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Erland knows most everything|about the world.
I get a few thousand a month now.|We have a contract.
- He will take care of everything.|- Goodbye.
It's pretty obvious|that she has to sing.
This place is too small for her.
You see, Paula belongs|to a different dimension.
That's what Erland says...
{y:i}She hadn't said a word.|{y:i}Not a word.
{y:i}She didn't even dare look at me.
{y:i}She left and never came back.
{y:i}That was many years ago.|{y:i}I haven't seen her since.
{y:i}She's done well.
{y:i}Things got so real when she left.
{y:i}Things just exist.
{y:i}So what do you do?
{y:i}That's Paula's mother, by the way.
{y:i}She buys everything|{y:i}written about Paula.
I bought the last copies.|Did you want one?
Theodore! Theo!
{y:i}I think something terrible|{y:i}is going to happen to me.
{y:i}I knew her.
{y:i}No one knew her like me.
{y:i}And no one knew me like she did.
{y:i}We spent every single day together|{y:i}until she went away.
{y:i}We spent|{y:i}our whole childhood together.
{y:i}Paula sang with the angels.
{y:i}And everyone was amazed.
{y:i}Paula's house was reflected|{y:i}in the window of our store.
{y:i}She sang practically all the time.
{y:i}She stood at her window|{y:i}and knew I was listening.
{y:i}Behind the frame shop run by|{y:i}my dad and my grandpa
{y:i}our fields and woods began.
{y:i}We owned the whole world.
{y:i}We were|{y:i}the only people on the planet.
{y:i}And everything belonged to us.
{y:i}God was around too, we liked that.
{y:i}But somehow we were bigger.
{y:i}When my dad died,|{y:i}we were walking on our hands.
{y:i}I remember Grandpa held me|{y:i}as the ambulance drove off.
{y:i}My dad turned into a picture|{y:i}but Paula and I blew on each other.
{y:i}We blew away|{y:i}everything that made us sad.
{y:i}We blew away everything that was|{y:i}wrong, and every wound
{y:i}and toothaches and the measles.
{y:i}And when they built a highway|{y:i}through our special hill
{y:i}we blew like crazy...
{y:i}But it blew up anyway.
{y:i}But when sat there in the clouds|{y:i}of smoke we knew
{y:i}that no matter what happened,|{y:i}we had each other.
{y:i}Paula's dad played|{y:i}the trombone in a band
{y:i}but he was scary.
{y:i}When he beat her,|{y:i}we simply blew him down.
{y:i}And when her mother cried|{y:i}because Paula's dad had moved
{y:i}and wasn't going to come back...
{y:i}...we blew her tears away.
{y:i}We blew on butterflies|{y:i}to help them fly.
{y:i}We blew away almost everything|{y:i}that was evil or ugly.
{y:i}And when my mom was sick...
{y:i}...we blew away|{y:i}the evil thing in her tummy.
{y:i}Only it didn't work.
{y:i}So Mom turned into a picture too.
{y:i}But we always had each other
{y:i}and, in disguise,|{y:i}we hid our greatest secret.
{y:i}Disguised, we fooled our enemies.
{y:i}Sometimes it rained...|{y:i}and we didn't do a thing.
{y:i}We just sat there.
-Theodore, do you hear who it is?|- Sure. Turn it off.
{y:i}Sometimes I wish my time|{y:i}with Paula never ended.
{y:i}That I could remain in a dream
{y:i}where being a human being|{y:i}was special.
{y:i}Something good and beautiful.
-We ordered plain glass.|- Plain.
- It won't cost more.|-We don't want it.
There's no extra charge...
No funny business, just plain glass.|Plain glass!
And it was supposed|to be ready today. Why isn't it?
It's not like you're busy.
{y:i}One afternoon last summer|{y:i}she came for a visit.
{y:i}A short visit.
- Come here.|-They say you're going back tonight.
Not for several hours, though.|Come on.
- No.|- Come on!
I never want|to miss anyone ever again!
-Where did the money come from?|-You don't see people. It's wrong.
Where else should I be?|You couldn't make it without me.
You should be with her.|Or someone else.
For my sake.
I bet this is too old.
Our family has saved|this money since 1910.
For hard times...
You don't understand about Paula,|she belongs to a different world.
- Buy some flowers too.|- No way...
{y:i}Now, for the fifth year in a row,|{y:i}we welcome Paula!
Leave her alone!
Get out of here!
- I saw you. Leave her alone!|-You've made a mistake...
- If I see you again, I'll kill you!|- Stop it, Steve, it's the wrong guy.
What do you think you're doing?|Fucking pervert...
- Didn't you talk to her at all?|- No, I didn't, in fact.
{y:i}What am I supposed to do|{y:i}with these pictures?
{y:i}I've saved thousands of them.
{y:i}People who convey|{y:i}that life is something special.
{y:i}Proud people.
{y:i}Proud people.
No... I'll sweep it up.
You should take on car windows,|this isn't working out anymore.
Shouldn't you go see a doctor?
-We need a lamp by these stairs.|-We need a lot...
Quite a lot, to tell you the truth.
Wait, hang on...
Hello? Oh, hi...
- Of course I recognize your voice.|{y:i}- I haven't called for years.
{y:i}But I really needed to talk tonight.
{y:i}They're going to make|{y:i}something else of me.
{y:i}People are sick of cute faces|{y:i}like mine, according to Erland.
-That's it. No more disgusting bras!|- Face it, you're not a kid anymore.
{y:i}I'm a fake, he says.
{y:i}I'm looking for some inner beauty|{y:i}I just don't have, he says.
Go away, Erland. This is scary!
You won't last more than six months.|Quit running around.
{y:i}You have to lie to get by.|{y:i}And lie convincingly, Erland says.
It's just not me!
There is no you.|There is no me, either.
People make themselves up,|and I'm going to help you.
She hung up. I guess she just|needed to talk to someone.
Anyone at all.
Mom would|be sad to see this sold.
{y:i}Today is the call for lots,|{y:i}the auction's on Saturday.
Maggie, I can't keep standing|here for the rest of my life.
{y:i}This painting|{y:i}was my purpose in life.
{y:i}The meaning of my life.
Bloody hell, she sure is a peach.
Pardon my language, but she really|makes your heart pound, doesn't she?
- She's not that special...|- Have you found the signature?
Why don't you get up,|that looks uncomfortable.
- It's not signed.|-Are you an art dealer?
This is just junk...
You're a collector.
I deal in frames for a living.|I buy lots of old...
You're shaking.
-What do you do?|- I deal in money.
- Deal in money?|- Buying and selling.
-Art and real estate too.|- I'm interested in the frame.
Is the frame that special?
- Someone's waiting for me...|- Don't mind me.
It was nice meeting you.
Don't! Stop it!
There's a limit|to what she should have to take!
- I apologize.|- See you later.
We'll see who gets the painting...
{y:i}Now it's down to money,|{y:i}lots of money.
{y:i}Cash only.
{y:i}Not that I've ever had any.
{y:i}Not even enough to keep me in gas.
{y:i}I keep thinking about Grandpa's|{y:i}wooden box and I'll phone Paula.
{y:i}And Paula, she has money.
{y:i}At least this time|{y:i}I know what to say.
-That was quick.|- I took a cab. I sneaked off.
-You took a cab 300 kilometers?|-And back again. It's waiting.
Do you have the money?
This...feels funny.
It's easier to talk on the phone.
In case you were|wondering about the sunglasses...
I've had my eyes done.
Just a little.
Your dad used to sit over there.
We'll sit over here.
I brought my sewing bag along,|it's where I keep my money.
I thought you might|like to see these.
The dolls? We made lots of them.
But these two were you and me.
I made raspberryfool,|you always used to like it.
All I have at home|is the money I've saved on my own.
Erland takes care of the rest.
-What did they do to your eyes?|-Took a little tuck, that's all.
- She was holding a dagger, was she?|- It's her face.
I sort of recognize her,|like I've always known her.
You don't have to explain.
- Lucky I had some money.|-Yes, it was...
Do you think I'm good at singing?
They're going to reinvent me.
You don't understand what I mean.
- No one does.|-Yes, but...
Where did I put my glasses?
Did you see where I put them?
{y:i}As usual, I couldn't manage to say|{y:i}a thing even though she was sad.
{y:i}But I've got to have that picture.
{y:i}I just have to.
42,300, 42,400, 42,500...
{y:i}It's as if everyone who|{y:i}saved this money is present.
42,850, 42,900...
-42 thousand...|- 960.
43,010, 43,110, 43,210...
{y:i}By five a.m. I was there.
{y:i}With 125,400 kronor|{y:i}stuffed in my backpack.
The next lot is|this beautiful winter landscape.
Do I hear a bid?
A bid on this winter landscape...
A lovely oil painting.|Do I hear 100?
-We want to have him in sight.|- Now for the beauty. Low-cut dress.
It's a bit grimy,|but let's hear some bidding.
All right,then.|Will someone start bidding?
- I see someone waving.|- 100.
100 kronor. 100...
- 200.|- I hear 200 from the first row.
- 300.|- 300 kronor over there.
-400.|-The lady bids 400. Thank you.
-And up to 500...|-Three thousand.
3,000. Going, going...
- 10,000.|- 10,000!
Is a bid valid if the bidder|isn't good for the money?
It's never happened.|Let's keep going.
It's never happened,|so the bid stands.
- 20,000.|- 20,000 kronor.
A bid for 20,000 kronor. 20,000.
- 50,000.|- 50,000 kronor.
I have 50,000 kronor.|Even the birds got quiet.
50,000 kronor.
The painting is going for...
That painting is mine,|it's not meant for someone like you.
- No more money left?|- Going, going...
- 100,000!|- He's bluffing!
I hear 100,000. Going, going...
- 105.|- 105,000 kronor.
- 110.|- 110,000.
- 115.|- 120!
- 121,000.|- 121...
121,000 kronor. 121,000.
Have we reached the limit? 121,000.
121,000 kronor...
- 125,000!|- 125,000 kronor.
125,000 kronor.
He's shaking his head.|Going for 125,000 kronor...
Going, going...
...and gone, for 125,000 kronor.
{y:i}How could you die?
{y:i}I wanted to show her to you...
{y:i}Show what we got for the money.
{y:i}The frame was broken.
{y:i}There are two more parts.
{y:i}Two more parts...
{y:i}Look, Grandpa!
{y:i}You lived 400 years ago.
{y:i}I'm alive right now.
{y:i}Four hundred years...
My name's Olsson,|I'm the editor of Lńnskuriren.
We've heard about the auction.
125,000 kronor.|That's amazing!
- Have the experts said...?|- So, is it genuine or not?
Leave that alone.
No... Don't touch those.
Hello, my name is Piips, it's Dutch.
I work for the Museum of Amsterdam,|but I'm here on my own.
-Theodore!|- Please don't touch that.
Look, Paula and Queen Silvia|on the same cover!
Excuse me,|you're not allowed up there.
If it is genuine,|how will that affect your future?
Right now I feel immortal.
Can we talk, before 4 p.m.?
- Can we talk?|- I don't have time.
- Nothing fancy...|- May I help you?
You're headed for trouble!
- Friendly fellow. Nice suit.|- I'll see what I can do. - Customer.
-You've got a customer.|- Just get moving.
A frame of some kind...
I'm not talking to you.|I'll take care of the cement.
He thought I was talking to him,|but I'm talking to you. Don't go.
Could you take a seat...
Internal Revenue Service,|we'd like to ask you a few questions.
-We weren't done yet.|- Could someone buy refreshments?
I'm flat broke.
-Would you ever sell the picture?|- Never!
- Lose the bloody radio reporter!|- Give me something real.
- I'll come back tomorrow.|- Be quiet.
-When will it be ready?|- In three or four days.
Good, I'll be over tomorrow.|When will it be ready?
{y:i}For the first time I have|{y:i}something to show other people.
{y:i}Something good and beautiful.
{y:i}Something so utterly|{y:i}different from reality.
- Hi, Paula.|{y:i}- I know it's late, sorry.
{y:i}I don't have anyone to talk to.
{y:i}When I saw you I was upset.
{y:i}Now I've left it all behind.
{y:i}I took a buss.
{y:i}I don't know where I got off.
{y:i}They were singing at a school.
{y:i}Everything was like usual,|{y:i}only it wasn't...
{y:i}People were so strangely beautiful.
{y:i}- Why are you laughing?|- I know exactly what you mean.
{y:i}Paula... I think|{y:i}this is the best day of my life.
{y:i}- Where are you?|{y:i}- I don't know.
{y:i}It's like when we were kids,|{y:i}only you're not there.
{y:i}And I found a bicycle.
{y:i}What did you do after that?
{y:i}I bought a bun.
{y:i}But I forgot my soft drink.
{y:i}I just kept walking.
{y:i}As if I was|{y:i}going to meet up with you.
{y:i}I almost believed it would happen.
{y:i}I think about you all the time.
{y:i}Everything was going to be fine,|{y:i}the lonely days were over.
{y:i}Something had happened|{y:i}to both of us.
{y:i}From now on|{y:i}everything would be great.
{y:i}Everything would be great.
{y:i}There's something beautiful|{y:i}about him too. He came every day.
{y:i}I don't know what he's up to|{y:i}with his pads and all.
{y:i}It was something he had to do,|{y:i}he said.
- It feels like I've gotten bigger.|- No, {y:i}she is big.
She's way too big for you...
Listen to this...
Come back some other time|No, that's it...
That's it for now.
- I'll go get...|- She has spells, she's not well.
{y:i}Our interview with Theo Marklund|{y:i}got off to an unfortunate start
{y:i}when a neighbor|{y:i}fainted on his doorstep.
{y:i}At first he was reluctant,|{y:i}but then he dragged her in.
{y:i}Our cameraman|{y:i}happened to catch it all on film.
{y:i}-A priceless painting...|- Forgot to lock your door?
-What do you want?|- Hey, you're on TV.
{y:i}Theodore, has the painting|{y:i}found its rightful owner?
{y:i}We'll hear|{y:i}what our viewers think shortly.
{y:i}- What does your wife think?|{y:i}- I don't have a wife.
{y:i}- Your girlfriend, then?|{y:i}- I don't...
{y:i}- A millionaire without a lady...|-Turn it off.
-You're making an ass of yourself!|{y:i}- Your future is bright...
{y:i}How much do you expect|{y:i}It's worth, in terms of money?
{y:i}The more you talk money, the less|{y:i}It's worth. Can't you see that?
{y:i}No... No, I can't.
{y:i}Do you?
{y:i}Apparently, you sleep on the floor
{y:i}wearing a copperwire|{y:i}around one wrist
{y:i}that's attached to the painting.
{y:i}The right owner, or not?
You come off as a total whacko.
Poor you...Take this offer.
- I'll never sell it!|-You don't have a choice.
The people I work for get what|they want, in one way or another.
They want your answer tomorrow.
He can't scare me.
Everything's going to be all right.
{y:i}- Is that you, Paula?|{y:i}- Theo, I'm very strange right now.
{y:i}I think I'm going crazy.
{y:i}Erland called,|{y:i}he thought you were here.
{y:i}He sounded scared, really scared.
{y:i}Talk to me! He told me|{y:i}you'd been gone two days now.
{y:i}That you've been|{y:i}behaving strangely for weeks.
{y:i}Where have you spent the night?
Where are you?
{y:i}Where did you stay?|{y:i}Answer me!
I'd forgotten|that things are so beautiful.
Can't you see any signs, or people?
No... No signs.
I've lost my shoes, Theo.
{y:i}You've got to go home. I'll be|{y:i}there first thing in the morning.
{y:i}On the first train. Can you|{y:i}hear me? I'll be there, Paula!
{y:i}Did you hear me?
I've got to run.|Take this, I trust you.
- Louder, from down deep!|- From your crotch.
Yell, Paula!
A roar, not a squeak!
What are you doing here?|Did Paula ask you to come?
- I'm worried about her.|-You should be.
When we found her, she was|frying eggs for some old geezer.
She's unhinged.
In the next take, put more dirt on her,|but watch the eyes. Use blood.
I sat with her all night, talking.
You make her worse.
Those fucking telephone calls...
I have an offer and|I want to buy her contract from you.
If the painting's genuine,|I'll have the money.
And if it isn't genuine?
This is Henrik.
He's new. He's going to help me|keep Paula out of mischief.
This is Paula's old playmate.
Toss him out or put him|in some corner somewhere.
- Hip, hip...|- Not that dress, it stinks.
She's supposed to look like|the girl next door, not some diva!
One, two and... hip.
The whole idea is|that she's an ordinary, dirty girl.
And hip, hip.|Then one, two,three, four, pow!
No, no...!
-Think sex!|- She can'tmove!
Don't walk like|you're going to school!
-Try to have some fun.|- Look like you're enjoying yourself.
{y:i}- Shout, Paula!|{y:i}- Fix the hair!
{y:i}Erland, she can't do the steps!
{y:i}Switch to something more sheer!|{y:i}This time it's for real, Paula.
What's that all about?
{y:i}Time for lunch, one hour.
So, you wanted to buy me?
-What then?|-You could do what you like.
- I'm already doing what I like.|- I didn't think you were.
- I've made up my mind.|-You called...
You told me you'd been|thinking about me all day.
I know what I'm doing now,|I'm going to make it.
{y:i}Everything's going to be all right.
{y:i}I'm not going to give up,|{y:i}everything will be all right.
-An audit, what's that?|-This is false accounting.
I've written down every expense|and all my earnings.
It looks intentionally misleading.
You have a customer.
You can't tell where one year ends|and the next one begins.
There are no assets listed to account|for how you bought the painting.
- I found them, in a box...|-That's what they all say.
"A box"... Bring these along too.
I saw you on TV yesterday.
I wrote that personal ad|you replied to.
-That was three years ago.|- Remember what I wrote?
"Would you like something|absolutely wonderful to happen?"
What a wonderful face...
Looks a little bit like me.
So, would you?
-You can't take that!|-Yes, we can.
Is it insured?|Do you have any assets?
You owe the state money|and we might have to sell her.
- Stop shouting!|- Get off the plastic sheet!
You can't take it!|You're killing me!
No, let me carry it...
- I think he's drunk.|-That's milk over there...
But there's a bottle of liquor.
He's finished, poor devil.
I cleaned you out.
{y:i}- I don't know why she came back.|- I was in over my head.
{y:i}- I guess she wanted to apologize.|- I couldn't sleep...
-You do understand?|{y:i}- I didn't... Who was she?
- Hold me.|{y:i}- And who was I? What was going on?
- Is this where you sleep?|-Yes.
Yes, yes!
I cleaned you out, didn't I?
{y:i}I didn't understand|{y:i}just who she thought I was.
{y:i}I didn't understand a thing!
{y:i}And I don't remember anything.
{y:i}Just that she cried out...
{y:i}...and that|{y:i}the street-sweeper came by.
You're not supposed to be in here.
{y:i}- I've been scared of him for days.|-Why are you telling me this?
{y:i}Erland had decided that he|{y:i}would stay in the back room.
- Erland says this is off limits.|-That's not what he told me.
- Come here...|- Forget it! Get out of here!
- I'll scream.|- I like you. So shy...
-You don'thave to tell me...|{y:i}- Yes, I do. You have to know!
{y:i}Love, Theo... Just forget it.
{y:i}There is no such thing.
{y:i}There are only people who|{y:i}tear you apart in search of it...
I want to kiss you.
{y:i}I guess this is the way it is,|{y:i}but blow on me anyway. Bye...
- How did you get it?|- I painted it.
You did?
I'm probably the best of my kind.|I get paid for being it.
This painting|was intended for someone else...
But I like you. I guess|I recognized something in you.
I have everything.
But I don't have anyone.
All I've done was paint.
Don't call it a fake.
The truth is in the painting,|not in the painter.
You cried when you saw it.
Was that untrue?
I just talked to Paula.
I always...
Is there anything|that's truly genuine?
{y:i}Could be that Paula was true|{y:i}and I was false, or vice-versa.
{y:i}But it was now or never,|{y:i}it was time she saw the painting.
{y:i}Saw something genuine.
{y:i}Then again, it was a fake...|{y:i}I'd forgotten about that.
"It feels awful, but I had no choice"
I didn't figure you'd|take the seat across from me...
Is that the painting?
Yes, it is.
{y:i}I no longer understand|{y:i}what I'm doing, or saying.
{y:i}I can't make sense of anything.
{y:i}Would anyone, like that man,|{y:i}understand if I told him my story?
Now lift up the pan, so it doesn't|show that it's empty. Closer...
That will be brilliant.
A paper offered a reward of 25,000|for finding Paula's dad.
And he contacted them himself. So now|we're shooting the touching reunion.
Have a seat.
Sit next to your dad.
I told you to pretend to play.
And pretend to sing.
Let's see some action!
And lift your hand up... Good.
Move closer together,|this is a cover shot.
Could someone take her off me?
That's enough.
I brought it,|so you could see something beautiful.
It's time for you to leave, pal.
Shut the door, Paula.
You must be nuts, carrying|a valuable object around like that.
I wrapped it in rags,|so it would look insignificant.
My dear boy...
Can we do something for him?|Call Kumlin, have them help him out.
- I don't have any money.|- It's a gift from Paula Music Inc.
You now belong to an elite group.
The people that use these cases...
The electronic device can't|be cut off. You won't be needing these.
{y:i}Now, when it isn't genuine,|{y:i}it gets a fancy case like this.
{y:i}The whole business is ridiculous.
Come here.
You're with the security company,|right? I can make it to the station.
I'll go with you.
-What's that church called?|- It's the Hedvig Eleonora.
- Do you like churches?|-Yeah, they're... pretty.
The bells toll so beautifully.
We have such small churches at home.
- Do you go to church?|-A couple of times a year.
I used to work at a...
-You've had an accident.|- I know.
A remarkably nice job.|We couldn't have done better.
All we did was give you|a transfusion and let you rest.
That was mighty nice of you.|It's more than I deserve.
I have a few questions.|Who is your next of kin?
I don't have any.
-Any close friends?|- No.
Isn't there anyone we should call?
- I can't feel my fingers.|-You don't have any.
I've read someplace|that you still feel them anyway.
{y:i}How do you practice smiling?
{y:i}What funeral is this?
{y:i}Are they going to bury a hand?
{y:i}My hand...
{y:i}There must be some mistake.
{y:i}This can't be.
{y:i}Mom! -Dad!
{y:i}I have both hands!
{y:i}Look -both hands!
-You aren't going to file a report?|- It was all my fault.
I'm to blame.
We'd like to know more and|so would the insurance company.
- I've been to blame from the start.|-We're talking about a crime.
- May I ask why you're smiling?|- No...
We can't reach Paula. They won't put|us through, despite our message.
Are you sure you really know her?
{y:i}Why didn't she realize|{y:i}that I couldn't hear her?
{y:i}There was something|{y:i}wrong with her eyes.
{y:i}There was something strange about|{y:i}the way she toasted me, too.
{y:i}Then she left.
{y:i}For sale...|{y:i}all due to that small mortgage.
{y:i}And Paula's house is all dark.
{y:i}They called the next day.
{y:i}"Death by natural causes,"|{y:i}the man said.
{y:i}Did she make a mistake?|{y:i}What was she doing there?
{y:i}Paula wasn't|{y:i}involved in that concert.
{y:i}The clean-up crew found her|{y:i}early in the morning.
{y:i}She looked like she was sleeping.
{y:i}Only she was dead.
I'm sorry,|we never intended this to happen.
Other people took command.
- I should have accepted your offer.|-Yes, you should have...
- I shouldn't have had that case.|-They were on a mission.
-They would have taken it anyway.|- But not my hand.
Let me know if you need help.
Everything's possible with syndicate|backing. I've got the contacts.
- Only it will cost you.|-Thanks...
And what do you cost?
I'm just trying to get by.
- Make a living.|- Good.
That's what people do.
May I take a look?
You could have said|the real one was impounded!
You shouldn't have tricked us.|It might have pissed us off!
We've gone|to a lot of trouble for you.
We're giving it back to you. Here...
We're turning|the other cheek, you bastard!
You have no idea|how much you screwed up my life!
{y:i}Erland saw the death|{y:i}of Paula's mother as a godsend
{y:i}for the introduction|{y:i}of the new Paula.
{y:i}Erland says things have a hidden|{y:i}meaning, one you can benefit from.
{y:i}All one hundred mourners|{y:i}had been hired by Erland.
{y:i}Not a single one|{y:i}had ever met Paula's mother.
It wasn't my fault that they|sent your mother to her home address.
The casket can't be too light.
{y:i}60 kilos of magazines...
I'm going to sing the song...
...that I know|was my mother's favorite.
Wrong tape!
{y:i}Who is that man?
Have you forgotten|that the real funeral is today?
There are three hours left.
- How did you know I was here?|- Some things you just know.
I don't feel a thing today.|There's nothing left for reality.
Have you had anything to eat?
I have a sneak preview in two weeks.|You're going to be there.
- No.|-Yes.
- Have you seen the video?|{y:i}- Sing!
Those dance moves never worked,|so they used a double.
You were supposed to roll your hip|before putting your foot down and...
I never got it. Could you bikers|switch off your engines?
- I'll try it again.|{y:i}- Sing, damn it!
Here comes my opening...
Cool it,|I'm trying to get the hang of it...
Could you|turn off those motorcycles?
The lights were all wrong|when I came on stage...
They're supposed to blind me|when I step out on stage.
So I saw you...
Shut up and sing!
I saw that girl|throwing up over in the bushes.
{y:i}Quit talking!
Everything got so real,|and made things strange...
I saw the bucket of blood|for the finale.
{y:i}Start the show!
Blood... Blood!
And that picture of Mom...
Put it on screen.
It's weird having it there, you know.
She died three weeks ago.
There were no feelings left|when things got so real.
I wasn't prepared. Next time...
Start playing.|Sing, or all hell will break loose!
If there is a God...|Of course there is, only...
{y:i}The concert attracted attention.
{y:i}For the past six days we've|{y:i}been hiding in Paula's flat.
{y:i}I had the time to open the box|{y:i}I'd brought along from home.
{y:i}The old frame shop was going|{y:i}to be an auto shop.
Do you think two people could|love each other without knowing it?
No, I don't.|I think you know.
There's detergent in the bathroom,|if you want to do some washing.
{y:i}Erland had a key of his own.
I'd like to talk to Paula.
Could you go somewhere else?|You shouldn't be here at all.
You needed to be a hit,|not to bloody fail.
You're a failure.
A little girl that won't grow up.
A nasty, confused child|spouting garbage to her audience.
Sometimes I understand your dad|for beating you and leaving you.
He smelled|to high heaven of whiskey.
-A shame about the accident.|-These things happen.
Accept our regrets.
- I think I did it.|- Did what?
- Killed him. I pushed him.|- He's not dead.
- It's pretty close.|- He won't die.
I was holding his shoe...
Letting your imagination|run wild like that can be dangerous.
-What time is it?|-There's a clock over there.
A quarter past one...
I was at the window.|I saw him hit the sidewalk.
- He'd been drinking...|- No more than usual.
I told the police|I was in the bathroom.
- Don't get that.|- I'm expecting someone.
Someone who doesn't want to be seen.|I called him while you were asleep.
He's a surgeon.
He did my eyes and|we see each other occasionally.
He's the top man in the country.|I might have more work done.
{y:i}I guess she hasn't given up.
{y:i}She wants to make a comeback.
We just hold each other, that's all.
{y:i}Does she still|{y:i}want to reinvent herself?
- Something's wrong with the motor.|-You know about stuff like that?
- It could start a fire.|- Do the vacuuming yourself!
- Can't you tell something's burning?|-All I know is that it's over!
Things wouldn't have gotten|this bad if not for you.
It's your fault I went into hiding.
- I would have made it.|- I've lost a lot too.
- But not because of me.|-You've never considered me.
I've lost everything I ever wanted.|I even talked about God on stage!
How could I do that?|Because I knew you were listening!
I've never ever talked about God!
You told me he existed,|that you could sense it!
We were swimming over by|the Ericsson place and the sun...
Paula, that was years ago.|You were eleven.
I don't forget things like that!
You keep me stuck there! Blowing over|the phone, what kind of crap is that?
Don't make everything so damn ugly!
So damn ugly...?
I've lost everything because of you!
Is that what's so damn beautiful?
-You're hiding me away.|- It was your choice, not mine.
Then why are you here?
I wish you would disappear, Theodore.
Did you hear that?|I want you to disppear.
Stop it. Stop it!
You're lying, I had|nothing to do with your concert!
-You were there.|- Not when Erland fell.
You were there|when Dad came to see me.
All you see is yourself!
I've lost my reputation, my house...|My hand is gone, so I can't work.
You didn't warn me about Mom.|I could have done something.
- She died!|- Don't change the subject!
- I'm talking about my hand.|-And I'm talking about my mother!
Stop it!
-You sound like you hate me.|- I do!
If it wasn't for you...
If it wasn't for you,|my life would be ridiculously easy!
But thanks to you, I have nothing!
-You'd like to see me dead, right?|- It's too late now...
At any rate, it's too late for you!
Go on, keep staring at that painting!|Moon over it 'til you drop dead!
This isn't about us.
It's a strange feeling, Paula.
Living a life that isn't about you.
-Will you go with me?|-You've already asked me that.
I mean, will you go with me then?
Now that we're stuck.
You're such a child.
Do it for me...
Are you coming along?
Do it for me?
Why aren't we allowed to see the way?
No one gets to...
You sound happy.
It was nice,|what you said about our story...
That it's over.
That it only used us,|it was really about something else.
Have you thought about|what you want to look like?
He looks like he can defend himself.
Against everything.
{y:i}According to Paula, if you see|{y:i}a new face reflected in the mirror
{y:i}you'll be changed on the inside too.
{y:i}Then you'll be free from everything|{y:i}you wanted to be free from.
I'm in terrible pain.|He's doing our eyes tomorrow.
{y:i}For the past six weeks|{y:i}we haven't seen our faces.
{y:i}I just can't sleep anymore.|{y:i}Why is she nodding?
Your eyesight is still|fairly poor, Mr. Marklund.
I'm sorry, but even if you're a man|it's all right to sit and pee.
I want to be me! I want my face!
-What if it's too late?|- I want my own face!
You'll end up deformed|if you behave like this.
We talked at length, and you told me|that you weren't entitled to live.
That you were a mistake|that should be erased.
There is a concept|known as "too late".
I love you.
I had to let you know...
...before I turn into someone else.
I love you!
Come upstairs.
Come to my room. Come...
It stings...
I don't know why I feel so happy...
But what do|words like yours really mean?
I don't know.
But they were|the only words that came to me.
Actually, I've loved you...
...all my life.
I've always loved you,|I just didn't know it.
I've always loved you,|I just didn't want to.
Remember when we went swimming?
I remember everything.
- I was thirteen.|- I know.
We just lied there...
You wouldn't let go.
-We're removing the gauze together.|- So you've said three times now.
The sight maybe unpleasant,|it isn't completely healed yet.
When you remove the dressings,|bear in mind that I've done my best.
What have we done?
Come on...
It's a beautiful day.
Let's hold each other...
So we can feel that we're us,|no matter what we look like.
What did you want to look like?
More dangerous...
Not as kind.
Me first.
How do I look?
How do I look?
You're you...
We're us.
I have to see.
I can feel your hand|even though it's not there.
Tell me I'll be able to work again.
Of course|you'll be able to work again.
-Tell me I'll be able to sing again.|- Of course you'll sing.
Tell me I'll get my hand back.
Of course you'll get your hand back.
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