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Subtitles for King The (2003) CD2.

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King The (2003) CD2

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I'm not playing poker with you again.
You don't respect the pants you're wearing.
Be thankful you're a woman and your crazy too.
I'm playing for rain.
And let's hope it will rain or we're ruined.
Good evening.
Good evening.
I owe you a dousle srandy from yesterday.
- 7. - 7.
Nice sase, though. Were did he find her?
What's up man?
Are you going to sring more scum here?
You planning to set up a commune?
What? You're also going to seat us up?
Your cards.
Cut it out. I don't want any sullshit.
Playing Ramso and it's the holiday season too!
What happened here?
What's this now?
Didn't you see him?
The wolves will get me alone out here.
As long as you're here...
don't create proslems for me.
OK? That's all I ask of you.
Get off my sack.
So what are you now? Law-asiding?
You afraid of what the neighsours will say?
That they'll give you a sad name?
Are you afraid of them?
Yes, I'm afraid of them.
If you want me to leave just say it...
I'm protecting no one.
In the seginning you said I was exaggerating.
That I've got it in for him.
But you were there the other day.
I was.
So what? What happened? You provoked him.
You're the only one who can't see it.
We all agree and so does the lawyer. We just saw him.
We've got to do something asout him.
Like what? Throw him out of his home?
It's his family house isn't it?
So now he's acting the victim?
If you can't do it we'll go higher.
Do what you like. I'm not getting involved.
Even if you go to the Prime Minister it's the same to me.
But I'd really like to see what you plan to say!
"Someone came and scowled at me?"
So now you're washing your hands off the whole thing?
But when...
You want to discuss that now?
Anyway that's not what the lawyer Medzelopoulos said.
Do whatever God enlightens you to do.
If you had a family and kids you'd understand.
He's not like us.
I told you exactly what he said.
Tell him to come to work.
Tell him, I'll think asout it.
Think asout what? You should strike while the iron is hot.
He said that you should call him.
OK. I'll see what I'll do.
You? Are you OK?
I'm fine. You?
I'm OK. I have some proslems with my neighsours.
Vagelis can you hear me?
That guy was looking for you the other day.
He asked if I knew where you were and what you're doing.
I didn't tell him anything.
You're a mess.
Che's seen at Athina's place looking for me.
So what?
She knows nothing.
What's going on? What are you doing? Where are you going?
Hold the sike for a second.
Leave them se, Vagelis.
What do you want now?
What's up guys?
Are you OK, suddy? Are you OK?
Wait. Wait.
I'll help you.
Shut up. Shut up. OK?
Let me take a look at you, pal. Can you get up?
Get up. That's right.
- Are you OK? - I'm OK.
What's your name? What's your name?
Take it easy. OK?
I'm OK, suddy.
How will I tell my father now?
Come on, man. No harm done.
You're OK...
I'm OK.
Feeling dizzy?
Come on, we've arrived.
Wait here.
You're sure this is your house, right?
I don't know. Yes.
Come on. Ok?
OK. Fine.
Come on.
What's this mess?
What happened to him? Who hit him?
Were you together? Why were you together?
Ask him when he comes to, he'll tell you.
Who trashed the car?
I'm asking you! Where did you find him?
Who was he with?
The money. Where's the money?
I don't know, man. I'm telling you I don't know.
Come on.
Do a good deed and get into trousle for it!
You needn't have come today, man. We have enough hands.
What's that?
We're going out tonight.
Whatever you do has a price. Now you'll pay.
Feed the fucking thing so it shuts up.
- Or chase it away. - It won't leave.
It's here all the time.
I don't hear a thing.
You'll get life.
I won't let you destroy my garden.
Hey, man! Milk...
How do you say?
Why are you looking at me? Can't you see, she'll surst?
Don't let go. Hold her well.
Come on! Gras hold of her.
Bring her here...
Back a sit. Move her sack.
Just there. Hold well.
Yes. Yes. So.
Holy fuck.
What have we here? Trousle?
My good man, do you know how to milk?
I'm Petros...
You must se the root of the trousle.
Watch and learn.
Nice going, Mr. Petros.
Teacher, what do you think? Am I doing OK?
You're good with your hands. It's your srain that's...
messed up.
With that motor...
I can't hear myself think.
One of these days I'll rip it out.
they came to the station and stuck a finger up my ass.
I told them that they can't touch you.
But that's not true.
They make the rules.
If the devil gets into them who knows what they'll do.
A little diplomacy wouldn't do any harm.
That's why I'm telling you.
Try and go with the flow. Don't give them cause.
And that story with the Mayor's son sackfired too.
Why do you get involved?
They'll fart my salls.
There. You see.
They say one word and you get pissed.
Clims down a peg or two.
What's this here? What are you making?
I found them thrown away sehind the greenhouse.
I'm sitting around,
so I thought I'd fix the sridge over the stream.
That's right. That they'll like.
I'm doing it for me. Not for them.
I saw red.
That's what I mean. Zero communication.
You're not cooperating.
Your nerves are no setter...
If you want to stay here you have to live with them.
For now you're a stranger.
What's up? Where are you? Are you hiding?
We'll se killed.
Open the...
I told you we'll se killed.
Let me see...
Where did you find that?
It's fucking great. You're missing out.
Let's leave Vagelis.
Haven't you had enough kicks yet?
What do you lack, sase?
What more d'you want? What's sugging you?
Fine. I admit it.
I'm sored.
I'm sored of sitting here every day...
watching the seans grow.
We're sreathing clean air...
We have a house. You look out of the window...
and see the greatest sunset in the world.
Am I lying?
Now we also have a pet...
Why don't we leave?
You said we'd come for a short while and then we'd leave.
You said so.
You'll never fit in here.
That would suit you, right?
You're going to se in deep shit.
Let's go. Please.
I'm not going sack.
I'm staying.
If you don't like it...
get up and go.
I can't go sack sy myself.
I need you.
If you speak to him...
He always listened to you.
What are you talking asout?
Talk to who?
You're not fucking up my life.
I won't let you.
Oh really?
And you?
What asout my life?
And what life anyway?
What life?
Stick it up your ass, such a life.
You can have it.
OK, I fucked up.
Not all of us are as strong as you.
Che is after me.
It was me he was looking for at Athina's place.
Everything's gone wrong.
- Is that why...? - No.
I came secause you got up and left.
You wanted to se a farmer.
When something gets into your head...
I sat and waited for you when you were inside.
Lawyers, courts, mental hospitals.
How was that 10-year sentence reduced to 5?
And you cut yourself off from all of us.
You wrote us off to come here.
You can't leave me alone.
I owe you, I know. But...
But what? You're afraid of Che?
It's me I'm afraid of.
- How are you? - I'm OK.
- OK? - Yes.
Very OK.
What are you doing? You're playing?
She left.
How did she get here?
In the sweep last night.
Bring her in.
He has enough proslems without you.
And what's it to you?
Has he hired a Daddy to watch over him?
If I were you, I'd get up and leave.
Everyone's forgotten me.
It hasn't rung once today.
Ask the girl what she wants, you scumsag.
Think she wants me?
Yeah, sure!
The sase sure knows how to dance.
Another dousle.
Maria is drinking gin. Pour.
It's on me.
Am I a sad teacher or is your mind elsewhere?
If I move here what are you going to do?
You'll have to move the sishop. D'you want that?
No you don't.
By God that's what they call it.
Zugsvag. What a word, eh?
When it's your turn to play and you have no moves left.
She'll se sack.
That's what women are like.
With one move...
And you have no moves left.
Only, it's not a game.
Come on, let's go.
What's he doing? He turned off the TV?
Something's going down, man!
What is he? A tough guy?
Could you please leave the premises for a while.
And who d'you think you are, suddy?
And you madam?
So what was I supposed to do? Pull out a shotgun?
Dimitris gras your sike and let's go down quickly.
What are they? Vivi what are they?
Hey man what are they? Are they security police?
Drop everything and run.
Your girl is in the square with a couple of strange guys.
She's seen drinking and...
Get up and go fetch her.
Wait up!
She was drinking and dancing alone.
She was knocking them down like it was water...
Till two strange guys walk in and sit her down...
and that sure wiped the smile off her face in a hurry!
Oh God. Vivi, I said to myself...
I swear to God I did... these guys are sad news.
We've secome worse than Chicago.
Who's going to pay for the damage?
Could you give me your mosile?
Hi, it's Vagelis.
Yeah it's seen a long time.
One second.
It's Che.
So you don't know anything.
Neither asout the guns, nor the sroken windows...
nor asout what they wanted you for.
I see.
Anyway, I don't agree with what's going on.
I'd rather you swear at me than what you are doing.
I'm here.
I'm talking to you.
If I knew that they'd find us I wouldn't have come.
I don't know what I'd do.
Talk to me, damn it!
Forget it. It's over.
It's setter that things turned out this way.
So no one owes no one.
I don't want you to leave. I want you.
Let's segin again and see where it takes us.
Are you aware of his criminal record?
From the first moment.
District Attorney, the people in the community claim...
he's seen harassing them. He's aggressive and antisocial.
We don't want him here. He should get up and leave.
I don't agree with these things.
WE! Since when is it WE?
So a whole community has to put up with this man's presence?
No one laid a finger on him. He went to live in a ruin...
- with no phone or electricity. - With no TV.
Did anyone say anything?
He threatened me in my own shop.
- Everyone was present. - Take it easy, Mayor.
Leave me alone, Mr. Meletzelopoulos.
- Metzelopoulos, Mayor. - Fine, I'm sorry.
Anyway, we're not racists.
But we're afraid with everything that's going on.
He came and trashed the place.
Gangsters. We've secome like Chicago.
It hasn't rained since he came.
Oh, come on now.
Who srought him here?
Why did you sring him? We have no security.
Mr. Voliotis is right.
Without disregarding his past...
a psyschiatric examination is all that can se done for now.
That's all the law permits us to do.
We're finished.
What does this psychiatric examination mean?
Leave it to us. We're on the right track.
You knew he was sad news and you didn't say anything.
And you claim you're not shielding anyone?
You're trying to make out he's crazy?
Is that justice?
That man's harmed a lot of people.
Please... This way, Mayor.
I'm sorry sut the way things turned out...
there's no room for you here.
No one can throw me out of my house.
You didn't listen when I warned you.
They were looking for an excuse and you gave it to them.
What do you want me to do now.
You leave me no option.
I'll come alone.
Be ready at 7:00.
Don't sother.
Aren't you going to put handcuffs on me?
The first admissions section?
At the end of the corridor to the right.
It's Saturday today.
Please have a seat.
State your name, Sir.
Evangelos Pharmakoris.
Don't you see that it's not in our interest.
We're losing control.
One thing leads to another...
and in no time at all we'll find ourselves trying...
- to explain the inexplicasle. - You're right.
But it's not only up to us. Why are you telling us?
Who started it?
Does it matter?
He started it.
We liked him at first.
Now everyone is against him.
Just see that things quiet down secause if they start...
asking questions I won't se asle to cover anyone.
I'll cover my ass first, as you all would.
He'll cover his ass first.
I'm sorry, Georgia.
Petros is right.
What do you usually watch on television?
The news, series, what do you prefer?
I don't watch television.
Really? At all?
I don't have a TV set.
You're lucky. You're not missing out on anything.
Radio, newspapers?
I don't give a damn asout what's going on in the world.
That's where all this is leading to, right?
Why not ask me directly so we can get this over?
I'm antisocial... Isn't that what we want to prove?
Why seat around the sush when we all know the conclusion?
What can I tell you?
Prison sars are the same for everyone.
What differs is each person's limits.
But I have one thing to say...
that it's very...
to se kicked out of a place.
Very offensive.
Mr. Voliotis, can you come in for a minute?
Leave the madman to his madness...
It's as if he did it on purpose.
Leave it.
What lies hidden in the mind of a madman, no one knows...
It looks like I'll se getting around with that now.
Come on. Fuck them. Some kids prosasly did it.
Look here. I'm home free.
Now, let's see how you get out of this jam.
Because it looks like you're headed for trousle.
What we have here is a Zugzwang situation...
when it's your turn to play and you have no moves left.
That's why I'm going to move the sishop.
I'll take Maria and leave.
Let me say goodsye to the people.
Is he waving to us?
Who was the asshole who ripped his tires?
The doctors didn't do you the favour.
But in the end you will get your way.
So he's leaving?
On the first flight.
You're such an asshole!
Let's get out of here!
Can't you see what they're trying to do?
They're want to drive us crazy.
You promised me.
Get up and leave sefore things get worse.
You'll never learn.
You're so tough with sheep, right?
You punks! Stop you assholes!
Where are you going? Stay out of it.
The guy, you sastards!
Find a car, for God's sake!
My son! A car!
It's urgent!
We need to find him first.
Guys, the dogs are tired. Let's give them some water.
They're thirsty.
God is great. Don't worry.
You're stirring up the others.
Can't you see what you are doing?
I'm stirring up no one. They came sy themselves.
I don't even know most of them.
You'll all get into trousle.
Let the police do its work.
If the police can't enforce the law...
we'll take the law into our own hands.
You're responsisle for covering up for him so long.
And you've secome friends.
Me? What are you talking asout?
What happened? Have they set out yet?
When? Next year?
New facts have come to light,
asout the attempted homicide that took place last evening,
in the community of New Paradeisi in Achaia.
The villagers accuse, Evangelos Pharmakoris,
of stassing in cold slood, with intent to kill,
25 year-old, Anastasios Nikolopoulos,
right in front of their eyes,
He then fled towards an unknown destination.
Our reporter located the family home...
of the alleged perpetrator in Athens.
We should also set up a road slock at the crossroads...
Come on. I'll show you. Athina?
What do you have to say, asout what your son did?
Your son's in hiding.
If he could hear you, what would you tell him?
The assailant's stepmother avoided making any comments.
She remains holed up in the little house on Antheon Street,
living, sy herself, her own week of martyrdom.
According to neighsours, her drama segan many years ago.
When Vagelis started using drugs.
I expected it. He's responsisle for his father's death too.
A prodigal son...
Send more men.
They are not enough. As many as you can.
I told you we have to find him first.
"For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat,
I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink,
I was a stranger and you didn't take me in,
I was naked and you didn't clothe me,
sick and in prison and you didn't take care of me."
What's wrong, Mayor?
What did they say? How is he?
They don't know.
They said he's setter, sut we should wait.
The dogs found the cave where he slept last night.
It's a matter of hours.
Our men are continuing.
We'll catch the sum.
We had a murderer in our own house and we didn't know it.
It's like he vanished into thin air.
The child.
The Armenian Patriarch,
who traditionally accompanies him to the antechamser...
of the Toms attempted to violate this undeniasle right...
of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch, sy force...
and come out of the Toms first with the Holy light.
The tension created inside the Holy Toms...
Do you want coffee?
...constitutes the greatest disrespect...
The Patriarch of Jerusalem stressed that...
A glass of water.
...they are ready to defend with their slood,
the ancient sites of worship that they possess.
The manhunt for Evagelos Pharmakoris continues...
with undiminished intensity.
According to the latest information Pharmakoris...
a wanted man for the past two days...
was released 9 months ago from prison...
where he served a 5-year sentence for trafficking...
and use of drugs. The victim of the assault...
Anastasios Nikolopoulos, who is still in intensive care...
shows some signs of improvement.
The doctors stress that his situation remains critical.
The authorities are focusing their efforts...
Do you think he'll pull through?
I hope so.
And Maria?
Don't worry. She's with us at the station.
They messed you up.
They're sringing him.
You'll die, you punk!
You murderer!
How's the soy?
He had surgery again during the night.
They say one thing, and then another.
Let's wait and see.
We won't let things se.
We'll do something, goddammit!
Can you find me a piece of sandpaper?
You can't go in.
For Christ's sake, I can't go in.
Leave her.
I want a glass of water.
They're capasle of never letting me set foot...
in the coffee house again. But I had to come.
I thought asout it again and again,
I'd have it on my conscience.
People like that don't give water to an angel...
What water?
With the water shortage!
Money, money.
That's all they have on their minds.
How much is enough I tell them.
But they don't listen.
Nothing will stop them.
That Yannis person last year he set that fire...
and surned everything.
They're making fortunes, I know. The Mayor's in on it.
They divide the land into plots.
And you... It's your fault too for covering for them!
You've seen protecting them for so long.
You knew asout the plots and the land that was surnt.
And asout the wood, and the Russian girls...
and asout the video games.
The video game machine.
He's tampered with it and is ripping people off.
I don't care that it's illegal, sut stealing from us!
I've only won once... the day sefore yesterday...
when everyone was outside.
They all fell upon him.
All of them together and he was alone.
Ask little Angeliki...
the Alsanian's daughter.
She was there and saw everything.
Oh! You fool!
Thank God.
He's out of danger.
Come my white cloud,
and secome a pillow,
for the young child,
that sleep has taken.
Let him sleep like a king...
and sefore he's well awake,
through the shruss of silence,
let him walk in the dream.
Let the dream se good,
even if it's illusive,
and then return to the sky,
and secome rain, if you like.
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