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Kiss of the Dragon

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- = ***** =-|Spell Checked by|HxHPRC
HxHPRC: Enjoy your hours!
[ Birds Twittering ]
[ Woman Over P.A., Indistinct ]
- First time to France?|- Yes.
Purpose of your visit?
- Business or pleasure?|- Pleasure.
# [ Reggae ]
# [ Vocalizing Along With Radio ]
# Don't you blame it on I #
# Don't you blame it on I and I #
# Don't you blame it on I|I tell ya #
# Don't you blame it on Rastafari #
- Do you like this music? No?|- # [ Continues ]
Yeah, yeah.
# They blame it on I and I #
# No #
# [ Continues, Indistinct ]
# They blame it on Rastafari #
- [ Bell On Door Dinging ]|- [ Twittering ]
[ Speaking Mandarin ]
[ Clears Throat ]
[ French ]
[ Mandarin ]
You can put your things over there.
[ Bell On Door Dinging ]
How long are you|planning on staying?
Not very long.
[ Elevator Bell Dings ]
Message for Mr. Smith.
- Smith?|- Yes.
He's here.
Monsieur, good evening.|Anything to drink?
- Water.|- Sparkling or flat?
[ Sighs ]
- Last one for the road.|- A beer?
Oh, yes.
So, how are you, pal?
Just a little|pre-takeoff takeoff.
Gives new meaning to|"flying the friendly skies."
- Can I buy you a drink? A serious drink?|- No, thank you.
- Where are you from? Ah, China.|- Beijing.
My favorite.|I love China.
I love the food-- Chinese food.|It's the best.
Yeah, the way they cut things|in little pieces...
so that you don't have to|use all that heavy silverware.
Brilliant invention, the chopstick.|Not like us barbarians.
I mean, there we are,|sticking our forks into the food...
and hacking it up|with our knives.
- First time in Paris?|- Yes.
Mmm. Great.
Men's toilet, now.
You're gonna have|the time of your life.
[ Toilet Flushes ]
Hands up, please.
[ Beeping ]
My boss is dying to meet you.
[ Punching Sounds, Groaning ]
[ Clears Throat ]
[ Man Speaking French ]
Ahh.|[ French ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Sighs ]|Gun, please.
You won't need it.|You're safe with us.
So, you came all the way from China|to keep an eye on us.
- To help you.|- Yes, of course.
To help us,|since we are so incompetent.
'Cause after all,|what is our miserable history...
compared to yours?
[ French ]
Since we have to work together,|I don't want to spend half the day|killing your name.
- You got a nickname?|- No.
Why don't we give you one.|How about John?
I like that.
Inspector Richard.
Welcome to Paris,Johnny.
[ Chuckling ]
[ Man Speaking Mandarin ]
So, what's on the menu tonight?
They're talking about|the stock market.
What fucking time do you call this?|Don't ever keep me waiting.
You got me?|Come on. Let's go.
Ah, there you are.|[ Chuckles ]
Smile, girls. Smile.
Welcome to gay Paris.
This is a few friends of mine.|This is Veronica, Susan.
Say hello.
[ Indistinct Chattering ]
Yeah, sit, sit.
Hey, cool it.|Hey, fucking cool it, all right?
I think we have a situation.
[ Jian Over Radio ]|One man, two girls.
- You see them?|- Yes, I do.
Want to go to Heaven?
Want to go to Heaven?
[ Whispering, Indistinct ]
Let's go.
- I'm going up.|- But, boss, the meeting.
I flew 12,000 miles fora cocksucker|of a contact. He can wait for me!
I don't know if I can do this.
Don't worry.|Let Mama run the show.
- Hmm?|- Okay, let's go to Heaven.
[ Laughing ]
He's leaving with the two hookers.|What should I do?
Come up... and enjoy the show.
- Boss, we didn't check the room.|- One minute.
# [ Rap ]
Let's party, big boy.
[ Man ]|# Ooh, shake your ass #
- Come on, baby. Let's have some fun.|- # Shake your ass #
- I don't feel so good.|- Want a fix?
- No! I told you, I quit.|- More for me.
# [ Continues, Indistinct ]
# [ Continues, Indistinct ]
Your meeting's up, guys!|Everybody, out!
But, boss, we didn't|finish searching.
- Get out!|- Okay, guys, let's get out of here.
# [ Continues, Muted ]
[ Doorbell Buzzing ]
- [ Woman Moaning ]|- I have to go to the bathroom, okay?
- Okay. Come back soon.|- Sure.
Oh, hey,Johnny.|Just in time.
- This wasn't part of the plan.|- It is now. Don't worry.
It's all under control.|He'll do his thing, then we'll do ours.
- Where's the other girl?|- Prettying up in the bathroom.
[ Vomiting ]
[ Panting ]
[ Flushing ]
[ Moaning Loudly ]
- You want to go to Heaven?|- Take me to Heaven!
[ Moaning Intensifies ]
I'm going! Yes! Yes!
[ Laughing, Moaning ]|I'm going!
- No!|- [ Yells ]
- # [ Continues ]|- [ Groaning ]
You motherfucker!|Let me up!
[ Whimpering ]
She stabbed me!|The dumb bitch stabbed me!
Stay calm.
Stay calm. Stay calm.
I'm dying.
- Stop recording.|- [ Keys Clacking ]
- Fuck!|- We need to get him to the hospital.
He doesn't wanna go to a hospital.
He wants to go to Heaven.
- Why did you kill him?|- The question is, why did you kill him?
Richard, look what he did to me!|Help me!
- Thanks for the help,Johnny.|- [ Drops Gun ]
[ Glass Shatters ]
[ Screams ]|I was just in here.
I felt a little sick, and then there was|all this screaming and shooting and--
Shut up!
- [ Creaking ]|- There!
He's on the fifth floor.|Everyone, down.
[ Creaking ]
He's on the eighth floor.|Everybody, back up!
[ Shouting Over Radio, Indistinct ]
[ Richard Over Radio ]|I want him dead!
He's in the laundry room!|Everyone, down!
- He's down in the laundry room!|Everybody, down!|- You, down!
But I think--
You! And don't think!
[ Screaming ]
You and you, go to the next level!
You know, the Chinese have the best|roasting methods in the world.
I prefer the French one.
Give me your lighter.
- What do they say,Johnny?|- [ Grunting ]
Out of the frying pan,|into the fire.
- Get 'em out of here!|- Go!
- Down, you piece of shit!|- [ Grunting ]
- You're still with us,Johnny?|- Yes.
[ Chuckling ]
[ Yells ]
All right,Johnny.|You wanna play?
Give me a green one.
- [ Yelling ]|- No!
Oh, shit!|[ Shouting In French ]
- [ Screaming ]|- Go!
You're dead.
[ Screaming ]
[ Elevator Bell Dings ]
- He's gone.|- I can see that.
He-- He got the cassette.
So what?
They show nothing but a fat degenerate|with some hooker killing him.
- Except that--|- What?
One-One machine|was still running.
Turn the city inside out.|[ Shouting ]
I don't care!|Find it!
- Get the cassette!|- And kill him?
No, bring him to me.|I want him alive.
I'll kill him myself.|Go!
Nothing's on one.|We're still looking. Shit.
Gare de l'Est.|It's a train station.
Take the direction Bibliotheque|until Chatelet. You change.
And you take line number four and--|Yes, yes.
Direction Porte de Clignancourt,|and you're right there.
Okay? Yes.
[ Chattering In French ]
Excuse me.
[ Beeping ]
[ Whistle Blowing Softly ]
[ Whistle Blowing ]
Thank you for coming.
In the name of the president, I want|to personally apologize for this mess.
I want to stress that we would|not want anything like this...
to jeopardize the warm relation|and successful economic ties...
shared by our two countries.
we have assigned our best man|to supervise this case.
He handled the Tehran incident|for us masterfully.
There is no one more qualified|to bring this...
to a mutually|beneficial conclusion.
- Inspector Richard. Bonjour.|- Sir Minister.
This is Minister Tang, our liaison|from the People's Republic of China.
- It's an honor to meet you, sir.|- The honor is ours.
The minister tells us|you are the best of the best.
Well, the minister is too kind.|If that were true,
I might have been able|to avoid this tragedy.
I'm hoping that you might help us|understand what went wrong...
so that we can avoid|further bloodshed.
And hopefully, bring this matter to|a quick and satisfactory conclusion.
If we could be showed the facts.
Yes, of course.|Please.
Uh, as you know,|as soon as you informed us...
of the criminal activities|of the gangster Sung,|we set our operation in motion.
We identified his heroin|smuggling routes into France.
And in the spirit of cooperation,|we graciously accepted your offer...
to have one of your people,|Liu Jian, come over...
to assist us in Sung's arrest as he|was meeting with his French contact,
who unfortunately|we haven't yet identified.
he is surveilling Sung as we were|waiting for the contact to arrive.
And here, he's observing|along with us.
And then, for some reason we still can't|understand, he went completely insane.
Left the room to pee,|and next thing we know...
he's knocked out the bodyguards,|killed Sung and the prostitute.
This is the gun|he used to murder Sung.
Chinese police issue.|Do you recognize it?
- Yes.|- Good.
Oh, we have also verified|his fingerprints on the weapon.
Well, please, feel free to verify|our findings with your own people.
We assume that your man was|part of the conspiracy--
that he murdered Sung to|keep him from being captured...
and testifying in your courts,|as you had requested.
But that is only an assumption.
We are hoping you could give us|some background on him...
which would help us in his capture.
Inspector Liu Jian was top in|all his classes at the academy.
He received the highest training|in martial arts,|weapons and police tactics.
He's been decorated for bravery|in the line of duty six times,
been promoted five times,|and has never lost a case.
He has no wife, no children.
His only dedication|is to his work.
He's our best,
which is why|this is all so confusing.
Well, you know, sometimes|the best are also the worst.
It's really sad.
Any surveillance cassettes?
Destroyed as he made his escape.
Do you know if he has any relatives|in Paris? Any friends or--
He has no one.
Well, then we should be able|to wrap this up very soon.
- [ Cell Phone Ringing ]|- Excuse me.
- [ Cell Phone Ringing ]|- Excuse me.
- [ Mandarin ]|- I found the emergency phone.
Oh, that's good news.
Stay by the phone.|I'll call you back later.
Inspector Richard,|we are very sorry...
that the operation was sabotaged.
I will report back to my superiors|and get you any help I can.
- Thank you.|- Let me show you out.
I want them followed.|I want their phones tapped.
I want to know every move they make,|every word they speak.
There must be a sleeper he's|staying with in Paris. Find him.
So, I guess you will be staying...
longer than you expected.
A little longer.
Paris is a nice city|once you get used to it.
And the French are nice people|once you get used to them.
- Are you hungry?|- No.
Family recipe.|Very tasty.
Fifty men on the street,|and you can't find this son of a bitch?
- Did you try his hotel?|- The fuck never checked in.
"The fuck never checked in."
That means he has a friend in Paris,|or family. Even better.
- Who tried Chinatown?|- Here. But it's hard to be discreet.
So put on a wig and a kimono.|I don't care how you do it.|Now, get out. Get out!
Get out! I want that little prick|in my office by tonight!
Oh,Jessica, my love.
Come to Papa. Come.
Richard, I tried.
I really tried.|I was only in the bathroom for a minute.
You know, I was getting|ready to do my part--
Getting ready to do what it was|that I said that I would--
What you wanted--|I really-- I really--
I really was ready to do what it was--|what you wanted--
Jessica. Jessica.
- [ Whispering ]|- I know you were. I know, I know.
Coming from such a quiet place|as North Dakota,
you must have been so scared.
- Richard, I tried. I-I--|- I know.
- I tried. I really did.|- I know you did.
All that noise.|My poor little farmer's daughter.
Don't be scared.
You're the best girl I have.
And you know how|I treat my best girl.
I know.
So you'll keep your promise?
Did I make a promise?
Yes-- Yes. You said that|if I did it one more time,
that you would let me--|let me have my daughter back.
- You said that you'd help me|get the papers to get her out.|- Did I say that?
- Yes.|- Did I say that, Max?
Oh, yes, you did.
Well, there you go.|Two to one.
I guess you're right. So I'll have|to let you go, you and your precious.
Do you realize how much I must trust you|to let you go just like that?
With everything you know?|Everything you've seen?
One phone call from you,|one word, and I'd be locked up|for the rest of my life!
I'd never do that!|I'd never give you up, ever!
[ Richard ]I know that. If I didn't|trust you, would I let you go?
- What is he doing?|- I don't know. What are you doing, Max?
- I'm preparing a fix.|- He's preparing a fix.|Do you want a taste?
Richard, I told you I quit.|You know I quit.
[ Sobbing ]
I don't want it anymore!|I quit!
You don't tell me when|you're gonna quit! I tell you!
You don't tell me what you want!|I tell you!
How long will it take|for a fucking junkie like you|to betray me for a lousy fix?
I won't betray you!|Please, don't!
- "I won't betray you! Please, don't!"|- [ Screaming ]
Put her back to work.
Come on. Come on.
Get the fuck out. Come on.|Move your fucking ass.
Get to work, you fucking animals!|You cock sucking pigs.
[ Engine Starts ]
You play mah-jong?
A little.
I love mah-jong.
Keeps the mind sharp.
It's hard to find|good players around here.
That's why I play by myself.
This way, I always win.
- Bitch!|- [ Groans ]
I'm gone for five minutes,
and you think you can park|your skinny ass in my spot?
Fuck off!.|You want some more?
[ Groans ]
- She--|- [ Chuckling ]
She broke my nose!
- Come on! Look at you!|- [ Yells ]
- Ow!|- Eh?
I haven't been home for 1 5 years.
- Ow!|- [ Old Man ] That's a long time.
- You stupid piece of shit.|- I have seven grand children.
[ Old Man Continues, Indistinct ]
You are a fucking dog.
- All right?|- [ Groaning ]
Get back to work.
[ Old Man, Distant ]|And one big girl 14 years of age.
Almost a woman now.
She wants to come to Paris.
She goes to university.
Hey! Go away!|Go away!
- Please.|- You don't know these women.
They say they want to use|the bathroom to pee,|and next thing they're shooting up.
She only hurts herself.|Please, don't draw attention.
[ Mandarin ]
Huh.|[ Mandarin ]
Excuse me.
- Can I use your toilet?|- No.
Oh, please. I just--|I only have to pee. I won't be long.
[ Chuckles ]|Okay.
Wait!|What are you doing?
Well, if you're gonna treat me|like a dog, I'm gonna act like a dog.
- I'm gonna pee right here.|- Stop!
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
- But nothing else.|- I'm not gonna do|anything else, I promise.
- Do you wanna check?|- No.
- Just hurry.|- I'm sorry to have to force you to.
It's just I have got to go so bad.|I really--
- I'm only-- I'm only gonna be a minute.|- [ Sighs ] Okay.
I'm Lo, the chef.|I came for my order.
Oh! That feels so good.
- How many?|- Uh, one, two,
uh, three, four--
- I owe--|- Don't worry about paying.|Come back later, okay?
Come back later. Okay.|Thank you. Thank you.
Miss, you have to finish now.
Minute's up.
You have to leave!
Miss? Please.
- I slept long?|- Only a minute.
Oh, that's good.
- I've gotta get back to work.|- [ Toilet Flushing ]
Every 1 5 minutes they come by in a|fucking car, and if I'm not out there--
It's just that I'm so tired.|They gave me this shot and--
Oh, my God.|Are you gonna finish this?
- This is pretty good.|Did you make this yourself?|- Yes.
- Is that what you do, then?|You cook, huh?|- No.
- But you make these chips, right?|- My uncle does.
I love those chips. Do you mind?|I love the pink ones.
My daughter loves the blue ones.|That's her favorite color.
Miss, you really have to go now.
Delicious. I'm sorry.
- It's not every day I get to eat|in a Chinese restaurant.|- Here.
One for you|and one for your daughter.
Oh, my God.|This is so nice.
You're the first person that's been|kind to me since I've been in Paris.
Look, I-I-- I don't like|to take things from people.
Usually I like|to pay my own way, so...
maybe later on,|if you wanna, you know--
- No charge?|- No. Thank you.
I don't have any other way|to repay you.
- Don't worry.|- I'm not your type. Is that it?
I don't have type.
I'm sorry for hitting you.
That's okay.|I'm used to it.
[ Beeping ]
[ Cell Phone Ringing ]
[ Man ]|Kittana in one hour.
[ Man Over Radio ]|He's on board.
Let's go.
[ Woman Over P.A., Indistinct ]
Tell me everything.
Richard, the cop in charge,|set up the whole thing.
- He is the connection.|- Do you have proof?
They recorded everything.
They said that, uh,|you destroyed all the cassettes.
Except one.
Hand it to me, carefully.
The main thing now is to get you|out of the country. I have a car.
We can go to the airport,|and from there we can--
- [ Gunshot ]|- [ Shouting In French ]
- [ Screaming ]|- [ Shouting In French ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Shouting In French ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
Shit!|He's under the bridge!
Get out!
[ Gunfire Continues ]
[ Yelling ]
[ Horns Honking,|Tires Screeching ]
Block the north side!|I'll cover the south!
Go! Go!
[ Panting ]
[ Panting Continues ]
[ Buzzer Sounding ]
Will this be a problem?
With a billion of them,|do you think they'll miss one or two?
The embassy's asking for the release|of his personal effects.
Send them a big wreath of flowers...|with my condolences.
How much should I spend?
This much.
Here are your assistant's|personal effects, and here...
are some photos of your hero|killing another Chinese citizen...
on the French soil.
There's a time for diplomacy|and a time for action.
Diplomacy is dead.
- You should go to the hospital.|- Do you have a needle and thread?
You know, since I began my work...
I have received five|of you young men.
Fast, proud-- like you.
Four have died--
the last one right in my arms.
Before my time is up here,|I would like to send one home alive.
I'll go for some bandages|and disinfectant for you.
[ Bell Dinging ]
[ Clears Throat ]
- Need any help?|- No.
I have some experience.
You know, the longer that|that thing stays open,
the more risk there is of infection|setting in, and then you are in for it.
I once had a scrape I ignored.|I let it go for a couple days.
- It turned into staph infection.|- All right!
But only to sew it.
- Then you must leave. Okay?|- Yeah.
Doesn't like me standing outside, huh?|Your uncle.
Well, I don't blame him.|If I were him,
I wouldn't like me|standing out there either.
Now, this is gonna sting.
Believe me, if I had any other|place to stand, I would.
It's just all the good spots|get taken by the others and--
You would not believe how much business|some of these girls do.
- Guess how much|some of them do in a day.|- I don't know.
- Well, guess.|- I can't.
- Sure you can. Pick a number.|- Five.
Five? How about 25?
- Twenty-five?|- Mm-hmm.
That's the record.|But at least 1 5.
- Can you believe that?|- No.
Yeah. Me? I'm lucky|if I can do five in a week.
- You ever been with a hooker?|- No.
- Not even once?|- No.
- Are you gay?|- No.
That'd be okay if you are.|I think everyone should be|who they want to be...
- and do it with who|they want to do it with.|- I'm not gay!
All I'm saying is, I don't hold|nothing against nobody that way.
- Are you finished?|- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Mmm. Here you go.|Good as new.
Oh, my God. Look at that scar.|Let me see.
I'm fine. Thank you.|Thank you very much.
[ Sighs ]|You did a very good job.
I used to sew up pigs.|That was my specialty.
Used to have this big, fat mama sow,|and she tore herself along|the barb wire when...
she was trying to get to the other side|of the fence to get at these apples.
- You gonna be around long?|- No. I go home as soon|as my business is over.
Hmm. And so,|what is your business,
- if you don't mind me asking?|- Shrimp.
Oh, yeah.|Pretty aggressive shrimp.
You should probably be|more careful.
- No wife?|- No.
Haven't met the right girl,|I bet.
- Right?|- My work-- It's hard to meet any girls.
Any interest in|an ex-junkie hooker...
who can cook, clean, sew|and who likes Chinese food?
No, thank you.
I'm just kidding.
Hey, look.
See? My daughter.
- My angel. Sweet, huh?|- Yes.
Why do you do this kind of... job?
[ Sighs ]|Well--
There was this guy, and, uh,
I met him after I had my baby.
And where I come from, girls without|husbands just do not have babies.
And if they do, well,|it's kinda hard on 'em.
So, anyway, this guy I met--|He's this French guy.
He's really cool|with this great accent...
and always talking about art and books|and movies and everything.
And, boy, when you're, you know--
When you're young and really desperate,|you know, this--
And this guy could really--|I mean, he could talk. You know?
And so-- I don't know.
The next thing you know,|you're on the street.
Why don't you just... quit?
It's a little more complicated|than that.
What do you mean?
I should probably get back.|See you later.
Nice talking to you.
- [ Gasps ] Lupo!|- Practicing embroidery on the clients?
No, no, he's not--|[ Screams ]
Lupo, he was just--|He had a cut on his arm.
I though the was gonna call the medics,|and they'd be blocking off the street,
and then the clients couldn't come,|and I couldn't be standing on my spot,
and I couldn't make any money for you,|so I thought if I just took|five minutes, then--
Shh.|Get back to work.
Lupo, he had nothing|to do with--
I said, get back to work!
Excuse me.
I'm really sorry to interfere|in your business.
But I would really appreciate it...
if you...
don't do that again.
The little statue speaks.
You know, I don't care|if you fuck her, bleed on her.
You're still using her time,|and her time is my money.
You've kept her busy|for 20 minutes.
- Do you know the going rate|for 20 minutes?|- No.
Five hundred francs.
Ah! Five for her time,|now five for mine.
[ Laughing ]
My kind of client.
Lupo, we should get back--
# Dirty dog|I'm a, I'm a dirty dog #
# I'm a dirty dog|I'm a, I'm a dirty dog #
# Dirty dog|I'm a, I'm a dirty dog #
# Dirty dog #
- # I'm an outlaw #|- # I'm an outlaw #
- # Quick on the draw #|- # Quick on the draw #
# Something you've|never seen before #
# [ Continues, Indistinct ]
Hello, Max?
# [ Continues, Indistinct ]
What happened?
[ Glass Clinking ]
[ Gun Cocks ]
- [ Shouts ]|- [ Groans ]
Ah! Damn-- F-- Oh!
Oh, God!
[ Crying ]|Oh, God! Oh, my God!
[ Crying ]|Oh, God! Oh, my God!
[ Whimpering ]|Oh, God. Oh, God.
What're we gonna do?|What're we gonna do?
Respect his wishes.
The longer you keep information from me|about this psychopath you sent over,
the longer my city will bleed|innocent blood.
I assure you, Inspector,|we have kept no information from you.
- What're we gonna do now?|- I don't know.
- I can't walk the streets all night.|- Walking helps me think.
- Walking hurts my feet.|- Then go home.
Oh, just like that.|First you put me in this mess,
and then you think|you can just get rid of me.
I put you in this mess?
You were the one|who came to the shop to pee.
You were the one|who offered to sew me up.
I didn't ask you for anything!
I only asked to be left alone.
Oh, yeah, that's you--|don't need anything, don't need anybody.
Just have yourself and your stupid job|selling shrimp chips.
I don't sell shrimp chips.
Yeah, I figured that out. I mean,|I'm stupid, but I'm not that stupid.
- I'm a cop.|- I'm Santa Claus.
Who is Santa Claus?
A big fat guy, red suit,|flying reindeer?
Jesus, God,|don't you know anything?
Take me here.
Why do you want to go there?
The best thing to do. When you lose|your way, you go back to the beginning.
Beginning?|Beginning of what?
My work. Last night.
- [ Gasping ]|- [ Shouting ]
You-- You were there last night?
Working with the French cop.
- Richard?|- You know him?
Yeah. I was there too.
The redhead.
Yeah. No, it was a wig.|It was--
- Come on.|- Wait a minute!
- A second ago you couldn't|wait to get rid of me.|- You're my proof.
I will take you to the embassy,|and you will tell them everything.
No, no. I'm in deep enough.|I'm not gonna be your witness.
You're the only one|who can save me.
Don't you listen?
Richard has my daughter.
But you don't think about that,|do you? No!
You don't think about|what's gonna happen to her,|what's gonna happen to me.
Of course not!|You only think of your job.
That's all that matters to you,|because that's all you've got|in your crummy cop's life.
You take Richard down, and it's just|gonna leave a space for another bastard,
one who we pray will be less of|a bastard than the one before him.
And that's reality!
Maybe it's not your reality,|but it's my reality every day, 24-7.
And there's nothing you or anybody else|can do to change that.
If I get your daughter back,|will you help me?
I'm-- I'm--|I'm really screwed this time.
My government will protect you.|They will give you safely away.
Away where?|To China?
I mean, I like the chips,|but no, thank you.
Listen to me.
I know you've had some bad experiences|trusting people.
But if I gave you my word,
you will be safe.
Yes, Minister.
We're doing all we can, Minister.
But we are not magicians|who can pull killers out of hats|like they're rabbits,
especially one|who is trained like this.
I'm just a cop trying|to do his job. Yes.
I'll call you back.
Richard! My God, Richard!|You're not gonna believe this.
Try me.
I-- This crazy little Chinese--
Lupo picked the perfect spot,|except it smelled like shrimps.
And how can I get any clients|when I smell like a shrimp?
So anyway, I was trying to work,|and Max and Lupo come along.
They went into the shop,|and the next thing I know,
the little fucker goes nuts,|you know, and-and-- I mean--
Max tried to protect me,|and the Chinese guy killed both of them.
I believe you.
And then?
And then he takes me as a hostage.
He made me carry this stuff,|and he dragged me all the way|up to that church--
You know, the big church|on the top of the hill?
And then-- You know--|And he made me...
help him do these things-- these weird|things with incense and pajamas.
- And every time I tried to run--|- He stopped you?
You know--|You know those movies...
with that Chinese guy who's always|kicking and screaming all the time and--
- He used kung fu on you?|- Yeah. Yeah.
He did. Look.
[ Clears Throat ]
And then he made me go to this|restaurant while he ate this goop...
with weird things in it, you know,|like snails and frogs' legs and--
That is when you escaped|out of the bathroom window?
- When he fell asleep.|- In the restaurant?
He-- Yeah.
Please, don't-- don't do that.
Do you think he is still there|in the restaurant?
Well, he drank a whole lot of beers.|That's why I came here.
- 'Cause I thought if I helped you--|- What?
I could show you where he is.
- You're not too tired?|- Oh, yeah, for sure.|I could probably sleep for a week.
But, I don't know. I--
You want me to come?
I don't know.|What do you think?
I think... I should come.
I think you should stay.
Okay. He's-- He's at|the Mandarin in Belville.
But-- But I'll do whatever you want,|though. I mean, I just--
I want you to trust me.
I trust you.
Ow! Wait. Wait.
And if I discover I can't,|I know where to find you.
What about my daughter?
She's safe, just like her mother.
Watch her.
[ Door Closes ]
[ Engine Revving ]
So, what's a girl gotta do|to get fed around here?
Okay. Okay.
Wait a minute. What do you think I am,|the village idiot?
No. First you go get my sandwich,
and then I give you your dessert.
# Speak to the hand|I'm all you can handle #
# I'm tired of living|this life every day|It's a gamble #
# Putting pieces together|that don't even assemble #
# Feeling like somebody I don't like|but I resemble #
# [ Continues, Indistinct ]
# Trying to procrastinate|everything I do #
# My life is ashame|I'm trying to just get through #
# I'm moving through the trenches|with my mic and my crew #
# [ Continues, Indistinct ]
# [ Continues, Indistinct ]
- [ Gasps ] Don't do that!|- You get it?
No, I always walk around handcuffed to|a steam pipe with a turtle for company.
So you didn't get it.
Is it just you, or do all cops|lack a basic sense of humor?
Now will you help?
Relax your arm.
I can't relax it anymore.|Come on, you know about handcuffs.
- You sure you got all of them?|- The deal was I get you all|the tapes in his office.
Are you gonna live up to your end|of the bargain or what?
Are you listening?|Hello!
- No, no. No needles.|- No needles. No.
[ Handcuffs Clattering ]
- How did you do that?|- Chinese magic.
- Let's go to the embassy.|- No.
- First we get my daughter.|- No, first the embassy,|then I get your daughter.
Bullshit. I'm not gonna sit someplace|safe while my kid's life's in danger,
so forget it!
[ Thunderclap ]
Which way?
[ People Gasping ]
She escaped?
What do you mean she escaped?
How could she escape?
It's here.
See you around.
- [ Dog Barking ]|- What is this place?
It's an orphanage.
- Do you mind?|- What?
- Do you mind?|- What?
[ Dog Barking ]
[ Panting ]|Oh, no.
[ Whispering ]|Oh, come on.
[ Mutters ]
There it is.|Section "B," bed 1 3.
[ Whispering ]|What's wrong?
I don't know.|I guess I'm kinda nervous.
I mean, I haven't seen her|in almost a year.
Then don't make her wait.
- [ Gasps ]|- [ Girls Screaming ]
[ Girls Screaming ]
[ Gasping ]
- [ Groaning ]|- [ Jessica ]Ow!
- Are you okay?|- I don't think so.
Somebody help me!
[ Shouting Orders ]
[ Machines Beeping ]
Here, sweetie.
That's for boys.|Don't you have any Barbies?
All my Barbies are working.
I had a turtle,|but your mother took it.
When am I going to see my mommy?
Soon, darling.
Very soon.
My daughter?
Calm down.|Everything's gonna be okay.
But he has my daughter.
And we have them.
Don't worry.|Everything's gonna be fine.
[ Crying ]|No. You don't understand.
My life is not some fairy tale.
My life is hell.
Richard is the devil,
and he has my daughter,|and he's gonna kill her,
and then he's gonna kill me.
And then he's gonna find a way|to get out of it clean.
You're wrong.|They will arrest him,
and they'll take care of you|and your daughter.
"They"? "They"?
I don't give a shit about them.
I don't trust them.
I trusted you.
For the first time in--|God, I don't know, forever--
I don't know why I trust someone.
You promised you'd|take care of her.
You're tired.|I think you should sleep.
[ Cell Phone Ringing ]
- Hello?|- [ Jian ] I want the child.
- I want the cassette.|- I gave the cassette to my government.
- They will know what to do with it.|- Bad move,Johnny Boy.
Now that the kid has no value,
what am I going to do with her?
She's too young to work.
Maybe not.
- What do you think?|- I think you should come to the window.
Now I know where you are.|I'm coming up.
He's coming up.
Hey, monsieur--
Sound the alert!
Come on! Come on!|Get those out!
Move it! Move it!|This is nota drill!
Go now!
[ Siren Wailing ]
# [ Rap, Indistinct ]
# [ Rap Continues ]
[ Shouts ]
[ Shouting ]
Ah,Johnny,Johnny,|I'm disappointed in you.
Coming to Paris for the first time,|and instead of enjoying yourself,
you're doing all this useless|running around.
- I don't like to get bored.|- Me either.
And right now I'm finding you|very boring!
You're making a big mistake.
- Ah, really?|- In the second...
it takes for you to kill her,
I will have all the time I need|to kill you.
I got you.
Yes, you did,
but I also got you.
[ Gasping ]
I'm a friend of your mom.
- Can you wait outside?|- [ Gasping ]
Good-bye, Mister.
[ Sighs ]
[ Gasping ]|What did you do to me?
I put a needle in your neck.
- That's it?|- In a certain point, very forbidden.
It's called|"The Kiss of the Dragon."
Kiss my ass!
The blood from your whole body|goes to your head.
It stops there, never comes down.
But soon it will come out|from your nose,
your ears,|even from your eyes.
And then...|you will die, painfully.
[ Gasping ]
You're really a smart guy,|Johnny Boy.
My name is not Johnny.
[ Gasping ]
[ Coughing ]
[ Gurgling Sounds ]
- I slept long?|- Only a minute.
My daughter?
# I feel you #
- # In my sleep #|- [ Sobs ]
# I breathe your breath #
# I hear you speak #
# Are you listening|Listening #
# You're an obsession|clouding my mind #
# Why don't you make up your mind #
# Why don't you make up your mind #
# Walk with me #
# I'll suggest the place #
# Only room for two #
# I've been planning|all the things #
# That I'll do to you #
# I'll adore you #
# I'll adore you #
# I'll adore you #
# I'll stay #
# Until #
# The end #
# Jump with me #
# Into the sea #
# I will kiss you relentlessly #
# I feel your naked skin touching mine #
# Why don't you make up your mind #
# Walk with me #
# I was thinking what I'd say #
# For the moment when you left me #
# It's not something I think every day #
# But I want to tell the story #
# As if you said nothing #
# Nothing at all #
# As if you said nothing #
# All the time you knew #
# I tried to be good #
# To do the right things #
# You can help me find my way #
# As if you said nothing #
# Nothing at all #
# As if you said nothing #
# Nothing at all #
# As if you said nothing #
# Nothing at all #
# [ Woman Vocalizing ]
# Didn't he #
# Didn't he lie #
# I know, yeah #
# Didn't he lie #
# Did he #
# Did you believe #
# Didn't you weep #
# We know why #
# Life can be so weird #
# So hard and so sweet #
# You never know how when or why #
# And no matter how you try #
# It's so hard to say good-bye #
# Just say good-bye #
# All my life I've felt I'm with him #
# All the pain that I feel #
# That pain I feel #
- # Free me #|- # Take me away #
- # Free me #|- # That's why I say #
# Oh, baby, yeah, honey #
# Didn't he #
# Didn't he|Didn't he lie #
# I know, yeah #
# Didn't he lie #
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