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Kids Return CD1

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Thank you all to be there!
Do you see? They're numerous today!
It's really great!
In fact, we're in tandem since the secondary school.
In tandem, since the secondary school.
-But now, in the street... -People recognize us.
Recently, I walked in the street and people stared at me.
It's great, isn't it?
I was embarrassed, and then I removed my jacket.
It's true that none can miss you with this jacket on!
Men and women were all staring at me!
-They were staring at you? -Even a lion also!
Since when are there lions in streets?
Even without my jacket, they all stared.
That means that they remember you.
Then, I put on my trousers.
Without trousers, it's normal that you're looked at!
Do you continue boxing?
I quit.
And you?
Where are you going?
I'm on my way to find a job.
I can give you a ride.
No, thanks, it's okay.
Remember when we used to ride together on the way to school...
Go straight ahead in front of you! Be aware!
You want to kill me?
Let's go to class!
You kidding? We are at school, isn't it?
Do you see where we are?
Stop looking outside!
Still these two idiots!
What's there?
He caught him!
How about going to class?
Classes are almost finished.
-What did you want to be? -A humorist.
-You want to say a comic actor? -A comic actor.
I wanted to be "model". When one is small, one dreams big.
-Model in the fashion? -Mock-up.
How's that?
He's still there!
Sachiko seems to please him...
She doesn't seem to care about!
I'm going back home.
See you.
You already return?
I have a part-time job.
It is very well!
-Good luck! -Thank you.
You too, you could work if you are mown.
-What is it? -What?
This has to be for you.
You speak about a present!
It's rather good-looking, isn't it?
Hand your cash, moron.
And you too.
I don't have any.
Jump to see!
You jump, yes or not?
You have no money?
Remove your socks.
There's a lot of cash inside!
Let us get out!
Go on! Smoke!
No, it is bad for the health.
Well then? Your head is already done!
You are going to far!
A coffee, please.
You had forgotten that.
It is a present.
Thank you. Give it to someone else...
I would love that you keep it. I have the same with me.
If you want indeed...
I would love that you read this.
A coffee!
-What is it? A love - letter? -Maybe...
How much?
800 yen.
Are you leaving already?
We're serious guys!
" When I go to bed and close my eyes,
" Sachiko, I see your face.
" And you look at me by smiling.
" It is a fact.
" I madly fell in love with you. "
" I fell in love "!
You realize, he fell in love!
Shame! You realize!
Listen to me!
I throw a dart in the left circle.
Which is the probability that it reaches the A zone?
This is based on the hypothesis that you do not miss the target.
The shelf is of 1 0. All right?
Does anyone of us ever asked to be good pupils?
One only asked you not to bother the others.
You don't even need to come in class!
Shouldn't you finish it once for all?
For both of them?
I earned this money by working part-time.
I need it.
You have only to make of the pick pocketing!
If I make that, I shall be taken!
My mother has only me in the world!
Stop your lies with your mother! Hurry to go there!
Go buy us some!
-Why it is necessary... -You want knocks?
What will it be for you?
And you?
-A hamburger. -Me too. And you?
You decide?
...A fish burger.
-Me too, a hamburger. -Me too.
What have you all?
Then, you going there yes or no?
It would be boring if they became even more harmful!
They have no scale of it.
They enjoy themselves in stupidities.
In the worst case, they'll become thieves.
Move! Move all!
I'm parking here. You, move a bit.
Hello, sir.
You're still there!
Somewhere else, you would have already been expelled. You are too much jackasses!
Here, we aren't volunteers.
It's brand new. Don't touch!
It has just been polished, no one touches it!
Go, loosen!
Of the wide!
Be careful!
No, I don't hide from it anywhere.
Remove Them!
The other foot!
If you are mown, work part-time.
Good evening.
What will you have?
2 mugs of noodles, the roasted raviolis and a bottle of beer.
Do you have cigarettes?
The pupils shouldn't drink or to smoke too much.
Don't take charge, boss!
Hey kids,
You drinking beer?
There's no law which forbids it!
There is!
Free to me to drink what I want with my money.
Calm down!
Sorry lads!
Let them eat what they want!
-Gimme fire, idiot! -Sorry!
I'll go take the automobile.
I'll go with him.
Some say that towards Kansai, that begins to stir.
Doesn't matter for us.
For your cigarettes.
Thank you, leader.
-Do you take charge of your parents? -Yes, leader.
-Is it true? -Yes, I do all that's necessary.
Please excuse me.
He surely is a boss.
Yakuza bosses also know how to do it!
How smart!
-I would like playing baseball. -Professional baseball is hard!
Everybody tells to me to give up, that it is too hard.
Have you ever played at the secondary school?
-Yes, ping-pong. -Which training!
I bet it's you who set the teacher's car to fire.
Why do you make idiocies?
We didn't do anything. Do you have any proof?
You were the only ones in the area.
But we just said that we didn't do anything!
That's going to seem cruel, but we'll surely have to dismiss them.
Naturally, it would be boring that they become yakuza.
But because they are so imaginative...
They could, for example, become humorists.
They regrettably have no talent in it.
Hello everybody!
Today, we'll be speaking about dreams.
-Which is yours? -To become humorist.
It is square! Drop it!
And you, your dream?
Me? Well... Not like this. Try again!
Hello everybody!
Today, we'll be speaking about dreams.
-Which is yours? -To be humorist.
It is square! Drop it!
-And you? -To be funny.
It's the same!
Before, I wanted to be model.
Super! Fashion model?
No, mock-up.
Then, I changed idea during school.
-Finished the mock-up? -I wanted to be a baseball pro.
A rather common dream.
But everybody said that I won't be able.
I don't understand why.
-You were not strong in baseball. -Normal, I played ping-pong!
Laugh now, idiots!
You have no spirit of sharpness. Go to make your classes in Osaka.
Hey kids, it is an adult's movie. You are students, isn't it?
No, we aren't.
Then, why these uniforms?
Let's get out.
-How about watching a movie? -Good idea, Mr. chief.
Two adults.
It is you, the kids of presently.
This film is forbidden for the minors.
But we wear suits.
It's pupil's uniforms!
My older brother charged me to buy his tickets beforehand.
Here, we have no tickets beforehand. Your old tricks won't work with me!
If I return stammer, my brother will be furious.
How many places do you want?
I give you free tickets.
Thank you very much.
Well, Takagi, let's get off.
Idiot! That looks like everything but no suits!
I thought I did well!
You moron! Plus you made me draw a moustache!
What a bullshit!
Sachiko isn't here today?
She left suddenly while there is full of customers!
What's happening?
You want to be plucked again?
-These guys? -Yes.
Poor fellow!
Let's get out!
Go, gimme! You certainly got something!
You have certainly something!
Gimme, quickly!
What is that?
Very important tickets.
I don't care about your tickets!
And that, what is it?
It is a doll I care about.
You like it?
Here is what I make of your doll!
Here is your coffee.
Thank you.
Tell me, Sachiko...
Don't you want... To come to the theatre?
I didn't say anything. Sorry.
Nowadays, there are many villains who extort money from people.
Especially in the isolated alleys.
You should rather be of the genre to be extorted money, not?
I am a rather fair player!
-Good player of racket? -I give money well.
It is not funny. You need to win.
-For that, it's necessary to play! -That's true!
I've never been caught.
That must not be easy.
Then, your solution?
-Not give out money. -Bravo!
He had to be a boxer!
I'll take revenge!
Go first!
Mr. President.
He also wants to make it.
Well, wait for me at the top.
Young man,
if you want to join, you have to fill the form.
That, it's him who filled it.
I hope that you don't smoke and that you don't drink alcohol.
No sir.
Open the mouth.
Go on!
You too, train!
What do I have to make?
Can you teach him to punch that?
All right. Come here.
Is it the first time? Put yourself in position!
Throw the fist.
Faster! Faster!
Concentrate your force in the impact.
Hold, knock here to see. All your force.
If you train every day, that'll become easy.
Eh, don't worry for the ABC.
It is good for the amateurs.
Do as your will. Try it!
Tell me, can we see the movie again?
Yes, it's possible.
President, it's OK.
A movie like that will reminds our youth.
It's true, President!
Tell me... Could we have three tickets?
Two for executives and one common.
3 600 yen.
But they're students. It's 1 000 yen, isn't it?
You are executives, isn't it?
We are executives while being students.
Isn't it, pals?
Agreed, that will make 3 000 yen.
We're going in, pals!
My wife is going to be able to take her foot this evening!
What an idiots' band!
Don't forget that time is limited.
Put aside the questions you find difficult
and answer those you know.
After that,
you will be able to answer the most difficult.
Otherwise, the day of the exam, you will be so tense...
that you will not manage to make the most of your points.
These two idiots are irremediable.
I don't see any famous name.
Let's go back in Tokyo.
Let's visit in.
The referee won't be able to see you! Show yourself better.
Slowly! Attention! One two!
And you bang. Here is!
One, two and you bang!
Harder. Clap! Clap!
Hey! You put yourselves in the boxing?
-You were wandering around, so? -You're looking for me?
Watch out, fellow!
Hey, stop it!
I told to you to stop!
Are you deaf or what?
Resume training!
Thank you for the other evening.
You again!
Give'em some beer.
No, thank you very much.
We began boxing, then, no more beer or cigarettes.
You are right.
You have to do whatever your want when you're young.
Anything else than becoming yakuza! Otherwise, we'll turn like them!
Go sit down.
Come on!
Go buy me cigarettes.
Marlboro, isn't it?
You learn fast! Keep the currency.
And then, go in the office to tell to the young to come to eat.
So they box too?
Take care! You won't be able to speak to them any more as recently!
Don't laugh!
Don't you want one of mine?
No, thank you.
You are going to enter the faculty?
I am going to begin working.
Oh... What courage!
-I found my boxer's name. -What is it?
Dynamite Kid, is it good?
-Super! -True?
The gong has just rung!
Dynamite punch!
Dynamite punch is going to arrive!
One, two, on the left!
He's the strongest! Dynamite Kid up is the strongest!
He is unstoppable!
Here he comes! Here he is!
It is Dynamite Punch!
How fast!
How do you feel?
In full shape.
Do you make your running on road well?
Every day.
I want a true fight!
You aren't ready yet.
You're exaggerating! I've trained hard!
Maybe, but I have no opponent for you right now.
I can take care of it.
Very well. You'll have wanted it!
You're really impossible.
Teach him profession!
Go on! Learn Me!
Go To it quietly!
Where is your helmet?
No need.
You won't even hold one minute. You are going to enjoy yourself!
We'll well see who will enjoy himself the most!
Hey, stop!
Stop him quickly!
Stop! That's enough!
Let me try again!
Who would like to fight against you?
He will want indeed.
Shinji, come to fight.
Do, as you like!
Come on Shinji! Come on there!
Come to train!
Go on!
Go for it really! I'll make it for real too.
Get ready.
Let's go! Gong!
The blue is better than the idiot of just right now.
He's good in counter-attack.
You see that?
Go, eat!
And you?
I'm not very hungry.
Boss, cigarettes! And a beer!
Hadn't you decided to stop?
I began again.
Dynamite Kid... It will be you henceforth.
I shall find something else.
Naturally, you can stop when you want.
But it is not because your friend stops that you have to stop.
Boxing is not a team game.
Go to the training you and think well about it.
Go! Go train!
This lad is rather good...
Yesterday, I saw him giving knocks which I had not taught him.
I shall go to see him just right now.
Your hooks of yesterday were great.
Begin again to see.
Lemme show you a trick.
It's the " blow of the elbow ". It is very effective.
But it is speechless... Try!
Here, Takagi. Machan is there?
Oh good...
When he will return, say him that Shinji phoned.
In equation that spells like that.
Which will be so the surface of S?
Let's go. Look!
Takagi! Miyawaki left the school?
Anyway, that does not make difference.
You too, you can stop if you want.
You have to feel alone without your friend. You can not make any more of bullshit.
Shinji! I tell to you to put him to the ground.
Wait! One moment!
That one takes charge of him!
Say so, you made him the " blow of the elbow ".
Who learnt you?
You are funny bashed up!
You joke! They are not regular knocks which make that!
-It is pokes! -Pokes?
Protect yourself well!
He moves, you walk him on the foot.
If you walk him on the foot,
any blow becomes radical.
If he falls, I believe that you had him.
Go on! Go on above!
Don't do that in training! Only in contests.
Your pal stopped?
He misses you?
A lot.
For boxing you need to leave everything.
It is necessary to be ready to betray everybody, similar and even friends.
Drink so!
I cant.
Go, drink!
The alcohol and the tobacco, it is not speechless?
Needs not to beat itself!
We eat, we drink and after we spit everything.
Language remembers the taste.
You know...
boxers and models, they 're so similar.
They slim in the same way.
Drink so!
Oh, that goes better!
Don't you eat?
You have to eat! It is rather hard when one has to lose weight...
But it is more effective for fights.
This job, it is decided?
Yes, salesman of balances.
What is that? It seems strange.
Not at all! It is a completely suitable work.
Happy to know it.
Then, where is he going to work?
Balances factory
It is very well! It is a serious job!
Oh yes?
Hi. Have you made your choice?
What will you get?
A coffee for me.
A coffee too.
Four coffees.
You're welcome.
It is for you to make that, mongrel!
-I have to go... -Forget it.
Go buy some cigarettes! Got your eyes in your pocket?
Go, take off mongrel!
do you sell Marlboro here?
There is a slot machine outside.
Thank you.
We are also boxing now!
Get Lost!
-What did you do? -I was beaten.
-Who is it? -I don't know him.
-An unknown!? -We did a little fight.
Where is the bastard?
He came with me.
This bastard came with you!?
Very well, I'll take care of him!
I intend to make him begin
in the fight which is going to precede big contest.
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