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Subtitles for Kama Sutra A Tale of Love 1996.

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Kama Sutra A Tale of Love 1996

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i wish i could be like her.
also me.
but you're a servant girl, maya.
I must go. she' ll be waiting.
And I?
you can't go,
but I'll come And tell you everything.
so, kamasutra,
the greatest book of love ever written.
kama means...
and sutra means?
very good.
so here we have it.
Lessons on love.
an ancient book on men and women
and their rel here ation ship through life together.
now, why do we study it,
you may all ask,
when it was written
so many hundreds of years ago?
because love remains as meaningful And mysterious today
as it was then.
the kamasutra teaches us
the many ways to use our body for love.
it also teaches us
that the ways of love
are much deeper.
but, of course, it teIIs us
we must Learn to u se our body very well.
so... Iift up your skirts
And look at your...
one doesn't pay much attention
to one's feet or toes,
but believe me when i tell you...
if you touch the toes and feet
in a certain way...
it can bring great pleasure to your lover.
maya, is that you?
masi, why do i always have to wear
tara's old clothes
when she never wears mine?
what have i done in my past life
to inherit you from your mad mother?
just because tara and biki drank from my breast,
they Let youplay withher.
so what if you bathe with tara?
that doesn' t mean you can become a maharan i yourseIf.
be grateful they Let you dance with her.
just because you're a prince,
you think you can spy on me?
one day i will be king,
And you will be my Queen...
And my slave.
I' m no one's slave.
i want to know everything tara knows.
you are truly pagli.
my mad one.
hi ps just like your mother.
when she danced one jhalak...
And the room would be still.
you'd better deserve those dancing bells she Left you.
very good, maya.
you are doing the dance of enticement, tara.
you are the one with the beautifuI eyes.
so, play with them.
you have to mesmerize with them.
don't give up, princess tara.
come on, come on. try.
beautiful dancing, maya.
come, my princess tara.
my darling.
this is for you.
new clothes?
for me?
I' ve never had new clothes.
thank you, sahib.
how is it?
it looks like Left overs.
you can wear it at my wedding.
i am going to be married
to the great raj singh.
such a tender flower,
still unopened.
women, being of tender nature,
want tender beginnings, eh?
the wisdom of the kamasutra is such,
it teaches us not to rush.
for the first 3 days after marriage,
the girl and the boy
should abstain from sexual pleasures.
oh, yes!
on the 10th night,
the king will begin gentle love play
to create confidence in you.
he will embrace you
with the upper part of his body in darkness
because he doesn't know you well.
you should at this time
accept his embrace
And allow him to put betel nut in your...
god bless the alliance of our two kingdoms.
now Let's see if the king's bride
is worth her weight in go ld.
Let's see.
he's coming.
he's so young.
small price to pay for such beauty.
Let's hope she's worth it.
tara, he likes you.
go to your room.
And when will this flower open? oh, my.
i wait upon that night.
And what a night that will be.
pIease come. pIease come.
come here.
oh, maya.
there she is - -
my lotus woman.
maybe that was my padmini.
i found her.
i lost her.
seeing things again?
what says the doctor?
examining, examining.
pulse tells all.
hey, maya.
easy on those sweets.
that's hot stuff.
put one in my mouth, maya.
open your mouth And close your eyes.
forgive me for disturbing you, great king.
your name?
could you be anything but maya?
I' ve brought you something.
some malida to sweeten your tongue.
this is all need.
this is all need to sweeten my tongue.
you' re Ieaving us...
pIease get maya for me.
i want to marry her.
this is for you, maya.
all my life i have lived with your used things.
but now...
something i have used is yours forever.
I'll eave this place forever!
maya, listen to me.
Ii st en to me.
think about it.
biki loves you.
you will be almost like tara.
you a princess and she a Queen.
I' m supposed to just say yes to everything?
to tara's clothes, to her used dowry,
And now to her brother?
it is our destiny, maya.
I'll make my own destiny, masi.
Let me be.
she said no?
thank god.
i could found show my face.
daughter marries king,
son marries servant girl.
come, ma.
come, ma!
you whore!
stop, pIease!
stop, pIease!
pIease, i beg of you, no.
I' m so sorry.
oh, masi...
you had better go, my pagli.
your mother's bIessings are with you.
And take these bells with you,
so the world will know
the whore is coming!
for the blood.
i know about the blood.
just put it under neath you
at the time of the pain.
what pain?.
just like the t eari ng of a back tooth.
one moment there, one moment gone.
she is ready for you, my son.
your good luck charm.
one day you are your father's property...
the next day you are your husband's property.
must be difficult.
why not put that around me?.
i promise i will not do it again
if you embrace me.
i can not.
you can.
you even want to.
i will press the marks of my teeth and nails
into your breasts
And i will say i found you this way
And that another man had don e it.
And what will you say then?.
i will say i am innocent.
who will believe you?.
you just called me maya.
are you trying to read my mind?.
did they not prepare you?.!
didn't they tell you never to question your hu sband?.!
get me the chief courtesan!
my name is Jai.
Jai kumar.
i am the royal sculptor,
And i saw you at the king's wedding.
you don't know this,
but you in spire my work.
i work in stone,
Ii ke these temples.
it's hard to believe she's made of ston e.
stone has life.
it's not right.
don't move.
I' m sorry.
Let me explain.
i work with my hands.
i didn't want to frighten you or embarrass you.
why do you feeI so free to touch me?.
And don't t alk to me as if i was your servant.
I' m not your servant.
a servant is a master in disguise.
where do you live?.
come, I'Il walk you home.
you do have a home to go to?.
Iisten, i know somewhere.
if you agree, i can take you there.
she is wonderful.
she teaches the kamasutra.
everything I' m trying to understand
about love in my work, she knows.
Let me take you to her.
when you dance the dance of enticement
for a man,
you dance like he's the only one Left in the world
come on. come on, try.
Jai kumar.
And to what do we owe this honor?.
this is maya...
a new frien d.
she needs a place to stay.
come, maya.
join us.
so tara was being weighed in go ld,
And she insulted me be fore the kind, so i...
you what?.
i went to the king's chamber,
And i gave myself to him
the night of his wedding.
ohh. washe as good as his father?.
oh, rasa devi,
the fuss, the shame.
now, that is an ancient word.
when the king i served as chief courtesan
went to war,
the Queen, being the dutiful wife she was,
was hed his feet with ho ly water.
she drank the same wat er
every day he was gone.
when he came back...
he rode straight to my door.
do you think that honored the Queen?.
honor and shame
may be two s i des of the same coin.
it's so beautiful here.
you are welcome to live with us here, maya.
i prepare women.
some become courtesans in the king's harem.
i teach my girls the kamasutra- -
that the art of love
is much more than the act it self.
you have it in you
to be a great courtesan, maya.
reserved maybe for raj singh himself.
the king?.
And why not?.
no, rasa devi, never.
we shall not speak of it again.
you stay here as a daughter.
And if you change your mind...
you come teIl me.
i used to worship inside tempIes...
utiI i saw that everything around me was holy...
the waterfall...
all pu re spirit.
now like a madman, i worship everything i see...
Iike you.
there's a story told
about the neighboring king
And his favorite courtesan.
this courtesan became pregnant
at the same time as his Queen.
she gave birth to a son
a few days be fore the Queen had a daughter.
the courtesan knew that her son would be considered
a threat to the throne,
so the eunuchs would be dispatched to kill her child.
she was determined to save him.
it was diwali, and the potters came to gift their vessels.
suddenly, the courtesan had an idea.
she begged one of the potters
to smuggIe her baby out in an unusedurn.
did the courtesan see her son again?.
yes, she did.
every few years the boy would be dresser as a girl
And smuggIed i nto the in n er court.
men can't enter the harem.
so they dresser the boy up,
And his mother would take him along secret passages.
they would spend a few hours together.
then he would be smuggled out...
And the courtesan knew that it would be some time
be fore she saw her child again.
a few years later she died.
maya, come.
And this position is call ed twining of the creeper.
now we add to this
what the kamasutra calls the throbbing kiss.
And this is the way for both lovers to have the pleasure
of kissing the lower li p at the same time.
this was gentle.
what about when love feels intense?.
on the first union, for exampIe,
or when angry lovers are reconciled?.
or when one is intoxicated And full of energy?.
how can we express our passion then?.
called by the kamasutra, " the blad e of the saw. "
a woman who sees the marks of her lover's nails on her body
becomes excited again.
always remember, there should be variety in love s port.
Jai, your padmi n i is there.
there, there. she's be en waiting for hours. go.
i forgot to retu rn this to you the other day.
you touch me,
And i don't know if it's about your work or...
about what?.
something else. don'task me to name it.
is what you do different from them,
from the men in the street?.
you're the same as them, aren't you?.
you're accusing me of bei ng the same as those men?.
I'll take you somewhere tonight,
And you can see for yourself.
but you will have to dress like a man.
examining. examining.
Leave. I' m going in as a commoner.
can i have some wine?.
you don't know me, kumar.
tonight I' m one of you.
come here, you cheap littles lut.
there is joy in 3 things - -
eating meat, riding meat,
And putting m eat into meat.
i need a woman.
chand rabai, can you get me a young one?.
may i entreat you to see a special flower of mine?.
a virgin as yet unknown to men.
i had a virgin not so long ago.
a strange girl with a face like a Queen.
sometimes i still long for her.
all the way from the hi malayas.
padmini herseIf.
a freshrose of the gutter
to bloom only for you.
almost the face of a Queen.
I'll take her.
enjoying?. huh?.
oh, rasa!
you have seen how some men can be like animals,
but it is not all men.
i don't believe Jai kumar is like that.
And since when is woman simply a helpless animal?.
just like men, we are awake
And filled with longing.
but - -
no buts.
passion remains the spirit behind existence, maya.
nothing will ever change that.
it's how we use our passion that is of essence.
now we must listen to what the kamasutra teaches,
that the true union between man and woman
can take us beyond this animal lust into total trust
And merging with the other,
where each becomes both.
imagine such bliss.
the story you told me about the courtesan and her son,
it was you, wasn't it?.
i made some coconut rice for you.
i know you don't usually eat when you work.
something's wrong.
what is it?. tell me.
I' m working differently.
but that's good, is n't it?.
she's beautiful.
something about being with you has
when i work, i see you all the time.
you're with me at every moment.
is that all you see in me, your work,
a piece of stone?.
what if i can't work properly without you?.
you don't hadve to.
we can work together.
no. I' ve never needed anyone.
I' ve never need to rely on anyone.
we can't be together.
don't fall in love with me.
you were the one that t alked about love all the time.
And now it's facing you, you run from it.
sometimes things don't make sense immediately.
i have known him a few years now.
he is used to being alone.
be patient, maya.
be patient.
i loved being with him.
i would have don e anything just to be with him.
what kind of love are you talking about,
if you're looking for reallove,
you've chosen the hardest task of all.
the work for whichall other work is but preparation.
but i was ready.
i wanted to give myseIf to him.
Iove does not mean surrenderi
Iosing yourseIf.
it is a call to ripen.
don't look for straight li n es, maya.
life is never like that.
i want to underst and properly, rasa devi.
i want to learn about the rules of love
And how to apply them.
And if i can't use them on the one i love...
I'll use them on the ones i don't.
teach me.
I' m ready.
at all times and in all countries,
there's ever be en a little rivalry
between the chaste And the unchaste.
but while some women are born courtesans,
Let's face it,
every woman has got an in kling of the profession
in her nature
And makes herself agreable to the other sex.
one of the art s of courtesan
is that while she involves herself in s ex
without love,
she conducts herself as if love were in deed natural.
because we all know that men love women
who ap parent ly love them.
but even courtesans should not always be we lcomi ng
because we must know that men are apt to despise
things that are easily acquired.
you can hear all these rules,
but remember once the wheel of love is s et in motion...
there are no rules and no order.
salute the day!
salute the hills and flowers!
is this the statue?.
whose is this?.
it's mine, sahib.
yours, kumar?.
so imbued is this stone with the warmth of woman.
i want to kiss the skin.
i have kissed the skin.
i have kissed this skin.
who is she?.
a young woman i found - -
bring her to me.
i wish i could, sahib,
but she disappeared.
then we must find her.
as a reward for your most excellent work, kumar,
you shall wrestle me.
vazir, pay the man his weight in go ld.
you made her wait.
now you will have to wait.
listen! listen!
we are looking for the woman who inspired Jai kumar.
her skin, the color of freshly harvested wheat.
her limbs long and languorous
like the creeper.
thank you.
are you ready, my preciou s child?.
I' m frightened.
i was frightened, too, the day they came for me.
it is good to be a little frightened
because it means you feel things.
another courtesan, my Queen.
how long do you expect to languish?.
all day?.
i was longing to see you.
get out!
my son has an eye.
i trained him.
of course.
'tis the usual custom.
the usual custom no long er applies.
if a courtesan is not eIegantly attired,
she will not exhilarate my husband.
exhilaration is my department.
you get me something new,
or we will keep your husband waiting.
And I' m sure i will be blamed for it.
he is full of lu st, And she is in the eye.
get her something n ew And quickly, tara.
what news from the stars?.
there is news of the shah, sahib.
tell me the stars.
jupiter, the sign of good fortune,
is placed in your house of love and marriage.
an auspicious time for love.
sahib, we must speak.
i said later.
vazi r, matt ers of st at e are your affai r
as love is mine.
adjust, my child.
it's an old story.
he had her on your wedding night...
just the way rasa had my husband.
there are courtesans, And then there are wives.
there are dozens like her,
but you are Queen.
the glory of god is in you.
oh, it was a good night.
kumar, whose arti stry pleases my gods,
what ever you've heard, in the ring, we're equal.
with or without claws?.
i can be Lethal enough without them.
you do that again, you'll have no arms.
forgive me, sahib.
good fight, kumar.
we have some work to discuss.
will you join me tonight?.
people say i think too much about women.
what is there more i m port ant to think about?.
to our great king.
started off a great warrior,
ended as an insect sucking on a poppy flower.
captured. you draw the fIeeting moment.
show me the eternal.
you did make love to maya, then?.
you know her name?.
i know everything.
answer me.
I' m waiting.
work can only be an act of love.
you will go to china to fetch another,
you clumsy son of a whore!
yes, sahib. right away.
i have found your girl, kumar.
sit, sit.
i tell you she governs me And win ds me up
at a whim.
my moods depend on her.
i want to open my eyes to her under me...
in the morning.
you should be given an audience with her, kumar.
i want you to carve her across the roof of my room...
but if i was god, I' d carve her across the bright blue sky.
bitter as bile.
but when taken from childhood,
it makes you imune from enemies.
my raj...
all my life...
i have lived with your used things.
now all your life, you'll use mine.
tell me, are you happy now?.
i was young.
i had no idea then
that what i did that night
would change your life forever...
And mine, too.
you got what you wanted.
he desires you.
at least one of us is hap py.
do you think that just because the king des ires me,
it makes me happy?.
does it not?.
no, tara, it does not.
when i catch a glimpse of the world out side...
trees, sky...
i wish we were free like when we were children.
you meet again.
what shall i do?.
will you dance?.
i like this position.
i did not agree to sculpting by committee, sahib.
allow me the honor of a...
an artist's privacy.
i love you.
you love only yourself.
how naive of me.
forgive me, pIease.
i was afraid of losing control.
you hurt me.
i be long to him now.
i be long to you.
i made a mistake.
take me back.
i marry you...
you marry me.
i marry you...
you marry me.
dr. mani, we believe Queen tara is hysterical.
we found her flushed And without breath.
her body does not keep from twisting.
have the s pirit spossessed her?. i want to know.
her heart, pIease.
her pulse...
it's normal.
it seems the opium has made you half a man.
you can not pass her over. i' ve heard rumors
that her own brother's being courted by the shah.
invaders like the shah, with or without that hunch back
are no match for my strength.
it is not you that are strong.
it is your neighbors that are weak.
the gods protect me.
i will s how you. biki is nothing.
just show me an heir from the Queen
be foreiget a bastard from one of your whores!
ha ha! sweet brother- in - law, this is your home.
you can have anything you want.
now, what can i offer you?.
more music?.
oh. boys.
boys?. do you insult me?.
oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
or is it time you had women?.
ha ha! i always wanted women..
ever since i... ha ha... stood up.
certainly, women you shall have.
you shall have the pick of my harem.
how many do you want?.
4?. ha ha ha!
don't worry, we'll blin d fo ld them.
And tie up their han ds as well.
i writ e this in the interest of the people,
who are being n eg I ect ed by a debauched king.
now take this to the shah.
he has insulted my sister
And squeezes the common folk each day
to feed his appetites. he has put his affairs
entire lyin the hands of his prime minister, the vazir.
i put myself in your royal hands as an ally.
prince bikram singh.
i want to be alone.
i want to be alone with you.
just you and i...
Let me lie in your arms.
give me some comfort.
oh, pIease.
i can not.
do you think you're the only woman?.
i have hundreds waiting.
go to them.
once you wanted me.
i serviced you, that' s all.
you have no power over me.
go, now.
my love.
oh, my love. i can't continue this way.
this is the last time is neak in like some rat!
i' m his courtesan, that's all.
beautiful women are a law unto thems elves.
i no long er have any authority over her.
life is strange.
fight me.
fight me, kumar!
i want to sweat.
And bleed.
why did you do this?.
i can not stand this anymore.
because i love you, my work has a power
that even i can not explain.
what do i work for?.
to arouse this king of ours?.
we leave tonight.
as soon as it's dark, we'll fin d a way out.
where's the whore with the heart of a vulture?.!
where is she?.!
were you invited?.
i didn'task him in, my love. did you?.
you off end me.
it is a crime to off end your ruler.
you reign, sahib. you do not rule.
you will die, kumar.
you will die like the bastard commoner you are!
take him away to the valley of stones.
what are you going to do?.
what am i going to do?.
i hate you.
all my life you hated me!
you could have finis hed me off, but you didn't!
you know why?.
because i survived you.
i wanted to live.
now you better survive me...
And your husband...
And any - - anything else that happens to hurt you.
they took him.
you love Jaikumar?.
we shall not surrender to des pair.
this is really not so difficult.
i can s how you how to dress.
i can s how you how to mark him And touch him.
men are not s uch a myst ery.
first i will mark you.
he will know a woman made these marks.
it will excite him.
Jai is going to be killed...
And i can not stop it.
i will help you see him.
now is the time.
the doctor will help you.
thank you.
our deepest gratitude, doctor.
who is it?.
speak up.
greetings, raj.
maya's t aught you well.
in the en d... it always comes down to the wife.
the mark of a tiger's nail.
you are common to many women.
i would see you always...
so aroused by others...
undressing them with your eyes.
how i loved you then.
And how i anguished.
you do hate me.
no, raj.
i do not love you enough...
to hate you.
embrace me, my love.
you have to be very brave, my love.
they take you tomorrow.
And i will be with you always.
bind me to you with this hair forever.
i am yours.
take me.
cut this hair. it's yours.
my flower.
you have my heart.
i love you.
you came back for me.
even like this, i want you.
you have me.
but i ask only one thing.
please free him.
pIease. i' m begging you.
i will do anything.
no! i want more than this!
i want your heart.
in your heart, please, give him up.
if you free him.
if i free him, you must never see his face again.
swear it on your mother's name.
i swear it.
you're alying whore!
Jai kumar will die! And i will watch him die!
a box was Left at the gat e
with a message from the shah.
he... he has entered our kingdom, sahib.
his troops are advancing upon us.
call the Queen! uhh... uhh...
comfort me.
I need some comfort.
knowing love,
i will allow all things to come and go...
to be as supple as the wind...
And take everything that comes with great courage.
as rasa would say to me :
" life is right in any case. "
my heart is as open as the sky.
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