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Khakee CD1

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The van's ready, sir
I don't know!
Father...|- My child! Go inside!
Where've you hidden it?|Speak!
Let him go! He knows nothing...|- Hurry up and speak
What's all this...?|And this?
I swear it on God! We don't know!|- Where did it come from?
You don't know, eh?
Your son Ansari...?|Where is he?
Where is Ansari?
Name your accomplices!|Who are they?
Speak! Tell us!
You bite the hand that feeds you?
We're going to make you talk for sure.|Speak... say something!
Traitor! Scoundrel!|Why don't you say something?
Are the ISI guys|your lords and masters?
Lower the gaze! Where did you|get the weapons from?
All these weapons were recovered|from lqbal Ansari's house...
which proves that lqbal Ansari|is an agent of the ISI and...
is associated with a terrorist group.|Perhaps he had a role to play...
in the riots that broke out recently
We have therefore arrested him|under the anti-terrorist law
We have come across clues...
that expose their conspiracy to|attack many places in Mumbai
He will be presented before|a special court
Inspector Thate will take a special|team to escort him to Mumbai tomorrow
Bastard! You think|they will have you freed?
This isn't a problem restricted to|Chandangarh in my constituency
It's a problem the whole nation faces
The communal riots, the open attack|by terrorists on a police team...
are all part of the proxy war|that is being waged against us...
by our neighbour through their|intelligence agency, the ISI
Earlier, it was the uneducated|and illiterate people...
who were brainwashed|into helping the ISI
But now, educated people like Ansari|have begun to become their agents
This is an alarming situation.|We will have to crush this network
For that, the Mumbai police will have|to rush a team to Chandangarh...
and present the terrorist Ansari|before the court on the appointed day
Yes, it's not an easy task
I have therefore requested|Additional Commissioner Mr Naidu...
to carefully pick the team that|he is dispatching to Chandangarh
Eight police officers have been killed|in trying to bring Ansari to Mumbai
And nothing has still changed in the|situation or the working conditions...
or even in the element of danger.|- Is there someone on your mind?
DCP Anant Srivastav
And that is how you and we|have been serving the nation
The only difference is,|we sport khadi (hand-spun fabric)...
and you wear the khaki
They want to silence him with claps,|but he...
I know. And very well too.|That you wish to listen to me further
But because time is scarce...
Thank you
The chief of the academy Mr Anant will|now say a few words to his students
Mr Anant Kumar
Your Papa's fast asleep!
Mr Anant Kumar...
Forgive me, I happened|to doze off
I had no idea that the honourable|minister would start his speech...
with anecdotes of 1942
I was all attention till|1974-1975, after which...
I dozed off
However, it has nothing to do|with your speech...
it has to do with my age
I'm very grateful to the honourable|minister and his likes because...
they have taken great care|of my comfort
Whenever there were incidents|of crime or riots in my area...
I was immediately transferred|to a peaceful place...
so that I could live there|in comfort
From one place to another|and so on and so forth...
and when they couldn't find|a peaceful place at all...
they posted me here in the academy,|amidst all of you
That was a great speech, sir
Enough, don't flatter me so much
No, sir. We are really|very fortunate...
to have received|training under you
Your real training begins now
And you will have to|stand a test at every step
In the discharge of your duties...
in your struggle against|dirty politics, corruption...
and communalism that has now|come to grip the nation
At that hour, you will have|just one teacher
Your own conscience.|Your integrity
Make sure you preserve it
What else will I say?|I wish you achieve everything...
I couldn't achieve|in my career
Yes...? Yes, I'm coming.|In just a moment
That's another duty.|Towards my wife
My daughter's getting married,|there's so much to do
Look, you must all|attend the wedding
You've put them up only here?|I want them there and there...
I want lights everywhere.|- It will be done, Madam
There are still two weeks|to go for the wedding
Two weeks indeed! The guests will|start pouring in soon...
and the master will be very angry
Three here...
one here...
Why're you being so stingy?
I want the house full of flowers.|- Don't worry, lady...
I'll make sure your house is|as scented as a rosegarden
Mummy, please come here
What happened?|- Look at this, Mummy
It's so tight, I can't breathe!|- What's this, tailor?
Didn't you get the measurements right?|- The measurements were right...
but looks like the kid has put on weight|in the happiness of the wedding
When is this picture from?
May 1988. My sister had come over|from Bangalore during the vacations
We had all gone to Mahabaleshwar.|You were supposed to come there too
Because of some case,|you couldn't get there
Which case I was|working on and when...
you even remember the day,|month and the year
But I know nothing of what|you were doing and when
I don't remember half|the pictures...
and I'm not there in most of them.|- They're just pictures, Anant
They're about a whole lifetime...
which I've just witnessed...|not participated in
What you were busy doing|was also very necessary
I gave thirty years|to the department
Whatever work I was given, I did with|all my heart. I never protested
What happened is in|the past, sir
But I don't know why,|but I feel today...
that it was an expensive bargain.|Please be seated
According to the department,|I was never a good police officer
And my wife has a million|grievances against me
My daughter has her own|share of complaints
Her father was never around for her
Tomorrow she's going away, sir
I must at least stay around|when she's leaving
I understand everything|you say, Anant
But don't you think this case,|this mission, is the opportunity...
you have always waited for?
Anant, this case is|extremely sensitive
And you are the only one|I can trust
But there are only 12 days|to go for the wedding, sir
This is a matter of only 3 days!|After that you can return home...
but those who died in Chandangarh,|and those...
we owe them a debt, Anant
You will understand that|this is not an easy task
There is a power that will do|its best to ensure...
that Ansari does not reach Mumbai.|- Whatever the power sir...
we are determined
71 people have died.|Several were injured
Thousands were rendered homeless.|They're out on the streets
They're all people of my constituency.|My own people
I don't know how we will compensate|their monetary losses
But they must atleast get justice
The whole state has pinned|its hopes on you
I promise to preserve the|honour of the uniform, sir
It was a very high-level meeting
The Commissioner, Mr Naidu,|and even the Minister...
chose your husband to go on|this very important mission
It ought to be a matter|of pride for you
Oh yes, I'm proud too
There's also a wedding in|the family in 12 days, Mr DCP
As far as the DCP is concerned, he's|not going to be present at the wedding
Hush! You talk any rubbish!|- The one who will attend it...
will be the Additional Commissioner|of Police, Anant Kumar Srivastav
What? Really?
That's what I heard. That I'm surely|getting a promotion this time
Naidu dug out the news.|Don't tell anyone yet
After the newspaper carry the news...|- Finally they've seen sense
This promotion ought to have|come 10 years ago
Never mind. It's okay
So you're happy, aren't you?
After years, I feel...
that I'm worthy of something too
How are you doing?|- So? Inspector with an attitude?
That's not true.|- Oh come on!
You didn't even telephone after|returning from your training
And I left so many messages!|- I got all the messages and...
Forget all that. You're giving us|a treat the day after tomorrow
Not the day after tomorrow. I'm going|out. On an important assignment
You will, if I let you go!|- What are you doing, Rishita?
There are people watching!|- So?
I'm in my uniform. It has a certain|status in the people's eyes
What have you done?
You drink and drive|in broad daylight?
Let me have your licence.|- He's wrecked everything, sir!
Here's 50 rupees.|- What the hell is this?
I asked for the licence.|So give it to me!
Sorry, sir. Here's a hundred
You try to bribe me?|You bribe a police officer?
Let him go, sir...
I'll deal with him.|Please go ahead, sir
What mistake did I make? I was|paying him according to his stars
10 rupees for a single band,|20 for two...
50 rupees for an officer with stars.|I was paying him 100 rupees
If there's a hike in your charges,|you must let us know
He just can't start hitting me
What's the name?|- Ashok Yadav
This place you're going to...
is it very dangerous?|- Who told you?
Mala.|- Mala who?
Mangesh's wife, of course
What does that mean?|- They're crazy
What do they know?|Dangerous, my foot
And where isn't it dangerous?
You cook on the LPG, don't you?|That's dangerous too
When I cross a road,|that's dangerous too
They talk some nonsense|and you listen to them...
and come here to chew on my brains.|- As I was saying...
Shut up, will you?|Just skip the nonsense!
Why're you yelling at me?|Can't you reason with me politely?
It's your wife you're talking to
You aren't talking|to a thief or a thug
All right. Now don't start crying
For a year, I've been telling you|that I want to visit my mother
You say yes, but then|you go away on duty
I'm coming back in 3 days.|I'll take you to your mother then
Promise?|- Of course
I'll even bring an|embroidered sari for you
Don't tell me!
Father, my bat has broken.|- So let's buy a new one
You're my Sachin Tendulkar
Nice to see him awake
Else, whenever I saw him,|he was asleep
It's as if he grew up in his covers.|- How's he to blame?
You go away for days on end.|That's how your duty is
Don't take a dig at me.|- Don't take a dig at me!
Wait... let's go
Constable, how did you get in?|Get down!
Why're you getting worked up, madam?
There's a lot of eve-teasing|taking place nowadays
The government has therefore decided|to give womenfolk some security
Rambo, the gang's going on a picnic.|You're coming, aren't you?
No, I've been screwed. I've got|to go to Chandangarh. On duty
Chandangarh?|- Yes
Okay...|Madam... there's security ahead
Get up Shekhar, quick!
What the...? You didn't|let me sleep all night
I'm human, not a machine
My husband is here
Two days, he said!|Why is he back so soon?
What are you looking for?|- Where's my underwear?
You're wearing it
I'm undone
Good Lord
What the hell are you upto?
Are you sane?
How'll I arrange them?
Good Lord!|What are you doing?
Inspector? Here?|Again?
Playing hide-n-seek with me, eh?
Where have you hidden it?
Where? Tell me, quick!
What?|- Cocaine
You quit smuggling.|You're peddling drugs now, aren't you?
I have confirmed information|this time
Oh no sir, I wonder|who this enemy is...
who gives you false information, and|every time you come home, searching...
Don't lie
I couldn't sleep all night|because of you
Sir, honestly, I have quit|all illegal businesses. Ask her
Why don't you say something, stupid?|- She has said and done all she had to
Now it's all upto you
Else, you will be locked away|for ten years...
What are you offering me?
You can have all of it.|- Stay alert
I can raid anytime.|And don't ever lie to your wife
Never return before time
You dig? Enjoy
To Chandangarh? No, no way!|I'm not crazy
Sir, the assignment is very important.|- More important than my dear life?
Know what? Eight policemen had left|Chandangarh with a terrorist
Know what happened?|They couldn't even reach the station
Were bumped off right there
Thank God I have connections|in political circles
I'll get it off my back
Trust me, make an excuse|and get out of the way, that's it
Sorry sir, I can't do that
Really? Really?
Tell me something?|Why did you join the police force?
Come on, tell me.|- Sir, since childhood...
Enough.|I know the rest of the story
Father was a freedom fighter,|mother used to teach children...
I'm tired of listening|to such filmi stories
Tell me honestly
Did your parents force you?|Or are you here for the perks?
Yes? Or no?|- If anyone tries to bribe me...
I'll break his jaw.|- Bravo!
That's what every newcomer says
Later, they break the jaws|of those who don't pay up
Pull over, sir
We are to be there at the headquarter|at nine tomorrow. The DCP's orders
This is fine
lts cocking handle is stuck
lt'll work, sir.|- Mr Patkar, are we insured?
I mean, if it gives way,|we're dead
Now why would the minister go to serve|the country so early in the morning?
I spoke to him last night.|He asked me to call up in the morning
Give him the phone, please
I found only four bulletproof jackets,|the rest are in use already
What? He's offering a prayer?|Come on, my life is on the line
Tell him, it's an emergency.|- Sir, only four bulletproof jackets
That's enough for the four of you.|- Aren't you coming, sir?
Either I'll come to congratulate you|or to offer wreaths. Go on
Mr Patil, Shekhar here.|- Who Shekhar?
Inspector Shekhar.|- Go on
How are you?|- I'm fine
How's your wife? Your mother?|- Come to the point
Sir, I spoke to you last night|about the Chandangarh mission
Please take me off the list.|- Impossible
Find a way out, please.|- I said, it's impossible!
Your wife called last night.|She was telling me...
about Shahrukh's new movie premiere.|She wants her children photographed
Pandya will take them.|- Bloody Pandya
All right, sir. Please apologise|to your wife on my behalf
Okay.|- And tell the children...
that uncle Shekhar is not available.|Convey my regards to grandma
Now hang up, will you?|- Okay, sir
Bloody swine
All set?|- We got all that you asked for, sir
Any personal weapons?
Just doing some adjustments.|I don't have any more weapons
How many rounds?|- Thirty
You can keep them
Mr Gupte did a very meticulous check.|He's a gold medal winner in shooting
Did you say something?|- In the shooting range...
it's very easy to hit the target.|Because dummies don't shoot back
But a living soul does.|- Right
we'll leave for Chandangarh|at half past eleven
And, if everything goes|according to our plans...
we'll be back with Ansari|on the morning the day after
But we got to pull it off|very carefully...
staying alert,|within the framework of the law
The enemy we're going to confront|has no identity, no face
We have no idea|about the enemy's count...
but we know that|they are many in number
We have no idea|about their weapons...
but we know they are better|than ours
We don't know how and when|they will ambush us
But we know they will attack
To get Ansari released,|they can go to any extent
We'll leave in ten minutes
You are a great better, sir.|What d'you think of our chances?
Hundred percent.|- Of returning?
No. Of going to Heaven
There's a photographer outside|the compound. Get him
Let's go
Where are you taking me?
Sir, I'm a freelancer.|Here's my I. D
I'm paid about 250 bucks per snap
That's how I survive, sir
I got to know that a special team|is supposed to leave for Chandangarh
Since it's exclusive,|I thought I'd make an extra buck
What are you doing, sir?|It's my breadwinner
I won't make this mistake again
Don't answer
Rekha didn't tell me|you are here
I had already delivered|the photographs
I have nothing left here
So what's this one doing here?
The test photograph.|I don't know how I missed it
My mistake
I'll destroy this mistake
What about the second mistake?|- Second mistake?
Whom you have brought here.|They are standing outside
I'll take care of them. Trust me
Don't worry
Only your silence|can keep me off the worry
You mean...
you will...?
No, no!|You can't do this
We've been friends for so long
My wife considers you her brother
You can't kill me
Please forgive me
I won't make this mistake again
I'll do whatever you say
If you say, I'll quit this city
Look... I have a wife...
a little girl...
They have no one but me
My daughter will be orphaned
Don't kill me, please.|Spare me
What can you do for your family?
Anything... anything
You would even trap me
No... I didn't mean that
I won't ever do that
This family thing is so strange
It makes a beast out of a man...
and a man out of a beast
You're lucky, you're saved
When did you arrive, brother?|- Just now
What happened to you?|- Got emotional
He loves the two of you dearly|- All right, but...?
What would papa's girl want to be?
She wants to be a singer.|- Yes, she loves to sing
Sing.|- Sing for uncle, dear
"Life is a season|that changes every moment"
"At times it's shade..."
"at times life is sunny"
Let's check
Great. I'll leave now
Brother, have something|before you leave
Next time
What's wrong with you?
And why are you weeping?|You look so tense...?
Who?|- Police
Open up.|- Police? Here?
I'll handle it, just open the door
Answer the phone, Shweta
If only a tomorrow comes...
Dr lqbal Ansari...
because of a few|selfish men like you...
the entire community is maligned
But you care two hoots
Because you folks|are the types...
that would even put your mothers|up for sale for your own gains
I'm told that you haven't|broken your silence yet
Haven't yet spoken to anyone, right?
I'm not here to listen to you,|I'm not here to talk to you either
Your case has come up for hearing.|I've come to take you to Mumbai
And I'm certainly taking you
In trying to save you...
your accomplices|killed eight of our men
I have to settle that score too
And I will, certainly
Do or die!|That's my resolve
Now look, Ansari...
there are two kinds of justice
One, which is delivered|inside the court...
that was explained to you just now
And the other is delivered|out of court
It suits me
And according to me, the second one|will suit you just fine
any hitch on the way, and I'll|deliver justice to you on the spot
No court, no lawyer,|no judge
One bullet...
case dismissed
A bullet into your butt|and out of your head. You dig?
Saw how I boxed him?
Was that a display of courage?|Wasn't he a cardboard target too?
He couldn't hit back
Bravo, bravo
It's quits between us
Ansari, his silence,|the attack on the streets...
I find this ominous, Mr Srivastav
The sooner you take him away,|the sooner I'll be at peace
My best wishes are with you
Best wishes? Or condolences?
Sir, there's a girl, Mahalaxmi,|calling from Little Angels School
She suspects that the people|put up at her place are terrorists
Thembi Naka
Ask her to wait for the police|near the telephone booth there
Tell her not to speak to anyone.|- Yes sir
May I go with the team?
The photographer, Bhagol, whom|you asked me to keep an eye on...
he and his family|have been murdered
His house was blown off.|Four policemen died too
Did Ansari|say something suspicious?
Sir, we have fresh information
About a terrorist hangout
We're on our way
Look sir, I can walk
I can even run
We can't leave you behind, Darky
Can't take you along either
I'll be useful to you, sir
You're fatigued, weak
You aren't well either
Not work, you need rest
You seem quite relaxed, and you|aren't wearing a bulletproof jacket
Mahalaxmi had called...
Damn Mahalaxmi!
From the name, she appears to be|around 75 years
Born in 1936,|bored of too much tv...
she thinks of making a name|in the neighbourhood...
and calls up the police,|so that she gets herself on tv
How can you be so sure, sir?|- A policeman's instinct
Not every policeman, I say
God-given gift
And my instincts|are really very strong
I can never go wrong, watch
Men in uniform, fall behind.|Men in mufti, stay with me...
as usual. Come on
I told you
Did you call?|- Yes, I did
You were born in 1936?|- My, my! How did you know that?
Where are they?|- At home. They are crying
Why are they crying?|- I told them you are coming
Why did you tell them we're coming?|- That's how I pacified them
They are waiting for you.|- Waiting for policemen?
You chaps are policemen?
What did you think?|- Are you not the cable guys?
Cable guys?|- My grandsons were watching the match
The tv suddenly conked out.|I called up the technicians
I've been waiting for them
Aren't you Mahalaxmi?|- Silly, I'm Sapna. Sapna
Sir, your instinct failed
That one passed
Those blue eyes will kill me!
Just tell me, ma'am...|- One minute, one minute
You tell me.|Inspector Shekhar Varma. His senior
His senior has arrived too.|Our Deputy Commissioner
Talk to him
Are you sure no one ventured out yet?|- None
I was keeping an eye.|No one came out yet
Which room?
That one
Will there be shooting?|- Could be
Tell your staff and children|to lock themselves up in a room
Ask them not to come out|without my orders
Come on, children
It's hot
They've just moved out.|Call for a roadblock
Damn, not even his mother|would recognise him
Face smashed at point blank,|and the gun shoved inside
Hands burnt too...|fingerprints, out of question
I'll answer all your questions|at the police station
As of now, clear the corpse.|- Hey lady...
you are yelling as if|we planted the corpse here
They have been your guests|for ten days
Look, the trustees|rented this room out
How were they to know|that they are terrorists?
These guys said they are here|to document the riots on film
Honest criminals, I must say.|They came here for a shoot...
they shot, and vanished
She's pissed off.|Offer the lady a soft-drink
Just tell us... of all the days,|what made you inform us today?
I saw the students|playing with this in class
That's why I called up today
Can you recognise them?
I haven't seen|all of them properly, but...
I could recognise a couple of them
the man who came in the morning...
his face...
I can never forget
Organise security for her
Talk to the SP. One constable|with her, two outside the house...
Look, I'm not staying here.|I'm going home to Mumbai
I came here only for a three months'|workshop with the children
I have done my duty|by calling you here
Now you perform your duty.|Why drag me into all this?
Look madam, the man you came|face to face with today...
he's not going to forget your face|either. He's a very dangerous man
He never leaves a clue behind.|And you've witnessed it just now;...
the corpse
We're leaving for Mumbai tomorrow.|Why not take her along, sir?
He's right
I'll have to speak|to the headquarters
What is the guarantee|that I'll be safer with you folks?
They were here for ten days,|and there was no trouble at all
I gave you one phone call...
informed nobody else...
and all of sudden,|all of them vanished
Don't trust anyone, Anant.|Trust your instincts
Sir, I would like to|change my travel plans
Do what you think is best
And sir, what do we do|with that girl, Mahalaxmi?
As you said,|her life could be in danger
Take her along.|She could be useful in court
Why do you want to change|your travel plans?
It's already organised
Yes, it's organised
Out tickets are booked for tomorrow|morning in the Mumbai Express
Bogey number S1,|seat number 24 to 29
How do you know that?
The list is in my drawer,|and the details...
only I know
Others know these details too
I found this piece of paper|where the corpse was found
This piece of paper|was under the paper...
on which the details were being|noted down. The impressions stayed
Looks like a storm|is in the making
one moment, sir
It's Ansari's mother, sir
The bastard doesn't talk, and this|old hag won't listen to anything
She has been camping here|for a long time now...
insisting on meeting you
One moment, sir
Sir, she'll chew your brains.|I'll drive her away
Open the gate
Ansari's son
I'm not educated
I don't know|what's happening out here
But everyone is saying|that my son is a traitor
That, he is responsible|for the bloodbath
If that's true...
then fie on my womb...
for giving birth to such a son
But the mother's heart says...
he could be guiltless
Right or wrong,|it's upto the court to decide
If he's guilty, hang him
But for God's sake,|help him make it to the court, sir
Please don't shoot him|on the way
You will meet your son...
in court
What are you doing? Standing before|a window or a door is dangerous
Anyone can target you
I hope I wasn't very rough...?|- Never mind
Also, during the interrogation|this morning, I was quite strict
Actually, I'm a fool|when it comes to girls
Mhatre, why don't you|take medication for the cough?
You were saying something,|Ms Mahalaxmi
No, you were talking
See? I don't know what happens to me|when I'm with a girl
How strange.|You are a policeman, yet...
Rather, it's surprising to see|such a pretty lady like you...
doing social work|in such a remote village
Since childhood, I was|very much impressed by social work
That's why I joined|the police force
But here, I see politics,|violence, corruption...
I feel like quitting everything|and joining you
Mhatre! Sonny, will you take something?|Or do you want me to offer it to you?
Yes, you were saying something.|- No
This time too, you were talking
Not again
All these constables|are expert at the wheels
And they are well-versed|with the roads of Mumbai
Yes, the DCP is in.|But who are you?
Who is it, Ashwin?|- Someone wants to talk to you
Says, he's an old friend,|but he won't tell his name
Who...?|- You paid me a visit...
and sadly I wasn't present
However, I tried to talk to you|when you were there
The phone kept ringing|but you never answered
You still got a great head|on your shoulders, DCP
Smarter the quarry,|merrier it is for the hunter
Who's the hunter|and who's the quarry...
it will soon be known
The call cannot be traced
It's a place near some station.|I can hear a train
Why are you silent, friend?
Trying to recall something?
You talk as if you know me
You might've forgotten|your old friends, DCP...
but I never forget mine
All lines near the stations|have been disconnected, sir
He's in some bar or restaurant|near a railway station
Neither do I forget,|nor do I forgive
All the bars and the restaurants|in the city are shut
Sarika, look who's there.|- One minute
I'm studying, mummy.|Please take a look
Who are you?|Who do you want to meet?
Inside my house!|- I can reach anywhere, DCP
Ansari, too
You were lucky today,|you are saved
Luck must favour you|all the time
I got to be lucky just once!
Look, if you harm|my wife and child...
Anant? Tell me
Oh! Is everything all right there?|- Yes, fine. Why?
And Sarika?|- She's with me
What's the matter?|- Nothing...
I just missed the two of you
The constables|are outside, aren't they?
Yes, they are
Anant, you seem tense.|What is it?
It's all right. Go to bed
Felt good.|- What do you mean?
When danger scrapes past me,|it feels really good
I'm always on the lookout|for such shaves
Playing with danger has been|a passion since childhood
Where there is Shekhar,|there's danger
Where there is danger,|there's Shekhar
Take this mission for instance.|Chandangarh mission
The moment I found out,|I approached the Commissioner
I told him, it's a dangerous mission,|put me on it
He tried to reason with me,|"We choose the group leader first"
I said, "Sir, carry on the search,|I'm game"
"But you must count me in first,|because the mission is dangerous..."
"and Shekhar is going"
You know the politics involved|in the police
I didn't want to take any risks, I had|the minister call up the Commissioner
He reasoned with him,|"Count Shekhar in, he is honest..."
"Shekhar is..."|- Brave
Right. "Shekhar is..."|- Brilliant
"This mission is impossible|without Shekhar"
Listen to me
Know where he wanted to send me?
He asked me to escort his kids|to Shahrukh's new movie premiere...
to be photographed with him. That's|the last thing a brave man would do
Here you are, Sawant-sahib.|Strong tea
Hey traitor... lqbal-bhai...
have some food.|You'll die of starvation
The cops have a bad name anyway.|You're the one who'll die...
and it'll be our funeral!|Stop bothering me. Eat it up
Mhatre... why're you pestering him?|- He refuses to eat
He'll eat when he's hungry.|Hey... you want something to eat?
No, he won't.|Something to drink...?
No. When he's hungry,|he'll ask for it
The officer asked me to feed him.|- The officer did?
The officer said you must|have something
Ingrate! You couldn't|digest our stuff?
Tell the officer...
he has had what he had to
He won't be hungry till this evening.|Give me those wadas
Yes, Jaya...
yes, I've made all arrangements|for the reception
Yes, I've had a word|with the caterer too
There will be nothing lacking|in the food and drinks
The florist will come to you,|show you a lot of pictures...
you must decide on something only|after considering the budget, okay?
Yes, we've got to buy a gift|for the groom. Don't worry
Tell Sarika that I'm|going to get a great watch...
one minute
Which make is this watch?
It's Panera. German make
I'll get Panera.|A German product
How much is it worth?|- 5000...
Ask him to show us half|a dozen of those watches...
No, sir. It isn't worth 5000 rupees.|It's 5000 Dollars
Jaya. Listen...
we'd rather go in|for an Indian watch
Yes, I'll talk to you later
I got it as a gift
Did I ask him?
Mahalaxmi! Wake up!
Mahalaxmi, wake...
when you doze off beside the driver,|the driver feels sleepy too
Talk to me!|- You're the one who talks...
rather you say something.|- So you're taking a dig at me, okay!
Tell me something.|How did you get the name Mahalaxmi?
My parents gave me the name.|Why? Do you have a problem?
No, no problem really
But whenever I talk to you, I feel|as if I am addressing a building!
What?|- Oh yes!
There are so many buildings in Mumbai|named after you
Like Mahalaxmi Chambers, Mahalaxmi|Departments, Mahalaxmi Apartments...
Mahalaxmi Society... Mahalaxmi|Station, Mahalaxmi Race Course...
and Mahalaxmi Lottery...|I often buy it!
Today I've won it
Shooting!|- Shooting? Where...?
Rambo! It's a film shooting.|Don't pull out the rod all the time
I wish our lives were like the movies.|It would've been so much of fun
What fun?|- A hell of a lot of fun!
Man could say anything he wants to|so openly, so brazenly...
swaying all the way,|what fun!
Do you know how to dance?
Those blue eyes are|going to be the end of me!
"My heart is immersed..."
"in these blue eyes,|my heart is immersed"
"My love, you ought to know..."
"I'm a crazy lover.|I could do anything for you"
"Yours is the love|I live for..."
"for you, I could even die"
"I'm not falling|for your sweet words..."
"get going, crazy one"
"Don't lure me into|your web of words"
"I'd rather be robbed,|I'd rather be wiped out..."
"but your heart|I will surely win over"
"I'm not going to|stop following you..."
"however much|you torment me"
"My heart is immersed..."
"in these blue eyes,|my heart is immersed"
"My love, you ought to know..."
"There's yearning,|there's temptation in loving me"
"Thousands have gone crazy,|having fallen in love with me"
"One day, my love..."
"I'll adorn you with my love"
"The world will watch..."
"and I will walk away with you"
"My heart is immersed..."
"I'm a crazed lover..."
"I could do anything for you"
Looks like it'll take|a couple of hours
There's another narrow lane
If we take that, we'll get to|the highway in four kilometers, sir
Clear out!
Move aside...
Step aside
Make way...|C'mon, sir
Clear out... out!
C'mon, c'mon
Get back
You've landed in a soup, DCP.|What are you going to do now?
Who are you looking around for?
Mhatre, keep an eye on Ansari!|I'll be back soon!
Get out! Quick!
Well? Why did you|Who asked you to?
Thank God, nothing happened to him
But why not?
He isn't such a fool|to risk his life...
just show his face,|and take to his heels
There's surely something|he came to do
But why didn't he do it?
Or did he do something|before he left?
There I was, on Ansari's van...
I didn't let anyone|get closer
That leaves this jeep
Who was in the jeep?
Back! Back!
Back off!
Looks like they were civilians.|The sight of this gave them a scare
Or probably they come to see|who's dead and who's alive?
We have a problem, sir
The van won't start
Our van has stalled...
What can I do?
We wish to stay here for a while|- Mr D'Mello is not at home
I'll talk to Mr D'Mello.|It's only for a few hours
The master won't agree.|- It's only for a few hours, I say
Our master won't say anything
It's him, isn't it sir?|The Pakistani agent?
I saw him on TV! In my house.|- Who else is there in your house?
There's Ramdas-kaka and me.|I'm Nandan. The cook
I don't have a network here. And you...?|- The network doesn't work here, sir
But our phone is working.|Please be seated. I'll get some water
Kamlesh...|- Yes, sir?
Take Ansari inside|and stay with him
Ghorpade, fix the van
Shekhar, Ashwin, Mhatre...|seal all entry and exits
Who's this?|- Anant speaking, sir
There was an attack on our jeep,|a blast...
Tell me your exact location.|I'll rush a police team immediately
Sir, it's the bungalow on|the dusty road along the Pirbar Road
And listen, don't move from there
Hey! Who's paying|for the phone call?
Why are you asking the officer?|How much is it? I'll pay you
How much?|- 30 rupees
How would there be any money|in your pockets?
You guys get everything for free
Okay, I'll pay him.|- And I'll repay you later
Don't forget to collect it
All they can do is to borrow,|not to repay
Get off!
Come with me, Mahalaxmi.|Don't be afraid
But who's afraid?|- There could be anything here
A rat, a snake or a scorpion.|- I'm not scared of them
Aren't you scared of them?|- No
Aren't you scared of anything?
I used to be, when I was a child.|- Of what?
When I wouldn't sleep, my mother used|to say, "Go to sleep, my child..."
"else, the police will arrive"|- You've made bandits out of the cops!
Know what? There could be ghosts here,|even spirits of the buffaloes
Ghosts?|- But you needn't be afraid
I'm here. Where there is danger,|there is Shekhar. Sit here...
all night, I'll stay with you|and protect you
Not to worry.|To hell with the ghost!
Know what? Take this blanket|and go to sleep
Go to sleep. Go on!|- I... I'm fine!
Don't worry about me.|- How can I not?
A ghost could do just about anything!|- Do what?
Hey Kaka! You're scaring a cop?|- There's no light
Kaka, are there ghosts here?|- 18 of them
Hear that? 18 ghosts!|Listen to that!
18 ghosts? That's so exciting!
Actually, I had heard so much|about ghosts, but I never saw one
But the ghosts won't venture here,|with brave men like you around
So please go. Let me experience this!|- Listen to me, Mahalaxmi...
listen to me!|Atleast give me the torch!
How will I go downstairs|in the darkness?
Hey Kaka!|At least take me down with you!
Sir, have some tea
You must've forgotten your|old friends, Mr DCP
But I don't forget
I neither forget, nor forgive
What's happening here, Inspector?
They're the five thugs who robbed|the bank three days ago
This is where they were holed up.|I asked them to surrender...
and they fired at me.|At a police officer
When I returned the fire|in self-defence...
the poor guys got killed.|What can I do?
Don't act too smart, Angre
I know the guys who|robbed the bank
And it's very obvious to me that|you took a bribe from them...
to kill these innocent men.|So that the case can be closed
But your story is not|working this time
That's just what I thought.|There's something lacking in the story
Four of them are lying there,|Five men fall to my firing
And not a single cop|falls to their firing?
At least one police officer|has to die
And if that one happens to be|a senior officer...
it'll breathe life|into the story...
You're going to regret it...
you will deeply regret it!
Yes, Mr D'Mello.|I had called. Actually...
How did it get disconnected?
Call everyone. We're leaving
What does it say?
"Send Ansari out.|Else, we're coming in"
How many rounds on you, Ashwin?|- Three
Seven, sir.|- Mhatre?
Two, sir
I've got just one
Smart move the enemy has made.|He makes us exhaust our ammo...
and talks of negotiation
How many rounds on you, Shekhar?
What are you doing, Shekhar?|- Let's throw this dog out
We can't let him go.|- We can't keep him with us either!
I've spoken to Mr Naidu.|The police will arrive any moment
When will the police party arrive?|When?
After we're all dead?
To file a report?|To take a count of the bodies?
You want us to sit here|and die in hope?
We'll fight it out, Shekhar!|- How will we fight it out? How?
We've seen their firepower!|And what do we have?
Seven rounds, three, two... one?
Sir, let this dog go today
If we live, we can get hold|of him again
We're all going to die|a miserable death!
If you're so scared of death,|why did you don that uniform?
Do you know what it means|to wear that uniform?
To consider your duty|to be greater than your life
You are an unsuccessful|police officer
A failure of a police officer!
Maybe you never took bribes,|but you have achieved nothing either!
You've been pushed around in the|department all your life!
You've gone senile with age!
You think you will die on duty,|become famous, gain martyrdom...
your family will get a medal!
But we refuse to die|for your selfish motives!
Out of my way. Step aside!
Till I live, I am in-charge|of this mission
He's not going anywhere.|That's my order
To hell with your order,|to hell with this job...
and to hell with you!
I knew you were dishonest
But I see today,|that you're a coward too!
Moron! I'm fighting|for all of us!
It has nothing to do|with your life or mine...
it's a question of my conscience
And my conscience says|that the DCP is right
Lower your gun
You will fire at me?
For the sake of this ISI agent,|you will fire at me?
For the sake of this traitor...?|- Shoot! Kill me!
Finish me!
You think they're chasing you|to have me released?
They're bent on killing me!
I've been taking these taunts|for so long!
Traitor! ISI agent!
I'm paying the price|for being a Hindustani!
The price for being|an honest Hindustani!
I will not do anything wrong
It's necessary to conduct a post|mortem on these three bodies again
I cannot issue their death|certificates right now
Why not? The RMO's screaming at me!|- They did not die in the riots
They were poisoned to death.|The bruises on them are misleading
It could endanger your life, doctor...|- I'm sorry
Even if I lose my job, I will not|issue false death-certificates
Listen, doctor...
my name is Bhaskar Joshi.|I'm a freelance journalist
The three bodies whose certificates...|- I can say nothing in this regard
It's a police case.|- The police is part of the conspiracy!
There's a very big man|involved in this case
Deodhar?|- Yes. Our Minister. Deodhar
He's appealing for peace today, but|he's the one who engineered these riots
What for?|- Several reasons, sir
There's no saying how many such|crimes he has committed. For power
Three social workers: Ashish Garg,|Narayan Rane and Vaishali Shinde...
collected evidence|of his wrongdoings
It could have exposed him
But Deodhar got to know about it.|He called them over for a meeting...
and poisoned them. He had the|bodies badly bruised...
and had them tossed in|riot-hit streets
So that everybody would think that|they were killed in the riots
What... what do you|want me to do?
I have in my possession that|file of Deodhar's wrongdoing
If you could give me the post-mortem|reports of these three bodies...
I'll have it published in the|newspaper with all the evidence
Here are the reports.|If I get any more information...
I'll let you know
Here's my card
Make sure you read|tomorrow's newspaper
Get me the card in the trousers|I was wearing last night
Have something to eat first.|- Go ahead, brother
If someone offered me something|with so much of love...
I'd accept even poison!|- You stay out of this
You came late last night, didn't you?|You know what state the city is in
Nothing's happening in our|locality, sister-in-law
We have good folks here.|- Folks are always good, Taufeeq
Hindu or Muslim, everyone wants|to live in peace
But these politicians...|- lqbal...
what is the matter, son? Your wife|told me you're very upset?
No, it's nothing
Don't worry. I'm going to Ajmer Sharief.|I'll pray for peace and harmony
Zafar wants to go to Ajmer too.|He has his holidays anyway
So I thought...|- No, Zafar is not going
Please, father! Please!|- No, no...
Please!|- Okay
But don't bother your grandma too much.|- Will a wee bit do?
Naughty boy
The train leaves at 5.|Will you see me off?
Mother, I'll drop you on|my way to the hospital
Bhaskar, you said you'd publish|everything about Deodhar...
along with my report.|But nothing has been published?
Who's this?|- It's me. Dr lqbal Ansari
Hey smartass...
what do you know about Deodhar?|What did the reporter tell you?
You don't know me yet
Not to worry. He's okay
We want to know about|the riot victims...
About that, you will have to...
Bhaskar! What happened?
What happened?
Call for you, sir
Hey smartass!
What did Bhaskar tell you|before he died?
Tell me everything.|Where is the file?
You guys have...|- Forget those who are dead...
and think about those who live
In any case, things aren't|very nice in the country
Stop talking nonsense!
I don't have any file!|And even if I did...
I wouldn't have given it to you
Guys like Deodhar ought to be|hanged publicly in the square!
Stop this farce of being a doctor!
Because of dishonest people like you,|our entire community gets a bad name!
What rubbish are you talking?|- Of course! Go and see
They've recovered guns and|explosives from your house!
What?|- Yes. Go and see!
The rioteers have set|your house on fire
Have you seen my father somewhere?
Has anyone seen my folks?
Did my family come here?
Someone answer me!
Hey smartass...
you can still save your life.|Tell me where Deodhar's file is
See? Just a box was unloaded at|your house and it went up in flames
Why were you quiet all this time?|- What could I say?
And who could I say it to, officer?|Who...?
To the police who themselves|planted the guns in my house...
and had me implicated?
Or should it have been|the press...
who labelled me a terrorist without|even getting to know the truth?
Who should I have spoken to?
Nothing will happen even if I speak.|My death is inevitable
But if you wish to live,|leave me here and go away
Because you've been sent here to die|with me, not take me away from here
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