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Kill Bill CD1

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23.976 DVDrip
Do you find me sadistic?
You know...
...I'll bet I could fry an egg|on your head right now...
...if I wanted to.
You know, kiddo...
...I'd like to believe...'re aware enough, even now... know that there is nothing|sadistic in my actions.
Maybe towards those other jokers...
...but not you.
No, kiddo, at this moment...
...this is me... my most masochistic.
it's your baby...
Sarah, I cannot believe you are early.
What you going to do now, huh?!|What you got?!
I got your ass.|Wrap it up! Come on!
Okay. Come on, bitch.
Come on.
Bring it on.
- Mommy, I'm home.|- Hey, baby.
How was school?
Mommy, what happened to you|and the TV room?
Your good-for-nothing dog got into|the living room and acted a damn fool.
That's what happened, baby.
Barney did this?
Baby. Now, you can't come in here.
There's broken glass everywhere and|you could cut yourself.
This is an old friend of Mommy's|I ain't seen in a long time.
Hi, honey.
I'm (BLEEP). What's your name?
Her name is Nikki.
Such a pretty name|for such a pretty girl.
How old are you, Nikki?
Nikki.|(BLEEP) asked you a question.
I'm 4.
4 years old, eh?
You know, I had a little girl once.
She'd be about 4 now.
Now, baby, me and Mommy's friend|got some grown-up talk to talk about.
So go in your room now and leave us|alone till I tell you to come out.
In your room. Now.
You want some coffee?
Yeah. Sure.
{y:i}This Pasadena homemaker's name|{y:i}is Jeanne Bell.
{y:i}Her husband is|{y:i}Dr. Lawrence Bell.
{y:i}But back when we were acquainted four|{y:i}years ago, her name was Vernita Green.
{y:i}Her code name was Copperhead.|{y:i}Mine, Black Mamba.
Do you have a towel?
- You still take cream and sugar, right?|- Yeah.
So I suppose it's a little late|for an apology, huh?
You suppose correctly.
Look, bitch...
I need to know if you're going to|start any more shit around my baby girl.
You can relax for now.
I'm not going to murder you|in front of your child, okay?
That's being more rational than Bill|led me to believe you were capable of.
It's mercy, compassion and forgiveness|I lack...
...not rationality.
...I know I fucked you over.
I fucked you over bad.|I wish to God I hadn't, but I did.
You have every right|to want to get even.
No, no, no, no, no.
No. To get even, even-steven...
I would have to kill you...
...go up to Nikki's room, kill her...
...then wait for your husband, the good|Dr. Bell, to come home and kill him.
That would be even, Vernita.|That'd be about square.
Look, if I could go back in a machine,|I would. But I can't.
All I can tell you is|that I'm a different person now.
Oh, great. I don't care.
Be that as it may, I know I don't|deserve your mercy or your forgiveness.
However, I beseech you for both|on behalf of my daughter.
Bitch, you can stop right there.
Just because I have no wish to murder|you in front of your daughter...
...doesn't mean that parading her around|in front of me will inspire sympathy.
You and I have unfinished business.
And not a goddamned thing you've done|in the subsequent four years...
...including getting knocked up|is going to change that.
So when do we do this?
It all depends.|When do you want to die?
Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?
- How about tonight, bitch?|- Splendid. Where?
There's a baseball diamond where I coach|Little League about a mile from here.
We meet there around 2:30|in the morning dressed all in black.
Your hair in a black stocking.
And we have us a knife fight.|We won't be bothered.
...I have to fix Nikki's cereal.
Bill always said you were one of|the best ladies with an edged weapon.
Fuck you, bitch.|I know he didn't qualify that shit.
So you can just kiss|my motherfucking ass, Black Mamba.
Black Mamba.
I should have been motherfucking|Black Mamba.
Weapon of choice? If you want to stick|with your butcher knife, that's fine.
Very funny, bitch.
Very funny!
It was not my intention to do this|in front of you.
For that, I'm sorry.
But you can take my word for it:
Your mother had it coming.
When you grow up...
...if you still feel raw about it...
...I'll be waiting.
{y:i}For those regarded as warriors...
{y:i}...when engaged in combat...
{y:i}... the vanquishing of thine enemy can be|{y:i}the warrior's only concern.
{y:i}Suppress all human emotions|{y:i}and compassion...
{y:i}... Kill whoever stands in thy way,|{y:i}even if that be Lord God,
{y:i}or Buddha himself.
{y:i}This truth lies at the heart of|{y:i}the art of combat.
{y:i}...and next, we got some record.
{y:i}Very own wildman, Charlie Feathers.
Well, give me the gory details,|Son Number One.
It's a goddamn massacre, Pop.
They wiped out the whole wedding party,|execution-style.
Give me a figure.
Nine dead bodies.
And we're talking the whole shebang:
Bride, groom...
...reverend, reverend's wife.
Hell, they even shot that old colored|fella that plays the organ.
Seems like someone objected to the union|and wasn't able to hold their peace.
Good gravy, Marie.
What'd I tell you, Pop?
Looks like a goddamn Nicaraguan|death squad.
You better shit-can that blasphemy, boy.|You in a house of worship.
Sorry, Pop.
This is the work of professionals.
I'd guesstimate Mexican mafia hit squad.
Four, maybe five strong.
How can you tell?
Well, a sure and steady hand did this.
This ain't no squirrelly amateur.
This is the work of a salty dog.
You can tell by the cleanness|of the carnage.
Now a kill-crazy rampage|though it may be...
...all the colors are kept|inside the line.
If you was a moron,|you could almost admire it.
Who's the bride?
Don't know.
The name on the marriage certificate|is Arlene Machiavelli.
That's a fake.
We've all just been calling her|''The Bride'' on account of the dress.
You can tell she was pregnant.
He must be a mad dog to shoot a goddamn|good-Iooking gal like that in the head.
Look at her.
Hay-colored hair,|big eyes.
She's a little blood-splattered angel.
- Son Number One?|- Yeah?
This tall drink of cocksucker|ain't dead.
I might never have liked you.
Point in fact, I despise you.
But that shouldn't suggest|that I don't respect you.
Dying in our sleep... a luxury that our kind is rarely|afforded.
My gift to you.
For fuck's sake.
Hello, Bill.
What's her condition?
Where is she?
I'm standing over her right now.
That's my girl.
Elle, you will abort the mission.
We owe her better than that.
Oh, you don't owe her shit!
Will you keep your voice down?
You don't owe her shit!
May I say one thing?
Y'all beat the hell out of that woman,|but you didn't kill her.
And I put a bullet in her head,|but her heart just kept on beating.
Now, you saw that yourself with your|own beautiful blue eye.
Did you not?
{y:i}We've done a lot of things|{y:i}to this lady.
{y:i}And if she ever wakes up, we'll|{y:i}do a whole lot more.
But one thing we won't do... sneak into her room in the night|like a filthy rat...
{y:i}... And kill her in her sleep.
{y:i}And the reason we won't do that|{y:i}thlng... because that thing|would lower us.
Don't you agree, Miss Driver?
I guess.
Do you really have to guess?
No. I don't really have to guess.
I know.
Come on home, honey.
I love you very much.
I love you too.
Thought that was pretty fucking funny,|didn't you?
Word of advice, shithead:
Don't you ever wake up.
{y:i}This moment, this is me... my most masochistic.
Bill, it's your baby...
My baby.
Four years. Four years.
Price is $75 a fuck, my friend.
- You getting your freak on, or what?|- Oh, yeah, boy.
20, 40, 60, 75. Yeah.
Now here's the rule.|Rule number one: No punching her.
Nurse comes in tomorrow and she got|a shiner or less teeth, jig's up.
So no knuckle sandwiches|under no circumstances.
And by the way, this cunt's a spitter.|It's a motor reflex thing.
But spit or no, no punching.
We absolutely clear on|rule number one?
- Yeah.|- Good.
Now, rule number two: No monkey|bites, no hickeys. In fact,
no leaving no marks of no kind.|After that, it's all good, buddy.
Her plumbing don't work no more so|come in her all you want.
Keep the noise down. Try not to make|a mess. I'll be back in 20.
Oh! Shit. By the way,
sometimes this chick's cooch can get|drier than a bucket of sand.
If she dry, just lube up with this|and you'll be good to go.
Bon appétit, good buddy.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, goddamn, you are the best-looking|girl I've had today.
Yo, stud! Time's up, buddy.
I'm coming in, ready or not.
Good buddy, did you have yourself|a good time, man?
Where's Bill?
Where's Bill?!
- Please stop hitting me.|- Where's Bill?!
- I don't know who Bill is!|- Bullshit!
Well, ain't you the slice of cutie|pie they said you was?
{y:i}Jane Doe. We don't know shit|{y:i}about you.
Well, I'm from Huntsville, Texas.|My name is Buck and I'm here to fuck.
Your name is Buck. Right?
And you came here to fuck. Right?
''Pussy Wagon.''
You fucker.
Texas. Okay.
Wiggle your big toe.
Wiggle your big toe.
Wiggle your big toe.
Wiggle your big toe.
Wiggle your big toe.
{y:i}As I lay in Buck's truck trying|{y:i}to will my limbs out of entropy...
Wiggle your big toe.
{y:i}I saw the faces of the cunts who|{y:i}did this to me and the dlck responsible.
{y:i}Members all of Bill's bralnchild:|{y:i}The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.
{y:i}When fortune smiles on something|{y:i}as violent and ugly as revenge...
{y:i}... it seems proof like no other|{y:i}that not only does God exist...
{y:i}{y:i}{y:i}'re doing hls will.
{y:i}At a time when I knew the least about|{y:i}my enemies...
{y:i}{y:i}{y:i}...the first name on my death|{y:i}list, O-Ren Ishii...
{y:i}... Was the easiest to find.
{y:i}But when one manages the hard task|{y:i}of becoming queen of Tokyo's underworld...
{y:i}... One doesn't keep it a secret,|{y:i}does one?
{y:i}O-Ren Ishii was born on an American|{y:i}military base in Tokyo, Japan.
{y:i}The half-Japanese, half|{y:i}Chinese-American army brat...
{y:i}... Made her first acquaintance with|{y:i}death at the age of 9.
{y:i}It was at that age she witnessed|{y:i}the death of her parents...
{y:i}... at the hands of Japan's most|{y:i}ruthless yakuza boss:
{y:i}Boss Matsumoto.
{y:i}She swore revenge.
{y:i}Luckily for her, Boss Matsumoto|{y:i}was a pedophile.
{y:i}At 11, she got her revenge.
{y:i}Look at me Matsumoto...
{y:i}... take a good look at my face.
{y:i}Look at my eyes.
{y:i}Look at my nose.
{y:i}Look at my chin.
{y:i}Look at my mouth.
{y:i}Do I look familiar?
{y:i}Do I look like somebody you murdered!
{y:i}By 20, she was one of the top female|{y:i}assassins In the world.
{y:i}At 25, she did her part in the killing|{y:i}of nine innocent people...
{y:i}... including my unborn daughter...
{y:i} a small wedding chapel|{y:i}in El Paso, Texas.
{y:i}But on that day four years ago...
{y:i}... she made one big mistake:
{y:i}She should have killed ten.
{y:i}However, before satisfaction|{y:i}would be mine...
{y:i}... First things first.
Wiggle your big toe.
Hard part's over.
Now, let's get these other piggies|wiggling.
Welcome to Air O. May I help you?
Okinawa. One-way.
You English?
Almost. American.
American. Welcome, welcome.
My English very good.
You said domo.
Can you speak Japanese?
No, no. Just a few words I learned|since yesterday.
- May I sit at the bar?|- Oh, sure! Sure, sure. Please, sit.
What other words did you learn?
Just a minute.
{y:i}We have a customer.|{y:i}Bring out some tea, quickly.
{y:i}I'm watching my soap operas.
Oh, shit.
{y:i}Lazy bastard...
{y:i}Screw your soap opera...|{y:i}hurry up!
{y:i}The tea's hot. Why don't you|{y:i}serve it yourself for once?
Shut up! Get your ass out here!
Excuse me.
What other Japanese do you know?
Oh, let's see.
I already said domo, right?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Please repeat.
Perfect. Good, good, good.
You say Japanese word|like you're Japanese.
- Now you're making fun of me.|- No. Serious business.
Pronunciation very good.
You say arigato|like we say arigato.
Well, thank you. I mean, arigato.
You should learn Japanese.|Very easy.
- No kidding? I heard it was kind of hard.|- Most difficult.
But, you have Japanese tongue.
Oh, my God.
{y:i}Hey, what the hell happened to the tea.|{y:i}Hurry up... goddamit!
{y:i}Lazy oaf...
{y:i}What'd ya want?
I beg your pardon?
Oh, yes, a bottle of warm sake, please.
Warm sake? Very good.
{y:i}One warm sake!
{y:i}Sake? In the middle of the day?
{y:i}- Day, night, afternoon - |{y:i}Who gives a damn. Get the sake!
{y:i}How come I always have to|{y:i}get the sake?
{y:i}You listen well...
{y:i}For thirty years you make the fish.|{y:i}I get the sake.
{y:i}If this were the military,|{y:i}I'd be General by now!
{y:i}Oh, so you'd be General, huh?
{y:i}If you were General, I'd be Emperor,
{y:i}and you'd still get the sake.|{y:i}So shut up and get the sake!
Do you understand?
{y:i}I'm not bald, okay? I shaved my head.|Do you understand?
First time in Japan?
What brings you to Okinawa?
I came to see a man.
Oh, yeah?
You have a friend live in Okinawa?
Not quite.
Not friend?
- I never met him.|- Never?
Who is he, may I ask?
Hattori Hanzo.
{y:i}What do you want with|{y:i}HattoriHanzo?
{y:i}I need Japanese steel.
{y:i}Why do you need Japanese steel?
{y:i}I have vermin to kill.
You must have big rats|you need Hattori Hanzo's steel.
May I?
You may.
Try the second one down.
Funny... like samurai swords.
I like baseball.
{y:i}I wanted to show you these.
{y:i}However, someone as you, who knows|{y:i}so much, must surely know...
{y:i}... I no longer make instruments|{y:i}of death.
{y:i}What I have here I keep for|{y:i}their aesthetic and sentlmental value.
{y:i}Yet proud as I am|{y:i}of my life's work...
{y:i}... I have retired.
Then give me one of these.
These are not for sale.
I didn't say ''sell me.''|I said ''give me.''
Why should I help you?
Because my vermin|is a former student of yours.
And considering the student...
...I'd say you have a rather large|obligation.
{y:i}You can sleep here.
{y:i}It will take me a month|{y:i}to make the sword.
{y:i}I suggest you spend it practicing.
{y:i}I've completed doing...
{y:i}what I swore an oath to God,|{y:i}28 years ago,
{y:i} never do again.
{y:i}I have created,|{y:i}''something that kills people.''
{y:i}And in that purpose, I was a success.
{y:i}I've done this because philosophically,|{y:i}I am sympathetic to your aim.
{y:i}I can tell you with no ego,|{y:i}this is my finest sword.
{y:i}If on your journey,|{y:i}you should encounter God...
{y:i}{y:i}{y:i}...God will be cut.
{y:i}Yellow-haired warrior. Go.
{y:i}It was one year after the massacre|{y:i}in El Paso, Texas...
{y:i}...that Bill backed his Nippon progeny|{y:i}financially and philosophically...
{y:i}... in her Shakespearian-like power|{y:i}struggle with the other yakuza clans...
{y:i}{y:i}{y:i}...over who would rule vice in|{y:i}the city of Tokyo.
{y:i}When the final sword was sheathed...
{y:i}... it was O-Ren Ishii|{y:i}and her powerful posse...
{y:i}The Crazy 88 that proved the victor.
{y:i}The pretty lady to O-Ren's right, who's|{y:i}dressed like a villain on Star Trek...
{y:i}{y:i}{y:i} O-Ren's lawyer, best friend|{y:i}and second lieutenant...
{y:i}... The half-French, half-Japanese|{y:i}Sofie Fatale.
{y:i}Another former protégée of Bill's.
{y:i}The young glrl In the schoolgirl|{y:i}uniform is O-Ren's personal bodyguard...
{y:i}{y:i}{y:i}...17-year-old Gogo Yubari.
{y:i}Gogo may be young but what she lacks|{y:i}in age, she makes up for in madness.
{y:i}Do you like Ferraris?
{y:i}Ferrari... Italian trash.
{y:i}Do you want to screw me?
{y:i}Don't laugh.|{y:i}Do you want to screw me, yes or no?
{y:i}How 'bout now, big boy?
{y:i}Do you still wish to penetrate me...
{y:i}... Or is it I...|{y:i}who has penetrated you?
{y:i}See what I mean?
{y:i}The bald guy in the black suit|{y:i}and the Kato mask is Johnny Mo...
{y:i}... The head general of O-Ren's|{y:i}personal army, The Crazy 88.
{y:i}And just In case you were wondering...
{y:i}... how could a half-breed|{y:i}Japanese-Chinese American...
{y:i}... Become the boss of all bosses in|{y:i}Tokyo, Japan?
{y:i}I'll tell you.
{y:i}The subject of O-Ren's blood and|{y:i}nationality...
{y:i}{y:i}{y:i}...came up before the council|{y:i}only once:
{y:i}The night O-Ren assumed power|{y:i}over the crime council.
{y:i}The man who seems bound and determined|{y:i}to break the mood is Boss Tanaka.
{y:i}And what Boss Tanaka thinks is:
{y:i}Boss Tanaka!|{y:i}What's the meaning of this outburst?
{y:i}This is a time for celebration!
{y:i}And what exactly are we celebrating?
{y:i}The perversion of|{y:i}our illustrious council?
{y:i}Tanaka, have you gone mad?|{y:i}I will not tolerate this!
{y:i}You're disrespecting our sister!|{y:i}Apologize!
{y:i}Tanaka-San,|{y:i}of what perversion do you speak?
{y:i}My father along with yours, and|{y:i}along with yours, started this council.
{y:i}And while...
{y:i}... you laugh like stupid donkeys|{y:i}they weep in the afterlife...
{y:i}Shut up!
{y:i}{y:i}{y:i}...over the perversion|{y:i}committed today!
{y:i}Outrageousl Tanaka, it is you|{y:i}who insults this council!
{y:i}Fuck face!
{y:i}Tanaka obviously has something|{y:i}on his mind.
{y:i}By all means, allow him to express it.
{y:i}I speak, of the perversion done|{y:i}to this council,
{y:i}... which I love...
{y:i}{y:i}{y:i}...more than my own children,
{y:i} making a Chinese Jap-American|{y:i}half breed bitch its leader!
{y:i}So that you understand|{y:i}how serious I am...
{y:i}{y:i}{y:i}...I'm going to say this in English.
As your leader...
...I encourage you, from time to time,|and always in a respectful manner... question my logic.
If you're unconvinced a particular plan|I've decided is the wisest, tell me so.
But allow me to convince you...
...and I promise you right here and|now no subject will ever be taboo.
Except of course the subject that was|just under discussion.
The price you pay...
...for bringing up either my Chinese|or American heritage as a negative is:
I collect your fucking head.
Just like this fucker here.
Now if any of you sons of bitches got|anything else to say...'s the fucking time!
I didn't think so.
{y:i}Gentlemen, this meeting is adjourned.
One ticket to Tokyo, please.
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