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Kilometer Zero (2000)

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Hey, I'm in Madrid.
Right, fucking hot.
Did you talk to your friend Silvia?
Wait, I'll write it down.
Kilometer 0.
Where's that?
All right. At six?
I'll leave now or I won't make it.
Will she recognize me?
Deborah, that photo's three years old.
All right.
All right. All right, don't go on.
Tell Mom I'll ring her tonight. Big kiss, I love you.
You ve been in the fridge for 30 minutes.
Are you preparing for a role or training to be an icecube?
I'm stupid.
Who'd arrange to meet in the street in this heat?
You would. But if the guy s cute...
He's 21 , and wants to be a film director.
When he sees how things are, he won't last long.
Not everyone has your luck.
Thanks, pal.
And from now on, no more walking around naked at home.
Can't he go somewhere else?
It's only for 3 months. Great, I can strip in November!
Don't remind me.
And I've got an audition this afternoon.
For what?
A musical.
Give the director a blow job, and I bet you've got a chance.
Did you ever give your boss one?
Yes, once.
But I already had the job.
Where are you meeting?
You needn't give me a present. We can't afford it.
But I want to, and I've thought of something really neat.
Look. I don't need anything. Yes, you do.
Why won't you celebrate your birthday?
Or our anniversary, or anything? You're such a misery.
Do what you want. You always do.
Then cheer up and leave it up to me.
Will you pick me up tonight?
First I've got a fitting for my dress.
What dress?
You know. We can't get married.
Shut up!
My godmother's paying for it.
We can't live off a wedding dress.
Really, you always look on the black side!
Why do I even tell you things?
Amor, please, I'm sweating.
Did I say you were a misery? Yeah.
Did you know that the sole of the foot reflects the whole body?
That part is the pelvis.
What are you doing this afternoon?
I don't know.
If your meeting ends soon...
Not a chance. The client will want to have dinner with me.
And I can't go with you?
To the dinner? You'd be bored.
Even more?
There's still a lot to see.
Madrid in the summer always gets me down.
Why do you insist on coming with me?
In case something different happens.
You can dine in the hotel.
I hear the restaurant is very good.
This is Miguel.
Hello, I'm calling about the ad in the newspaper.
What are you after?
If you want a good time, this is the right number.
15,000 for the full treatment, 25,000 if I have to travel.
I'd rather it weren't in my home.
No problem. Write down the address.
I want to see you first.
Anywhere in particular?
You're the expert.
In the street, then, but it's 46 degrees in the shade.
I don't care.
I want.. To see the merchandise.
No problem.
What the ad says is just an appetizer.
Km. 0 in the Puerta del Sol. Know where it is?
In the Puerta del Sol.
At 6:00.
How will I recognize you?
My name s Marga.
Blonde Marga, brunette Marga?
There shouldn t be many at that time, should there?
Very well, Marga. I'll see you there.
You won't regret it.
I have a client in 30 minutes and the air conditioner s broken.
What's up this afternoon?
Don't make me go out, Miguel.
The heat turns people on. I have to make the most of it.
I wanted us to go on vacation in August.
You students are privileged.
Math s a privilege? Even if I get a job, I'll earn less than you.
That's true. But I make more this month than I do all winter.
If you did this, you'd understand.
I can't see myself charging my dates.
Most times, I'd be willing to pay.
If you were a woman,...'d be my favorite client.
Yeah, but I'd hire you at the beach,...
...and you'd have to do it underwater.
And afterwards,...
...a shower,...
...a siesta in an air conditioned apartment,...
...two ice cold beers,...
...and then we d start again.
Your check book wouldn't last long.
I'm a luxury item.
I'll stay in the bedroom, like before.
And we all meet in the bathroom when you decide to have a shower?
No, thanks.
My last client got such a fright I couldn't charge her.
You'really like your work?
More than you think.
Come on, Ardent Bruno, answer.
You want to know how I'm hung?
All right.
That isn't what we agreed.
That's your problem. I didn't come.
Hang on.
Of course, darling.
Whatever you want.
Don't worry, we'll have a great time.
It's the first time I've called.
I promise it won't be the last.
Listen, where...
No, if that s up to date there's no problem.
I'm sorry, I...
Where's the...
Speak up a bit.
Where can we...
Here s my address.
Better in the street. The thing is, I need...
I need to talk to you before we...
I'd better hang up.
No, please don't. Don't hang up.
Wherever you want.
In Sol?
Perfect, my place is very close.
How about Km. 0 in 15 minutes?
I'm going to eat your pussy like no one ever has.
Just a moment, ma am.
I'm in a hurry.
Listen, this movement helps you forget the heat.
You know 'Madame Butterfly'?
A beautiful story with a dramatic ending.
A mother kills herself so her son needn t be ashamed of her.
I can't wait any longer.
If Puccini had been born today, he couldn't have written this.
Haste isn't good.
I'll pay you later. Of course.
I meant for the taxi. I didn't.
You ve seen me. Now you can decide.
Just nod your head and say 'yes'.
Excuse me, Km. 0? Over there.
Thank you.
It's you, isn't it?
Yes. And you...
I didn't think you were so young. You're over age, aren't you?
I turned 18 quite a while ago.
No, I'm delighted. Rather you than some old guy.
But I wasn't sure you'd come.
Well, when you're ready...
Let's go home. I'm burning up.
I'd give anything for a shower.
Mine is small, but it works. As long as it's got cold water...
So,... like me?
You invite me to your place without knowing me.
What can I say?
We'll get on real well, you'll see.
I hope so. With what it cost me to get here...
The first time s always difficult. But you won't regret it.
I'll try anything. I've dreamed about this for months.
It's beautiful.
It's beautiful to wait so long for important things.
I started at 15 because I'd no choice.
It was awful at first. All those slobbering guys...
That's how the profession is. Yeah.
I like to be respected. Just because I do this doesn't mean...
If you don't mind, we'll carry on talking at home.
I'm soaked. Feel.
So am I.
Let me feel.
Yeah, you're really soaked. More than I am.
But with that rucksack and all...
Do you live far away? No, right here. Let's go.
What do you like? I like comedy most of all.
We'll have a laugh, all right. Sorry, I'm horny as hell.
I'm sorry. Hello.
I'm Máximo.
It's hot to be wearing a jacket.
I have to wear it at work. It's...
Computers, right? Among other things.
You're nervous.
Well, yes. I'm meeting someone.
A man? A woman.
You're obviously not my date. No.
Could I have one?
Here. No, no, you keep it.
I've been chain smoking. I don't really want one.
But I saw you and... You'd be doing me a favor.
Really? Honestly.
I'm sorry.
I can't stand people who aren't punctual.
Today, they can't blame the traffic.
We're going to have to change our plans.
Well, at least I will.
This tie s killing me.
You'd never catch me in a tie now.
The last tie I wore was at my First Communion... elasticated one.
I don't know about you, but I'm through.
I'm going to have a beer.
I hate the summer, the heat.
I hate sweating, and feeling my clothes sticking to me.
They should let us go naked.
Except we d have nowhere to put our keys.
If you want to wait in the bar, I'll buy you a drink.
For the cigarette.
I have to buy some more.
I tried two kiosks and they were closed.
Fucking summer!
Who were you waiting for? My girlfriend.
A girlfriend s always late.
Shit! I'm fucking sick of you!
And this time I won't fix you.
The bike kept me late.
What's up? Can't you control what's between your legs?
It does this when it knows I want to screw.
I went for an ice cream.
You said you were 33. I'd say you aren't even 25.
Yes, I am. Do you mind?
Better younger than older.
But I can't take you home on this thing.
We can be in bed in 3 minutes, 5 if you shower first.
Are you Superman?
I live right there.
You ve got it sewn up. Sex by computer and on your doorstep.
So as not to lose time.
You said you could see a park from the window.
In case I didn't like you.
So, do you like me?
If what I'm imagining comes true, the Puerta del Sol will tremble.
What are you thinking?
I've got nothing to suck on now.
That's easily fixed.
Wait, I'm going to have one last try.
I brought you luck.
Get on.
Let me help you. Wait.
You ve broken it.
I know you've broken it.
Are you a doctor or a clairvoyant?
I think I hit you hard. l didn't even have time to react.
The light was green. Didn't you see?
You're giving me a headache! I was going slow.
Then you appeared and threw yourself at the car.
You know how my heart is beating?
I'm the one who got run over. Anyway, it isn't serious.
Help me up.
If you want to be useful, help me gather up my photos.
Are you really all right? Yes, yes.
If I'd killed you...
I'm alive, aren't I?
This is my first accident. I've never even had a parking ticket.
What a pity! Now you won't go to heaven.
Who's this girl?
What do you mean? Don't we look like each other?
Now you mention it, yes.
What with the accident, l didn't get a good look at you.
They're very recent.
Yes, that s obvious. You're exactly alike.
But you must admit that here you're wearing much more make up.
I like to look natural when I get run over. Do you mind?
No. It's just I didn't recognize you at first. I do now.
You know what?
To hell with the photos!
Don't do that. You'll need them for your work.
Not anymore.
I'll do a course in massage and live off other people s pain.
Are you...
...a model?
Look, I'm 35, almost 36.
So what? There are models older than that.
It can't be fixed. I'm an actress.
An actress?
But even I don't believe it.
Where has that boy got to?
I never get used to the stairs.
Give me a minute to get my breath back.
Do you live here?
No, I've got a palace, but I only use it at week ends.
I'm sorry. I'd imagined it differently.
You'll soon forget about everything.
Take off your rucksack. I won't bite you.
I'm joking, silly.
I can't offer you a drink, the fridge is broken.
It doesn't matter.
Tell me where the kitchen is and I'll get a glass of water.
In an apartment, everything s close at hand.
But my sister...
Don't talk about your sister now.
I prefer to get paid after.
That way I get better tips.
You don't like talking?
He gives us His love, He gives us His light.
He guides us all without fear.
Come with us to Him.
Open up your heart and sing to Him.
He gives us His love, He gives us His light.
He guides us all without fear.
Come with us to Him.
Open up your heart and sing to Him.
Sister, avoid all temptation.
We're unhappy because we don't give love.
I've got goose bumps.
Your face shows that you're full of joy.
It was the song.
I wish my boyfriend could hear you. He's always sad.
Bring him to one of our meetings. He thinks music is for dumbwits.
I'm sorry.
He's never taken me dancing, and we've been together for 3 years.
Be careful, carnal desire is the cause of our undoing.
But we re getting married. Alleluia!
Hey, do you lot sing at weddings?
What's up?
I still don't believe it.
Keep going.
We're not alone. Let's go to my room.
Give me the money, I'm working!
I even gave you a discount for a quickie!
I didn't ask for anything.
We were through in five minutes. That says something.
You didn't give me time. But you liked it.
I don't know. How can you not know?
I don't know what happened to me. You came!
Obviously. I think you're my sister s friend and you act like a whore.
Because I am a whore. Listen to him!
My sister didn't tell me.
Would you shut up about your sister!
You called me because you wanted to fuck!
I was to meet Silvia. She doesn't have a phone.
Who's Silvia? My sister s friend.
Some guys say anything to get out of paying.
But if you want the full business, let's get started.
You want to fuck, eh? You want to fuck?
I don't care if you strip.
I'm 21 , and I don't have to pay to get laid.
What's more, this place is disgusting.
It's all I've got on me.
This doesn't make you a better person.
Get out of here.
What are you doing?
Looking at the shot.
Are you stupid?
Shit, don't move. This is fucking brilliant!
If I had a camera, I'd show you.
I hate photos.
I've got nothing worth remembering.
I'm talking about films. What?
I'm going to be a director.
I'm serious about it.
I can't help it.
You don't look like one. I've directed three short films.
Where? In my hometown.
At least I know what I want to do in life.
So do I.
Get through the month without a beating.
I mean something important.
Making films? That's a load of shit.
Don't you like films?
Sometimes I go with a client...
...but I don't even look at the screen.
You know that in films the tears are false?
And the whores marry rich men.
What are you doing?
Don't do anything stupid. Leave me alone!
My head hurts, all right?
I've got 2 weeks left. Maria del Mar is... fiancée.
And 2 weeks before the wedding you cheat on her with a whore.
That's a good start.
It was the first time. Well, not even that.
I don't care, I'm not your fiancée.
I don't know why I did it.
The newspaper was there and... There are only two reasons.
Either Mari Mar doesn't suck you off...
...or you're a pervert.
Loosen up. Talking about sex is like talking about soccer.
Yeah, just the same.
What's this?
And your dick?
Another piece of flesh!
It's better to talk naturally about these things.
If you talked to a girl like that, she d be off like a shot.
I forgot.
It's ages since I've been with a woman.
I'm concentrating on men these days.
I'm in love with my fiancée.
We ve bought a house and want to have two children.
But sex with her isn't great.
I don't know.
I respect her so much I never even thought of...
...suggesting it.
What about her?
Has she never made a move?
Yes, a few times.
But it wasn't the right moment.
I want the first time to be unforgettable.
I'd like it to be in a bed,...
...and with lots of time, with music,...
...without any pressure.
I'm surprised she still wants to marry you.
Is it wrong to want things to be nice?
It's still swollen. If you've fucked up the meniscus...
Didn't you crack you skull years ago?
I was 15, I fell off a motor bike. Look, look.
I had lots of stitches.
They thought I was a goner.
They didn't sew you up right?
Just leave me alone, all right?
All right.
My problem s different.
I've known Mari Mar since I was 18 and if I'd wanted....
But she expects a lot from me.
And I don't want to mess things up.
What you need is to get laid.
Don't you know any girls who attract you?
Are you crazy?
I need an experienced woman,...
...not a girl that I might fall in love with.
Yeah, but...
...the whore didn't show up.
And we have to do something.
What do you mean?
I bet that if I were to grope you under the table now,...'d get horny.
I don't fancy men.
Imagine you don't know who s down there.
The good thing about men... we get a hard on very easily.
Two beers. One alcohol free, please.
Outside, its like they'd opened the gates of hell.
This heat!
Where's the car? On the pedestrian crossing.
You can't park there.
And when I got my license, they told me the little red man...
...means pedestrians should wait,...
...not attack drivers.
I was in a hurry. I know that.
Was that my fault? I have an appointment too.
Then I don't know what you're doing here.
I'm not leaving until I'm sure you're all right.
You see this leg?
It's always been fatter than the other one. I was born that way.
You should have it x-rayed.
No one s going to fill me with radiation if it isn't necessary.
I'm being selfish.
I don't want you suing me.
There are a lot of bitches in this world,...
...but I'm not one of them.
This brand is excellent.
It's steel, and has a calendar and an alarm.
If we press here, we get the time in Sydney, Tokyo, and New York.
Mario just needs to know the time in Aluche,... he isn't late for work.
People like this sort of thing. It's selling very well.
Mario always wears one he got for sending in Choco Pop Wrappers.
Then he'll love this one. It's also waterproof...
..and shockproof.
That's good. He'spends the day loading boxes.
But I wanted something more stylish.
We're getting married and it has to be dressier.
I've been saving for ages. You don't get married every day.
I've got the perfect model for your fiancée.
I'll take it. Very well.
Cash or credit? No, no, with banknotes.
But it was in here.
I saw it a minute ago.
Oh, my God!
I've been robbed!
Who'd leave their bag unattended there?
Some people never think.
Just as well I keep the card here. That would ve been terrible.
This is the money for our house.
That's fine, then. I'll charge for the watch with this.
You know what?
The Choco Pop watch works perfectly.
What's so funny?
Naked men are really ugly.
Your husband can't like you laughing at him like that.
I look at him but I don't see him.
If you look closely, it isn't so horrible.
Say something, love, she insulted you.
I'm curious.
Does it weigh the same now as when it's in action?
I suppose not.
That's it.
Now what?
It'll get frozen.
It's your fault.
But if you want, in two minutes it'll be like it was.
Remember that it's in good training.
Maybe I should leave.
If you consider this overtime, I think you should tell me.
You can stay as long as you want for the same price.
The good thing about this job is I'm my own boss.
Do you ever do it without charging?
Sometimes. And there's no difference.
But imagine if...
...a woman turned up and you found her unattractive.
Then I'd close my eyes and think of something else.
You didn't close them with me.
I'll keep them open as long as you want.
I need a cigarette.
You can't laugh at me from there.
Feel anything down below? Let go, please.
You're trembling.
Your name isn't Miguel, is it?
None of us uses the name our mothers chose.
I need a shower. Will you join me? Yes, yes.
I'll be with you in a minute.
I can't stand my literature teacher.
She failed me on Romeo and Juliet...
...because I gave it a happy ending.
She said I'm a dope for changing a classic.
You'll fail again in September.
But if I don't want them to die, I can write my own version.
I don't like tragedies.
Does your sister know you're here? She won't if you don't tell her.
Well, have something and then go.
And I came to congratulate you. 26 years old.
Only 10 more than me. That's a lot.
The stablest couples are those with a big age difference.
There are 3 years between my parents and they don't get on.
I can wait for you. When I'm 20, you won't notice the difference.
I've got a girlfriend who is also your sister.
Amor isn't for you.
She wants to get married and I know you don't.
Why would I change one woman for another?
Because I love you more.
If you'd run me over 5 years ago, I'd have been more grateful.
I can see that you're all right, so...
Every time I go to an interesting audition,...
...I'm too young for the daughter, or too old for the mother,...
...or my tits are too small, or I'm too tall or I'm just wrong.
I'm fed up!
Is it really that bad?
My phone s just been cut off for non payment.
I only get silly parts in stupid series...
..that keep me in food but ruin my stomach.
I wanted to be a musician, but when I played C... came out as F.
I'm not going to give up.
That's good.
I have to go now.
I hope things improve for you.
Stay where you are.
I know who you are.
I'd do anything for a part in your musical.
Even throw yourself in front of a car.
Even that.
You're crazy.
I've got ten friends who'll swear it was your fault.
My knee is still swollen. They'll believe me.
I told you I wasn't a bitch...
...but you don't know what I could become.
You must be a very bad actress not to have made it at your age.
I'll show you you're wrong. How?
By acting. Here and now.
I'm not staying. Sue me if you want.
I'm capable of cutting off my leg to fuck up your life.
Don't answer it.
What is it, love?
Of course.
My address is...
Are you stupid? I'm doing it for you.
Who do you think you are?
Because you cleaned up, you think you own me?
You're not going to boss me around.
You can't work in a place full of shit.
Look, it's my house. I'll keep it as I want.
And why are you still here? Where can I go?
My sister s friend doesn't have a phone and I don't know the city.
It's stinking hot.
And most important of all, I like you.
If you want another blow job for 2,000 pesetas, forget it.
Can't you talk about anything but work?
You're like a man.
I wouldn't be a man, even if I got a free elevator with the dick.
I'll have to wash out your mouth!
You ve dirtied the floor. I'll have to clean it.
You and your cleaning. Get out of the way.
It stinks.
That's the bleach.
I prefer it dirty. At least, I'd got used to the smell.
Don't be such a slut.
I'm a whore.
So what? You can be a whore and still be clean.
Because you say so?
Yea, because I say so!
It's crazy. I haven t dried off and I'm sweating again.
What a bitch!
I'm happy, man.
What is this?
Don't you want to be like my big brother? Now's your chance.
I'm stupid.
I don't mean you. My client went off without paying.
You treat them like queens and look at what they do.
She seemed different.
She was.... special.
Can you tell me later? I need the fan, my room s like an oven.
I've fallen in love.
When? It's been two hours now.
Do you believe in angels? No.
I've just found one who dances flamenco.
What devil art thou that dost torment me thus?
This torture should be roared in dismal hell.
Hath Romeo slain himself?
Say thou but 'I'...
...and that bare vowel...
...I shall poison more than the death darting eye of cockatrice.
I am not I if there be such an 'I'
...or those eyes shut that make thee answer 'I'.
If he be slain, say 'I'.
Or if not, 'No'.
Brief sounds determine of my weal or woe.
Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.
O, churl!
Drank all, and left no friendly drop to help me after?
I will kiss thy lips.
Haply some poison yet doth hang on them,... make me die with a restorative.
O happy dagger!
Let me die!
May I have some water?
Get back, don't crowd her.
Should we call an ambulance? No, it's the heat.
I feel better, thank you. Take it easy.
Why don't you get some water? All right.
This heat will kill us all.
I've got to go to the bathroom.
Did any of you leave your car outside?
It's being towed away.
I couldn't give a fuck about Shakespeare.
You'll think it's stupid,...
...but I'd love my mother to know you exist.
Does she know you're gay?
She knows nothing about me.
Well, she chose the name Benjamin.
But she left me with my grandparents when I was a baby.
She abandoned you? They threw her out.
She got pregnant very young and didn't have a boyfriend.
It's the only photo I have of her.
She's pretty. I don't even look like her.
Yes, you do.
I've waited all my life for her to come back.
She's never contacted you?
We moved soon after.
Then I left home too.
I was sick of pretending I'd a girlfriend.
What about you? What about me?
You haven t said anything about your family.
Forget it. It's too hot.
People lie too much.
They even do it to get laid.
Doesn't it happen to you when you link up by computer?
They're all tall, muscular, with blue eyes.
At least you said what you wanted.
Where's your computer?
I lied.
I said I wanted sex,...
...but I want something more.
Are you leaving?
I'm going to have a shower. Where is it?
Are you feeling better? Yes, I am. Thank you.
Segan Associates. Hello.
May I speak to Andrés Serrano?
He's in a meeting right now. Yes, I know that.
It's urgent. I'm his wife.
Can you hold on a moment? Yes, I'll hold.
Thank you.
Hello? I'm sorry, he can't take your call.
Did you tell him it was his wife? Of course.
Tell him again. Please ring later.
I'm not hanging up.
I'must speak to him.
Do you understand? One moment.
Very well.
Andrés.... It's me. Yeah.
I'm sorry, I'm in a meeting.
I met my son. What?
It was horrible.
If you knew what he does...
I can't talk right now.
Just two minutes, please. I'm working.
And I'm talking about my son.
Benjamin is an adult now. He didn't recognize me.
Marga, I have to hang up.
Did you hear me? Yes.
What can I do? Go to the hotel. We'll talk later.
I need to see you right now.
I'll waken you if you're asleep, all right?
Andrés, why am I with you?
What's wrong?
The skirt, it's brand new.
Can't you buy another one?
No, I can't. I didn't buy it here...
...and when the hell will I be back in Toulouse?
You ve got a hard on.
That doesn't make you a faggot.
I'm all fucked up.
The human body s like that.
It happened to me once years ago...
...when I was still a virgin.
It was horrible.
I told you I'd make you horny.
I'm joking.
It was a reflex action.
Are you sure?
But if you leave your fly open, I won't be able to control myself.
Mario, what's the capital of Holland?
How can I not love a man who says the capital of Holland is Budapest?
Excuse me, could you give me a whiskey?
You don't look like someone who gets drunk at 8:00 p.m. in August.
And what should I be drinking? An iced coffee.
It's what you need and I've just made some.
And if you trust me, I'll add two drops of brandy.
So will I fix you one?
An iced coffee.
I don't know... Yes.
You know, every time a customer comes in, I know how his day s been.
A man comes in and flops down on the stool.
He just orders a gin and tonic,...
...but I know he s had a row with his son, who s unemployed.
He doesn't want to go home because his wife s there.
She thinks it's all his fault.
He d like to turn back the clock, not have children, not get married.
But the gin won't change his life.
And what do you think of me?
You're not short of money,...
...but you've just had an unpleasant encounter.
You're right. Go on.
You were to meet a partner to sign an important contract.
When you were about to sign,...
...he announced that he was madly in love with you.
If you sign, you'll have to see him often.
If you don't, you'll lose a chance to make a fortune.
In short, sex and money. The two things that move the world.
I've never been any good at business.
Really, I don't think I'm good at anything.
You see this apron? Some day I'll hang it up forever.
You ve got your whole life ahead of you, but I...
You ve got yours.
And I have to live with what I've done.
Nothing bad, I'm sure. You're a good person.
It's the first time I've been told that.
What bad thing can you have done?
Abandon a son.
I suppose you had your reasons.
At the time I did.
But your son doesn't understand.
He doesn't know me.
He's 26 years old now.
26 years thinking about him.
And he doesn't even know he spent the evening with me.
But now you've found him you can see him again.
And in time, tell him why you've come back.
A son would understand.
I'd give anything not to have met him like this.
I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye.
Two vodkas and orange, please. Two?
I don't normally drink, but today I need it.
You learn fast.
Oh, hello! Yes.
No, I can't this evening. It has to be tomorrow.
I tried to call a while ago and...
But you said you could wait until September.
No, I still don't have the two million.
Of course I'm still interested.
But you can't!
I saw the premises first and you assured me that...
Look, just wait until tomorrow and we'll talk it over.
It's only one fucking day!
Why am I here with you?
You send my clients away, insult my home...
Will you give over? And I can't even talk!
I'm out of here. Wait.
How much do you charge?
You're joking. Why?
I'm a good professional. You know that.
All right, 50,000.
As it's you, we'll make it 30.
No, if you say you charge 50, it's 50,000.
And you haven t worked all afternoon because of me.
Let me pay you for one session at least.
I can't. What?
I can't take advantage of you. Not of me, of my card.
But you need the money for that film course.
Hey, let me spend it on whatever I want.
Just take out 5. 5?
Yeah, 5. Are you deaf?
50,000 and not another word.
I charge 5.
I don't see the joke.
You aren't as stroppy as you seem.
And I knew you wouldn't take my money.
Because I don't need it.
What are you looking at?
You should charge more.
Wise guy!
Listen to me and you'll earn what you're worth.
Oh, yeah? How?
Take it.
It's a loan.
What are you doing? Be quiet, I'll show you.
It's so hot! I doubt if there's any money left. He emptied it.
25,000 pesetas. What?
That's what your little joke cost me.
I'm flat broke.
You're unemployed, your phone is cut off, and you have a screw loose.
You came for this. Take it.
You threatened me and I want to make it clear that you're nobody.
All right. You can go now.
I don't fucking want to.
What? Stop giving me orders!
What do you want? I want you to sing.
Come on, fucking sing!
Would you do anything for a part in my show?
You're hurting me!
No actress forces me to listen to her.
If you want a try out, you attend the audition and stand in line.
You ve started at the end.
So finish it. What's wrong?
Lost your voice? Forgotten the words?
I can fuck up your life too.
I feel much better. Don't you?
We're quits now.
You're an animal!
And I thought you were an actress.
I am!
Reciting Shakespeare for a musical?
Don't make me laugh!
It may be that today
I'll get lucky
and this time he'll stay.
It's possible
that now I may find
what I've always been looking for.
I'll be faithful to him.
I'll live with him.
In his arms,
without bitterness,
I'll believe again
in love.
Everyone loves a winner.
I don't know
what winning is.
I've never had
anything but dreams
which disappeared with the dawn.
But now
it's different.
I can feel it, I know.
Because life
owes it to me
and this time I'll win.
Everyone loves a winner.
I don't know what winning is.
I've never had
anything but dreams
which disappeared with the dawn.
But now
it's different.
I can feel it, I know.
Because life
owes it to me
and this time I know,
this time I know,
I'll win.
Say what you like but I don't feel right.
You should always dress like that.
It makes me look older. At least 30.
That's what you are.
How do you know? Come on, more or less.
Not more. I won't be 30 for another 6 days.
So you're 30.
If I die today, I'll be 29.
What does it matter? A lot.
Until you're 18, you can't vote or get a driving license.
All right, you're 29. Of course I'm 29.
Do you think people can tell I'm a whore now?
Not if you don't tell them.
Do you want to ruin me?
A man wants to be able to see that you're a whore from a mile away.
Not necessarily.
I said, a man.
You're a kid.
Excuse me, but I'm 21.
See how age matters?
Now you can charge 50,000 pesetas.
You don't believe that.
Say the word and we'll try it. And they'll treat you like a lady.
A young lady.
You'really do go on, young lady.
Do you think I'm Pretty Woman or what?
I like you much more now.
Come off it!
Give them to me. No.
Give them to me! When you tell me what's wrong.
I'm leaving. Why?
You aren't my computer date. So what? We're enjoying ourselves.
Yes, but you tricked me. Only at the beginning.
And now I know you, I d do it again.
I'd a date with someone else.
He was a stranger, so was I. What does that change?
I don't like being lied to!
I love you.
You ve just met me. So what?
You can't fall in love in 2 hours. You think not?
Everyone knows that.
They're lying.
No, Mom, I'm not in trouble.
I need the money for the photo shop.
It will work, everyone takes photos!
You spend a fortune when you go on holiday.
Do you think I like asking you?
2 million.
2 million, but it's a good site.
It's beside the lamp shop. And I'll pay you back.
Yeah, I know you'd give it to me. No, Mom, I'm not angry.
Yeah, I'll come on Sunday with Amor.
Yeah, all right.
Give Dad a kiss for me. Ciao.
It'll do you good.
I have it every afternoon so I can bear the heat.
Thank you.
When you calm down, you can tell me about the robbery.
Which of the three? I was robbed three times this afternoon.
How come?
It must be written on my forehead. 'Rob this woman, she s dumb.'
Don't say that.
No, if I think about it it's my fiancée s fault.
Was he responsible?
First, I was buying him a watch.
Then I was trying on my wedding dress.
We're getting married.
That's nice. I'd like to get married too.
You're one of the few.
All my brothers and sisters are married.
Rubén, Clarita...l cried so much at their weddings!
If you're so keen, why don't you do it?
The uniform.
It'scares women.
Come off it!
Don't say that!
They see you with a gun and think you go around firing it.
Girls look at me... if they were scared. Just like you.
If there's a problem, they re happy to see you...
...but they'll never go on a date with you. Why?
Because I wear a fucking uniform?
I'm a policeman and I love my job!
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at? The gun?
I never load it. Don't you believe me?
Yes, yes.
You don't believe me. I do.
You don't believe me. You don't.
I'm sorry.
It's all right. Don't worry.
I'm an idiot!
I'm sorry.
Could you give me a glass of water?
A glass of water.
Yes, of course.
Don't I have the right to be loved?
Please, don't go.
Get out of the way. Tell me why.
It wouldn't work out. It was going great.
Fucking when you feel like it is easy.
It was great, but it was more than that. And you know it.
One lay doesn't mean anything.
I know what's wrong with you.
You love me too.
You can laugh, but I've been kissed a lot,...
...and you can'tell.
Look, I'm a dancer.
I practice long hours.
I want to be big, and I don't have time to get involved.
I knew it. Will you let me past?
You'll be a great dancer.
I know it.
Now what is it?
I want a kiss.
On the mouth.
What did you do? I didn't touch anything.
Push the button.
What'll we do?
Don't leave me alone.
Don't worry, I'm not moving from here.
I waited 5 years for my parents to come back from a trip.
They danced in a different place every day.
One day I found out they were never coming back.
Their car had crashed in a town on the coast.
You know what?
It was the first time I didn't go with them.
You have to sign it, Amor.
That sounds odd.
My parents are real jokers. I love that name.
Mario hates it.
'I'm going to the cinema with Amor'. 'I'm meeting Amor'.
Don't listen to him. It's beautiful.
Where do I sign, here?
We may get the documents back, but forget about the money.
Thanks for everything. Don't forget to change your lock.
You can't go like that!
Like what?
I can...People can... You can see your...
You can see my panties!
No, no, just a bit.
You can see my ass.
I'm so embarrassed. What do I do now?
What are you doing? Turn around.
Why? Don't be scared.
What are you going to do? Fix this.
Don't move.
It's so hot!
That's it. You need air conditioning.
I've got it.
That watch...
I know, it's a child s watch.
From the only girlfriend I've ever had.
If you can call a kid of 12 a girlfriend.
I met her in Villajoyosa,...
...on the 8th of the 8th of 88.
And you still wear it?
Yes, I could never find her, I didn't know her name.
She was embarrassed about her name.
My name was Amor.
Did you realize?
Roma is the same as Amor but backwards.
My parents must have thought they were original names.
But I prefer mine to my sister's. Imagine being called Amor.
Your name s original, but mine...
Mario has the same letters as Roma, except for the 'i'.
We should give our children normal names. A name s for a lifetime.
You're young to be talking of children.
I've thought it all out. Next year I'll start working.
With my babysitting money and what you'll earn,... 5 years we can take on a mortgage.
You won't always be a waiter. We know that.
I don't have a penny. We'll get through.
Mario, I'm serious.
I'm your brother in law.
Not yet. And if you marry my sister, it won't work.
Can't you see she likes romantic men? I'm more practical.
You should date boys your own age.
I don't care how long it takes.
One day you'll realize I'm the woman for you.
Do you have champagne?
The good stuff or the bad stuff?
For something good, the good stuff.
How much do I owe you, please?
1 ,200.
Mario, a bottle of champagne! Hurry!
You too? I'm the happiest man alive.
Why the celebration? The elevator's open.
What? I've fallen in love.
I'm dying to hug someone. Well, I'm working.
I'm sorry, but I needed to do it. Yes, of course.
Is one bottle enough for two? He may have left already.
If he loves you, he'll wait. See? Same as me.
Is this yours? Yes.
Come on, hurry. I can't waste any time.
Good luck.
How do you know my name?
From your wallet, your I.D. card.
Thank you.
Do you feel ill again?
No, not at all. I feel wonderful.
I feel like ordering a bottle of champagne.
Everyone's celebrating something today.
Does it annoy you? No, I'm envious.
He's bitter because today s his birthday.
Don't interfere in adults conversations.
How old are you? Twenty... 26
And my sister gave him to this year to marry her.
Will you keep quiet? Sure, but I'm right.
What you need is money. 2 million, to be specific.
I'm sorry, I've been here all afternoon, right beside the phone.
My girlfriend doesn't know.
When she hears I've spent our savings she'll leave me.
And the worst thing is I don't know if I care.
I understand why you've got nothing to celebrate.
Nobody notices.
You don't do drugs either. Who says I don't?
Do you do this very often? What?
I was going to go up now.
You screw a guy, go off for a drink and come back 4 hours later.
All my clients do it. Why are you so angry?
What am I supposed to think if you disappear?
That something s happened. Were you worried about me?
Of course.
Know what? I don't care if you aren't called Miguel.
But I am called... Ssh. Miguel is fine.
Listen, bring us that bottle of champagne. I'm paying.
I'm going to tell him now. Are you sure?
Aren t you? It's really lousy.
Mario has to understand.
Understand you're leaving him for a guy you met 45 minutes ago?
Come on, we re talking about 11 years.
What will you say? I've found the boy in the photo.
Until today, I carried your photo in my bag.
He'll feel terrible.
It'll be a relief for him. And the sooner the better.
Don't change your mind when you see him. I could go crazy.
You already are, darling.
I became a policeman to find you.
I spent years looking for your photo, file by file.
You ve only got criminals in your files.
I wouldn't have cared if you'd been one.
Pick me up in half an hour.
Oh, fuck! I'm sorry!
I didn't see you. Have I caused any damage?
No, you've destroyed my little toe but it doesn't matter.
I've got nine others.
I'm sorry. Good night.
Cops always asked for my l.D. before now.
Now they apologize.
You were right after all. He didn't even realize.
Realize what?
That I'm a wh...
Don't forget.
I may look like a lady, but inside I'm still a whore.
Have you nowhere else to do your homework?
On the kitchen table, but then Mom can't fix supper.
At a friend's house? Marta s three brothers are demons.
Daniela s father is always watching soccer.
Mar looks after her grandparents. Anyway, what is it to you?
I bet you distract Mario. At least I keep him company.
It's bad enough for him working on his birthday.
What did you buy him? Nothing.
Come on, I won't tell.
I don't finish till 12:00. So what?
I'm just surprised to see you so early.
You want a drink? Water.
Why don't you go? I don't want to.
Mario, do you want me to go? I don't care.
You see?
Did you try on the dress?
Yes, there was a beautiful one, with lots of flounces.
But it was expensive.
It must have been if you say so.
I was so thirsty!
Tell me, how's your brother?
He's fine. Why?
No reason. But he was in a bad way after the separation.
Yeah, but that was a year ago.
But he s alright?
I guess so. He's seeing another girl now.
Yeah, sure.
Lots of 'You're the only girl I'll love', and then that's it!
And you move on to another girl!
Everlasting love is shit! But it was she who left him.
I need the bathroom.
I can't do it.
What do you mean? You have to do it.
I know bars that are full at this time.
Yeah, I can imagine what they re like.
Nicer than this one and a lot darker.
Pedro, let go. Shut up.
Tell me, what do you see?
A stubborn child.
I see a fascinating woman.
Yes, and that s what everyone else sees.
Go on.
She's a real good looker.
I didn't notice. You liar!
I'm just looking normally. Why don't I believe you?
She's staring.
I noticed that.
We ve been together five hours.
Shit! Five hours with a guy without screwing him!
There s something wrong!
Why haven t you gone?
Because I'm your guardian angel.
Did you think angels don't have sex?
She's all yours.
She d love to spend the night with you.
What did she say?
She really likes you.
Come off it! Really.
And because of your smile,... get a discount.
She charges for screwing you.
You mean, she s... A woman.
Just what you need.
I did it.
I told you so.
I asked for 40.
40,000 for a screw, you know what that is?
Yes, 10,000 less than you could ve got.
You have to give me more lessons.
Oh, yeah? Of course.
Where will you live in Madrid if you know nobody?
In my sister s friend s place, if I find her.
I need you more.
It's three months. It'll be great for your directing career.
You can even film in my place. Your place is tiny.
l'll move tomorrow.
Say yes, come on.
It must have air conditioning.
How much do you charge for a whole week?
And for a month?
You got a calculator?
Are you Mario? Yes.
I arranged to meet Amor here.
He arranged to meet her.
She's in the bathroom.
So you've seen her? Of course.
And you've spoken to her?
And you're all right?
Yes, yes.
She doesn't care about the uniform. It doesn't scare her.
Excuse me, but who are you?
We're getting married. What?
They're getting married.
Amor and I. Didn't she tell you?
Shall we go?
Wait, I want to say good bye to my friend.
He must be in the bathroom.
Your friend?
Yes, the one who spoke to you.
I didn't see anyone. You came up and we made the deal.
It was him.
My friend.
It was you.
Now you'll say 40,000 is a lot. I knew it.
No, no, it isn't that. It isn't that.
It's just that...
I'm your guardian angel.
It must be the heat.
Do you feel all right, my love?
I feel fucking terrific.
Promise me one thing. What?
Not to take off your uniform when we re making love.
Wait a minute.
What's this?
A birthday present.
2 million pesetas!
What's this? Happy birthday.
I'll wait.
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