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Subtitles for Kanto Wanderer 1963.

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Kanto Wanderer 1963

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00:00:04:NIKKATSU CORPORATION|Presents 00:00:17:KANTO WANDERER 00:00:27:Original story by|TAIKO HIRABAYASHI 00:00:31:Photography by|SHIGEYOSHI MINE 00:00:35:Film Editor|AKIRA SUZUKI 00:00:43:Music by|MASAYOSHI IKEDA 00:00:49:Starring 00:00:51:AKIRA KOBAYASHI 00:00:57:CHIEKO MATSUBARA|DAIZABURO HIRATA 00:00:59:HIROKO ITO|SANAE NAKAHARA 00:01:24:YUNOSUKE ITO|TORU ABE 00:01:27:KINZO SHIN|TAIJI TONOYAMA 00:01:29:Directed by|SEIJUN SUZUKI 00:01:35:Tokiko, you sure he won't|turn you down? 00:01:37:Yes. 00:01:38:You know him well? 00:01:40:Not very well, but don't worry. 00:01:43:Father knows him. 00:01:45:What does your father do? 00:01:49:- He's like a knight.|- A knight? 00:01:53:What kind of business is he in? 00:01:54:He's a modern-day knight.|Like this. 00:02:15:Tokiko, are you angry? 00:02:17:I know what's on your mind.|You're mean! 00:02:21:- We're not. Are we?|- Not at all. 00:02:24:I won't take you with me,|so there! 00:02:27:- Now you're being mean.|- Yes, you are. 00:02:31:I won't. 00:02:33:Fine. Don't. 00:02:45:Is school out? 00:02:50:If you skip class,|your father will scold you. 00:02:53:Don't tell Father. 00:02:58:Who is he? Is he family? 00:03:00:I don't know him. 00:03:02:I know! 00:03:03:That must be Mr. Katsuta! 00:03:07:You seem so happy to see him. 00:03:09:It's true. 00:03:15:Mr. Katsuta! 00:03:23:He's handsome. 00:03:25:I really go for him! 00:03:28:I'm leaving! 00:03:44:Hello. 00:03:48:Tetsu, come with me. 00:03:51:Ichiro. 00:03:54:Ichiro! 00:04:01:- How is it going here?|- So-so. How's the gambling house? 00:04:04:No good customers. Just bums. 00:04:08:The good ones go|to the races these days. 00:04:11:What's so good about the races? 00:04:14:It's quicker money than gambling. 00:04:20:If even you can see that,|we're in bad shape. 00:04:26:Back there. 00:04:28:It's creepy! 00:04:30:It's a little late to say that now,|you chicken! 00:04:33:I'm ready. 00:04:35:- What are you going to do?|- I want to watch. 00:04:39:I'll go and ask, then. 00:04:44:Tokiko! 00:04:59:Tokiko. 00:05:01:What's up? 00:05:03:I'm here to see Udebun. 00:05:05:- You gonna do it?|- No, I just want to watch. 00:05:08:You're curious. 00:05:10:We'd like to watch. 00:05:14:Can we go in? 00:05:17:Yeah. Teen-age girls... 00:05:22:Sure, come in.|I'm going to get one. 00:05:26:Who's he? 00:05:29:Diamond Fuyu. 00:05:31:Diamond? Does he have one? 00:05:34:I don't know. 00:05:50:What is it? 00:05:51:They want to watch.|Work on me. 00:05:56:Don't scream or they'll laugh at you. 00:06:01:Young lady, close the screen. 00:06:17:What's that look?|I haven't even started yet. 00:06:40:- I can't take it.|- Hanako was fine. 00:06:42:- I had enough.|- Let's go home. 00:06:45:What about Hanako? 00:06:46:She likes it, and anyway,|she doesn't want to go home. 00:06:49:- Why?|- Her father has a lady guest. 00:06:53:She may become her mother. 00:07:02:Are you Boss Izu's daughter? 00:07:07:You've got guts|for a girl from a good home. 00:07:11:You like yakuza? 00:07:14:Yakuza? 00:07:16:Like Diamond Fuyu here. 00:07:19:Gallant guys. 00:07:21:Let me see. 00:07:26:He's not bad. 00:07:38:Watch it, old man! 00:07:40:Pass me a hot towel from that bowl. 00:07:42:- A towel?|- Hurry up! 00:07:45:No guts!|A young guy like you... what a disgrace! 00:07:48:It hurts today.|I can't stand it! 00:07:52:So Tokiko's father is a yakuza boss,|and you're his man? 00:07:57:Yoshida is my boss, not Izu. 00:07:59:Is Izu a good boss? 00:08:01:He's not much as bosses go. 00:08:04:He's a weakling. 00:08:05:We're headed for big things. 00:08:08:- Really?|- Yeah. 00:08:12:You like yakuza? 00:08:17:You're great! 00:08:32:Tetsu! 00:08:34:Stop it. 00:08:44:Mr. Katsuta! 00:08:46:What is it? 00:08:48:Don't tell on me. 00:08:50:- I won't.|- Please. 00:08:54:I won't. 00:08:55:Thanks. 00:09:00:My friends asked me to skip school. 00:09:04:- Mr. Katsuta.|- Yes, what is it? 00:09:10:Nothing. 00:09:13:Mr. Katsuta! 00:09:18:What is it? 00:09:20:What does "red clothes" mean? 00:09:25:Before the war,|prisoners used to wear red clothes. 00:09:29:And "white clothes"? 00:09:31:They were to die in. 00:09:33:Oh, my! 00:09:35:It's the yakuza way. 00:09:43:We're in a slump. 00:09:45:Never mind. Drink.|Gambling doesn't pay these days. 00:09:49:That's true. 00:09:51:Mr. Oyama's giving|our boss a big job. 00:09:54:Yes, I was just telling Tetsu that. 00:09:56:He's giving us some well-paying work|for helping with the elections. 00:10:01:Government rights to construction work|worth 30,000,000 yen. 00:10:06:Will things be picking up, then? 00:10:10:Does that make us subcontractors? 00:10:13:No, we're just selling the rights. 00:10:18:I see. 00:10:20:Boss... 00:10:22:I know gambling's not|what it used to be, 00:10:26:but if Izu does that,|won't people laugh at us? 00:10:29:Fool! 00:10:31:For a young guy,|you talk like an old yakuza. 00:10:34:Think about it. 00:10:35:We won't survive|unless we get some big money. 00:10:38:But isn't Boss Yoshida|going after the work too? 00:10:43:I guess he is. 00:10:45:Won't he be angry at Izu|for doing something rash like that? 00:10:48:He's got no right to be. He's the one|who's forgotten the yakuza code. 00:10:52:That's right. 00:10:53:And he and his men|are all swellheads. 00:10:56:Even that punk Fuyu|thinks he's so great. 00:11:20:Welcome. 00:11:22:How are you doing? 00:11:24:Hanako. 00:11:27:- Will Katsuta be our dealer?|- No. Tetsu. 00:11:36:Know how to play even and odd? 00:11:38:Odds are on the dealer's side,|evens opposite. 00:11:42:Anyone else?|We need three more bets, please. 00:11:45:The stakes have to be equal|on each side. 00:11:47:Betting is closed.|Ready? Game! 00:11:50:It's even! 00:11:51:Simple, isn't it? 00:11:53:Simple to bet,|but not so simple to win. 00:11:57:Want to try? 00:11:59:- They don't cheat here, do they?|- Cheat? 00:12:03:What's that? 00:12:05:Sorry. 00:12:06:She doesn't know anything.|Go easy on her. 00:12:13:Talk nonsense like that|and I'll let you have it. 00:12:23:Hurry up! 00:12:25:How long you gonna keep us waiting? 00:12:28:My luck's gotta change. 00:12:32:Place your bets! 00:12:36:Two more bets. 00:12:38:Ready? Game! 00:12:41:What are you doing? 00:12:43:You call this running a business? 00:12:46:Where'd the other die go? 00:12:49:I found it. 00:12:52:Sorry! 00:12:53:Four packs of cigarettes. 00:13:06:Hold it! 00:13:08:Cops! Run for it! 00:13:29:Boss, a police raid! 00:13:37:You bungling fool! 00:13:39:My only gambling den!|I'll lose face! 00:13:42:Who got caught? 00:13:43:Pon and Fuyu's girl! 00:13:45:Tokiko's friend?|All good-for-nothings! 00:13:48:Maybe Pon's a good-for-nothing,|but the girl was a guest. 00:13:52:We have to get her out. 00:13:54:I know that. Get ready. 00:13:57:Is Fuyu's girl pretty? 00:14:00:Yes, 00:14:02:if you like that kind. 00:14:06:To me she is! 00:14:08:You wouldn't lose anything|by sleeping with her. 00:14:14:Get some food and sake together! 00:14:17:To me she certainly is. 00:14:24:I just remembered. 00:14:26:We contacted your home.|Your father's out. 00:14:31:He doesn't care about me. 00:14:35:It's a shame there's|no one to come get you. 00:14:38:In that case|you'd have to stay here. 00:14:41:Can't I stay here with you? 00:14:43:Here? In my room? 00:14:47:Izu, head of the Izu family,|is here to see you. 00:14:53:Bring him in here. 00:14:58:You're some girl. 00:15:00:You're safe with me, 00:15:02:but act like that with other guys|and you could get in trouble. 00:15:07:- Think so?|- Do I think so? 00:15:09:I can't tell if you're an adult|or just a kid. 00:15:14:Sorry for the inconvenience. 00:15:16:- I'm glad it's you on duty.|- Sorry to trouble you so late. 00:15:19:She's a guest.|I had to come. 00:15:23:Mr. Katsuta! 00:15:30:Who squealed? 00:15:32:It couldn't be helped. 00:15:37:Handcuff marks. 00:15:39:They really cut into your skin|if you struggle. 00:15:42:- Did they hurt?|- No. It was a good experience. 00:15:45:Mr. Katsuta's handsome.|Are you going to marry him? 00:15:50:No. 00:15:51:Don't try to hide it. 00:15:53:You perk up|whenever we mention him. 00:15:56:Fuyu said he's probably|kissed you by now. 00:16:02:That's a lie! He's mean. 00:16:10:I'm going home. 00:16:11:Are you seeing Fuyu again? 00:16:13:No, I'm going to a movie. 00:16:15:See you. 00:16:42:Hi there. 00:16:44:Too bad about the other day. 00:16:47:No, I learned a lot. 00:16:50:Guess so,|if you look at it that way. 00:16:54:I was just there to watch anyway. 00:16:57:I see. 00:16:59:Want to have more fun? 00:17:02:- What do you have in mind?|- It's fun. 00:17:05:You have to be young and pretty|and have some guts. 00:17:09:- You can do it.|- What is it? 00:17:14:Fishing for men. 00:17:16:Fishing for men? 00:17:19:It's fun! 00:17:23:Looks like it! 00:17:32:I'm worried. 00:17:33:I'm afraid I'll giggle|at the wrong moment. 00:17:38:Say, listen! 00:17:41:Be serious now. 00:17:43:The express for Shinjuku|will be departing soon 00:17:46:from track two. 00:17:50:Passengers, please board|your train promptly. 00:17:55:Drop your hanky or ask for a light. 00:17:59:Use your noodle. 00:18:01:I don't smoke. 00:18:02:Be serious now. 00:18:05:This station is Gooh. 00:18:08:Last stop. 00:18:11:Please be sure to take|all personal belongings with you. 00:18:50:Are you waiting for someone? 00:18:53:No. 00:18:58:Is it somebody nice? 00:19:00:No. 00:19:03:I don't have anyone. 00:19:07:Did your steady stand you up? 00:19:11:I don't have one. 00:19:15:How about a cup of tea? 00:19:23:Now give him a smile! 00:19:49:How about here? 00:19:51:A stepmother came,|so I ran away from home! 00:19:55:I see. That's too bad. 00:20:09:Mister! 00:20:27:What will you do after this? 00:20:30:I'll work.|Know any good places? 00:20:33:Yes. You're charming. 00:20:35:You'll make a fine hostess. 00:20:37:It doesn't matter where.|I'll work hard. 00:20:41:I'm glad I met|a kind man like you. 00:20:46:I'll do all I can. 00:21:43:Poor man. 00:21:46:I bet Tetsu's flattened him by now. 00:22:00:Tetsu! 00:22:07:You naughty girl. 00:22:09:You should've told me about him. 00:22:13:Let's go. 00:22:15:- Where?|- Where you're going to work. 00:22:19:I haven't decided yet. 00:22:22:I paid your friend an advance. 00:22:27:But he and I aren't... 00:22:29:Stop pretending! 00:22:31:You tried to put one over on me.|Don't fight it now. 00:22:42:He sold me to you? 00:22:47:Looks like it. 00:22:52:That's okay. I don't care. 00:22:55:That's my girl. 00:23:16:It costs money|to open a gambling den. 00:23:19:Yes, I know that. 00:23:22:But what'll happen to the Izu family 00:23:24:if we just give up|and don't reopen the business? 00:23:28:Think of the future. 00:23:31:It's the surest way|to get back on our feet. 00:23:37:You may think so, 00:23:39:but there's not much to be made|in gambling these days. 00:23:45:Boss! 00:23:50:It was a good day! 00:23:53:What was so good about it?|Don't wander off like that! 00:23:56:I didn't wander off. 00:23:58:I had a crack at Diamond Fuyu! 00:24:02:Why did you do such a thing? 00:24:05:He picked a quarrel|as soon as he saw me. 00:24:09:So right in front of everyone, 00:24:11:I gave him one, bang! 00:24:15:- A right hook to the jaw.|- Tetsu! 00:24:18:You punched Yoshida's man Fuyu? 00:24:21:Fool! Always making trouble! 00:24:24:Think Yoshida's gonna let that pass? 00:24:32:Boss, 00:24:33:if Yoshida protests,|can I reject his demands? 00:24:36:Idiot! This is no simple quarrel! 00:24:39:Yoshida's sore about Mr. Oyama! 00:24:42:Maybe so, 00:24:44:but if we give in to him,|we'll be a laughingstock. 00:24:48:That's right. 00:24:49:It's not that! 00:24:50:We won't get Oyama's work|if we mess up. 00:25:00:What a stupid thing to do. 00:25:08:Just what Yoshida wanted. 00:25:16:I'll go and settle it with Fuyu. 00:25:19:Yes, do that.|And don't lose your temper. 00:25:22:The Izu family will lose face! 00:25:25:Keep out of this! 00:25:29:Yoshida's heard by now. 00:25:32:Don't go out. 00:25:37:Tetsu, do you know|where Fuyu lives? 00:25:42:Draw me a map. 00:25:46:Well? Hurry up! 00:26:04:TATSUKO IWATA 00:26:08:Excuse me! 00:26:15:I'm Katsuta, Boss Izu's man. 00:26:19:Is Fuyu in? 00:26:20:He's not back yet. 00:26:23:I see. 00:26:29:Can I help you? 00:26:34:Yes. 00:26:36:Pardon me,|but are you his sister? 00:26:38:Yes. 00:26:40:I'll come again. 00:26:43:Please tell him Katsuta|came to see him. 00:26:49:Excuse me. 00:27:08:It's that woman. 00:27:11:ANINNIN SHINSHU|FOUR YEARS EARLIER 00:27:23:You're so mean!|I've lost three times! 00:27:27:Too bad. Would you like to play|some other game? 00:27:29:It's not important.|I'm just here to have a good time. 00:27:37:Are you no good at gambling either? 00:27:41:Not very. 00:27:43:I'm tired of playing this game, 00:27:46:but we don't have any cards. 00:27:48:How about this? 00:27:50:It's kind of childish,|but there's nothing else to do. 00:27:54:It's like this.|You bet on each throw. 00:27:58:Aim for the edge of the tatami. 00:28:01:Whoever gets closest|wins the entire pot. 00:28:04:The edge of the mat over there? 00:28:07:That sounds very difficult. 00:28:09:- Shall we try?|- How much? 00:28:11:A thousand yen? 00:28:22:My turn. 00:28:31:I have a feeling I might win. 00:28:39:Well done! 00:28:45:I wanted to follow her|like kids chase a rainbow, 00:28:48:leaving behind my world|and all my ambitions. 00:28:51:Follow this lovely swindler|wherever she may go, 00:28:54:floating along behind|like the melody to a popular song. 00:29:05:I'm sorry you've returned again|to no avail. 00:29:07:He's still not back. 00:29:09:Still not back? 00:29:11:He was here, but he left again. 00:29:15:I told him you came by. 00:29:17:I see. 00:29:19:Is anything wrong? 00:29:20:No, it's not important. 00:29:23:Sorry for the inconvenience. 00:29:27:No use waiting then, is there? 00:29:33:Please come in. 00:29:36:I might be able to find out|where he is. 00:30:11:There is where he's gone. 00:30:17:Please make yourself at home. 00:30:20:Please don't bother. 00:30:22:I came to set things right. 00:30:24:It wouldn't look good|to drink before resolving things. 00:30:27:Don't worry about that. 00:30:29:We've met|under interesting circumstances. 00:30:32:Please have some. 00:30:45:We've met before. 00:30:47:What? 00:30:54:Where? 00:31:03:I've won again. I'm sorry. 00:31:07:Wait! 00:31:09:You're a fraud! 00:31:11:You did the same thing in Numazu. 00:31:14:Give the money back. 00:32:10:Mrs. Iwata. 00:32:14:Forgive me! 00:33:23:Mr. Katsuta. 00:34:22:Don't ever leave me. 00:34:43:What do you want? 00:34:51:Hanako's gone. 00:34:53:Gone? What happened? 00:34:57:I suspect Tetsu. 00:35:16:Say, Tetsu. 00:35:29:What do you want? 00:35:34:What have you done with Hanako? 00:35:37:Hanako? Don't know|what you're talking about. 00:35:40:Hey, the piece on the right. 00:35:44:- Tetsu.|- I don't know! 00:35:52:Stop playing dumb. 00:35:55:You tried to pick her up|outside a tea room. 00:35:59:Don't deny it! 00:36:01:Hanako's been acting strange lately. 00:36:03:It's her new stepmother.|I wonder how that turned out. 00:36:06:The stepmother is moving in.|But that's not the only reason. 00:36:09:Really? 00:36:14:She told me something|the other day. 00:36:21:"You can't hold onto it forever, 00:36:23:so I might as well let it go. 00:36:27:It's a bother protecting it." 00:36:29:- What is?|- You're so dense. 00:36:32:We're always talking about it.|You know. 00:36:35:- No, I don't.|- Oh, no? 00:36:37:What you feel for Mr. Katsuta...|it's got to do with that. 00:36:42:Now I know. 00:36:44:You do? 00:36:45:Yes. I understand. 00:36:50:So I asked her,|"What if you get pregnant?" 00:36:54:What did she say? 00:36:55:It doesn't always happen.|A few times wouldn't matter. 00:36:59:Oh, my. 00:37:01:Where could she have gone? 00:37:04:What will I tell her father? 00:37:08:Mr. Katsuta could find out for us. 00:37:21:You call yourself a yakuza? 00:37:24:Blackmailer, hawker...|you're no better than a hooligan! 00:37:29:Selling a girl! 00:37:31:I didn't mean to,|but I had no money. 00:37:35:Money? 00:37:38:That's no excuse! 00:37:45:- How much?|- 30,000 yen. 00:37:48:You sold her that cheaply? 00:37:50:I got her for free. 00:37:52:Fool! 00:37:56:- Where's the money?|- I lost it gambling. 00:38:14:The Izu family|has really fallen low... 00:38:24:Tetsu. 00:38:27:I'll raise the money.|Take me to her. 00:38:33:Damn it! 00:38:35:I lost the slip of paper|with Hanako's address. 00:38:38:What? 00:38:40:But don't worry. 00:38:41:This is a small town.|I'll ask in every shop. 00:38:45:You're such an idiot! 00:39:01:Where is she, anyway? 00:39:04:Who's this guy she was with? 00:39:06:I don't know who he is. 00:39:09:You're too much. 00:39:11:Don't say that. 00:39:14:Where's the inn where you stayed? 00:39:17:That's an idea. 00:39:20:Let's stay here tonight|and continue looking tomorrow. 00:39:25:Look, fellows from the fish market. 00:39:29:They spend freely. 00:39:32:There's bound to be some fun. 00:39:50:They're at it now! 00:39:52:- At what?|- Gambling. 00:39:55:Let's bet the money|we brought to buy Hanako back. 00:39:58:We could double it in an hour. 00:40:04:What's on your mind? 00:40:07:You look so faraway sometimes. 00:40:09:It's not a girl, is it? 00:40:11:No. 00:40:14:Let's go and play, then. 00:40:17:Okaru-Hachi's here. 00:40:21:- Okaru-Hachi?|- You know him? 00:40:24:No. 00:40:25:I've heard of him,|but I've never seen him. 00:40:28:What's his trick? 00:40:30:Don't you know? 00:40:31:No. I just pretend to know. 00:40:34:In the play Forty-seven Samurai, 00:40:38:Okaru uses a mirror|to read Oishi's letter. 00:40:42:That's his trick. 00:40:45:So if the dealer has something shiny,|like a lighter or cigarette case, 00:40:50:you can be sure|he's pulling Okaru's trick. 00:40:54:He uses it in place of|Okaru's mirror to see the cards. 00:41:01:I see. 00:41:05:You're such a fool! 00:41:08:There's no way he can lose|when he knows the others' hands. 00:41:12:But it's not something|just anybody can do. 00:41:16:It's Okaru-Hachi's specialty. 00:41:18:Think he'll use it tonight? 00:41:20:I think so. 00:41:21:It's real estate men|at the tables tonight. 00:41:23:They're real suckers. 00:41:26:Let's go! 00:41:28:No harm in watching|Okaru-Hachi at work. 00:41:34:I guess not. 00:42:27:Katsuta! 00:42:37:What's the matter?|Let's play! 00:42:40:Not me. 00:42:41:Give me the money, then! 00:42:43:No! 00:42:45:You can't win against a crook! 00:42:48:He's not doing it. 00:42:50:He has lots of other tricks! 00:42:55:I said no. 00:43:02:Katsuta. 00:43:09:You're a gambler, aren't you? 00:43:12:You'd better know the tricks|that are out there. 00:43:17:That one's called a slide. 00:43:20:See that woman? 00:43:23:She looks at the players' cards|and makes signs. 00:43:28:Just like in baseball. 00:43:32:Okaru-Hachi watches her signs|and makes his move. 00:43:36:A slide, eh? 00:43:40:And that woman. 00:43:48:Then she's Okaru-Hachi's woman? 00:43:53:Rascal! 00:44:10:She's very nice-looking. 00:44:13:Too good for him. 00:44:21:I can take a walk, can't I? 00:44:25:Maybe I'll run into Hanako. 00:44:30:May I go? 00:45:28:Aren't you Mr. Katsuta? 00:45:30:I was observing your skills earlier. 00:45:33:Very smooth. 00:45:37:Let's not talk shop. 00:45:41:It's your watching|that pains me the most. 00:45:46:You can't stay here.|Let's go to your room. 00:45:49:I can stay wherever I want. 00:45:51:But I want to play|against your man. 00:45:54:No! 00:45:56:You mustn't. 00:45:59:I want to play him. 00:46:01:I beg you not to. 00:46:52:I want to play tonight. 00:47:28:You never came back after that. 00:47:34:You're so cruel. 00:47:46:It seems like a dream|to see you here. 00:48:16:The winner is seven.! 00:48:19:Game.! 00:48:27:What is it? 00:48:29:That's what I'd like to know! 00:48:33:I want a game with him! 00:48:34:Please, don't! 00:49:13:10,000, 20,000... 40,000! 00:49:17:- 10,000!|- Me too. 00:49:19:That makes 60,000! 00:49:39:One more good card|is all we need! 00:49:42:What is it? 00:49:44:Damn it! 00:49:48:- Damn it! Take it all!|- We keep losing! 00:49:52:I quit. I'm tired. 00:49:55:You've gotta be kidding! 00:49:58:Let's go! 00:50:07:Okaru-Hachi. 00:50:11:I'm Katsuta of the Izu family. 00:50:14:I'd like a game, please. 00:50:18:Very well. 00:50:41:Will these cards do? 00:50:43:Yes, fine. 00:51:16:Next! 00:51:25:Please. 00:51:31:Seven. Game. 00:51:32:- Eight.|- Nine. 00:51:56:Game! 00:51:59:Two, seven-nine. 00:52:11:Four, five-nine. 00:52:40:Please take a break|and eat something. 00:53:16:30,000 yen. 00:53:22:10,000. 00:54:03:I win. 00:54:12:I lost. 00:54:15:I have no luck! 00:54:19:Sorry to bother you. 00:54:23:Are you quitting? 00:54:43:It was a pleasure. 00:54:57:Damn it! 00:55:02:I lost! 00:55:05:I lost! 00:55:19:From Mrs. Iwata. 00:55:21:Take it back. 00:55:23:But... 00:55:24:I don't want it.|Do as I say. 00:55:27:But I... 00:55:29:It's all right. I'll serve him. 00:55:32:Please. 00:55:39:I'm sorry for what happened. 00:55:45:Please get up. 00:55:51:Why do you lead me on? 00:55:55:What were you trying to do earlier? 00:56:05:Never mind. 00:56:08:I'm a wiser man now,|thanks to you. 00:56:12:I wasn't familiar|with Okaru's soy sauce trick. 00:56:21:How is he? 00:56:24:He's gone out. 00:56:32:Excuse me. 00:57:07:Shouldn't you try to speak|to Mr. Katsuta? 00:57:12:The boss said not to. 00:57:14:I don't know about Mr. Yoshida, 00:57:18:but won't avoiding him|complicate things? 00:57:21:I'd like to ask Katsuta|a thing or two myself, 00:57:23:but the boss says not to see him,|so what can I do? 00:57:29:What do you want to ask him? 00:57:32:Why? 00:57:33:- Tell me.|- It's about a girl. 00:57:36:My girl's gone. 00:57:40:Your girl? 00:57:43:Can't I love a girl? 00:57:45:Of course. 00:57:47:It's just so sudden.|It took me by surprise. 00:57:49:Who is she? 00:57:51:Forget it. I've got to go. 00:57:55:Fuyu! 00:58:05:What's wrong? Feeling down? 00:58:08:This universe is a drag. 00:58:12:Universe?|You're pretty philosophical today. 00:58:15:It's true. 00:58:17:But I guess you're right. 00:58:18:Nothing much going on these days. 00:58:22:Want to get started? 00:58:28:Is Boss Izu down on his luck? 00:58:30:Yes. 00:58:32:He's always blocking|my boss' chances. 00:58:35:You don't say. 00:58:37:Trying to take away the work|Mr. Oyama's offered us. 00:58:40:That's bad. 00:58:42:Aren't the two of them|sworn brothers? 00:58:46:Boss Izu shouldn't stoop that low. 00:58:50:Shall we? 00:58:52:Yeah. 00:58:55:I hear Katsuta was hired as a dealer 00:58:58:at Boss Oniwaka's gambling den. 00:59:03:Can't Izu open a new den? 00:59:07:No, he can't. 00:59:09:Too bad. Katsuta's a fine man. 00:59:24:You're a softie|when it comes to women. 00:59:29:I know all about it. 00:59:30:Did you have a tiff with that girl? 00:59:49:Welcome. 00:59:51:We're all indebted to you,|Boss Yoshida. 00:59:53:Is Okaru-Hachi in? 00:59:55:- I'm afraid he's...|- I see. 00:59:57:Never mind.|If he's out, I'll be going. 01:00:02:By the way,|does Fuyu come here? 01:00:05:Yes. 01:00:06:He came late last night|and left early this morning. 01:00:10:He hasn't been to the office. 01:00:13:I'm sorry he causes you|so much trouble. 01:00:17:By the way, 01:00:18:I hear Katsuta calls on you|from time to time. 01:00:22:Yes. 01:00:25:He came by several times,|asking for my brother. 01:00:28:Mrs. Iwata, 01:00:30:seeing Fuyu may not be|his only reason for coming. 01:00:34:I wouldn't be too kind to him. 01:00:40:Anyway... 01:00:47:Tell Okaru-Hachi|I came by at Mr. Oyama's request. 01:00:53:Be careful about Katsuta. 01:00:55:Don't give Okaru-Hachi|too much cause for worry. 01:01:09:Good-bye. 01:01:34:- 10,000 more?|- Here. 01:01:36:- Ready!|- Game! 01:01:40:It's even. 01:02:08:Bets, please. 01:02:10:Don't you feel well? 01:02:13:I'm fine.|Do I look pale? 01:02:17:Take the next game? 01:02:19:All right. 01:02:21:Ready. 01:02:24:Game! 01:02:31:Fuyu, shall we have a drink? 01:02:37:The girl I saw in a dream 01:02:43:Where is she now 01:02:47:I heard Tetsu gave you trouble. 01:02:51:He's a bit weak in the head. 01:02:54:Overlook it, will you? 01:02:56:But the boss says... 01:03:00:I'm not talking about your boss. 01:03:02:I'm asking how you feel about it. 01:03:04:I don't care. 01:03:06:I wanted to ask Tetsu|where my girl is. 01:03:09:- Your girl?|- Hanako. 01:03:14:I don't know. 01:03:16:- You really don't know?|- No, I don't. 01:03:19:Stop pretending. Tell me. 01:03:22:I'm not pretending.|I don't know. 01:03:26:That's a lie!|The Izu family has hidden her away! 01:03:30:Fuyu... 01:03:32:we wouldn't do that,|no matter how down and out we were. 01:03:36:Is that true? 01:03:38:It's true. 01:03:44:Damn it! 01:03:47:Where'd she go, then? 01:03:52:You really love her that much? 01:03:57:I didn't realize. 01:04:04:- Is your sister well?|- Yeah. 01:04:07:Good. 01:04:12:Could you be in love with my sister? 01:04:19:You're on her mind, too. 01:04:22:Don't talk nonsense. 01:04:25:She has a husband. 01:04:29:Okaru-Hachi? That old man. 01:04:33:She doesn't love him. 01:04:36:That's not true. 01:04:38:It's true. 01:04:40:He's an unpleasant old man. 01:04:45:You can't tell how a woman feels 01:04:49:just by looking on the outside. 01:04:55:That's so. 01:04:59:Damn it!|How does she feel? 01:05:20:Yoshida tells me|Katsuta's a pretty good man. 01:05:27:Is that so? 01:05:31:Does he come here often? 01:05:35:Yes, he came to see Fuyu. 01:05:52:Who's that? Fuyu? 01:05:58:I saw Katsuta|and we drank together. 01:06:01:He sends his regards. 01:06:03:You're just a drunken underling! 01:06:05:What of it? 01:06:07:I'm not a crook, like some people! 01:06:10:What are you afraid of? 01:06:11:Hush up! 01:06:13:If you consider yourself a yakuza,|stop getting so drunk! 01:06:17:I am a yakuza,|and not a crook! 01:06:21:Get out, Fuyu! 01:06:23:You bet I will!|You're unbelievable! 01:08:06:May I come in? 01:08:20:I'm sorry about the other day. 01:08:26:I'm sorry too. 01:08:29:What is it? 01:08:31:It's about my brother. 01:08:37:- Fuyu?|- Yes. 01:08:41:What is it? 01:08:44:He's almost indecently preoccupied 01:08:50:over a girl named Hanako. 01:08:56:I wonder if you would be so kind 01:08:58:as to tell me more about her. 01:09:06:Mrs. Iwata... 01:09:10:you seem to think me very stupid,|don't you? 01:09:16:No, I don't! 01:09:17:But you do. 01:09:20:I'm Boss Izu's man. 01:09:24:You're connected in some way|with Boss Yoshida. 01:09:29:You want me to tell you|of our family's humiliation? 01:09:34:It's not... 01:09:36:If I wasn't ashamed of it,|I'd have told Fuyu long ago! 01:09:40:You understand now? 01:09:44:The rest is up to the two bosses. 01:09:47:We'll just have to watch and wait. 01:09:55:Please leave now. 01:09:58:It's better for both of us. 01:10:05:Katsuta! Katsuta! 01:10:11:- What?|- Tetsu's been stabbed! 01:10:14:- Who did it?|- Diamond Fuyu! 01:10:17:What? 01:10:22:Fuyu? 01:10:23:He's with the boss now. 01:10:25:I'll be right there. You go ahead. 01:10:27:Please hurry! 01:10:41:Mr. Katsuta! 01:10:57:Mr. Katsuta! 01:11:20:Is there nothing we can do? 01:11:43:This is the end! 01:11:45:Please send for the undertaker!|I'll die like a man! 01:11:52:What happened? 01:11:53:It was Fuyu!|Take revenge for me! 01:12:01:Fool! 01:12:03:Exaggerating like that|and scaring us! 01:12:05:A scratch won't kill you! 01:12:09:Really? Give me a dagger! 01:12:12:I'll kill him! 01:12:14:What's so funny? 01:12:16:I called the undertaker.|I'll have to cancel now. 01:12:35:Why did you let this happen? 01:12:39:All my effort's gone to waste! 01:12:42:Katsuta, you're not|Oniwaka's man now, are you? 01:12:49:Boss, 01:12:51:he doesn't pay me enough,|so I gamble myself sometimes. 01:12:57:But if I win, I have to treat|his men in return. 01:13:02:I don't make much. 01:13:04:Fool! It's not that! 01:13:07:Why did I lend you to him? Huh? 01:13:09:You should have known|what you were supposed to do. 01:13:14:I know. 01:13:22:No, you don't. 01:13:24:You can't take over|their den by just... 01:13:26:Don't worry! I'll get Fuyu! 01:13:30:Shut up!|Fuyu doesn't matter! 01:13:43:Please understand how I feel, boss. 01:13:48:Making up with Yoshida|was a mistake! 01:13:52:Did Mr. Oyama give you work?|He didn't, did he? 01:13:57:So now you want Oniwaka's den,|but you can't. 01:14:01:How dare you! 01:14:10:You're an Izu man.|Without the family, you're nobody. 01:14:15:The end for the family|means your end too. 01:14:17:Think when you act. 01:14:20:IZU 01:14:24:"The way of the yakuza|is to wear red clothes or white..." 01:14:57:I'm Katsuta, Izu's man. 01:14:59:Please tell Boss Yoshida|I'm here to see him. 01:15:03:He's out at the moment. 01:15:05:I must see him.|Will you tell him? 01:15:08:Don't ask again! 01:15:10:He's really out! 01:15:27:I see. 01:15:30:Then please give him a message|when he returns. 01:15:32:What? 01:15:34:That he owes Izu a visit. 01:15:37:I don't know what his relationship|is to your boss, 01:15:41:but you're out of place|to speak like that! 01:15:44:If I say such a thing, 01:15:47:it's because people who know the code|of our world would know. 01:15:52:But what can you expect of a man 01:15:55:who'd block|his sworn brother's chances? 01:16:03:Isn't that right? 01:16:09:Even you Yoshida swellheads|should know that. 01:16:18:- Place your bets.|- Go on! 01:16:22:Ready? 01:16:24:- Ready.|- Game! 01:16:29:Six. 01:16:32:Sato, may I see you? 01:16:37:Take my place. 01:16:39:- What is it?|- A man's waiting outside. 01:16:44:Will you lend me some money? 01:16:46:I can't. The boss isn't here. 01:16:48:I'll return it tomorrow,|even if I have to hock my wife! 01:16:52:- 100,000 yen.|- We haven't got it. 01:16:55:- I see it over there.|- Not that. 01:16:58:Hurry up!|Save yourself some trouble! 01:17:03:Shut up and get out! 01:17:05:What's that? 01:17:07:Who are you? 01:17:11:Game! 01:17:13:Katsuta, Izu's man. 01:17:15:Is that right? 01:17:16:Then don't butt in|if you're not one of Oniwaka's men! 01:17:24:Come on, Sato! 01:17:28:Enough! Get out! 01:17:30:Don't get smart with me!|Shut up! 01:17:33:Everyone get out! 01:17:40:What's the matter? 01:17:41:This guy's making trouble! 01:17:45:You want to die, you bastard? 01:17:50:Come on! 01:17:51:Last chance for the Izu family.|A man can only wear red or white.! 01:19:18:Boss Yoshida, 01:19:20:I killed two racketeers|for a stupid reason. 01:19:25:If I turn myself in,|I may never get out of prison. 01:19:31:So I've come to ask you a favor. 01:19:39:Killing you and dying for it|would cause me no regret. 01:19:42:I'd gain prestige! 01:19:48:Boss, 01:19:50:people don't kill without a reason. 01:19:57:I now know there was someone|I wanted to kill. 01:20:01:But luck's on his side, 01:20:04:so I have to give up. 01:20:09:Boss Yoshida, 01:20:11:will you keep this sword for me? 01:20:16:As a sword to protect Izu,|your senior boss. 01:20:24:Will you? 01:20:33:Thank you. 01:20:35:Now I've done my duty to Boss Izu. 01:21:00:Boss. 01:21:07:Is Tetsu behaving? 01:21:09:Katsuta did a big thing. 01:21:14:A raid? 01:21:16:He killed two troublemakers|at Oniwaka's place. 01:21:21:He's become a great man. 01:21:27:Let's see.|Will he get 10 years? 01:21:31:In the pen? 01:21:32:I guess so. 01:21:34:Ten years in prison gives|a yakuza an even tougher look. 01:21:40:Leave us. 01:21:43:Midori. 01:21:50:Fuyu, how old are you? 01:21:52:Twenty. 01:21:54:Twenty? 01:21:56:If you went up for ten years,|you'd still only be 30. 01:22:03:Men can do real work|at that age. 01:22:07:Fighting punks on the street|won't make you a great man. 01:22:11:Has to be a man like Izu. 01:22:15:You want to?|I'll take care of the rest. 01:22:18:You're young. 01:22:20:You'll only be in|for seven or eight years. 01:22:28:He used just one stroke on each!|Even the police were surprised! 01:22:32:One like this,|and the other like this! 01:22:36:That's great. 01:22:37:You have a good man. 01:22:41:I heard the Oniwaka family|was arrested. 01:22:43:Your territory will increase! 01:22:46:No, I won't take over their turf. 01:22:50:Get ready.|You'll miss the reception. 01:22:54:We'll accompany Boss Izu. 01:23:00:Young lady. 01:23:02:What is it? 01:23:07:One like this,|and the other like this. 01:23:11:Who here doesn't have a mistress? 01:23:14:What are you up to now? 01:23:17:There's an interesting girl here. 01:23:20:She likes yakuza|and wants to meet a boss. 01:23:23:She likes yakuza? Admirable. 01:23:26:Shall I take care of her? 01:23:29:No, that Arai woman|is too much for you as it is. 01:23:33:That's true. 01:23:35:Anyone who doesn't have a mistress? 01:23:38:Izu left his recently. 01:23:40:Really? Good timing. 01:23:43:Katsuta's made you famous.|Celebrate starting tonight. 01:23:50:I'd have to see her first. 01:23:52:She's a nice girl. 01:23:54:Boss, she's here. 01:23:56:Just in time. 01:23:58:Come in.|We found someone for you. 01:24:02:Thank you. 01:24:07:Do I have something on my face? 01:24:12:That man over there. 01:24:23:It's been some time|since we last met. 01:24:26:You know each other? 01:24:28:I'm Hanako Yamada,|Tokiko's classmate. 01:24:37:Classmate?|Doesn't sound right. 01:24:41:- What do you think?|- I pass. 01:24:43:You do?|You have to, I guess. 01:24:46:You too? 01:24:52:What's wrong with it? 01:24:54:It could be great. Let's try.|I bet it'll be fun. 01:25:33:Boss Izu! 01:25:56:Hanako! 01:26:01:Wait for me for ten years. 01:26:03:No, make it seven. 01:26:06:I'll be out in seven years. 01:26:09:I'll be a big shot! 01:26:13:Fool! 01:26:15:How old will you be then? 01:26:17:Only 30! 01:26:21:In my prime. 01:26:23:Nonsense. 01:26:25:A murderer and an ex-con|in his prime? 01:26:28:Everything will have changed|in ten years, 01:26:30:including your world. 01:26:33:You're a fool. 01:26:35:Don't you love me? 01:26:38:I neither love nor hate you. 01:26:41:We only met once or twice. 01:26:44:And I just became Izu's woman. 01:26:47:You? 01:26:50:He'll finally don white clothes, 01:26:52:and you'll wear red in prison. 01:26:57:He wrote a great poem about it. 01:27:02:"The yakuza code in their fight, 01:27:07:what will they wear, red or white?" 01:27:20:Katsuta. 01:27:23:Here he comes. 01:27:25:You can have ten minutes. 01:28:11:Mrs. Iwata, 01:28:15:you mustn't come here. 01:28:21:I brought you some sushi. 01:28:31:Katsuta, big trouble! 01:28:33:Izu was shot three times.|He died instantly. 01:28:37:Who did it? 01:28:38:Yoshida's punk, Diamond Fuyu. 01:28:50:What happened to Fuyu? 01:28:54:He gave himself up.|Yoshida brought him in. 01:29:04:I see. 01:29:27:Mrs. Iwata, 01:29:32:shall I have that sushi now? 01:29:36:Mr. Yagami. 01:29:39:How about joining me? 01:29:46:I guess it can't be helped. 01:29:51:Yakuza live,|knowing what the score is. 01:29:55:Katsuta, 01:29:56:with Izu dead, 01:29:59:there was no point|in staking your life. 01:30:13:Mr. Yagami, 01:30:15:I don't regret what I did. 01:30:18:I did it to uphold our honor. 01:30:22:No matter what happened to Boss Izu,|I carried out our code. 01:31:01:Fuyu will become a man. 01:31:04:Yoshida will take care of things. 01:31:08:Take him some sweets. 01:31:13:And while you're at it, 01:31:16:why not take Katsuta something too? 01:32:12:THE END 01:32:19:Translation and Subtitle By|Captions, Inc., Los Angeles 01:32:22:>> Napisy pobrane z <<|>>>>>>>> nowa wizja napisˇw <<<<<<<<
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Kaosu (Chaos)
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Kate And Leopold
Kate and Leopold (2001)
Kavkazskaya plennitsa - Kidnapping Caucasian Style (Leonid Gaidai 1966)
Kaze No Katami - The Wind Carpet (Kamal Tabrizi 2003)
Kdo chce zabit Jessii
Keeping The Faith
Keeping Up Appearances 01 - My Name Is Bouqet
Keeping Up Appearances 02 - Welcoming The Dishy Vicar
Keeping Up Appearances 03 - Visiting Acquaintanance Stately
Keeping Up Appearances 05 - Daisy And Her Toy Boy
Keeping Up Appearances 06 - How To Manage Christening
Keeping Up Appearances 11 - Googley-Eyed Registrar
Keeping Up Appearances 12 - Coctails With Greek Millionaire
Keeping Up Appearances 13 - Unfortunate Prospect
Keeping Up Appearances 14 - Playthings For Daddy
Keeping Up Appearances 15 - Three Piece Suite
Keeping Up Appearances 16 - Picnic For Daddy
Keeping Up Appearances 17 - Very Merry Hyacinth
Keeping Up Appearances 18 - Sea Fever
Keeping Up Appearances 19 - Angel Gabriel Blue
Keeping Up Appearances 20 - Historical Pageant
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Kellys Heroes (1970)
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Kiss Me Stupid - Billy Wilder 1964
Kiss Of Death
Kiss of the Dragon
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Kitchen Stories
Kites Over Helsinki
Kitne Door Kitne Paas (1999)
Kjrlighetens Kjtere
Klumps The
Klute 1971
Knafaim Shvurot
Knife In The Water 1962
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Koi mil Gaya (2003 Hindi)
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Kukushka 2002
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