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Subtitles for Kanzo Sensei CD2.

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Kanzo Sensei CD2

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Dr. Akagi Fuu has just arrived from Okayama.
It is our great pleasure to welcome him.
I practice in the country, in the middle of nowhere.
I'm sorry to miss your meetings.
Seeing Professor Mikaway today, looking so fit,
I suddenly feel much younger.
I'd like to make a request.
Following the "Manchuria Incident," in 1931,
a few cases of jaundice were noted, with hypertrophy of the liver.
Five years later, the number of these cases rose sharply.
Most patients suffering from the flu
also had hypertrophy of the liver.
So, after 4 or 5 years of the same diagnosis over and over,
it's a liver disorder, "it's your liver,"
I became known as "Dr. Liver."
Many of my patients left me, tired of my repetitve diagnoses.
Currently, 90% of pneumonia
flu and digestive disorder cases ars accompanied
by hypertrophy of the liver.
I've compiled case histories.
I have 1,500 of them so far.
But I do not intend to keep them to myself.
They are at your disposal, eminent researchers.
I only hope they will be of service to you.
Professor Sumio, if you please.
I am at the University of Nagasaki.
The words Dr. Akagi has just spoken
have moved me deeply, and inspired great respect.
Since the war started, liver infections have suddenly multiplied.
This is indisputable fact.
It can be said that liver disease is becoming the national illness.
Professor Hamamura, please.
I'm at Kanazawa University.
I agree entirely with Professor Sumio.
Fighting this affliction is a top priority for our Society.
Dr. Akagi has taught us a lesson
in competence and dedication which should be duly applauded.
Osumi, Asoka Hospital.
Everything Dr. Akagi said
confirms what I see daily at the hospital.
Practically every case of the flu
is accompanied by liver disease.
There are no words to express how hard it is
to practice in a removed area.
When I was young, I practiced way out in Tohoku,
and I know how hard it is to stay motivated
amid routines and superstitions.
You've continued fighting with courage and clear thinking,
compiling the considerable sum of 1,500 case histories.
Your words have moved me deeply.
I just wanted to tell you that, and to applaud you once again.
I was obviously not tonight's guest of honor.
That was unarguably Dr. Akagi Fuu. Right?
Did something happen?
Escaped prisoner, they say.
It's frightening.
Welcome home.
The curtains.
Does it fit?
Whew, it fits!
- Doctor? - What?
- A prisoner... - Escaped, I know.
Lock all the doors.
Last night, after Dr. Toriumi left, I went for a walk.
He was lying there, wounded.
Dokutoroo, dokutoroohe said. Means "doctor,"right?
What are you telling me?
The prisoner. I put him upstairs.
Upstairs here?
He was on the ground, badly hurt.
He doesn't have a health card.
Did you tell anymore?
He was spitting blood. I gave him potatoes.
Hello, Akagi Clinic.
It's Mr. Hakamada, from the movie theater.
Say I'll come tomorrow.
The doctor will come tomorrow.
Have a good rest.
The prisoner likes potatoes, not carrots.
You speak German?
What country are you from?
The Netherlands.
I am a soldier. I was captured in Sumatra.
What is your name?
Call Dr. Toriumi.
Tell him to come right away.
How were you injured?
I was accused of espionnage.
They tortured me.
But I'm not guilty.
I said I knew nothing.
I waited for my chance,
I knocked the soldier out cold, and I escaped.
let me rest a while.
Of course. I'm a doctor.
Have no fear.
You OK, Toriumi?
I'm sick. Give me a shot.
Really! At a time like this?
- You'll be all right? - Yeah, I'm used to it.
There, all done.
I've got to talk to you. Come for a walk.
I can't. There's an emergency.
Come die with me. I beg you!
No, I don't want to die with you.
You nuts or what?
They caught me, at City Hall.
And I haven't got my orders. I'm done for.
For what you paid me.
Forget it, but I want to die with you!
I said no!
Get off me!
Dr. Toriumi told me. This is for him.
You shouldn't. It's dangerous.
A Dutchman is big, needs a lot of food.
This one's not all that big.
But he's got a big thing!
Of course. He's a Dutchman.
The heart of a US soldier. Stick it!
Forward! Put a hole in it!
Mrs. Takahashi. How many times must tell you?
You keep forgetting! How will you protect the rear?
Get moving now! Two laps!
Doctor Akagi!
That's what I thought. It's you, the laundry man.
I didn't know you were a lieutenant.
I borrowed the uniform from work.
It's good for morale.
The army provides our strength.
How can such a nice man behave so brutally?
Got to live with the times.
Mrs. Takahashi has a bad heart.
Don't run her too much.
All right.
Is he upstairs?
Thanks to you, the old are happy.
They have to eat well and sleep.
I see he knows how to make the best of a situation.
You're over the flu,
but you have liver trouble.
It's swollen.
Does it hurt when I press here?
If we don't act, your belly will swell with water.
You need rest, and a shot of glucose.
What now? Isn't Tetsu here?
He's in training. The customers are restless.
I'm a sick man...
but we need a projectionist.
The motor is blown.
Big trouble.
What's that?
It's an arc light.
How many 100-watt bulbs does it equal?
I'd say, several hundred.
Doctor, is that all right?
Thank you.
Don't mention it. We weren't using it.
A new weapon in the battle to wipe out hepatitis.
Can't see a thing.
You can't get up yet.
I feel better, doctor.
Hey, it's a microscope.
Can I see it? You set it up yourself?
I'm trying to improve it.
But I'm getting no place.
The condensor angle is off.
You have to adjust everything to the correct distance.
You know something about these things?
In Holland, I was a camera engineer, before I went in the army.
And would you be willing to help me out?
Doctor, you saved my life.
I'd be happy to help you.
A stroke of luck.
I study liver disease.
I know nothing about disease.
As long as you know about microscopes!
When the war is over, I'll tell my son about you.
How old is your son?
Six years old.
'Following the signing by Truman, Churchill'
'and Chiang Kai-shek of the Potsdam Declaration, '
'Japan has refused to surrender and will fight to the last man, '
'according to the Prime Minister's statement to the press. '
What an enormous machine!
That's good.
Now you just look into it.
You have a liver sample?
That's the problem.
I'd like a fresh one,
even living, if possible.
That's pretty tall order.
I'll go.
Piet, hide!
This doctor isn't in?
My father-in-law is dying!
He was so happy to drink sake.
He got sudden stomach pains, and he's not well.
Be right there.
Get my things.
Doctor, this way! Quick!
I can feel it. It's the end.
Hold on.
I want to go to the sea...
Acute hepatitis.
Nothing to do. He won't last the night.
It hurts...
Sonoko, prepare the slot.
He needs peace and quiet. Could you leave us alone?
Thank you for your good care.
I'm done for...
Forget about the shot.
I have a favor to ask of you.
It's for your country and for science.
Would you agree to help me?
My wife revered you to her death.
I'll do anything you ask.
There was nothing I could do.
I'm sorry.
Strange he asked for an immediate funeral,
with no wake.
Was it to join his late wife more quickly?
And why did he want us to cool down his belly?
It's so got. Probably out of courteay.
Your family does bury their dead?
I'll open it.
He looks alive!
He's still yellow.
He's ice cold. He's really dead.
He's so heavy.
Well, it's for science.
I'll guard the grave.
Hurry up and operate.
We'll be right back.
This liver shall not go to waste.
It will serve medical science and ultimately our country.
Sure is heavy for an old man!
He had big bones.
I need a glass of water.
Rest, this is my domain.
First dissection since med school.
If only Ichiro were still here.
He was an excellent surgeon.
I had a nightmare.
Stop, Ichiro.
You're a doctor.
The army
has a branch that dissects live subjects, they say.
I heard it in Manchuria.
Is it true?
They also say
they're researching germ warfare.
What's the matter?
They're only rumors.
You tired?
I'm OK.
Sonoko, thank you.
Japanese women are sweet and courageous.
They're not like what I heard.
I don't understand.
That's good.
Got it.
It's Absolut!
No freebie lays! Got me?
'Freebelays. '
Time to go!
The sample is ready.
It it a real liver? Grandpa Hakamada's?
I'm ready.
He pissing again?
Just like dogs!
What's the matter?
What is it?
A ray of light coming from in there.
The door is this way.
In principle, it should work.
This is an historic moment.
Is that...
the cause of hepatitis?
There he is!
We got him. We found the spy!
What is this? Take off your shoes at least!
- Stop! - Out of the way!
He's wounded!
Stop it!
He has a broken arm!
Spare him. He's a good person.
- Idots! - What?
Take them in.
Which one's Liver?
No one here. I am Akagi Fuu.
I am responsible.
Take him away!
This war will soon be over.
I'll never forget you.
This fucking war's going to end.
There are no miracles.
God or Buddha!
Forgive these asshole soldiers!
You helped the prisoner to escape.
Not at all.
I treated an escaped prisoner.
I'm a doctor.
Don't split hairs. You didn't turn him in.
In one week, he'd have been cured.
I'd have brought him in then.
He couldn't work anyway.
We have doctors here!
Didn't think of that? Quack!
Go ask the Army Surgeons General
if I'm a quack!
That wasn't necessary, really.
Th what do I owe the honor?
Colonel, I need your help.
You can ask me anything.
I'm so glad!
Stubborn ass!
Lieutenant Sakashita...
The Major wants to see you.
It's for transmitting signals to airplanes.
Let's keep our wits.
That is a rather bulky microscope.
And that, is a movie projector lamp.
Where's the signal transmitter?
On close examination...
An escaped prisoner at the doctor's
The doctor treated his wounds. End of story.
Akagi is covered by the Chief Health Officer.
The other doctor's a morphine addict.
He'll be barred from practice.
The bonze and the girl, who cares?
But I mean...
Weren't you the one who let the prisoner escape?
This keeps up...
This keeps up, my job and yours will both be on the line.
We confiscate this.
After a stern warning, we release them all.
If need be, we can have them summoned.
That clear?
Bastards! They used my head as a punching bag!
Will Piet be all right?
I wouldn't count on it.
Actually, I wonder why they released us.
Me, too. I find that strange.
You didn't ask for this mess.
I love you, I don't care.
I'd even get beaten for you.
You just don't give up.
Telephone. Must be the call requested.
Watch where you step!
Mr. Yoshioka's residence?
Dr. Toriumi gave me your number. My name is Akagi.
I believe you have a microscope...
You still have it?
I'll ve right there.
Sonoko, I'm going to Kurashiki.
Akagi Clinic.
Doctor, Mrs. Takahashi isn't well.
I can't go now. I'll go tomorrow, when get back.
I'm back to where started,
but I won't give up.
Fusako, you're back?
Finally, you are home.
What are you doing here?
With my stole on!
Because of a girl, I wanted to die, but I couldn't.
So I've decided to become a bonze.
Give me a break! And the money you took?
Buddha... He gave me 30,000 yen!
He's gone crazy.
Doctor, this guy's got hepatitis of the brain!
Filthy animal!
Japan shall not lose!
Welcome home. Did you get it?
How much did it cost?
200 yen.
Too expensive, isn't it?
Sure is. But I had no choice.
It's to wipe out hepatitis.
I won't give up.
What about Mrs. Takahashi?
I have to set up.
I'll go tomorrow.
If he resists, shoot to kill!
Treasure! It's the treasure trove!
Shoot the bolt off.
The pharmacy!
Tsubota is dead!
The syringes!
What good is living in such a world?
Akagi... life is just a long good-bye.
Me, too. I got hepatitis!
'Perhaps... '
'I went too far. '
What is this guy? Take him away!
you are mine.
Colone, how young you are!
Mrs. Takahashi is dead.
Who's there?
Doctor! What are you doing here at this hour?
You are the military liaison officer?
A stroke of luck!
I want to be inducted, as a military doctor.
I want to go to the front
to serve His Majesty the Emperor
in the practice of medicine.
Doctor, what's the matter?
At your age, you're better off educating the young.
In the final battle, doctors will be in short supply!
Get hold of yourself, please.
Send me to the front!
Submit my request to Army Headquarters.
You've lost your mind! You'd be a burden!
Come back when you can think straight.
I'm lost.
I no longer know
what I must do.
One second. I'm coming.
- What is it? - Doctor Akagi?
Help me. My father's dying.
He can't eat, his belly is swollen. He's in pain.
- Where is he? - On Kozushi Island.
Where's that?
I go fishing there often.
Why are you soaking wet?
An American plane was circling.
Each time it came, I dove in, to hide.
OK, don't worry.
Sonoko, give her some hot tea.
We'll go right away. Get my things together.
'Being a family doctor is all legs. '
'One leg broken, he'll run on the other. '
'Both legs broken, he'll run on his hands. '
'Exhausted, he runs. Asleep, he runs. '
'Even averse to running, he'll run his life away. '
Dad, Doctor Akagi is here.
It's all right.
It's hepatitis. With signs of jaundice.
Doctor, I'm sorry. At this hour.
Sonoko, find me a bucket.
Does your stomach hurt?
Really bad. With every breath I take.
You're retaining water.
You can't urinate.
I'm going to empty it out. That'll relieve you.
Your daughter is a good girl.
She opened my eyes.
Sorry, yeah. In the middle of the night.
I don't mean that.
I am first and foremost a family doctor.
I'd forgotten that.
We'll pay you, I promise.
You'll pay me whenever you can.
Meantime, lie down so I can examine you.
Thank you.
He's a great man, you know.
I'm nothing but a liver doctor.
'August 6th, at the 4th tone, it will be 7'o clock. '
What is it?
A whale.
You kidding? Must be a submarine.
It's a blue whale.
Sonovagun! A whale!
What if it comes this way? Let's go!
Wiseguy. Want to have some fun?
- What are you doing? - Stand aside!
Wait! It's suicide. Let's go!
It was around here my father got his whale. By himself!
That isn't true. A few of them managed to beach it.
It is true! Whales have a weak point.
I can throw a harpoon.
And they say it's bad luck not to go all the way.
We've had enough bad luck.
You all right?
Yes, but what a putrid odor!
Doctor, I promised I would kill you a whale.
That's enough!
Doctor, hold on! I'm coming!
Climb back up.
Where did the whale go? Can't see it anymore.
Next time, I'll get it.
You always get all wound up.
I'm bacteria.
Doctor, spank me.
What are you talking about?
Put your pants back on.
They were swept out to sea.
I feel so good!
I'd like to stay like this forever.
I love you very much. And you?
You love me too?
I don't know if it's love. What's the word?
The whale.
What is that?
A bomb?
Could it be the wind of the gods?
It's a liver.
it's a cloud shaped like a liver.
Extremely hypertrophied!
'Could it be Mr. Hakamada's ire, because we took his liver? '
'No... '
'It it the ire of all of us, against this war. '
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