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Kiki delivery service

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Kiki's Delivery Service
Now the latest weather forecast for northwest Koriko.
Skies are clearing up thanks to a high pressure front, moving in from the continent.
Mild winds will be blowing from the west
clearing up the clouds this evening
we'll also have a beautiful moon tonight
So get your picknic baskets because the weather will be just fine.
More news in just a minute.
Jiji, I've decided! I'm gonna do it tonight!
Oh, hi, Miss Dora. It's gonna be completely clear tonight.
Mom, I heard the weather forecast.
There's gonna be a full moon.
Kiki, did you borrow your fathers radio again without permission?
Yes, Im sorry.
Happy to see you Miss Dora.
Mom, my mind is made up. Its tonight!
Weren't you gonna put it off a month?
But the next full moon might be a cloudy night.
I want to make sure I leave on the perfect night.
Wait, Kiki!
My, my, whats this leaving business?
It's one of our old customs.
When a witch turns 13, she leaves home for a year to begin her training.
Your little baby is already 13? Time flies so quickly, doesn't it?
I'm afraid so. But nobody leaves home that young anymore.
I remember perfectly well...
the exact day you arrived here in this town.
A little 13-year old gitl came down from the sky...
riding a broomstick, her eyes shining.
I had thought that
you were a bit stuck-up.
But she knows not much besides flying.
She hardly knows any of my formulas.
After I'm gone, who will make this medicine?
Sign of time I'm afraid. Everything changes, bit by bit.
But I have to say, nothing works as well for my rheumatism.
You're always telling me to hurry! Now who's the slowpoke?
I think its better to leave with decorum and great dignity.
If we put it off for a month...
and I find some wonderful boyfriend, then what?
We'll never leave!
I'm worried about once you decided, you can't go back.
Sure, I know that.
Good, it's there. I'm so exited! Its like getting a birthday present!
You know what? I've decided to go tonight!
Yes, I just made up my mind!
Well, yes, but what about our camping trip for this weekend?
I'm sorry!
But, ahm....
Yes, I'll expect you then. Thanks.
Hi, Mom. I wanted to make sure you knew that Kiki is leaving tonight. Yes, midnight.
Hey, looks great!
I wish it had a different color.
Witches have worn that color for over a thousand years
Black cat, black clothes
Kiki, it's not important what color your dress is.
What matters is the heart inside it.
I know that having a good heart is very important.
I wish I could show you that my heart is ready.
Just follow that heart and keep smiling!
Be sure to write home as soon as you've found a place.
Dad! Can I please take the radio?
Mom, you said I could have his radio!
Well, that radio is yours now!
Okay, now let me have a look at my little witch.
You look just like your mother did when she was your age.
would you pick me up like you used to?
How come you never told me you were growing up so fast?
You can always come home if things don't work out.
Come back to my old room? No way!
I hope you find a good town.
I bet it's real tough to find a town to live in by yourself.
Don't worry, Kiki will be fine.
What kind of town are you looking for?
A big town?
Yeah. By the ocean I hope.
Ohhh! I'm so jealous of you!
But I'm not going for a good time.
I'll be training hard...
at least a year!
Yeah but they'll have discos, won't they?
Kiki, its almost time.
Thats the broom you're leaving on?
Yeah, I just made it. Pretty cute huh?
It is cute, but you can't start witchin on a broom that's too small.
Here, better take mine.
But Mom, that one's so old!
That's why you should have it.
It never loses its way, even in a storm.
Kiki, trust me.
But I worked so hard on it, right Jiji?
Your mothers broom would be better.
You rotten traitor!
Kiki, he's right. You can make yourself another broom when you get settled down.
Be careful.
Go, get 'em.
Good bye!
Go and have a good time!
Go Go! Kiki... Go Go! Kiki...
She hasn't quite got the hang of it yet.
She's well past the lake and doing just fine.
I'm going to miss the sound of that little bell...
Which way are we headed?
I think south, to the ocean.
Jiji, climb up and turn on the radio.
I don't think I can right now.
Good evening!
It was.... Newcomer I suppose?
I sure am. I just left home tonight.
Would you mind turning off that music?
I prefer to fly without accompaniment.
Is it really hard to get settled in a place you've never been?
Oh yes, lots can go wrong.
But since I'm good at fortune telling, I can handle everything.
In fact, I've started telling fortunes about love lately.
Whats your special skill?
Oh... I haven't made up my mind yet.
Uh-huh? Well, I'm nearly finished with my training period.
It'll be terrific to go home with confidence.
That's my town down there.
It's not big or terrible interesting, but I like it.
Good luck to you.
Good bye!
Disgusting. What a stuck-up cat.
I have to have a special skill.
What was that about good weather?
I hope you're not going to do, what I think you're going to do?!
We'll sleep here until the storm is gone.
Won't we get into trouble?
Not if nobody finds us.
I'm soaked thorugh.
Do you fell anything moving?
This smells great!
Sorry. We didn't mean to fall asleep in your breakfast.
Jiji, you've got to see the ocean!
I don't belive it! It's huge!
It's only a puddle to me.
Aw, come on!
That one is giant. Think there might be other witches there?
How would I know?
Let's go!
Jiji, you allright back there?
A big town by the sea!
Can you belive my luck ? A clocktower and everything!
What if there are some witches living here?
There may not be.
Am I gonna like it here!
It's a little big for my taste.
Bless my hourglass. If that ain't a witch!
Good morning! Are there any other witches in this town?
No, can't say I've seen a single one of 'em lately.
How about that? Our trip is over, we'll settle down here!
Thanks mister! Bye!
Don't mention it.
Tell me we're not landing down there.
Of course we do.
Everybody is looking at us.
I know. Smile and make a good first impression.
Well, you see, I'm a witch. My name is Kiki.
This is my black cat Jiji.
We'd be honored of we could live here.
We'd love to live here.
You have a wonderful bell tower.
We're glad you like it my dear. Bye!
Hey kid, what were you doing jumping into the street like that?
You almost caused an accident.
You must be crazy, zooming around on a broom in public!
I'm a new witch, sir. We're supposed to fly around.
You're supposed to obey the law the same as all other people.
What's your name and address?
Are you gonna tell my parents?
Of course. If its necessary.
I have to. You're a minor.
Thief! Somebody stop him! Stop, thief!
Don't you move from there!
Wait! It worked out pretty good huh?
Good plan to get rid of that cop, huh?
I was the one yelling "Thief!"
You are a real witch, right?
Can I take a look at that broom?
Hey Tombo!
Isn't it a bit early to go on girl hunting?
Hey you guys, shut up!
Let me look at your broom, please? Just for a minute.
I didn't ask for your help.
I guess I have to thank you...
but it was rude from you
to do something without introducing yourself
How old-fashioned. You sound like my grandma.
Go away and leave me alone!
What a cool witch!
Stay here alone?
I don't understand. Aren't your parents here with you?
No. I'm a witch, so since I'm 13,...
I'm supposed to be completely independant.
May I see your indentification?
Never mind then.
Are you going to eat that?
You can have it.
Its going to get dark fairly soon...
Let's go.
Let's find another town.
There must be plenty like this one, perhaps even bigger.
Lady! Your pacifier!
Lady! You forgot this!
What am I going to do?
When that baby wakes up...
and doesn't find this, it's gonna cry.
I'm sorry, sir, but could you wait just a minute?
I'll be right back.
Should I bring it down to her?
The woman with the baby carriage, right? It'd be easy. I'd really like to.
That'd be a big help.
Thank you very much.
My pleasure.
Jiji, let's go.
Sorry to startle you...
but you left this pacifier in the bakery.
Here you go.
I'd like one of those.
Sure. Hi! Come on in!
Thank you.
Thank you.
There you go
I must say, I nearly fainted when I saw you fly off.
That woman told me to give you this message right away.
"I got the pacifier you sent...
Be sure to thank your little friend. She's an absolute angel."
I'm glad I could help. Bye.
Where are you going so fast?
Wait, please have something to drink!
Come up here.
Sit down and relax. Want some hot chocolate?
Thank you.
And this is for you.
Let me guess, you're a witch in training?
Yes, but people don't seem fond of witches in this town.
There are many kind people in this town who will like you.
Take me for instance. I like you very much.
Have you found a place to stay yet?
You should have told me you hadn't.
We have a vavant room in the attic you can stay in.
You'd give me a room?!
I'd be happy to.
Let me introduce myself. I'm, Osono.
My name is Kiki, and this is my cat Jiji.
Its not very clean at the moment, but its all yours.
Bathroom and water are downstairs.
Don't hesitate to ask for anything.
Thank you!
There's flour everywhere.
At this rate, I'll be a white cat by morning.
Jiji, come take a look at the ocean from here.
Shall we try to find another town?
What a snob she is.
I've decided not to leave this town.
Maybe I can find others like Osono...
who will accept me for what I am.
How much do you think a phone would cost to put up here?
A phone?
Yeah, for my business.
Good morning everyone.
Did you sleep well?
Yes. That smells good. Can I help out?
A delivery service, huh?
I have one skill - flying- so I thought...
a delivery service would be a good idea.
Everyone will love it. Kiki's Flying Deivery Service.
And you can base your business out of you room upstairs...
if you want to.
"If I want to?" Oh boy!
I'd like to put a phone up there.
But a phone costs money.
I've some saved up already.
Don't waste it.
Why not use our phone?
It takes time to get regular costumers.
If you help in the bakery...
you won't have to pay the phone bill.
I need a lot of help since I'm expecting a baby.
And I'll throw in free breakfast too.
Thank you!
I'll do my very best for you!
You're such a wonderful person.
Jiji, come on! I'm all alone.
It's time to go shopping.
Stop jumping out on the street. We're not at home.
I'm sorry. I won't do it again.
I wish I had something pretty to wear besides this robe.
Boy, this is expensive...
Kiki, look, its me!
Do you have any money left?
A little. We just have to eat pancakes for a while.
Wow! Those are beautiful.
Pull over a second.
Hey yo! Miss Witch! Turn around!
No flying today?
What did I tell you? Black is all she wears.
Wait! Come back! I'm sorry, I was only kidding!
Kiki, perfect timing.
A lady wants you to deliver something. She's your first customer.
Customer? I'll be right back!
The map!
This lady is a customer of ours.
We were talking about your delivery service.
You are a cute little witch.
My name is Kiki, ma'am.
I've heard wonderful things about you. Could you deliver this tonight?
It's my nephews birthday.
And urgent job came so I can't get there myself.
Where do you want it delivered?
Thats me....
It won't be too far?
I ca fly there directly from here.
How much do you want?
I haven't really set a price yet.
Is this enough?
This is more than ehough. Thank you very much ma'am.
Oh wow! That's great.
I certainly wish that I could fly...
Yeah! Hey, do you know that girl?
How high do you intend to go?
Its my first delivery. I don't want to be stopped by that police officer.
I was afraid you were going to deliver this to the angels.
I'm guessing its just beyond the cape.
Here we go!
Jiji, I'm liking this town more and more.
I'm not suer what I think.
I'll finally be able to write Mom.
Those are wild geese. Wonderful!
They're flying along with us!
Why are they so upset?
They say a wind is comming.
They also say they're going higher.
I'm sorry! I-- Oww, oww!
Please! I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to steal your eggs!
I've never been so scared.
Its your fault.
They warned us of that wind, but you didn't listen.
You're right.
That's beautiful. They were able to fly that high up with the wind.
The toy is gone!
What? Oh no!
We've got to get back to where we fell!
They're saying "The egg thief is coming again!"
What are we gonna do?
Hey! Don't do that! Stop it!
Stop it! Go away!
We're in trouble. They're still upset.
Witches get no respect these days.
Crows used to be witches servants.
That was a long time ago, okay?
How about we go in after the forest is dark, get in and get out?
We'll never make it in time.
There's only one way to do it.
They'll find out I'm a fake!
After I find it, I'll be right back to help you out.
Is that the place?
Yes. Don't move a muscle.
Can I breathe?
Hold it as long as you can.
Yea! Give me my present!
That's pretty weird.
A bit late aren't you? After my sister telephoned we were wondering where you were.
I'm sorry. Oh.
Could I please have your signature?
Mom, can I put the canaries in here?
Uh-huh, but be careful you don't let any of them escape.
Thank you, have a nice day.
Come on birdie!
I'm gonna put you in a bigger house!
Kiki, please hurry!
I know it was here, so it's gotta be around somplace.
There it is!
Excuse me, anybody home?
Can you please help me? Anybody?
Anybody here?
I can't come down right now.
But why don't you come up?
What do you want?
That stuffed black cat you put behind your window?
I'm sorry, but its mine. I dropped it.
Be good, and don't move yet.
I found it in the forest.
Would you give it back to me, please?
Hang on a minute, I just can't stop just now.
Nice, very nice.
You're beautiful just the way you are.
You really should have told me you were in a hurry.
I got sort of fond of it.
I'm sorry.
The stuffing is coming out!
I'd bet the crows did it. They were making a big fuss over it.
What am I gonna do? I can't deliver it like this.
Say, how about we work out a deal?
That's pretty exciting. And at 13 too!
To be completely independant. That's great.
Can you fix it?
Trust me.
Ketto! Time for your bath. The guests will be here soon!
I'm done!
Thank you so much!
You'd better help Jiji before it's too late!
But I haven't finished yet.
You've done enough. Go help him!
Jeff likes my present more than me!
It is strange you know. He adores that stuffed cat. He won't leave it alone.
He thinks its a puppy?
Your sister is not going to be happy to hear that.
Thats okay. I gave it to Jeff anyway.
Remember to tell Auntie "thank you".
You should be nice to him.
Jeff is a very old dog.
But Grandma, all he does is sleep!
Ketto, go open the door. Jeff wants to go out.
Be sure to push the door shut when you finished.
What took you so long?
I'm sorry.
That marvelous dog helped me escape.
He said he'd be happy to help us out if he could.
Would you take this back in?
Whats the matter?
I'm famished.
Yeah, me too.
And I'm tired too.
But it sure was a wonderful adventure. And that painter...
who found the stuffed cat wants to do a drawing with me in it.
Don't be silly.
Kiki's Flying Delivery Sevice
What are you doing? You are supposed to be minding this shop.
I am. But nobody is coming in today.
But it always gets busy around now.
I know. but that's not what I mean. I mean my customers.
Jiji, if nobody comes, I'll have to eat pancakes forever...
and be fat, fat, FAT.
So what am I supposed to do?
I think pancakes are great, providing they're not burned of course.
You're no help.
When you get fat
see if I care...
Beautiful, isn't she?
Somebody told me she's a fashion designer.
Personally I'm not very fond of her conceited cat.
Hello, Gutiokiban Bakery.
Pardon? Yes, ma'am.
About time we got a customer.
4:30 wil be perfect time to pick it up. If you'll just--
Uh-huh. And the address?
Yes, yes... the blue roof. Right.
Yes, I'm sure I have it all. Thank you very much.
I'll take this.
Thank you very much. Good afternoon.
Are you still mad at me?
We're having a party at the club tonight.
It's called the flying club, and we'd really like you to come.
Here's your invitation.
It really is a serious club.
Everybody would be very happy if you came.
May I help you?
They tell me you have a delivery service.
Oh, pardon me. Yes, of course we do.
Its urgent this package arrives tonight. can you do it?
Of course we can--
Are you gonna be allright?
Uh-huh, are you gonna be allright?
I'll be back at 6, so make up your mind by then.
How much will that be?
Will that be inside or outside the city limits?
I wrote it down on the box.
The box? Oh, I'm sorry.
I got an invitation to a party at Tombo's flying club.
Terrific. You'll have a wonderful time.
But what am I gonna wear?
Kiki, I wouldn't worry too much.
You look fine in that.
It makes you look beautiful and mysterious.
You mean it?
Any work yet?
I almost forgot about it!
It's already 4:00! Oh no!
Can you watch the store till I get back?
Jiji, Jiji!
Why are you going to that party when you're so mad at him?
I have to concentrate. This thing is so heavy so be quiet.
Thank you.
Come on!
Our next appointment is at 4:30.
There's the blue roof!
Someone telephoned for a delivery service, so here I am. My name is Kiki.
Right this way dear.
You're right on time.
Yes ma'am.
Madam, the delivery girl is here.
What? Oh my goodness. Is it that time already?
What a pleasant surprise. Make yourself at home my dear.
Come, come.
May I take that for you?
Broom and black cat.
It's just like my grandmother always told me.
My name is Kiki. I'm a witch.
Oh, but what a cute little girl you are.
I'm sorry but the pie you were supposed to deliver isn't ready yet.
The temperature doesn't see to go up at all.
Somethings wrong.
Machines don't work when they become old like me.
I was hoping you could deliver it hot to my grandchilds birthday party.
Its one of my favourite recipes:
"herring and pumpkin pie"
I guess I have to admit defeat.
I'll have to phone her and tell her I'm sorry.
I feel just awful having you come here for nothing.
Bertha! Bertha!
Would you get her money?
Certainly, ma'am.
All of it. Pay her the amount we agreed on.
Oh no. Please!
Now, don't be silly.
It's not your fault it wasn't ready.
I have no other jobs today. Maybe I could help.
Does that oven over there work?
You mean that one?
It used to be the only one I ever used, but I haven't opened it in years.
If it burns firewood, I can help.
I used to help my mom all the time.
It's a big job to build a fire.
It's a great idea madam. I never did like that electric thing,
and we do have plenty of firewood.
I can build a fire.
Well, I'm not sure...
but if you think you can build it?
Have you considered that this might make you late for your party?
I can't take money for nothing.
Come on. We have to hurry up.
Look what I found. And it works!
You're very good at this, my dear.
Your mother taught you very well.
Oh my goodness. It's so exciting!
Never did like electricity.
It should be about time.
Yes, very good. Well done.
And now we wait.
About 40 Minutes or so, right?
Exactly right. So, why don't we take a little break?
Do you need help with anything else?
Oh! Well, if you really like to...
Thanks very much.
You're very welcome.
You're going to be late for the party.
Stop worrying.
It'll only take 15 minutes if I fly there fast.
Would you care for some tea? I just made it fresh.
I just remembered. Won't you be late for your party?
It won't be a problem. It'll take me 15 minutes from here.
But my dear, that clock runs about 10 minutes slow!
Hm?! What'll I do!
See if the pie's ready.
Bertha! Bertha!
Is the pie ready?
It smells fine, so you'd better hurry.
Better hurry! Come on!
Don't forget your money.
That's way too much!
Not for what you've done.
Hurry up Kiki, or you'll be late!
Have a giid time!
Be careful.
What happened to all the good weather?
My whiskers are tingling!
Can't we get out of the rain?
We can't! That'll only make us later.
Besides, the food will get cold if we stop.
Yes, what is it?
I have a delivery.
But, it's completely wet.
I'm sorry. It began to rain on the way, but the food came through all right.
I told Grandma I didn't want that.
Who is it?
Oh boy! Grandma sent over another one of her crummy herring pies again.
Um, could you please sign this receipt for me?
I hate Grandma's stupid pies.
She can't possibly have been her granddaughter.
Do you think we can still make it in time?
Kiki look, Tombo is down there!
We can still make it.
That certainly was quite an ordeal.
That boy waited a very long time.
Doesn't matter anyway, I can't go in these wet clothes.
What's wrong, Kiki? Do you have a headache?
Why don't you grab a bite to eat, I know I'm famished.
Not feeling well, huh?
You have quite a fever.
Is someone pounding on my head?
I'll bet you never dried yourself off completely yesterday.
Am I gonna shrivel up and die?
You have a cold, is all. I'll bring up some medicine.
And you could eat something.
I'm not hungry.
It'll be better if you eat now.
How about some oatmeal with raisins?
Like some, Jiji?
Oatmeal is the best thing for a cold.
There you go, Jiji.
Don't burn your tongue.
Come and eat your oatmeal before it gets cold.
Do I have to eat?
If you want to get well.
That boy was in the shop a while ago this morning.
When I told him you were sick...
he asked how a witch could catch a cold.
Oh yes, and he said he wanted to visit you a little later.
Oh no!
I figured you might say that...
so I politely refused.
You're tired. Just realx and sleep.
I'll just open this window so you have a little air.
Um, never mind.
Jiji, breakfast is ready.
Feeling better this morning?
Much better, thank you.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize I overslept.
Thath's okay. Come down here. I have a favor to ask of you.
"Koppori", is that right?
Uh-huh. Is this enough money?
That's allright. It's close enough to walk from here.
Don't be silly, work is work.
And be sure to deliver it to him direct.
You have work?
It's not far away. Who's your friend?
Lily is her name. I'll be down.
Don't worry, I'll be back in a minute. Pleasure to meet you.
Hey! Miss witch!
Taking a walk?
I'm looking for someone named Koppori.
Hey, that's my name!
Go around that way. I'll be right with you.
I'll bet Osono planned this.
Gee, thanks a lot.
I want to apologize for making you wait the other night.
I'm sorry you got wet.
Want to camo over to my place? I have something to show you.
Come on! Hurry!
That party was to celebrate the completion of this thing.
This is the engine of a man propelled plane.
Like it?
We're assembling the wings and the frame at somebody else's house.
I'm planning on flying this thing
during my sommer vacation.
I got it. Let's go to the beach...
where that dirigible made a forced landing!
You didn't see it on TV?
I was sleeping.
Then we have to go.
We're going with this?
Why not? I have to practice anyway.
Gotta build up my legs.
Okay, ready?
I've never ridden a bicycle before.
Really never? Even better!
Brace the bike with your foot until I get her revved up.
Let's go!
Should I get off?
Go faster, go!
Swing your body to the inside when we go around the curve.
Otherwise it won't turn very well.
Great! You're doing fine!
Yahoo! Great!
The dirigible, right?
We're flying!
Tombo, are you okay?
Yeah, are you allright?
I'm okay.
Does my face look that funny?
I'm sorry, but when we flew over that cliff, I was so scared!
I was scared too.
I'll bet you used some magic.
I'm not sure, I was so frightened.
Your poor bike. It's a mess.
Oh, no! Am I in trouble!
Will you look after my bike for me?
What went wrong?
I pedaled too hard. That's why it busted.
Wait there!
would be terrific to go around the world in a drigible like that.
How did it make you feel, the first time you ever went flying?
I can't recall. I was too young to remember.
But my mom told me I wasn't scared a bit.
Gosh, I sure wish I was born into a witch family.
You can just fly away on a broomstick, but me--
That's all I can do.
I don't find flying that much fun. It's more of a job to me.
It's not fun for you, but I'd think it would be putting your talents to work.
I sort of feel my confidence slipping.
But I'm glad I came with you today.
I feel better sitting by the ocean.
I could bring you here anytime you want...
and train at the same time.
You're a very nice person.
You just found out?
I used to think you were some sort of clown.
My mom says the same thing.
"You clown!
Quit looking up to the sky and get back to your books!"
Hey, guess what!
Something good! Come here.
I'll be right back. Wait here.
They said we could go in the dirigible. Coming?
Theay what? Wow! Of course!
Hey, who's your girlfriend?
Thats Kiki, she's a witch.
Kiki, come on over ok?
They gonna show us around inside that dirigible!
No, thanks.
Ah, come on. It'll be fun!
Express Home Delivery. I'm positive that's her.
You mean she's a working girl?
My, how independent.
Come on. I'll introduce you to everybody.
No, thanks. See you later.
What's the matter?
What are you mad about?
I'm not mad at all.
I have lot of work to do, so just leave me alone.
Tombo, forget her. Come on.
Jiji, I think somethings wrong with me.
I make friends, then suddenly I can't bear to be with any of them.
Seems like that other me, the cheerful and honest one went away somewhere.
Some friend you are...
Jiji, I don't care if you have a girlfried.
You can't be late for every meal.
And clean up after yourself.
What are you talking like a cat for?
Oh no! Talke to me!
You mean you can't speak anymore?
I wonder what happened to him. I can't figure out a word he says anymore.
Oh my gosh!
I'm losing my witchs powers.
You can't fly anymore?
Have you lost your magic?
It has become very weak,
so I think I've gotta take a break from delivery work.
But I'll work really hard in the bakery,
so please let me stay in my room!
Of yourse you can stay.
Will your power come back after you've rested?
I don't know. Maybe. I can make another broom, but...
Kiki? It's me, Tombo.
I was waving at you from the dirigible. Did you see me today?
The captain allowed me into the control cabin during the test flight.
It was great!
Hello? Are you there, Kiki?
Please, don't call me anymore.
What? I can barely hear you.
The captain said he'd like to meet you.
What? Hey, come on! Don't hang up!
What's wrong? You don't look like you feel well.
I'm still training to be a witch.
If I lose my magic that means ...
I've lost absolutely everything.
You didn't come pay me a visit,
so I had to come visit you!
I'm sorry.
Well, I also came...
to shop a little.
Come on in. I'm done now. We can take a break.
You'd better believe I will.
Nice place you have.
Help yourself to these. I'll make some fresh tea.
No tea, thanks. Do yuo have some milk?
Well, well, positively amazing. He's the spitting image of that stuffed cat.
You're Jiji, right?
How's the home delivery business?
That's bad huh?
I'm not working much now.
I thought you seemed depressed. I didn't know...
things like that happened to witches.
Hey! Why not come and stay at my little place?
Tell your boss you need a break. They can live without you for a night.
How about it, pussy cat?
Rather be with yuor girlfriend, huh?
Come on, let's go!
Hurry, the bus...
I'm bushed.
It's so beautiful here.
Must've been blind, with two beautiful girls wating in front of him.
What do you mean, you thought I was a boy?
Well, look at the way you're dressed.
Tell me, what kind of boy has these legs, mister.
We've become very close firends.
Hello everybody. We're home again.
Good afternoon. I'm sorry I bothered you before.
Make yourself at home while I get some water.
Like it?
I got the Idea for it...
after we met the first time.
But I really haven't got the girls face right.
I've been waiting for you to come back to get it right.
You mean that's me?
Yes, it is.
Would you be my model?
But I'm not very beautiful. Why do you want me?
You've got a great face.
Besides, it's prettier than it was the last time.
Come on, don't be scared. Sit here.
Lift up your head a little. Look beyond the horizon.
Don't move. Very good.
Painting and magical powers seem to be very similar.
Sometimes I can't paint a thing.
You mean it? Then what happens?
Kiki, don't move, don't look over here.
Without even thinking about it I used to be ableto fly.
Now I can't even begin to remember how I ever managed to do it.
At times like that, you know what I do? Paint.
That gets rid of my frustrations.
But still, if I can't fly--
Then I just stop.
Take long walks, look a the scenery,
doze off at noon. Don't do a single thing.
Then suddenly, you'll be able to fly again.
Maybe that'll help.
Trust me, it'll happen!
Come on. Don't ruin the pose!
When I was your age, I'd already...
decided to become an artist.
I loved painting.
I even painted in my sleep.
Then one day, for no reason, I became unable to paint.
So I painted and painted some more, but none of it was good.
They were copies of paintings I'd seen somewhere before.
Just copies of ones I'd seen somewhere.
I swore I'd paint my own pictures.
That must have been hard.
But after that.. its not much easier now.
I think I found what painting means, at least for me.
To fly, you do chant a spell or something, right?
Mm-hmmm. We fly with our spirit.
The witch's spirit? Perfect, that's what I'm talking about.
The spirit of witches, the spirit of artists, the spirit of bakers.
I suppose it must've been a power given by god.
Sometimes, you suffer for it.
I guess I never gave witchcraft much thought.
That talk about discipline and training was so old-fashioned.
I was so happy when you came all the way to see me.
If I had been alone tonight, I would've been one giant ball of frustration.
There have been many times I've thought of painting over that painting.
Why? It's so beautiful.
You know when I found you today, I looked at your face and thought
"I've found it!"
I knew I could paint you.
But that's not fair!
All's fair in love and art.
Let's go to sleep.
Sorry about taking your bed from you.
Don't worry about it.
Can I visit you once in a while?
Sure. Anytime during the summer. That is,
if I can visit you, too.
The intercontinental dirigible Freedom Adventurer, recently downed in
a spectacularly forced landing due to the terrential rains has now been repaired.
Hello. Guitiokipan Bakery
Ah, Kiki. How was it?
Mm. Take plenty of time and get rested up.
That elderly lady....
you made a delivery for has something else for you to take.
Should I tell her no?
I've told her you'd be away for some time, but she kept insisting.
Then stop by on your way back.
Afternoon, ma'am.
Well, well. We've been expecting you. Come in.
Very nice to see you again, ma'am.
I'm glad you came. Excuse me for not standing, but...
my legs are bothering me more than usual.
Bertha, bring the package.
Yes yes. I hope it hasn't taken off yet!
Not yet. Bertha is absolutely mad about lighter than air travel.
I'm the adventuresome type.
Turn the volume down.
Kiki, would you open the box?
You want me to deliver it?
Would you please deliver it to a girl named Kiki?
She was kind to me and a tremendous help.
Its may way of saying "thank you".
And would you find out when her next birthday may be?
Then I'll be able to bake her another one.
I will, I will. And I'm sure Kiki...
will want to know the ladys birthday...
so she'll be able to give her a present.
You've got a deal.
What happened?
There's been a trerrible catastrophe.
Oh no! The tie-down ropes holding the blimp are breaking one by one!
It's drifting straight toward our television cameras. My God it's going to--
Oh, they always leave me hanging at the most exciting part!
These winds always come in midsummer. They will be hitting us pretty soon.
Don't worry, it'll pass by quickly.
Oh goody, it's back on. Look!
Look at that, it's complete upside down!
It is like a balloon in that position
It has broken loose from its mooring and drifted into an upside down position.
A last-ditch effort is being made to tie the dirigible down and keep it from drifing away.
It's extremely doubtful whether it can be done - Oh no! It's useless!
Tombo! That's my friend Tombo holding on to that rope!
...attached to the end of the cable as though it were a toy! There's a ...
young boy hanging on to the cable! He's being lifted away with the police car!
Are you sure that s your friend?
I have to go.
Be careful!
Oh dear, what's happening?
Hold on there, son! Just hold your grip steady!
Release the helium from the tail!
Any word about the boy hanging on the rope?
The latest report is that the police car dropped into the pool!
Clear the street! Get on the sidewalk!
Are you feeling allright?
Please sir, may borrow your broom?
I promise I'll bring it back.
Well, I suppose that's okay.
Thank you very much!
Oh my goodness!
Straighten up and fly straight or I'll burn you!
The boy appears to be safe, but the dirigible is on
a collision yourse direvtly for the clock tower.
If the wind doesn't shift direction it will surely smash into the tower!
We gotta get up higher. We're gonna hit the tower!
There's not enough Helium! Before we hit, jump onto the tower!
Aye aye, Captain!
Hey there, over here! Come on!
Get out of the way!
Grab hold of this!
That way! Hurry!
Oh no!
That sound is the helium gas leaking.
The condition of the boy is unknown.
From where I'm standing - Oh no!
Too much gas has escaped and it's falling!
It's snagged on a nother building!
Hey look! Ober there!
It's a miracle!
The boy has managed to keep hold of the rope!
But how can anyone rescue him ther now?
That boy is holding on for dear life.
Something just flew by!
Is it a bird?
No no, it's not a bird, it's a young girl!
Yes, there's a young girl soaring through the sky!
Kiki, go!
She can fly now!
Get 'em Kiki!
Come on, be a good broom and help me out!
Hang on young fella, don't give up! Hold on, she's almost there!
Hold on, don't give up now!
Don't give up, son!
She caught him in midair! I've never seen anything so amazing!
That broom is mine. I gave it to her myself!
She did it! She did it!
You're so brave Kiki!
Really amazing.
Better call the hospital, I'm ready any minute now.
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