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The newspaper tycoon.|Preeti Saxena of Indian Times.
Damn her
These rich brats won't let you take|a night's sleep or a morning walk
Chaos begins! Ministers, newspapers,|television, cacophony, et al
Where?|- Up there
Upstairs. Come with me, sir
The maidservant. He didn't spare her
The glass on the rear door is broken.|He could've come in that way
Shekhar Saxena says that|when he was coming in...
someone hit him on the head|from behind. He fainted
Any clues on the murderer?|- Do you suspect anyone?
Will you be able to get him?
One thing is decided.|This is no rape
The head-wound and parts bearing|other wounds indicates insanity
He enjoys doing this
One more thing
The murder was committed using|a sharp six-inch weapon
A knife, or something.|But it's blade is serrated
The problem is, a six-inch knife and|six feet of rope can be bought easily
The fingerprint report says that|no fingerprints have been found...
apart from Shekhar Saxena's,|his wife's and the maid's
So how do we trace the killer?
What about the wound on the head?|- Not a deep wound
Just a little bleeding.|Nothing dangerous
Was the blow delivered so as|not to make it dangerous?
Could be
I've got a scoop! I found out all|details from Shekhar Saxena's office
After marrying Preeti,|Shekhar became her husband
But Preeti Saxena remained|the owner of the newspaper
Legally, Shekhar can't get a cent|out of Preeti's inheritance
But according to Preeti's will,|after her death...
Shekhar Saxena stands to be|the sole heir of her entire estate
But that man looks too decent|to kill his wife so horribly
That's just why
That's why he killed her so horribly.|So that fools like you might say...
"How can a man kill his wife|so horribly?"
Simple. If I got fed up of slaving|for the wife, if I wanted...
to kill her, this is how I would've|planned it. In which hospital is he?
Had I my way, I would've obliterated|yesterday from the calendar
Yesterday morning, when I left home,|I had everything. When I returned...
I still can't believe it's all true.|- Where were you between 7 and 8 pm?
At the press club, interviewing|new journalists
I dropped Kulkarni at the railway|terminus. Then I went to the office
So late at night?|Why did you go to the office?
Mr Lokhande, I'm the editor.|Like every Saturday...
I was supposed to write|today's editorial too
Reporting the growing crime rate|in your city takes hard work
So last Saturday's hard-hitting|article about the police...
I wrote it
Every time, I am the one who writes|about your misadventures
And look at what you're doing today.|Asking me questions to fill pages
You don't care even if the murderer|gives you the slip in the meantime
And why are you staring at me? Am I|to remind you that you're my lawyer?
Yes, I was about to object
Yadav... let's go.|Let the sahib rest a while
You're watching Preeti Saxena's|funeral. 3 days ago...
she was killed horribly|in her apartment
For two years she was saying,|"I want to see my brother"
You're here...
Will you change that rote,|or won't you?
Every day for the last week you've|been coming here and telling me...
I loved my wife very much!|We were very happy with each other
And nothing happened between us|to prompt me to kill her
Ask me that once or a hundred times,|my answer won't change
Because that's the truth.|- That isn't the truth
The truth is, you didn't have a good|relationship with your wife
You were constantly quarreling|with your wife. I've even heard...
What's going on? You're harassing|my client for no reason
Hey Pawar...
You're talking to an important man.|Don't you know? 50 men stand up to...
greet him when he enters his office.|And you take him for a criminal?
Whatever you have to ask him,|ask properly
Mr Shekhar, let me assure you that|I don't consider you a criminal
Now, may I ask you with all|due respect, was there ever...
between the two of you,|any altercation or quarrel?
When did I say that there was|no altercation between us?
We might even have screamed at|each other. But in answer...
won't it be enough to say that|we were married? Every couple...
has misunderstandings.|- I saw you on television
On Rendezvous with Simi Garewal.|Your wife didn't look too happy
Mr Rustom Sohrab Sodawaterwallah.|An attendant at National Gymkhana?
You might say so.|- What do you mean?
Nominally, I am the attendant.|But I'm really the whole-and-sole
Which girl goes out with which man,|who's eying whose boss...
I know all about the affairs.|Why only outsiders?
Sharma, the junior manager...|- Just tell me...
do you have the duplicate keys|to the lockers allotted to members?
Not with me. The manager keeps it.|I take the keys only once a year
On 31st December. You know why?|To clean everyone's lockers
Last year, what did you notice when|you were cleaning locker number 502?
Number 502 is Shekhar Saxena's.|When I opened his locker...
I saw something shining inside.|I took a close look. It was a knife
Dangerous! About 6 inches long.|Designed just like hills on a map
Like this
I told you. She used to handle|the financial matters
I only did the creative work
Do you fancy hunting?
Have you ever been on a hunt?
Did you ever buy a hunting knife?
Think before you reply.|There's no hurry
Have you ever bought one? Or did you|ever borrow one from a friend?
I told you! No!|- Don't shout
I'm giving you one more chance.|Tell me the truth
Talk properly.|- To hell with propriety
Until now, I've been behaving myself.|I know how to reach...
right into a man's throat|to dig out the truth
You think I killed my wife?
In court, I will
As of now, I have evidence enough|to arrest you
Hey Pawar, handcuff the sahib.|Give him her bracelets
Are you prosecuting Shekhar Saxena?|- You think Saxena has killed?
Are you remanding him to custody?
If you care to take my word, you'll|throw away this remand application
What are you saying, Mehta? Without|a drubbing, he won't say a word
You take him for a small time crook|who spills the beans after two slaps?
Want to try third degree?|You want to hang him upside down?
Look, he has high connections
Every day, he'll take medical|examinations. In court, he will...
turn the tables on you. He wrote|castigating you. The world knows
What will everyone think?
That you're taking...|what's it called?
Revenge.|- You're taking revenge
So what to do now?|- What to do?
He doesn't have a criminal record.|The judge rejects our application
He's granted bail, and from day one,|we're censured. Better...
don't oppose the bail plea.|- Mehta, he's going to vanish
He's going nowhere. He's a big man.|The bigger the man, the lesser...
the places he can hide in. Wherever|he is, he'll remain in public eye
Let him off. For now.|We'll see later
Mr Shekhar Saxena, you aren't alone!|- What did the police ask you?
Are you being framed?
You know very well. My paper|has been exposing his misdeeds
And here I am. As for the rest,|you are intelligent enough
Mr Saxena, I called Delhi.|I'm thinking about...
roping in Mr Arjun Malkani
No Mr Singh. My case is already|looking like a circus
I don't want to fly in lawyers|for grandstanding
I have full faith in your firm.|I want you to represent me
Mr Saxena, we're corporate lawyers.|We contest civil cases. We never...
contested a criminal case.|- You haven't a single lawyer...
who can contest a criminal case?|- Not that we haven't
There is one. Able. But not a single|contested criminal case in 4 years
If he's able, why has he|not contested for 4 years?
Strange coincidence, Mr Saxena.|This one gave up practice...
at Lokhande's instance.|The man who arrested you
Then he is my man.|- Not man. She's a woman
Justice Bhargav's daughter.|Her parents died in an accident
She works day and night|to get over her loneliness
Past seven, Simran. Leave early|on Saturdays, at least
Home is where I end up, Prabhakar.|Even there, I'll be all alone
So why not work a bit more?
Even the coffee is over
Who's there?
Who did this?
"Life is so lonely"
"I need a mate"
"Life is all about a search..."
"for a mate"
"Someone will love me..."
"I still believe"
"Someone will wait for me"
"I'm telling you something,|my friend"
"I tell my heart|not to go crazy"
"Life is so drab"
"I need a mate"
"Life is all about a search..."
"for a mate"
"Day and night someone torments me"
"This journey I can't make alone"
"How restless she has left me..."
"she knows not"
"I can't hold myself back"
"I long to embrace her"
"In life, I thirst..."
"for a mate"
"Life is all about a search..."
"for a mate"
I don' think you understand|what I'm saying, Simran
Ms Bhargav, if you want, I'll call|Mr Shekhar Saxena here. Talk to him
No use
I'm only a corporate lawyer now.|Just like you...
I'm happy representing companies|selling soap and oil
I'm tired of murder, rape, robbery.|Besides, this week I'm busy
I know you're busy with a case.|But those cases can wait
You're very stubborn. No matter|how large an offer I make...
I know you won't take up this case.|So I'll make you a request
Please save Shekhar Saxena
If the law hangs him, it'll be a|grave injustice to someone who's...
not only a promising journalist,|but also a nice man
Please be seated, madam.|I'll inform the sahib
So the colour black|is still your favourite?
Yes. Five years ago, you wore black.|At the Bar Association's function
I was a small-time journalist.|You made a fine speech about...
the rising incidence of crime in the|city. Do you still get worked up...
while making speeches?|- Nowadays I don't make speeches
But you have a good memory.|- For things worth remembering
Ms Simran, if I am not mistaken,|you said during the speech...
that you like flowers. You said,|the sight of blossoming flowers...
makes one blossom like a flower.|Despite trials and tribulations...
the zest for achieve one's goals,|is increased manifold
You said that, didn't you?|- Yes, I said so
But then, I spoke of bookish things.|Life hadn't taught me anything
Now I know, no matter how pretty|the flower is, it will wilt
But before it wilts, the flower|spreads it's fragrance
Contemplate this Ms Bhargav.|For fear of wilting...
had flowers not blossomed, the world|wouldn't have been so beautiful
What do you mean to say?|- That a single incident couldn't...
have compelled someone as capable|and as intelligent as you are...
to discard your education|and your expertise
Besides, this decision of yours|not only affects you...
but it also affects the lives|of many others, like me...
who want to live life
I didn't kill my wife.|- Did I ask you?
If you took up my case, you would.|- Maybe not. Because...
before taking up a case, I find out|what's true and what's not
Then find out. Satisfy yourself.|If you contest for me...
I'll surely win the case. I want|to win. Because I want to live
We can't contest this case|without proof
The one I've been looking for|everywhere is right next to me?
May I sit down?|- Do whatever you wish
Once upon a time, Ms Simran and I|used to punish criminals together
I hear now she's getting into|the business of saving criminals
Do I hear you're taking up|Shekhar Saxena's case?
Take my advice, turn wrong|into right!
The contest is more fun when the|competition is a seasoned player
And the spirit of the game|is not to find out until the last...
who the winner will be
Have you heard of Ajit?
The one you and I framed?
I hear he hanged himself last night
Just as well! A quick tug is better|than dying the slow convict's death
Four years ago, I was the prosecutor|in Ajit's case. I put my trust in...
Inspector Lokhande's chargesheet.|I took my case honestly
Ajit's mother screamed|her son's innocence
Instead, I trusted the witnesses|Lokhande paraded
Ajit was sentenced for life.|Later I got to know that...
Lokhande had framed Ajit|for some petty personal gain
He had proof of Ajit's innocence.|But he didn't even mention it
You're getting worked up|for no reason, Simran
I don't think you're at fault|in Ajit's case
Even if you are at fault,|will it assuage your guilt...
if you take up Shekhar Saxena's case?|- An innocent died because of me
If another innocent man is saved|from the gallows because of me...
I might be able to face myself|once again
You're making a mistake|for undoing another
Amit, I need your help on this case.|- I'm always with you, Simran
If Shekhar Saxena is really guilty...
During the course of the case,|if I find that you are guilty...
or if you ever try to lie to me,|I'll drop the case midway
Mr Saxena wants you|to take up his case
I accept. I'll never lie to you, nor|will I ever hide anything from you
I need your appointment diaries,|bank statements, details of meetings
You will have them.|- One more thing
Till this case is over, I'd like you|not to attend any public meetings...
nor to write any newspaper articles.|Neither will your photos be published
Neither the judge nor the public|should think that...
we're trying to influence them.|Secondly, you must carry yourself...
in a manner as to project yourself|as having completely broken down...
after your wife's murder.|- I am a broken man, Ms Bhargav
One thing I'd like to tell you too,|Mr Singhal. I don't want...
you, or any of the lawyers from your|firm to help me. This case...
I am fighting on my own.|Amit will help me, if I need any
I want to project this case|as just another case
It will be as you wish
I have taken up your challenge
I have taken up Shekhar Saxena's case
Makes the case interesting
Well madam, how may I be of service?|- You can't even service anyone
I just came to tell you that|whatever you did to Ajit...
That Ajit was scum! Just as well|that he killed himself
Else, he would've crawled|as long as he lived
But this new client of yours,|is a bit more educated, smart
Tell him not to mess with me,|and admit his guilt straightaway
The law might be a bit lenient|towards him
I know more about the law|than you do, Lokhande
Get this clear. If you try to conceal|any evidence that might prove...
Shekhar Saxena's innocence,|I will prosecute you under Section...
Don't you give me Sections.|Two things I remember by heart
One, my daily prayer.|The other, the law
When to use what section,|I know very well
You fancy playing with the letter|of the law, don't you? Play
Draw up the biggest chargesheet|you can, against him
But if Shekhar Saxena is innocent,|I'll have him exonerated in court
While you look on
I opened the door and I came inside
What was the first thing you noticed?
Her blood was all over. Upto here
I stepped towards the bed, slowly
Her hands, her feet were tied
Her dress was in tatters
Her legs were tied to this
Her breasts had been ripped out
She had been knifed between the legs
Joy comes clothed in sorrow's garb
Such was my first meeting with Preeti
I was a small-time journalist. I was|at the Press Club to interview her
Preeti's glamour, her wealth,|her style, her diction...
I liked everything about her.|We began seeing each other...
and before I knew it,|we were married
After a while into the marriage,|I got to know what standing...
a middle-class boy has in the eyes|of a high-class girl like Preeti
Maybe she thought it was fashionable|to marry an ordinary man like me
And I... fool that I was,|I kept imagining that...
I too would climb the social ladder,|and someday...
I'd stand as tall as she stood.|But the ladder, I could never climb
And she never climbed down|to come near me
A strange separation marred|our relationship
Like twin rail tracks, we journeyed|in each other's company
Sounds strange, doesn't it? We lived|together, but together, we never were
Close, but close, we never were
Passionate for each other,|yet lonely
So lonely
I want all the fingerprint details
Also about the case...
What happened?
What are you doing Simran?|I've made coffee for you
Here you are, asleep. Use the coffee.|We're working all night
If that was the kind of relationship|between you and Preeti...
you must have abhorred her sometimes?|You never felt like betraying her?
Never. As long as she was,|she was the only one in my life
I didn't even look at another woman
Did she think as you did? I mean,|did she ever, with someone else...?
As far as I know, no.|- Meaning?
As far as I know, no.|- Which means...
you didn't have full faith in her?|- You're the one...
who doesn't have faith in me. Isn't|that why you're asking me all this?
You still think I'm making up|the story. You think I killed my wife
You are trying to find out why.|- Nothing like that. I'm only asking
Don't ask. Look...
into my eyes. You'll get to know|what's true, what's not
I'm parched
"What has come over me|ever since I saw you?"
"What's this ecstasy I feel?"
"What has come over me|ever since I saw you?"
"What's this ecstasy I feel?"
"I hope I don't fall in love;|I hope I don't get lost"
"How do I hold myself back, tell me"
"I hope I don't fall in love;|I hope I don't get lost"
"How do I hold myself back, tell me"
"Why do you invade my dreams with|those stares through your tresses?"
"Downcast eyes, words softly spoken|draw me to you. Oh why?"
"A fragrance clouds my vision,|and suffuses my being"
"What storm rages under my breath,|I do not know"
"I hope I don't make the mistake;|I hope I don't fall in love"
"How do I hold myself back, tell me"
"I can't hold myself back anymore"
"How do I tell you,|it's no fault of mine?"
"Even if I wanted to,|I cannot stop change"
"How do I conceal my emotions,|for it burns without a fire?"
"I hope I don't give in to desire;|I hope I don't fall in love"
"How do I hold myself back, tell me"
"I hope I don't fall in love;|I hope I don't get lost"
"How do I hold myself back, tell me"
Are you certain you saw the knife|in this locker?
I have answered this question times|without number. But one thing...
is for sure. I'm not Shekhar Saxena's|enemy. I'm his friend
Shall I tell you something?|I like him very much
Even if you present me|with foolproof evidence...
of Shekhar Saxena having murdered|his wife, I won't accept it
But even more true is the fact that|I saw the knife in this very locker
I say you better eat. Because what|I'm about to tell afterwards...
will ruin your appetite. Yes madam.|Lokhande has drawn up...
a huge chargesheet against|your millionaire
On the basis of a knife that|an attendant saw in Shekhar's locker?
Lokhande loves wasting|government stationery
Let him. I know how to tackle him.|- It isn't as trivial as you think
Even Lokhande knows his case is weak.|Is that why he's playing his cards?
What has he done?|- He has mentioned a girl. Shalini
He might present her in court
Girl?|- Yes. Now that the matter is out...
it will run it's course.|Your client...
is young, handsome and rich.|A scandal is possible
If you want to do whatever you want,|why did you appoint me your lawyer?
What happened? What's the matter?|- Didn't I tell you that...
I'll drop the case if you're guilty|or if you ever lie to me?
But I have never lied to you.|- But you have hidden the truth
Who is this Shalini?
Have your laugh. But when Lokhande|presents her in court against you...
let me see you laugh then.|- Even if he presents her in court...
he can't hurt me.|- But I want to know all about her
I'll tell you. On one condition
You must bring back|the smile on your face
You have to go over|to the telephone company
I want details of all calls received|on this number during the past year
Whose number is this?|- Shekhar Saxena's
Get a handwriting expert on your|way back. I want to verify a letter
What's all this going on?|Have you asked about Shalini?
I'm saying all this after taking|Shalini into consideration
She is no threat to us
I think you're trying to save|the wrong man
No. I'm saving an innocent man|from being pronounced guilty
As you wish. You will have|all the details by tomorrow
Shall we leave now?|- Where to?
Must I remind you|it's Sapna's birthday?
Amit, I think I must remind you that|we're working on an important case
When did I tell you not to work?|Ever since you took up this case...
we've been working round the clock.|What more do you want?
Until Shekhar Saxena is exonerated,|are we to stop living our lives?
Please yourself. Go partying|wherever you want. But as of now...
I have to save someone's life
What if I can't be saved?|- Why can't you be saved?
Have you killed her?|- Murder isn't necessary to hang a man
It's just wordplay. What words|a lawyer uses in court...
how he presents his witnesses,|the truths he turns into lies...
and the evidence...|- Those who wish to perjure, let them
Truth will stand witness for us.|The truth will set us free
That maybe so. But I feel scared.|What if the court believes Lokhande?
And then what happens?|At most, you will hang
The judge will pound his gavel...
he will adjust his thick spectacles...
then he will sign the sentence|to hang, and he will break the pen
What else?
Two burly executioners will lead you|in chains to the gallows
They will shroud your face|in black cape
And for the last time,|you will be asked...
"Mr Shekhar Saxena,|what is your last wish?"
"You can touch your heart|and ask for anything"
"We shall try to give you your wish"
"Speak, what do you wish?"
"I was restless when I met you"
"Little do you know|how lonely I am"
"I was restless when I met you"
"Little do you know|how lonely I am"
"How dearly I love you..."
"just come close to me and see"
"The fires that rages within..."
"just embrace me and feel"
"I can't express what I feel"
"In body and soul, I seek you"
"The moment's weakness..."
"let not pass"
"This distance tell us..."
"to end this distance"
"I have no wish, no desire..."
"all I need is you"
Look at this Amit. Another letter
Who might have written this letter?|Who knows about this case?
Evidently someone who wants|to prove him innocent. Like you
Only that this letter was also typed|on the same Remington typewriter
The t in innocent is raised
Who's doing all this? Find out Amit.|- That's so easy. All I have to do...
is knock on every door and say,|"Excuse me, Ms Simran has sent me"
"Do you perchance have a Remington|typewriter? Let me take a look"
"Is that t raised?"
I didn't mean that Amit
You weren't home last night.|- I was at home
Why didn't you take my calls?
Maybe it's out of order
You're lying!
Are you calling that murderer?
What did you say?|- Shekhar Saxena is a murderer
Not you. That's jealousy speaking.|You're jealous of Shekhar
Am I? Jealous of that murderer?
Your face, your eyes, every part|of you is screaming out...
you're jealous of him!|You are on fire
And because you are burning, you want|to see an innocent man hanged
You're mixing your personal feelings|with the case
Not I! You are mixing your|personal feelings with the case
Just look at you! You're obsessed|with his innocence
You don't even understand|that he is using you
He wants to seduce you into giving|your best effort to save him!
I always put in my best effort|to save someone
But what kind of a lawyer are you?
You have pronounced a verdict|even before the trial has begun
With the same zeal that you're trying|to prove my jealousy, look within
Why don't you admit that you're|having an affair with him?
And you want to save your lover!
Have you had your say?
Now listen to me
If you want to stay on in this case|with me, you must remember one thing
In this trial, we are defending|Shekhar Saxena, not prosecuting him
With or without your help,|I must do justice to him
I'll wait inside
You know what my biggest problem is?|At no point in life can I desert you
You may consider that a weakness
Shall we?
You may make your opening statement
The chargesheet following|the investigations by the police...
alleges that at 2 am on July 12...
Mr Shekhar Saxena murdered|his wife Preeti Saxena...
in the most horrible manner
The motive for murder|was greed and avarice
Greed for Preeti Saxena's wealth
And for the chair that Shekhar Saxena|merely occupied, but that which...
would be his forever,|after Preeti Saxena. Avarice
Avarice, that addiction by far|more dangerous than any drug
And addicted once, even the thought|of denial torments the addict
I intend to prove that|Preeti Saxena's death...
Before Preeti Saxena's murder,|her relationship with Shekhar...
had deteriorated to the point of|divorce. Had the divorce happened...
it would not only ruin|Shekhar's prestigious career...
but also all his comforts|and luxuries would cease to be
So in one clean sweep, he gets|rid of the Damocles sword...
dangling over his head.|In my capacity...
as the public prosecutor,|I Nitin Mehta will prove...
the allegations against|Mr Shekhar Saxena...
so as to enable the court|to pronounce him guilty...
and in terms of the|Indian Penal Code, sentence him...
at least|with death
Shekhar Saxena is innocent.|I Simran Bhargav, shall prove it
My next witness is|Ms Shalini Sachdev
Ms Shalini Sachdev, what was|your relationship with...
the deceased Preeti Saxena?|- She was my friend
You may say that she took me|for a sister
Will you tell the court|what your friend...
who was more like your sister,|had to say about her husband?
She wasn't happy with her husband.|- One minute
She knew that he doesn't love her.|She even told me that...
"Shekhar is after|another girl of late"
Did Preeti tell you anything more?|- Yes
Very soon she would be seeking|a divorce from Shekhar Saxena
First of all, I must compliment|you for your beauty
When did Preeti Saxena tell you|about the divorce?
I don't remember the date.|- Still...?
Some two or three months ago
She's shooting in the dark
Is it not true that|six months before she died...
Preeti Saxena severed|all relationships with you?
No. We used to talk over the phone.|And we used to meet at the club
Do you remember when you met|for her the last time?
I told you. Remembering dates|is difficult for me
Is it true that you liked|Shekhar Saxena?
Weren't you impressed by his|personality, and his wealth?
It was nothing like that.|- But it is something like that
Is it not true that Preeti Saxena|severed all relationships with you...
because she knew that you were|trying to attract her husband?
The witness is being|pressurised unnecessarily
I can prove it
On December 7, 1999, did you not|call Shekhar Saxena's office...
repeatedly, trying to speak to him?|- I do not remember
I am holding the records|of the telephone company
At 9:50 am on December 8.|At 11:40 am. 1 pm. 3pm. 5pm...
I told you, I can't remember dates!|- 10... 11... 12... 13 times
I told you, I don't remember a thing!|- Over a month, there wasn't even...
a day when you didn't try at least|10 times to contact Shekhar Saxena
What's going on Jadhav?|You didn't find out about this?
Don't you even remember writing|a letter on December 31...?
To Shekhar Saxena. A love letter.|- This is a lie!
Is this your handwriting, Ms Shalini?
Are you the one who wrote this letter|to Shekhar Saxena?
Read it
Read the letter, Ms Shalini
Louder, please
You know, because I want|to be close to you...
I made friends with someone|as vain and rude as Preeti
That's why I tolerated her.|And now, when I have begun...
visiting your house, you're|avoiding me. May I ask why?
Shekhar, I want to spend|this New Year's eve with you
Preeti will never come|to know of this
What Ms Shalini couldn't|do with the letter...
she is trying to do in court
Clearly, any beautiful woman will|seek revenge after she is spurned
Shekhar Saxena didn't visit her|on New Year's Eve. Instead...
he showed this letter to his|wife Preeti. That was when...
Preeti severed all relationships|with Shalini
How would I know? Why don't|you ask Preeti about this?
This car...?|- Amit's
At this hour?
Something urgent, maybe
Then I should leave?
Anything important?
This is Jimmy, the swimming coach in|the club where Shekhar has a locker
The attendant says that|Lokhande saw Jimmy last week
Jimmy hasn't been seen ever since.|- Meaning?
Lokhande and Jimmy will surely drop|a bomb on us at the next hearing
What can he be up to?|- This I do not know
Anything on the knife?|- I have inquired with...
each and every member of the club.|On December 31...
no one had kept a knife in his|locker. There's no question...
of the attendant being wrong.|He saw the knife...
in Shekhar's locker
Have you inquired with ex-members?
There might be some who ceased|to be members after December 31
Ask them.|- Simran, you want me...
to go back to the club again,|look up the register again...
list the ex-members, and go around|telling everyone that...
Shekhar is innocent
Shekhar I wanted to discuss|something important about the case
Go on
Never mind. You'll remember it again
Yes, I'll call you|as soon as I remember
Where are you now?|- Nowhere. I'm still on my way
That I didn't want to leave shouldn't|surprise you. I should be surprised
Today in court I watched you put up|that fight in earnest, for my sake
And my heart swelled in pride
For the first time, I have felt,|here's someone who trusts me...
someone who sees my innocence.|Oh, how I wish I were lost
How can I go away from you?|I'm so close to you...
I can even reach out and touch you.|To tell you the truth, the sight...
of you sitting on the stairs,|cradling the phone...
waiting for me, makes me feel nice.|I wish I could pick you up...
in my arms, and take you|someplace far away
"You have become the joy of my soul,|the love of my heart"
"You have become my life"
"You have become the joy of my soul,|the love of my heart"
"You have become my life"
"Shekhar will be hanged"
"From my being, you have seeped|into my soul"
"Through my eyes, you have entered|my heart"
"The desire of my dreams..."
"you have become"
"You have become my life"
"All that which I hid..."
"my intimate moments|when I hummed..."
"in my loneliness,|the lines I wrote..."
"my poetry you have become"
"You have become my life"
My next witness is...
No such witness is listed on|the agenda of court proceedings
She is not listed because she|wasn't willing to appear in court
She has been issued special summons|because I feel that...
her deposition will prove vital|for the progress of this case
You will be given ample opportunity|to cross-examine the witness
Who is this girl?|- Friend
Just a friend
I shouldn't be asking this,|but I am compelled to
Tell me, what is your age?
24 years
What is your relationship|with Shekhar Saxena?
Friendship.|- As of now, friendship. I know
But I'm asking about last year
We were in love
Was this love mutual?
Are you confident, Ms Rita
I mean, what you think|was love...
might have been mere friendship|from Mr Shekhar's point of view
It was Shekhar who proposed first.|He told me...
that ever since he saw me,|he has been mad about me
Once he had fallen in love|with you, did he...
during certain delicate moments|ever mention of divorcing his wife?
I know this is difficult for you.|But it's imperative...
that the court is told.|Please Ms Rita
He had said, that...|- That...?
He wants to separate from Preeti,|and become mine forever. But...
What, Ms Rita?|- But he couldn't do it, because...
once separated from Preeti, he would|also be divorced from her wealth
Mr Jimmy, did you know Preeti Saxena?|- Yes
How?|- She used to come to the club...
to learn swimming. I was|her personal coach
And the personal coaching turned|into a friendship after a while?
She had begun to take a liking|for me. Maybe I liked her too
Yes, you might say that|we became friends quite fast
And very soon, the friendship|led you to her bed?
This is a personal matter.|- Concealing anything...
from the court could be|dangerous for you
I didn't strike up a relationship|with her of my own volition
She wanted it.|- You gave her what she wanted?
How long did this go on?|- As long as she lived
Despite knowing that|she was a married woman?
Preeti said if her husband could have|affairs despite being married...
then why not she?
Will you please elucidate?
Preeti told me that every night,|Shekhar brings home a new girl
First, he impresses her with his|talks. Next, on the pretext...
of showing her around his house,|he shows off his wealth.
Then he takes her on a tour|of his collection of flowers
He uses poetry, sometimes a tale,|he talks of nature...
and he impresses her even more.|Then, at the first opportunity...
he takes her to bed.|- Directly?
Despite knowing all this|about Shekhar Saxena...
Preeti Saxena never spoke|of divorcing him? Strange...
Once she did tell me|that she wants to do it
But then she also said that Shekhar|was managing her business very well
I remember, being told once that she|knows that her husband is using her
Then she laughed, "So what? I'm using|him too. Maybe this is life"
Simran, stop!
Simran, listen to me
My mistake. I trusted a man like you
You have used Simran.|You made me a pawn
It's not like that! I wanted|to tell you all this. But...
One, I thought the police would|never get to know of all this
I'm not talking about the police.|I'm talking about ourselves
Maybe you don't remember me|telling you that...
if you ever lie to me,|I'll drop this case midway
I remember, Simran. But I didn't|tell you all this because...
I didn't want to lose you.|- You have lost me, anyway
Me, and your lawyer
"If he has broken my heart,|why should I hate him?"
"He has the right to love me,|or not to love me"
Hi, this is Simran. Please leave your|name and your message after the beep
Simran, I know you're there
Simran, please try to understand me
"In a moment, he dispelled|all my misgivings about promises"
"At this painful juncture,|he has left me alone"
"At this crossroad, I shall become|a stranger to him for life"
"Let him hurt me as he pleases"
"He has the right to love me,|or not to love me"
"If he has broken my heart,|why should I hate him?"
One more letter
"What I didn't know,|I have understood now"
"Love is a trade in hearts"
"But how can anyone dictate|how the heart beats?"
"The heart is free to heave in sighs,|where it wishes"
"Why stand in the way of the heart?"
"He has the right to love me,|or not to love me"
"If he has broken my heart,|why should I hate him?"
I've done my job. I've found out|everything about Jimmy Pereira
I'm dropping this case
Because Shekhar lied to you?
What if it was another client who|lied to you? Would you still quit?
You were obsessed about winning this|case. Now you don't want to contest?
You aren't quitting because you|suspect Shekhar Saxena's innocence
You just can't tolerate the fact that|there were other women in his life
Amit, this is my personal matter
Shall I tell you something honestly?|Deep down inside...
I'm glad that you are dropping|this case
Ever since Shekhar Saxena transpired,|he has caused me much anguish
But I will never advise you to quit.|For my selfish ends...
for my sake, I won't stand|in the way of your victory
If you dump Shekhar Saxena|at this juncture...
the public and the judge will both|think that he's a criminal
I'm not going to let Simran stand|in the way of the lawyer...
whose prime duty|is to save the client
I'd like to summon Mr Jimmy Pereira|once again before this court
Where were you working before|the job at National Gymkhana?
At Country Club.|- What reason for quitting...
a job at such a prominent club?|- What do you mean?
You know what I mean. Is it not true|that you were fired?
What nonsense are you saying?|I quit on my own volition
Your memory is a bit weak.|You are forgetting that...
upon the complaint|of a married woman...
the management had acted on suspicion|about your character...
and you were served notice|to leave the club
What nonsense are you talking?|What proof do you have?
In this court,|you have admitted...
that you had a physical relationship|with Preeti Saxena
Will you tell this court where|you took her for sexual intercourse?
Evidently, I didn't do it in public.|Sometimes a hotel...
sometimes in my place,|sometimes at her place
In the same house|where she was murdered?
Yes, but I didn't know that she was|about to be murdered, did I?
Did Preeti remunerate you|for your services?
Are you out of your mind?|What do you take me for?
I do not mean to hurt you
Will you tell the court whether|before having sex with Preeti...
you used to tie her hands and|her feet, using a rope, or...?
You bitch!
What did you say?
What did you say, Mr Jimmy?
Tell the court what you said
I said "bitch"
Bitch... bitch... bitch
Mr Sodawaterwallah, please|tell the court about that knife
It was a 6-inch knife,|it was designed like this...
In which locker did you see it?|- Don't you folks understand...
anything at one go? I've said it|a thousand times. Locker number 502
And for the thousand-and-one-th time|the locker belonged to Shekhar Saxena
And I'll also telling you,|that knife was a solid one
My next witness is Mr Lalit Advani.|Like Mr Shekhar Saxena...
he too is a member|of National Gymkhana
Who's Advani?
Mr Advani, on December 31, did you|keep a knife in your locker
No, I put the knife in it|a week before that
On December 31, the knife|was still there
Please take a good look.|Is this knife yours?
What's the number of your locker?
The locker just beneath|Mr Shekhar Saxena's locker
I would like to recall Mr Rustom
Are you certain that you saw|the knife in locker number 502...
and not in locker number 402?|- I told you! Ask me once...
ask me a million times,|the knife was in number 502
Look carefully. Is this the knife|you saw on December 31?
This knife isn't the same as that one
How was it different?|- This is rusty, scratches
That knife was brand new
It may have been brand new then.|But between December 31 and now...
it could have become a bit scratched,|it could've become a bit rusty
Think before you answer, Mr Rustom
This is a matter of someone's|life and death
Could this have been the knife?
Could this have been|the knife, Mr Rustom?
Could it have been this knife?|- Could be! I'm not God!
If you insist, this might also be.|Anything might be, yes anything!
Please let me go!|My brain is cooked!
Now what more do you want to ask?|I told you, it could be
Anything might be! That day, I was|out of my mind, out of my brains!
To hell with your knife,|to hell with your locker!
I don't want any of this!|I only want to be left in peace
I wanted...
Simran, I want to talk to you.|- I don't want to
Weren't you prancing about|in the courtroom?
And saying your dialogues|with a sway of those hips!
All fired-up, aren't you?
Say, how about taking you to bed|and dousing your fires?
Tell me
I have been waiting for you.|Another letter, addressed to you
The same Remington typewriter|with the raised t
Our ally wants us|to meet this girl
Yes?|- Ms Payal Malhotra?
Yes.|- I'm Simran Bhargav
I know. Come in
Ms Payal, please tell the court|about the incident...
on the night of January 9, 1998
I was asleep in my bed.|I heard something and came awake
Before I could scream, someone|clamped down on my mouth
I was very scared. I saw a man|astride my bed...
bending down over me. He was dressed|in black. He was wearing a black mask
He had a knife in his right hand
This deposition is not related|to Preeti Saxena's murder
Ms Payal, can you recall|how the knife looked?
Yes. It was large. As hunting knives|are, serrated along the edge
What happened afterwards?|- His left hand...
was clamped over my mouth.|With the right...
he placed the point of the knife|on my throat
And slowly, he began pressing.|I was bleeding
But I was so scared,|that I couldn't even scream
Then, he slowly began drawing|the knife downwards
He incised downwards,|towards my heart
And then, he slashed me|wherever he fancied!
He kept on cutting, slashing!
After that, he tied|my hands and my feet
Then he dipped the point|of the knife in my blood
And on the wall in front of me,|he wrote, "bitch"
Then suddenly, he took pity on me,|I don't know why
At the end of it, instead of doing|anything, he licked the knife
And before I could understand|anything, he vanished into the dark
Ms Payal, you must have read about|Preeti Saxena's murder in the papers
Do you realise that both of you|were attacked in the same manner?
That's why I went to|the police station to depose
I also lodged a written complaint.|- Is the concerned police officer...
whom you spoke to,|present in this court?
He's sitting over there
He has been to my house twice
Once, three weeks after Preeti's|murder, and the day before yesterday
What did he have to tell you?|- He told me that the incident...
which happened to me is not related|in any way to Preeti's murder
This is not the truth!
They are trying to mislead the court!
I shall speak to you later|in this matter
When this incident happened to you,|were you a member of Country Club?
Yes.|- Who was the swimming coach?
Jimmy Pereira
If I am not mistaken, you|had an intimate relationship...
with Jimmy Pereira?
The court is adjourned for two hours|pending verdict
Payal Malhotra's report isn't|in the police records
After perusing the evidence,|and the depositions of witnesses...
this court has arrived|at the conclusion...
that the accused Shekhar Saxena|is innocent...
and the allegations against him|are baseless
This court acquits Mr Saxena...
and urges the police to trace|the real culprit
How come you know of it?|- Not everyone in this world...
is like you, Mr Lokhande.|Someone wrote a letter to me
Someone I don't even know, helped me|throughout. Anything else?
It was no stranger who helped you.|It was Shekhar Saxena himself
According to a well-worked-out plan.|Shekhar Saxena killed Preeti Saxena
I can bet on it. And he had begun|planning it a year and a half ago
Shekhar Saxena knew he'd be prime|suspect in Preeti Saxena's murder
That's why he used Jimmy Pereira.|Jimmy and Payal were close...
to each other. The modus operandi he|used on Payal a year and a half ago...
was the same one which he planned to|use on Preeti. Next, he conspired...
to have Jimmy fired from|Country Club, and then...
he appointed him in National Gymkhana.|So that Jimmy Pereira and Preeti...
would come close to each other,|and as soon as that happened...
he killed Preeti. The man who wrote|the letters to you is Shekhar Saxena
And Preeti Saxena's murderer is|Shekhar Saxena, and no one else
You have lost the case, Mr Lokhande.|Get used to living with defeat
You can do no harm to Shekhar
Today, if I stand before you...
it is all Ms Simran Bhargav's doing
That I'm alive today,|is because of her
During the trial, I have hurt someone|close to me. For the first time...
I am feeling the loss. Despite all|my efforts, I couldn't erase...
the shadows of my past. And today,|I stand in public and I apologise
Forgive me if you can
Say good afternoon
It's past three
Get up and get fresh. Your slave|is cooking for you today
What happened, Simran?
Where are you going?
I had forgotten. I have|an important meeting
What about our lunch?
I'll call
Work over?
It isn't quite two hours|since you left...
and I'm feeling as if|I've been lonely for years
There's someone at the door.|I'll call you later
Simran, I'll pick you up at eight.|We're going out for dinner
Not tonight, Shekhar.|Maybe some other time
Whatever you said|was true, Mr Lokhande
I won, yet I have lost.|I was mistaken about Shekhar
I have committed a grave crime|by saving a murderer
But now, I have evidence against him.|- What?
I have found the typewriter he used|to write those messages
I want to bring it over to you.|- Get over to the police station
I'll be there
Hi, this is Simran. Please leave your|name and your message after the beep
I'll contact you. Thank you
It's ten thirty at night,|and you still haven't called me
You have saved my life. I hoped|you would let me take you out...
to dinner and give me a chance|to express my gratitude
Anyway, I don't know whether|you have heard the news
Jimmy Pereira is still evading|the police. He's a rogue
He can do anything
I didn't kill Preeti on purpose
The fool that she was, she wanted|to deprive me of my money
What could I have done?|Between Preeti and the money...
I had to choose money.|Tell me, did I have an option?
And today, you leave me with|no choices
In my house,|in my closet...
you have discovered your death
I thought we would have|a lifetime together
But if you'd rather that|only one of us lives...
then it has to be me, no?
What I expected,|and what has come to be...
Outside, they're queueing up|for interviews
They want to see the girl|who was so brave
Simran, anyone can make a mistake
But you could teach them how to|make a success out of a mistake
And you could teach them|how to be a steadfast friend
Get up Simran, and look|through my eyes
This morning awaits you
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