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Kites Over Helsinki

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He looks so frail.
Brian Jones,|died on 3 July 1969.
Drowned in|a luxurious swimming pool.
Janis Joplin, died on 4 October|1970 of a heroin overdose.
Jimi Hendrix,|18 September 1970 -
with lots of wine|and sleeping pills.
Jim Morrison died in 1971 -
as a bloody wreck in Paris.
Sid Vicious, died on 2 February|1979 of a heroin overdose.
Elvis Presley,|died on 16 August 1977 -
as a pill-popping fatso.
Dani Bexar, dead... dead!
As goddam dead as|all the bloody myths.
What have you done?
I threw out all the old shit.
You've thrown away|our memories.
Where are you going, Dad?|Can I come along?
Moment by moment.
Moment by moment.|Things happen.
Moment by moment.
{y:i}Moment by moment.
{y:i}One moment at a time.
{y:i}We must remember those moments|{y:i}to know who we are. -Dani?
Riku, what was The Who's|blind wizard good at?
It's not difficult.|I'll give you the first letters.
P... i... n... b...
You're not concentrating.|You used to know all this.
Pinball Wizard, dammit!|He was great at pinball.
{y:i}You're thinking of something else|{y:i}but you don't know what it is.
{y:i}Perhaps it's something you've|{y:i}forgotten but can't remember?
{y:i}Where does|{y:i}the story of a man begin?
{y:i}And the story of|{y:i}love, hate and silence?
In the beginning everything|was fine. A small paradise.
Are you coming?
Don't just stand there.|Hurry up, Riku.
Run as fast as you can.|Go, Riku!
Show Dad that you can do it.
No, no, you must|run against the wind.
Help me, Dani.|-Run!
Let's run. Faster, faster.
Run, run!
It's flying! It's flying!
Well done.
In this candle-lit scene -
I have the pleasure -
of wishing my family and|my son-in-law Merry Christmas.
Some of us are getting too old -
and since my son-in-law will|one day run the company -
and carry on|the Gnejs family tradition -
and his sons after him -
I want to give him this.
Thank you, but shouldn't it|stay here at the Gnejs mansion?
Hold it up so we can see it.
A bit higher.
A little higher still.
Time flies.
I'm about your age|in this photo.
This is a nice logotype.|Perhaps we should've kept it.
But times change...
And look at Benita!|Pretty as always.
My ice-skating princess.
Cigar?|-Thank you.
I love Christmas!|-Since I married your daughter -
my life has been like|a neverending Christmas.
{y:i}Who had a twin brother|{y:i}he never met?
The King, Elvis Presley.
{y:i}Dad liked Elvis too.
{y:i}But he worked his way so high up|{y:i}he learnt to keep his mouth shut.
{y:i}Come summertime with flowers|{y:i}And beauty all around
{y:i}Delightful summer almos there|{y:i}Grass and crops abound
{y:i}The gentle sun awakens|{y:i}All that has been dead
{y:i}It all turns green and pretty|{y:i}It all comes back to life
I've heard that the bee|dances on the honeycomb.
When it's full of neckties.
Nectar.|-When it's full of nectar.
And sunny pollen grain.|-And sweet hooves fun...
And sweet hooves fan.
And sweet hooves fan...|-Read, dammit!
And sweet...
And sweet hooves fan|to the cup, their own.
The golden, buzzing bees...
I'm off.|-Be home by eight.
It's summer vacation now.|-I said eight.
We'll go look for Riku.
How embarrassing!|-I thought you were good.
Don't pity him! How can|I go to school after this?
Don't, Marina!
Where did Dani go?
He took off with the boys|in the Saab.
We should do more together.|-Like what?
You'll see when I come back.|-Where are you going?
To Copenhagen.
We'll start to import electronics,|radios and record-players and such.
I'll reserve time for us|when I come back.
We'll spend|more time together.
But it never happened...
{y:i}Someone on his way up|{y:i}can have anything -
{y:i}but he does not have time.|{y:i}Time is in short supply -
{y:i}and without time,|{y:i}there is no joy.
{y:i}You turned to me, Riku.
"We're playing|those mind games together."
"Pushing the barriers,|planting seeds."
"Chanting the mantra:|peace on earth."
"We've all been playing|those mind games forever."
Blow the smoke out|so it won't smell in here.
"Projecting our images|in space and time."
"Some call it magic,|the search for the grail."
Some call it magic,|others grail.
Don't you get it?
"Love is the answer and you|know that for sure." -Love...
Which song, Riku?
"Mind Games" by John Lennon.
What if I say Detroit?|-The Motown Sound.
How many electric guitars|did Jimi have? -227.
You've trained him well.|-How did he learn all that?
You must work harder, Riku.
How about your grades, Dani?
Your grades are|even better than Marina's.
You'll go to a business school|after graduation -
and then the army.
After that you should focus|on the Gnejs family business.
Let's go to bed.
He's unbeatable.|Dani can do whatever he wants.
Thank you.
Feet down!
Why? You can always|buy a new car.
Do you hear that crackle?|It could be a Russian machine gun.
One single bullet in the forehead|killed my father.
He died alone,|in the cold and the dark.
{y:i}We've got wheels again|{y:i}The engine's right between them
{y:i}It's not true, it's not true|{y:i}Because it's... -Us!
{y:i}We've got wheels again...
It was really hard on my mother.|I was sent to Sweden.
I still remember the train and|the boat and being seasick.
The other children in the dark.|We sat there, staring.
I didn't speak any Swedish|and nobody spoke Finnish.
I lived on a farm and tried to|work hard to make them like me.
But the boys in the village|still beat me up.
They beat me up|until I learnt their language.
In the end,|I was really popular.
{y:i}It's not true, it's not true|{y:i}Because it's...
What are you trying to do?
I won't allow you|to destroy your future -
just because you can't|choose your friends right.
You'll stay home every night|for the next four weeks.
Where are you going?|You're not going anywhere!
Oh, the client is there.|I'll be right there.
"Some call it magic,|the search for the grail..."
Why are you always|fighting with Dad?
How much is a room at the|King of the Road? -50 cents.
What does Syd Barrett|do in Cambridge?
Drinks tea and eats scones|with his mother.
With whom did Janis Joplin perform|before she became famous?
Jorma Kaukonen.
Who is Zimmerman?|-Bob Dylan.
What happened next?
Is your TV on?|-Not yet.
The program's on soon.|-Hi, Robin.
Ceder, Sammy Ceder.|-Bexar, Henrik Bexar.
I'm your son's new classmate.|We moved here from Pori.
What do you want to do|when you grow up?
I want to be rich and wealthy.
Not necessarily in that order.|-We have a mutual goal then.
You have your TV set in here!|-It's mine.
{y:i}Hannibal Hayes, here he comes.|He's awesome.
Kid Curry is even more awesome.|Right, Sammy? -He's a wimp.
What's this?
A paper on Slade's new album.|-Are you a rock critic or what?
Where's Robin?|-He'll be here later.
Great chicks...
What's up?|-Come see.
Stop. It's five marks.|-What?
It'll cost you five marks|to look. -At what?
Two girls swimming naked.|I made a deal with them.
We're neighbors!|-Won't help.
It's all the pocket money I get.|-A deal is a deal.
I see...
No, no.
We're all fine.
I'll tell them.|Merry Christmas.
Don't look at me like that.
I just want to spend one|Christmas home, not visiting.
I'm not a visitor at the mansion|and neither are my children.
My mother and father live there.
The musicians are waiting for the|last session in a Memphis studio.
They've agreed to play|with a nobody from nowhere.
They're too tired to look up|when he arrives, saying:
"Hi, my name is Otis Redding."
You were supposed|to be home hours ago.
I understood that you promised.|-You understood wrong.
I see.
But now that we're|spending Christmas home -
I didn't think I'd have to|send Riku looking for you.
We're all here now. And the table|is set. -Thanks. Any beer?
Apologize to your Mom first.|-For what?
That you... are late.
Let go, you fascist.
Let's eat and cool down.
When I was your age,|I fought for a better future -
not for a bunch of ideas|that have no meaning.
You think|you're a revolutionary -
but your music is just business -
like the stereos and|tape recorders I import -
and you play your records with.
During the general strike, me and|my friend overturned a luxury car...
I'm against violence.
I protested against social|injustice, not my parents.
I was loyal to them.
Why should I be loyal|to a nobody like you?
What did you ever accomplish?|Married Mom and her family.
Are you going to wear that mask|all evening? -I don't know yet.
But it would help if I didn't|have to see you tonight.
"The car drove into|the curve at 120 km/h."
"It started skidding|and rode off the road -
rolled over in the ditch and|crashed against the rock."
"The driver, Jakob Pettersson,|had 0.6 alcohol in his blood."
"He died immediately."
"Larsko Casell and Kim Malm|also died in the crash."
You can see him now.
I'm going to drop out.|Quit school and...
Dani, please,|I don't want to fight with you.
We all love you.|Don't you understand that?
Do you have to make it|so difficult for us?
I don't wanna fight either,|but I'm going to drop out.
But you're getting top grades!|-I don't believe in grades.
There are|more important things to life.
Perhaps Dani needs a year off.|You wanted to travel.
Are you serious?|He doesn't want to do anything.
I'm out of here.
I brought these magazines for you|in case you feel like reading.
You live my life|to make Dad happy.
The following years were strange.|All the roundness disappeared.
Our world had been full of|round things. They disappeared.
{y:i}And I disappeared from your lives.
Your grades are improving.
You'll get into business school|with these.
Air and space...|Enough room to avoid collisions.
Hello? -Denmark calling|{y:i}collect from Dani Bexar.
{y:i}Do you accept the charges?|-Yes.
{y:i}The call has been accepted.|{y:i}Speak up, please.
{y:i}Is that you, Mom?|{y:i}It's me, Dani.
Dad here.|Where are you?
Do you need money?
Benita?|{y:i}-Go away!
Open the door, Benita.
Open the door, Benita!
Where do you want this?
Go away.
Take the picture to your Mom.
Take the stupid dog too.
You've got plenty of room|for yourself now.
Katja Beckerman.|-Sammy Ceder.
I've heard a lot of good|about you, Sammy.
Nicole Wallin.|-Robin ┼str÷m.
Look and learn.|Girls are a bit like business.
You must know|how to market yourself -
and convince the client of|the excellence of the goods.
This city needs a Studio 54.|{y:i}-This place stinks.
Dad could help|with some capital.
Why didn't you apply|to business school, Riku?
Some don't realize that you have to|want something. -Riku is not hungry.
No, he's a spoiled brat|who was born a stockholder.
Or too dumb to become rich.
Shit! Wasn't I with that broad|a few weeks ago?
Easier to say|who you haven't been with.
Shut up!
Lie down.
Shut up!
What do you want?
I need a job.|I thought I could work here.
I thought you wanted|to take a year off.
But you got divorced...|I can't afford it.
I thought I'd have to quit here|after the divorce.
I thought that Gnejs & Co is|your mother's family's company.
But you shareholders disagreed.
As did your mother's family.
They value professional people,|and it's my policy too.
Come back if you decide|to apply to business school.
I can help you find work|elsewhere, if you want.
The stranger enters the|studio in Memphis. Imagine...
He says:|"Hi, my name is Otis Redding."
A good story, right?|-Sure -
but do you have Joy Division's|"Love Will Tear Us Apart"?
You should shave better|in the morning, Mr. Bexar.
We have certain traditions here.|-Hi.
I'm in rush.|I just came to drop this off.
Have you started a club?
With Robin.|-How is he?
Fine. He has a thick head.|It'll survive many wine bottles.
And Robin feels that he can't|upset a shareholder like you.
Good to see you again.
We have customers. And you|work here. Take care of that one.
I'm going to the restroom.
I saw Dani.|-Where?
We should protest the protest.|All is gone. The whole waxwork.
People at the club imitate|ancient behavior patterns.
They look hideous and the music's|terrible. Dean and Dylan are history.
I don't understand|a word you're saying.
Nobody knows anything anymore.|Dean's a corpse.
What've you done to yourself?|-And Dylan became a missionary.
We're better off with Engelbert|Humperdinck or just any pop song.
Sucking up is the only true protest.
Sammy and his trendy clowns|are just yes-men.
As such they get mad if their|conventions are challenged.
When did you come home?
When did you come home,|Dani? -Home?
To Helsinki.|-A while ago.
I really like|your buttons, Marina.
We heard that you lived in|Copenhagen and Stockholm.
What did you do there?|-You've got pretty eyes.
I'm your sister.
Do you have any coffee?|-Yes.
Share this.
I have a daughter, Melly.|She lives in Stockholm.
I'm an aunt, then.|Where is she now?
I have a deal|with Melly's mother.
Melly can come to Helsinki|if I quit...
If you quit using...|-Using what? Underwear?
If you quit taking drugs.
I want you to go now.
Why did you come here?|You're just like Mom and Dad.
You think you know everything|but you're just scared.
You know that your world will|fall apart if you open your eyes.
Go on, leave!
{y:i}Soon it'll feel like|{y:i}the past never existed.
{y:i}The clock is ticking -
{y:i}and things happen|{y:i}faster and faster -
{y:i}as if someone was pressing|{y:i}the gaspedal, refusing to let go.
Sammy Ceder has quickly built|a whole network of companies.
He has partners, but it's clearly|Ceder who's calling the shots.
People say that|money destroys the soul.
Rubbish! It's totally wrong.
Money purifies the soul|if you use it right.
A sound soul seeks contact|with money, not the opposite.
Do you feel at all responsible|for the companies you buy?
Good night.
I'm not saying|that money makes you happy -
but money is a shortcut|to happiness. Right?
I'm glad that you came, Riku.|We need to talk.
A nice party.|-Hi.
I'll come back later.|How are you? -Fine.
I heard you bought|a villa in Hawaii. -A castle.
You're welcome to stay there.
Want to share a free drink|with a thirsty lady?
It's all I can afford.|-Really? Don't you recognize me?
Long time no see.|-Don't you like the company?
Let's drink, something strong.
Ten tequila slammers and champagne.|-I think you've had enough.
You heard her! Ten tequila|slammers and champagne.
Coming up...
Riku Bexar, do you really|want to lead such a shitty life?
I like her!
You could be useful to us.
Do you still have the shares|in your Dad's company?
We've also reserved a place|for you on the Cederco Board.
But the radio station will be|your prime responsibility.
Needs a bit of work, right?|You can fix it up a little.
There's one condition.|-What is it?
You must buy a suit,|a good one.
And another thing...
You said you still have the|shares in your family company.
We'd like to buy them.|-They're not for sale.
Come on...|Name your price.
Think about it.|Take your time.
Where have you been?|-Around.
What does short hair feel like?
My daughter needs a good home|when she visits me here.
I'll settle down and|become a good gray citizen.
Where do you live?
I had to leave my apartment|but I'll get a new one. -Where?
Isn't anything available?|-Nothing I can afford.
Do you still have your shares?|-I sold them ages ago.
You can come in|but he is busy.
Let me know right away.
You could've called.
I was in the neighborhood.|-This time of the day?
I've been offered a new job.
I would've offered you coffee|had I known about your visit.
Excuse me, but here's the fax|with the latest stock quotations.
I'm not sure I want the job.|-What do you really want, Riku?
Take the job and stand|on your own feet for once.
Work hard.
People like you and me|must kiss ass to get anywhere.
I met him.|-Who?
I thought it would solve|everything if I met him.
It was at Tittenhurst Manors.|It's like the Taj Mahal.
I slept in the park for four days.|It was freezing cold.
A soundguy helped me.|I guess he felt sorry for me.
John Lennon is leaning|against a door. I say to him:
"I thought it would solve|everything if I met you."
He looked puzzled.
He had short hair and rectangular|glasses. I tried again.
"When I heard A Day in the Life,|I knew it was written for me."
I had forgotten|all your rock stories!
You've just been hired|by Radio Bright Lights.
I run the radio station.
What's going on?
Who is buying and why?
Who are they?
Who is selling to them?
You bought an apartment then.
A good investment.
Have you moved in yet?|-No, I rented it to Dani.
This is also|a very good investment.
The estate has been well|taken care of for generations.
And it kind of came with the deal.|-Won't the old house be a problem?
It's an antique property.|-It needs to be renovated.
The fašade may well be|from the 19th century -
but inside,|there must be space. Right?
Damn pretty.
This will be the home of|Cederco's recreational center.
We can put the sauna out there.
And a small gallery there.
Thank you for your help.
We could never have taken over|Gnejs & Co without your shares.
Your old man has|dropped the ball.
But you haven't, Riku.
Doesn't it feel good to be|greater than your father?
I didn't think they...
I thought they'd let|you stay in command.
They promised.
I wanted to help Dani.
He has a daughter|who needs a home.
Who is he?|Someone from your company?
I don't have a company anymore.|I'm a free man.
It's beautiful, Sammy.|-Think so?
The night is young.|-Where are you going, Riku?
Excuse me, but doesn't|Niki Wallin live here?
No, she has moved.
Where to?
I don't know.
I'm sorry,|but may I give these to you?
Good night.|-What happened to your hand?
I'll go to a doctor.|-You just did.
Nobody is moving, it's dark.
Thousands are standing|in the desert, waiting.
And it's pitch black.
Only the sky with millions|of shining stars above you.
And suddenly...|The Cheops pyramid is lit up -
with Jerry Garcia|and the band at its foot.
The gig of the century!
It'll be fine, don't worry.
Children are usually good|in situations like this.
You know that.
Hi, Melly.
How was the flight?|-Good.
Are you OK?|You look pretty.
I'm so happy to see you.
Dad... Look.
A little surprise for you.
Dani wants you|to meet his daughter.
And you haven't seen Riku|in a while either.
Hello, Melly.|-She's cute.
Wait here, Melly.
Happy birthday, Dad.
So many kites...
This is my daughter Melly.
Raj, have you seen the big kite|that looks like a butterfly?
Where are you going, Dani?|-Melly needs to go to the toilet.
I'll take her.|-I'll go.
Dad is disappointed in me,|not you. -Never mind.
Hi...|Yes, everything's fine.
Whatever... high or down,|it doesn't matter.
Yes, I'll come there.
How can I live -
if I can't even take care|of the one I love most?
The doctor said they can save|the leg but she'll never run again.
What's wrong with your brother?|He's prattling on the radio.
Did something happen|to his daughter?
It's unforgivable|to hurt your child -
to be dangerous|to the one you love.
Why does|everything pretty turn ugly?
Can anyone explain that to me?
I know, life is about contrasts.
Take my employer, for example...
Do you think|that Cederco's hot shots -
would chase the prettiest girls|if they didn't know ugliness -
and the taste of piss? Never.
That's what it's all about.
But better to burn|than to drown in a swamp -
full of people to exploit,|like Sammy Ceder sees it.
But Sammy Ceder is...
A scared little shit from Pori|who'll never be anything else.
Did you hear the music teeter?
It wasn't the drummer but|the beating of the heart.
The heart's rhythm teeters.|The heart is not a machine.
What are you doing here?|-I own this place.
Shit. Damn you!
Let go of him.
How did you become|such an asshole?
What the fuck..?
You're such|a self-centered fake.
You sucked up all the air.|The whole family focused on you.
They all thought you were gonna|do something great, especially Dad.
But you're a fake.
{y:i}Hey, my name is Otis Redding.
He looks so frail.
We came as fast as we could.
Wait for me, Dad.
What have you done?
I wanna see uncle Dani!|-No.
I wanna see uncle Dani.|-No, Raj.
I wanna see uncle Dani...
What are you doing here?
You have a son at home|to take care of.
Melly and Raj!
Just press this button.
Melly, this is for you.
Your Dad wanted you to have it.
Look this way, please.
It's flying!
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