have had their chance...
watch all the Punjabis dance!
You frankie!
Let's begin.
"O my love..."
"O my love..."
"that's the way, my love"
"From your forehead, hangs the adornment..."
"the ear-ring dangles in your ears"
"My love..."
"On your hands, tinkle the bangles..."
"in your feet, chime your anklets"
"My love..."
"Your eyes say... - God Almighty"
"Your heart sings... - God Almighty"
"drunk on nectar... - God Almighty"
"You are the one, O beautiful one"
"Everybody sing..."
"O beautiful one..." "come to me, my love"
"O beautiful one..." "come to me, my love"
"That's the way, my love"
"Your eyes are dark..."
"yours is a fair lovely face"
"Yours is the glitter of gold..."
"you're a moon-like beauty, my love"
"Your pink cheeks... - God Almighty"
"Your drunken gait... - God Almighty..."
"take my heart away..." - God almighty!
"O beautiful one"
"O beautiful one..." "come to me, my love"
"It's a shower of colours..."
"the buds exude a delicious fragrance"
"In the heart plays the shehnai"
"All the stars in the skies are now mine..."
"my heart goes out to them"
"That you come all dressed, your hands adorned with henna..."
"watch your step, O beautiful one"
"Hearts here are skipping a beat, O beautiful one"
"O beautiful one..." "come to me, my love"
"O beautiful one..." "come to me, my love"
"O Moon of mine..."
"how will I tell you..."
"how much I love you?"
"I love you oh so dearly"
"Every happiness, I'd seek and find..."
"to accompany you in your palanquin"
"To give them away to you in your palanquin"
"That you come all dressed, your hands adorned with henna..."
"watch your step, O beautiful one"
"Hearts here are skipping a beat, O beautiful one"
"O beautiful one..." "come to me, my love"
"O beautiful one..." "come to me, my love"
"From your forehead, hangs the adornment..."
"the ear-ring dangles in your ears"
"My love..."
"On your hands, tinkle the bangles..."
"in your feet, chime your anklets"
"My love..."
"Your eyes say... - God Almighty"
"Your heart sings... - God Almighty"
"drunk on nectar... - God Almighty"
"You are the one, O beautiful one"
"Everybody sing..."
"O beautiful one..." "come to me, my love"
"O beautiful one..." "come to me, my love"
Mr Mathur, you do realize that another episode could result in...
Yeah, I realize that.
Aman, let's call Priya
I'm fine, Ma... why do you want to trouble Priya?
It's her wedding anniversary today
Don't worry Mrs. Mathur I have already paged her.
No pagers, no mobiles today... you promised
It could be an emergency
You are not the only doctor in the hospital
Abhay! - Priya, it's always like this what's the point in coming here then?
Okay no sulking.
Today I'm going to spend all your money
As if I have ever stopped you, sweetheart!
No... Rohit, It's too expensive
Come on, Naina... lt's so nice!
And what's nicer is that Papa is paying for it
Come on, it's lovely.
Yes, it's lovely... Camilla. - Camilla?
You look at it nicely it's really lovely. Go, have a look.
Camilla! - Camilla is dead.
It's a long story.
Hi... Priya, right? - Yeah!
I'm Naina. - Naina... - Aman's friend
Oh my god! Naina...
Aman talks a lot about you
I hope they're nice things of course.
By the way, this is Rohit, my fiance.
Rohit, this is Priya. Aman's...
Oh! Right. Hi. - Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you. - Yeah!
So you guys shopping? - Trying to...
Me too.
It's our anniversary today
So I thought I'd spend all my husband's money
So... Is Aman here too?
Aman... why would he be here?
Abhay, these are Aman's friends - Naina and Rohit
Hi. - Hi.
This is Abhay, my husband.
Husband? You married again?
Priya, you were married earlier? How come I was not invited?
Abhay shut up.
One is more than enough!
Actually, we met through Aman...
He's such a great guy full of life.
Always wanting to see everyone happy!
But today...
but today when I see him...
Really Priya, when I see Aman today...
I can't believe that Aman doesn't have very much time
But it's really nice to know that you guys are with him.
In his last days.
Aman doesn't have much time
Aman doesn't have much time
Listen... Live... laugh... smile... Who knows? Tomorrow may not be!
Priya is my wife
I love you, I love you very much Naina.
I will love you forever
I will love you till the day I die... and even after that!
Hello Aman.
Aman, what are you doing?
Mom, I have to go... Please.
I love you. I love you very very much.
You lied to me
You love Naina... You lied!
I don't love Naina
Don't do that... okay? Enough
Doing that doesn't change the truth, Aman.
Naina loves you, you love Naina...
how have I become a part of this love story?
Love stories are made with two hearts, Rohit...
and in a few months my heart won't exist in the love story...
I will just be a memory
You are the reality, Rohit
I can face reality Aman
But I don't have the strength to fight a memory, Aman
You don't have the strength? How can you say that?
It means you don't love Naina as much as I thought you do
Say you don't know how to love
What do you know? What do you know about my love?
You know nothing!
Naina is my life, my everything... my life
And you will let go of your life so easily?
Why don't you understand, Rohit?
Naina will get me only to lose me...
but losing you she will gain nothing
Neither love nor a great friendship!
Her love is yours. It belongs to you
It just needs time. And that's what I don't have... I don't have
Naina belongs to you. You cannot leave her
If not for you, if not for Naina...
at least do this as a dying man's wish!
Please fulfill my last wish, Rohit, please.
You can't leave Naina. That's it! That's it!
What would you have done if you were in my place?
I wish I was in your place. I wish
You love me so much that you want
to leave behind love for me... even after you go?
Even if it is someone else's?
Why did you do this? Why do you love me so much?
I don't love you. I don't love you...
I don't love you, Naina... I don't love you
I don't love you. I don't love anyone
Why do you love me so much?
"The beautiful bride glows like the Moon..."
"on her forehead, dangles the adornment"
"She raises her gaze, slowly and shyly..."
"I'm bowled over"
"The beautiful bride glows like the Moon..."
"on her forehead, dangles the adornment"
"She raises her gaze, slowly and shyly..."
"I'm bowled over"
"Look at your dear ones today, to your heart's content..."
"you won't find them with you ever again"
"May you find all the happiness O bride..."
"may all the desires of your heart be fulfilled"
"May you find all the happiness O bride..."
"may all the desires of your heart be fulfilled"
"May you find all the happiness O bride..."
"may all the desires of your heart be fulfilled"
"Look at your dear ones today, to your heart's content..."
"you won't find them with you ever again"
"May you find all the happiness O bride..."
"may all the desires of your heart be fulfilled"
"You are hiding your grief..."
"and I bow my head"
"You are quiet..." "I am silent..."
"who shall anyone reason with?"
"These distances..."
"do us apart..."
"meeting again..."
"might not be possible again"
"These distances..." "do us apart..."
"meeting again..." "might not be possible again"
"My dear daughter..."
"naughty one..."
"who has borne her, Lord...?"
"And who shall take her away...?"
"It's true, I have hurt your heart"
"But I always wondered..."
"why does the heart grieve?" "Why are the eyes moist?"
"That which was to happen is happening"
"Let's forget about it..."
"for no trace of this..."
"might remain tomorrow"
"Every moment here, live to the fullest..."
"This is the moment..."
"for, tomorrow might never be"
Everyone's come to meet you
Will you marry me?
Gia, let Aman rest. We will come again tomorrow
Lataji... - Chaddyi.
Good night, sweetheart!
Thank you, sexy!
You have put on weight after marriage... Yes.
How are you feeling? - Fantastic!
I'm sorry...
I... - I...
After you.
I think so.
Rohit... Naina is yours in this life
But in every life after this...
In every birth... she will be mine
Promise me... promise me
I promise
I promise you
Thank you
Now I want to sleep
Just wake me up before you leave
Aman! Not yet... idiot!
And he went away... leaving all of us behind
He became a memory...
a memory that is the foundation of all my relationships
He was my first love and yours too... lsn't it, Gia?
I can never forget him
He taught me to love... to love life... to love myself...
to love Rohit...
I can never forget him
We... We can never forget him
Mom, it's too cold can we go inside please.
Coming darling. - Come on come on. - Wait on Ria.
By the way, I haven't told you in two three days... - What?
That I love you!
Every girl dreams of finding a good friend in her husband...
but I was fortunate to find a husband in my best friend
I am Naina Catherine Kapur Patel... and this was my story
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