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Khakee CD2

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for arriving at the wrong time,|uninvited
Can't help it,|the government job is such
Don't be surprised, DCP
I'm doing it for the sake of|the government you are working for
The only difference is that|you are paid in cheque...
and I'm paid in cash
Albeit, a little more than you
Politics is a strange thing
You are sent to stop me,|and I'm sent to knock you off
Where's Dr Ansari?
Shekhar, the smartass, is missing,|so is the kid Ashwin
Want to play?
So let's play
Natwar, find the bastards
Mahalaxmi...|will you examine me?
Let me go.|What have I done?
What have I done?|- Shut him up!
Leave him alone
Always eager to die, DCP
Beautiful wife,|lovely daughter
Sadly, you could not|belong to them
All your life you've been playing|the policeman in Khaki
after you are gone, I'll take care|of the mother and daughter
Mac, aim at his temple
If the DCP moves,|make a sieve out of all of them
Slap your boss
I won't
If you don't,|his head will be blown off
I won't
Kalwa...|- Yes sir?
Did you hear?|- No, sir
Did you hear when I was smacked?|- Yes, sir
He must hear
Kalwa...|- Heard, sir
Shoot me
Kill me
First your boss's head|will be blown off
No, no.|Don't do this, sir
Don't do this, sir
I see. Mac!
This is what you call a slap
It hurts both|the hunter and the victim
You hit me here...|on the skin
I hit you right there...|your conscience
That's a slap!
For what you did to me...
I could've killed you right after|I was released from jail
But I knew that|life meant nothing to you
Duty, self-esteem, respect...|they mean the life to you
To begin with, I wanted to scratch|those things off you
And this is my chance
You will go back unsuccessful.|You will be maligned
You will be stripped of your uniform.|You will be regarded with contempt
Only then will I be at peace
Your ideas hardly matter
Only the tempest will decide|the fate of the light
The lamp that has the gas|will stay lit
Some people are hiding|inside the storehouse
Let's see your best shot
C'mon, get out of here!
Sir, the blood's not stopping
Must take him|to the hospital at once
Hurry up
Did Ansari speak?
We traced a few hangouts|of the terrorists
How did they know that|you guys are coming?
Sir, I'd like to change|my travel plans
I sent a police team over...|where are you?
How's Ansari? He's hit, isn't he?
Ansari is hit
How do you know?
It was only between my men...
and Angre
Ansari is still alive
And we will certainly|take him to court
Inform your bloody father...
I have extracted the bullet,|but the patient is in a bad shape
He needs to be kept under observation|for a couple of days
You guys can go back
mission is over for you
By now you must've realised that those|who have sent us on this mission...
they themselves don't want Ansari|to reach the court
if we keep the fight on...
we'll be taking on the government
We'll be fighting|against the entire system
In which case...
taking Ansari to court|will be almost impossible
Besides, suppose we manage|to take him to court...
the government|will surely take revenge on us
lt'll suspend us
We'll be sacked
We might even be jailed
I have decided to stay on|till the end
You guys are young
You have an entire life|ahead of you
I would like you to go back
You want to do all the noble deeds|all by yourself
I have committed too many sins
But now that I've got an opportunity|to wash away my sins...
you are trying to snatch it away
I'm not going back
I was rude to you...
last night...
I'm sorry
But please sir,|I'm not going back
I'm going with you
If you don't take me along...
I'll follow you...
till the very end
Follow you, I surely will
Me too, sir. Till the very end
I'm also going with you.|I don't care if I'm sacked
I'm also with you, sir...
but only as long as|we take Ansari to Mumbai
After that, I'm quitting
I would also like to go with you, sir
From now on, no contact with Mumbai
What are you upto?|Why talk of quitting?
People like me ought to quit
But look at me.|I'm the one who's starting afresh
But you want to quit the job
Why do you want to quit the job?
Why must I do this kind of a job?|During the course of this mission...
I have learnt that,|what I wish to do...
the reason I joined the police force...|I won't be allowed to do
And what they would force me to do,|is unacceptable to my conscience
You want me to salute criminals|like Deodhar and Naidu?
Look, they are...
Did I wear this uniform|to do their bidding?
Give me one good reason|to wear this uniform
Sir, the superintendent is here
You guys are coming with me|to the police station
say what you want to the commissioner|and the minister
I have orders to take Ansari|under my custody and relieve you
I'm only performing my duty
What is your duty?
Tell me
What is our duty?
Protect the righteous
Destroy evil... isn't that|our motto? Look behind
That's our objective
Protect good people
Destroy the evil
what are we doing?
For money...
for promotions...
we lick the soles of politicians|like Deodhar
As for duty, Dr Ansari|was performing his duty in Chandangarh
And that bastard Deodhar|ruined his life
Inspector Thate|was performing his duty
Ghorpade too
The soldiers were performing duty,|who died a meaningless death
For this very duty's sake, we've been|battling death for the last 48 hours
And our own department|is bent on bumping us off
That Deodhar has been continuously|raping the law...
because, our own officer Naidu|is playing his pimp
Damn it!
Let alone the criminals...
if the police department wishes,|and if the government decides...
no one can even snatch|a child's toy in the city
But the truth is that|we policemen...
are hoods in licenced clothing,|who, in the name of duty...
do nothing but behave inhumanely with|innocent, helpless people. That's it
A municipal worker is|a better individual than we are
He wears a Khaki just like us,|but climbs down a gutter...
to clean the city's filth!
Mr Satam...
my duty tells me|to take Ansari to court...
and get him justice
And I will do that
If your duty tells you|to stop me...
you can shoot me,|no second thoughts
I'm taking him with me
It's the|Additional Commissioner Naidu
Satam here, sir.
I had been to the hospital. I have|brought them to the police station
Hold them there
Get this clear.|It's a matter of our prestige
It's the minister's orders.|- We're investigating, sir
No, we didn't find the people|we came looking for
I'll call you up|as soon as I have news
Thanks for reminding me about my duty
You can stay here|until Dr Ansari gets well
What are you doing here, Shekhar?|What are you thinking about?
What will I think of, Mahalaxmi?
Whatever I thought,|was all wrong
Whatever I did, was all wrong
Whatever I understood|was also all wrong
My parents, I never knew,|I never saw
I grew up on my own and always|thought of my own self
I could never become|a good human being...
nor a good police officer.|- Don't say that, Shekhar
If we're alive today,|it's only because of you
We could escape that bomb,|and get out of that house
That's not how it is
In fact, even with you, my|intentions weren't any good
And now?
I want to become a good human being.|Like the DCP
I know it's a difficult path|to tread
But tread this path,|I surely will
I'm with you, Shekhar
I will walk with you
How you seen these men around?|- No, sir
Any news?|- Angre's at it
And the police in the area|are looking for him
All this has happened because of|you, Naidu! Only because of you!
You got your men to plant|the weapons in Ansari's house...
you had him arrested
But that moron couldn't even|get the file from Ansari!
You guys couldn't make him|talk either!
You know why he's quiet?
Because he no longer|trusts the police
And he wants to strip me|in the courts!
And he's gotten out of our hands!|- I had suggested killing him...
there in Chandangarh itself.|But you turned me down
You first wanted the file, before it|fell into someone else's hands
But you needn't worry.|Ansari will be found
Naidu, how did you get up here?
I took the elevator.|- And I climbed the staircase
To reach this height, I have|climbed every step of crime!
I have walked over dead bodies|to get where I am today
A few of them were my own men.|But I trampled upon them to get here
That file contains damaging|wrongdoings I have committed
If it falls in the hands|of the media, it would...
I'm going to become the Chief|Minister in just a few months
No, no... never!
I'm not losing this round!
For this, I have staked|my life and all I have!
Ansari's not reaching the courts alive.|And only I must have that file
There are some people|from the media, sir
They want information|on the Ansari case
Tell them, we have nothing to say.|- But we do... we do
Tell them that I'm coming|in a while
What you and Angre|could never achieve...
the public will now accomplish
The team led by DCP Anant Srivastav|which had gone to bring...
the terrorist Ansari from Chandangarh|to Mumbai, has gone missing
The police suspect that the team|has connived with the ISI...
and let Ansari get away
The team includes|DCP Anant Srivastav...
Senior Inspector Shekhar Varma,|Inspector Ashwin Gupte...
Head Constable Kamlesh Sawant|and constable Gajanan Mhatre
If you receive any information|on them...
contact the nearest police|station immediately
Ansari! What are you doing?
Why do you want to save me?|Let me die!
You must live, Ansari! You must!|- What for? And for whom?
Is what I have gone through,|any less...?
Must I live to see the ruin of|my mother and my son?
There's no other reason|for me to live
We can't alter what|you have been through
Together, however, we can|try to ensure...
that no other Ansari|goes through all this
And so you will have to help us,|go with us to the court...
so that we can fight a battle|for justice together
Sir, Mr Satam had telephoned
He says it's all over TV that|we've sold out to the ISI
That we have disappeared|with Ansari
Sir, people are getting in|with sticks and swords
We can leave from|the rear entrance, sir
No, we will leave from|the front door
What are you guys watching?|Give Ansari a thrashing!
Who said that?
Who was it?
You said that?
You'll strike with a sword? C'mon|Come and kill Ansari
Hit him... attack!|Why don't you hit him now?
Here you are. Hit me instead!|Kill me!
Who else wants to kill Ansari?
Speak up!
Show me your face!
Bloody nincompoops!
Like jackals, you will|attack from behind!
Why don't you look at me|in the eye?
You need courage to look at someone|in the eye and attack him!
And courage is by possessed by|the one who's honest at heart!
Ansari is a traitor!|He must be punished!
You will punish him...?
Are you the police?|Are you a judge?
Or are you a hangman?|Who gave you this right?
If he's indeed guilty, he will|be punished in court!
We're taking him to the court!|- How will you take him to court?
You have yourself sold out!
I feel pity for people like you
Every time, all the time,|you are led astray
You are used!
They make you burn your houses|with your own hands...
while they watch in glee,|and yet you refuse to see the truth?
That's exactly what|is happening today!
Without knowing the truth, you'll spill|out on the roads, with swords in hand!
I know what the truth is!|Look at this...
I have shed blood for the truth!|I have courted death!
If you think you are right and|can play with death...
come here and try to stop us
Else, get out of the way
The Superintendent Mr Satam|has already telephoned
Normally, no train stops at|this station during the daytime
But a service train will stop here|specially for you
It will drop you at Kalyan|and proceed from there
Yes, daddy.|I'll get there soon
You were told not to|make calls, weren't you?
You are a police officer.|Maybe your folks can understand this
But my daddy can't|figure all this out
The moment he heard my voice,|he heaved a sigh of relief
You didn't tell him|where we are, did you?
Inspector Shekhar Varma, having spent|so many days with the police...
I've got to know what to reveal|and what not to
But I sure told him|about you
What did you say?
Just that a handsome and|dashing police officer...
will take him home safely
Who will one day take me away from my|house and be rid of all his problems
No! No!
You swear...?|You really said that?
"This much I promise you|in love..."
"we shall never be separated"
"God knows who|my heart beats for"
"How much do I love...?"|"You have no idea"
"God knows who|my heart beats for"
"This much I promise you..."
"I could forget the world..."
"such is the love|I have for you"
"Call it the mischief|of a vagabond..."
"or call it plain madness"
"My heart has heard|your heart..."
"you are my beloved"
"There are no distances|between us anymore..."
"it's the doing of our love"
"God knows who|my heart beats for"
"This much I promise you|in love..."
"we shall never be separated"
"God knows who|my heart beats for"
Damn it, junior!
I was in a great romantic mood|and you had to ruin everything
Know what? Once Ansari's case|is dealt with...
I'll marry Mahalaxmi.|I'll have a few kids...
I'll buy a flat...|- Ansari's in a bad way
We must rush him|to the hospital immediately
Faster! Faster!
What are you staring at?
Mother, someone's here
What's your name, son?|- Who is it?
I'm sub-inspector Ashwin Gupte
Oh yes, I know!
He had told me.|You went with him to Chandangarh
When did you arrive?|- Today
In the morning.|- I was scared when I watched the news
So I went to the temple,|offered a prayer...
I was going to the temple again
Where's he? Did he go|to fetch you a soft-drink?
Come in, please
No... it's okay
What's the matter?
Something serious?
He's not here...?
Is he...
all right?
What happened?
He won't return
Your husband was a very brave man
He fought valiantly
Never cowered
In his last moments|he missed you terribly
He said you are very brave
the kid and everything...|you will take care of, he said
Right. Those must've been his words
I was very scared before...
when he used to go to work|at nights
I used to tell him that...
people go to work in the morning,|come back in the evening...
play with their children,|and sleep in peace
I used to constantly tell him...
to quit his job
He then lovingly|made me see reasons
He used to say, "Are you crazy?"
"A man in uniform|keeps guard on the street..."
"that's why everyone|sleeps peacefully"
Before I could force him|to quit the job...
everything stands...
Mother, what happened?
Is daddy coming?
"Kamlesh Sawant"
Watch it
Take him to the casualty ward
Sir, I need to talk to you
Wait... he's dead, sir
No, no way
you can't do this to us
You can't betray us, Ansari
Get up
Get up
Why are you silent, sir?|Has the ISI bribed you?
I don't care what people|think of me...
what they take me for
I consider it my duty|to tell you everything
The truth is...
How long will you sit like this?|Let's call the municipality...
and hand the body over to them.|Your son was a traitor...
so he's not going|to find a pallbearer
"O Lord..."
"have mercy"
"have mercy"
"I pray to You..."
"have mercy on me, Allah"
"Have mercy, Lord"
"The helpless|will find support..."
"The drowning|will find shores..."
"the storm will subside|at once..."
"at one gesture from You"
"If You bestow Your kindness|upon us..."
"we shall be delivered|of all miseries"
"Allah, have mercy"
Let alone the people,|I won't even believe God
Had my son been guilty...
these four gentlemen|wouldn't have become his pallbearers
They wouldn't give him|such a respectful funeral
What difference does it make?|Ansari is dead, the case is shut too
The case isn't over as yet
We have buried Ansari,|not the case
Hear that?
Hear what that man says?
With cases,|men are buried alive
And this man is talking of|keeping a dead man's case alive
You were the one who|picked this officer
His words hardly matter.|- It won't matter to you
You relate only with the position,|not with the one who holds it
Don't worry, I'll talk to him
Have some tea
Look, you don't need|to worry over trivia
This enquiry, press conference...|it's all make-believe
You guys won't be harmed
So, stop making absurd statements...
and try to understand me
I'm making you|the Additional Commissioner
The Commissioner's position|will follow
You will be rich|when you retire
I'll promote your friends, too
And Ansari?
He was a traitor. He's dead
Don't think. Marry your|daughter off grandly
I'll take care of the expenses
Thank God...
that I don't distrust the law yet
Else, I'd have ripped your tongue off|and handed it over to you
Look Anant...|- Say what you want...
in court, okay?
What will happen in court, eh?
History is witness. All the scams,|all the cases, all the enquiries...
all the commissions|against ministers and politicians...
came to what?
No minister has ever been punished,|nor ever will
That's our country's unwritten law
This law will change, Deodhar
And it will take off from you
Pray it happens so
Because, if it doesn't|happen that way...
I'll thrash the hell out of you
I'll turn you|into a body of wounds
Even Pain will lose its bearings
We're running short of time
Deodhar is watching us
Arrest warrants may come up|against all of us, anytime
Can't help it, sir
Poor Ansari died for no reasons
We have neither witness,|nor evidence
No clue to reach the truth, either
One minute
Tell me
It was Mhatre.|I had asked him...
to trace the journalist Bhaskar's|family, who died in Chandangarh
His son has been traced.|Here's his address
"Oh, the spell you have cast"
"Dark seems the day"
"Oh, the spell you have cast"
"He plays with my tresses..."
"holds me in his arms..."
"he's such an amazing lover"
"Here I come..."
"seizing you with euphoria..."
"robbing you of peace..."
"spewing a sweet venom over you"
"Such is the magic of my lips"
"Such is the magic of my lips"
"Is there a lover like me?"
"Slowly and gently..."
"my heart races"
"It will rage like fire"
"It will pine all my life"
"Such is the ecstasy in my heart"
"Such is the ecstasy|my lover offers me"
"He's such an amazing lover"
"Oh, what a spell you have cast"
about Deodhar|or any files
Try to remember, Chandu. Your father|gave his life for a noble cause
Don't you want his mission|to be successful?
So what am I to do?
There are all types of people who are|bothering me with such questions
They even thrashed me.|I'm trying to hide from them
Father is dead. My mother|went mad seeing him dying
One minute.|Your father died in Chandangarh
How could your mother see him die?
They showed it on TV.|I recorded it
So far 71 people have died|in the Chandangarh communal riots...
213 injured,|and 3000 rendered shelterless
Yes Mahalaxmi?|- Where have you been for two days?
I'll tell you once I'm free.|Listen...
I've traced the file.|- Great! I want to meet you now
Not now, later.|- Now, Shekhar
Try to understand, Mahalaxmi.|- Just tell me where you are
I'll be right over.|- Okay, come to the GPO
I've found the file
It's in the locker at GPO, sir.|That's where I'm headed
I'll meet you right there
You're going to be put away|for a long time, Deodhar
He was about to raise and alarm|and ruin your game
So I put him to sleep|You found the file?
Give it to me
Take this and leave.|I'll stop them
But you...?|- Don't worry about me
It's necessary for this packet|to reach Mr Anant
Give it only to him. Okay?
Perplexed and horrified!
But what can I do?
Love is a strange thing
It makes a fool out of a|perfectly sensible man
You were doing duty|for the government...
and my love was doing|duty for me
And you guys didn't|even suspect anything
She went with you guys|at my behest
So that we could find|this file
She made a fool|out of all of you
Shekhar, we went to the GPO.|Where are you?
Very smartly, she stayed|with all of you...
so that she could tell me about|every move, every plan you made
The way I arrived|at the bungalow...
brought an empty train|to the station...
is all thanks to this|blue-eyed girl!
Mahalaxmi! With Angre...?
She called me in your presence
I'm her old and unfortunate father
Shekhar, get out of there!
To mix business and pleasure|is not a good thing
You went wrong in your duty,|but not me
This advise will help him|only in his next birth
Any last wish?
Don't ever tell anyone|how I was killed
Or people will lose faith in love
And she'll be the one to|fire the first bullet at me
If you don't take me with you,|I'm going to follow you...
to the very end
But, sir... follow you,|I surely will
I'm proud of you,|Inspector Shekhar
Even in death, you have|performed your duty
No... try to understand, Anant
Deodhar has high connections
You can't do anything
If a man out there on the streets.|Said this out of helplessness...
I could understand it
Driven by his obsession for power...
if a politician like Deodhar said this,|I could still understand it
Even if a mad and insane man|like Angre said it...
I could understand it too!
But you, you bastard...
you had sworn to|protect the law with me!
And you're saying this?|You're saying it...?
Don't! Don't hit me, please!
I'm with you! All the way!
I don't need you
I've found Mahalaxmi, sir.|She has come out of her building
She'll take us further
Keep me informed.|I'm coming over
Naidu told me. Anant is badly injured.|He's lying in the hospital
The thorn has been removed|from your path, Deodhar
No, Deodhar, no file
You will first transfer the money|into my account...
and then I'll lovingly|give the file to you
I told you, no file.|You're still asking for it!
All right. You will see. It'll be|there in tomorrow's newspapers
He's transferring the money|to our account
What is this file worth, love?
But not more than you, my love
Some are useful in life.|Some are useful in death
You were useful while you lived,|so were you when you died
No one gets down here
Sir... stop it, please!|- Let me go!
Having considered all|the evidence at hand...
this court has reached|the conclusion...
that the charges levelled against|Dr lqbal Ansari are false and baseless
This court therefore|sentences minister Deodhar...
Additional Commissioner Shrikant Naidu|and Yashwant Angre to Life lmprisonment
Always walk with your head|held high, son
Your father was a very good man
His upbringing and education|shall now be my responsibility
Revenge is a strange thing.|Like wine
The older it gets,|the bigger its kick
You will regret it.|You will deeply regret it
Take him away
Where will this kid take me?
I'll go now. But see you soon
Stop the van! Stop it!
Hurry up and load the rifle.|And fire at the van
Sir, this is Sub-lnspector|Ashwin Gupte speaking
Bad news, sir. Angre tried to grab|the constable's gun and run away
When I asked him to surrender,|he fired at us
I returned the fire|and he was wounded
Yes, he's alive. We're taking him|to the hospital...
but there are bleak chances|of his survival
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