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Keetie Tippel

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In the late 19th century, workers from |the poverty-stricken countryside...
...were moving to the big cities |hoping to find bread and money.
All aboard.
Go see what your dad's up to.
Where is he? |They're boarding.
- Don't get excited. |- What's he doing?
Let's go, guys. |Come on.
I'm Martin, sweetie.
It's nice and warm in here.
- Shipmaster... |- Where are you going?
In the cabin.
You're not a payer. |Into the hold.
To the front. Move.
- Why doesn't he like you? |- I don't know.
What's that? |Let's see.
- Where did you get it? |- I found it. He's mine.
Another mouth to feed.
- He would have died. |- So what?
Where's Mina?
- Lord, she can't swim. |- I'll have a look.
- I'll go. |- She ran off.
Get off my sister, you beast.
Get lost, or you'll be next.
Rotten bitch! |You, beat it too.
It wasn't my fault.
To hell with you. |Go join your fucking sister.
Useless bitches!
He promised me some bread |for it, with bacon.
- Thanks. |- All the best to you.
Get rich quick.
Don't worry. |We'll be fine.
Let's go, |our new house is waiting.
A mansion, I bet.
What's that?
It's only a rat.
Welcome to our new home. |What do you think?
We should have stayed |in Friesland.
Impossible to please her.
We'll find something |better soon.
- What a pig sty. |- I have to poo.
I 'll help you.
You stay there.
Against the wall. |Watch your toes.
These are for you and Mina.
Nice straw pallets.
- Come on. Into the bunk bed. |- Ready!
You're sleeping with me and dad.
He's so soft.
No dogs in bed. |That animal has fleas.
Probably ours.
There. That's for you.
Drop it and go to sleep.
I'm putting out the lamp. |Goodnight, children.
Goodnight, Dad. |Goodnight, Mom.
- What brought this on? |- How would I know? The cold.
Papa, I feel sick.
What is it?
I'm terribly cold.
There's nothing for a fire. |Nothing!
If it were only warm |for a moment...
Stop! That's all we have.
You were cold, right? |Well, here's the wood.
- Now they can't go outside! |- As if I care!
It'll be warm soon.
Nice and warm, kids?
Feel good, Mother?
I wish it was always like this.
A good fire and food to eat.
Yeah...when we're rich.
Please, tell us how that is, |being rich, mom.
At 8, I start off with some crisp bread.
And then, a baked apple...
...and at 10 o'clock |an eel sandwich.
And hot chocolate.
And around 11 some pickles, |and an egg...
And by nightfall I still haven't had |a decent meal.
Shut up about those snacks.
- I want a real meal. |- Why, if I happen to enjoy it?
Yeah, but it isn't filling. |But some bratwurst with potatoes...
- That's your typical poor people's food. |- You only like rich folk's finger foods...
Hey, why don't you shut up!
- You can't deal with money. |- Well, there never is any.
- It's getting cold again. |- It's all gone.
Water! Water everywhere!
That's all we need.
Here, you can help.
Me too, Pa!
Now stop that. Cut it out!
We're almost done. |Then you can go out.
Fido... Where's Fido?
He'll be back.
What's that? |Gosh, he drowned.
Look, here's Fido.
Into the toilet.
You bitch!
Nasty bitch!
Leave that child alone.
You seem to be having |a good time.
Very good.
and... money.
- Are you in good health? |- Yes, sir.
Do this...
Fine. Not bad.
I've got work for you. |At a livery stable.
But off with moustache. |The boss doesn't like them.
Who are you?
From charity.
I've got something |for you too.
A fun job.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning, she says.
Come in, ladies. |Time to start.
Sleep well?
Yes, and no dreams |about you ladies.
Funny guy.
Morning, sir.
- You're the new one, huh? |- Yes, sir.
Come along.
- What's your name? |- Katie Oldema, sir.
Can you write?
- Yes. |- Of course she can.
Your name here.
Working hours are from 6am to |7:30pm with three half-hour breaks.
Gosh, that's long. |Twelve hours.
- Is that how you feel? |- Yeah.
Could be worse, my dear. |Now come with me.
Show the new one what to do.
That'll cost me. |I'm on piecework.
Just get on with it. |Go along.
Hang on to the tip.
There. |Let's go.
Come on.
Move over.
Look at that hair.
Washed her hair with bleach.
Little Miss La-di-da...
Bought that in a fancy store, I bet?
Or got it from |from a sugar daddy.
Shut up and work. |T ake that.
Watch out ladies. |Here it comes.
Watch out.
Watch your pretty hands, sweetie.
Can't play the piano now.
Blood on my nails.
- It always happens the first week. |- But it's making stains.
If you ruin the wool, |you get fined.
- Not easy, huh? |- You look dead beat.
The afternoons are the worst.
Drop it. Who'll sing us |a song? Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I'm the Prologue.
The new one's got to sing.
It's the custom.
What shall I sing?
It doesn't matter. Sing!
I'll sing a song |my father always sings.
Arise all men and be united
Up people. |Join us and withstand
There is relief |for all your suffering
The House of Orange |The House of Orange
Long live Wlliam lll
The House of Orange...
We don 't like agitators.
Or Reds.
Give it back.
My meal for the day!
I'm blind! I'm blind!
The next one that starts fighting |will be kicked out without pay.
Pay the new one |and send her home.
That's not fair.
Go to the office.
What is it, my girl?
I won't be dismissed. |They started it.
Come with me, little one. |I'll look after you.
Don't be stupid. |Don't go with him.
- Why not? |- He's a pig...
-... he just wants your slit. |- My what?
Your peepee. He's coming.
Come with me, little one.
Pig. Filthy pig.
Don't touch that.
Hi, guys. I'm back.
Stop that nonsense. |Give me the dough.
Now I can get on with it.
Where'd you get that stinky thing?
From a customer.
You bought it with my money. |That's not what my money's for.
When do we eat?
Get on with it. |Clear that mess and get the plates.
- I wasn't expecting you until tonight. |- It smells good in here.
Get another plate.
Yummy, bacon. Got a tip, Dad?
A tip? Sure. |Not even a dime a day.
Dinner is ready.
Move over, everybody. |I'm sitting by the stove.
What happened to you?
Wait for the drippings.
I was gonna get two slices.
Why does she get two?
Because. Right, Dad?
She has to go back to work.
Here, take some of mine.
Take that thing off.
Hurry up. I have to go.
- Why were you home early? |- I quit.
Not good enough, I suppose.
I got into a fight |with the women there.
You had to put your hands |straight into lye.
You mustn't give up |so soon, child.
- Look at my nails. |- You get used to it.
You can get used to anything.
Dad, my shoes.
Where are you going?
I've found some nice work.
Hurry up, man!
We have to go. |Madam told me not to be late.
Why don't you guys |clear the table.
I'll be back soon.
Are you nuts?
The customers will get |your lice.
Go sweep the floor.
Get on with it!
Look here.
Lots of choices.
This one's sweet.
- But aren't they too expensive? |- Of course not.
But don't choose such a big one.
It hides your hair.
Good afternoon, miss, sir.
Are you out of your mind! |Not when there are customers.
I beg your pardon. |The staff these days...
- The jerk. |- Careful, or I 'll tell him.
Sure, nice man, always |puts his hands right here.
Did you see that elegant customer?
Elegant? Cheap bum.
I bet he finds her |the cheapest hat.
A light, sir?
The cheapest in the place.
Stay out of the store |when there are customers.
Lisa told her to, sir.
How are the hats |for the boarding school?
Boarding school...
Would you like to see them?
Very nice. |What do you think?
They're pretty. |We made them, didn't we?
- And you, little one? |- I don't like that one.
- The ribbon spoils it. |- I made that one.
It's prettier like this.
Please wait in the reception area.
Hurry up.
Hurry up.
Be careful.
Good afternoon.
Boarding school? |This is a whorehouse.
We call it a boarding school.
- How does it look? |- That the nicest one. It's mine.
I made that one.
I'm not paying 1 2 guilders for a hat |made by an errand girl.
- But you liked it. |- This girl is crazy.
Shut up or we won't sell anything.
You're not happy with her?
Too experienced. |She's not innocent enough.
Show him something, girls.
They don't interest me. |Do you have anything else?
- Yes, but what are you looking for? |- I don't know.
Different, younger...
You, come here.
Katie, Katie.
He wants you.
That filthy old man. |Are you crazy?
He pays. |He pays you for it.
With him? Never!
Please, or they'll kick me out.
That's your problem.
Katie, please.
Do it for me. I'm your sister.
Why should l?
The money feeds us.
You'll do it.
Say you will, please.
He's too old for it anyway.
Come on.
Two sweet little sisters.
Lift your skirt, little one.
And me? What do I do?
Just play a little game. |One I like.
Come closer, child.
Lift your skirt higher.
...3, 4, 5...
...6, 7, 8.
We sold all eight.
That's great! |We'll have to drink to that.
How did you like |the boarding school?
Dreamer, come and join us.
Have another, it helps. |And you, Lisa?
- And you? |- No, I'll get drunk.
Just the two of us then. |T o your health.
- And now we'll clean up. |- They can do it.
I'm going home. |See you tomorrow, sir.
Straighten up.
Corrie, why don't you go too?
Katie can finish by herself.
See you Monday then.
So, I was the first.
Who'd have thought.
- What's the matter? |- I'm hungry.
Wait... |Look, a nice flag.
I don't want a flag. |I want to eat.
Wash yourself, child. |The doctor is coming.
- Can you manage? |- I 'm a bit dizzy.
- What's wrong with you? |- I think I got hit on the head.
I can't see anything.
Or feel anything.
- Good. |- Shall I do it?
- Tar soap... |- It prevents scabies.
- I'm Antoinette. |- I'm Katie.
- And the rest? |- What rest?
You must be clean |for the doctor.
You're not allowed |to undress.
- Then how can I wash? |- Under the covers.
Nuns don't allow nudity.
What are you doing?
Have you seen the doctor yet?
- Is he nice? |- Yeah, he's a nice guy.
Everybody in bed. In bed.
Good afternoon, ladies.
Well, my dear...
Put her by the window.
Bring the screen, sister.
Here's our new one.
Take a deep breath, my dear.
Listen to this.
A murmur. |Maxime in lobo sinistro pulmones.
Infectionem pulinonis. |Forsitan tuberculosem.
- What are you saying? |- That is Latin. La-tin.
Praecipue in parte sinistra.
Hoc loco et hic et hic.
We'll sketch it in detail.
Infection dormitans. Illi loci.
And now the front.
You're a nice little one.
Breathe in... |again.
Yes, more of the same.
- Let's move on, gentlemen. |- Cover up, cover up.
Lord, bless this food |and drink. Amen.
Here you are.
Thank you.
They said you were here.
Hi, Mom.
- You seem to be enjoying it. |- We had soup this afternoon.
- You're not sick at all. |- I am sick.
- Nonsense, get up. We're going home. |- Let go of me, I'm sick.
The doctor said so himself. |In Latin, just ask him.
You'll be sorry |if it's not true.
Well, you heard.
I've saved some for you.
No child, you must eat it.
Come and have a look, it's fun!
The three together. Dance.
Come on, let's dance.
She's dying.
If you worry about that |you'll never have any fun.
Pain... Pain...
You're cold. |Come into bed with me.
Just leave me alone.
- I know you. |- From the factory.
The wild one.
The fighter.
The nurse said |you wanted to see me.
Get undressed for an examination. |No nonsense.
You're sick. |Make no mistake.
And I'm your doctor.
- Ever taken any medicine? |- No, never.
Where would I get the money?
Does the open window bother you?
We'll close it.
Have I got the same |as that girl?
Not yet. |You can still be helped.
There are very good medicines.
Come and sit down.
Is that it?
You're beautiful. |And you'll become more so.
So many like you are dying. |Needlessly.
- Is that my medication? |- Yes.
How much does it cost?
Do you like me?
Does it matter?
Rags and bones.
A penny, ma'am? |I haven't eaten.
Sir, sir! |A penny for some bread?
I might give you a dime.
Come with me then?
Show me your peepee.
- Swine! |- You bitch!
He promised me a dime, |you bitch.
Drop dead!
- You're back. |- Yes.
I'm better.
Bet you had a good doctor, huh?
How did you guess?
Don't you have to work?
I don't work any more. |I'm free.
She got kicked out. |She drank too much.
- And you? |- Fired.
I saw Hein |doing filthy things.
Can't you do something?
Why don't you?
Katie... Look, Katie...
For you.
Mina doesn't need it any more.
There's one coming.
Go on.
I'm scared.
There's another. Go on.
- What am I supposed to do? |- Ask for a guilder.
What are you waiting for?
Is this the first time?
You don't have a disease, |do you?
Open your legs.
Pretty little rose.
I feel so dirty.
What did he give you?
50 cents?
He said, I was no good.
Come, we'll pick up another one.
Give me a sausage.
- Can I come with you? |- All right.
- It's one guilder. |- All right.
And fifty cents.
Here's one guilder. |The rest later.
What's that?
- You put your head in it. |- Why? I won't.
It's so you don't move.
- I'm gonna take your picture. |- That's not what I came for.
So you'd rather...
You're not exactly eager.
I need a model for a painting.
Do this.
Hold it.
Why take photographs, |if you paint?
Keep still.
I always use them. |Makes it easier. Ready.
Will you do it? Pose for me?
- Is it difficult? |- No, not at all.
Come here tomorrow morning.
- And what I came for? |- No.
I know how to.
Well then, you owe me |50 cents. You said so.
Katie, where were you?
- Look! |- How did you get that?
- Come and get it. |- Give them to me.
Come and get it.
- Are you bored? |- Not at all.
- Sleepy or hungry? |- Hungry.
Just a bit longer.
Anyone in?
- Am I one too many? |- Of course.
Another Nightwatch. |It'll bankrupt you, Rembrandt.
All you know about an artist...
... is if he's gone broke.
Your muse?
- Hello. |- André!
It's been a while.
- I've been busy. |- For the revolution I bet.
Look, he gets a handshake |and I don't.
I guess you know who's paying.
- Paying what? |- I 'm asking you out to dinner.
That's great. |Can she come too?
She's welcome. |She can come.
Off with the outfit, |come along. Uncle pays.
Very nice, sir.
Something for you? |It's for sale.
- So that's what awaits the rich? |- Yes, of course.
Well, André... You're rich!
Those laborers are good.
They have nobility, pride.
They have empty stomachs.
Me too.
Ladies and gentlemen...The money |song "Stooping to Conquer".
The cash lies on the street!
Just stoop.
The cash lies on the street!
It lies where you walk.
Don't stand around.
Let the moralizers talk.
They're stretching their case.
There's no point in starvation.
Stoop down for your vacation.
It's easy.
The nice things that life offers.
Need money in your suitcase.
If you want what it offers.
You stoop to conquer.
Copper, gold or silver.
Or bills.
As long as it's money.
That's number one.
Money makes all that's crooked |perfectly straight.
Wthout cash everything goes wrong.
André, watch out, |I 'm going to get lit.
Go ahead, I'll have someone |cart you home.
What's good here, guys? |Fish...?
Have you picked something?
I want this and this, |and this looks good too.
Are you sure?
It's the wine list.
I don't speak French. |You choose. I like everything.
The lady will have |the petite marmite.
The gentleman will pay.
A real bandit.
What's that?
Clear vegetable soup.
- Bon appetit. |- Enjoy.
What decency. |And the church forbade us...!
The reverend would say day after day:
Be virtuous, pleasing to God.
He'll give you joy |after you 're dead.
Then on the street, |a lady passed.
In velvet red. |Wth at her throat.
A pretty jewel shimering bright red.
Then I did some serious thinking.
It seems that sin has its advantages.
It may offend some pious souls, |but surely you'll have fun.
- What do you think of this place? |- It's very beautiful.
- A bit mainstream, but nice. |- Listen to him.
Have you been a model long?
Just started, he asked me.
Yes, I ran into her on the street.
Do you like posing?
- It's a little chilly in that outfit. |- You can see what's underneath.
- Cheers boys, good fun. |- Cheers.
What's wrong with stooping.
Then keep on stooping.
You stoop to conquer.
He's good, huh?
I'll take her home, André.
- You're OK? |- I'm freezing.
We'll fix that.
Watch your feet.
- Lift your butt. |- Don't burn me.
Is that better?
What a luxury.
You call that luxury.
A bit narrow.
I'm not set up for this.
You like it?
All gone.
Hurry up. I overslept.
Hurry, I'll be late |for the office.
I didn't go with you for money.
I'm not paying you. |It's a present.
For a nice dress.
What would I do with it? |Nobody ever notices me.
Here we are.
If I buy something with it, |will you come and see me?
- Is that necessary? |- Then you can keep it.
All right. |One o'clock at the pavilion.
Let's go.
Please check if it's all right.
- Nice and warm. |- But it's boiling.
It's fine for me.
- You want to wash your hair? |- Is it expensive?
25 cents with herbs.
And 25 cents for me to wash it.
You're beautiful. |Has anyone ever told you?
I didn't recognize you.
- Very charming. |- Me or the hat?
All your girlfriends get hats, |don't they?
Yes, that's true.
- Well, me or the hat? |- Both. But you more.
An ape's an ape, |a varlet's a varlet...
...though they be clad |in silk or scarlet.
- Do you know this man? |- No.
I knew her when she |still cost 50 cents.
Let me know when the gentlemen |is finished.
Excuse me...
I believe you've made a mistake.
Are you coming home with me?
For another night?
If you want to, you can stay.
Until I've had enough of you.
Or I of you.
Settled then.
OK, guys, let's go inside.
Where have you been? |Where did you get those clothes?
- They're a gift. |- From whom?
Someone who loves me.
- What's this? |- I 'm leaving.
- Leaving? What do you mean? |- For good.
- It's not true. |- lsn't it?
What about the kids? |Things were going so well.
They're your kids. |You should've screwed less.
- You're not leaving! |- Oh, really?
You're staying, |you're staying!
Does she have your approval?
- She rides well. |- A lot of lessons and talent.
Especially domestic.
- The grapes are sour, I believe. |- Stop it.
- Not even a bit? |- Definitely not.
I'll see you later.
I hate this weather.
Take my coat off.
- My pants are soaking wet. |- Do you want another pair?
- Stay where you are. |- T ea?
You should have taken a carriage.
Here, I stirred it already.
A bit on the sweet side.
I like it that way.
What a good life we have.
Worn out.
I couldn't even afford a carriage.
You call it the good life, |but I don't.
Then what do you want?
Money. Lots of money.
All those store owners need money.
To expand, |to buy stock or to renovate.
But they have to borrow |the money from a bank.
Someone at the bank |decides if they get it.
And that person is me.
They're lucky then, |aren't they?
Come on.
The grocer, with steady customers.
A good risk.
The jeweller. No comment.
That one there is too old. |Not a penny.
The woman next door... Too lazy. |Not a penny.
Quality butchers... |Always good.
The old widow...too risky. |You lose if she dies.
I love you.
The poor old widow, |crossed off.
- She won't get a loan? |- No.
She'll go bankrupt.
There are hard times for all of us |sometimes.
I was thinking that we |might work together.
I stay at the bank, |and you go to town, look around.
What do you mean?
See if those businesses |are doing well.
It's easy for you. |You look elegant.
They'll trust you right away.
I don't like the idea.
Do it... For me.
We'll make lots of money.
Hot chocolate, please.
Could I ask you something?
That corset shop... |Is it doing well?
- How's your business doing? |- Why?
The lady here wants to know.
There you are. |Hot chocolate.
- Well now, little one... |- Hello, ma'am...
You're probably thinking : |what a horse.
- No, not at all. |- Everyone does.
Want some?
What did you want to know?
It's because of some corsets |from my brother in Germany.
- Corsets? |- Yes.
- From Germany? |- Yes.
- From your brother? |- Yes.
Why not just say |you've come to spy?
Over here.
I think you know her. |She went bankrupt, thanks to you.
This is the little lady |that works for the bank.
Sit down!
Ruining someone |is nothing to you!
Dirty old bitch!
I'm not spying any more.
Why? What happened?
I got into a fight. |It was horrible.
Let's go upstairs and talk it over.
I'm glad you're here.
What happened?
- Don't you like it? |- It's horrible.
There are plenty of women |who do like it.
- One, in any case. |- Well I don't.
And who does like it?
The manager's daughter. |She loves me, wants to marry me.
And you?
Do you love her?
It's a business arrangement. |She's filthy rich.
But I come from a better family.
You're getting married.
Not immediately, |but you can't stay here.
We agreed.
That's true.
Nothing has to change between us.
You can take our things. |The bed too.
For when I stop by.
When you're married?
That's part of the game... |a girlfriend.
Where are you going?
To the kitchen. |We have to eat.
That makes sense...
Arise all men and be united
Up people. |Join us and withstand.
There is relief |for all your suffering.
The hour of freedom |is at hand...
Move back!
Don't! Don't!
There! In the alley.
Get inside!
He's been hit!
Take them to this address.
- Aren't you coming? |- No. Bye, Cinderella.
- Where's Hugo? |- I don't know.
He's going to marry a rich woman.
Money turns people into bastards.
- The young master. |- Be careful.
Well, young lady, |is everything to your liking?
- I'm looking for André, ma'am. |- My son is upstairs.
We're preparing him |for the doctor's arrival.
May I see him, ma'am?
Where did my son find you? |In the gutter?
I'm Katie Oldema, ma'am.
I brought him home.
Very well then.
Are you in pain?
What a job to get me here.
I like you.
You're the first man |that doesn't want anything from me.
If that's all that I have to offer.
You're rich, aren't you?
Very rich.
I must be a jerk, right?
You're bleeding again.
You must suck it. |I always did as a child.
Now everything will be fine.
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Keeping Up Appearances 03 - Visiting Acquaintanance Stately
Keeping Up Appearances 05 - Daisy And Her Toy Boy
Keeping Up Appearances 06 - How To Manage Christening
Keeping Up Appearances 11 - Googley-Eyed Registrar
Keeping Up Appearances 12 - Coctails With Greek Millionaire
Keeping Up Appearances 13 - Unfortunate Prospect
Keeping Up Appearances 14 - Playthings For Daddy
Keeping Up Appearances 15 - Three Piece Suite
Keeping Up Appearances 16 - Picnic For Daddy
Keeping Up Appearances 17 - Very Merry Hyacinth
Keeping Up Appearances 18 - Sea Fever
Keeping Up Appearances 19 - Angel Gabriel Blue
Keeping Up Appearances 20 - Historical Pageant
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