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King Kong vs Godzilla 2 (1962)

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MAN: "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio,
"than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
This is United Nations reporter Eric Carter with the news.
As the series of earthquakes continue to destroy Chile,
the United Nations has granted immediate emergency aid.
Transport planes laden with food and medical supplies...
have already been dispatched to the stricken area.
MAN: Through the facilities...
of the International Communications Satellite,
we take you live to Santiago de Chile,
and our U.N. reporter Rodrigo Infanta.
Hello, Santiago. This is Eric Carter in New York.
INFANTA: Hello, Eric.
This is Rodrigo Infanta reporting via I.C. S...
from the U.N. newsroom in Santiago de Chile.
The planes have already arrived and are being unloaded.
The last recorded tremor was four hours ago.
Hopefully, it was the last.
I have a message from the president of Chile,
conveying his heartfelt thanks...
to the United Nations and the Red Cross...
for their swift and most excellent assistance.
Rodrigo Infanta signing off from Santiago.
Thank you, Rodrigo.
Considerable attention has been focused on the Bering Sea.
A Japanese fishing fleet has reported a strange phenomenon.
Large icebergs have been breaking up,
the floes of which are drifting southward towards Japan...
and melting quickly.
The Japan current, sometimes called Kuroshio,
divides here.
The northern branch skirts Asia...
and merges with the cold Oyashia current.
This normally cold ocean stream...
is maintaining an abnormally warm temperature.
The United Nations...
has dispatched its nuclear submarine Seahawk...
with several of the world's most prominent scientists...
into the area.
More on that matter as it arises.
Japanese scientist Akiro Markino,
winner of last year's Nobel Prize for medicine,
claims to have made a rather amazing discovery...
in the field of chemotherapy.
These red berries, discovered in his latest field trip...
in the Bougainville area,
produce a non-habit-forming narcotic effect.
Unfortunately, he reports,
the berries grow in only one small, remote, primitive island,
and the natives there are reluctant to give them up.
It seems animals are fond of this fruit,
and the berries are ground into juice by the natives...
to placate a "mysterious god" who lives on the island.
The god is supposedly an enormous creature...
that no one has ever seen...
but who is rumored to be taller than many of their mountains.
Dr. Markino would make no comment...
on whether such a creature exists or not,
but the Pacific Pharmaceutical Company,
Dr. Markino's employer, claims he does exist.
They also claim that the reason he is such a giant...
is because he eats Dr. Markino's berries.
There is one thing we can be certain of...
that these berries will produce,
and that is a giant advertising campaign.
MAN: I called the plant Summer.
Our early tests have shown remarkably good results.
We are pleased.
My notes confirm this.
I will however need more berries to continue testing.
But because of their god,
the natives refuse to give up more than a few handfuls.
How strange.
Would you show us where the island is on the chart?
MARKINO: Of course. Of course.
Just before returning home, I touched at Bougainville,
here in the Solomons, and about 62 miles south...
was a small island called Faro Island.
There is where I found the red berries and the strange god.
Strange story, Mr. Markino. I find it hard to believe...
Uhru. Sounds like a fairy tale, Doctor.
Does a giant creature exist here?
Since you ask my opinion, my answer is yes.
A giant monster? Ha ha! He must be putting us on.
We must really need publicity.
It's heads, so get a monster.
Tako, not a monster. Really.
Yes, a monster. Come on, think.
I want action now and no arguments.
A wonderful stunt! Terrific!
Of course. Have you seen our latest TV ratings?
They're terrible. Who out there is watching our show?
No one! Because it's dull and boring and without imagination.
Pacific Pharmaceutical demands publicity.
You two are going to Faro.
Find me a genuine monster, if he exists or not!
Steaks are ready. Are you hungry?
Hungry? I'm starving.
I have something to show you first.
Look at this.
Sewing machine thread.
This is wire, stronger than steel.
Just watch this.
We're testing it Monday in Hokkaido.
Hold it! Don't do that! No, don't!
Stop! Stop! I'm convinced! I'm convinced!
Don't do that! Come on, stop!
I believe you.
Stop it! You're not Tarzan!
All right, you win.
Come on, no more.
No more.
You should take some with you on your expedition.
There is nothing stronger.
WOMAN: Here.
Hey, that's not fair.
How come your boyfriend's steak is bigger than your brother's?
Sakurai, stop it, will you?
Fujita, eat, honey. I made the steak for you.
Hey, what's so interesting?
FUJITA: Story about a submarine.
U.N. submarine Seahawk is calling in from the Arctic Sea.
Hello, Seahawk. Go ahead, Commander Roberts.
This is Commander Roberts reporting from Seahawk.
We are approaching area and will submerge shortly.
CARTER: Hello, Seahawk,
this is Eric Carter from U.N. headquarters...
switching you now to Yataka Omura in Tokyo.
Hello, Seahawk, this is Tokyo.
Our tracking stations in Japan are following you closely.
ROBERTS: Thank you. Over and out.
We are following the submarine Seahawk by I.C.S.
Her present location...
is latitude 58 degrees north, longitude 178 degrees east.
Captain, water temperature is 68 degrees.
ROBERTS: 68 degrees! It can't be.
There aren't any warm currents in the Arctic Ocean.
- Check that temperature! - Yes, sir.
Captain, I see a strange light behind the iceberg dead ahead.
ROBERTS: That must be it. Let's go down and have a look.
Take her down fast.
Emergency dive.
[Horn sounds]
Doctor, what do you make of that?
It looks like a Challenkoff light.
Challenkoff light? What can that be?
It's a light generating nuclear reactors,
and that light looks very much like it.
Captain, we're having a Geiger response.
Stand by!
Depth at 85 meters!
Still heading towards the iceberg.
We're getting closer. Up underwater periscope.
Emergency lights.
All stations report damage.
DOCTOR: What did we hit?
- It must be an iceberg. - Iceberg?
MAN: Periscope out of order!
Atomic fuel room damaged!
Captain, propeller shafts and engines badly damaged.
Engine room reports repairs impossible.
ROBERTS: Oh, great.
Captain, do something before we are crushed to death.
Fire mayday quarter signal.
Captain, the Geiger response is climbing.
Captain, sonar's out of order.
I'm sure a rescue party will come looking for us.
There's nothing we can do...
but wait and pray that they see the mayday signal.
MAN: Water in the engine room.
Secure all the bulkheads.
MAN: Captain, water in the tower!
ROBERTS: Secure the hatch!
MAN: Engine room flooding rapidly.
Captain, do something!
Abandon ship! All hands, prepare to abandon ship!
- Escape hatch is jammed. - Captain, we're trapped!
Look there, Al, in the water.
I'll mark her around the iceberg.
That's them. Let's go down.
What do you make of that, Al?
The world is stunned to discover...
that prehistoric creatures exist in the 20th century.
Tracking stations show...
Godzilla heading in a southeasterly direction...
towards the offshore islands of Japan.
He seems to be traveling in a straight line...
and on a predetermined course,
though as yet we have no explanation why.
Dr. Kenji Shigezawa, minister of defense,
has been meeting with the army chiefs of staff.
The armies have been alerted...
as we wait for more news from Japan.
- Dr. Shigezawa, a statement. - Is Godzilla coming?
Yes, he is. He is approaching quickly.
- Can we stop him? - We must not panic.
If there is one thing we cannot afford at this time,
it is hysteria.
A national emergency may exist,
but the armed forces will defend Japan at all costs.
That's really all I can tell you now. Good day.
MAN: What if the army can't stop him?
Of course, other plans are now being considered.
Any way we can find to stop Godzilla must be considered.
I see. Then you have discussed using the atom bomb.
Possibly, as a last resort.
If we do not destroy Godzilla soon,
the monster will destroy us all.
Gentlemen, that's all I can tell you for now. Good day.
Yataka Omura from Tokyo,
reporting that the situation is grim.
Evacuation plans are being prepared.
People should have small, light baggage ready.
Please remain calm.
The Japanese navy is filling the harbors with evacuation craft,
and we wait to see...
in which direction Godzilla will strike next.
Oh! No more!
I'm sick of Godzilla!
Send a wire immediately!
Oh, yes, right away, sir.
I want my own monster! Find me a monster fast!
That's exactly 10 words, sir.
Send it! Send it!
[Horn sounds]
Land ho!
- Land ho! - Come on!
There it is!
Land off the starboard bow!
Faro Island!
[Rhythmic drumming, chanting]
[Shouting in native language]
[Shouting in native language]
[Shouting in native language]
Good luck.
- Thanks. - We'll need it.
Shove off.
UHRU: Sakurai, I am scared.
Why? It looks like a friendly sort of island.
Ooh... ooh... do you suppose they know?
[Shouting in native language]
UHRU: Hey, don't point those things. We bring peace.
Presents for you! Don't shove. Please don't push.
Wait a minute! He brought me here.
Him! Him! He's the leader!
[Shouting in native language]
- Chief? - Is that the chief?
That's the chief.
Konno, listen. We're here on a goodwill mission. Got it?
I'm not here to become their dinner.
[Speaking native language]
He order you to leave this place. Right now!
UHRU: He's right. Let's go.
Hold it. Will you just take it easy and calm down?
Listen, we want the chief to know...
we came here as his friends.
Tell him a boat is coming for us tomorrow...
and smile, will you?
I smile!
[Speaking native language]
Here, hold this.
Konno, give me the radio.
Come on, hurry. Hurry.
Chief. How.
See what I've got? Magic. Try it out.
[Speaking native language]
This radio... two transistors. I show you.
With this here, all other chiefs will shake in your power.
CHIEF: Shake.
Shake. Tremble.
[Chief speaks native language]
See, switch it on, like this, and you get my magic.
[Music plays]
[Woman singing in Japanese]
Heh heh heh.
SAKURAl: Quick, the smokes.
Cigarettes? Inhale!
They satisfy.
Ah, too bad. We forgot to bring candy.
Oh, your mommy.
You better not smoke it around home.
- Think it's all right? - It's OK.
They're all smoking.
[Speaking native language]
He gives you permission to stay.
But he will not be responsible...
if the giant god comes down from the mountains and eats you up.
Fair enough.
Sakurai, maybe we can still catch the boat.
Forget it, will you? Konno, give these to the chief.
Tell him to keep the pack. Hurry.
[Drumming and chanting]
Big spirit! Big spirit! Pray! Pray!
SAKURAl: What was that?
Hey, that noise is only the lightning up there.
That ferocious god of theirs...
is only lightning caused by the thunderclouds.
You can't be scared of that.
Look at them... ignorant, primitive savages,
frightened to death by lightning up in the sky,
and you're no better!
[Animal roars]
Hear that? That thunder ain't thunder.
Yes, yes, it is thunder. That's ridiculous.
Just in case, let us pray, too.
I don't believe in superstition. You pray.
Fumiko! Fumiko!
Hi, Tamiye. What's wrong?
Fumiko, Fujita's plane crashed.
It's in the papers.
"Flight 311X to Hokkaido crashes."
"Tragedy struck Hokkaido Airport today.
"In addition to the crew, 118 passengers died on board.
"27 survived."
Maybe he could be one of the survivors.
Why don't you go to Hokkaido?
Do not go to Hokkaido.
The Japanese government has asked me...
to inform all people they have good reason...
to believe Godzilla will strike next at Hokkaido.
WOMAN: Mr. Carter.
I see Eric Carter is ready with Dr. Arnold Johnson in New York.
Go ahead, New York.
Thank you, Japan. This is Eric Carter in New York.
Dr. Arnold Johnson is curator...
of the New York Museum for Natural History...
and an esteemed authority on prehistoric animals.
Dr. Johnson, you've agreed to explain to us...
some of Godzilla's history.
I said I would attempt to explain.
After examining photographs of Godzilla taken by the I.C.S.,
I tend to classify him as a prehistoric species of dinosaur,
possibly a cross between the gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex...
and the Stegosaurus,
which is sometimes known as the plated dinosaur.
This particular form of reptile existed...
somewhere between 97 and 125 million years ago.
That's an impossibly long time for anything to remain alive,
even frozen inside an iceberg.
Well, in Mexico, they found a frog...
which they think lay dormant for two million years.
In Japan, flowers bloomed recently from lotus seeds...
3,000 years old.
The fact that Godzilla is here and alive,
forces us to reconsider many theories on suspended animation.
Dr. Johnson, you stated Godzilla would definitely come to Japan.
What makes you believe this?
Fossils found in Japan resemble Godzilla.
Also, he headed instinctively for Japan,
like a salmon returning to the waters in which he was born.
It's my opinion Godzilla thinks he's heading home.
Our modern weapons seem to have no effect on Godzilla.
Have you any suggestions as to how he can be stopped?
Well, I know the atom bomb is being considered,
but that would be more destructive than Godzilla.
As a reptile, Godzilla might shy away from electricity.
But at this time I wouldn't care to hazard a guess.
CARTER: Thank you, Dr. Johnson.
Dr. Johnson has consented to stand by at U.N. headquarters...
and keep himself available for comment and consultation.
As you know, the U.N. newsroom will remain open...
to keep the world informed on the crisis.
Meanwhile, the expedition dispatched by...
Tokyo Television and Pacific Pharmaceutical reports that...
they heard the cries of a giant creature on Faro Island.
They are now moving into the interior to establish contact...
with this strange island god.
It is hoped he will be friendly.
UHRU: Hey, wait for me! Where are you?
[Birds chirping]
[Sakurai, speaking native language]
UHRU: Wait for me!
SAKURAl: Come on, keep up.
UHRU: I'm tired. Can't we rest?
No. We'll keep going until dark.
Who says?
I says, and if you don't like it, you can go back to camp.
OK, OK, but my corns hurt.
Ah, you and your corn.
My corns always hurt when they're near a monster.
Great. When you and the monster meet,
tell him all about your corn problems.
- I heard something! - Quiet!
[Speaking native language]
Konno, bring up my camera!
[Animal squealing]
UHRU: Aah! He got me!
Aah! Ooh!
It's only a lizard. Throw it! Throw it down!
[Lizard squealing]
[Animal roars]
SAKURAl: Hurry! We'll get trapped!
UHRU: You see? My corns never lie.
Uhru, what is it? What hurts?
The... corns.
I don't want to hear about your corns till we finish!
After that, you and your corns can go home.
Mr. Uhru must need sleep. Get red berry juice. Hurry.
Good idea.
Kiro. Kiro.
[Speaking native language]
- What's the matter? - Giant octopus. Hurry.
- What? - He's after the berry juice.
Watch out. Stay back.
Get him back here. Hurry. Come on, hurry.
Do something! They're still alive.
Hold it. Here they come now.
[Animal roaring]
- He'll fall asleep. - Shh.
[Chanting becomes louder]
[Chanting continues]
Leave him here. Let's go.
Don't be stupid.
- Let's go home. - We're going home.
Konno, we're going home!
- With Kong! - With Kong?
Yoshiyo Tako of Tokyo Television reports...
that the god of Faro Island,
an enormous gorilla known as King Kong,
has been captured and brought to Tokyo.
Mr. Tako claims ownership for himself...
and the Pacific Pharmaceutical Company...
and is flying out to greet his expedition.
What about this, Dr. Johnson?
Legends of giant gorillas have persisted for some time.
That Kong and Godzilla have appeared at the same time...
is interesting scientifically.
Godzilla has a brain about this size.
He is sheer brute force.
While Kong is a thinking animal.
His brain is considerably larger,
about 10 times the size of this gorilla's skull.
Being instinctive rivals,
there's no doubt that they will attempt to destroy one another.
But our latest reports show that Godzilla has disappeared.
Keeping this in mind,
do you still believe he will attack Japan?
I do.
Being amphibious,
Godzilla is probably lurking in the ocean depths off Japan,
where the depths go to about 20,000 fathoms.
He could be puzzled at the changes taken place...
during his long sleep.
But I have no doubt that when he decides to return to land,
he'll select Japan.
How does that sound in Tokyo?
Not very good. The army is up to full strength,
and evacuation plans for all cities are underway.
What about the arrival of Kong?
King Kong has the strength to tear Tokyo apart...
with his bare hands.
The government has no intention of giving him the chance.
It's Tako!
- Hi, Tako. - Hi, boss.
- Captain. - Welcome aboard.
Boys, you did a wonderful job, a wonderful job indeed.
Wonderful! Wonderful!
Ah, there! King Kong!
I think he's found a hero.
Ah! Hee hee!
UHRU: Stop!
SAKURAl: Don't! That's dynamite!
Press that lever and pow goes Kong.
- Pow? - Don't you understand?
The raft's dynamite is wired to that fuse.
Oh, boy. Hee hee.
Aah! Aah!
[Ship alarm]
- Are you the captain? - I'm the captain.
Remain outside of Japanese waters until further orders.
Who is going to be responsible for King Kong?
I am. My company owns him.
I have government orders.
"King Kong is not to enter Japan.
"Considered a menace,
"King Kong must be taken back to Faro Island at once."
These orders are final.
My Kong?
Your orders are specific.
My contracts. The TV commitments.
"Return Kong to Faro.
"Kong, considered a menace to Japan, must be returned.
"If these orders are not obeyed,
"I have instructions...
"to place responsible parties under arrest."
- Mr. Tako! - Boss! Boss!
What's wrong?
TAMIYE: I thought you were dead.
Dead? Do I look dead to you?
Your airplane. It crashed.
I missed it. The boss kept me working.
But Fumiko went looking for you in Hokkaido.
Oh, what a mess I've made. Are you going out?
- No. We're leaving the city. - Why? Is something wrong?
- Godzilla. - Really? Godzilla?
We just heard the late news on the radio.
- Godzilla is near Hokkaido. - Mommy, let's go see Godzilla.
We're not going to a zoo!
- Fumiko's train! - It's the express.
[Train horn sounds]
WOMAN: I hope she isn't bothering you.
I don't mind it.
Godzilla has risen from the sea and is moving toward Hokkaido.
The eyes of the world turn to Japan in this crisis.
REPORTER: The United Nations is supporting defense preparations.
Each nation has pledged soldiers and heavy weapons.
The main question is, can they stop Godzilla?
REPORTER: General Shinzu, in charge of Japan's defense,
has kept the emergency council in all-night session.
SOLDIER: Our latest report shows Godzilla nearing Hokkaido.
Excellency, we may need the atom bomb.
I hope that this will be our last resort.
Where is he now?
Sir, Godzilla was last position was on the Hokkaido mainland,
in this area.
43 to control. Godzilla is approaching.
He seems to be attracted by the train lights.
[Brakes squealing]
WOMAN: There, there. GIRL: Mommy!
WOMAN: That's better
MAN ON P. A: Attention. Godzilla is approaching.
WOMAN: Godzilla!
MAN: Please don't panic!
[People screaming]
Hurry! Get in the trucks! Get in! Let's go!
WOMAN: Wait for me! Please!
Wait! Wait! Wait for me!
MAN: Watch out! Out of my way!
OFFICER: Stop! Go back. Go back!
My girlfriend's on that train.
- How many left behind? - 14 or 15 more on the highway.
All right, keep it going. Come on, come on.
Hey! Come back. You'll be killed.
You'll be killed!
Give me a ride! Godzilla's coming!
Come back, you fool!
Fumiko? Fumiko!
- Are you all right? - Fujita! Oh, my God!
[Whistle sounds]
- He's waking! Do something. - What do you want me to do?
MAN: Yes, Captain?
- Cut that cable. - Aye, sir.
Cut that cable!
- Oh, God! - Let's hurry! The dynamite!
Dynamite? No!
There's no time to argue. Destroy him!
King Kong is my responsibility. You cannot destroy him.
- You dumbbell! - Dumbbell?
King Kong could kill us all. You wouldn't care.
Publicity's all you want. Publicity!
No, no! Don't do it! No!
Leave it alone! No!
King Kong is mine! No!
[King Kong growling]
Use your rifle. Shoot the dynamite. Hurry!
Oh, no! No! No!
TAKO: Stop that!
[King Kong roaring]
King Kong is free on the Japan mainland.
He has been sighted heading in a northwesterly direction...
which seems to been in a path meant to intercept Godzilla,
who is moving southward toward Tokyo.
MAN ON RADIO: The best explanation for this...
comes from Dr. Arnold Johnson of America.
JOHNSON: King Kong, scenting the presence of an enemy,
seems determined to destroy Godzilla.
Thus a battle of the giants,
which may have taken place millions of years ago,
may soon be recreated soon on the Nasu plain.
Stop. Stop! Pull over. This way.
OFFICER: Where are you going?
I'm with Tokyo Television and Pacific Pharmaceutical.
King Kong is under my sponsorship.
Get ready.
Ah, look. Here they come.
Pictures. Get some pictures.
- I have to get a light check. - Put my money on Kong.
I'll bet Kong has no chance.
I'll toss you. Heads for King Kong.
Don't quit. Oh, that Kong. He's chicken.
- Kong's fighting a flamethrower. - Fight back! Bite him!
Kong has retreated.
Godzilla now reigns supreme, and will, in all probability,
continue his march towards Tokyo,
destroying everything in his path as he goes.
The army has made plans for the first line of defense.
These villages have been evacuated.
The defense plans, in a simplified form,
are to dig out an enormous pit and line it with explosives...
and poison gas.
Riverbeds and canals on each side of the pit...
will be filled with gasoline and set on fire.
The fire should drive Godzilla into the trap in the center,
where the explosives can be detonated.
We're nearly through with that section.
General Shinzo, Godzilla reported in close vicinity.
SHINZO: He'll be here by night.
MAN ON P. A: Godzilla is sighted!
Please work as quickly as possible.
Get that dynamite ready.
Open valves! Release gasoline!
Valves open, gasoline released.
Godzilla approaching. Light torches.
Wait for your signal.
Release torches!
Stand by.
- Fire! - Fire!
Go back! He's alive!
Godzilla has crossed the first line of defense.
He seems indestructible.
On the advice of Dr. Johnson,
a blockade of high-tension wires...
containing one million volts of electricity...
is being hastily linked around Tokyo.
It was observed in his attack on the train at Hokkaido...
that he moved away from the wires whenever possible.
Yet, Dr. Johnson,
you have stated that King Kong grows stronger from electricity.
Yes. For some reason we do not yet understand,
Kong draws strength from electric voltage.
Then if the electric blockade stopped Godzilla,
it would not stop Kong.
No, it would not.
Thank you, Dr. Johnson. I'm sorry to interrupt,
but we're switching now to the northwest perimeter,
where Premier Shigezawa has gone to inspect the blockade.
OMURA: All thoughts here are centered...
on repulsing Godzilla and saving Tokyo...
and over 10 million people from certain death.
The blockade is ready.
The only question is, will it work?
[Godzilla roaring]
Connect tension.
It's working.
- Where's General Shinzo? - Up ahead.
- Kong approaching Tokyo. - King Kong?
[Ship horn sounds]
What? We'll be right over.
MAN ON RADIO: King Kong approaching electrical blockade.
All civilians evacuate immediately.
[Kong roaring]
Attention! General Shinzo.
There he is, General.
[Electrical crackling]
[Whistles sounding]
MAN ON RADIO: King Kong has entered Tokyo.
We'd better leave tonight.
RADIO: Ships in harbor are waiting to evacuate civilians.
King Kong has entered Tokyo.
All civilians evacuate immediately.
- I won't leave you! - Get going!
- Sir, what about the atom bomb? - I'm not ready to discuss it.
- But it's our only chance. - We hope it is not.
Why not?
Because we're not anxious to destroy Tokyo, that's why.
MAN: What can you tell us? SECOND MAN: Tell us something!
There is nothing more to say.
The atom bomb is ready and waiting,
but first we must evacuate Tokyo and perhaps all Japan.
[Whistles sounding]
FUMIKO: Fujita! Fujita!
[Helicopter whirring]
[Train horn sounds]
[Fumiko screaming]
FUMIKO: Put me down! Put me down!
Put me down! Put me down!
[Fumiko screaming]
Oh, no!
Help! Put me down!
Put me down!
Put me down!
[Fumiko screaming]
[Fumiko screaming]
[Helicopter whirring]
Hit him with the lights!
General, the guns are ready, but they won't stop him.
King Kong will only become angrier.
Soldier, I'm in charge. You listen to me.
Attention all gun batteries. Attention all gun batteries.
Stop! Stop! Listen, you can't start shooting at Kong now.
He's holding my sister in his hand.
- Hold your fire. - Yes, sir. Hold fire!
SHINZO: I can see her.
She's alive, but we can't hold our fire for long.
King Kong must not be allowed to escape.
Let her go. Put her down!
You ugly monster! Let her go!
- What'll we do? - I know.
- What's that? - Get my drums. Right away.
- I can stop him, sir. - You can?
Yes. I'm sure we can put him to sleep.
Soma! A perfect idea.
We can explode it from above.
Hey, that's right!
You have the berry juice put inside the head of a rocket.
The exploding fumes will put him to sleep.
TAKO: Ovashi! OVASHI: Yes, sir?
TAKO: Get the soma. OVASHI: Yes, sir.
You can't do that! Fumiko's up there.
Don't worry. It's all going to work out.
Tako, I hope we're right.
King Kong can't make a monkey out of us.
[Kong roaring]
[Helicopter whirring]
- Easy with that stuff! - Get those loudspeakers up.
- Let's have that microphone. - Easy!
Get that sound tape ready.
- What if it doesn't work? - It's got to work.
Keep your fingers crossed. I'm gonna go.
[Blows on hands]
- OK, ready. - Good.
Ready here.
Ready! Fire one! Fire two!
[Helicopter whirring]
[Plays drums]
[Chanting over P.A.]
Go on.
Help out. My arms are tired.
Oh! She's free!
He's got her. Go!
[Helicopter whirring]
Fumiko! Are you all right, Fumiko?
- Sakurai! - How do you feel?
- Fujita! - I'm here, dear.
There's the ambulance.
- Take her this way. Easy, now. - Careful.
[Helicopter whirring]
[Cameras clicking]
CROWD: Congratulations, fellas. Wonderful! Great!
Nice! Good job! Congratulations.
Congratulations, men.
Sir, Godzilla's at Mount Fuji.
Gentlemen, our blockade cannot last forever.
We must act.
The atomic bomb is out of the question.
Our only chance is somehow to bring them together.
Kong versus Godzilla.
If we are lucky, both will die.
Both will die?
But how can we move him?
General, an airlift with balloons.
Fujita, your wire will hold Kong, won't it?
Sure! Let us try.
- All right. - Good. Let's go.
[Helicopter whirring]
MAN: Move those cables.
Turn on the helium.
- More helium! - Move quickly! Go!
Whenever you're ready.
Kong's ready.
Sir, Operation Kong is ready.
- Proceed. - Take him up.
- Hey, look at that! - What's going on?
[All talking at once]
That wire of yours is great. It's holding him.
Great publicity, huh?
How soon do you figure we'll be there?
- By morning. - Good.
Faster! Faster!
Look. Kong's waking up.
There's Godzilla. Look below.
[Godzilla roaring]
OK, drop him.
[Godzilla roaring]
Oh, look at that!
FUJITA: I can't tell who's winning. Can you?
Not yet. Kong, hold his tail!
[Heavy blows]
Oh! Godzilla is roasting King Kong.
PILOT: Electrical storm up ahead of us, sir.
Lightning bolts. Kong has a chance.
Electricity makes him stronger. Now watch.
- Electricity makes him stronger? - Uh-huh.
[Electrical crackling]
[Electrical crackling]
Hey, look at them go!
- What's that? - Earthquake!
Kong is swimming safely out to sea. No Godzilla.
That's wonderful!
I hope we've seen the last of them for a long time.
Godzilla has disappeared without a trace.
As for King Kong,
our communications satellite is following him.
And strangely enough, we wish him luck...
on his long, long journey home.
[Kong roaring]
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