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It is better to make new mistakes ...
than to perpetuate the old ones ...
to the point of unconsciousness. Yaak Karsunke
for Marie Luise Fleisser
And if it goes wrong?
How lonely everything will be!
There's no question of it going wrong.
And if it does, l'm not the only pebble on the beach.
There is no one but you.
l want nothing to do with that sort of thing.
lt's my business, not yours.
lf l'm not allowed to say anything...
That's right.
The important thing is to get on in life.
We're not doing anything wrong.
l'm damn thirsty. Bring me a beer!
Are you happy with her?
You'd have more to expect from me, in my situation.
l have something to expect from myself.
More than from you.
You had an opportunity there.
l'm not like you. That's one thing l do know.
Put it on the bill, baby!
Could you give me back the 20 marks now?
l hope to make a nice little profit...
But at the moment you're strapped for cash?
You can wait a bit longer.
ls your guy back again?
Worry your head about yours. Leave me to mine.
That's a strange tone.
Stop bickering!
lt's none of your damned business what we talk about.
l pay for the beer, don't l?
What do you mean?
What l say.
Maybe it'll dawn on you.
Let's go to the tavern!
They're not happy with each other. -Who?
Paul and Helga.
- No. -
You reckon?
Have you seen Paul?
He's in the bathroom.
How are things?
l'm sleeping alone. You sleep in your own bed!
Let's talk it over.
Don't touch me!
ls there a john here?
First door on the right.
Can you lend me some money?
Twenty marks or so?
Why do you have to go around with that guy?
lt'll come to no good.
Shut your trap!
Do you want to land in jail, too?
Like shit, l do!
He has a record.
He's one person. l'm another.
And all the others, too.
You must get away from them.
l don't know, Erich,
whether l can bring myself to do it.
The main thing is to lead a better life than we do now.
l'm so fond of you.
Then you must listen to what l say.
lt's a terrible idea.
And l'd be scared of the others.
I'm important in your life and no one else.
And hold your tongue about us. -Sure.
So that they don't talk about us. -l won't say a thing.
And not a word about the money! -Not a word.
Was l right?
They're real, her boobs.
When l tell you something l'm always right.
Have you read the romance novels? -Yes.
This one's nice:
He raised his eyes to the turquoise, star-studded sky.
Then he turned to me.
Everything about him revealed an intensity of life.
''In all logic, you should... ''
I interrupted him.:
''You attach too much importance to logic,
and too much power. ''
A bitter taste of triumph welled up within me for a moment.
No more being broken-hearted.
No more anxieties about starting a new life.
No more fearing indiscrete questions ...
and trying to conceal one's defeat.
It was really an elegant way ...
to escape from this dead end.
You should hear Elisabeth when they quarrel.
With that guy of hers? -Yes.
The walls shake.
When a person's had as much misfortune in life as she has!
lt's quite simple.
You just have to keep bringing up the subject.
All we ever talk about is marriage.
Punch her in the face. Then she'll shut up.
Not her. Once she gets something in her head, it won't come out.
Like it was implanted in it.
You'll manage it.
We just have to consider how to go about it.
He was nice, the real estate agent.
Was he?
And l've ordered a painter for tomorrow to fix up the room.
Whatever you think.
l'm meant to starve just to keep you in luxury.
You don't have to shout.
lt's your business, not mine.
How's your guy? -All right.
Mine's sweet. -Oh yes?
When he touches me l really feel something.
lt's the same with me and my one.
And he's good. You really feel it with him.
My one's good, too. l feel something with him as well.
He's crazy about her, she said.
Everyone's crazy about her, she thinks.
She has a mind of her own. That's not good.
Boobs. That's what she has. And that's all she has.
She's not the only one with boobs.
l'd avoid the comparison if l were you.
But there's no tenderness with her.
And anyway, she screws around with everyone.
lf you don't take the things up to the attic now,
you can pack your bags and go.
OK, clear off then!
l pay the rent myself anyway.
l bought all that. Leave that here!
And anyway, you owe me money.
You've lost your virginity now.
Screw you with that crap!
l have more experience than you.
l'd like to see that.
Come on!
Where are they going?
How should l know?
l can't understand how she let you get near her.
l paid for it, if you must know.
l can afford it.
Because l work and have enough money.
l have money with me again.
lt's just a present.
That's all.
Can't we do a bit more? As if it were love, or so?
Anyone who takes money is a dirty slut.
l always knew that about her.
Because she never looks you straight in the eye.
lt ought to be reported.
A person like that shouldn't be free to mix with us.
That's not necessary.
A person like that finds her own punishment in life.
Can't you hold your arm straight?
l'm shorter than you.
That has nothing to do with it.
Did you see how they stared? The women in our block?
Well l did.
l went to school with them.
They're just envious of what l have.
lt sure would be great to have more money.
You must be content with what you have.
You're fond of me, in your heart?
That has nothing to do with money.
Love and so on always have to do with money.
l've thought it over.
That's nothing for me.
lt bothers me what others think.
l've reckoned it out.
We'd have 1 0,000 a month.
Life would be worth living then.
Please, leave me in peace with that!
what was that for?
So that you begin to use your head.
That's enough! -Yes.
You do enjoy it with me, though?
l don't understand anything about that.
l have to live, that's all.
And now l have to sleep.
lt's important for my complexion.
OK, l'll be going now.
lf you don't change your mind l'll give you such a beating!
l wouldn't advise you to,
or we'll see what the police have to say about your ideas.
l'm so fond of you.
Don't be like that!
Go home ...
and leave me in peace!
How about Saturday?
Yeah, l have time then.
OK. l'll pick you up.
About a quarter past five?
How's your girlfriend?
She's so damned pig-headed.
She has a will of her own.
What do you expect of a girl?
l need money for the painter.
l haven't any more money.
Food, booze and accommodation free.
And no money in your pocket!
Go to the bank. You have enough there.
What l have in the bank ...
is none of your damn business.
l can let you have my savings.
How much is it?
600 marks or so.
That's not worth talking about.
But you might as well get it. -lf you think so.
You're not mad anymore?
Like shit, l am!
No, a marriage is important.
Always being alone...!
Yes, you're right.
How's your guy?
He writes regularly.
l always get his letters. -Do you?
He's away on assembly work.
That's why.
Have you heard? Rosy asks money for it.
She didn't ask any from me.
She was running after me ...
for ages.
Because you're sweet.
But she asked for it from Franz.
He said so himself.
l'd ask for money from him, too.
That's what he said.
So what?
There are worse things than asking someone for money.
l'm going now.
She'd be glad if she had the looks to be able to ask for money.
Can you give me back my money, since you're earning so much?
What does that mean?
What l hear...
You can only believe half of what you hear.
This is Klaus.
Oh well, l'll be getting along, then.
Who's that guy?
Just a guy.
ls she good? Rosy, l mean.
All right.
What do you pay for it each time?
l pay because l have the money and can afford it.
Look at him! The look on his face!
A foreigner!
He's coming this way.
You want something?
Are you looking for something? -Who are you?
Can't you talk when someone asks? -Well?
Looking for someone? Someone in particular?
My God! What a stupid expression!
You, ltaly? -No ltaly.
He's an ltalian, all right.
What does he want here?
He's an ltalian.
Where are you going?
Where do you want to go? -No address?
Elisabeth Wirth. -Well, beat that!
This block, second floor.
He's going to Elisabeth.
l always said she's man-crazy.
First we have to talk about your papers.
Whether you have a work permit. l only take decent people.
You can wash in your room and cook, too. That's no problem.
But no lady visitors, please!
The people in the block gossip too much.
The painter's in your room at the moment.
You'll have to sleep with Peter in one room.
You'll meet him later. He's otherwise a pleasant person.
l can make you a coffee in the morning,
but otherwise you'll be at work.
Now you know everything.
What did you tell them?
Gunda was here and made some funny remarks.
l didn't say anything.
Elisabeth has a foreign worker in her apartment.
So what?
lt's strange having someone like that here.
l have some money with me again.
This is Peter.
He must sleep in here till his room's finished.
Do you think she has something going with him?
Elisabeth with that foreign worker?
What do l know?
Stop it!
l have a headache.
But l'd sure like to know ...
whether she has something going with him.
How should l know?
l wasn't asking you.
Do you think she has something going with him?
Who with who?
Elisabeth with that foreigner.
Probably, if l know her!
Just like that? With a stranger? You can't...
She has money. People with money can do anything.
Who is that guy Klaus?
That's none of your business.
lf l hear again that people are talking,
you needn't come anymore.
l haven't said a word to anyone.
l'm just telling you. lf l hear another word...
Why are you so funny?
You're funny. l'm normal.
Kiss my ass! -lf you think so.
You can pay for your own things.
l saw the ltalian guy this morning.
He left the house when l did.
Then he was there all night.
That's right.
Have you heard?
The foreigner lives here now.
He lives here?
ln Elisabeth's apartment.
She has no sense of shame.
Hey, come here!
What's going on in your place?
That ltalian? What's going on?
He's not an ltalian.
He's a Greek. From Greece.
He ain't no ltalian? -No.
A Greek from Greece.
Where does he sleep?
At the moment, in my room.
The painter's in his room.
And? Has he spoken with you. -He can't talk much.
He gets undressed, even though he sleeps alone.
Completely? -ln front of you?
How does he look?
Better than us. -How, better?
Better built.
Where? -His dick.
l'm going to the tavern.
Me, too.
l'm going.
You... You're from Greece?
Do you like it here?
Does it appeal to you here?
No understand.
Germany good? -Much good.
Not much love?
No understand ''love''?
No girlfriend?
Girlfriend? Fucky-fucky?
No. Nothing. -Why? Because of me?
Yeah. Nothing.
l heard it from Erich. He heard it from Elisabeth's Peter.
Last night she got undressed and yelled for the Greek.
And then? -Then the Greek went to her.
Three hours later he came back.
He looked absolutely beat!
l just saw the Greek at the playground.
l greet him, 'cos l'm an educated person.
He grabs me, throws me down and keeps saying ''fucky-fucky''.
l was scared out of my life and l ran away.
Now we're getting their foreign habits.
You can't cook now. l need my peace.
l need the money now.
l must have the assurance that you're a decent person.
Money, understand?
Ah, understand.
l'll write you a receipt later. OK?
Out you go!
Nothing doing.
And then he raped her. At the playground.
He ain't got no taste.
l tell you. He threw her to the ground and raped her.
The others aren't safe either, l tell you.
There, in the playground he raped her.
Gunda? -As l told you.
l don't believe it. He always looks you straight in the eye.
Are you sweet on him?
l'd never be sweet on him.
You can tell how a person is from the way he looks at you.
They're talking about us in the whole neighborhood. lt's not good.
People talk whether you do anything or not.
Do we have to have someone like that in the house?
l prefer him to everyone else.
lf you think so.
What do you want here?
There's a Greek living in our place.
So l heard.
l have some money with me...
Good. Put it on the table!
Stop it! Get out!
lt ain't worth the money!
What do you mean by ''something else''?
Vending machines maybe.
There's no money in that.
Something else, then.
Whatever you do, there are problems involved.
Have you seen Marie? -She doesn't feel well.
Her head.
She should hold her head under the faucet.
You've heard about the Greek?
Elisabeth's guy was just here with me.
What an ape he is!
What do you mean?
l'll show you.
That's how he went for me.
l'd report it to the police. lt's not right.
The same thing happened to Gunda with the Greek.
They're a load of riff-raff down there!
l don't believe it of him.
He has such an honest look.
Where there's smoke there's fire.
lf you don't stop your stupid talk, l'm going.
Go then, you silly cow!
Stop it!
Do you have to stand up for her?
Stubborn, that's what she is.
And that's bad.
You have to allow time for it to sink in.
Kiss my ass!
Actually, l don't think it's right.
After all, l'm engaged.
The main thing is it's fun.
But Paul's your friend.
Friends don't count where a woman's involved.
You're hurting me.
There's no love without pain.
And? Did he ask after me? -Yes.
Oh, well.
How are things. -l'm surviving.
Things are fine with me, too.
OK, then l'll be going.
Take care!
Bye! -Bye!
Do you have money with you?
l'll have some tomorrow.
Without money, you can go again.
Where are you from in Greece?
What city? -Piraeus.
And there's no work there?
Work, yes; but no money.
How come?
lf you work, you earn money...
Money, yes; but not much money.
You wife?
Wife and kids.
You married? -Wife and kids.
How many kids? -Two.
lt's strange.
But it doesn't surprise me.
l don't know. But you have to be careful.
Yes, you're right.
l feel love, like when they sing their songs.
Love good!
Everyone's talking about you and Elisabeth.
Elisabeth nothing.
l'd like to be the only one you go with.
A girl needs that.
Eyes like stars.
Eyes like stars.
That's lovely.
That's lovely.
Others lovely, too?
No understand.
ln Greece? Girls lovely?
Greece very lovely.
Much sun and sea.
You come to Greece.
Honestly, you'd take me with you?
Much love.
l'm fond of you, too.
l can feel it. lt really hurts.
Did you spread the rumor l'm running after him? That takes the cake!
l didn't say a word.
l swear it.
l'd never say anything about you. l just couldn't.
There's never been such malicious talk as this.
l could never talk like that about you.
My love would prevent it.
Then be quiet now!
l'm still better than him.
With your hands.
l tell you, now he's screwing with your Marie.
She can go take a running jump, with that stupid look of hers.
Helga's pregnant. -You're kidding?
l tell you. Three months gone.
Were you careless?
She couldn't have no kids, the doctor told her.
Now l'm in the shit.
When she told me, l could have killed her.
'Cos she's always so cocky, Helga is.
Punch her in the belly, or throw her in the lsar,
and the baby will go.
Where he comes from they have Communists.
ln Greece?
l read it in the paper.
A lot of Communists.
Yeah? -lt's true.
Greece is full of Communists.
Rosy knows about it from Franz, and she told me.
You wouldn't believe it possible. -That's right.
You get involved in things without knowing how.
'Cos the Communists are a real threat.
He's a Communist, and it ought to be forbidden.
Everything fits. -lt ought to be forbidden.
He dares to come here, and he's one of them!
lt ought to be forbidden, Something must be done!
You're going with a guy who's married and has kids.
lf you say so.
l'd be ashamed. You knew what sort of guy he is!
Well? What sort of guy is he?
A criminal, that's what he is. Everyone knows that.
He ain't no criminal for me. -Because you're a little slut.
Who l care to give my love to is my business.
Because he's a swine and gives you it hard?
'Cos he wasn't interested in you? -Wasn't interested?
He threw me to the ground.
ln your dreams, maybe. You're not his type at all.
As if he liked any special type!
He's just happy to get it in you. -You think you're something better?
For me, you're nothing but a slut.
He just sits there without a thought in his head.
He ought to be castrated.
And he feels happy here!
We'll soon change that.
That would be a laugh! Just cut it off!
Then he'd wonder how to screw.
That's all he has in his head.
Except that he stinks like a pig.
Peter said he never washes.
Because where he comes from they don't wash.
lf we had a gun,
we could really make him hop.
Can you imagine how he'd jump?
But castration's better. He'd think about that longer.
Then we'd lay it in gasoline ...
and give it to Marie for her birthday.
That would be a scream!
What does Elisabeth say about him going with Marie now?
She cried, because he was right for her.
l can imagine.
The guy's a swine, and that's all.
The producer said l have a face like Marie Versini.
And if he can fit it in,
he'll give me a screen test.
You need a training for that.
We all have a face.
Yeah, look at yours!
Just like yours.
l don't want to destroy your illusions.
Do you think you're something better?
Hogwash! You're not at all.
lf anything's an illusion, it's your producer.
l'll appear on television.
And you'll see me and you'll be green with envy.
Don't let the others bother you.
They talk a lot, but it's harmless.
They always have to be together, that's why.
You're nice. l like you.
l know you can't talk.
That's what l like best.
Can l sit closer to you?
l could have beaten him to a pulp,
the way he just sat there with his foreign mug.
Elisabeth's one has left.
No, he keeps turning up.
That's what l heard.
lt won't work out between us two.
l'm different from the others.
Everyone needs a bit of love.
But nothing common.
lt must be something special.
l have my car outside.
We could take a drive in the country.
You're something special. One can see that immediately.
A woman.
No different from the others.
The way you're dressed!
And a car! That's quite something!
When you hold a girl, it's lovely.
A love that's different from all others.
Different from all others.
l'm very fond of you.
She has a producer, she said.
Because her face is like Marie Versini's.
She's nuts if you ask me.
She's not at peace with herself.
That business with the money is true as well.
How do you know?
l have an eye for that sort of thing.
l don't live in cities, you know.
l drive a car.
And l take what l want.
l like men who are losing their hair.
You understand?
On the highway...
You get to know people.
You find out what you like best.
When you're driving ...
all kinds of thoughts go through your mind.
And l like dirty thoughts.
lt's like making love in a hotel with white walls.
And you can wash your hands if you want.
And usually l want to.
All the nigger sluts, they've got rubber tuts.
But the likes of us ain't got nothing at all.
You wouldn't mean me?
Don't start anything with them!
Can they do what they like?
You can do what you like, though? Because you're man-crazy.
We're not available for just anyone.
Anyone's better than no one.
lf l looked like you, l'd be ashamed of myself.
You let a foreign laborer in your home because you're so attractive?
ls that any concern of yours?
And he's not a foreign laborer, he's a guest worker.
ln your bed there's not much difference.
My bed is my business. Keep your nose out of it!
Come on!
lf l had a Communist in my place, l'd keep my mouth shut.
lf everyone's talking about it, there must be something to it.
No one understands a thing.
What's happened has happened.
And what has happened?
You had something going with him.
l'm so fond of you.
But l sense something.
Sense something?
They're planning something brutal.
No understand.
Suddenly they all go ''bam-bam!''
No bam-bam!
Because you're so nice.
Will you still take me to Greece?
Go together to Greece.
And your wife?
No understand.
Yorgos' wife? -Yorgos no understand.
Because it really takes a hold of me.
Were they your friends last time?
Yes, from school and from the neighborhood.
They're fine.
lf you say so.
ln five weeks, l'll get my first part.
The pictures they took of me were good.
What do they pay?
No idea.
We'll talk about that later.
Then it'll be in all the papers?
That's right.
lt costs a lot of money: the photos and so on.
Did you have to pay?
lt's for my career.
You must know.
You're only young once.
Later, you don't have a chance.
Not when you're older.
What about marriage?
Don't you want to get married?
l don't know.
A marriage is something fine.
A regular life is not to be sneezed at.
You never know what the future will bring.
He threw her in the water.
Because of the baby. To get rid of it.
lt didn't get rid of it.
But they say it had a shock.
And Paul?
He begged her forgiveness.
Now they want to get married.
l wouldn't like to get into a situation like that.
And what about love?
Not for me. lt makes you old.
He wanted to kill it.
Apparently it was an accident.
Rosy's making a movie.
You can imagine what that'll be like.
She had to pay for everything herself ...
the photographer, everything.
Because that's normal.
How do we know what's normal?
Satisfied with your foreigner?
More than with you.
Because you're nothing but a slut.
You didn't seem to mind before.
How anyone can stoop so low morally...!
Why do you two always have to fight?
What's he got that l haven't?
That's my business.
You deserve a good hiding for that tongue of yours!
You shouldn't speak like that. lt upsets everyone.
l'll talk the way l like.
l'll pick you up again on Friday.
Was there something else?
Oh, sorry.
l almost forgot.
Has someone put your nose out of joint?
l'm just mad, that's all.
Look who's coming here!
Yes, look who's coming here! Fancy that!
Our Greek. Couldn't be better!
The filthy pig!
What are you doing here?
Do you think anyone can walk around here?
Why are you so quiet? -No understand.
You understand me, you Commie!
Want a fight, huh? Come on then!
lt had to happen. He was walking around as if he belonged here.
And he looks you up and down like something at the market.
He must go.
We need a bit of order here.
And you took part? -Sure.
And now he's going away? -No idea.
l'd go, l'm sure.
Revenge is only right and proper.
That's right.
Did he get up on his own?
l don't know.
l left.
We couldn't care less either.
That's right.
He'll go away now for sure.
For sure.
Because it wasn't nice anymore.
We belong here and no one else.
You didn't have to take part. That wasn't necessary.
lt just came over me.
l don't know how.
lf you hadn't done anything to help, OK...
But taking part! -l didn't want to take part.
l don't know how it all came about.
You're crazy. -OK, then l'm crazy.
Yorgos no understand.
l like you. l'll never leave you.
No understand: bam-bam!
lt's over now. Be nice!
Everything, bam-bam!
Put your arm round me! Come on!
All make bam-bam against me.
Give me a kiss! That'd be nice.
Greece nice.
Germany much cold.
Kiss me! l want you to.
How is he now, the Greek? -ls he clearing off?
No. Elisabeth wants him to stay.
But that's stupid. Anyone can see what's better.
She says it's better if he stays,
because she can ask for more rent from him.
You can do that with foreigners,
because they're stupid and don't know any better.
What does she charge for the room? -1 50 marks.
That's how it is.
Not bad! -That's how you do it with them.
They help increase production, and the money stays in the country.
That's the idea!
That's right.
And it's for Germany.
Elisabeth has a head for business. l always said that.
1 50 marks for a room like that!
You must have the brains to think of it.
She's had a miscarriage. But they still want to marry.
l wouldn't like that myself: a miscarriage and marriage.
And what if nothing comes of your career?
Maybe... because of my age...
No, that's not for me.
lf we divide up your room,
we can get another one in there and earn more money.
lt's big enough, after all.
lf you think so.
l've got used to him. Another one won't matter.
l'll call the builder round on Monday and get an estimate.
l want to know how much it'll all cost.
And then l'll go to the army. lt's better than working ...
and having ideas that never come to anything, and nothing changes.
l'll have to go soon, too.
l'd like to be posted to a submarine.
That's something different from service on land.
You have to go where they send you.
l doesn't really matter where they send you.
ln summer, he's taking me to Greece.
What about his wife?
That doesn't matter. Everything's different in Greece.
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Kanzo Sensei CD1
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Kaosu (Chaos)
Karakter (1997) CD1
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Karan Arjun
Karate Kid 2 CD1
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Karate Kid The
Karo (pulse)
Kate And Leopold
Kate and Leopold (2001)
Kavkazskaya plennitsa - Kidnapping Caucasian Style (Leonid Gaidai 1966)
Kaze No Katami - The Wind Carpet (Kamal Tabrizi 2003)
Kdo chce zabit Jessii
Keeping The Faith
Keeping Up Appearances 01 - My Name Is Bouqet
Keeping Up Appearances 02 - Welcoming The Dishy Vicar
Keeping Up Appearances 03 - Visiting Acquaintanance Stately
Keeping Up Appearances 05 - Daisy And Her Toy Boy
Keeping Up Appearances 06 - How To Manage Christening
Keeping Up Appearances 11 - Googley-Eyed Registrar
Keeping Up Appearances 12 - Coctails With Greek Millionaire
Keeping Up Appearances 13 - Unfortunate Prospect
Keeping Up Appearances 14 - Playthings For Daddy
Keeping Up Appearances 15 - Three Piece Suite
Keeping Up Appearances 16 - Picnic For Daddy
Keeping Up Appearances 17 - Very Merry Hyacinth
Keeping Up Appearances 18 - Sea Fever
Keeping Up Appearances 19 - Angel Gabriel Blue
Keeping Up Appearances 20 - Historical Pageant
Kees de jongen CD1
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Keetie Tippel
Kekec (Joze Gale 1951) CD1
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Kellys Heroes (1970)
Ken Park (2002)
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Kes (Ken Loach 1969)
Key Largo
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Kids Return 1996
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Kiki delivery service
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King David
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King of marvin gardens The
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Kiss Me Stupid - Billy Wilder 1964
Kiss Of Death
Kiss of the Dragon
Kiss the Girls
Kitchen Stories
Kites Over Helsinki
Kitne Door Kitne Paas (1999)
Kjrlighetens Kjtere
Klumps The
Klute 1971
Knafaim Shvurot
Knife In The Water 1962
Knight Rider 1x03
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Knights Tale A
Knockin On Heavens Door
Koi mil Gaya (2003 Hindi)
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Kukushka 2002
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