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Karakter (1997) CD2

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It was already there.
Can you open this?
To be homest... I never tried.
Your own roof garden. Not bad.
Where do you live?
At home, with my parents. I lived in the suburbs.
I lived with my mother too.
You have other relatives?
I bear my mother's name. I'm her only child.
I mean: a friend of mine lodges there.
He's a communist. We have heated debates about it.
Who? You and him or you and your mother?
He and I. My mother never says much.
It's good if people can be quiet together.
You aren't afraid of heights?
It's getting late.
On 1 February 1924, my debt was paid.
I took mother and Jan Maan out to celebrate.
I was free of Dreverhaven... But did not feel at all satisfied
The whole sum. In cluding interest, paid punctually in twelve instalments.
I'll drink to that.
To you, Jacob Willem.
Because you are "exceptional".
Tomorrow morning... At 8 a.m.
you will be evicted...
In the name of the law.
You don't have the right!
You don't have the right!
Filthy bastard!
I want another loan from you.
I need money.
How much?
Two thousand guilders.
Tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the bank.
You wanted another loan?
You were free of him at last.
You didn't need to see him again.
But you went back and started again?
I wanted to challenge him. To beat him.
There's a lawyer for you, and the coroner wants to talk to you.
Mr Katadreuffe,
your militancy comes from your mother.
Your birth was a fight too.
I remember, she suffered strange contractions.
As if she didn't want you bom.
You approached Dreverhaven because you wanted to defeat him.
I can understand that, but why...
Did Dreverhaven accept?
Dreverhaven didn't need to. He had already won...
Several times.
What did Dreverhaven want?
At first I thought it was business.
Next morning he lent me the whole sum.
The interest was only 8 percent.
But there was one explicit clause
You realise Mr Dreverhaven can reclaim his loan at any moment?
- You mean that... - That at any moment, we can reclaim the money,
whether it suits you or not.
Are you sure?
Is the contract.
The signature?
Despite Dreverhaven's condition,
I felt sure of myself.
I used his money to dedicate myself to private lessons for two years.
It is not truth that counts...
Truth doesn't count in law...
but proof.
But that which can be proven...
You'll soon pass your exams, young man...
The sooner better, madame.
The sooner The better.
Miss te George...
Miss te George...
I see you are leavintg, but wondered...
If you could show me
Dr Srtoomkoning's library.
Go on in.
It's lovely.
That's where you work?
You can go in.
I'm on holiday from tomorrow...
Until the end of July.
You'll like that.
I'm not so sure.
The prospect of staying at home...
I like working here. I like being here.
So do I.
You know... I want to tell you something.
I'm not so sure I should.
You may think I'm silly.
But when I first came here...
And saw the office from the outside...
The sun shimmered... And I saw...
I saw my own name on the front.
Between Messrs Carlion and Rustenburger.
That's strange, isn't it.
Miss te George...still at work?
Mr Katadreuffe wanted to see the library.
That's very good,
but I want to lock up.
Don't let us stop you, we've finished.
Good evening, Mr. Katadreuffe,
Mr. Rentenstein...
Mr. Rentenstein...
Mr. Katadreuffe...
Mr. Katadreuffe!
You've worked here for some time.
I see you are still just as ambitious.
I even hear from Dr de Gankelaar
That your study is progressing very well.
Dr de Gankelaar overestimates me.
I don't think you can be overestimated.
But I should warn you that this office offers opportunities. For people of your class...
But they are not unlimited. Understand?
I understand.
I'm grateful for your reminder, Mr Rentenstein.
That's all right.
I assume you speak from experience
The encounter with Miss te george
Her reaction to my vision...
Kept me awake for several nights.
She was still on my mind...
When Jan Maan introduced his new fiancee three weeks later.
That's not true!
You'd forget to feed him. She forgets everything.
Listen to him! Scoundrel!
What a temperament.
I met Coby in a store.
My parents don't approve.
"All sorts pass by there.
That's no good," said mother.
Coby ran off three weeks later "With another".
Mr Katadreuffe!
Mr Katadreuffe!
I know what you think.That meeting here is an incredible coincidence,
but there's no such thing...
Who says there's no such thing?
I do. But I'm sure there are theories. I'm over there.
Have you been swimming?
I only just arrived, And you?
This morning, briefly.
But if you go,
I'd love to come too.
Unless you object.
Not at all,it's just...
You can swim?
I don't have a costume... Just books.
- You came here to... - Just to study, yes.
I should have known.
How about a stroll?
A stroll... You have time?
Of course.
- Hello. - Changed already?
And who's this?
He's from the office.
Van Rijn's the name.
Right you are. Cigarette?
No thank you.
How about you, Lorna.
No thanks.
Lovely here, isn't it?
It was the first time I heard her first name.
This man called her Lorna.
Jacob, Jacob!
Friends of yours?
We're back, yoohoo.
Cheerful types.
I'd better go and see.
Nice to meet you
Mr...Van Rijn. And you.
Strange fellow...
Who are they? From the office?
I'm going home.
We just got here.
Sorry,I have a terrible headache.
Van Rijn.
Van Rijn. She never mentioned him before.
Never! She was never brought or fetched by a Mr van Rijn.
Mr. Katadreuffe?
Mr. Katadreuffe.
Mr. Katadreuffe?
I'm sorry to interrupt... But Dr. Stroomkoning wants to see you urgently.
He expects you in half an hour.
That's a joke.
You haven't seen the last of me.
Mr. Katadreuffe, maybe you've heard...
That there have been cash deficits recently.
As a result I have just dismissed Mr. Rentenstein.
I assume you are not sorry. Nor me.
Would you like to eat?
No thank you.
Then I'll come to the point and make a proposal.
I was appointed office manager...
But we'd not seen the last of Rentenstein.
Mr. Katadreuffe...Congratulations on your well-earned promotion.
Dreverhaven wants his money back at once.
The whole sum within three days.
Now?! Just before my exams!
He's already applied for your bankruptcy.
But that's impossible.
Last time I was in debt to the bank and the landlord.
Now I only have one creditor so I can't go bankrupt.
That's right, but Dreverhaven knows that too.
He's bluffing.
I'm not in debt to anyone else.
If you go bankrupt, Stroomkoning can't keep you. You'll lose everything.
Dreverhaven doesn't have a chance
I'll represent you.
Thank you, but no.
The PCS bank versys J.W.Katadreuffe.
I see Dr de Gankelaar represents you?
Yes, your honour.
Very good.
This concerns a debt to...
This concerns a debt to...
The people's Credit Society.
Is this debt recognised?
Yes indeed, your honour.
Does the petitioned havae any other debts?
No, your honour,
just one.
Sorry, your honour.
My client has no other debts.
Is that correct, Dr Schuwagt?
That is incorrect.
You are misinformed, sir.
Dr de Gankelaar!
Your honour, let me state that the petitioned has been bankrupt.
That did end with repayment but... The petitioned has since incurred other debts.
That is not true, your honour.
Dr de Gankelaar, I am warning your client.
Not necessary, your honour.
I have my information form the best source, Mr Katadreuffe.
The list of your previous bankruptcy includes an entry under assets...
"Private sale of books, fifteen guilders."
Dr de Gankelaar paid the fifteen guilders... To prevent seizure of the books.
Your honour...
But the petitioned still has the books, so that means...
Your honour...
Dr de gankelaar is a creditor for the sum of fifteen guilders.
I would like a brief adjournment, your honour.
May I?
I'm sorry. He's right.
I bought your books to prevent seizure.
I don't want that! I'll give you the fifteen guilders.
You don't understand. I give it to you and the case is closed.
I can't possibly accept it.
Excuse me?
Dreverhaven has won, I should never have taken him on.
Are you crazy? I give you the money and it's all over.
That's very nice, but I can't accept.
A debt is a debt.
Who taught you that?
Who taught you that senseless self-chastisement?
I give you the money and you take it!
People who can't accept a gift, can't give either,
Jacob Willem!
And you have so much to give, boy!
I won't let them take it away from you.
De Gankelaar decided the case in our favour.
The second debt is irrelevant and the bankruptcy is rejected.
The loser could take two more steps.
He can force stroomkoning to deduct from your salary or appeal.
But Dreverhaven didn't do anything.
He didn't really want me bankrupt either.
He just wanted to show who was in charge...
Three months later I took my exams.
When I came home,there was no one to congratulate me.
On the way home I thought of visiting the enemy.
But I would have nothing to say to him.
Just as I realised that...
He was standing in front of me.
Jacob willem...
What do you want?
What do you want?
I came to say you didn't defeat me in court.
And that you'd better leave me alone.
Or else?
Do something to me.
Do something to me!
Do something to me!
MR Katadreuffe.
Could you come in.
Miss George?
Miss George?
What? You didn't fail?
This is the latest edition.
And complete, all 24 parts.
"Knowledge" up to "Z".
Most is from Dr Stroomkoning...
But everyoune contributed. It's from all of us.
Thank you.
I fear I startled you.
You looked very shocked.
It's a strange evening.
I had my doubts.
You mean...
About tonight.
Whether I should do it.
I really appreciate it.
That afternoon, by the sea...
I think I owe you an explanation I think you should know...
you don't need to.
I'm the one who should explain.
I don't know what was wrong with me.
But this evening I know.
Mr. Katadreuffe, if I may...
I'm very happy
Thank you for the wonderful evening.
But I have something else to say.
Some may already have suspected, but...
In september I start law school.
Everyone has certain gifts.
Each has to discover them.
Then he has to develop them... So he can make propress.
I'm sure
each of us can make progress...
However low he starts.
Anyone with one goal who fights...
And is willing to sacrifice everything...
Shall overcome all resistance
and setbacks.
As long as just one goal remains...
And he is not distracted..
And puts everything else aside.
Of that I am convinced.
I just wanted to say...
That I hope we all work together in harmony.
I fear it was more of a sermon.
Thank you.
Nicely spoken, sir.
Are you tipsy?
Mr. Katadreuffe?
And so to bed...
I couldn't see it. I didn't understand the signals.
I was so full of myself... of my future...
Miss te George?
I have to show you out.
Come back in, the party's not over yet.
Miss te George did not come to the office any more.
Next day she wrote to Stroomkoning offering her resignation...
Without stating a reason
and she was never heard of again.
Mr. Katadreuffe, you are not well
You are very nervous and physically exhausted.
You have no resistance.
But do you think I...
I don't think you can work.
You are burnt out and a mental wreck.
Is that all?
No,one other thing.
Your mother is not well.
You know she has weak lungs.
It got worse recently.
There is no immediate cause for concern.
Her illness is slow and she could remain stable for years.
I wanted you to know.
She never mentions it.
One day I might have to leave her
But I shall never marry.
I'm not the marrying type and nor are you, Jacob.
A quiet period ensued, the still before the storm.
I was still in debt...
But for two years I heard nothing from Dreverhaven.
I heard his business was ailing
and about alcohol abuse and fights...
When is the wedding, Joba?
When will we marry, joba?
Why not leave our boy in peace?
That boy...
I'll strangle him for nine tenths and the last tenth will make him strong.
I shall never marry you.
But I assure you, there has never been another.
Maybe I'll strangle him for the last tenth too.
I'm giving notice.
You have three days to get out.
I'm giving notice. You have three days.
You have three days before I evict you.
The eviction tomorrow... I'll call the police.
Tomorrow at 8 a.m...
You'll be evicted...
In the name of the law.
Come on. Let's go home.
Yes, be sensible...
And head for home.
Be sensible.
Go home.
Dreverhaven had the floors removed...
For a lift he would never install.
He's angry at them.
But the longer he left me alone...
The more he haunted my thoughts.
But that first boarding was quite something.
The ship had to be chained up that afternoon.
We went looking for a bailiff.
When we found Dreverhaven, the ship had sailed.
We chased it in a boat.
Then we saw the ship heading down the river.
It had not picked up speed...
So Dreverhaven ordered the boat to the bow.
Guess what he did? He jumped...
He jumped in the water.
How did you know?
I must have told the story a hundred times.
Indeed, he jumped in the water
and everyone shouted: "man overboard!"
Our boat was on the other side of the bow...
So they had to hoist Dreverhavaen aboard.
When he showed his bailiff s badge to the captain...
It was all over.
That man was brave.
Dreverhaven? Brave or tired of life?
Yes, you could say tired of life.
He was afraid of nothing.
Someone like that may know no fear, but isn't brave.
He's indifferent and that makes him dangerous.
Dangerous? Come, come...
If dreverhaven hadn't stopped that ship, we wouldn't be here.
I'm leaving the office. I have applied for a position abroad.
In four weeks time.
I'm about to graduate.
You'll be all right.
I wish I could come too.
No, you still have some unfinished business.
Will you take care?
A month later, De Gankelaar left for New Guinea.
He had been my mentor and I was his protege.
I would miss him.
Now he had left the office...
I decided to celebrate my graduation With mother and Jan Maan.
You should thank God for giving you such a good brain.
Since when is God mentioned here?
To the next round.
Jacob? I'd like to go outside.
A lot's changed here. These trees...weren't here.
Planted after the war.
Mother? When he first asked you
Why didn't you marry him?
You could see East Quay from here.
It was ugly, this is much better.
Mr. Katadreuffe!
Mrs ten Have.
But Miss te George to you.
Do you still live where you...?
No, but not far from here.
I persuaded my husband to move here.
He's a bookkeeper.
How are you?
Fine. I start my doctoral studies tomorrow.
Of course you'll pass You always succeed.
Then you'll be a lawyer.
To begin with, yes...
Being a lawyer is only the start.
Then I have to specialise...
Then things really start.
And then I'm still not there, because if I asid that...
You haven't changed.
I shall never marry anyone else.
I never forgot you.
You see that woman? That's my mother.
She's special.
She must be... If she's your mother.
Will I see you again?
By chance...
I will wait for that chance.
An old acquaintance.
She was Stroomkoning's secretary.
Was she spoken for?
Really, you were an ass, Jacob Willem.
My mother died in her sleep 18 months later.
I hadn't seen Dreverhaven for six years.
He had left me alone.
I wondered if this was the momnet he'd been waiting for.
Now she was not between us,
he could strike at any moment.
But Dreverhaven did nothing.
When I was sworn in four months later...
I started to realise why he had done nothing.
You sit over there, Mr. Katadreuffe.
If you'd excuse me a moment...
As you wish.
Come on, sit down...
I had achieved all I wanted...
at the same time nothing.
Dreverhaven knew that.
He had known all along.
Dreverhaven knew I would come to see him today.
Mr. Katadreuffe, may I congratulate...
I came to tell you: Today I have been sworn in as lawyer.
You must be sorry, but I am sworn in...
And this is the last time I'll come here.
Farewell for ever. You no longer exist for me.
You congratulate me?
I can't take your hand.
The hand of someone who always opposed me.
Or helped...
Or helped!
Help, help... Jacob. Help me.
Dreverhaven begged you to stab him but you didn't
you walked outside.
You left Dreverhaven alive.
It's the truth.
Come with me.
Dreverhaven was found by his lawyer yesterday just before midnight.
Not in the attic, but on the ground floor...
With a knife in his belly and a broken neck from the fall.
Witnesses saw Katadreuffe leave at five p.m.
This shows that the fatal wounds were not inflicted before 11 p.m.
I think the man is telling the truth.
Mr. Katadreuffe?
What do you think happened in the meantime?
You think an "accident"?
Christ, you look awful.
I've been sitting here all night.
I thought you'd done something stupid.
I have something for you.
Brought personally by Dreverhaven's lawyer.
Dear Jacob Willem...
Of his houses, the bank... his property.
That's all.
That's all!
- You're becoming a Capitalist! - You expected more?
- Not from him. - I wish you all the best.
I say...
"Estimated total value: 320,000 guilders...
"Please contact my lawyer soonest..."
"Signed A.B. Dreverhaven, bailiff."
That's not what it says.
"Please contact my deputy, Mr Schuwagt,
yours truly...
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