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Kill Bill CD2

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23.976 DVDrip
{y:i}You have to say ''Yes, yes, yes''to|{y:i}any selfish demands they make.
{y:i}They demand ridlculous things.
{y:i}Shut up... Do you know what would|{y:i}happen if they heard you?
{y:i}- What's gonna happen?|{y:i}- Did you hear about the Tanaka clan?
{y:i}You're gonna get your head|{y:i}chopped off.
{y:i}No, I don't want that.
{y:i}Yes, it's me.
{y:i}And if you give us a contact number,|{y:i}we will get back to you.
Hey. You!
{y:i}Who do you remind me of?
{y:i}Charlie Brown!
{y:i}You're right, he does look like|{y:i}Charlie Brown.
{y:i}Charlie Brown,|{y:i}Four pepperonipizzas.
{y:i}- That's not on our menu...|{y:i}- I don't care, bring them, goddammit!
{y:i}Hey... hey...|{y:i}Charlie, give me a kiss.
{y:i}O-Ren Ishii!
{y:i}You and I have unfinlshed business!
{y:i}Charlie Brown, beat it.
So, O-Ren...
...any more subordinates|for me to kill?
{y:i}Gogo, right?
Bingo.|{y:i}And you're Black Mamba.
{y:i}Our reputations precede us.
{y:i}Don't they?
...I know you feel you must protect|your mistress...
...but I beg you...
...walk away.
{y:i}You call that begging?
{y:i}You can beg better than that.
Is that what I think it is?
You didn't think it would be that easy,|did you?
You know,|for a second there...
...yeah, I kind of did.
''Silly rabbit.''
''Trix are for kids.''
This is what you get for fucking|around with the yakuzas.
Go home to your mother!
{y:i}Those of you lucky enough to still|{y:i}have your lives take them with you!
{y:i}...leave the limbs you've lost.
{y:i}They belong to me now.
Except you, Sofie!
You stay right where you are.
Your instrument is quite impressive.
{y:i}Where was it made?
{y:i}Whom in Okinawa made you this steel?
This is Hattori Hanzo steel.
{y:i}YOU LIE!
{y:i}Swords however, never get tired.
{y:i}I hope you've saved your energy.
{y:i}If you haven't...
{y:i} might not last five minutes.
{y:i}But as last looks go,
{y:i}you could do worse.
Silly Caucasian girl likes to play|with samurai swords.
You may not be able to fight|like a samurai...
...but you can at least die|like a samurai.
{y:i}Attack me...
{y:i}... With everything you have.
{y:i}For rldiculing you earlier...
{y:i}... I apologize.
{y:i}Come on.
{y:i}That really was a HattoriHanzo sword.
My Sofie. I'm so sorry.
Please. Please forgive my betrayal.
No more of that.
But still...
But still nothing...
...except my aching heart...
...over what she's done to my|beautiful and brilliant Sofie.
I've kept you alive for two reasons.
First reason is information.
{y:i}Burn in Hell you stupid, stupid blonde!|{y:i}I'll tell you nothing.
But I am going to ask you questions.
And every time you don't give me|answers...
...I'm going to cut something off.
And I promise you...
...they will be things you will miss.
Give me your other arm!
{y:i}I want all the information on|{y:i}the Deadly Vipers.
- If you had to guess...|{y:i}- What they've been doing...
...why she left you alive...||{y:i}- ...and where I can find them.
...what would be your guess?
Guessing won't be necessary.
She informed me.
She said I could keep my wicked life|for two reasons.
{y:i}As I said before...
...I've allowed you to keep your|wicked life for two reasons.
And the second reason is... you can tell him, in person|everything that happened here tonight.
I want him to witness the extent of|my mercy... witnessing your deformed body.
I want you to tell him all|the information you just told me.
I want him to know what I know.
I want him to know I want him to know.
And I want them all to know...
...they'll all soon be as dead as O-Ren.
{y:i}Revenge is never a straight line.
{y:i}It's a forest.
{y:i}And like a forest|{y:i}it's easy to lose your way...
{y:i}... to get lost...|{y:i}to forget where you came In.
That woman...
...deserves her revenge.
...we deserve to die.
She must suffer to her last breath.
How did you find me?
I'm the man.
One more thing, Sofie.
Is she aware her daughter|is still alive?
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