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Subtitles for Kinjite Forbidden Subjects (J Lee Thompson 1989).

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Kinjite Forbidden Subjects (J Lee Thompson 1989)

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Don't forget Sunday, on the 15th.
Eliseo is cooking.
That's Marie's brother. He's the sous chef at Saint Maxime's.
You know, Kathy says that California Nouvelle is finished.
People want to go back to pot roast and mashed potatoes.
Saint Maxime's is not a joint...
where the vegetables look like baby doodoo.
It's that sleazebag Duke.
That kid looks like a minor to me.
- Yeah. - She looks the same age as my daughter.
Let's go in.
That little girl that just came in here, which room?
That would be which girl, sir?
You try me, you'll wish you were back in Mother India.
211, sir!
Thought I heard a scream in here.
- Jesus Christ! Who the fuck are you? - Get that kid over to Father Burke's.
Fuck you and your badge!
You can't come in here like that and abuse somebody's privacy!
- I'm going to take you down to the station. - Bullshit I am!
Motherfucking bitch!
You fucking ass!
Come on, fuckhead! Come on, fucker!
You dirty bastard.
You get pleasure from hurting kids.
You're going to swear out a statement that that shitbag Duke...
brings those kids to you.
I can't do that. He'll blow the fucking whistle on me!
In that case, you're going to feel what it's like to be one of those little kids!
I don't think I'm going to be able to eat tonight.
What's wrong? That awful guy Tovar picking on you again?
It's the job, Kathleen.
It's the job.
It's the rotten people, it's the filth.
I'm getting to be just like them.
Don't ever say that.
I feel like walking away from this damn job now!
And give it all up?
The security, the seniority, the pension?
You know the idea you and me were talking about?
Buying the little place up in Carmel, maybe like a tavern. We could do that.
We could make a go of it, you know.
I did something today.
I did something stupid.
It might jeopardize my pension.
Is Rios involved?
No, and I can't tell him.
I know you didn't lie, you didn't steal...
and it's not about drugs.
So I think somebody just got your Irish up...
and you handled it in an extra-departmental manner.
- You always try to make me feel better. - Yes.
And you do. Thanks.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Remember, please, we try not to speak Japanese in class.
Now then, Hada-San, would you join me?
No bows, Mr. Hada.
Remember, bows make Westerners very uncomfortable.
Just a handshake.
- Very good, Mr. Hada. - Very good.
Very good. Yes, indeed. Thank you.
Now then, we shall assume that we are in the Los Angeles offices...
of the General Electric Corporation.
I'm a Mr. Jones, who has invited you for lunch. Shall we?
Mr. Hada, how are you?
Hello, Mr. Jones!
bowels are not good.
Please, understand, Mr. Hada...
that the phrase, "How are you, Mr. Hada?"...
does not require an answer, other than, "How are you, Mr. Jones?"
Because neither Mr. Jones nor any other American...
gives a damn about your health, your family, or your problems.
And you cannot ever speak of bowels...
in polite society.
Things that occur below the belt, or below the obi for that matter...
may be perfectly natural in Japan.
But they are kinjite...
forbidden subjects, in the West.
I have an hour's ride home.
rest well, everybody.
Until tomorrow, then.
Good night.
Good night.
I like you coming in here with your dictionary, like a student.
And you like students?
It was a student who made me a woman.
I was afraid, and he was so strong.
You can have your student again, Nobu-Chan.
Let me sleep with you tonight.
You've had too much to drink, Hada-San.
I don't want to spend the night watching you sleep.
Don't put me off, Nobu-Chan.
I am perfectly capable.
Good night, Hada-San.
They're at it again.
It's mother's fault. Father is a man.
He should not be criticized all the time.
It's his business that keeps him out late at night.
Mother does not want him drinking, or spending time with bargirls.
That's called business entertainment.
That's why we have a nice home. That's why we go skiing in the winter.
You are going through the motions of being a dutiful wife.
But there is no kindness to it.
Without looking at you...
I can see the disapproval on your face.
Your parents did you no favor sending you to a Christian school.
The teacher filled your head with nonsense about sin and guilt...
and with fables, which, in Japan, we confine in the children's books.
But of obligations, they taught you nothing.
I have fulfilled my obligations to you...
to the girls, to the company and to the country.
I know you are a good provider...
but it is this filth I cannot stand.
You, a father, hiding this dirt.
It makes me afraid of your sexual thoughts.
These are adult comic books, Kazuko.
Men read them on the train, and in the office.
As to my sexual thoughts, they shouldn't frighten you.
You rarely give me an opportunity to share them.
But then...
your sexual gifts are few and bitter.
I am sorry.
Please, forgive me.
Hi, Daddy.
You know Vinnie. He plays basketball for St. Ambrose.
Nice to see you again, sir.
You know it's after 11:00?
Don't athletes need their sleep?
And so do 15-year-old schoolgirls.
Parochial-school schoolgirls.
Why do we send her to a parochial school? The nuns don't teach her anything.
You know, she's down there in the dark with that stud.
Why does that disturb you?
Would you rather she were in the back seat of a car somewhere?
What's wrong with Vince? He's a very nice young man.
What got you upset?
His buttons open? His zipper at half-mast?
Do you have to paint pictures? That's our daughter we're talking about.
Second down and 15 at the Cobras' 15-yard line.
Mike Mendoza now at quarterback.
Pass complete to Joe Kelly, first down at the Chicago 20-yard line.
Durwood Broadmore made the stop.
This is a waste of time. We'll never get anything inside this place.
Keep your zipper up, man. It's still early.
Mendoza to Wade Hawkins. Tackle made by the Bruisers' Carl Haygins.
Check out the little girl in Section 3.
Five yards for the score by running back Wimpy Pal.
Touchdown Los Angeles Cobras!
I want you to see something.
Section C, Aisle 3.
She's making my hormone count soar.
Who's the ugly bastard?
That's Crowe from Vice.
The guy that's been fucking up my business.
And the pass is intercepted by Wimpy Pal.
Penalty flag on the play. Offside is charged against the Bruisers.
Let's go.
Pendahos on to attempt a 20-yard field goal.
You're really lucky to have a great guy like that for a dad.
I know it.
But sometimes he can be really extreme.
When he's like that, my mom says, "It's Crowe against the world."
Wait, I forgot to ask my dad for drinks.
- Come on, let's go. - Yeah.
Hey, Crowe, you sly dog.
You like young pussy, don't you? I saw you sitting with a poon pie.
She's worth $5,000 a week, man. Put her on the streets.
Yeah, man, you can make a fortune.
He is extreme. No question about it.
There you go, Father.
- They're still warm. From Joe's Deli? - Where else?
You spoil me shamefully.
Here's the week's heartbreak, believed to be in the area...
an 11-year-old boy...
a retarded girl of 17.
That's my offering. What have you got for me?
We have a 14-year-old brought in last night...
been in town for 72 hours.
Picked up at the bus terminal, gang-raped, sodomized...
and working the streets the next day.
I don't think she's ready to face the cops.
I respect the way you feel, Father, but I got pressure from the top.
When a kid shows up, they want to know about it.
She was beautiful.
Haunting, to be more accurate. And let me tell you...
she was having an orgasm!
Are you sure you're not just wishing an orgasm on her?
If she wasn't enjoying it, why didn't she cry for help? Tell me that.
Because she is not some bargirl who knows how to deal with men.
Because of shame.
Better humiliation, than the shame of telling others she's been touched.
That is the Japanese way, isn't it?
- Maybe you're right. - I am right.
And now, I will give you some information that will place you in my debt.
Then I might not want to hear it.
Yes, you will.
For three years you're going to be forced to watch the home games of the Dodgers.
A transfer to the Los Angeles office?
I'm indebted to you, deeply.
- To America! - To America!
You are making a major mistake. You've got nothing on me.
- I suggest that you get out before l... - Before you call a cop.
You and me, we're going to take a drive.
You give me a hard time, I'm going to blow off your kneecaps.
What kind of shit is this?
Take me in, so I can call my lawyer.
This has nothing to do with lawyers, nor the department.
You make a living selling little kids. I make a living stopping pissheads like you.
This is just between you and me, and I'm going to put you out of business.
What the hell have you brought me here for?
- You'll find out. - Look, I think you're a little bit unstable.
You've got a wife and a couple of kids, right?
What do you make?
About $35,000?
This is a President with a diamond face.
at Tiffany's.
It's yours, and we never see each other again.
I'd like to shove this up your ass, but I don't want to dirty my hands.
You're going to eat it.
You're going to eat it, or I'll blow your head off.
Open up your mouth!
I'm dying.
No, you're not.
But you'll have to stick your head between your legs to tell the time.
Now what?
Just watch.
Fucking bastard!
Why, man?
Nothing personal, Duke.
It's a question of ethics.
Should a man enjoy a $20,000 car...
bought by the efforts of teenage girls on their knees and backs?
You're going to stop running these little girls, Duke...
because if you don't, you're dead.
Dead in the gutter, dead.
You're a mad dog! I shoot mad dogs!
I blow their fucking guts out!
Colorful, but dangerous.
Swimmers, take your marks.
Come on, Rita.
Way to go, Rita. That's your personal best, 26.5.
- I'm so proud of her. - Me, too.
Good job, Rita. How about some shots?
Why the hell doesn't her coach cover her up?
Put a robe or something on her?
She could catch her death of cold.
Ladies and gentlemen...
we will be arriving at Los Angeles International Airport in 10 minutes...
where the time is 9:15 a. M...
and the temperature is 68 degrees.
Thank you for flying All Nippon Airways.
I'd rather go to an American school.
I don't see how abacus drill and calligraphy are going to help me in life.
I think we are doing quite well in the world...
in spite of the educational system, which you criticize.
Come, let's go to school.
An abacus can calculate as fast as a computer.
As for calligraphy, it is part of our heritage.
How would you write your New Year's resolutions? On a typewriter?
You should listen to your older sister, Se-Chan.
You're too impulsive.
I'll be late tonight. I'm taking a client out for dinner.
What do you think?
I think they're right off the bus...
no place to go, hungry and scared shitless...
now that they're in the big city.
Let me off at the next corner. I'll make my move.
Question is, how do I get rid of the boy?
Get rid of your sexist attitude. That boy is sweet.
There's a clientele for that. Plenty of rich asshole bandits around.
Get them both and diversify. Part of your new operation.
Forget about the kids. Do exactly like I say.
I'm not interested in your ballistics expertise.
I'm interested in that glaring blank in your report...
like who the hell is out there gunning for the both of you, and why?
It's not Joey Kaplan they're after. The man was a paragon of virtue.
We know, Captain.
Joey Kaplan died for your sins. Now that's it, isn't it?
Please, Captain, we make a lot of enemies.
No, Eddie. Even thieves like you.
It's not we, it's me.
I make a lot of enemies.
Perhaps you'd favor us with a list of your enemies?
Who's your number one?
Since May 23, it's a pimp called Duke.
He runs little girls for wealthy perverts.
So why's May 23 so ingrained in that fine mind of yours?
It was May 23 I set his Cadillac on fire.
And on May 23, I made him swallow a big gold watch.
A President. It has a diamond face.
I think they sell for $25,000.
What are you, completely crazy?
You can't bust the scumbag like any other cop.
No, you've got to exact a biblical vengeance.
I mean, who appointed you avenger of my department?
Who gave you a flaming sword?
Captain, this bag of shit is running little girls.
And he's getting fat off them.
If I haul him in, he's back out on the street in 30 minutes.
What are we supposed to do?
Obey the regulations of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Now get out.
- Crowe. - Yes, sir.
If you were into me for $50,000, I'd come after you myself.
So, Hada-San, America's not so different?
No. Hands off.
Hada-San, you must learn the rule...
touching hostess' breast definitely not permitted in Los Angeles.
Not permitted? How sad.
- Why not? - City regulation.
I think there are too many regulations in America.
It makes for good balance, drink in one hand...
breast in the other.
I think I've had too much to drink tonight.
- I had a lot of fun at the ballet. - It was really fun.
The music, wasn't it good?
- Let's go again. - Sure. When are we gonna go?
I don't know. Let's ask Sister Dominique.
She's really nice, she'll probably let us go again.
We've got to go to the sale. We've got to go.
- Yeah, I've been saving, so... - Good.
- P is for party - A is for all right
- R is for rowdy - T is for tonight
- Y is for you - And you know what to do
I said, party
Don't let your momma know
Or she won't let you go
- P is for party - A is for all right
- R is for rowdy - T is for tonight
- Y is for you - And you know what to do
I said, party
Don't let your momma know
What happened, Rita?
Some Oriental guy touched my holy of holies.
Holy shit!
- What's the matter, Rita? - Some pervert touched her.
- Who? - Some Oriental guy.
Was it one of these shitheads?
The cash, the plastic, and the Seiko, now.
Can you spell that for me?
All right. Now, Rita, I know it's difficult, but...
have you some way of knowing if he was Japanese, Chinese, or Korean?
How can you tell?
All I know is that he was not really old.
He looks...
He looks like...
Like me? Why not?
All Asians share a superficial likeness.
How was he dressed, Rita?
Would you say he was a working man, or a businessman?
I meant, was he in a suit and tie, or in sweats, or in a windbreaker?
He was in a suit, all right...
with a white shirt and a tie, like a banker, you know, on TV.
Now, Rita, think real hard.
What else did you notice?
Wristwatch, pocket handkerchief, briefcase, a camera?
There was something.
He wore a little button in his lapel. Here.
Describe it, Rita, think real hard.
It was shiny...
maybe red or blue...
Gosh, I don't know. I'm really sorry.
It gives us a better idea.
The big Japanese companies have their employees wear their logos.
That really narrows it down.
How many Japanese businessmen do you think there are in the city...
at any one time?
According to the LA Times, about 25,000.
I wish I could tell you how it happened.
You need not tell me anything.
All that matters is that you are at home.
I think you are much more capable than I...
that you are a better person.
This is how the Chinese emperors slept.
No quilt...
and only young women to cover them.
How wise they were.
Where do you learn these wicked things?
You ask too many questions, Kazuko-Chan.
Why, Hiroshi?
The first time after so many years?
because we are so vulnerable here.
Somebody cops a feel off Rita on the bus.
Nothing happened, and you're behaving like she was raped or something.
Some sleazy Oriental...
gropes my daughter, and you say nothing happened?
My daughter?
Maybe you don't realize what's going on in this country...
but take the Japanese, for instance...
they're buying hotels, office buildings, golf courses.
They're taking over.
You and me, we're busting our ass, and then we suck hind tit.
What the hell's going on up here?
You see what I mean? Taking over. Look at that.
Move this car!
What the hell do you think this is, a parking lot?
You are double-parked. Do you understand?
I'm going to throw your ass in jail, if you don't move this car now.
What the hell are you looking at?
You people behave like you own this town.
Well, this is not Tokyo, this is Los Angeles.
You over there!
You're obstructing the sidewalk...
and your goddamn cars are obstructing the thoroughfare.
And you're fucking obstructing me!
I apologize. He's not feeling too well.
Come on, partner, let's go.
What's troubling you?
It's about this rage that I feel ever since Rita was...
These thoughts that I have that plague me...
I have this feeling of revenge that's eating my gut.
From what you've told me, Rita was pawed on the bus.
Ugly as the experience was for her, "molest" seems too strong a term...
and implies something that never actually happened.
I detect a possessiveness, Crowe.
Rita is your daughter, she's not your wife.
I want to be sure it is a father's anger I'm witnessing, if you follow me.
I know what you're saying, Father.
- I'm not sure I can face it. - Listen to me.
We are all beset by demons. Every one of us.
And it's up to you to recognize what's bothering you.
Know your enemy, so to speak.
Deal with this in a forthright manner, and you'll be back in a state of grace.
May the God of Justice and Mercy strengthen your soul.
Don't hold the brush so stiff.
Is this right?
You missed the upward stroke on the right-hand side.
It's almost right. Only the water radical is weak.
On the first stroke.
Think of ocean spray, not of ink.
Okay, everyone, class dismissed.
I'll see everyone back here in half an hour.
Hello, ladies. What would you like today?
- Ice cream. - Ice cream.
- What did you say you wanted? - Strawberry.
Strawberry. There you go. Enjoy.
Follow her.
Come on, Fumi-Chan, the school bell's ringing.
I know. I won't be late.
Hello, little girl. Will you show me where your school is?
I have an appointment with your headmistress.
Yes, of course.
- Why have you brought me here? - I just forgot some papers.
It'll only be a moment.
This is where I live. It's nice, isn't it?
You like my home?
It's nice.
Please, please.
I just had my physical, and my blood pressure is up...
so no surprises, please.
Just listen up.
Japanese Middle School.
One of those private schools off Echo Park?
- You guys know it? - Yeah.
Missing female juvenile.
Could be nothing, but...
from what I read, these Japanese school kids, they don't play hooky.
They go to school six days a week...
do four hours of homework...
sleep maybe six hours a night.
Instead of vacations, they enroll in cram courses.
Anyway, get on over there. There could be diplomatic implications.
Could you replace me with somebody who's more sympathetic to the Asian community?
Excuse me, it's because of what happened to his daughter.
Rita? What happened?
She was molested on the bus by an Asian.
Molested? Look, this is the real world. We don't use euphemisms.
Abused? Raped? What?
She was on a bus and somebody stuck their hand up under her skirt and...
touched her.
You know, her private parts.
My nephew Stevie was touched by the priest in choir practice.
Now, what the hell has that got to do with your work?
In this city, you want to get racially selective in your assignments?
You don't want to do Blacks and Hispanics, Iranians, Vietnamese or Chinamen?
You want to do Anglo-Saxons. Good.
You can walk a beat in Glendale, as a patrolman. Now beat it.
Excuse me for asking obvious questions.
Does your daughter have any friends in the Los Angeles area...
who do not attend this school?
No, we have only been in the city for three months.
Does she have any boyfriends? Is there a young man that...
No, that is not possible.
Because Fumiko is our daughter...
and she is just a young girl.
Japanese young girls do not...
Japanese young girls do not what?
Let me recap.
There have been no arguments at home.
She doesn't know anybody in the area.
She's not precocious.
Could there be someone in Tokyo that she misses?
Mr. Rios, let me explain.
It is different in Japan.
Our children have not the latitude of American children.
A daughter like Fumiko-San would be an innocent.
The tongue.
Do you like it?
We'll pass around copies of this.
I think we ought to go.
Do you have any instructions for Mr. And Mrs. Hada?
Yes. We want someone to be at this number at all times.
I'm sending Officer Petrini over here to stand a telephone watch.
You got that?
Am I glad we're out of there.
I don't know how to deal with that sobbing, tears and all.
I thought these guys had balls of iron...
you know, give your life for the emperor...
committing hara-kiri, that kind of thing.
Now don't make me out to be insensitive, because I can imagine...
being the father of a teenager...
I can imagine how that guy must feel.
Where do you want to start?
I don't know yet, but, Eddie, we've got to find that girl...
even if we have to work outside the system.
Bear in mind that I intend to retire on 20...
and I have no plans to be a Carmel saloon keeper.
So let's not operate too far out of the system.
You're open for business.
When can I go home? I want to go home.
- Be nice! - You promised.
Be nice to this man! Do what he says!
Then we'll talk.
- But you promised! - We'll talk about it!
Now, come on!
But you promised you'd let me go!
My mother doesn't know where I am.
She'll be worried!
- Please, let me go home! - I will!
All in good time. Now, get in there!
- Let's go home! - Easy.
Sit down.
Your school called me.
They're very disappointed in your work.
Very disappointed.
The headmistress said to me that you are tardy...
and impudent.
I told her that I would punish you severely.
I wish it could have been otherwise.
Let's go.
Lieutenant Crowe, Fumiko Hada has been spotted at the Palms Hotel.
Okay. We're on our way.
That's it.
Good. That's cool.
Now hold it.
Yeah, now make it feel good. Touch her right there.
Kill the playback.
That's great.
Yeah. And kill this light here, guys.
Here you go.
The rest of the set looks good.
Lets clear out here, guys. Perfect.
I'm rolling now.
And, action! Playback!
Little more smoke in that shot there, Johnny?
Open up! Police!
That's the way.
You got it now. Come on.
Yes. Now, come on!
Sid, it's the cops!
Everybody, on the floor!
- Look at all this shit! - Now!
Let's get out of here!
Call the units. We'll take them in.
That's not Fumiko!
Get me Sergeant Thomas in Vice.
The Japanese Chamber of Commerce released the text of a letter...
to the mayor's office voicing apprehension...
at the disappearance of Fumiko Hada...
a Japanese high-school student.
The letter voices fears of foul play against the teenager.
This comes among recent complaints of violence...
Can't stay here doing nothing! I have to go look for her!
Go with him, please! Quickly!
Hey, come on inside!
There's good stuff in here!
Emmanuelle 4. Maid in Sweden.
Bring her in, and you won't have to use your hand tonight!
You know it! All right!
Come in! It's only $4.
Come on. Get on up here!
Hey, bring the little lady in. You'll be coming like mad!
You're old enough. I'll let you in. I'll stick you in behind somebody!
Fellas! Where you going?
Hey, fellas. Hey! Come on inside!
Come on inside! No fuckee-suckee like this in Tokyo!
This be some young stuff!
- Bug off! - 9, 13! Oriental, too!
You'll love it!
Who lives here?
Someone nice.
Someone that I want you to be very nice to.
Duke told me you've just come from Tokyo.
How very interesting.
How do you like it here?
Have you made friends yet?
Oh, poor darling.
It must be hard to leave your friends behind.
When I was a little girl...
that was a long time ago...
my parents put me in a boarding school in Paris.
I can't tell you how lonely I felt the first night...
in that dreadful dormitory.
How very, very lonely.
You know Detective Crowe.
Mr. Crowe is a friend of mine. He needs your help.
I would appreciate it, but it's up to you.
If you feel you're getting in over your head, come and get me.
I'll be in my office.
a little girl has been snatched, and I'd like to talk to Duke about it.
I'd like to get that little girl back to her parents.
How do you know she wants to go back?
How do you know she doesn't want to be with Duke...
if it's Duke she's with?
I know her parents.
You don't know shit.
I'd rather be with Duke than with my parents.
DeeDee, it was Duke who put you out on the street.
He made you turn tricks.
Duke didn't turn me out.
My stepfather did when I was 12.
I did him and his friends until I was 14 and ran away.
All right, but it was Duke who started you on drugs.
He made you dependent.
He did. But if he didn't, somebody else would have.
DeeDee, you know what Duke is.
Why are you trying to protect him?
Duke was good to me.
He bought me nice clothes.
He took me to Jamaica. We stayed in a classy hotel.
I didn't have to hustle. It was like being married.
Did you love him?
If that's what love is.
There's a little girl out there.
She's never been away from home.
I'd like to find her and return her to her parents.
Then I'm going to leave all this behind me.
Duke's a great dresser.
He spends thousands on his clothes.
He might have gone underground, or moved.
But he would still go to Rosario's to get his pants made, suits altered.
He has a shop downtown. They play dominos there at night.
Duke used to take me there.
That's all I'm going to tell you.
Thanks, DeeDee.
Mr. Rosario?
Don't settle down yet. Our customer's arrived.
Gentlemen, can I help you?
Two of your tenants just drove in.
A flashy dresser known as Duke, and a heavyset man.
Ring a bell?
We have 200 apartments. You'll have to be more specific.
Some detail, so I can help you.
We think there's a Japanese juvenile staying with him.
Japanese? Well, let's see.
We have a Matsuda, a Manabe, a Toyama...
Listen, shitface.
We're not fucking around! What's the apartment number?
Hey, don't get mad!
You're looking for Apartment 906.
Elevator's to your right.
It's Lorenzo. Two cops on the way.
- Get the fuck out! - Thanks!
- Fumiko, hurry up! - She's in the bedroom.
I can't get her out!
Here's the last of the money. Where is Fumiko?
Get her!
Take the back stairs, and use Lorenzo's car.
- I'll stall them, man! - Hurry up!
Leave the shit behind and let's go!
Get your ass out here! You hear me, girl?
Open the door, bitch.
You better open up, or I'll kick your ass! Hey, bitch!
Hurry up, and open the fucking door!
I'm gonna break your ass if you don't hurry!
Down the stairs!
If you don't open up, I'm gonna...
You could've buzzed.
On the floor, asshole.
Tampico, Long Beach.
This guy's into Mexican food!
Police brutality is gonna blow your case.
You've heard of the overworked court system?
There may not be a case.
You tell us where Duke is, we'll let you go.
Duke is long gone.
What about the girls? The Japanese kid?
Duke is a salesman, right?
When he goes on the road, the inventory goes with him.
You missed him by a pussy hair.
Pussy. Get it?
Let's throw that son of a bitch off the balcony.
You guys are bullshitting.
Don't throw me over the balcony! Jesus, take me back!
No, Jesus, take me back!
When you tell us where Duke is.
I swear to God, I don't know!
Wrong answer!
Same question.
- Where is he? - I don't know!
- Where? - I swear to God, I don't know.
I don't know! Sweet Jesus, somebody's gotta help me!
I'm slipping. Help me! I don't know!
I swear to God, I don't know!
I don't know! Bring me up!
I'm slipping!
Oh, no.
What do we do with the boots?
I am Fumiko Hada.
I have caused you much trouble.
I am so sorry.
We have guests from the not-so-mysterious Orient.
Honey, would you get the door?
Let's go fix up that room.
Good morning, Mr. Crowe. We are so sorry to disturb you.
- Come on in. - Thank you.
- How are you? - Okay.
This is my wife Kathleen, my daughter, Rita. Mr. And Mrs. Hada.
Party, don't let your momma know
Party, or she won't let you go
Would you like to sit down?
No, thank you. We have to leave soon.
Thank you.
Mr. Crowe, you have returned our daughter.
And we want to thank you personally.
So we took the liberty of asking Captain Tovar for your address.
It was very rude of us.
Please, forgive the intrusion.
We want to give you this small present for your daughter.
- P is for party - A is for all right
- R is for rowdy - T is for tonight
- Y is for you - You know what to do
I said, party, party
Fumiko sent a poem.
She wrote it for Lieutenant Crowe. Her way of saying thank you.
You're going to have to read that.
"Small boat beyond horizon
"Big boat in harbor
"Which course is true?"
It's not easy to translate.
What's it mean?
I think Fumiko thought you would know.
I appreciate the thought. Please, thank her for me.
I wish she could have come.
It's difficult for her.
When we are back in Japan...
she will stay with my mother in the country for a while.
Well then, thank you very much for your hospitality.
I wish we could have found their daughter sooner.
Wait, as I was saying...
Yes, he's here. I'll tell him.
- The little girl, Fumiko? - Yeah?
She's dead.
"Small boat beyond horizon, big boat in harbor"
Sounds like a riddle to me.
Fumiko told her mother I would know what it meant.
I don't think she would send me a riddle.
It's a poem.
You think she's trying to tell me that the...
"small boat beyond the horizon" is her...
dead, out of it?
And the "big boat in the harbor" is...
a boat where Duke is hiding out.
Remember that piece of paper?
- Tampico, Long Beach? - Yeah?
We thought it may be a restaurant.
Could be the name of the boat.
It's worth a call to the harbormaster.
- Let's grab them. - Not yet!
They're going to get away.
No, this is the only way out.
- What now? - Wait.
Let's take them!
Okay. Get going.
Get him out. Move it! Get out.
I'll get you, you little shit!
I can't swim! Save me!
Crowe, don't let me die!
Oh, God! Save me!
Please, save...
I can't swim!
Oh, God!
You know, Duke, it was my intention...
to leave you beside the road somewhere in a gunnysack.
But I felt that justice would not have been served.
Poetic justice, that is.
- What the fuck are you talking about? - You'll see.
Hey, pretty boy!
Look here! Hey, pussy! Pussy. Young, tight thing!
Hey, sweet thing! I got something big and long for you!
Hey, pretty boy, cut you!
Hey, guys, I got me a new mama!
And when I'm through with this bitch...
she's gonna walk out of this cellblock wearing a strapless and heels.
You're a fucking bastard!
Here's your dinner!
Don't fuck with me, boy!
- Don't touch me! - Don't fuck with me, boy!
Crowe! You bastard!
That's justice.
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