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Kiss the Girls

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You want to know|all about me, don't you?
Well, let's see, now.
The first time I was in love|was June, 1975, in Boca Raton.
Her name was Coty Pierce.
She lived there with her parents|and her little sister Karrie...
And I loved her, too.|I loved them both...
and they were in love with me.
They just didn't know it.
No one did.
I lived with them all that June.
I don't understand.
I lived in the attic.|I was watching.
I loved the expression|on their faces when they slept.
And then I decided|to declare myself...
and show them|how much they loved me.
What happened?
What happened?
Coty was honored.
She kissed me back.
And then Karrie.
And finally that night...
I kissed their mother, too.
Just a little pinprick. There.
Kiss me.
That's it.|Now watch and listen.
Good. Knock it back.|Knock it back.
Good, but you gotta remember...
You gotta keep running.|That's it. That's my boy.
Good. Bring it over.|Right hand. Good.
I don't want you to fall on your|face 'cause you missed that jab.
What am I always telling you?
Power comes from leverage|and technique.
You paying attention?
I gotta go, guys...
so you pair off|and hit the heavy bag.
Three rounds each. Go.
How long has she been inside?
I'm on my way.
Their names are|Edmond and Dianne Wainford...
ages 48 and 42.
An item about 7 years.|No prior complaints.
The neighbors|are saying the usual.
They were divorced,|they were married...
they were separated,|they were reconciled...
or in the process of.
His idea or her idea.|No one has a clue.
All I know is that's Edmond,|and Dianne's in the bedroom.
Whose gun?
Stupid fucking bitch!
He had|a .38 Smith&Wesson registered.
Look like a .38 to you?
You want a vest?
I don't think I'll need one.
This is Alex Cross, D.C.P.D.|I need to talk to you. OK?
Dianne, I'm gonna open the door.|All right?
I'm gonna open it now.
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
Please. Please, Dianne.
Look, I'm gonna close this door.
I'm gonna move this chair|and block the door.
This way nobody comes in...
and it stays|between me and you, OK?
Could you take the gun|out of your mouth, please?
Look, it's just as effective|if you put it to your temple.
Just makes it easier to talk.
What sort of policeman are you?
I'm a forensic psychologist.
It's a fancy way of saying...
I'm a guy who walks|into a room like that...
and determines|the hows and whys.
Then you don't need|to hear from me.
No, no, I don't,|but I need for you...
to confirm|a couple of things for me.
For instance, did Edmond|often beat you after he drank?
And the turtleneck|you're wearing...
is that to hide bruises?
Do you often have to hide marks|that he put on your body?
2 weeks ago...
he hit me...
and I swore|it was the last time.
I finally get the nerve|to leave that son of a bitch...
and then he suckers me back.
You know what I think, Dianne?
I think you did|what you had to do.
The thing now is to figure out|how to finish things off.
The right way, Dianne,|the right way.
Look, is it all right|if I come a little closer?
As I see it, we have to get|photographs of your bruises.
I know at least a half a dozen|top-notch lawyers.
They specialize|in battered women's defenses.
The point is, Dianne,|if you pull the trigger...
no one will ever know|the truth.
Can I have it?
Samp. What are you|doing here? Doughnut raid?
Alex, hold on.|Look, uh, May's inside.
- We got a call from Durham.|- Durham?
Naomi's missing. Come on.
What do you mean "missing"?
They called May this afternoon|from the law school.
She called me.|I called them back.
Told them who you were,|her uncle and all that.
They said|she's been missing for 4 days.
4 days? Christ.
But Durham police is on it now.
The guy I talked to|sounded solid.
Don't talk to him.|Talk to me.
They stole my child.
Now, May, just take it easy.|Take it easy.
We're gonna handle this|together...
but with your|high blood pressure...
I need you to relax|right now, OK?
- Yeah, but what if...|- Now, now, now.
You just take it easy.|Relax and breathe.
Look at me.|I want to tell you something.
Do you remember when Naomi|was about 10 years old?
She got lost.|You got all frantic...
because you thought we'd|never find her. Remember?
You were worried she'd have|an asthma attack or something.
Remember that?
Turns out|she was with the neighbors...
and everything was just fine.
Well, everything|is gonna be fine now...
'cause I'm gonna|handle this myself, May.
You know|you can trust me, right?
You know I'm gonna handle this.
- I trust you.|- OK.
Nana's gonna take you|up to Janelle's room...
and you just relax for a while.
- I don't need to relax.|- May.
- May.|- Yeah.
Good. All right.
I'll have to go down there.
Listen, Alex. Stay here.
Come on, John.
If they got a chance|to wrap it up down there...
how long do you think they'll|hunt for one lost black girl?
Just stay here, man.|I'll go down there.
There's nothing|you can do anyway.
- It's out of your jurisdiction.|- You don't understand.
I got to go.
Please talk to me.
Talk to me the way you used to.|Please. Say something.
Please. I'm sorry.
I can be better. I can be good.|I won't be bad anymore.
- Yeah?|- Yeah.
Yes, I swear.
You promise?
Yeah. I'll make you happy.
I promise. Let me show you.
Tell me you love me.
Tell me you love me.
I love you.
Megan, I don't believe you.
I love you.
Of course you do.
Good afternoon, Sergeant.
Dr. Alex Cross,|Washington, D.C.P.D.
I'd like to see|Chief Hatfield, please.
The chief's tied up|at the moment.
We'll let him know you're here.|I'm sure he'll be with you...
as soon as he possibly can.|Take a load off.
Thank you.
Dr. Cross.
You've been waiting for us|for a while.
About 2 hours.
We got us|a laid back way down here.
So I see.
Good. Run these names|through the printer.
I'm sorry about the wait.
Nick Ruskin.
- Davey Sikes.|- Sikes.
It's been real busy 'round here.
We've had a homicide and not|your garden variety, either.
That's all I know.
We're heading out there now.
You can ride with us|if you like.
The board shows|8 women missing.
How closely connected are they?
They all share the same profile.
All young, late teens,|early twenties...
pretty, all from inside|the research triangle...
and each of them was ambushed.|No witnesses.
Does his homework.
And then he ties 'em|naked to a tree...
and chops off their hair.
Only 2 bodies have been found.
This'll probably be the third.
And the killer left a note|at the second murder scene.
Signed it Casanova.
Casanova? The great lover.
This one here, is she, uh...
she white, black, or...
All we know|is she's a young woman...
who didn't die happy.
Our chief Hatfield|will be up at the scene.
I'll bet you two will get along|like pigs in a blanket.
Well, it's not her.
Dr. Cross.|My boss, Chief Hatfield.
Now, is it|Detective Cross or Dr. Cross...
or Dr. Detective Cross?
At a time like this,|it really doesn't matter.
As you see, It's not|your niece. I'm happy for you.
Figured out who she is?
Megan Murphy,|university sophomore.
I told your Captain Hathaway...
I'd extend help|any way we could...
given your special situation|and all.
I appreciate that.
I want you|to consider yourself my guest.
Make yourself at home...
but don't mess around|in the kitchen. Understand me?
Well, the TV news crews|can't be far behind.
The best-selling crime author|has arrived.
Kyle, it's good to see you.
You, too.
I thought you were in Rochester.
Well, things change.
I see you're|making friends fast.
Well, doing my best.
I heard about your niece.|I'm sorry.
How long has this been|on the Bureau's wish list?
A while.
Were the other two|tied up so extravagantly?
Yeah. The guy seems|to find square knots tedious.
You saw it's Dayton cordage,|seven gauge.
Yeah. America's favorite.
I suppose everything else|was too prolific to trace.
Guy's a pro.
A real student of the game|and an enthusiastic rapist.
First two postmortems|indicate vaginal tears...
like I've seldom seen,|inflicted hours before death.
And then that's it.
No prints or fibers,|no semen or hair.
Except what he cut off her.
What about cause of death?
There are no signs of torture,|no weight loss, no drugging.
He just ties 'em up|and leaves 'em for the critters.
A real student of the game.
And he likes to play.
We've liasoned|with the campus police...
posted fliers.
Figure somebody out there had to|have seen something important.
An environment fit for blending.
For you, a security nightmare.|For him...paradise.
We're gonna get this animal.
We've got a critically|injured eight-year-old girl...
thrown from a motorcycle.|No helmet.
She's gonna get a cat scan|as soon as you get her stable.
That's the third grade.|Why was she on a motorcycle?
Her daddy decided|to take her for a ride.
The pressure bandage|is about to go.
We're a minute away|from a 30-second bleed out.
I need a tourniquet.
- Retractors are ready.|- I'm gonna do a cut down.
- Watch your pressure drop.|- Scalpel, please, nurse.
Gauze and suture.
- What's her name?|- Laura.
That's an awful lot of blood|for such a little girl, Laura.
Try to put you|back together again.
Hi, Mrs. Lee. Dr. McTiernan.
Doctor. Hello.
She's alive.
Wait. Mrs. Lee. Listen.
Laura has suffered|severe head trauma...
and she is in a coma.
You can be with her|as soon as...
Please, let me see my baby.
I want to see the jab.
There you go. Good.|Now move around the ring.
Around the ring. Let's go.|Don't stay there. Back up.
Watch your contact.
OK, Barry off. You can stay on.|Who's next?
Kate, let's go.
Go get him.
All right,|let's keep it light, guys.
Come on, Kate,|let's see something.
I want to see the jab.|Stick the jab in there.
There you go. Good.|Let me see the jab.
Come on, use the jab.
Nice! OK, good.|Let's go. Work it.
Come on. On your toes.
Ethan, what are you doing?
Watch your contact, OK?|Kate, are you OK?
This is|a sorry substitute for sex.
I said this is|a sorry substitute...
- I heard you.|- Yeah, OK.
- You know what I'm looking for?|- Hmm?
The way my daddy|looked at my mother.
What way?
I can't settle|for anything less.
Sure picks lookers, doesn't he?
Yeah, he does.
But, you know, these women|are more than just attractive.
They're all extraordinary|in some way.
Smart, talented.
He ain't choosing them|just for their congeniality.
Ordinarily, they don't...
but I think our guy|is a little different.
How so?
I think killing's|not his ulterior motive.
This guy's a collector.|I bet these women are alive.
Come on, doc.
Our boy's brain is soft|as a two-minute egg...
and nothing personal,|but I figure...
every one of them gals|is tied to a tree...
just waiting to get found.
Think about it, Sikes.
The three you found|were killed out of sequence.
They weren't even among|the first abducted.
That's right.
That don't mean|they're not still out there.
But you would|have found them by now.
He makes absolutely|no attempt to hide 'em...
and the way they were killed,|very revealing.
That last long walk|through the woods.
Marching to their fate.
Exactly. The rape,|cutting off their hair.
It's a punishment.
Maybe for violating some trust.
What goddamn trust?
I don't know, chief.
I don't know.
How would you like to pay?
Actually, there's|another book I'm interested in.
It's a picture book for children|in the hospital.
It's about being brave.
It sounds like a book by Burke.
I'll see if we have it in stock.
Good night, fish.
Aah! Aah!
What do you want from me?
Hit it, hit it, hit it.
What is that, man?
Give me the ball, baby.|This is my court.
Show you how we do it.|There it is.
Get mad, get mad. What's up?
Come on, fellas. Back it off.
Don't ever come back again!
Don't ever come back here again!|It's my court!
Seth Samuel?
I'm Dr. Alex Cross.
Naomi's uncle.
And a cop.
Look, I don't recall|inviting you here, so...
Can we talk for a minute or two?
Like I said, I don't recall|inviting you here.
Look...we can talk|anywhere you want.
I already told you guys|everything I know.
Which was nothing.
Look, I've had cops|on me for days.
In the middle of the night...
hauling me down to the station,|all up my ass about Naomi...
and things that are nobody's|fucking business.
Looks like your business|is in the public domain...
doesn't it, Seth?
What do you want to know?
I want to know|about Naomi's violin.
It's not on|the police inventory.
Is it here?
Well, she used to practice|here sometimes.
She was always practicing|on the thing...
but she always took it|home with her, always.
Yeah, I know.
The cops don't have any idea,|do they?
Not a clue.
I got all the glass out.
Everything you'll need...
to change the dressing's|right next to you.
I brought|some of your clothes, too.
Something for every occasion.
Can you hear me?
Systemic analgesic...|What did you give me?
That's one of the reasons|I picked you, Kate.
- Your intelligence.|- Uhh.
I appreciate that.|I know most men don't, can't.
I'm different.|You'll see that in time.
Now try not to go back to sleep.
Aah! Aah!
- Shh.|- Aah! Oh, my God!
- Oh! Oh, my God!|- I need to tell you the rules.
Shh, shh, shh.|Stop, stop, stop.
Why am I here?
You're here to fall|in love, to experience love.
But now I need you|to listen very carefully...
and take what I say|very seriously, all right?
Don't try to escape.
Don't cry out for help.
And do not try any of|your kick-boxing tricks.
- Do you understand?|- Uh...
Now, I'll do what I can to help|you not break these rules...
but if you do,|you will really disappoint me.
That's it.
See? That didn't hurt, did it?
Don't worry.
You're with Casanova.
Thought you'd be out...busy.
Well, you were wrong.
You've got mail.
You like?
Nice. Exceptional. Really.
I think she's extra special.
How you feelin', old man?
Swimmers, take your mark!
Come on, keep to it.|Move those bodies. Let's go!
Kick it up! Move it!|Speed, speed! Muscle, muscle!
- Excuse me.|- Yeah.
I'm looking for Dr. Wick Sachs.
Uh, lane five.|He's, uh, destroying my varsity.
Thank you.
Sure. Let's go, blondie.|Pick it up!
I can't tell you much|you don't already know.
I gave Naomi|some academic guidance...
which she politely disregarded,|and that was that.
Excuse me.
I really don't have time to get|to know my patients very well...
although I do know that Naomi...|was a special woman.
My heart goes out to you.
Word is that you make time...
to get to know|some of your special patients.
Whatever you may have heard,|I certainly don't have time...
to kidnap and mutilate|any of them.
I understand how you must feel,|you being a...psychologist...
and a policeman...|and her uncle.
It must be like suffering|the tortures of the damned.
For me or for her?
Well, both.
It's yours.
He's never made strikes|this close together, has he?
An intern, huh?
Yeah. He had a vacancy.
Out. Never call out.
Never call out.
Never call out.
Somebody help me.
My name is Kate!|I'm Kate McTiernan!
I'm a doctor at the Carolina|Regional Medical Center!
I need help!
I know you can hear me!
Come on! Who's out there?!
Somebody help...
My name is Kate McTiernan.|Somebody talk to me!
Who is out there?
Be quiet.
Be quiet, or he'll kill you.
Oh, my God.
What's your name?
What's your name?
Talk to me, please,|please, please.
Tell me your name.
I'm Mary Jane Capaldi.
It's good's good to hear|your voice, Mary Jane.
Are you OK?
I'm|Kristen Miles. I'm here, too.
Melissa Stanfield.
I don't know how long|I've been here.
What month is it?
I'm Samantha Gaines.
Carol Akers. name is Naomi Cross.
I've been here for 8 days,|I think.
Yeah, I know.|I miss you, too, darlin'.
No, you know I do.
How's Nan?
Well, that's good.
You stay with her, you hear?
Hang on, Janell. Just a second.
Aah! Oh! Jesus.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
"Odalisques|were the most valuable...
"of the emperor's treasures...
"gifted in the arts|of music and poetry." Talented.
"Welcome to Durham, Dr. Cross.
"Giovanni Giacomo Casanova|de Seingalt."
Well, I guess you've got a fan.
I'll say one thing for our boy...
He's got very nice penmanship.
He's fuckin' with you,|that's all it is.
Yeah, but this tells us|he's trackin' the case.
He's readin' the local papers.|We can use that.
An odalisque, uh,|it's a statue, right?
A tall, pointy thing...
- You're thinking of obelisk.|- Oh.
Odalisque is a harem girl...
a concubine, sex slave.
Oh, there it is,|just like you said.
So he's telling us|all these gals are alive.
- Mm-hmm.|- Why is he telling us that?
Demonstrates his power,|his dominance.
That certainly fits.
Our profiles|of the murdered women...
show they all shared|one trait...
that would have set off|the control freak in our guy.
They're all strong-willed.|They're all defiant.
How many of the other|girls share that profile?
At least one.
You want to hurt me?
OK, come on.
They can be bigger...OK.
And they can be stronger...|Fuckin' nuts!
Knock me down.
Oh, my God.
You could|have been the best, Kate.
I may be going crazy here...
but didn't I warn you|about breaking the rules?
- I'm sorry.|-"I'm sorry."
"I'm sorry."
- I'll do anything you want.|- What? What did you say?
I said I'll do|anything you want.
Oh, I know you will.
Give me your arm.
I said, give me your arm.|Come on.
Give it to me.
This is not the way|it works, Kate.
All right, now. OK.
Easy, girl. Easy, now.
Come on.
What do you know?
Only that|she's in some kind of shock.
The kids who found her...
were fishing near|the Wykagil White Water.
The what?
Wykagil,|it's a river way out of town.
Well, lookee here.|We got us a circus up ahead.
Here he comes.|Detectives, can you confirm...
What concerns us|is behavior...
that suggests psychological|trauma, especially acute...
Doctor, doctor,|can you tell us exactly when...
she'll be able to talk to us?
What I'm getting at|is Kate McTiernan...
appears to be suffering|from posttraumatic shock.
There's no telling|when she'll be lucid.
It could be hours or weeks.|You guys have to remember...
that this girl|is very lucky to be alive.
Can you at least|tell us your best guess?
We can't go on that, doc.
Dr. Ruocco. Excuse me.
My name is Cross.|I'm Dr. Alex Cross.
Yes, I know who you are.|I know your work.
I'm consulting with|the local police on this case.
I need to see Kate McTiernan.
I'm sorry, but she does not|need another doctor.
Listen, the last thing|I want is to crowd you.
My request is personal.
One of the women|abducted was my niece.
I really need to talk|to this woman.
It's all right.|It's all right.
You're safe now. You're safe.
This woman's a fighter.
I wouldn't argue with that...
but we were off pegging this|as posttraumatic shock.
Her vitals|are meandering downhill.
Everything is|systematically shutting down.
And, of course,|you screened her for drugs?
Yes, we did.
Her blood, her urine...|they're clean.
Something is doing damage|that we don't have a finger on.
- Whoever did this...|- Is cunning.
Yeah, he's cunning,|but he doesn't know his history.
The real Casanova|would never have approved.
Excuse me.|Do you have a P.D.R.?
Nonresponsive pupils...
progressive loss of muscular|control, escalating tremors...
That's what I see.
An overdose of|Benzodiazepine would do that.
Yes, but every drug|in the Benzo family...
shows up in blood and urine.
Ah, except Sistol.
It's a Benzo cousin.
Leukemia specialists are using|it to take the edge off chemo.
- Is it an amnesiac?|- Absolutely.
We'll see what your theory|is made of by morning.
Who are you?
My name is Alex Cross.
I'm a policeman|from Washington, D.C.
How do you feel?
- I'll get you a doctor.|- Wait.
Wait. I was given a drug.
I think it was|a nervous system...
Yeah. It was|something called Sistol...
but we flushed it out of you.
It's nice to have you back.
- Washington?|- Yeah. I'm, uh...
I'm down here|because of my niece.
She disappeared|about 10 days ago.
Her name is Naomi Cross.
I talked to her.
I talked to her.
Thank you.
I'll get that doctor for you.
I heard...l heard...
so many different voices...
and I tried not to cry.
No way does our boy|show his face here.
If he's not here,|he's watching. I guarantee you.
You make it sound like he ain't|cooking on the front burner.
If he's so dumb, how come|we haven't caught him yet?
Ladies and gentlemen.
Good afternoon,|ladies and gentlemen.
I'd like to introduce to you|a very brave young lady...
Dr. Kate McTiernan.
Dr. McTiernan will make|a brief statement...
and that's all.|No questions, please.
Hello, I'm Kate McTiernan.
First...I'd like|to say something to...
the families who have|a loved one missing.
Please, do not give up hope.
There are other women|where I was held...
and I believe in my heart|that they're still alive. the boys who|fished me out of the river...
and saved my life...
and to the nurses|and doctors here...
who are taking|such excellent care of me...
and for the thousands|of letters and prayers...
I've received from|all across America...thank you.
And last...
to the man...
who calls himself Casanova...
the man who took me|from my own home...
and ultimately|tried to kill me...
I broke your rules...just me.
None of the other women helped.
So if you're looking|for someone to blame, blame me.
That's all have|to say right now.
Thank you|for taking my message...
to the families|of the missing...
and I hope it helps|a little bit.
Thank you.
What do you hear? Dogs?
Any kind of animals?|Is it a farm?
I don't know.
- Do you hear the river?|- No.
I hear him...whispering.
What does he say?
I can feel...his mouth|on my ear, his breath.
He tells me that he loves me.
Tell me about his face.
Tell me about his eyes,|his mouth.
He has no face.
A mask.|He always wears a mask.
- What kind of mask?|- I can't...
- What does it look like?|- It changes.
I can't show him|that I hate him.
But you escape.|What do you see when you escape?
I don't know.|I'm just running...
and my legs are heavy|from the drugs.
And then I'm lost.|I'm running through hallways...
and there are all these rooms,|and I don't know where to turn.
- He's behind me.|- He's not behind you, Kate.
You get away.
- How? How do you get out?|- Light.
Light.|The light and the sun.
- Do you see a barn?|- No.
- A house?|- No.
- Cabin?|- No.
There's nothing.|Just the light.
It hurts my eyes. And...
And then the trees...|the trees again.
And the rocks|are digging into my feet.
And I hear him|shouting behind me.
And I try to run faster.
That's all I'm thinking...|just run faster!
l...l left those girls behind.|I wasn't thinking.
I just told myself|to run, to run and run.
It's all right. It's OK.|It's all right.
I left those girls.
It's all right.|It's all behind you.
Are you pretty|familiar with these woods?
Yeah.|I come up here sometimes.
What do you run into up here?
Besides the obvious...|hikers, bikers, campers.
Locals, college kids...|that's about it.
- What about this river?|- It's good for trout fishing.
It's been that way since|the early colonial period.
It's over here.
What? What?
Guess I'll have|to remember that my niece...
wouldn't be fooling around|with some knucklehead.
Kate. You OK?
I'm fine.
Really, I am. I'm fine.
I'm just sorry|I can't take you to her.
I made an interesting|discovery last night.
About what?
I ran a check on|all the Sistol orders...
over the last five years.
- Guess what?|- What?
A Beverly Hills plastic|surgeon came up on the list.
There's no protocol|for Sistol in plastic surgery.
Two years ago,|this guy ordered enough...
to treat leukemia|in a medium-sized country.
What's his name?
Rudolph. William Rudolph.
Grew up in Durham.
Did his premed work here.
Dr. Cross, is it him?
Is he bicoastal?
That's an interesting way|of putting it.
There are a dozen predators|operating in California now.
There's one...male Caucasian...
probably early thirties.
He's known as|the Gentleman Caller.
They've been onto him|for over a year.
And what I realized|last night...
was that his abductions|follow the ones here...
by about 10 days to two weeks.
Matter of fact...
it was exactly 10 days|after Naomi disappeared...
that a pretty black coed|disappeared from UCLA.
So he's doing it there, too.
Compulsively. And if|he follows true to form...
he's due to hit California|pretty quick.
Can the FBl pick him up?
If I give Rudolph to the FBl|and they make one mistake...
what happens to all these girls?
I can't risk Naomi starving|to death in a cell somewhere.
No FBl.
You're going out there|on your own.
I got people.
Take me with you.
I think you're best served|by staying here.
And pretend like|nothing's happened?
No. That's not|what I was going to say.
I just think|you should be trying...
I'm the only person|who's seen this guy.
I know his size, his voice,|I know the way he moves...
I know how you feel, honestly.
Would you please stop|treating me like I'm a victim?
You think I'm some kind|of tourist in all this...
because I wasn't raped?
Every night when I go|to sleep...
I hear those women's voices.
You want to save your niece?|Well, guess what? So do I.
Ought to see my cousin.
- There he is.|- Hey, hey.
Kate McTiernan, John Sampson.
DCPD, cousin,|compadre extraordinaire.
- How do you do?|- Hello, Kate.
Meet Henry Castillo, LAPD.
- Nice to meet you.|- Pleasure.
- It is a pleasure.|- Mine, Henry.
Alex, can we huddle?
Excuse me, Kate.
Well, this is a surprise.
Time was surprises|made you giddy, John.
What's the matter?
Look, we're out on a limb here.
I've pulled every string.
I've called in|10 years of favors...
to get those cars and equipment.
This thing has got to go|as smooth as silk...
or we are both fucked.
I got him, 10:48 a.m,|crossing the north window.
Rudolph just walked past|the window.
Thank you for the update.
It's him.
He's on the move.
This does not look|like a 7-Eleven run.
Where does this road go?
He sounded so sincere.
How's that?
When he told me he loved me.
I expect that's because he does.
Multiply your anger|by about a hundred, Kate.
That's how much|he thinks he loves you.
OK. Rudolph has landed.
There's a cabin|about a half mile in.
So he hasn't traveled|that far after all.
He's back in the woods.
First time in California?
It's a pretty state, isn't it?
It's unforgettable.
What's wrong? Huh?!
Go ahead! What?!
I can't hear you!
Don't tell me!
No! Shut up!
Because you said!
What the fuck is he doing?
He's in a rage.
He's going fucking nuts.
He's about to scare the wildlife|out of this forest.
Do you see him?
Piece of...
Tell me...
what did you see back there?
A killer getting organized.
He's not going to abduct|somebody from this place.
This guy's pulled people|out of these joints before.
Not in the triangle.
We'll cover him loose,|see what he's got.
Henry, you stay here.
If it's so crowded,|how come I can't come?
If he even thinks|he sees you, it's over.
What about you?
20 years of experience|blending in.
You stay with Henry.
There he is...
across the bar.
Damn, he's in there.|Just like that.
Mr. Lover Lover.
We ought to nail his ass|right now.
It's never been the same|without Fernando.
I can't believe|those guys let him go.
Unbelievable, man.
He had this knuckle ball.|It was like a floater.
Then bam !|Right off the table.
Couldn't even come near it.|You were kidding yourself.
What do you got down there?
The Durham Bulls?|Right? Triple "A"?
Got any prospects?
EDF 40, full military specs.
I'm gonna go in.
What? Hey. Hold on.
- Come here, you.|- I got to pee.
No. You don't.|I'm not that stupid.
It's not really your style.
You don't know what my style is.
Your style|is to help me blend in.
Henry, help me blend in.
Come on.
All right.|Right here, right here.
OK, I am going to walk over|and find our boys, all right?
You shall stay right here.
You won't move.
Is that him?
Is that Rudolph?
Yeah. Yeah, that's him.
It's him.
Are you sure?
- Come on.|- OK.
Stand still.
Follow the tree line|to the drive.
Henry, you break left.|You and I will take the front.
Now, guys, remember,|when it goes down...
I need this guy intact.
Be careful.
Help me.
- Uhh!|- Aah!
It's OK. It's OK, it's OK.
Oh, shit. Henry. He's hit.
Come on, come on.
Just take it easy.
Hold it! Hold it!
Put your hands|where I can see 'em !
Get out of the truck.
Get out of the truck!
Yeah, roger.|We're ready to transport.
How is he?
I'm sorry, Sam.
For all this, I'm sorry.
Yes, shocking is|an accurate way to describe...
what went on here|in the early morning hours.
Local police won't comment,|but channel 6 sources...
tell us what happened here|in the pre-dawn hours...
Does this hurt?
...reaches beyond California...
and some say involves|a rogue branch of the FBl...
They sure can document a fuckup|at the speed of light.
I guarantee you won't|be seeing a picture...
of that woman|whose life you saved on TV.
OK, breathe in.
How's this?
A little tender there.
What about here?
We need x-rays.
Not a chance.
Gone in the night.
At least now the FBl|know who they're looking for.
How far can he run?
It's not a question of how far.
It's how long.
...Questions and receiving|very few answers.
Questioned on the scene,|Detective John Sampson...
whom we've learned|is about 3,000 miles...
What do you want to do?
Sampson is|a detective in good standing...
with the Washington, D.C.|police department.
Local police tell us...
Sampson was part of|a rag-tag surveillance team.
Sampson, Detective Castillo...
and two other unidentified|individuals were on a stakeout.
But staking out whom or what?
Property records indicate|the cabin owner is...
I'd like to see about|making reservations...
from Los Angeles|to Raleigh-Durham.
...was Dr. Rudolph,|a man with no criminal record.
It's the return portion...
Hang up the phone, Kate.
Pardon me?
Hang up the phone.
Dr. McTiernan...
welcome to our crime scene.
The sight of yellow tape|and flash bulbs...
must be getting a little old|to you by now.
- A little.|- You got here quick.
Not quick enough.
Now wait a minute, Kyle.
Let's not downplay|the upside of this.
- Upside?|- Yeah.
She lD'd Casanova.|You got a trail.
Alex, don't even try.|It's bad form.
The day you set foot|in Durham...
I feel like you've been|screwing me around.
Look, I let you in.
I shared information.
What have we got? A mess.
And a cop who's looking|at two years of rehab.
Kyle, do you want me|to say I fucked up?
All right. I fucked up.
Just...don't shut me|out of this.
What do you see?
Maybe I'm looking too hard.
For what?
I don't know.
It seems so cold.
Not like him.
Keep looking.
Thought the closet|looked a little tight...
so I brought in|a DX fluoroscope...
scanned what appeared|to be a lunar module.
It's a freezer.
A trophy case.
Guy's got divergent MOs.
Don Juan on the east coast.|Joseph Mengele on the west.
- We found feet.|- What?
You heard me. Surgically|band-sawed at the ankle.
Vacuum-bagged, 15 pair.
2 lefts. Go figure.|Obviously not a dancer.
Check out the shrine.
Gentleman Caller...Casanova.
There hasn't been a true|multi-territorial predator...
since Jean de Salle, 1921...
eviscerating|Paris prostitutes...
and strangling widows|on the Riviera.
And running|a bicoastal operation.
This is|the most ambitious stunt...
in the annals|of serial pathology.
This guy is Houdini squared.
Put on the brakes now.
We're not dealing|with Houdini here.
What we have here|is Leopold and Loeb.
Home team...visitors.
We got 30 ampules|of Sistol here.
The chronologies match.
There are two of them...
and they're collaborating.
Collaborating and competing.
Got an lD on him?
It's probably just some kid|Rudolph did 20 years ago.
Comb through Missing Persons,|we'll find him there.
- Don't bother.|- You know who he is.
Mm-hmm.|And he's got both his feet.
I'm giving you|three minutes to throw the bolt.
Am I wasting my time?
OK, boys. Nobody home.|You all take upstairs now.
- Yes, sir.|- Be clean, boys.
Clean and thorough.
Keep the goddamn media out.
Nick, you got the chief there?
How long has he been in the box?
Five hours. They took|him in the middle of a class.
This is bullshit!
You know|I wouldn't sanction this.
Hatfield got the tip.|I don't know how.
Stages a huge public arrest.
By the time I'm on the ground,|he's already got this guy...
You haul in $2 million|of surveillance equipment...
and these clowns stage|a cold arrest?
That is top-notch police work.
- This is all politics.|- It's all bad, Kyle.
Not all.
Dr. Sachs.
It's good to see you again...
circumstances notwithstanding.
Can l, uh...
Can I get you anything?
Coffee? Soda?
Oh, come on, Wick.
There's some questions|you can answer without a lawyer.
For instance,|you might have said...
"Yes, thank you.|I will have coffee,"
or "No, thank you."|You know, just to be polite.
But you don't drink coffee,|do you?
You probably stick|to bottled water.
What the hell's he doing?
That's how|you stay in fighting trim.
He's doing what he does.
Where's the best bottled water|in the world come from?
The Alps?
Some French aquifer?
It's Japanese.|You wouldn't know it.
It's in the Japanese character|to do this sort of thing.
They build|these special ships...
and sail them to the farthest|navigable extremes...
and look for the bluest|iceberg they can find...
and they tow it back.
And one is able|to drink something...
that was last in liquid form|about 30,000 years ago.
Expensively clean.
What does it taste like?
Like water.
By the by, Alex...
writing a bestseller?
You must be a millionaire.
No. Far from it.
I bring it up only|because I mean to sue you...
along with these|other local imbeciles.
For what?
Defamation of character?
I like to fuck...
variously fuck...young women.
I have fucked nearly|100 of them in 75 ways...
but I have never hurt|any of them.
There's no record of violence|anywhere in my past.
Megan Murphy.
Oh, yeah.
This is a painstaking|recreation of an image...
from Friedrick Thelen's|Die Welt der Flagellanten.
Do you know it?
It took me 3 hours|to tie her up properly.
And consensually, by the way.
Dr. Cross, tell me|you have more than this.
I have pictures of Megan|tied to a tree.
I was thinking|we'd discuss that at the trial.
In, say, six months?
Maybe you'd like me to go|on record now about Naomi.
I'll start with|the first time I saw her.
In my office.
She was wearing a silk blouse,|which pleases me...
because I like to turn up|the air conditioning...
to constrict the capillaries.
You know, tweak the nipples.
You should have seen|how self-conscious she was...
how nervous|the chill in the air made her.
And, like the others, her manner|belied her real predilections.
Which reminds me, Dr. Cross...
have you seen|the photographs of Naomi?
Hey! Hey! Back up!
Move! Move!
Dr. Cross, put your hands down!
All right, settle down.
Settle down, all right?
Everything's all right.
well, you're just as|pretty as your picture.
Beautiful feet.
What did you hear? Dogs?
Near the river?
I hear him...whispering.
What does he say?
I can feel his mouth on my ear.
I take it|we didn't get our confession.
We didn't. He's not Casanova.
His picture was on the wall.
That's part of their thing.
- But his picture...|- Kate, it's a setup.
Brothers in arms,|watching each other's backs.
Wick Sachs|is a perfect patsy for them.
He's too smug and too vain|to even know what hit him.
He's just a bush-league lech.
The cops think|they got the right guy.
I've been listening|to the tape.
Have you ever heard|a fetal sonogram?
An ultrasound?
You know on the tape you|asked me if I heard anything.
Yeah. You said nothing.
That's not true.
I heard something.|It was in the background.
It was constant.
I heard water.
- Water?|- Everywhere.
Below me, above,|around, everywhere.
I had to have been|in a basement.
Not possible.
Every farmhouse, barn, outhouse,|chickenhouse, doghouse...
the FBl checked everything out.
They missed it.
I saw the aerial photographs.|They didn't miss an inch.
There were doors,|there were walls...
there were stairs.
It was manmade. It was built.
When you escaped, you had|no recollection of a house.
You said there was light.|"Suddenly, there was light."
And I had been in a house.|Alex, I am sure of it.
OK, here's what|we're looking for.
A plantation layout.
See, now, there weren't|plantations on the Wykagil.
There was a plantation.
Check it out.|All this is Mason's property.
Now, this is hundreds of acres.
Here's the big house,|slave quarters, stables...
cellars for stashing food,|ice, tunnels everywhere.
Can I see this?
River runs right through it.
Where was I found?
Around here. Two miles|down from the big house.
Figure that's about|a thousand yards, right?
Forget here. Forget here.
This square.
That's where we concentrate.
Bach is crisp.
Buon giorno, fratello.
This is quite a collection|you've assembled here.
Your palette|is so...multi-cultural.
That's very P.C.|I applaud you.
But this place is a little|overdone, don't you think?
Subterranean gothic went out|a while ago, didn't it?
You ought|to get yourself a maid.
You know what this shit is?
This is Civil War bat guano.|It's full of fungus.
You inhale|enough of this stuff...
you'll have a prostate|like a 70 year old.
What about you girls?|Any complaints?
Any muscle aches? Lesions?
Come on...
don't you think they'd|be better off in a freezer?
You know this is off-limits.
Nobody tracked me.
Just like your cabin|in the woods, right?
I'm not the one who made|all the phone calls.
I wasn't posting fucking|photographs on the Web.
That's not|how they found you, Will...
or they would have found me.
You don't belong here.
If you're here, I'm here.
I need you to help me.
I only want what I'd give you.
You gave me nothing!
Remember '75?
Roe Tierney, homecoming queen.
Blood on the walls.
I cleaned up your slop.
I always do.
Face it, Will,|I'm your mentor...
and you're the bad seed.
Let me tell you|something, my friend...
no matter|how far out there you go...
no matter how you dress up...
when you come back...
you're still just like me.
Naomi,|let's hear something triumphal.
Something worthy of rebirth.
Play something for me.
She plays for me.
She only plays for you?
Well, of course she does!
Because you are the great lover!
The dark figure of her dreams!
Come on, darling.
Tell him.
Tell him how grateful you are.
Tell him how you always|wanted to be his.
Go on. Tell him.
Tell him how you wait for him.
Tell him how|he's the most sensitive...
the best you ever had.
Tell him that you love him.
That's what he wants to hear.
I could have|aimed two inches to the left.
Don't forget who we are...
and who you'll be if I'm gone.
You could have|a hundred women here...
but without me,|you'd still be alone.
Take the stairs.
Go on! Go!
Police! Freeze!
Hold it!
- Naomi?|- Alex?
- I'll be back.|- No, don't go!
I'll be back.
I found them ! Up the hill!
- Yahoo!|- Ha ha ha!
who is he?
Tell me his name.
He's too good.
You won't...
I'm waiting for the good news.
It keeps getting better.|Come on.
This is Casanova's next crop,|blueprinted to a "T."
And we're in luck.|He didn't wear gloves.
Yes, yes, yes.
OK, I want all this stuff|to Quantico now.
If you can't find a plane,|buy one.
Dr. Cross!|The man that you shot...
...Sex slaves in L.A...
How did|Casanova escape without a trace?
You got company.
Good to see you, Seth.
Thank you.
Hey, you.
You OK?
Got something for you.
What happened to the strings?
New strings for new music.
Thank you.
- When's her mom coming down?|- In the morning.
When are you heading out?
The bureau thinks...
they'll have Casanova|lD'd within 12 hours...
which really means 24.
As soon as Kyle gets a bead|on him, though, he's done...
no matter how much road|he's burned.
After that, I'm out of here.
So then that's it?
I only have you for another day.
All right. Supper at my house.|Home-cooked.
I promised Naomi|I'd meet her at 8:30.
I'll make a lousy date.
Do whatever you gotta do.
Be at my house by 7:00,|you'll be gone by 8:15.
If you would just|verify and sign there.
Ten shots fired...
and one W. Rudolph,|room temperature.
Good luck to you, Alex.
You, too.|Take care of yourself.
As you already know,|the hostages are now safe...
and are being cared for|at Carolina Regional Medical.
As for the forensics team...
they include our very best...
specialists in latent prints...
fiber and hair study...
serology, and DNA analysis.
We're very encouraged|by their progress.
In less than two hours,|over six...
Yeah, it feels...|it feels really good.
It's not exactly normal.|I think that'll take some time.
It's different, but it's nice.
It's like getting acquainted|with an old friend.
Are those Rottweilers|of yours out there on the case?
Well, I'm tempted|to yank your chain...
but they're out there,|standing post.
Is that what you call it?
Thanks for indulging me.|I'll see you soon.
OK. Bye.
You got to live
For yourself
Yourself and nobody else
You've got to live
For yourself
Well, look who's here.
Hi, Detective.
Hi. Sorry to bother you.
I brought this|from the property clerk.
I'm sorry. Would you like|to come in for a minute?
May I get you|something to drink?
No, thanks. Uh...
The next shift won't be here|for an hour or so...
I really ought to wait|for them out here.
Excuse me for just a minute.|Don't go, OK?
Hello? Hi, Jen.
Son of a bitch.
Quit hovering. Come on in.
No, I'm not talking to you.|I've got company.
Can I call you back?
How do you feel|about Indian food?
Oh, please, I don't want you|to trouble yourself.
I could use|some help cooking...
and I have enough food|for an army.
Would you like a glass of wine?
No, thank you. I'm on duty.
Your first chore|is to slice mushrooms.
I believe I can do that.
If you don't mind,|rinse them first.
Come on.
Use a colander.|That way'll take forever.
It's down on the...
Oh, shit.
How are you feeling, by the way?
You feeling like you're|getting back on your feet?
I guess|if I felt solid anywhere...
it should be in this house.
I've been in it in one way|or another my whole life.
It was my great-aunt's.
But I don't know.
It's just different now.|Something's off.
I used to walk|in the middle of the night...
down to the corner market|for a quart of milk.
That's true.
I mean, people just get|complacent. It happens.
Would you please hand me|the big chopping knife?
The department|gives courses on self-defense.
The department|gives courses on self-defense.
I've been thinking about|spending more time at the dojo.
Kick boxing's fine,|but that's not what I mean.
I'm talking prevention.
We teach things like, uh...|varying your routine.
Keeping your lights on at night.|Maybe getting a dog.
I'm sorry.|Does this bother you?
It's good. I need to hear it.
Just simple things, like, um...
carrying personal alarms.
Taking your garbage out|the morning of.
Not using cordless phones.
Anyone with a scanner|can listen in.
What does taking your|garbage out the morning of...
have to do with anything?
Night before,|anyone can tear through it.
Who in the world possibly|cares how much tuna I eat?
Would you rinse this|off for me, please?
Think about it.|A guy could come by, say...
Tuesday night,|3:00 in the morning...
dump your trash in one of|those 30-gallon plastic sacks.
Haul it down|to an abandoned lot and bingo!
- There it is.|- Thank you.
What a lady eats,|how often she shaves.
He can even tell|a lady's time of the month.
Anything you want to know.
What kind of lipstick|she wears...
and used condoms.
How often's she gettin' it?|Twice a week?
Three times?
The same guy, different guys?
Of course,|that doesn't apply to you.
Let's face it. In your case,|it's been quite a while.
Not since that...|that surgeon...
What? Six, seven months ago?
You were special, Kate.
Do you have any idea|how much time I gave you?
Yes, months.
I sacrificed for you...
but now I'm going|to show you sacrifice.
What are you going to do?|Are you going to cut me?
Do it!
Good girl.
Sometimes I live|in the country, baby
Sometimes I live in town
Sometimes|I take a strange notion
To jump in the river|and drown
Irene, good night
Good night, Irene,|good night
I'll see you in my dreams
Now I'll show you.
Sing, everybody
Irene, good night
Good night, Irene,|good night
I'll see you in my dreams
Don't do it, Nick.
Let's talk about it, OK?
You want to put|the lighter down, Nick?
She has to know.
She knows, Nick.
Then why don't you shoot me?
Ah, I don't think so.
Muzzle flare, room full of gas,|all that, you know?
Look, Nick...
I'm gonna put the gun down.
Look, see?
There now. How's that?
I want you|to think about this, Nick.
If you do this,|no one will ever understand.
Oh, don't mind-fuck me!
No, I'm not, Nick.
See, Kate?|It's all about building rapport.
You use the subject's|first name...
and your tone...|you gotta keep it soft...
and steady.
Establish eye contact...
seek his level.
You want to know|the truth, Alex?
You're the one|who really needs help.
Well, enlighten me, Nick.
Tell me what truth is.
Truth is looking|at a beautiful woman...
like our Kate here...
and saying to yourself...
"l gotta have that.
"l gotta break her down."
It's your basest animal self.
Dig deep, Alex.
You'll recognize him.
He's ugly.
I've run into him now and then.
Go ahead.
Reach for the Glock|and take me down...
before I tell you about|the 10 days I spent with Naomi.
10 days, Doc...
things she'd never tell you.
My brown sugar...
face like an angel...
every inch of her.
You never knew Naomi.
Not like I did.
Deep down...
you envy me that.
Say it.
I don't work like you.
I don't...hate.
You only wish|you had the courage.
Good night...
Sweet Kate.
it's all right, Kate.
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