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Kids Return CD2

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I found a great name for you.
-Which? -What do you think of Mister Bomb A?
That sounds great, doesn't it?
-Do you prefer Mister Bomb H? -No, thank you.
-Why? -That sounds like shit.
Do you want a cup of tea?
How many of your pupils succeeded
to enter a public university?
None this year. Let us hope that there will one next year!
And in your class?
To me, Lisuka made a success Of Yokohama. He really worked a lot.
For every other, it is the private university.
Our director hopes that good results are to be obtained,
but we're really far from it.
It was very well done.
Do not forget what you have just made with your left.
Thank you very much.
What's happening?
Do you stirs in rows on our own territory?
I've heard about it everywhere.
I know and I'm looking for the responsibles.
Moron! Do it yourself!
Do you hear that?
Go, swarm!
-Keep the money. -Thank you.
How's your father?
He's well, thank you.
And your mother?
For her also, that goes well enough.
Please excuse me.
Oh good? Settled.
Where that?
Kazuo! You come with me.
-Where are they? -Over there.
These two?
What are you waiting for?
Do it quickly!
I told to you to execute them.
Let us finish there!
Take that and go to the police.
As for you, I have already spoken to the brothers to Kyushu...
Go change air for a little while.
You didn't loose weight yet?
Nothing, not a gram.
What it that?
Outside! Put your jacket and run!
He does not look a hair slimmer!
I wonder if he drinks...
The contest is soon.
Shigeta, watch him.
What the hell are you both doing around?
Do you come to enjoy yourselves, jerks?
Why are you here? If you run it soft like this, you better stop!
Do you understand?
Go home!
You continue? You stop? Decide!
So, you choose?
I continue.
You continue?
-Then, you do it the right way. OK? -Yes.
-You sure? -Yes.
And you?
What do you choose? Decide!
Takagi! You can show us how to rock an express?
Withdraw fast. Behind you.
Try on me.
Another kilo! Continue to apply you.
Go up above calmly!
Why do you remain dressed?
No problems. I slim.
Bravo! Your weight does not vary!
I know. I lead a healthy life.
OK, Eagle?
He's good for it. He's super trained, isn't he?
Go on!
He won't be able to do it.
He even brings back girls to the wardrobe!
Isn't it too much tightened?
Go for the check-up.
Hold on!
Shinji, we're going in quietly.
Warm up quietly.
Let's go light.
You all, go visit the contest in terraces.
We're all with you!
I fought as in dream and that worked.
Very well.
Hayashi, it's up to you now.
I'm going.
-And your gloves? -I shall put them above.
We're also going to terraces.
Eagle, show me!
Best of luck!
Can't you stop trying your charming tricks? Mongrel!
You lost all your speed!
Due to losing weight too much!
That is enough! Throw him his towel!
As soon as he approaches, you crush his foot,
as in the training, understood?
If it goes bad, use the elbow, the head or what you want.
Go on!
Give the gloves back yourself.
I am too old!
My body doesn't obey any more at all.
Well, it's time to go.
It's not in smoking that you will be able to win, idiot!
Let's go and see Eagle's fight.
He won't win. Let's get back home!
We're going back! Come!
Shigeta, watch the training well tomorrow.
Well, we're away now.
I am completely sorry.
You did not make anything of what I had said to you!
You even let him crush your foot!
It's not by roaming the women you'll be able to win!
Stop everything!
Shigeta, let's return home!
Look at this bouquet!
I don't ask you to sell hundreds of it a month.
Just sell only the amount of your salary!
Otherwise, you are thieves.
Aren't you ashamed? If you continue like that...
the company will go bankrupt.
But at first, I shall be fired.
If you do not want to unstitch it, resign.
You can find every job you want if you look and try hard.
Let's have lunch.
He treated us thieves!
I resign. It is too enormous.
You too, you should leave.
We can become taxis.
We are comic actors in tandem since the secondary school.
Comic actors in tandem since the secondary school.
We had funny teachers.
Funny teachers, for sure!
The average teacher wears sport suits and has wooden sword.
It is normal for a gym teacher.
-Not to us. -How were they?
-In suits with chalks. -Normal, for a classroom teacher.
Some were in white with phials.
-Sciences teachers. -There was worse.
-Which? -Some didn't come to the school.
Teachers who didn't come?
-Those of the nearby school. -Why should they have come?
Please! I would like some water.
Your husband is really artless.
He didn't need to resign also.
It's that he's sort of weak.
I would love to be a grandmother...
But it's really better like that.
You wouldn't be able to work.
It's true.
...You made what you were able to...
It is so much worse.
After the boxing, nothing is impossible.
-Hang on! -Thank you very much.
Take, I give them to you.
-Thank you very much. -Hold on!
Damn pills!
Shinji, someone is looking for you.
That makes a lease, man.
You carry on?
What time do you finish at?
Let's take a glass when you'll have finished.
All right.
Great, this blow!
More than 30.
It came every only one! Sorry!
I won't do it any more.
Good evening sir!
Mr Miyawaki had to leave for an urgent business.
He'll be pleased you to drink for him!
Come on, jerk!
Hello, Shinji!
Excuse me for yesterday.
Today, I have time.
I see.
What a shame.
Go on.
An urgent business... I have to return.
Bye for now!
Good luck.
The president said something to you?
Nothing special.
When you will be a champion...
and I, a boss...
We will meet again.
Director of Sendai's branch,
it is a beautiful promotion.
Are you joking or what?
Do you know how many subordinates I had until now?
-22 persons. -No, 23.
If I go to Sendai, I shall have only 5, you listen?
But you will be your own boss.
You don't seem to really understand.
The name rings well, certainly... But it's not in Sendai.
It's 30 min far from Nigatake with the car, do you understand?
An office in prefabricated next to an American base.
But when you will be called back, you will be promoted...
You taxis, you are well of!
You work or you lounge at your will.
You are free.
Exactly, Yamamoto... Didn't he become taxi also?
-You know him? -A bit...
For 20 years, he worked in the sales department.
Suddenly, he was moved in suburb... As a security agent...
As a dismissal...
Exactly. That is why he became taxi.
Settle a little.
You settle or what?
-There are plenty of free tables. -This one pleases me.
Are you looking for us?
Say, Shigeta!
Where is Shinji?
After the training, he left with Hayashi.
Come see me for a minute.
I was formerly the king of the hopes of the boxing.
I was very strong.
But if you continue like that, you will not arrive at anything.
It seems to me that Shinji sees Hayashi a lot just now...
It's necessary to warn him.
He's going to need some remonstrances.
Times changed. If one abuses them, the young people do not stay.
If he wins the next contest,
he'll be good for the championship.
If he's well trained, he'll exceed Eagle.
During the weighed, you put 2 or 3 kg of ballast in your pair of shorts,
and you persuade to your opponent that you lost too much weight.
You do not drink?
The contest is soon.
Drop! Either you are strong, or you are not.
There's no use of being so strict.
A bad boxer remains bad even if he drinks or not!
It's the same for the one who's strong.
-Eat! -I'm no more hungry.
You just have to go to vomit.
Go vomit.
-You want? -With pleasure.
Why I would give you?
You hardly just begun. You have to be more incensed.
We got too many automobiles. You are not obliged to be back on time.
If you did not win enough, you can drive as many as necessary.
The taximeter can be settled as you want.
If you want your wife to be happy,
you have to work hard.
Thank you.
Everywhere we go it's the same tune.
Recently, I took a nap in the Park of Jingu,
and, instead of the morning, I woke up in the evening.
I didn't believe that this job was so hard.
Yesterday, you went to drink with Hayashi, isn't it?
Yes, but I didn't drink alcohol.
When you go to this kind of place, you'll eventually drink
even though you didn't intend to.
Anyway, Hayashi is not respectable.
He won't teach you anything good.
If you want to become professional boxer,
you have to learn to administer your life yourself.
The president said anything to you?
Nothing special.
Let's go drink after the training.
No thanks, not this evening.
Don't let yourself be manipulated by the president.
Always do what you want to do.
Hey, Mr Hayashi! You wanted me to move?
No, thank you, OK.
What will you take?
Two beers to begin.
And here is for you.
Mr Hayashi, you don't seem to be in the factory very often just now.
It's that I am very busy with the boxing.
Oh really? Good luck.
The president is so square.
No alcohol, no women, no nightclubs, he just has too much requests.
He bungled boxers of it with that!
The last champion...
it is like that that he bungled him.
-Say, you're drinking well! -Yes, I put myself in it recently.
A good boxer remains good whatever he does.
Do you keep in touch with the other one?
Mr Terashima?
From time to time.
For Kazuo... I hope that you take charge of it well.
Yes, my young recruits are going to visit him from time to time.
Idiot! I don't care about your cut fingers as excuses!
You'd better finish everything cleanly!
Can you explain me what you did, jerks?
You won't agree for a pact in the privately negotiated?
I am talking with them.
I am completely against.
Even every only one, I shall kill them.
-Wait! -Shut up!
I am not a cheap junk yakuza.
Who does he think he is?
I'll make him apologize.
It is no ways to speak to the president!
Even if he cuts himself two fingers, that won't be enough at all.
That is enough. Let's not speak about it any more.
As a rule, his territory had to become yours.
He took advantage of your stay at Kyushu to get it, with some money.
Understood. I'm going to take care of it.
Tell me! Would you enjoy playing golf tomorrow?
-Which is your handicap now? -1 2 or 1 3, I believe.
Bravo! We're nearly same.
Shall we go?
Idiot! You do not manage to lose any weight due to your way of life!
Do you think of the contest?
Train more and more to lose weight.
Otherwise, quit boxing!
Calm down, President!
He's going to make it. Isn't it, Shinji?
You don't manage to lose weight?
I do not look slimmer a hair.
Take that.
You will lose immediately 2 or 3 kg.
But do not wonder to go to piss all the time.
Shinji, where do you go?
-Where were you? -In toilets.
You dawdle today. Accelerate!
Are you sick?
No, it's OK.
Then, beware of what you're doing.
It is hopeless! You're all softened!
You are not the hero of the contest.
Is it OK?
Boss, where do we go?
Come with me, you'll see.
You'll see.
Well, that's enough!
Wow! Go on.
Hurry up!
Go on! Faster!
Where were you, bastard!
Hurry! Lower him, this mongrel!
Go for it, quickly!
-Forgive me! -Get loose.
I told to you to go away.
You aren't a kid. Stop blubbering!
Go, go away!
You defended yourself well!
Be more discreet with your elbow.
Shinji, stop it!
President, he is going to pass out!
Calm down!
As soon as I removed my trousers, the cops arrived.
-How did they know? -Somebody may have warned them.
-A bare man, that sees itself. -Sure!
-I quickly put on my suit. -You point out so much!
-To pass unnoticed... -Pass unnoticed...
-I made me bald. -What a camouflage!
-That was for no one to notice me. -That was for no one to notice him.
-I put a collar of swan. -You were even more seeing!
But the coppers did not have me.
If they catch you here, there'll be a lot of damages!
-I am not so stupid. -Not so stupid!
-I do not repeat my stupidities. -My eye!
You were already arrested once. Do not begin again!
It was very well.
Thank you very much.
Tomahawk, it was great!
You became very strong.
-You come to see a movie? -Not really, thank you.
Nothing changed.
Stop looking outside.
Do you believe that there are still jackasses like us?
We may be the last ones!
Hey, jackasses! You work well?
Shut up, Shinji.
Still these idiots who are wandering around!
Machan, you believe that it is finished for us?
That did not even begin.
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