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Subtitles for Kekec (Joze Gale 1951) CD1.

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Kekec (Joze Gale 1951) CD1

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The film was awarded the First Prize
at the Children's Film Festival in Venice 1 952.
Production TRlGLAV Fl LMS presents to young boys and girls
Screenplay based on a story by:
Director of photography:
Music by:
Produced by:
Directed by:
Squeze him ! -Don't give in !
Squeze him !
Run ! Bedanec is here ! -Where? -At the edge of the wood !
My head may turn into a pumpkin if it isn't true.
He was seen yesterday. -Ha, yesterday. . .
What a sap you are, Rozle ! -lf he was seen yesterday,
why not today? Bedanec is the very devil in human shape.
What a coward you are !
Bedanec can't harm me !
A cock's bill is the best charm to protect you from the devil.
A bill isn't of much use.
The other day he lured a girl and now she has to serve him.
A whole year. -Let's go home, quick!
Go home all of you while there is still time to go.
l'm not afraid of Bedanec at all ! lf l met him now. . .
Kekec! Tinka ! Home !
lf you met him now, your heart would be in your mouth.
l'd trick him well and good, if you want to know.
Would you really not be afraid of Bedanec? He is terrible.
His hands are like shovels, his eyes like charcoal,
his beard like this! -Tinkara, what a chatterbox you are !
l'd pull his leg all right.
Then see if the cow's leg has healed.
Tell Mišnjek to bring us some cheese at Midsummer.
Try to be back by Midsummer, we'll be celebrating.
Go on, scratch the bottom, but don't eat up the dish.
Now go straight to bed. You start early for the mountains.
What was that?
Bedanec has probably come to take you for his servant.
You wouldn't let him take me, would you?
lt was the wind slamming the door.
Bedanec is asleep now, snoring like an old bear.
You're always teasing me. l'm angry with you.
You mustn't be angry with me.
l'll play you a song and your anger will fly far away.
Anger, you know, doesn't like music.
Don't cry, Volkec (Wolfie ), you're not Tinkara.
l am to go to the mountains and you watch the house.
Birds that are singing to me,
breezes that are sighing in the tree,
so fleeting, carry my greeting,
far to my village home.
When you are back, l will learn from you,
whether my dreams will come true,
home again, over the plain,
back to my village home.
The bird is now lonely and still,
the breeze is now over the hill,
how l feel sad, the world is so bad,
far is my village home.
You lazy wench ! Day-dreaming again and staring at nothing !
Go to work at once !
Work, work! Do you think l'll feed you for nothing?
What does the bird sing to me, the little linnet?
Sing, my lad, to make you glad, keep to heart this melody.
Whining ninnies, sour faces cannot keep me company.
And my step, what does it say, when l climb the mountain path?
Sing, my lad, to make you glad, full of joy by day and night.
Laugh and cheer, play on flute, a happy lad, a pleasant sight.
The song of the brook that purls along washes the white pebbles.
Sing, my lad, to make you glad, never sad the livelong day.
Ruddy cheeks, and laugh and joy are my lot, hey, oh hey!
Come on, Roannie.
Don't be so impatient. You'll have plenty of time to graze.
Who is it?
Ah, it's you Kekec.
And l thought a sprite was making a fool of me.
Well, Roannie is gone and the milk as well.
Uncle, you're not a man to be trifled with.
What has brought you to the mountains?
Father has sent me to see how you're getting along.
All right, all right.
Two merry fellows like us are bound to have good fun.
Let's go into the hut. You'll need a good meal.
Come on, come on.
Who are you? -l'm Mojca. l serve with Bedanec.
l've already seen you across the precipice.
l'm Kosobrin. l live there on the other side.
You've hurt yourself, poor girl. We'll cure that in time.
There is a plant for any disease in the world.
How good you are, uncle Bedanec is such a harsh master.
l hope he won't beat you because of the jug, will he?
l'd like best to go with you. But would you take me along?
l'd be glad to. But Bedanec would take revenge on me.
Don't cry. Even this ogre will find his match some day.
Sometimes cunning is stronger than sheer force.
David, too, has slain Goliath.
l'll cover your eyes, so you won't see the secret passage.
Uncle, will you really take me along? -Keep quiet!
Let's be off, quick!
Well, we're at home.
Each of these flowers has a miraculous healing power.
But how can you know, uncle,
which flower cures which disease?
lt was many years ago when my grandfather was dying.
l was but a little boy then. He called me to his bedside,
put his hand on my shoulder and said:
Boy, health is the greatest fortune in the world.
Then he told me all about the healing power of each herb
and died. -And you've kept all this learning in your head?
Everything. Up to the last word.
You see, this one is the devil's cud. This one is arnica.
And these are bearberies. Good for liver and gall.
This is pickled viper's wood, an important medicine against fear.
One draught and you're as cool as cucumber.
''Mother's soul''. Good for sorrow and suffering of the heart.
Let me see it, uncle.
Mother's soul. l have no mother.
No mother, no father.
You poor thing, so you're quite alone.
Quite alone, uncle.
After my mother died, l left home.
Then l met Bedanec, who has trapped me.
Never mind, Mojca. You'll be all right with me.
Only don't let Bedanec see you. -l'll be very good, uncle.
Wait! l want to show you something wonderful.
Mojca !
You good-for-nothing ! Where are you hanging about?
Will l be waiting long for your water?
Where are you wandering?
This one has emerged on the other side of the Earth.
lt would have singed your moustache
if we weren't so well sheltered.
Are you leaving already?
l'll be off by to tomorrow morning if it clears up.
Why are you in such a hurry? -They'll be worried at home.
l'll go back by the waterfall. -The waterfall?
That's where Bedanec is. He came from across the mountains.
lf you fall into his clutches, it'll be a dead serious matter.
Don't you believe me?
Do you think you're talking to the little Tinkara?
l'm not afraid of mere shadows. Just stroke your moustache
and try to scare someone else. -Well, what a plucky boy!
Listen ! The mountain sprites are raising hell tonight.
You never know, when such a sprite rushes into the house
and plays you a nasty turn.
What a plucky boy!
The best herbs are growing just where Bedanec lives.
Neighbour, as you're such a learned man,
you'd be maybe able to tell me where my wench has gone?
Why are you scaring me like that from behind my back?
Don't grow too big for your boots!
l've only asked you about Mojca. -Your own fault if she escaped.
Wait a moment, you weasel.
l'm nobody's dupe. Where's my wench?
Uncle, don't! You'll break all my bones.
You'll talk by hook or by crook. -Dear me, you may kill me !
Don't scream like that! l'm only taking you to the clearing.
And there you'll mellow a bit. Meanwhile rack your brains
to remember where Mojca is. -What l have to live through !
Did l show you, rascal? You won't forget me easily.
Why are you tied so cruelly to the tree, uncle?
Boy, my dear boy,
l've almost died from fright and pain.
Help me, boy. Do save me, please.
l'm saved.
Death has reckoned without his host.
You've saved me my dear boy. How grateful l am to you !
Don't mention it. Any child could cut a rope like this.
But who are you? Come on, so l can thank you.
l'm Kekec, from the village in the valley. -You're a good boy.
Listen to me ! Don't go across the clearing.
Bedanec may catch you. Woe if he gets you now
as you have saved me. Go quickly through the thickest.
Never mind, we'll meet again.
You scoundrels!
l'll strangle you ! l'll strangle you all !
We've met at last, you whelp! Who are you?
Don't spit like a cat! l've asked who you are !
l'm Kekec.
l'll make a fine bundle of you, just to please you !
Uncle Bedanec. Do you hear me, uncle?
You're dragging me along as if l were a mule.
All because of a fir-cone that grazed your nose.
Go on, you good-for-nothing !
Or else l may play you a turn, you'll never forget!
Uncle Bedanec, was it a bear on our heels
that we ran so much? -The owl made a terrible hoot.
Have you heard it? -l have. What a brazen thing to do !
lt was a queer sound ! l like better to hear a bear's howl
than an owl's cry. lt was queer cry, indeed.
You thick-patted owls! You cursed birds!
You make my head ache and you cause me sleepless nights.
That boy has surely got courage ! He produced a knife
and cut the ropes and l was free.
Kekec saved you? -Kekec from the village in the valley.
This boy will be somebody important some day.
So tiny and he tricked Bedanec who's as tall as a mountain.
Uncle, you and Kekec gave him a bad turn !
Kekec has got more brains in his little finger
than that fool in his pate.
My, my, what has happened?
Poor boy! He trapped him ! That beast!
Here you are, you skunk!
You've freed the little Kosobrin and made fun of me.
But now the laugh is on my side.
Let him go, you brute !
Let him go, you beast! Let him go !
Hey, you weasel ! Bring that wench back to me !
lt will be the end of me if Bedanec comes here.
Has it taken your breath away?
Come on, rescue Kekec if you dare !
Poor lad ! How did you fall into his clutches?
Run as much as you will, you rabbit.
l'll soon get you out of your burrow.
You're moaning at last. You're in good hands now.
l'll teach you a lot of things. The schooling will be long.
Let me go, uncle Bedanec.
Never again will l throw fir-cones at your nose.
lt aches as if thousand ants bit me.
Well, well, this sounds better.
l could bring myself to free you
if only you listen to my orders.
Just tell what's on your mind, uncle.
l'll let you go if you find the little Kosobrin
and ask him for shelter in his hut
pretending to have escaped from me.
Kosobrin will take you through the hidden passage,
then you will come back here and show me where the passage is.
But woe to you if you try to run away. l'd get hold of you,
should you be one hundred fathhoms under ground !
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