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King Is Alive The

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I would like to tell you of something that happened.
Out of the desert some people came.
They were afraid.
They never stopped being afraid.
The journey had been a long one.
I really need to pee.
It's alright?
No problem.
Can't sleep?
Ray, are you asleep?
I think we should have waited until they got the plane fixed.
Look sweetie, it's still in Sukana.. .believe me. ..
Did you get the pictures developed?
No. I'll do it when we get home.
Do you think we're ever going to get there? What time is it?
Honey, why don't you just.. .
He's gotta be going the wrong way.
No, he's not going the wrong way.
Then why aren't we there yet?
Would you go and talk to him? Please?
Ray.. .
Hey, how s it going?
Travel this road a lot?
No, I'm following that.
What are you doing?
I can't find the water.
Here you are.
Hey, hey, there s no reason to worry, love.
Everything's going as planned, you'll see.
We're just a bit delayed, that s all.
I m not really suited to this kind of thing, Paul.
'Course you are.
It would have been a much better idea.. .
if you and your f ather had come on your own.
Rubbish. ..I wouldn't go out travelling without you now would l, love?
I'm only in the way. You'II never get to know him like this.
He's got to get to know you too, alright?
I can take care of the pair of you, okay?
Hey, where's the road?
That's the road.
180 degrees due South.
This can't be the road to Emerald Bay, it s a gravel path.
It is the road.
C mon, sit down. I'll deal with this.
Now will you please go back to your seats.
C'mon, I'll deal with it! Dad!
Shut up a moment Paul, will you please?
Try turning again!
Just try turning again, will you?
That compass doesn't work.
Look, we're almost out of petrol.
I think you should stop the bus.
It'll be okay. It II be okay. Look.
What the hell is that?
Can you come with me and help me fill up the tank, please?
Those bloody idiots!
What the fuck do we do now?
I don't know.
You don't know? What do you mean you don't know?
You've gotta have some kind of instructions on what to do if.. .
something like this happens!
You've gotta have some kind of emergency plan for Christ s sake.
I'm sorry.
Let s go over to one of those houses and see if anyone's there.
What in the hell s he doing?
He's wetting himself I would imagine.
The jerricans are empty !
- This blasted developing country! - What?
And that idiot thinks he can find somebody !
He's met someone!
C'mon, c mon, let s help him!
Hey, should I wake this guy or...?
What's happened?
Well, we.. .um...we went off course a bit, but now they...
found a guy and gas and they're just filling up the tank so.
Careful of your back.
Okay, one...two. ..three!
You can't drive on that stuff.
Why not?
It s kerosene!
Most buses can manage fine on it.
Alright, everybody back on the bus!
Avoid panicking, never panic! That's the thing. That's the trick.
Keep a clear head. Know what I mean?
C mon!
Oh my God!
C mon!
You can't just drag me and my family out into...
the middle of the fucking desert,
and leave me with a bunch of strangers, do you understand?
Driver, driver, try it again, will you?
Where are you going?
Don't you run away you fucking idiot!
Leave him alone.
Don't you fucking touch me.
Okay, okay, okay. Let's just calm down. ..
we're going to find a phone and we'll call for help.
There's no telephone here.
Well, yea, but I m sure somebody's got a cell phone!
No, but you can't get a signal out here, you moron!
Who are you calling a moron, you fat fuck!
Oh, shut your face.
Excuse me, this is a no smoking bus...Ray!
Why are you calling me a moron because I have a fucking idea?
Paul, Paul. ..sit down, would you?
May I have your attention please?
We might as well face it.
We're going to be here some time.
Well, I can't. I have to get home.
Yes, well that won't be right away.
But. ..someone must come along! What about him?
His name is Kanana. Don't count on him.
He's lived out here ever since the Germans closed the mine.
We can't count on anyone just coming along either.
There hasn't been any traffic through here for years.
I don't want to be here.
I have to get home. I have appointments...
Someone must be looking for us.
I think we've driven at least 500 miles in the wrong direction...
We've got to get going right away! Let s leave right now!
Let's go!
Well, be my guest! It s about 150 miles to the nearest village.
Well, we've gotta do something! We have to walk!
If I m not home within 25 hours,
you have no idea what s going to happen.. .
Shut up!
And sit down!
Sir, we can't just sit here and do nothing.
You know. Can't somebody go and get some help?
Well, there is a small village about 35 degrees east of here.
It's in that direction.
I'd like to go! I'll go!
No fucking chance!
You couldn't find your way out of a public toilet!
It should take me about 4 or 5 days.
Sir, you can't go, you can't. We need you here, uh, Mr. ...
My name is Jack.
We need you here.
Look I'm the only one who stands a chance out there.
Well, what about us?
Excuse me madam, do you understand this?
Excuse me?
This is a serious situation!
Am I right? This is a serious situation.
Oh, it's deadly serious.
There are five rules for surviving in the desert.
We get water,
gather food reserves,
build a shelter,
remain visible,
and keep our spirits up!
At night, dew f alls and that s going to save us.
The dew will form on the roofs.
We're going to have to rig up some sort of containers.. .
and catch every last drop of it.
That ought to ensure enough drinking water for everyone.
With regard to food,
there are some old boxes behind Kanana's house.
They're filled with these.
But it s important that you don't eat the dented ones.
They could be poisonous.
Now, shelter.
I can tell you that it gets extremely cold out here at night,
so I recommend that you each pick a house.
There are plenty to choose from.
It may be that a plane may fly overhead.
So I suggest that we pull off one of the wing mirrors off the bus,
and use it to signal to them using the sun.
At night, we remain visible by having a fire burning constantly.
We're going to have to work out some sort of rota. ..
so that we have at least two people...
watching the fire and making sure that it never goes out.
But above all,
we must stay positive and keep our spirits up!
You got it?
And in the meantime,
I suggest you find a suitable spot and dig yourselves a hole.
What for?
This is the holiday I've always dreamed about.
Go out into the middle of the desert and dig a hole. ..
as long as there's shit, there's hope.
You know, there's something I like about that driver.
He knows he's full of shit.
Look at the size of the hole he's digging!
Hey, these holes are too close together.
Move them further apart.
Spread of infection.
if I'm not back in 5 days,
take the tires off the bus and burn them up on that ridge somewhere.
Black smoke can be seen a long way off.
Why don't we do it now then?
You never let all your ammo off in one go.
Five days.
Five days.
Hey! Charlie boy !
Coming in? There's plenty of booze left.
Shouldn't you be looking after the fire?
Henry's happy to watch it on his own for a while.
Paul needs to relax a bit.
In your own time then.
That's not the way to dance to this stuff !
How are we supposed to dance to it then?
You remember the film?
John Travolta and Olivia Newton John?
Olivia Newton John wasn't in it.
I'll be John Travolta.
That was Grease!
It s a great film!
That's not Grease. That's Saturday Night Fever!
Oh yeah, that was a good film as well!
Caught you!
I caught you. I saw you looking!
You're just like all the other guys.. . aren't you Ray,
it s tits and ass isn't it? Huh?
Ass and tits!
You're just better at hiding it aren't you?
What is it that really turns you on? Huh?
C'mon, is it tits or is it ass?
Believe me honey I know the magnetic power of tits.
Is there anybody?
Pull me up.
Hello my friend!
Hey sexy guy!
Mon amie.
C'mon! Get down to the funky groove...
Let him work!
Remember, he is a serious man.
Now you come inside and party.
Don't stay out here all by yourself.
I've never been much of a dancer.
C'mon...give him a drink.
No thanks.
C'mon.. .
You do as you're told. Okay?
A real drink!
Okay, okay.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay...
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. ..
Out here there is silence.
For days they waited for the man who walked into the desert.
I don't think they talked about him.
They didn't understand the desert.
Fucking assholes.
Repairing a roof out here in dead-mans-land.
It won't be long before we'll be...
fighting each other for a drop of water.
Killing for a carrot.
Some fantastic striptease act of human needs.
Is man no more than this?
It's good old Lear again.
.. .death,
menaces.. .
and maledictions against a king.. .
and nobles.
Am I disturbing you?
No, no.
Have you got a book I can borrow?
I can't sleep.
Yes, but they're in English.
No choice.
Do you know why it's called a role?
In the theatre. Do you know why it's called a role?
It must be French.
No. It doesn't have anything to do with France.
A long time ago, when things were written by hand.. .
Ex cuse me, have you got a light?
In order to avoid having to write a whole play
out several times, each player was given his own role.
"Space Killers"?
Oh, no, you're reading the wrong side.
Did you write this Henry?
No.. .I'm paid to read that stuff. Turn it over.
"I cannot heave my heart into my mouth."
"I love your Majesty..."
That's Cordelia.
It s Othello?
No. It's Lear.
Are you writing King Lear by hand?
Well, as much as I can remember of it.
Or what I think I can remember.
Why not.
Just imagine...
if we could put on King Lear out here.
In this godforsaken place with all these lost souls.
They couldn't learn these things.
Maybe not.
They d probably rather sit and stare into thin air.
That's okay.
We're on holiday, aren't we?
Oh really?
Actually, I was thinking that you could play Cordelia?
I II take one of your books, okay?
What s it like living with somebody like Paul?
Drive you mad does it?
You should keep yourself in shape.
I do.
I play a bit of football now and again.
Where the fuck is Jack?
They re talking about doing a play out here.
Have you heard that?
Those carrots must be getting to us, huh?
I mean, what idiot would want to take part in that?
It s bloody ridiculous.
I will.
Paul, your capacity for self-degradation is really. ..
quite formidable.
And what about you, Amanda? Are you going to join in?
I. ..
I'm sorry. What did you say?
I don't think there are any more parts.
Well, lucky old you.
Don't worry.
I'II make sure there's a part in the play for you love.
Well, if there aren't any more parts,
then there's nothing you can do about it.
Well, if you're not in it, then neither am I...
Well, I don't want you to embarrass me...
I'll tell him straight!
Tell who?
that's good.
Now surely some tribal chieftain will see that.. .
God willing.
You know. I hate party games. ..
and I'm not going to. ..
participate in some kind of silly group therapy.. .
and I don't care if everybody's doing it. ..
and I don't care if only the bugs are watching...
they're going to eat us anyway.. .
Practicing your lines?
That's what I want to talk to you about.
I mean, the play.
I mean, what s it all about?
Well, it s about a King, who has two daughters.. .
or maybe it's three, I'm not really sure.
But anyway, he has a couple of kids.
And he's old and he wants to retire...
and he wants to divide his kingdom between his kids,
so whoever says they love him the most. ..
gets the biggest share. That's it.
And you get the chance to be the evil daughter, right?
I get to play the real bitch.
You don't have to worry you know,
nobody has to f all in love and everybody gets to die in the end.
Are you too tired?
No. I'm not tired.
How about if it was in French?
You could talk to me in French.
What do you want me to say?
Say...I m French.
And I like to boogie on down baby !
"I'm French, "
"and I am fed up with you sticking to my ass. '
That's so excellent.
Tell me a story.
"Once upon a time, '
"an old man was lost in the desert.'
'After several days, "
' he got so bored he was ripping his balls off."
' So he got this crazy idea. .. '
"of staging King Lear in the middle of a shit-hole of a desert. '
' At first, '
"he asked the French chick to be in because the old retard..."
' got a hard on at the thought of her tight little ass. '
' Sadly, she turned him down. .. '
'Seeing he'd blown his chances of screwing the intellectual, "
'he decided to try his luck with the Yankee bitch."
'The cow's immense joy was as great as her stupidity."
"Wow! Great! A real play ! "
"And maybe the old dickhead's idea wasn't so bad, "
'because thanks to her pretty little ass.. ."
' he'd got to attract the other guys."
"And there you go! "
What was it about?
It was a fairy tale.
It's beautiful!
I can say they were afraid but they didn't hold each other.
They began to say words.
Words made them forget.
For a while they went round and said words...
without talking to each other.
Henry listened.
In two our kingdom, and it's. .. tis our firm intent.
To share all cares and business from our Age.
Passing then on to younger strengths, While we Unburthen'd. ..
crawl toward death. And now, My daughters,
doth love us most? Goneril,
our eldest-born, speak first.
I love you more than words can wield the matter.
Beyond what is regarded rich and rare.
No less than life, with grace, and. ..
honey, would you quit with the paper. Please, thank you.
I am opposed to any other joy. ..
which the most precious square of sense Possesses.
And find. I am alone facilitate in your love...
Yeah, sorry.
As much I am alone prefer.. .
as much as child e'er loved, or father found.
A love that turns all speech to idle breath.
Beyond all manner of all this I love You.
Henry, can I sit down? I m feeling rather poorly.
Yes, of course. You should have a throne.
Of all these bounds, even from this line to this,
we are now Lady.
What says our youngest daughter, our most dear Cordelia?
Nothing, my lord.
Nothing will come of nothing. Speak again.
Unhappy that I am, I cannot. ..
It's heave.
heave. ..
Sorry !
Okay. Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave...
my heart into my mouth.
I love Your majesty according to my bond.
No more, no less.
I II get him something to drink.
He must have eaten one of the bad cans.
Get him out of the sun!
I need a drink. Now! Please!
Paul? Have you got any more brandy?
Get him out of the sun!
Don't just stand there giving out orders. Come and help!
We've got to get him to a doctor.
We've got to get him to a doctor.
We have to do something you know what I mean?
We can't just sit here and eat these fucking carrots!
I mean, look at me! Look at me! I need a wash, you know!
I stink like a pig! I really need a bath!
What do you want?
Get a grip!
We're all going to fucking die! Are you insane?
Where the fuck is Jack?
We can't just sit here and do nothing!
He should not have been away this long!
He should've been back sooner!
We've got to do something! We can't just sit around here...
waiting for us all to end up like that!
I don't fucking know!
What do you want to do?
You want to walk?
Yeah, why not? Jack walked that way,
maybe we should try the other way. Maybe we're lucky!
I guess it's going to take a while before we learn this stuff.
I know I'm not.. . I'm not very good at it.
Oh, I don't know.
I'm not sure if it's going to work out.
Poor old Lear has got the DT's, we haven't got a Gloucester.
What about Charles?
I don't think Gloucester s much of a golfer.
He probably doesn't want to do it anyway !
Not sure if any of them do.
I think you're wrong about people not wanting to do it.
I know, I just. ..
I can't go back to just sitting around and thinking all day.
All the thoughts that come into my brain.
What kind of thoughts?
You know the kind.
Is anyone back home thinking about me?
How's my sister?
Is she really taking care of Flower Boy?
Flower Boy's my dog.
I mean they probably think we're dead right?
Do you think we're going to die out here?
No, no.
How do you know?
I just know.
I would really really like to do the play.
Do you think you can learn the lines?
Yes, I promise I can. I can.
Were you really an actor?
A long time ago when I lived in London.
Where do you live now?
Los Angeles.
Wow! Are you in the movies?
Well, no, not really. I used to work in the theatre.
Hmmm. I used to work in the theatre too.
No, no, no, no.
You're going to have to use your imagination on that one.
Careful now.
No, you're not like that.
or is it yogurt with muesli you eat now?
Do you remember that time we had to buy a present for your mother,
you got lost in the crowd, I couldn't find you?
These past days I've been thinking of you more and more.
I should have done that a long time ago.
Thoughts out here the mistakes.
I'm trying to imagine your life.
What are you doing here?
Your plan failed.
You haven't got a King.
Oh, we'll work something out.
Might even do it myself.
What about Cordelia?
You would be a wonderful Cordelia!
You'd enjoy that, would you?
You'd be better than the one you've got now.
Oh, I don't agree.
I think she II be very good.
Are you bored?
I always am.
Even at home.
It's not any easier out here.
How do you do it?
How do you pass the time?
By keeping a very firm grip on myself that's how I do it.
You don't want to take part in the play, huh?
That's well observed.
I just don't understand this urge... that people have to parade themselves.
Pretending like those Japs who think they're Sinatra or Elvis Presley.
Women who can't wait to get on TV. ..
to tell the world they're shagging their husband's best friend.
It's what makes you happy right?
Yeah, happy.
Look, the only reason you're running about out there is. ..
because you can't think of anything better to do!
Where's the dignity in that?
Don't you think you can suck me into this farce!
No, nobody thinks they can.
Do you think I'm blind?
Or do you think I'm stupid?
I've seen you with those chaps out there.
Don't think you can flash your pretty little eyes at me.. .
and make me go all gooey.
Still, never say never.
Let's negotiate. Let's do a deal.
But it's payment on delivery.
Yeah? What?
If I m going to do join in there's got to be one condition.
I get to fuck you.
Fuck you til this madness ends.
Isn't that what you're supposed to do? I mean,
sacrifice yourself for your art?
I must love you, I would fain know you better.
Sir, I shall study deserving.
The King is coming.
Alright, very good.
Let's skip my lines and go straight to Goneril.
I love you more than words can wield the matter.
Beyond what is regarded rich and rare.
No less than life, with grace, and health, and honor.
I am opposed to any other joy. ..
that the most precious square of sense possesses and find.
I am alone.. .felicitate in your love.
Isn't it your turn, Henry?
Well, yes. ..right. Let's. ..
Let s try something else.
Henry, I think I'm just a little bit confused...
like, I need to know like who she is and where she comes from.
Let it be so.
Thy truth then be thy dower.
For, by the sacred radiance of the sun.
By the mysteries of Hecate and the night.
By all the operation of the orbs.
By whom we do exist. And cease to be.
Here I disclaim all my paternal care.
Proximity and property of blood...
and as a stranger to my heart and me. Hold thee from this. ..
The barbarous cronos...
who makes his generation dishes to gorge his appetite. ..
shall to my bosom be a friend, neighbor,
and relative as thou.
My sometime. ..
And Kent, come not between the dragon and his wrath.
I loved her most.. .
and thought to set my rest on her kind nursery.
Hence and avoid my sight.
So shall my grave be my peace.
It s here.
I take her father s heart from her.
Yes, well I think that went very well.
Is that it?
Maybe he's a king and maybe she's a princess. ..but...
whoever heard of a daughter that. ..
loved her father and wouldn't tell him that she loved him.
I mean that doesn't make any sense.
Least he had a daughter.
What s the point of having a child if you don't have a life?
God, those eyes.
Oh Gina,
Gina, Gina.
It's like a volcano going off in my head.
I mean. ..l'm sure you ve heard this a million times but.. .
I've never felt.. .
I ve never seen such passion.
I just have to touch you and...whoosh!
But I'm in pretty good shape, don't you think?
You felt it didn't you Gina?
Was it good for you?
Yes, yes it was good.
I'm flattered.
I m proud.
Have you been with many women?
Oh, Yes.
Well, you know,
women and women.
But I've never felt like this.
I always knew there was someone...
I always knew the moment would come.
See, that's why I kept myself fit.
You know, exercising every morning before I went to work. ..
and when I came home I was exercising, then...
it's golf for the weekend and that sort of thing.
But I always had a target.
I always had a reason to keep myself fit.
So I was ready!
I don't just mean for fucking.
I'm in love!
I've always been ready for love!
Had you not been there father, these white hairs...
Had you not been there father, these white hairs...
Is this a face. ..
Is this a face?
Is this a face?
This is a face.
Is this a face?
This is a f ace to.. .
'Tis known to us.
Our preparation stands in expectation of them.
O dear father, ...
'Tis thy own welf are that I care about.
For this, great France.
My sad and mourning tears hath pitied.
Ask thy daughter s blessing.
This is a night.. .
pities neither wise men nor fools.
I can't hear you.
O nuncle,
court holy-water in a dry house.
He makes me want to puke.
What s the matter now?
Messing about with a tart like that at his age.
What about this one? Is this one too dented?
Oh, chuck it away, don't take a chance.
They re all dented.
No, no,
no, no.
Amanda, you should have checked these boxes earlier!
What the fuck are we going to live on?
There's a plane!
There's a plane for God's sake!
You're not pointing it right. Give me the mirror.
Give me the mirror !
Paul, let him do it, Paul!
You're not doing it right way!
Give me the mirror !
You're not doing it right! Give me the mirror !
They ate a bit less every day...
then they said words the rest of the time.
I don't know if the desert crept into their heads at night...
but in the day it wasn't there.
Together they said words.
They still didn't say them to each other.
This is nothing fool!
We're not quite there yet Ray.
The trouble is you're doing it from the throat,
try taking a deep breath and then say the line.
This is nothing fool!
Not quite, do it again.
Henry, I really don't think I'm cut out for this stuff, you know?
No, you'll be fine, you II be fine,
now just concentrate on the words.
And forget about the rest of us.
And just take your time. We've got plenty of time.
All right?
Would you do something for me? Take this.
Now would you go into that house over there.
What I need is to hear you not the fool.. . you.
Just think about what the fool has to say...
and find your own meaning in it. All right?
Oh my God, what is this place?
It's an ice house.
Well, that's just typical, isn't it?
Lots of big beefy guys all working really hard.
Just to keep their women cold.
You know why I brought you here?
No, you don't.
I brought you here to piss my husband off.
I wanted to kick him in the balls.
None of the old guys would work. ..
and Ray would never believe that
I'd do the stupid guy but you're just perfect.
White men don't like their wives fucking black men!
Think I'm a bitch?
I guess I am a real bitch.
Come on.
You might as well take your reward cause I ve got mine already.
And nobody s going to believe a fucking word you say anyway!
C mon.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Get down on your knees.
Get down on your knees.
So this is the way you want it?
On demand?
You fucking bastard!
You don't understand, do you?
Come on.
Where's Ray?
I don't know, where's Amanda?
She II be here in a minute.
I think I'll also turn in.
No, sit down.
- No, I d rather. .. - No, no.
You can sit down and talk to me for a minute.
You like women?
Where would we be without women, hey?
Our lives would be miserable.
I think I'd just fall apart.
I d be down at the pub all night,
day in, day out,
looking for the one and only.
Have you got a wife?
Why are you fucking Liz?
I'm not...
Shut up!
You're sticking your stinking prick into other people's relationships.
I'm not...
I said, shut up!
What has Ray ever done to you?
If you want to fuck our women,
then you've got to fucking fight!
C mon, get up! Fight!
Paul! Let him go!
C mon.
C mon, hit me you poof.
Let him go. Let him go! Paul!
Paul, get off him!
Paul, get off him!
No! Are you out of your stupid head?
Are you okay?
Leave us alone!
Shame on you.
You can't just leap about bashing people senseless.
He was asking for it.
No, he wasn't.
He was.
No. He wasn't.
He was. Amanda, he was asking for it!
I don't know you anymore.
We don't know each other.
I've always done everything for you.
You know that! Everything!
Everything you've done you've done for yourself.
You've never considered me not for a second.
You don't always get what you dream of having.
I always knew that you were nothing special.
But that was okay because I just wanted a peaceful life.
But the worst thing is, you yourself.
The ridiculous,
pathetic way your head works.
I never...
I never knew you were a pig!
Stop what you're saying now...
because you don't mean what you're saying.
Yes, I do.
I do mean what I'm saying.
For once in my life I m absolutely clear headed...
about what I'm saying.
No, Amanda, don't go, Amanda, stay.
You can't do this.
Yes, I can.
I II change. I'll change.
I'll change! I promise I'll change.
I'll change. I'll change!
Don't go!
O nuncle,
court holy- water...
in a dry house is better than this rain water out of doors.
Good nuncle, in? Ask thy daughter's blessing.
Here's a night...
pities neither wise men nor fools.
Are you alright?
Time had passed.
The time it takes.
For a while I didn't see the big man.
I didn't understand a word they said.
Nor did they.
I think that Henry understood what they said.
I must change arms at home, and give the distaff.
Into my husband's hands.
Soon you will hear.
If you dare venture on your own behalf a mistress' bidding.
Decline your head.
This kiss, if it durst speak.. .
I can do it better, I can do it better.
Can I do it again?
Yeah, sure. ..
I must give this.
I must change arms at home,
and give the distaff. Into my husband's hands.
Soon you will hear.
If you dare venture on your own behalf to do a mistress' bidding.
Wear this.
Decline your head,
this kiss, if it durst speak.. .
Can I try this one more time?
Well, actually, it's fine but if you like.. .
Please. Please.
I must change arms at home,
and give the distaff. Into my husband's hands.
Soon you will hear.
If you dare venture on your own behalf.
A mistress's bidding.
Wear this.
Spare speech.
This kiss,
conceive and fare thee well.
He'll be back.
What s the matter? What s the matter?
I can't breathe.
She's got a fever.
She's got a fever. Help me, help me get her inside.
C'mon, please.
How are you darling?
Would you prefer to be by yourself?
Okay, okay.
I don't want anything from you, don't you get it?
You're an old letch.
When you touched me you made me wanna puke.
Your grinning and sweating all over me.
I thought I was going to crawl out of my skin.
But you really fell for it huh?
Yeah, you fell for it.
You're a mean fucking sonofabitch.
You're smug,
you're not funny,
you're not nice to people.
You look like fucking shit.
Why would I want to go with you?
Do you wanna know why?
You know that smile you have that's so fucking condescending?
The way you look at people.
The way you judge everybody.
I just...I wanna...
I just wanted to open you up.
Get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck out of here.
. ..good Lord, sit here and rest a while.
I have a journey, sir shortly to go.
My master calls me, I must not say no.
.. .hard by, there is a hovel.
but there while I to this hard house.
My master calls me, I must not say no.
Return and force this wanting courtesy.
Where's Gina?
Can we talk?
Charles, we have to talk.
I can't.
You'd better get something on your head.
You can't stay out here. You ve got to go inside.
C mon.
Shouldn't you be rehearsing?
Not without Cordelia.
He's dead.
He's lying out there.
This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy wouldn't talk to me.
And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee.
All the way home.
This little piggy thought she was an actress.
And this little piggy was...
was a pig.
Shut up, Shut up!
I want to know what s left of him.
Probably only the skeleton, wrapped in his clothes.
We have to go out there and bury him.
This cold night will turn us all to fools and madmen.
By the laws of war.. .
thou needst not answer An unknown adversary.
Thou art not vanquished.
But cozen'd and beguiled.
As you have charged me, I am guilty.
And have done much more.
Let's exchange charity.
It is true.
The wheel has come full circle
O you are men of stones.
Had I your tongues and eyes,
I d use them so that heaven's vault should crack?
She's gone forever.
I know when one is dead and when one lives.
She's dead as earth.
Is this the promis'd end?
From the desert came peace.
They didn't see everything.
I saw it all.
A plague upon you,
murderers, traitors, all!
I might have saved her?
Now she's gone.
Stay a little.
They are not here.
Now they are gone.
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