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Karakter (1997) CD1

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I came to tell you
Today I have been sworn in as a lawyer.
You must be sorry, but I am sworn in...
...and this is the last time I'll come here.
Farewell for ever. You no longer exist for me.
You congratulate me?
I can't take your hand.
The hand of someone who always opposed me.
Or helped...or helped.
Or helped...or helped!
The victim congratulates you... He says "congratulations",
extends his hand... you take it and then leave.
It must have been quite a handshake!
On the way downstairs... stumbled on the stairs.
Have you seen this before?
You don't recognise it? It's a lovely knife.
But not as lovely as this...
Take it...
Go on! Take it.
You know the feeling? Do you?
Call a doctor.
Would you like something to drinkng? To eat?
For me too, please.
Mr Jacob Willem Katadreuffe...
Is that the right pronunciation? "Katadreuffe?"
You are suspected of murder or manslaughter of bailiff...
Arend Barend Dreverhaven.
That name sounds like imminent thunder.
So you visited Dreverhaven this afternoon...
...but nothing unusual happened.
What was your relationship to Mr Dreverhaven.
Mr Katadreuffe?
The name was a legend long before I heard it.
It won't be long, sir, maybe tonight...
God bless you, sir, you're a good...
Bastard! Dirty bastard!
Law without compassion...
...the curse of the poor.
I know Dreverhaven's reputation...
but what was your relationship to him?
You did business with him?
You worked for him?
He worked for you?
When did you first meet Dreverhaven?
At home...
At home he had a housekeeper.
...Jacoba, Joba for short.
She was a surly young woman, but he didn't mind.
He didn't say much either.
She worked for him for a year when one evening...
it happened only once. Nothing changed between them...
...but six weeks later she broke the silence.
I am pregnant.
I'm leaving.
The father has to support the child.
You will make him pay, won't you?
Have you written to him?
But you will write?!
No! No!
Dreverhaven is your father.
I am named after my mother.
You mean... Dreverhaven wouldn't take responsibility?
It wasn't that. After the birth we moved to the other side of town
She moved to East.
She rented a room at 142 Zeilstraat...
...for 7 guilders a week.
She keeps house for three middle-class families...
...and a doctor on East Quay.
And the child? It has a name?
Jacob Willem.
Dreverhaven's message was three words.
The proposal was accompanied by a postal order for a suitable sum
"Returned to sender"!
Dreverhaven took the money back...
...and sent it to her again a month later.
And she sent it back again...
...and the sent it again the next month.
"Returned to sender"!
The postal-order duel lasted more than a year.
Would you like to come in?
The money went back and forth 13 times... she decided to reconsider his proposal.
Your monther is a whore!
It wasn't the first time my father's "absence" was mentioned.
When I asked who or where he was she always answered:
We need nothing of him We need nothing of him.
Then she was silent, as always.
I live across the road Am I intruding?
My wife died.
Well I thought, just seeing you...
that you may want to know I'm available.
You don't have to decide at once.
I shall consider your proposal.
I thought it was a good idea to marry him.
Unfortunately we soon left the area.
Your mother's a whore.
Jacob, Jacob...
Go home!
Go away!
That same day, mother packed our cases...
...and we looked for another house.
My mother said nothing all evening...
...but I know I had hurt her...
...because I had lost control.
I decided to control myself an all times.
That is a good intention, Mr Katadreuffe.
Did you stick to it today?
That didn't help Dreverhaven.
That's what you say.
Anyway, you met Dreverhaven this afternoon.
I assume it wasn't the first time
Our move took us closer to him.
By the harbour.
Mother bought a sewing machine to earn the rent.
That house also had something that was to play a major role later.
The books were in a foreign language...
and the previous inhabitants had moved abroad, so I could keep them.
From then on it was easier to be silent with her.
I studied the wonderful pictures for days...
and the strange words were less alien than I thought.
Elephant in English.
My monther's eternal silence made me think...she could not bear my company.
Only later did I realise our characters clashed.
Our contacts were awkward and...
...would always remain awkward, because we were opposites.
Come on...
Jacob! Jacob!
- There's a boy at the door. - He's looking for his father.
De Beer.
Dreverhaven, 11 South Quay.
I'm sorry, I've never seen this boy before.
We need nothing of him.
From then on I decided to leave him alone.
I can understand that. Cigarette?
How did you get on then?
You're a lawyer, you must have studied.
After school, Mother didn't let me learn a trade
There was no money. I had to take care of myself.
I had one job after another.
Van Zwavel, Huizing, Kerk...
I'm sorry. Try again next month. Off you go.
Work was usually temporary, with weeks unemployed in between.
I filled the time reading my encyclopedia.
It only went up to T, but I didn't care.
I used a dictionary to decipher it. I absorbed the knowledge pate by page.
Meanwhile we increasingly got on each others nerves.
I wanted to leave and earn my own living.
She apparently wanted exactly the same.
It's small, but dry and warm.
My son is moving to the back room.
How much?
Seven guilders, full board.
I'd rather you didn't smoke in the room.
I'm Jan Maan.
Jan Maan was a Communist. A lathe operator who moved in...
...after quarrelling with his parents about his fiancee.
Trudy...I met her in a lunchroom.
My mother said; Lunchroom? She lives off tips.
Four weeks later the engagement was off.
But Jan Maan always stayed with us.
I looked outside this morning,
summer is late this year, madam.
No sign of it yet.
It could be quite a while.
- She never speaks. - Something between you?
She thinks I should get out more.
Look for work.
Build something, climb the ladder
This society doesn't want climbers.
You're going to change that?
The Party is growing steadily.
That's because of unemployment.
Everyone will be a Communist by the end of the century.
You have time to come along with me.
Good afternoon, we came about the advert.
You have a shop for sale?
You're standing in it, Mr...?
The name's Lucas Meijer.
What will it cost, Mr Meijer?
Nine hundred.
200 for the stock and 700 for the goodwill.
I don't know
but 700 for the goodwill?
I don't think he has any customers
I can see something in it.
You see any customers?
It's early and about to rain.
And who's going to pay the money?
I want to loan.
How much?
Nine hundred.
Nine hundred.
I assume you have enough collateral.
You have collateral?
You have no collateral?!
I don't think we can do business.
I'm very sorry sir.
Good afternoon. I wondered if I could...
Yes, how much?
I borrowed 900 to take over a cigar shop.
I'm moving out.
You could say something.
Do as you please.
Do as you please! She's in for a surprise.
It's very quiet here.
It's early.
And it's about to rain, right?
You might be right.
if you need me, you can always find me.
Good luck.
Good luck and thank you.
The best of luck...
Tell mother not to worry.
I've come to see Mr Meijer, it's urgent!
Mr Lucas Meijer?
Yes, what do you want?
Bak with mother I realised I never wanted my own business.
Certainly not a cigar shop.
It was just an attempt to escaped her.
But with serious consequences.
Dear Mr Katadreuffe, you were not home...
but your bankruptcy has been requested...
bankruptcy requested by the Peoles's Credit Society.
That bank?
Your property has been inventoried today.
My books!
Please report to my office tomorrow...
with a summary of the bookkeeping bank debts and rent...
and a list of other debtors.
Yours truly, J. de Gankelarr, receiver.
Good afternoon, you have an appointment?
Yes, I came to see Dr de Gankelaar Mr Katadreuffe?
Mr Katadreuffe for Dr de Gankelaar.
Sir, come this way.
Jacob? Well?
"Come back tomorrow."
I told them all about the business the bank, everything...
I have to come back tomorrow.
They can't get money if you're broke.
They need someone and I said you had experience.
I know it isn't true, but you just have to use your head
Yes, but listen...
I have a job...
I will have a that office
What office?
That law office. I'll work there.
You asked for work there?
I'm going to ask. I'll work there
At a law office?
But lawyers work think.
- Then you... - I'm going home, to think
Your property is worth 15 guilders
That is the value of your books and that's all you have?
Fifteen guilders is not enough for a bankruptcy...
I shall advise the court to suspend your bankruptcy of lack of funds...
I assume you don't object?
You mean...?
I mean I shall ask the court to suspend your bankruptcy,
Sir, I would like to ask you something else.
What will you do? Your plans for the future?
I have been looking for work.
Work, terrible.
Office work.
Even worse. Don't do it.
I thought of an office like this.
Don't, it's so boring.
I could use an assistant, of coures...
You mean that?
It's been nice meeting you.
Don't let me keep you.
You want to know my qualifications.
Excuse me?
I don't want to sound arrogant,
but I know more than you would think.
You mean your books? Your encyclopedia?
It may be outdated and incomplete
It only goes up to T...
To "T"? That means...
that you can't "type", but can do bookkeeping and shorthand.
There are things I shall have to learn...
You are zealous, but what are your skills, Mr Katadreuffe?
Could you come down? A client of Dr Stroomkoning.
Mr F. from E.
I'm coming.
You've fascinated me,Mr Katadreuffe but you haven't convinced me.
Please excuse me.
Mr Forester, what a suprise.
What's wrong? He did'nt pick me.
He's not here.
There must be an explanation, Miss Sibculo...
Yes, Dr de Gankelaar?
Dr Stroomkoning wrongly went to the station an hour late.
We're trying to reach the station
How's it?
Sorry for interupt
The man gets wrong
He's late for one hour
We're looking for him
He's at station or home.
I see, who are you
Dr Stroomkoning called
and he's on his way!
Young man, who are you
and what on earth are you doing?
- I'm very sorry. - It's ok, but..
Who's this young man?
He applied for a job,
as my personal clerk.
He speaks good English, does'nt he?
Sir? To be honest...
I think we could use him.
That has to be now?
May I be allowed to comment?
I think he will be an asset.
Sixty guilders a month and that's all.
- Come on... - Sir? Sir...
My mother said nothing about me leaving. Nothing...
Not even "do as you please".
You will drop by, won't you?
And you know where to find me.
I decided not to worry.
I rented a room with the office caretaker.
I was free and we were free of each other at last.
Thank you.
If you need anything, just ask.
Jacob Willem,
here are two new shirts. Be careful with them. Mother.
My work was to start in 5 days.
At night I taught myself to type at the office...
and during the day I practiced shorthand in my room.
Mr Katadreuffe: Miss Sibculo,
Dr Carlion, Dr Rustenburger...
Miss Born, behind Dr Sprengers, then the Buregijks...
And of course Mr Rentenstein,
meet our new colleague.
No introduction necessary. I saw his show last week.
I hope we shall be spared more of such performances.
And invite you to consider a mutually acceptable solution.
What are you doing?
Counting the syllables per minute
It could be faster, couldn't it?
I think so, sir.
You think so...
Do you realise the consequences?
If you get faster, I must too.
I don't mean to rush you, sir.
Miss te George, just in time.
My new clerk is too fast. Please take over.
You have met?
Mr katadreuffe, miss te George
is Dr Stoomkoning's secretary.
Don't worry, she only came to tack down some French.
You don't speak French too, do you?
No...That's a relief.
I propose you find a machine downstairs...
To type this morning's dictation. Don't hurry.
What a wonderful case.
I knew I had found my destiny.
In this place...
In this office, the world opened up to me.
No one could stop me.
Mr. Katadreuffe,that was very nasty of Mr. Rentenstein earlier.
Don't take any notice.
Not even Mr. Rentenstein.
Miss Sibculo...
The man who just went to see Mr. Rentenstein?
What's he doing here?
Bailiff Dreverhaven, you don't know him?
Does he work here? No, thank goodness.
That bolldhound only comes for Rentenstein...
Or if we need a bailiff.
What did you say?
If we need a bailiff.
"Bankruptcy J.W. Katadreuffe,
books, most in bad condition.
Encyclopedia, incomplete, value 15 guilders.
He came to our house.
I'm de Gankelaar. I have come for Mr J.W. Katadreuffe.
Where is it?
I fear the People's Credit Society wants his bankruptcy.
He borrowed 900 Guilders in April 1923.
It is known that his cigar shop was not particularly successful.
Could I take a look?
It seems you've look it before.
Mr. Katadreuffe.
Mr. Katadreuffe, come with me.
Dear sir,
we inform you that the bank
has again requested bankruptcy.
Please appear in court next Wednesday.
Yours truly, Dr Schuwagt.
- You can't get money - If you're broke, but now you aren't you have an income.
They'll take your wages, unless we can make a deal with Schuwagt...
But Dreverhaven will never agree.
Why Dreverhaven?
You borrowed from him, didn't you?
Didn't you know it was his bank?
Everybody knows. It's not easy to get out of it.
Please excuse me.
It's his bank!
It's his bank! I borrowed the money from him!
He pronounced me bankrupt!
Debt is debt.
Why didn't you say he was here?
Why don't you ever say anything?
I'm going out. See you later?
I'll go with you.
Why don't you go and see him.
Go to him?
I did once. It wasn't a good idea
So you do nothing?
I do: I go bankrupt... Lose my job and get drunk.
The situation is in danger of escalating...
Do we watch helpless...
as our comrades are thrown in jail?
do we go to Ruigbroekstraat tonight?
To show the enemy we're not afraid...
Look him in the eye... And fight for our rights!
Go on!
Jacob Willem. You came to pay your debt?
Did she send you? No, she couldn't.
Why are you doing this?
To you?
Yes, to me, To her. Why?
You didn't come to do business.
No. I came to...
I came to say I'm not afraid of you.
Good, then I'll see you tomorrow in court.
I want to know why you're doing this.
Good... We'll come to terms.
I suggest payment is 36 instalments on the same conditions as the loan.
This is a once-only offer...
I didn't ask for that!
If you don't like it...
Never mind.
Take him home. He can think about my proposal.
I need nothing of you. I'd rather go bankrupt.
Bailiff Dreverhaven with an eviction order in Ruigbroekstraat.
Bailiff Dreverhaven with an eviction order in Ruigbroekstraat.
Tonight? He can't be serious.
That's suicide. Come back in a week.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Dreverhaven was not in court for my bankruptcy.
His interests were represented by Dr Schuwagt.
And Dr de Wever was appointed receiver.
Plus fifteen guilders from your wages.
Are you sure you can spare it every month?
The sooner the debt is payed off.
You have no other possessions?
De Wever, may I speak to you in private?
Dr de Wever...
The books. I hope we can avoid... Them being seized.
The value is 15 guilders. What do you suggest?
The boy is in your debt.
Based on my present wages... My bankruptcy would last at least 18 months.
It was a miserable time but there was hope.
Good evening.
Good evening, miss.
You shouldn't work too hard You don't ollk too good.
It's good to study, but in moderation.
How do you know I'm studying?
We all know. You read books.
I do. But I don't have much time now.
What are you working on?
A plea, and you?
I'm translating a contract for Dr Stroomkoning.
In French.
Yes. Is your room satisfactory?
Yes. I'm satisfied with it.
May I see it?
Not now. Later, when we Finish.
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