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Kiss Of Death

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When'd you buy these? They're beautiful.
Bed sheets.
- So where are the drapes? On your bed?|- Gotta try to find the second life in things.
- How's your school?|- Good. Hard.
- l would love to go back.|- So go!
l think it's a little late in the game, no?
School would be a piece of cake|compared to what you've been through.
Thank God for this one, huh?
She saved our lives, this little girl.|She really did.
- How you doin', Rosie?|- Hi, Jimmy.
Hey, little girl.
Hey, little girl. Big girl.
- What's up?|- Rosie's gonna sit for Corinna, study here.
- Tonight?|- Yeah, we got the meeting.
l caught the one by work. The nooner.
We were supposed to go tonight.
Yeah, but l gotta go to Albany tomorrow.|l gotta check out that body shop.
l think it's better when we go together,|don't you?
Jimmy fucked up?
How much l owe?
Gimme a dollar.
You go to the meeting. l'll watch the baby.
- Sorry, Rosie. OK?|- No big thing.
We'll pay you halffor comin' downstairs.
- Come on.|- Jimmy!
- Jimmy!|- Here you go.
- Jimmy!
- Jimmy, l'm a fuckin' dead man!|- What are you doin' here, Ronnie?
l got eight cars on a carrier. Boat's leavin'|in 90 minutes and no driver. l need your help.
You are not listening to me, OK?|l can go back to jail just for talkin' to you.
l know. l know. l know, Jimmy.
l know. l went to three guys before you.
l know you don't want to be involved|with this shit - and l respect that, Jimmy -
but l don't know what else to do.|You know who l have to answer to?
Little Junior Brown.
Ronnie, this is your problem.|l don't give a shit.
Look what he did to my hand last week.|He thought l shorted him $50.
Now l got $350,000 worth ofthis guy's cars|and no driver! l need your help here.
Ronnie, l have a baby inside.
Everybody respects this but you.
Jimmy, you havin' a party?
Jimmy, l know that.|But you gotta help me out.
You cannot come to me|with this shit any more.
- You gotta help me.|- Out.
You know l love you, man. l respect you, man.
l'll give you $1500. We'll be back in two hours.
Ronnie, l don't want your fuckin' money.|Get outta here.
You don't want my fuckin' money? Huh?
l remember after your mom died.|You remember?
And your father used to go on his benders.|Whose people came to get you, man?
Whose people came to get you?|Where'd you live?
When you had no place to live,|where'd you live?
- That was a long time ago.|- My family's never asked you for nothin'.
Jimmy, l never asked you for nothin', man.
Jimmy, this guy's gonna cripple me, man.|He's gonna cripple me.
l'm your blood cousin, Jimmy.|l'm your blood cousin.
lt'll take two hours, man.
Please don't let this happen. Please don't let|this fuckin' guy hurt me. He's gonna kill me!
The babysitter from upstairs, get her down.|lt'll take two hours. Pay her double.
Please, Jimmy. Please...
- Hey. l wake your parents up?|- Don't worry about it.
- OK. l should be back in two hours.|- OK.
- Thanks.|- Sure.
Since you went away, man, we got big, man.|No more smash-and-grab bullshit.
You know l got a half-size difference in my|shoes and gotta put three insoles in the left?
Now when l see some shoes l want,|l buy two pairs - 10 and 11.
- l'm talkin' $300, $400 kicks.|- l don't give a fuck about your shoes.
Mr Jimmy!
l'm talkin' $200, $300 kicks.|When you want back in, you let me...
You playin' time games with me?
Whoa. Junior, l'm your man.|lt's gonna happen.
Remove the fucking hand.
l'm your guy, Junior. l'm here.|There's no problem. Let's just do it.
You're here, huh?
He's here!
We're saved!
Come on, Junior, man. lt's not my fault.
What the fuck, man?
He's a drunk, man!
Look who showed up to drive.|He's fuckin' socked.
Half now. He'll throw you the rest after.
No stagger. Just haul ass!
Ronnies No stagger?|We'll look like a circus train!
Fuckin' gorilla.
Let's get the fuck outta here.|Jim, what are you doin'?
We can't leave a guy like this.|They'll cut his throat around here.
So? Good.
You know what your problem is?|You're a liberal.
Ready? Let's go. Let's go!
l got a boat waitin'!
Where... Where's my money?
Shut up.
What happened? What happened?
- Who took my goddamn money?|- l said shut up!
- Step out ofthe truck.|- What's the problem?
No problem. Just step out ofthe truck, please.
- Slowly. Slowly.|- OK, l'm slow. Watch my hand.
Keep your hands up.
What's goin' on? Hey!
Somebody think l'm stupid or somethin'?
- Hey, fellas. How you doin'?|- Hey. What's up?
Mind if l see your manifest?
Who took my goddamn money?
You wanna step down outta the cab, please?
- Get him!|- Shit!
- Run! Run!|- Go!
- Move your hand.|- No, no!
- There was no need for a medevac on this.|- My man is down!
- You had no authority.|- Kiss my fuckin' ass!
You watch Calvin, all right?
Let me handle this.
Does that hurt?
- What are you doing?|- Who are the mutts that took off?
No, no, no. You calm down, OK?
Hey, chill out. The DA.
That's him.
l want the others.
- l don't know 'em.|- What d'you think this is, huh?
A possession of stolen property rap?
Your partner's dead|and you're getting charged with murder.
The shot cop - you're getting charged with|aggravated assault. You want air on this?
Right now, give me some names.
A guy called me, woke me up,|said he had a carrier for me to drive.
He's gonna give me $1500.
- Who called you?|- l don't know. Some guy.
Some guy, huh?
You know you're being charged|with felony murders?
That's 30 for the body, 10 more for the felony.
Do you think that the guy who called you,|if we had him here,... you think he'd do 40 years for you?
Got a family?
l don't know the guy.
You did good, Jimmy.
- Well, what else could you do?|- What else could l have done, Jack?
l coulda done plenty. So they're talkin'|felony murder plus ten. That's bullshit, right?
They'll be happy with|a class two grand larceny.
All that other shit, come on!|lt's thunder without lightning.
- Class two?|- Stolen property in excess of $75,000.
You'll draw five years.|Serve three, maybe two.
- Serve two?|- Look, you gotta take the hit.
l mean, what can l tell you|that you don't already know?
You did it, right? And they know that.|lt's gonna be easy inside. lt'll go like a dream.
What happens to my family?
Do you have any idea what|my wife and l have been through?
We take care of our own.
- $150?|- Yeah, every week, outta my own pocket.
What the hell can l do with $150?
Bev, it wasn't like he was pullin' down|weekly G's out there, you know?
Let's be realistic. l'm not made of money|either. l'm just tryin' to help out a little bit.
l can't believe this.
You know, Bev, there is another way|you could get it up a little bit.
You know, ifyou worked for me|at the garage - you know what l'm sayin' -
and, you know, like, run credit cards|and make appointments and stuff like that...
lt'd be... you know, a strictly kosher gig.
Come on, Bev. l mean, l owe him.|l owe him big time, all right?
- Let me do this.|- What'd he do it for, Ronnie?
Bev, l swear, l don't know.
l mean, ifthat could be me in there...
- Where's the baby?|- With Rosie.
- How's she doin'?|- You know, she misses you.
Number five!
How could you do this? l can't make it|out there without you. l don't understand.
Well, l felt l had... no choice.
They were gonna kill Ronnie.
We were doing OK.
Didn't you think we were doing OK?
They doin' right by you?
Doin' right by me? You're in jail, Jimmy.
Number five!
- Bobby, what's the deal with this?|- lt needs an 80-amp alternator, 8417 belts.
- Fuckin' thing snapped.|- We ain't got no more? OK, l'll buy some.
- John, you cut the drums?|- Yeah, both of 'em.
Good work.
- Did the kid Terry call about the Chevys yet?|- Not yet.
Let me know, all right?
lt's fuckin' hot.
lt's like Tijuana out here.
Thanks. l don't drink.
- Not no more, huh?|- Not no more.
- There was a time, though, right?|- Right.
Yeah, l remember. You andJimmy.|Used to be, like, partyin' every night, right?
Well, it wasn't that long ago.
- Whaddaya want from me?|- Ronnie!
Yo, Ronnie!
Hey, come on!
- What's the deal?|- Go ahead and ask him.
- Ask him!|- Yo. l got a '93 lnfinity.
lt's fully loaded. Fully loaded.
- Oh, yeah? ls it yours?|- Yeah. Well, it is now.
- Oh, yeah? ls that right?|- l heard you...
You heard what?|l ain't got nothin' to do with hot cars.
What the fuck you heard?
l was in the joint with Vinny Passo.|He told me that...
Who the fuck is Vinny Passo?
And who the fuck are you?|l don't know you. Where you from?
You know Vinny, right?
- You a cop?|- No, man. l ain't no cop.
l was... l was in the joint with...
We don't do that shit over here. Motherfucker!
Hold him, Johnny! Hold him.
Come here! Where you goin'? Come here!
What the fuck d'ya think this is?
Get that car outta here! That one too.
Closin' up! Out! Out!
l'm fuckin' upset! So fuckin' upset!|l can't take this bullshit.
Come on, l'm gonna|drive you home. Let's go.
Let's go. Let me get this.
- Where are we goin'?|- Come on. l gotta go see somebody.
l'll buy you a soda pop, all right?
Nice and easy.
- 26.|- Jesus, what you been eatin'?
Come on, you faggot. 27.
- 28.|- Come on, Junior.
- 30.|- Oh, fuck.
A vodka straight. For her, whatever.
- l'll be right back.|- OK.
Pop! Pop! l'm goin' for forty.
- 38.|- You got it. You got it. Come on!
- 39.|- Come on!
- He did it.|- That was great! l knew you had it in you.
- What's due?|- lt's all there.
- Who's she?|- That's my cousin's wife.
- You givin' her the money?|- Yeah. $400 a week like you said.
Plus, l'm giving her ajob.|You know, that was my idea.
- Throw her a car too.|- A car?
- Mm-hm.|- OK.
ls that it?
All right.
Hey, what's the what?
What kinda car you like to drive?
- What kind?|- Yeah.
l wanna give you a car.
l wanna do somethin' nice for you.
- You wanna do something nice for me?|- Yeah.
- Feel good?|- My father says to take her home.
- Why don't you let her finish her drink first?|- Now, fucko!
- Why you gotta talk to me like that, man?|- To her house.
Come on, let's go.
Love's more comfortable
The second time you fall
Like a friendly home
The second time you call
Who can say what led to this miracle?
Rosie, l'm sorry. l fell asleep. ls Corinna OK?
No, l'm coming home.|l'm coming home right now.
- Oh, look who's up.
Fuck off!
- Jimmy!
Come in. l'll be off in a minute.
Oh, Bev, no! Oh, no...
She was a beautiful person, man.
l did everything l could for her.
l'm sorry.
What was she doin' in your car|at eight in the morning, Ronnie?
l sent her from the shop|to get somethin' from my house.
- We were workin'...|- To get what?
To get my wallet.
To get your wallet?
Jimmy, l swear, ifthat could be me in there...|l wouldn't have done it, man, cos l...
- Let's go.|- We were workin'.
- Wait a second. Wait.|- Let's go.
Could Rosie bring Corinna to see me?
- You know, it was you, drivin' that truck.|- Don't say that.
Now l got nobody.
Come on. Time to go.
On the morning she died,|what time did Bev go to work?
- l'm... not sure.|- Rosie, let me put it to you another way.
What time did you come downstairs|so she could go to work? Six am, seven am?
Ah, Jimmy...
She never even made it home|from the night before.
She called me from work, says|Ronnie's drivin' her, but she never made it.
Jimmy, she never made it.
- Ronnie.|- l was there all night. All night long.
- Ronnie.|- Let's go.
- Your wallet, Ronnie? Your wallet?|- Come on!
Come on!
- Nowyou're giving me names?|- You want 'em or not?
What do youwant? Early parole?
lf l give people up to you and you turn me|loose early, l won't last day one out there.
- So what do you want?|- l wanna visit my daughter.
She's livin' upstate with my mother-in-law,|who won't let her come and see me.
And l want a one-day trip|to go up there and see her. One day.
- No.|- Whaddaya want from me?
What do you mean? Like, in addition?
Tell me something. Surprise me.
Astro Jewellers. Remember that?
- Four years ago.|- Mm-hm.
l give you those people, l get my day.
We'll see.
John Amato. Call him Johnny A.
And Bobby Bannion: Bobby B.
They work at L&M Automotive|near Shea Stadium.
- Anybody else?|- You should pick me up too.
- Oh, yeah? Why's that?|- Well, ifyou don't,...
..they'll know who did the talking.
So, throw me in a line-up.|l'll take my chances.
That's all l have to say about this.
Tell me about the navy yard.
Same guys: Johnny A, Bobby B and me.
That's three. There were four transporters.
l didn't know the fourth driver.|l never saw him before.
Who called you?
Yo... Mr Money.
There is no way that you can tell me that you|did not know the guy who got you into this.
Look me in the eye and try it.
l've got no reason to lie.
Everybody's got a reason to lie.
Astro Jewellers? That was four years ago.
Who ratted us out?
Well, whoever it was, you're in the clear.
l was the driver. The guy never laid eyes|on me. Did they pick Ronnie up too?
- Ronnie Gannon?|- Yeah. The whole job was his idea.
No, his name didn't even come up.
Did the prosecutor's office|contact you about this?
No. How stupid do ya think l am?|l wouldn't talk to anybody without you.
Yeah. Well, they also got picked up|on the navy yard thing.
- Who did?|- Bobby and Johnny.
Ronnie too?
- Ronnie Gannon...|- l never liked that kid.
He's a fuckin' rat, is what you're sayin'.
You gonna take care ofthis,|Junior, or are you goin' outta house?
l clean up my own mess.
- You ever see a Rolls get chopped?|- No.
Why don't you stay and check it out?
Come on, man.|l'm dyin' over here. Let's go!
We ain't got all day, man. Let's go, man.|lt ain't rocket science. Let's get outta here!
Let's go to work. Let's get it up!
Yo, Ronnie!
Ronnie! Come here!
What the fuck?|You guys look like the Gorton's fishermen.
Ronnie, l want you to listen to this.
An oldie but goodie.
Concentrate on the words.
Your time has come
For everyone to clean up|their own backyard
Before theygo knockin' on|their neighbour's door
Did ya hear that?
Yeah. The bass was too heavy, though.
''The time has come for everyone|to clean up their own back yard.''
''Clean up their own back yard.''
Did you hear that?
- Wait! What'd l do?
l didn't do nothin'! What'd l do?
You got somethin' to say?|You like to talk to the cops, huh?
You like to fuckin' talk, you fuck? You fuck!
Shit, Junior.
- Shit.|- Ow.
l like this. l really do.
Ah, man, look at this. l just bought this thing.
Let's get him outta here.
- Kilmartin. On a day pass.|- Change your clothes in the cage.
Mr Kilmartin. We meet again.
You remember old Calvin Hart here, don't ya?
He sure as shit remembers you.
Take the cuffs off him.
Took the same bullet as you.
Can l see my daughter now?
- Hi.|- What happened to your face?
Nothin'. Listen,|l don't think this is such a good idea.
l don't want her to see me like this.
Oh, Jimmy, she's a baby. She don't...
- She ask for Bev a lot?|- ln and out.
Between me and Bev's mom,|she's doin' better than you think.
l've been takin' her to classes with me.|She likes psych and economics.
That's great. l don't know|what l'd do without you, Rosie.
Hey, you! Hey.
Hey, you, come here.|Corinna, do you know who l am?
- Just for one minute.
l know.
OK. All right.
Don't take her away from me.
Daddy, it stinks in here.
lt smells like soup!
Soup, huh?
Three more weeks.
Hang in there, kiddo.
Comin' out to what? No job, no money...
Least l got you, Juicy, right? Yeah.
l wanna get your parents somethin'|for getting my apartment back.
- And you got me.|- Whaddaya mean, l got you?
Give it up!
Kilmartin, report to the five building bypass.
Come on in.
l hear you're comin' up|for parole review next week.
l also hear you've been a pretty good guy.|That's great.
Whaddaya want?
Did you ever hear of an asshole|by the name of Little Junior Brown?
What about him?
Little Junior...
His old man, Big Junior?
He's in the hospital. He ain't comin' out.
So it looks like Little Junior's|movin' up in the world.
Big Junior.
That's one ofthose expressions like...|jumbo shrimp.
Listen to me.
l am not goin' back to that.|l am not rattin' on anybody else.
What's done is done.|You can't make me do shit.
We never swung the hammer on you|for the Astro job.
Get the indictment on me.|Look, all l got to say to you... how you already cooperated with us|ratting out the others,...
..and here we are droppin' it on you anyhow|because you won't do any more ratting.
You know what? You're right.
Forget it.|We probably won't get the indictment.
And you'll be out on the street.
A free man.
How long do you think you're gonna|last out there once the word gets out?
Are you a man of honour?
See, let me tell you.
All l want now is what l had in my life|before all the fuckers came through the door -
you and them.
l wanna be left alone with my family,|and l want ajob that feels good to me.
So ifthat means l need to deliver up|this Junior Brown, l'll do that.
lf l have to kill this motherfucker to get there,|l will.
But all l've got on you is your word.
So l'm asking you: if l serve him up,... a man of honour, will you say to me now|that you will cut me loose once and for all?
D'you want my hand on it or something?
OK, let him pass.
James Kilmartin.
- Rose D'Amico.|- Here.
That's my daddy!
Let's go.
- Daddy, look!|- Hey, Corinna!
- What the hell's the matter with you?!
The car almost hit me, Daddy.
l know.
- What the fuck is your problem, man?|- My father's dead!
My father's dead!
Come on, get it out. Come on.
See the brother here with Junior?
His name's Omar. Now, Omar's down|with some posse outta Philadelphia.
Must got cash as long as train smoke|cos he's Junior's biggest customer.
Cars, drugs, guns. He's buyin'|everything he can get his hands on.
So when you hook up with your scumbag|pals, l want you to get 'em talkin' about Omar.
He must be new. The Philadelphia PD|ain't got no jacket on him yet.
Fuck this guy Omar. You said Little Junior.
This is about Little Junior.
Look, like ifyou get in some conversations,|just relax. Don't push for nothin', all right?
Guy starts talkin', just ask for more details,|but nice and natural.
Two assholes talkin' shop.
But don't push, all right?|And don't initiate nothin', all right?
Yeah, you gonna be fine. Just fine.
Look, we in this together, man.
One for all, all for one, right?
OK, slow down. Slow.
There it is. There. The Lexus, right there.
l hate dogs! Little dogs, big dogs...
Let's get outta here.
See that guy in the red shirt over there?
- This guy right over here?|- That's our connect in the DMV.
Alls we gotta do is throw him a licence|number, throws us back anything we need.
Sometimes we got more shit|than the real owners. lt's beautiful.
No kiddin'.
No kiddin'.
No kiddin'.
No kiddin'.
Now, you see her? The lndian? l just love her.
- She's nice.|- No, l love her. We're engaged.
l wanna grow old with her and shit.|You know what l'm tryin' to say?
You remember me?
l heard you lost your wife.
l lost my father last week.
Whaddaya think is worse?
Losin' a wife or losin' a father?
l don't know.
l guess it depends on the individual,|the relationship, whatnot.
You know what an asthma attack feels like?
Feels like you're tryin' to breathe air|through a flattened straw.
But if l take a hit ofthis, most times l'm OK.
Like that.
But my old man?
ln the end?
He had less than five per cent|of his lung capacity.
l mean... he went out hard.
l'm sorry to hear that.
lf that starts happenin' with me -|with genetics and shit - it's silver-bullet time.
l'll do it myself.
At least your wife, she went out fast, right?
l'm tellin' ya, man,|you gotta be grateful for that.
So, Sing Sing... You got through that.
Whatever doesn't kill you|makes you stronger, right?
Whatever doesn't kill you|makes you stronger.
Whatever don't kill you makes...
l like that.
- You're OK.|- Joey, get this guy!
- You're all right.|- Hey!
- What are you doin'? Come here.|- Hey, man. Come on!
Bring him here.
Junior, l'm drunk. l was drunk. l'm sorry.
Which hand did you grab her with?
Put it on the table.|l'm only gonna say that once.
Would you mind lightin'|one ofthose for me, please?
- Thank you.|- Junior...
Shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
You think that's an easyjob,|dancin' up there?
lt's hard, what they do. Are you kiddin' me?
- Junior...|- Don't you move that fuckin' hand.
When someone steps over the line,...
..the difficult becomes|the repulsively impossible.
l think you should have more respect|for what they put up with.
So what can ldo... make you remember...
..and appreciate...
..what that's like, bein' up there?
Come here.
Come on, come on.
Get over here!
Tonight, l'll tell you, you have|really got this thing down to a science.
Yeah? What thing?
Well, look at him.|Who would know? Am l right?
Who would know what?
No, l'm just... l'm just saying. You know.
Get him the fuck offthere.
l am so fuckin' stupid.|l should have my fuckin' head examined.
What is the matter with me?
Hey! Hey! What are you fuckin' doin'?
What are you worrying|about the guy for, huh?!
What guy? What fucking guy?
Whaddaya wanna know for?
That's fucking great.|l did three years for you.
Hey, hey, hey.
l did three years for you,|you paranoid motherfucker, OK?
Full time, not a day less, for you.
What do you wanna know about the guy for?
JJ pointed him out to me,|like two minutes before you sat down.
lf he's got a big fuckin' mouth, take it up|with him. l was tryin' to make conversation.
lt's been a hard week.
l'm sorry. l just lost control, you know, so...
Wanna go for a ride?
Let's go for a ride. Come on.
No problem.
Know what an acronym is?
lt's like letters that stand for things.|You know, like FBl, TGlF. You understand?
l have an acronym for myself.|Know what it is?
B-A-D. Balls, attitude, direction.
You should give yourself an acronym.|Cos it helps you visualise your goals.
How about F-A-B? Fucked at birth.
No good. Too negative.
There's a bag in the trunk.|Why don't ya get it?
Whoa! Omar.
Don't you be fuckin'|sneakin' up on me like that.
Shit! Maybe you oughta|lighten up on the yeyo some.
And you think l'm paranoid...
- Who the fuck is this?|- He's cool. He's my people.
Your people?|Turn the fuck around, motherfucker.
Omar, the cars.
Yeah, man. You got the titles and shit?
Always do.
All right, l'll take 'em all. Except that Explorer.
What's the matter with the Explorer?
lt's red.
- So have 'em paint it.|- No. No, man.
No, it'd still be red under the paint.
Red's my bad luck colour.|l ain't got nothin' to do with red.
You're some funny people, my man.
- You got them nines for me?|- Right here.
Are you interested in Macs?|l'll get you a dozen.
Macs? Yeah, man. l'll take Macs. Yeah.
You got 'em.
This motherfucker smells scared, Junior.
l don't like that.
You wanna dance with me?
Cos l love to dance.
You hear what l'm sayin'?
No more new fuckin' faces, all right?
How about you? You afraid of red?
What am l, an interior decorator?|l don't give a shit.
Good. The Explorer's yours.
Jimmy. Over here.
These are the cars we took.
Where'd they go? Terminator Body Parts?
Got anything else?
There was a guy from the DMV there.|l couldn't get his name.
Yeah, we onto him.|So you hook up with Junior?
Oh, yeah.
- And how about Omar? You cut in Omar?|- Him too.
Bought everything on the sheet, bag of nines,|goin' for a dozen Macs over the weekend.
All right.
- So l'll get that wire offyou.|- l threw it away.
l threw it away.|l got patted down twice tonight.
So you're all right with him.|That'll make it easier.
- Easier for what?|- Easier to wear a fuckin' wire.
Let me ask you a question. Why you?
Why did they put you on me? Revenge?
You see this eye here?
Runs all the time. l can't make it stop.
l got a third of my hearin' in this ear.
When l wanna go to the beach - take my kids|to the beach and play with 'em and shit -
strong, direct sun gives me a migraine|so bad, l cry like a baby.
They don't know why. ltjust does.
So l asked for you.
And ifyou take that wire off one more time,|l'm personally gonna beat you to death.
Maybe the next time you lay a hand on me|it won't be such a one-way beatin'.
What you got, a test?
Are you gonna get locked up again?
- You would never do that to me.|- No.
Cos l'm not Bev. l can't live with that.
She couldn't live with it either.
You got something you need to tell me?
l'm under the rock.|They got me wearin' a wire.
Funny thing is,|l liked boostin' cars, you know?
There wasn't any make or model|l couldn't pop the lock.
Kill the alarm,|get it on the road in 90 seconds.
And it felt good.|lt felt good to be good at somethin'.
l had money in my pocket,|nice clothes, flash ride...
Buy things for Bev, you know?|Take her places.
Felt good.
But it was bullshit.
And when l finally got caught... goin' to jail...
That's for real.
DA's office, Wednesday, 8pm.
Mrs Wang's restaurant, wiring subject.
Switch the lD plate with the junker's.|Torch the junker.
Cops'll think it's the new car.
Let's go.
l always get such a kick outta that.|lt's the kid in me.
- Hi.|- Hey.
Ugh! You smell like gasoline.
He's a workin' man, babe. Give him a break.
- l gotta go.|- Where?
Gotta get home. She'll have my ass. So...
Let's go.
What's up?
You don't know who to fucking trust|these days. Know what l mean?
Junior, what?
What's up? l do somethin'?
Walk over there|and ask him if he wants a Rolls.
Tell him it's red.
Oh, come on, Junior. Don't make me do that.
And come up on the passenger side.
Hey. How you doin'?
What the fuck y'all want?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
You killed him.
- Have some coke on me.|- Jesus.
What did you do? What did you do?
What the fuck did you do?
What did l do?
You fuck with the bull, you get the horns.|That's what l did.
Come up with a more positive|acronym for yourselfyet?
A what?
You know what l hate more than anything?|l hate the taste of metal in my mouth.
Silverware makes me gag. l've gotta use|plastic forks and spoons all the time.
You know, l...
..l never told anybody about|me and the metal taste thing before.
Tomorrow... fuck the cars.
Just come by the bar.
l want you to... We...
We should have a conversation|about life and shit.
Yeah, get me Calvin Hart.
- l didn't do nothin'.|- l'd like to blow your fuckin' head off.
l didn't do it!
No, l am not gonna talk to you!
Just keep your fuckin' mouth shut, all right?
Why the fuck didn't you tell us|Omar was a federal agent?
He was a what?
We couldn't compromise our investigation.
- He was a what?!|- Your investigation?
lt's called common courtesy.|lt's called professionalism!
You arrogant prick!
- What a fucking waste oftime!|- What?! Our man was killed...
..and your confidential|informant's a witness!
Well, maybe your man would still be alive|if you'd bothered to let us in on it.
- Yeah, it's your own damn fault.|- Our fault?! Let me tell you...
- Your Cl is ours.|- The fuck he is!
Oh, yeah?|Then l'm chargin' him with homicide.
Fuck you!
You're not doin' shit.|l'll go to the US attorney.
Once they find out that the guy|you're tryin' to indict is a state-run Cl...
..that you knew about from day one,...
..holy shit, what happens to you?!
You ever read about yourself in the paper?
Your balls shrivel to the size of chickpeas.
So whaddaya want?
- Stop. Talk to me. l'm right here.|- Shut up.
l want in. l want ajoint prosecution,|state and federal,...
..and l want this in state court.
- Federal.|- State!
Federal's what l'll give you,|federal's what you'll get.
- State court!|- Federal.
l am right here. Talk to me.
- What the fucky'all want?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
You killedhim.
- Have some coke on me.|- Jesus.
What didyou do? What didyou do?
What the fuck didyou do?
You fuck with the bull, you get the horns.|That's whatl did.
- You finished with me now?|- You gotta be dreaming.
You're under arrest, motherfucker.
State or federal?
Come on, scumbag.
You got nothin'.
- l wanna go to the beach.|- We have to wait, sweetheart.
- l forgot Buttercup.|- Shh, honey. We'll get him.
Can l take her on the beach at least?
- l'm tellin' ya, there ain't gonna be no trial.|- They're gonna cop a plea.
- Cop a plea? He killed a fed.|- He didn't know John was a fed. OK?
- He can't chance a trial.|- l don't like this cereal.
- We'll do all we can to keep you offthe stand.|- You really think l'm that stupid?
Fellas, am l tellin' it the way it is or what?
- You're a fuckin' maniac, you know that?|- So where they hidin' him?
Atlantic City?
How many times you gonna move us?
We can't stay in one place too long.|lt's not smart.
Can't you even play with her a little,|goddamn you?
You hangin' on, honey?
Juicy? Hang on.
Hang on. Whoo!
There you go. Hang on.
Hey, sweetie.
Looky here what l got.|Your wife's final exams.
- Think we need to monitor her for cheating?|- She cannot take any damn exams, Calvin.
We're all goin' fuckin' nuts.|l'm losin' my mind.
Ready, honey? Here we go.
l gotta go into the city tonight.
My youngest daughter, Coral?
Maybe tomorrow when l come back|l can bring her with me. You know.
They're about the same age an' all.|Her and Corinna.
That would be really good ofyou, man.
Hey. Hey!
Ready? Here we go.
Whoa, a space ride!
My guy was in fear of his life,|and he fired in self-defence.
Dover's gun was holstered|when they pulled him outta the car.
My guy claims that Agent Dover - Omar -|made a move for it without provocation.
l can produce witnesses to testify that|Agent Dover had drawn a gun on my client... least three times in the past,...
..who can testify that they had seen|Agent Dover taking cocaine, repeatedly,...
..and that his behaviour in the last few|months was bizarre and paranoid.
Mafia shrinks!|The autopsy came up negative on drugs.
- Did you find anything in the car?|- No.
No, huh?
l wanna know ifAgent Dover|had assassination clearance.
- Had what?|- All right, let me rephrase.
Had clearance to shoot first if he perceived|that his cover had been blown.
- You goin' fishin' here, Jack?|- Not at all.
l wanna find out ifwe got|a drug-taking federal agent, strung out,...
..with shoot-first clearance.
ln all due respect, ifthat's what we got...
What a bunch of slanderous horseshit!
Excuse me.|l'm looking for a hotel called Tesselers.
l'm sorry. You got me.
- lt's near Allenville.|- Allenville? You just drove through it.
- Why don't you backtrack and ask there?|- OK, thank you.
You're welcome.
Number three to base. l don't have Corinna.
l want an inventory of all guns,|drugs and cars acquired in New York.
l wanna know how they were|disposed of in Philadelphia.
Was this stuff put back into the community|to establish Dover's street credibility?
l wanna know how many|other agents were involved.
Judge, this is an ongoing operation.
We'd jeopardise agents still in the field.
How can l prove self-defence...
..if l can't show the pressures on the guy or|find out ifthe guy had shoot-first clearance?
OK. Why don't you bring me all the files?|l'll read them in chambers,...
..try to sort out what's privileged|and what's appropriate for discovery.
- l can't do that, Judge.|- What d'you mean? l'm ordering you to.
Either you produce the files|or l dismiss the indictment.
- Corinna!|- Corinna!
l wanna be with my mommy.
What did...? Honey!
You guys really weren't putting guns back|on the streetjust for credibility, were you?
l mean... that was just|an educated guess on my part.
lf you try to indict him on anything else|l'll still wanna know where the goodies went.
And you can tell the state prosecutor|the same thing!
You're dropping it?
l don't believe this shit.
Well, hell. All right.
- l guess it's up to me.|- You can't be serious.
Why? Cos you don't wanna|jeopardise national security? Huh?
Come on! Whose chain|you think you're yankin' here?
lf you guys been doin' shit you shouldn't|have been doin', hey, you know,...
- ..that's your problem.|- We're not givin' up any files.
Oh, yeah? Well... we'll see about that.
Come here.
Whaddaya want?
What do l want?
l want ajudgeship.
Where they got Kilmartin?|Witness protection?
- No. l hear he's still on the street.|- No shit?
Live free or die, huh?
OK. Go to Grandma.
l gotcha! l gotcha!
l'll talk to you later.
- Talk to you later too.|- Call Calvin at least.
Why? lt's gonna be OK.
Where you goin', Daddy?
- Love you.|- OK.
lt's me - Calvin. Come on, gimme the gun.|Turn it loose! Gimme the gun.
Politics? What does that mean?
- What does that mean?|- Jimmy, look...
Why... why are you here?
Why are you here?|What'd you come to my house for?
To tell me l got the shaft?
To take my gun away from me?
Hmm. Yeah.
People come to me, say ''Jimmy,|we need your help. Please help us.'' And l do.
But whatever l do, l end up gettin' fucked.
My family... hangin' by a thread.
What's not gonna happen...|that l'm goin' down.
Gimme somethin', Calvin.
Calvin, gimme somethin', please.
Help me.
- You wanna get a dog?|- Yeah.
- Gimme two hot dogs. Mustard? Relish?|- Mustard.
l thought you said you were a man of honour.
Shouldn't you be in witness protection?
What's Junior Brown doin' out on the street?|He killed a federal agent.
Shit happens.
l don't understand.
You had the murder tape, you had me.
Come here.
What tape?
And who the fuck are you?
You know the worst part about this job?
Dealing with one lowlife Cl after another.|lt's enough to make you sick.
Well, l guess you won't have to bother|with that any more, huh, Judge?
Where'd you hear that?
Let Junior Brown walk, win yourself a federal|judgeship. At least you don't come cheap.
You know,...
..the Junior Browns ofthe world|will always be with us.
What's one Junior Brown more or less,...
..compared to the work that l can do|as a federal judge?
l'm a good goddamn prosecutor,|but l will make a greatjudge.
Let's see what happens|when l go to the papers.
With what? ''Fuck with the bull,|you get the horns''? What is he, a matador?
Besides, the last l heard that tape|got ate by the garbage monster.
You got a phone call.
- Hello?|- How soon can you get to Baby Cakes?
- Whatyou doin' there?|- How long?
l don'tknow... 20 minutes.
- 20 minutes. Don't be late.|- Jimmy...
Hey! Junior.
What's shakin'?
- What are you doin' here?|- l was just gonna ask you the same thing.
You killed a fed.
- How the hell did you walk on that?|- Shit happens.
You blew his brains all over me,|his people know that...
How did they even let you live?|''Shit happens.''
''Shit happens.'' l guess so.
Did you tell the cops|how metal in my mouth makes me gag?
Cos it was a funny thing.
l couldn't get plastic forks in jail.
l had to eat everything with my fingers.
What the hell...?
How did you swing it, Junior?
l'm dyin' to know.
Now is not the time, my man,|but l'm gonna see you real soon.
Let's go.
Get back. Easy. Easy...
Get over there.
See me now.
Jimmy, answer me this. Who do l visit first?
You at your house,|or your wife and kid up at Grandma's?
You don't like the taste of metal|in your mouth, huh?
Open up.
Come on, Junior.
Say ''ah''.
You saw what l did to Omar?
Guess who's next.
Don't touch him!
You know this don't end with you, right?
l'm gonna... l'm gonna take your baby girl|for another walk in the woods.
Hold on. Whoa!
Now you did it.
Don't you know you can't go around|hittin' the police. Huh?
What's wrong with you?!
Come on. Get up. Get up!
Don't move. Huh?
- What do we got?|- Assaulting an officer.
Nobody can touch me!
Jesus, l'm sorry.
You got anything you wanna explain to me,|you suicidal son of a bitch?
- Fuck.|- l ain't suicidal.
With this tape, you can drop Junior|down the hole for 30 years.
You still gotta get Zioli to prosecute.
You saw whatl did to Omar?
Guess who's next.
So what?
What'd he do to Omar? He didn't specify.
You don't like that tape?
How about this one?|They would love it on TV.
What's one JuniorBrown more orless,...
..compared to the work|that l can do as a federaljudge?
l'm a goodgoddamn prosecutor,|but l willmake a greatjudge.
You like that one better?
l reindict Junior, you gotta take the stand,|start all over again.
Nah. l think l'm gonna get lost.
My family's health is in your best interest,|so you better do a good job.
Listen to the part where he says|''You saw what l did to Omar.''
Listen to that again.
- lt's probably better than you think.|- Kilmartin, wait. Jimmy!
Don't do this to me!
Daddy, come on, let's go!
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