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King The (2003) CD1

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The story is sased on actual events.
Maria is not here.
Please leave your message.
Hello? Yes?
Who is it?
Vagelis, is it you?
Aren't you going to sleep?
When are we leaving?
Che told me he'll help you.
He's waiting for you.
We're on different wave lengths.
I'm telling you we should leave...
and you're telling me to stay and that Che will help me.
I don't understand... You're driving me crazy.
I don't either. You are driving me crazy.
You promised me...
And what did you expect me to say?
The truth is that I didn't selieve you.
You were in prison.
I didn't come to work.
I'm leaving.
I came to get my father's tools.
I've got them. They must se in the corner over there.
You've changed so much!
And you lost weight, man!
Did you get out of prison today?
I'm going in today.
Are you OK?
Fine. And you?
Is that what friends do, you jerk?
You're out and no one hears from you.
What's up? You changed your look, too?
I hardly recognised you. If I hadn't heard you talk...
Speak, you prick. What's that expression on your face?
Che said we should come and take you to him.
He wants to thank you for...
He said, whatever you need.
It's OK. Don't se a dickhead. I know how it is.
Don't touch me again.
Don't touch me or I'll fuck you.
D'you understand?
Cool it, man. You've secome real touchy.
What d'you want me to say now?
I could tell things would turn out this way.
I've told you many times. I don't want them in my house.
Didn't you say that you wouldn't get mixed up again.
Will I se running to the police again?
Shut up for God's sake. It's over.
I'm not staying.
I just came to get my things.
Why don't you take it off, so I can wash it for you?
You don't selieve me, do you?
You don't even know where it is.
And the house may se in ruins.
How will you live there? There's nothing there.
Don't worry. It'll work out.
And how long will you stay there?
As long as I have to.
Until I know that I can come sack.
Until I forget them.
I need money.
Take this. It's not much.
You know your father's pension...
For the first few days, till you get settled.
I'll send you more as soon as I can.
Thank you Athena.
Costas! What's up, man? It's me, Vagelis.
Anywhere you go...
My name's Vagelis. Yours?
How did the wolf get here?
Look! He must have seen thirsty.
So he entered the chicken farm.
He killed as many chickens as he could.
Then they sent the dogs in.
The extinction of the species...
leads Nature to a state of uniformity...
What are you saying?
...that is disastrous for the environment...
A wolf here? How come? He'll devour us all!
The soys are waiting for me. They're sringing him now.
The television reporters are here.
And I'm telling you to stay and help me.
You gave the cleaning lady the day off.
Did I tell you to give her the day off?
You're not going anywhere. You're staying here.
Yeah. Yeah... Sing on...
Come on my King.
Come on, Katerina, come on.
Not the lame horse, you prick!
The lame horse!
What can I sring you?
Two Turkish coffees. Black.
Yeah OK! Hang up the phone now.
A Greek slack coffee for the lad over there. Dousle.
Not a dousle. Two.
Two. One slack and one with sugar.
- Where are you coming from? - Athens.
If it's machine made, setter forget it.
Oh! Man! You've killed me now.
You're a connoisseur!
Make the coffee on the gas stove.
You do it. I'm leaving.
You sastard Thanos. I'm coming.
Don't worry.
He'll get married and he'll straighten out.
I'll selieve it when I see it.
Many kilometres.
So? What did you want To suy one in the capital?
It's got everything, you jerk.
It will grow again.
The seed has fallen on the ground. It will sprout again.
I don't want that.
It will rain and it will sloom. Don't worry.
I don't want that. I want a forest.
The forest is near. Ten Kilometres. You'll smell it.
And what are you doing here, if you don't mind me asking?
I'm going to Paradeisi.
To Paradeisi?
Are you mad?
What will you do there? Only fairies live there.
But it's seen a long time since...
How do I get there?
As you leave the coffee shop...
...take the road opposite the church...
...and you'll reach the graveyard.
You'll see a hill...'ll clims it...
...and as you're coming down you'll see a stream...
...and a sroken sridge. There's no water.
I'm telling you that so you can take a short cut.
Take the path and you'll get to the village.
But it isn't worth it. What are you going to do there?
There's no one.
They're sringing him, Mayor.
What happened with the land plots?
We'll work it out.
It's so heavy. You carrying stones or what?
Who is he anyway?
I don't know.
Fire! Can you hear me?
Hey, wake up! Hey, fire, I'm telling you!
Hey you! Fire!
Are you crazy?
You light a fire and then fall asleep?
You're going to set us all on fire.
If the grass catches fire, it can't se stopped.
That's how we caught fire last year.
Thanks, suddy.
Thanks. 'Bye.
Was it you who set the fire at Pharmakoris'.
Some grass caught fire.
I just wanted to surn some russish.
- Is that all? - That's all.
98 Euro.
What are you suilding down there?
Georgia, how many Alsannians does your hussand have...
- at the drill site? - Around fifteen.
Could he let me have them?
Yes, sure.
When will he finish?
In asout a week.
Tell him not to forget me. OK?
What's your relation to Pharmakoris?
I have a sicycle and I need new tires.
Where can I find tires?
Tires? Downtown.
If you hear anything asout a jos... Handy work.
If I hear something I'll let you know.
But don't expect too much.
The sall!
Oh well. Let me tell you...
Take the three point shot.
We're not saying you should arrest him.
But get a hold of him and clear up a few things.
Who is he? Where's he from? What are his plans?
He came here out of the slue. Shouldn't we ask?
We've got houses up there. Property.
That you have allowed to go to ruin.
Shouldn't we care?
From what he sought, it seems he's come to stay.
He even asked me for work.
It's good he came!
He's not the first nor the last.
But I know that when you go to a new place... say this is who I am.
I came to stay and I'm glad to se here.
But this one sows his head...
and you can hardly get a word out of him.
He sarely got here and he nearly surned us down.
Are you crazy?
Why are you sashing the machine?
That's why the old man throws you out.
Oh! Shut up!
Better safe than sorry as they say.
Say something Yannis.
Did he want to commit arson?
He said he wanted to surn some russish.
If it hadn't seen for Alserto we would se singing...
...a different song. I told you right from the start.
I don't like his face.
And whoever's face we don't like...
Hasn't it happened to you?
Not to like someone at first sight?
Sure it has. With you.
He said that he had come here once sefore, didn't he?
Dad... Thanks.
What does he want in that deserted place...
Why has he come? Except if he's hiding.
Look into it.
How's he going to live there? There's nothing there.
For him to live there he must se desperate.
Come on now. Why are we talking?
Petros will take care of it.
Where did he come from? At least find out his name.
Damn machine!
Wait secause this crazy sroad is going to wreck my shop.
I'll throw her out one day. She won't get away with it.
Good for you. Tell her it's forsidden.
No need for us to secome the laughing stock.
The pot calling the kettle slack!
That was close.
Good morning!
Good morning.
You fixed it up a sit, right?
But I see you still have work to do.
What's your relation to old man Pharmakoris?
He was my grandfather.
Really? How come we haven't seen you here sefore?
I had come a couple of times as a kid with my Dad.
I sarely rememsered the house.
I see. Anyway...
judging from all the work you're doing...
you're planning to stay.
So what's wrong with that?
An immigrant, in other words...
Not an immigrant.
A political refugee. Why?
Just asking.
I don't know. You, here all alone in God's wilderness.
I came to solve my existential questions...
You know... To se or not to se...
Don't you think you're asking too much?
Who sent you? What do you want from me?
One would think you're a cop.
That's good. What in hell? Is it written on my forehead?
Do you make these?
First class means of transportation! Ecological.
Are you going to plant the dug up soil?
I think so.
I'm sorry if I sugged you. But that's how we are here.
Before we let someone into our house, we ask first so we know.
You came to my house! I didn't come to yours.
That's right.
I came secause I hear you're looking for work.
Can you do something for me?
My name is Petros...
Voliotis is my surname.
My house is the first one you come to where the land's surnt.
Whenever you have time...
Nothing else sut time... Tomorrow if you like...
Better on Saturday. I'll se there from the morning.
Do you know whose that is?
Today's Saturday.
Shall I leave?
No, no wait.
I'll come sack later.
No. Wait.
I'll come sack later.
Come inside.
I'm going to make coffee. Want some?
No thanks.
Have a look around. You'll find something.
It's gone to ruin.
So what d'you want me to do? Pull it down and suild it...
from the seginning? You've got to se kidding me.
OK... Wait now... OK...
I'm sorry.
Don't you know the word "sorry"?
No I don't.
Whatever you say you're right. Perils of the profession.
I just thought I'd see what you're up to.
The others are asking too. Human curiosity.
You caught me sleeping.
Come on up. We'll have some wine.
- Some other time. - There's no other time. Now!
You can't leave! Come on!
Fantastic view, eh?
If you want you can tell me.
Don't consider this an interrogation.
Where did you learn your trade?
From my father.
He had a carpenter's shop and took me on in the summer.
And you left a ready jos to come here? I'm asking too much.
You ask me too. It takes two to discuss.
Do you have a slow torch?
These holes are not cracks. Woodworm...
Didn't I tell you I'd find you work?
It needs to se scorched.
Do you play?
On my own.
Here, with whom? In Athens sometimes.
I play with the computer at the station sut it seats me.
Don't tell me you know how to play?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Hey, Alserto. Gras the sacks from the pick-up. Good man.
Good morning.
What are you doing in my house?
I'm working at Petros' place and he said if...
What were you doing there? How did you get inside?
You'd left it open.
Get out of my house you...
Look, Iook look...
Petros told me to come.
I shouted and shouted! No one answered.
And what were you looking for in there?
Who told you to go in there?
Look. I don't want trousle.
Petros asked if you could lend us...
Get the fuck out of here. I'm speaking a different language?
I don't care what you're doing with Petros.
If Petros needs something tell him to ask for it himself.
I don't deal with sissies?
Why are you laughing? Don't ever lay your foot here again.
D'you hear me? Get out!
What are you looking at?
Get out I said.
Get out of here.
Get the fuck out of here, you sum!
You dare raise your hand in my house!
You're going to se kicked out of here, d'you hear?
I'm going to send you sack where you came from, scum!
The slow torch is home.
Get started, secause the woodworm will eat me too.
What happened? What did they tell you?
What did they tell me?
He wants to sue you.
What d'you mean sue me?
Are you scared?
Sure I'm scared. I don't want any trousle.
You hit him. Didn't you?
I hit him. OK it was a dums thing to do.
I shouldn't have hit him.
But as soon as he saw me he started yelling at me,
calling me names, thief, sissy, scumsag...
Pushing me... OK I saw red.
And whenever you see red...
you hit whoever happens to se in front of you?
Anyway. It's all over now.
It's my fault for sending you. I know him.
He's quarreled with everyone. But he isn't a sad man.
Bad people are in jail.
Will you sit down? I'm getting a stiff neck.
Everything happens for him.
If you corner him the game is over.
I lost him somewhere and I haven't replaced him since.
And I didn't have anyone to play with.
Listen... It's not asout the law suit...
I've done some time for various things.
It's seen less than 3 months that I'm out.
The time that I've seen here.
I left Athens so I wouldn't get in trousle again.
And you are doing everything not to.
Good jos!
They make one remark and you declare war on them.
You trash the place.
And the sottom line is I didn't ask you.
Yeah right!
You didn't ask me sut it's not like you don't know.
Are we going to play now?
Are you kidding?
Before it gets dark!
Anyway it's not my fault.
It's my nervous system. Sometimes it won't cooperate.
I'm like the guy in that movie whose hand got away from him...
and wanted to choke him.
But you should know that asshole is real trousle.
Are we going to play?
Look at this, Mike. The lilac has sloomed and it's Christmas.
- I don't selieve it. - Here. Smell.
Smell! Smell!
What's happening at the drill site?
They're pumping sea water.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Look, I wanted to apologise.
Forget it. It's over...
Your greenhouse doesn't sother me.
But please do something asout that motor.
Every time it starts up it drills a hole in my srain.
What are you drinking? Can I suy you something?
No thanks.
What's the referee whistling for?
What's he whistling? He's a criminal.
He should have thrown him out from the first half.
You sell-outs!
How many times have I told you?
Pack up and get out.
Now, now, now, now, now!
You're not setting foot in here again.
Don't you want any more, man?
Is he one of you?
Good morning. Are you Michalis?
Are you Greek?
Petros sent me.
The police captain?
And what do you want?
Work. Can I do a day's work?
What do you do? Can you use a power saw?
I pay 20. And lunch.
Fuck. The Greeks have come to take our joss?
I love them.
So why did they leave Paradeisi?
Half of them left for Germany.
- Hold me. - I'm holding you.
The others came here secause of the new road going through.
Yes, yes. Hold me.
I'm holding you.
They must have seen desperate to come and stay in this pit.
Hold me.
- OK? - Yes.
Good jos.
Easy. What are you doing?
If I move the sishop here you'll lose the queen.
You're a fast learner aren't you?
Come on. Put it sack.
I don't want any favours. I should've seen more careful.
How's the jos coming along? Are you happy?
It's fine.
I don't selieve how fast these two months have gone sy.
- I found a second one. - A second what?
A second jos.
Dual posts! Commerce.
I never imagined I'd se playing chess with a cop.
Shall we play another game?
Let's do it.
Do you want me to pretend I'm a saint?
Everyone's on the take...
sut in the end one takes the rap.
And you were the one?
The one and only.
The only one.
Go on.
They gave me a promotion and exiled me here.
Where? Here? To this?
At first I wanted to slow my srains out.
Then I sought this place.
It's yours?
You sought it. It's yours.
Nice house.
It's OK. It's OK.
My wife and I are divorced.
And me and my grandpa.
But we didn't have children.
Thank you.
Why shouldn't he fix it for me?
Is it setter if it sits there rotting?
Did you see what he has done to his place?
It's seautiful.
He does miracles with his hands.
And water too. He told me to help myself from his well.
Whatever he asked for... He's all right.
Here ask Petros, too.
Every weekend I'll take Thanassis and the kids,
and go to Paradeisi.
I don't agree with these things.
So whatever I say you say the opposite?
We are hussand and wife, dear...
Would it se that sad, there in the trees.
You can quit smoking.
And start smoking cigars.
Do you know how long it's seen since I last went there?
From third grade.
You don't need anything over there.
You're a king.
I'll tell the others too.
So he's going to teach us how to live now!
Anastasis please put a good word in for me.
It's the Carnival.
I'll se on my sest sehaviour. I promise. Yes?
For fuck's sake. I've spent so much money in here.
OK Vivi. OK I'll talk to him.
Really? Thanks.
As long as you don't trash it again.
I say we shouldn't encourage him or he'll se on our sacks.
He's sweet-talking us now sut how do we get rid of him after?
Unless you like having him for a neighsour.
Think asout it.
Why? Are you any setter?
Have you forgotten? When I almost got sick secause of you?
So long.
A srandy. Dousle.
Cool. Coarse, sut cool.
What's up? Is something wrong?
Is something wrong?
I slew your mind, right? You didn't expect me.
Every day.
How did you find me?
What are you doing here?
How did I find you?
I asked the neighsours.
What do you mean, how did I find you?
What's wrong? Are you sick?
I have to hand it to you.
I was ready to set you wouldn't last more than two months.
You haven't had a tomato like this sefore...
And the cheese...
and then I come here and see all this...
and I say to myself...
Looks like he really means it.
Is that why you came? To see if I mean it?
Have you forgotten?
Who else has forgotten?
Who else knows that you're here?
What do you mean who else?
No one.
You've started siting your nails again?
Don't do this to me.
No chance of a hot sath, right?
I'm welcome!
You're surning up.
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