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King Boxer

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Who is it?
I am Sung Wu-yang.
I have no grudge against anyone.
You must have the wrong person.
Ying Ying, Ta-ming said in his letter.
That he's going to Liao Tung.
And will be coming here to visit us enroute.
What are you laughing at?
Because you look so happy.
Don't get me wrong.
Ta-ming is my brother.
So what am I to you?
Stop it. Brother Chih-hao, you're bad.
Old master is in trouble.
What? What happened to father?
What happened to Teacher?
You're bleeding.
Never mind.
Teacher, are you alright?
I'll be fine, just put on some medication.
Let's go back.
Teacher, it's lucky that. are not wounded badly.
Although I am old
but I can still handle those guys.
I didn't lose the fight, right!
Where are they from?
Doesn't anyone have a clue at all?
We haven't met for a long time.
Let's not talk about this, have some food.
Ta-ming, how's Master Suen doing lately?
Master Suen is very well.
You must have progressed greatly
...under his mentorship.
Just some superficial techniques.
You will be participating in
...the Martial Art Contest next year.
I'd like to if I am eligible.
It would be most interesting...
if you & your brother fight in the same contest.
Please show me some mercy then.
Don't say that, please teach me.
You haven't been sparring for quite a while.
Want to try?
Father, is that alright?
Show me your techniques later.
That's enough.
Ta-ming has progressed a lot
...under the mentorship of Suen
We haven't sorted out who the winner is.
No need to.
I've seen it very clearly.
I'm no match to Suen.
What makes you say that?
Chih-hao, I...
I also want you to go to Po Ting County
and go under...
the mentorship of Master Suen.
I'm already too old.
Take last night's incident for example.
A few years back I would not have
...required any effort to deal with those guys
There were no good students take up Master Suen's skills
Hence he was very depressed.
3 years ago he took Ta-ming by force
and I was selfish to have kept you
You are more gifted than him.
The skills you possess should enable you achieve greater success
So I don't want to be in your way.
Teacher, please take back your decree.
I lost my parents since I was a kid
...and am indebted to you
Nonsense. I know.
You can't bear to leave Ying Ying, right?
I knew you love her
...and I intended you two to marry
But I want to wait till you become champion the martial arts contest
I don't actually seek this honour.
However it'd be great to be with you
...and Ying Ying the rest of my life
It is not a question of personal honour.
The champion will be head of kung fu the north
Those scoundrels are in fact scheming get this position
If they have their way,
the people will be oppressed.
Is that the kind of happiness want?
I'll always remember teacher's words.
"Ko Kui Town"
Master, you...
You've gone too far.
We've bought the goods with our hard earned money...
This is Hercules Ba To-er from Mongolia.
He is unbeatable
...throughout the whole of China
Whoever can beat him
...can take one hundred dollars from me.
Whoever wants to try
...should first pay five dollars as contest fee.
Then you can take the hundred dollars if you win.
Come... Come on.
Five dollars to win a hundred.
Wait, let me win that hundred.
This is really marvellous.
Come... win a hundred with five dollars.
Try again...
Since nobody challenges him.
We'll pack up and leave.
Let me try.
You really are something.
It's not that easy for you to take the money and go.
The money is yours only if you beat me.
Master Meng.
Master Meng... you are here.
Master Meng...
One of you will get hurt if you fight.
You oughtn't use your knowledge to fight others.
One should put it to a more constructive way.
My son has offended you, please forgive him.
I am Meng Tung-shan, let me buy you a drink.
Chen, you're good at martial arts. I admire you...
Thank you for your praise.
I pledge my loyalty
...and service to you
Well said...
I am just a martial artist
and have little regard for fame and fortune
I have little need for help
but I always like to make friends with heroes
I hope you can stay with us.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
You young people go ahead.
Our power will be enhanced with his help.
Not only Sung,
now we don't have to fear Suen too.
You have a point there.
We must however be cautious till the
...moment is ripe.
I know.
As long as we control the 5 northern provinces
...we can do as we please.
It's strange!
I sent Wan Hung-chieh to kill Sung.
Why hasn't he returned yet?
There's a Wang Hau-yan.
He married and forgot about his mother.
His wife lives comfortably...
while his mother huddles in the cold fire log hut.
His wife dresses up everyday.
She is beautiful.
Boss, we didn't get our way at Ho Tung House.
Reckon we should take a girl back young master.
Good idea.
They look so happy.
Miss, you sing well.
May I ask...
I am Wan Hung-chieh
...of Pak Sing Martial Arts School.
Is there anything I can do for you?
Our young master loves to listen to music.
And we would like to take you to him.
We don't know each other.
How can I go to him?
You'll get to know him, follow me.
Sorry, I can't go.
Need I force you?
Isn't that Sung Wu-yang's pupil?
Why is he here?
Hey, what are you doing?
Miss Yen, thank you.
Let me get off and walk.
Master Chao, thanks for your help.
I really appreciate it.
Don't mention it.
Since we're going the same way.
Please feel welcome to go together the carriage.
It might not be convenient.
We art sellers are usually bullied by everyone.
And with you travelling with us...
it'll be most fortunate for us.
Miss Yen, what's the matter?
I am frightened.
But man and woman should keep their distance.
Please don't go.
You needn't be frightened as long as I am here.
Go to sleep.
Han Lung, spar with him.
Let me show you a few tricks.
You are the pupil of Master Sung.
Yet your skills
...are nothing outstanding.
You have only scratched the surface.
And you're not qualified yet learn in our school.
Since you travelled a long way from Po Ting to here,
you should start as a helper in the kitchen first.
A martial artist
...must watch his every step carefully.
Chih-hao, you have practised hard...
on your own without complaints for a year.
I'll let you practise martial arts from today.
Thank you, master.
Chih-hao, you must be focussed.
Why are you distracted?
You must work hard on it, understand?
Start again.
Chih-hao, get me some wine.
Chao Chih-hao?
He is Sung Wu-yang's best pupil.
I saw him twice, it must be him.
How's his kung fu?
I fought with him at the tavern a few days back.
Pretty good skills I'd say.
It looks like Suen and Sung Wu-yang
...want to grab the championship.
We have to be prepared.
Right, I'll see to it tomorrow.
Chao Chih-hao's here.
What a country bump!
He smells like shit.
Oh, it's that idiot from Shang Wu Martial School.
We are all enjoying our drinks here
...but he brings such foul odour.
Let's throw him out.
Right, throw him out.
Are you talking about me?
Who else?
Clean yourself up and.
...don't ever come here again.
Or I'll break your legs.
He is a coward after all.
We only need to take care Han Lung and Tu Wei.
Take that.
Meng is going to storm our school.
I was at Tin Heung restaurant last night
...and overheard their plans.
Then we have to prepare ourselves.
Among us, only big brother, I...
and these two can fight with him.
Chih-hao is such a coward.
He can't help us.
Why do you say that?
Pak Sing School's new guard
...threw his drink at Chih-hao last night.
They really did that?
Did Chih-hao fight back?
Fight back? He didn't even say anything.
...and left!
He has shamed our school.
What are you going to do?
Get lost.
Are you Suen Hsin-pei?
Yes, and you are?
Don't you know the famous Chen Lang?
Oh, Mr. Chen.
What do you want?
I give you 3 days to move out of Po Ting.
Otherwise I'll kill you.
Po Ting county is our home.
By what do you say that?
By my fist.
Mr Chen, we'd better know when to stop.
Master Suen.
You are no match, let him go.
I heard you were insulted by him last night
...and didn't dare fight back.
Cheers, Mr. Chen.
Come on, a toast to brother Chen.
A toast.
This coward again.
Where were you hiding just now.
And what are you doing here now?
Get lost right away.
Or I'll make you suffer.
Don't be outrageous.
Did you hear?
Even this piece of shit starts to speak.
You invited me to a drink just now.
I will now reciprocate.
Kill him.
Allow me.
I must settle this with you.
Good news...
Chih-hao defeated Chen Lang at Tin Heung restaurant.
What? Is it true?
I saw it with my own eyes.
I tell you a good news.
Chih-hao defeated Chen Lang at Tin Heung restaurant.
Ask Chih-hao to come.
I was careless and got defeated by Suen.
I am ashamed.
Don't mention it. You're my guest
...and were hurt by my son.
I feel sorry for you.
Please go and tend to your wounds.
Master, you called me?
Chih-hao, why have you broken our rule.
...and entered into a private duel?
Master, Chen Lang was too outrageous.
I got a revolting feeling.
Chih-hao, you are loyal and honest.
You'll become a great man.
I want to pass the Iron Palm manual to you.
Thank you.
Chih-hao, in the past year.
I have given you laborious tasks...
in order to train your mind and determination.
And to also build up your physique.
These are the first steps to Iron Palm.
Thank you, teacher.
I am becoming old...
and today I am ambushed
I am internally injured.
So I want to pass on the techniques to you.
But you must be cautious.
The Iron Palm is deadly...
and must only be used for righteous deeds.
It mustn't be used in private duels.
I'll remember that.
Passing on the Iron Palm technique.
The Iron Palm is deadly.
If Chih-hao learns this.
It will be a problem.
Even if we get rid of Suen.
If Chih-hao becomes a champion in the competition...
we still can't topple the Shang Wu Martial Arts School.
Stop this nonsense.
The martial arts world is one big family.
Why seek to topple the Shang Wu Martial School?
Get out of my sight.
Mr. Okada, the karate expert
...has come with 2 friends from Japan to help.
They will defeat their best fighters by one at that time.
I hear that teacher is teaching you the Iron Palm.
Is this true?
I want to see what it is like
Let's spar, shall we?
My kung fu is no match for yours.
Let's forget it.
Chih-hao, on guard.
Father, Chih-hao has written to us.
Read it to me. Practise amongst yourselves.
Dear honoured teacher,
I am indebted to you for raising me.
I should serve you in order to repay my gratitude.
Unfortunately since my departure, not a day...
goes by that I don't think about you and sister Ying.
I am now under the mentorship of Master Suen.
...but I still remember what you have taught me
I aim to do well in the competition and...
have cherished sister Ying's words deep in my heart.
I will not let you
...or Ying down.
Words cannot express regards.
All the best.
Ying Ying.
Ying Ying...
You miss him, don't you?
"Pak Sing Martial Arts School"
Is Master Meng here?
Yes, how may I help you?
We are honoured guests from Japan.
I want you to destroy Shang Wu Martial Arts School.
Who do you want killed?
Only the few leaders.
Others will disperse after they are gone.
You try to lure them out
and kill them one by one.
What? Are you afraid?
Where are you going?
None of your business.
I know you want to go to Shang Wu Martial Arts School.
You are Tu Wei, aren't you?
So what?
What a coincidence. I used to know a Chinese
...called Tu Wei, who is a nincompoop.
Maybe you are one too.
You are a Japanese bastard.
I've heard that men from your school are cowards.
Is that right?
Don't be outrageous.
There is a pair of sisters on the farm
...who are looking for husband.
The loser will have to choose...
an ugly and short lazy husband.
The elder sister pretending...
the phoenix opens its wings.
The younger sister pretending...
the dragonfly skims the water surface.
Their competition is well-known in their village
Bring me some wine.
The elder sister finally scores 99.
And the younger sister scores 101.
Elder sister is shy.
Younger sister smiles.
Elder sister has picked...
an ugly, short and lazy husband.
Miss Yen, you sing well.
Thank you for your audience.
Thank you.
Master Han, long time no see.
Miss Yen, when did you return?
A few days ago.
Master Han, you drink too much.
You still care about me?
We're still friends.
Of course I do.
How have you been?
Okay. How about you?
Still the same.
I'd been to Shek Mansion; returned just a few days ago.
Right, I want to enquire about someone.
Who is it?
Chao Chih-hao. Is he still at Shang Wu School?
Do you know him?
You seem to care about him.
How is he related to you?
Well, he saved me once.
We came by the same carriage to Po Ting.
Said he's headed for Shang Wu Martial Arts School come learn from Master Suen.
You should know him.
Kill him.
I have something to say to your teacher.
Is there something on your mind?
Perhaps you wouldn't know this;
But my teacher has decided to teach
...that Chao fellow the Iron Palm.
Is that fellow
...qualified enough?
He doesn't work hard
...and only knows how to ingratiate Teacher.
Such a despicable character!
Why don't you teach him a lesson?
Is he so good
...that you are afraid of him?
What nonsense! People like him
...could be killed by me with a mere punch.
The most dreaded thing is internal rivalry.
Naturally you shouldn't attempt it yourself.
Consider this.
He and I have a grudge
...and I am willing to help you.
Chih-hao, a lady has asked me. hand you this letter
Dear Chih-hao.
I need to discuss something with you...
on the 9th of this month in the evening.
Please be at the Breezy Pavilion.
I will be waiting for you.
Kindly be punctual.
We will talk further-Yen Chu-hung.
Who is it?
I said I have a score to settle with you.
Destroy his hands.
That's it.
You will never be able to use Iron Palm again.
Let's go.
Master Chao.
I... l'm finished.
The doctor says your hand will heal.
Even so I cannot practise martial arts anymore.
You can still find other means earn a living.
All my life I have only known kung fu.
Can't think of anything else!
What are you saying?
I am a lonely girl
and yet I can go on living.
You are a man.
Why can you not?
Concentrate on your recuperation.
Everything else
...can wait until you've recovered
Come, take your medicine.
We've looked everywhere.
No sign of Chih-hao.
The competition is about to begin.
Where could he be?
I heard he...
is involved with some whore.
That's not like him.
Lu Ta-ming.
Are you saying I'm lying?
Stop it.
If Chih-hao doesn't return.
I'll have to send someone else.
Master Han, it's you!
Miss Yen, are you sick?
I got some medicine.
I believe he is sick; not you, right?
Let me go please.
I can do that.
Miss Yen, you have to tell me.
Where is he?
Who are you talking about?
Stop pretending
Who else if it's not Chao Chih-hao?
If you're wise enough, take me to him.
Get lost, you villain.
I'm sorry. I went to pick up some medicine
...and have delayed your treatment.
How can I have you
...serve me daily like a child?
How can these wounds recover so quickly?
The bird is singing again.
See how lovely those birds are.
They are staying close to each other.
Master Chao, when you've recovered...
don't get involved in the martial arts world again.
Clans fighting among themselves
...will never have a happy ending.
If you don't mind
I am willing to...
I'll prepare the medicine for you.
Miss Sung asked me to bring you this letter.
Miss Sung loves you.
Master Sung also thinks highly of you.
Can you just leave them alone?
What should I do?
Go back to the martial arts school with me.
My hands have been disabled.
Chih-hao, don't be sad.
This injury is no big deal.
Where there's a will there's a way.
If you try hard enough...
you will succeed.
The competition is about to begin.
In a month our school's selection match will be held.
Teacher is hoping that you will come back.
Chih-hao, have courage.
Come, let's go.
You can't leave, don't go.
Miss Yen, I am so sorry.
I hope to repay your kindness someday in future.
Master Chao.
Father, I'll go get some wine.
It's getting dark, be careful.
Who is it?
What's the matter?
I'm Meng Tien-hsiung from Pak Sing Martial Arts School.
Ying Ying.
Before Chih-hao comes back with success.
Don't tell him...
Why are you fighting like this?
Chih-hao, don't be discouraged.
Concentrate and try again.
Chih-hao, have courage.
I'm afraid you can never use Iron Palm again.
Alright, there's the winner.
Ta-ming, are you alright?
I'm alright.
Now the contest between Han Lung and Chao Chih-hao.
Here's the winner, stop fighting.
Chih-hao will represent this School
...for the competition.
I feel so ashamed.
Due to my own carelessness.
I've lost to Chih-hao in the elimination rounds.
That's too bad.
Master, you don't seem to be anxious
...about your son's entering the competition
...and being no match to Chih-hao.
Please think of a way out.
What do you mean?
To observe & emulate is most important in a contest
Victory or defeat pours in next.
This is no time for bullshit.
Chih-hao is practising hard at the Chung Hau temple
He'll be setting off by himself tomorrow.
If we can ambush him on his way...
Shut up.
I am an honourable man.
I wouldn't do anything like this.
Brother Han doesn't realize the Martial Arts spirit
I can introduce a few friends
and let you get some exposure.
Apart from Mr. Okada.
Mr. Shotaro Oshima is a 7th Dan karate expert.
This is Mr. Zaemon, a 5th Dan judo expert.
Mr. Okada.
I'd like to try out good his Karate skills are.
Let him compete with Han for a few rounds.
Take care of him.
Master Meng, this...
This is sparring, pull your punches gentlemen.
Go ahead.
My eyes.
Meng, you are so cruel.
I work for you.
Why use such cruel tactics?
I want you to experience the martial world's treachery.
If I live...
I'll take my revenge.
Sister Ying.
What is all this?
What's happened to teacher?
Brother Chao.
Don't call me brother.
Chen Lang, what are you up to?
I have something important to tell you.
There are 3 Japanese fighters
...hiding in the woods ahead to ambush you.
Why are you telling me this?
I suddenly realize
...that to gang up with them too shameful.
So you have a spark of righteousness in you.
As from today I will not associate with
...Meng Tung-shan and his gang.
The 3 of them have samurai swords.
You'd better take this.
Chao, let me take care of him.
Go to the competition quickly.
No, this is my business.
How can I involve you?
You want to rebel?
Go quickly.
Go quickly.
All in your hands.
The martial arts competition will now begin.
Please come over here.
You know the rules.
You cannot break rule 1, 2 and 3.
Move to your sides.
Meng Tien-hsiung of Pak Sing Martial Arts School wins.
Chih-hao of Shang Wu Martial Arts School will fight
...Yi Te Martial Arts School in the next round.
Judge, Chao Chih-hao has not yet arrived, please wai. T
Being late without reason is tantamount to giving up.
Chih-hao is not late without a reason.
He left early and as he still has not arrived.
Someone must have ambushed him on his way...
Let's do what is necessary.
For whatever reason, since
...Chih-hao has not arrived on time.
He's here.
Master, I'm late.
Chih-hao of Shang Wu Martial Arts School reporting.
Good, let's begin.
Stop, Chao Chih-hao wins.
Chih-hao, what happened?
I bumped into 3 Japanese assassins on the way.
Just as I expected.
Teacher, don't worry.
I will win in the competition.
I brought Ying Ying.
How are you?
Where's teacher?
Father he...
He's too tired and is resting at the inn.
Too bad, teacher can't watch today's competition...
It's really...
Father said he wants to see you become a champ too.
Don't worry.
Chih-hao, you must win this time.
It is father's wish.
Aren't you master Han?
What's the matter?
Are you Miss Yen?
Final bout between Meng Tien-hsiung of Pak Sing School
and Chao Chih-hao of Shang Wu School.
Try harder...
Please come over here.
Ready, begin.
Chao Chih-hao of Shang Wu Martial Arts School is...
the Champion of the Regional Martial Arts Competition.
Master Suen.
Your pupil Chih-hao's success this competition is all
...attributed to your training him.
Where's teacher?
What happened?
He's bleeding.
What is this about?
My father was killed by Master Meng's men.
I didn't tell you the truth order that you could fight in the competition.
Master Meng.
You go downstairs and have a look. Be careful of them.
The lights are out.
The light bulbs must have failed.
Let me light the oil lamp.
What's the matter?
I can't see anything.
Who is it?
Han Lung.
Little did you expect that without my eyes.
I can still defeat you in the dark.
This is justice.
It's me.
Stab forward.
Men, the lights.
Stab the upper parts.
Stab the stomach.
Let's see who the winner is.
You owe us Chinese too much.
Bring Ying Ying and hide somewhere.
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