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Kids Return 1996

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- You have 10 minutes stage time. - Okay.
- Hi, there. We're Antarctic 55. - Nice to be here with you.
What a wonderful crowd you are.
It's great to see you all.
- We've been a duo since high school. - That's right, since high school.
You know, people recognize me now when I go out.
The other day, everybody was staring at me.
Good for you.
- I was just taking my suit off. - Well, it is rather flashy.
- They were all staring at me. - Both men and women?
- Yes, even a lion. - A lion? ln the street?
But I kept undressing.
And now you're a celebrity.
- So I pulled my pants back up. - Good move.
Still at it?
No, I quit.
Oh, I see.
And you?
I'm doing nothing.
Are you going anywhere?
Yes, job hunting.
I'll give you a ride.
No, thanks.
We used to ride to school together, remember?
Watch out! Pedal to the right!
Are you trying to kill me?
Masaru, shouldn't we be at school?
We're at school, stupid! This is the school playground.
Stop looking out the window.
It's those morons again.
What's going on?
He's got it.
Shall we go to class for a change?
School is almost over.
So what do you want to be?
- Dojokes, gags, you know. - You mean a comedian?
I wanted to be a model when I was a kid.
We all had big dreams-- a fashion model?
- A plastic model. - You're nuts!
He's here again.
Must have the hots for Sachiko.
He's not her type.
I'm leaving.
See you soon.
Leaving already?
I got a part-timejob.
That's nice.
- Good luck. - Thank you.
You too should get a job if you're broke.
- What is this? - What?
It's probably a gift for you.
It's so naff.
I think it's sweet.
Hand over your money.
What about you?
I don't have any.
Okay, jump.
Jump up and down.
No money, eh?
Take off your socks.
Take off your socks, I said!
Let's go.
Why don't you smoke?
Smoking can damage my health.
So what? You're already brain-damaged.
Thanks a lot.
Coffee, please.
There. You left it here.
- It's a gift for you. - Thanks, but I don't want it.
I want you to keep it.
I have one, too, exactly the same.
If you have the time, would you read this?
All right.
One coffee.
What did he give you? Maybe a love letter.
You never know.
- Can I pay? - That'll be 800 yen.
- Leaving already? - We're hardworking students.
"When I get into bed and close my eyes...
it's your face, Sachiko, that appears before me.
And you smile at me.
It is evident...
I've fallen deeply, madly, completely in love with you!"
"Fallen in love." Did you get it?
This is so embarrassing.
Now listen well.
Suppose you throw a dart at the circle on the left.
What is the probability of the dart hitting "A"?
That's assuming that you don't miss the target, of course.
Get this right.
The length of the radius is 1 0.
All right?
We don't expect you two to study.
All that we ask is that you don't disturb the others.
If you can't stop that, don't bother to come to class.
Maybe we should have them expelled.
You mean both of them?
This is the money I earn from my part-timejob.
I can't spare any money.
In that case, try shoplifting.
I can't afford to be arrested.
My mum, I'm all she's got.
Your mum? Why should we care?
- Go and buy it! - You go and buy it!
- Why me? - Want holes in your head?
Okay, what do you want?
- What? - A hamburger.
Me too. And you?
I want--
- What do you want? - I'll have a fish burger.
- A hamburger for me too. - What's got into you guys?
Just go and buy them!
If they get any worse, it'll be insufferable.
They'll never be criminal masterminds. They only have guts for silly gags.
They'll end up petty crooks at most.
Out of the way, please. Stand back, boys. I want to park.
Good morning, sir.
I say, you boys are still here?
Other schools would've expelled such morons long ago.
We're not a charity organization.
It's brand-new. I've just had it waxed.
It mustn't be touched by morons, so step back. Be careful.
I'm not hiding any money here.
Just take it off.
The other too.
If you're broke, get a job.
What'll it be?
Two soup noodles, grilled dumplings and a beer.
Have cigarettes?
You shouldn't smoke and drink while you're still at school.
Give me a break, Grandpa.
Kids shouldn't be drinking beer. You little shits.
There's no law against it.
There is.
It's my money. Stay out of it.
You little--
Leave it.
Sorry about that.
It's on me.
- Dickhead. Light his cigarette. - Sorry, sir.
I'll go and bring the car 'round.
Excuse me, sir.
I hear Kansai's trying to muscle in.
We can deal with him.
- Kazuo. - Yes, sir?
- For the cigarettes. Keep the change. - Thank you, sir.
- Are you good to your parents? - Yes, sir.
Yes, I am, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
He must be a lieutenant.
Gangs are not bad if you're a lieutenant.
- He's cool, isn't he? - He is.
I wanted to be a baseball player.
That's not easy.
Everyone told me I couldn't be a professional.
Didn't you practice every day?
- Yes, Ping-Pong. - No wonder you failed.
It's you who set fire to Mr. Ashida's car!
Why do you do such stupid things?
We didn't do it.
- Do you have any proof? - You were the only ones there.
Read my lips-- we didn't do it.
It may sound cruel, but we should insist they quit school.
We don't want them to become gangsters.
Their jokes are pathetic...
but they might be better off as comedians.
They're not talented enough.
Hello, everybody.
- The subject today-- - Is dreams.
- What's yours? - A comedian.
That's old-fashioned.
- What about you? - Me?
I-- Let's start again.
Hello, everybody.
- The subject today-- - Is dreams.
- What's yours? - To be a comedian.
A comedian? That's old-fashioned.
- What about you? - A gag man.
I wanted to be a model when I was a kid.
A fashion model?
- A plastic model. - You're nuts.
But in high school, I decided I wanted to be a baseball player.
Not an uncommon dream.
They all said I couldn't be a professional. I didn't understand why.
You practiced every day, I suppose.
Yes, Ping-Pong.
Laugh, you bastards.
You just didn't get it. Go to Osaka and study.
Yes, sir.
This is an adult movies cinema. You're still at school.
No, we're not.
You're wearing the school uniform.
Let's go.
- Mr. Takagi. - Yes, sir?
How about a movie?
Good idea, Section Chief.
Two adults.
You boys were here a minute ago.
You're under age!
We're wearing suits.
It's school uniform!
My brother sent me to get advanced tickets.
"Advanced tickets"? We don't have such things.
If I return empty-handed, my brother'll be mad at me.
How many tickets do you need?
You can have complimentary tickets.
Thank you very much.
Well, Mr. Takagi, shall we go?
Yes, sir.
How can this look like a suit?
It was just an idea.
You and your ideas! I even drew a moustache.
It was dumb.
Excuse me. Isn't Sachiko here today?
She went out, and this is the busiest hour.
What do you want?
Want to be ripped off again?
- Are they the guys? - Yes.
You bastard.
Let's go.
Come on. Get it out. You must have something.
You must have something.
Hurry up.
What are these?
Very rare movie tickets.
Who wants your damn movie tickets?
What's this?
It's a doll. It's very precious to me.
Precious, huh? Who cares about this lousy doll?
Here you are.
Thank you.
Would you like to go to the movies with me?
Nothing. Forget it. I'm sorry.
People are getting mugged by delinquents in back alleys.
Lots of delinquents around recently.
Have you ever been involved in such a thing?
I took part several times.
- You mugged people? - No, I got mugged!
You should have fought back.
- That's not very cool, is it? - No, it isn't.
I know how to cope with it.
It's not cool, but it's the only way.
He must be a boxer.
I'll get even with him.
Go ahead.
He wants to join too.
Wait for me upstairs.
Young man.
If you want to join the gym, fill out this form.
This is what he filled out.
What a jerk.
I hope you're off cigarettes and booze.
Of course I am.
Open your mouth.
Don't just stand there.
What do I do?
Would you please show him how to hit a jab?
All right. Come with me.
First time?
In position.
Hit your jabs.
And again. Put your strength in at impact.
Here, hit this once.
Really hard.
With practice, you'll get the hang of it.
Work on it.
Learning the basics won't do you any good.
That's for amateurs.
Do it your way. Go on, try it.
That's it.
- Is the movie still on? - Yes, it is.
President, it's still on.
The movie should make us feel young again.
Good idea, President.
I'd like three tickets-- two executive and one regular.
3,600 yen.
- Isn't a student ticket 1 ,000 yen? - You're an executive.
Yes, and also a student.
- Isn't that right, gentlemen? - All right, 3,000 yen.
Well, shall we go in?
My wife won't get much sleep tonight.
Kids today are hopeless.
Remember, there's a time limit.
So skip the difficult questions.
Start with the easy ones.
And once you've done them, you can cope with the difficult ones.
You're bound to be tense...
and may not be able to finish all the questions.
Morons. What are they up to now?
- I don't see any famous names. - Want to go back?
Let's go backstage.
The referee won't see it.
Step in further.
One, two and off.
That's it.
One, two and off!
One and off after two.
Hit harder. Harder!
You clowns. So you began boxing?
- So this is where you were lurking? - You bastard.
- You're picking a fight? - Break it up.
I said break it up.
Can't you hear?
Go back to practice.
Thanks for the other night.
So we meet again.
Give them some beer.
No, thank you.
We've begun boxing. I'm off cigarettes and booze.
I see.
That's good.
Anything will do as long as you don't become a gangster.
You'll end up like him.
Why don't you sit down?
Get me some cigarettes.
Marlboros, sir?
You're a quick learner. Keep the change.
Also stop by my office and tell my boys to come and eat.
Yes, sir.
So it's boxing, is it?
Look out. They could easily beat you up.
Don't tease me.
Have one of mine, sir.
No, thanks.
- Are you going on to college? - No.
- I'm going to work. - I see.
How does "Dynamite Kid" sound?
- It's cool. - Isn't it?
There goes the gong!
Dynamite punch! The destructive dynamite punch!
One! Two! The Dynamite Kid is amazing.
He's absolutely amazing! One dynamite punch after another!
And here it comes.
The amazing dynamite blow!
He's really fast.
- How are you doing? - At my best, sir.
- Doing your road work? - Yes, sir, every day.
Let me spar with someone.
You're not ready for it yet.
Come on. Let me try. I practiced enough.
You won't get a partner at your level.
I'll take him on, sir.
Go ahead. You'll be asking for it.
He's a smart-ass, that one.
Go on. Teach him what it's about.
Go ahead. Teach me.
Give him a feel of it.
- Your headgear? - I don't need it.
You won't last a minute.
I'll play with you.
Play with me?
Stop them!
Hurry up!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Let me try again.
Nobody'll take you on.
He'll do it.
Shinji, let's do it.
You clowns can do as you like.
Come on, Shinji. Let's do it.
Let's spar.
Come on.
Do it for real.
I'll do the same.
Get ready.
Here goes the gong.
The blue's better than the red smart-ass.
You think so?
His counterpunches are good.
I told you.
Go ahead and eat this.
What about you?
I'm not very hungry.
Grandpa, cigarettes. And a bottle of beer.
I thought you were off smoking and drinking.
I'm back to my old habits.
Your beer.
You can be the Dynamite Kid.
I'll find something else.
Ofcourse you're free to leave any time.
But just because your friend quit doesn't mean you have to leave too.
Boxing's not a team sport.
Practice today and think it over.
Go on. Go and practice.
I think he's got what it takes.
He uses punches he hasn't been taught.
Let me look at him later.
Your hooks yesterday were good.
Hit that once more.
Higher this time.
Let me show you a trick.
It's the elbow blow. It's really effective.
It's illegal, though. Try it.
This is Takagi. Is Masaru there?
I see.
Will you tell him that Shinji called?
If this is the equation...
what would be the size of "S"?
Solve it.
Takagi, has Miyawaki quit school?
He was as good as suspended anyway.
You can go ahead and quit too.
Must be lonely without your pal. You can't bully us anymore.
Damn it, Shinji! I told you to knock him down.
Wait a minute.
Take care of him.
Wasn't that the elbow blow?
Who taught you that?
You sure got punched all over.
Are you kidding? He wasn't punched. They were elbow blows.
Elbow blows?
Guard yourself well.
Step on his foot when he comes in.
Wait! Stop!
If you step on his foot...
you can punch him all you want.
If he falls, it looks like a down.
Go on. Step on his foot.
Use it only in the match. Don't use it during practice.
- So your mate quit? - Yes.
- You must miss him. - I do, yes.
If you want to be a boxer...
you must be prepared to betray anyone-- your friends.
- Drink. - I can't drink.
Go on!
Shouldn't you lay off booze and cigarettes?
That's bullshit.
Drink and eat and throw up later.
The tongue remembers the taste.
Boxers and fashion models use the same way to keep their weight down.
- That feels good. - What, eating?
Eating first and losing weight later.
It looks more effective if you're fat.
So you have a job?
- Yes, salesman at a scale company. - It sounds a bit shady.
Not at all! It's completely above board.
I'm glad to hear that.
- So where is he working? - At a scale company.
That's not bad. It's quite a decent business.
Is it really?
Are you ready to order?
What will you have?
Coffee will be fine.
Coffee for me too.
Four coffees.
Thank you, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
That's your job, asshole.
Sorry, sir.
- Shall l? - Never mind.
You go and buy the cigarettes.
- Yes, sir. - Get going!
Wait a minute.
Excuse me.
Can I get Marlboros near here?
- There's a machine on the left. - Thank you.
Hi there, Takagi.
We've begun boxing too.
I see.
Step aside.
What's up?
- Whatever happened to you? - I got beaten up.
- Who did it? - Some odd guy.
- What guy? - We had a bit of a run-in.
- Where is he now? - He came with me.
Why the hell did he come with you?
All right, let's get him.
I'm thinking of giving him his debut in the match before the main event.
- I've thought of a great ring name. - What's that?
- "A-Bomb Boy." - That sounds terrible.
- Why? You can be "H-Bomb Boy." - No, thanks.
- Why not? - That sounds corny.
Shall we have tea?
How many boys in your class got into national universities?
None this year.
They can try again next year.
What about your class?
Well, lizuka got into Yokohama. He worked hard.
The rest got into private universities.
Our headmaster believes our school can become prestigious...
but I say "Dream on."
That was good.
Remember how you used your left. Get it into your head.
Thank you very much.
What the hell is going on?
Things are getting too sticky on our patch.
The word's getting around.
We're keeping close touch to find the bastards.
You dickheads, move your asses!
- I said move! - Sorry, sir.
Go out there and find them.
- Keep the change. - Thank you, sir.
Wait. How's your dad?
He's fine, sir.
- And your mother? - She's coping somehow.
Excuse me, sir.
Is that right?
Where is it?
I got it.
Kazuo. Come with me.
- Where are they? - Over there, sir.
What are you waiting for? Finish them off.
I said finish them off! Go on!
Take this and go to the police.
I've already talked to the Kyushu boys.
Take some time off.
Still the same weight?
He hasn't lost an ounce.
What's up with him?
Out! Put your coat on and run.
He isn't losing his weight.
I'm afraid he's drinking.
The match is not far ahead.
Shigeta, you keep an eye on him.
I'm sorry, sir.
What are you coming here for anyway?
Do you think people come here for fun?
If you can't be serious, you'd better go. I mean it. Get out.
So, are you staying or quitting?
Which is it?
I'll stay.
You'll stay?
- Then do it right. - Yes, sir.
- Are you sure? - Yes, sir.
What about you?
Which is it? Make up your mind.
Takagi, can you teach us the jab?
Pull quickly! Pull!
Try it on me.
One kilo more. Work on it.
Take it easy.
You're keeping your clothes on?
Don't worry. I'm keeping fit.
Your weight is stable.
Well, I live like a hermit.
How do you feel, Eagle?
I'm sure he'll make it. He trained hard. Didn't you?
Good luck.
He won't make it.
Inviting a girl into the locker room!
Not too tight?
Go and pass the check.
Good luck.
Shinji, shall we go now?
Do your warm up.
Easy does it.
You guys go upstairs and watch.
Good luck. We'll all be watching.
I punched blindly and hit him.
That's good.
Hayashi, let's go.
I'll be going now.
- Your gloves? - Put them on upstairs.
Why don't we go inside too.
Eagle, do your usual.
That's so cool. Good luck!
What do you think you're doing, flirting around like that, you idiot?
This excessive weight reduction lost you your speed.
He's had enough. Throw in the towel.
If he comes in, step on his foot as we did in practice. All right?
When things get bad, use your elbow and head.
Use anything.
Let's go.
Return the gloves yourself.
I'm getting too old for this.
I can't move anymore.
Well, shall we go now?
How can you hope to win if you smoke all that?
Let's go and watch Eagle.
He'll lose. Let's split.
Come on, let's go.
I want you to supervise the practice tomorrow.
We'll be off now.
I'm sorry we failed you.
You did every single thing wrong.
You let him step on your foot.
You can't win, fooling around with a girl like her.
You can forget boxing!
Shigeta, let's go.
Getting flowers like these--
I'm not asking you for three-figure sums per month.
Just sell your salary's worth.
You guys are thieves.
How can you live with yourselves?
The company will go bankrupt.
But before it does, I'll be fired.
If you're not willing to try, then go.
There are plenty of other jobs out there.
Go and eat.
He called us thieves.
I'm leaving. This is ridiculous.
You should quit too.
You can work as a taxi driver or something.
We've been a pair since high school.
Yes, since high school.
Our teachers at school were weird.
Yes, really weird.
At other schools, teachers wear suits and have wooden swords.
That's usual for gym teachers.
But our teachers wore suits and had chalk.
What's wrong with that?
- Some wore white and had beakers. - They were science teachers.
- Some were even worse. - Worse?
- I never saw them in school. - That's really bad.
- They worked next door. - At another school?
Excuse me. I'd like some water.
Your husband is not naive. He didn't have to quit with him.
He's so timid.
I was looking forward to a grandchild.
Lucky you didn't have one. You wouldn't be able to work now.
That's true.
You did as much as you could.
It just didn't work out.
Nothing is tougher than boxing.
- I wish you luck. - Thank you very much.
Good-bye, sir.
They're yours.
- Thank you very much. - Good luck.
He's taking these damn pills!
Shinji, you have a visitor.
It's been a long time.
Training hard?
When can you get off?
Not long.
Let's go somewhere when you're done.
That was some punch.
The last 30.
Sorry, I couldn't help it. It just happened.
Won't happen again.
Welcome, sir.
Mr. Miyawaki was called on urgent business.
He wishes you to have some drinks upstairs.
Come at me, you asshole.
Oh, Shinji.
Sorry about yesterday.
But today I'm really free.
Something's come up. I've got to run.
See you around.
Keep it up.
What did the president say?
Nothing special.
We'll meet again...
when you're the champ...
and I'm the boss.
See you.
Manager of the Sendai branch.
- That's a promotion, isn't it? - Are you serious?
How many men do you think I had under me?
- Twenty-two. - I had 23.
If I go to Sendai, I'll only have five men. Get it?
But you'll be at the top.
You don't really get it, do you?
What they call the Sendai branch isn't in Sendai City.
It's 30 minutes by car, in a place called Nigatake.
It's a prefabricated office by a military base.
You'd eventually be called back to head office.
Taxi drivers are better off.
You're free to work or take a break...
whenever you like.
Isn't Mr. Yamamoto a taxi driver now?
- You know Yamamoto? - Not very well.
Yamamoto. He was in sales for 20 years.
Suddenly transferred to a factory as a security guard.
- That's like getting fired. - That's why he's a taxi driver now.
Hey, move over.
I said move over.
- There are empty tables. - I like it here.
What's wrong with you?
Shigeta! Where's Shinji?
He finished practice and left with Hayashi.
Come upstairs for a minute?
I was Young Boxer of the Year once.
I was a good boxer.
Trouble is, the usual training is useless.
Has Shinji been hanging out with Hayashi lately?
Shinji should know better.
Give him a good yelling.
Times are changing. Yelling will only scare the kids away.
If he wins the next match, we can let him go for the title.
He could turn out to be better than Eagle.
Some weights in your pants during weighing will fool your opponent.
He'll think you had a tough reduction.
- Aren't you drinking? - My match is coming up soon.
Come on. You either have it or you don't.
Being so rigid won't help you.
A weak boxer is weak, whether he drinks or not.
The same applies to strong ones.
- Eat more. - I've already had enough.
Then go and throw up.
Just throw up.
- Want it? - Yes, with pleasure.
Why should I give it to you?
You're still new. You should work harder.
We have enough cars. No need to come back on time.
If you don't earn enough, ride longer.
We can adjust the tachometer.
Work harder, if you want your wife to be happy.
They all nag about the same things.
I fell asleep in a park the other day.
When I woke up it was evening.
Never thought it was so tough.
You hang out with Hayashi, right?
Yes, but I don't drink.
If you go to such places you'll end up drinking even if you don't intend to.
You shouldn't be hanging out with Hayashi.
He'll only teach you bad things.
If you want to be a professional boxer, better learn to control your own life.
Did the president say anything?
Nothing special.
Let's go drinking after practice.
Some other time, maybe.
Don't let the president manipulate you.
Trust your instincts.
Mr. Hayashi, shall I move over?
Don't trouble yourself.
- What would you like? - Two beers as a starter.
Mr. Hayashi, I haven't seen you at the factory lately.
- Well, I've been busy boxing. - Is that so?
Best of luck.
The president's old-fashioned.
No booze, no women-- he's too demanding.
He's wrecked many boxers.
Remember the last champion? He wrecked him too.
- So, you drink now? - Yes, I've started lately.
Either way, strong ones are strong.
With Mr. Terashima? Yes, sir.
I contact him now and then.
I hope you're looking after Kazuo.
I have my guys visit him occasionally.
You bastards!
I don't want your worthless fingers.
I want the case dealt with properly.
What were you doing anyway?
Sorry, sir.
You're not going to agree to a truce, are you?
I'm getting in touch with them now.
I'm dead against it.
Even alone, I'll go and kill them.
I'm not a coward like you lot.
Who the hell is he?
I'll have him apologize later.
Nobody talks to the chairman like that.
A finger or two won't do.
Never mind. It doesn't matter.
His turf was to be yours anyway.
He used money to grab it while you were inside in Kyushu.
Sir, I'll take care of him.
Let's go and play golf tomorrow.
What's your handicap now?
I guess 12 or 13.
Not much different from mine. Shall we go?
You won't lose weight if you keep hanging out with him!
Are you taking this match seriously?
Then practice more and reduce weight.
Or just give it up.
Please calm down, President.
You'll do it. Right, Shinji?
Having trouble reducing?
I can't lose any weight.
Try these.
You can easily lose two or three kilos, but you'll be pissing all the time.
Shinji, where are you going?
- Where were you? - Men's room.
You're really slow today.
Is anything wrong with you?
- I'm all right. - Then put your mind to it.
It's hopeless. You've gone soft.
You're not the main eventer...
so take it easy.
Are you all right?
Mr. Terashima, where are we going?
Keep quiet. You'll find out.
I said you'll find out.
Hey, that's enough.
It's your turn.
Hurry up and do it.
I said do it.
What were you doing while I was away? Come on, you bastard, do it!
Go on!
Forgive me.
- Forgive me. - Step aside.
I said step aside.
You're not a kid anymore. Stop crying.
Hang in there.
Don't use your elbow so obviously.
When it gets bad, hug him.
President, he's had enough.
Not yet!
- President, he'll die! - Do you want him dead?
Took my pants off and police came.
How did they find out?
Someone called them.
- Well, you did stand out. - I did.
- So I put my suit back on. - Too late for that.
So, in order not to stand out, I wore a bald wig.
That's even worse.
- In order not to draw attention-- - What did you do?
- I wore a swan neck. - That's outrageous!
But the police didn't catch me.
If you ever get caught, you'll get into big trouble.
- I don't repeat mistakes. - You've been arrested once.
That's stupid enough.
- Good fighting. - Thank you.
Great, Tomahawk.
- You're terrific. - Really?
You've become a strong fighter.
- Will you go to the movie with me? - No, thank you.
Nothing's changed.
Stop looking out the window.
Do you think they still have morons like us around?
Maybe we were the last of them.
- Hey, you idiots! Studying hard? - Cut it out, Shinji.
Must be some morons again.
Do you think we're finished?
No way! We haven't even started.
Ken Kaneko as Masaru Masanobu Ando as Shinji
Leo Morimoto Hatsuo Yamaya
Michisuke Kashiwaya Yuko Daike
Susumu Terajima Moro Morooka
Masami Shimojo Mitsuko Oka
and Ryo lshibashi
Produced by Masayuki Mori, Yasushi Tsuge and Takio Yoshida
Music Director: Joe Hisaishi
Director of Photography: Katsumi Yanagishima
Lighting Director: Hitoshi Takaya
Art Director: Norihiro lsoda
Written and directed by Takeshi Kitano
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