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Karate Kid 2 CD2

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This. Gotta go Naha City for new part.
You like come?
I was supposed to go sightseeing with Kumiko, but I could go.
- You go, have good time. - We could go tomorrow.
- No, I see you later. - We don't have plans.
Never keep lady waiting.
I'll remember that. I'll see you later.
Hi. Sorry to keep you waiting.
Be careful.
This reminds me of the Palisades.
Palisades? Where's that?
It's in New Jersey, where I used to live.
Is it pretty?
Some of it.
There it is! The ruins of the castle of King Shohashi.
The Peace King.
- You know King Shohashi? - Not personally.
Name of it is--
Now Sato owns it.
In old days, O-bon dance was held here, but no more.
Now every piece goes away.
Sato, he sells it to museums.
Sounds like him.
Legend is, if you race up to the castle and win, your wish will come true.
Yeah? I'll give you a head start.
Not necessary, thank you.
Excuse me.
Ready, set, go!
- I won! - You cheated!
And you know you did.
We'll share the wish.
Close your eyes.
Know what I wanna know? What do you wanna do with your life, your dreams?
Okay, I'll show you my dream.
I still can't get used to people driving on the wrong side of the street.
- What side do you drive on? - On the right side.
- I didn't know that. - Everybody drives on the right side.
- Not everybody. - That's what I'm learning.
You want to sell TVs for a living?
What? Interested in electronics? I don't understand.
That is my dream.
- You want to be a dancer! - Very much.
That's a great thing to be.
Where do you study?
No schools for this kind of dancing in Okinawa.
What a drag!
Come to the dance tonight. Oh, bring your friend.
- Okay. - Good. See you there.
- Like to go to dance? - Sure. That's Sato's dojo.
I want to check that out. Come on.
Not inside. Chozen teaches in there.
I'm not going inside. I just wanna look through the window. He won't see me.
He teach American military police in there.
He's not bad.
He is Sato's number-one student.
I can see why.
We must go. He may see you.
Maybe we'll run into Mr. Miyagi here.
Oh? Why would he be here?
He said he had to come into town to get a part for his refrigerator.
Oh! I know that store. It's at the corner.
- Maybe we will see him. - Good!
What's going on in here?
This bad place. We don't want to go in here.
Let's check it out.
Come on, baby, give me the money.
I've got 45 here. Come on, baby.
Show me you can do it. Show me you can do it.
Yeah! I got 40!
The guy's standing wrong.
-See? I told you. You must use your hip. -But he looks so strong.
No, you gotta be strong here, not here. It doesn't make a difference.
You think you can do better, big mouth?
You think you can do better?
- I don't know. - Let's find out, huh?
- Maybe some other time. - There is no other time!
Whatever problems Mr. Miyagi has with your uncle, they don't have to be ours.
No. We have our own, huh?
- Kumiko, where are you going? - You go nowhere!
Call my uncle. You will take bets.
Yosh! I give three to one, eh?
No, no, I'm not doing it!
You have a choice: broken ice or broken neck.
He's got to break all three, right?
Wrong! All six!
All the bets in.
Not all bets. Not yet.
Boy, am I glad to see you!
No worry, nothing. Miyagi fix everything.
What odds?
Three to one he does not make through ice.
- How many pieces? - Six.
Come on, let's get out of here.
$600 say he break all six.
600 bucks?
- I cannot cover that. - You are covered.
Now we have bet.
All right! Give me your money.
Hey, I can't believe this.
I won't be able to break that.
He tried twice and only got through two. What do you expect me to do?
Great, and what are you gonna do?
You got it. All bets are in.
We do not honor bet with coward.
Do not embarrass uncle again.
Thank you, Sato.
Pleasure do business with you.
You knew it all along, didn't you? You didn't have a doubt in your mind.
-No doubt. -Howwill we spend it? What will we get?
You get college tuition. We get Chinese food. Come.
I thought you have date.
Yeah. I was waiting for Kumiko.
I wish you had one of these back home. This place is terrific.
No use weapon for duster.
This old rag?
Drop old rag.
- Why? - Drop.
- What I see? - I don't--
- Primary target. - Primary target. A little close.
This is foryou. Dance clothes.
Come on! We waiting foryou.
My uncle say your three days mourning over.
I have been sent to get you.
Tell uncle I am farmer, not fighter.
Sensei, a visitor to see you.
Is that same wood we find together on beach?
Same. What you want?
Come make peace between us.
You forget. You betray me.
I was only 1 8 years old.
And responsible for own action.
It explain why I leave.
Fear is why you leave.
Sato, I beg you.
Your fear make air stink.
What has happened to you?
Isn't this great?
Yeah, it's nice.
Are you still worried about what happened this afternoon?
I came here to help Mr. Miyagi. And all this stuff, I feel so helpless.
Nothing you can do.
I guess.
Can you dance like this?
I can try.
- One, two, three, four. Got it? - I think so.
Hey, you're very good.
You tease me. You're a great dancer.
Wanna get something to drink? Sit down?
Where did you learn to dance like that?
I've been my mom's practice partner foryears.
She must be a good teacher.
Yeah, she's great. Have a seat.
- Okay, thanks. - Oh, man.
- You feeling better now? - Much better, thanks.
That's good.
Hey, can I ask you something?
It's, you know...
it's kind of personal, though.
Are you--
Are you arranged like, you know?
To marry somebody?
Oh! No. That's an old custom.
Whoever I marry is up to me.
Well, that's good.
Are you arranged?
What, are you kiddin'? I'm a free agent.
What is free agent?
That just means that I'm available.
That's good.
Oh, no, not again. I'm not lookin' for any trouble.
Maybe trouble looking foryou.
What do you want from me?
My money back.
Come on, man, that's all my money.
No. All my money.
Don't worry about your little friend. We take her home.
Thank you.
Come on!
Comin' through! Look out.
You got the keys?
Miyagi, come out.
We fight now!
What are you guys doin' here?
Where Miyagi?
I don't know.
Leave him message for me.
With pleasure.
Come here. I want to show you something.
Your sensei teach you how to fight with spear?
Too bad.
Maybe he teach you how to be coward.
Hey, Mr. Coward.
Leave message.
This your teacher's fault.
If he were man with honor, you would live.
But he's not.
Uncle problem with Miyagi, not with boy.
No, you have problem, old man, with me.
Act of coward!
Daniel-san, you okay?
He was really gonna kill me.
Miyagi make tea. Make you feel better.
Tomorrow we go home.
I did not want for us to end this way again.
I would stay if could.
I know.
Yukie, what can I do to ease your pain?
Take me with you.
Whatcha doin'?
Old custom.
When fishermen would go out to sea...
families would offer rice to the gods.
For a good catch?
For a quick return.
Thought any more about dance school?
I told you. No schools for that here.
Well, there are in the States.
My home is here.
Home is where you hang your hat.
You think I would like America?
I think you would love it.
Do you think it would love me?
I know one part of it that already does.
- What's goin' on? - Let's go see.
Okay, come on.
What are you doing?
I sell land.
Why do you think?
You will destroy village?
No, you will!
You win.
I fight you.
One condition.
No matter whowin...
title to land pass tovillage forever.
You ask fortoo much.
Small price to pay foryour honor.
You're right. Small price.
I see you here midnight.
Miyagi, I wait long time forthis.
No tricks tonight.
Ortomorrow everything gone!
Their homes, their church...
everything gone!
What's this?
Last will and testament.
Yukie get house here. You get house and pickup back home.
I don't want the house and the pickup. I want you.
Can't we call this off? Why don't we just leave?
Impossible, Daniel-san.
Just forget about the honor garbage.
Have nothing to do with honor garbage.
This have to do with village survival.
This isn't three points and you're out. If you lose, I know what happens.
Miyagi already win.
No matter what happen, village safe forever.
So, is this seat taken?
I'm sorry.
- Oh, no! - What's wrong?
- Quickly. There's danger. We must go. - Why? I don't understand.
Big storm. Be here soon. Not safe here.
- Where are we going now? - Back to village.
Mr. Miyagi, wait up!
Do you believe all this wind? This is wild.
And it get wilder.
Are those people out there?
Come. We go help.
Stay there! We coming! Stay there!
They need our help.
Are you all right? You okay?
I got baby.
I got the boy.
Come on. Hang on. Hold on.
- Oh, no! - Sato's in there!
Here. Take baby.
I go find Sato. Go!
- Kumiko, take him. - Be careful. Let's go.
Where uncle?
He's dead.
Come! Must work fast!
Miyagi! Now you come to fight!
Now when I am helpless!
It won't move!
You are lower than the storm!
Now whole village see.
This is only way you can win.
Come, Daniel-san. Easy, Sato.
I got you, old friend.
You'll be okay now.
Come get me!
Come get me!
You take Mr. Sato back! I'll get the girl!
Just hang on!
Don't let go.
Uncle! Uncle! I thought you were dead!
I thought you were dead.
Go help!
Help him!
I cannot help him. I cannot.
Hang on! Just hang on! Hold tight!
Hold on!
Just hang on! Give me your arm!
Hold on tight!
You're gonna be okay. Hang on.
Miyagi, let me go.
You'll be okay.
Thanks a lot.
Now, to you...
I am dead.
How are they gonna recover from this?
All the seeds are gone. The place is wrecked.
- What are they gonna do now? - Best they can.
What is all this? What's Sato doing here?
Don't know.
I come help rebuild.
Here deed to village.
Forgive me. I beg you.
Oh, Sato. Nothing to forgive.
Now's a good time to ask him.
It's not my place.
Mr. Sato, O-bon dance is soon...
and it'll be hard the way things are to have it here in the village.
What you ask of me?
Well, can they have it in the castle? That's where it belongs, isn't it?
Your student become my teacher.
O-bon will be held in castle.
Now and forever!
One condition.
You dance with us.
You got it.
When you put your mind to it, anything can happen.
You're right.
If it wasn't for you, I'd be makin' a lot ofmistakes.
Ifnot for you, I not be here.
Now remember, you have nothing to worry about.
I'm not worried. I think I'm scared.
You kiddin'? I've seen you do it.
You're gonna be terrific. It's true.
- Did I tell you you look beautiful? - No.
Well, you do.
I've seen her practice. She's really amazing.
Behind you!
Get back!
- Get back or I'll kill her! - Chozen!
Don't do this.
I was wrong.
Hate is wrong.
- lt's over. - I cannot hear you, Uncle.
I am dead to you, remember?
Chozen, you are your uncle's finest student.
No disgrace him here.
Your student disgrace me.
I have been dishonored all because of him.
For whatever happened, I apologize.
Apology will not give me back my honor!
- Neither will this. - In their eyes it will.
No more talk. You cross bridge, or I kill her!
This not tournament. This for real.
Oy. No bridge.
Now I dropped the bridge. Let her go.
- Come on! - Now we fight to death!
Step back, Daniel-san! Step back!
Live or die, man?
Wrong. Honk!
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