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Subtitles for Kitne Door Kitne Paas (1999).

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Kitne Door Kitne Paas (1999)

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"Koki, the car is jumping since it got serviced."
Her pack up is just like yours.
Pick up, not pack up."
Wrong words change the meaning.
You took English tuitions for 4 years
The tutor learnt Gujarati but you didn't pick up English.
Forget it, what use is the wife?"
Studied up to class IV and thinks she's related to Bush!
Considers herself an English professional!
"You'll never learn! Professor, not professional!"
"Same difference, slip of tongue. But you got it, didn't you?"
"I understand you, always. What when I have put up my years..."
with you and your rotten English!
Now listen carefully. Kalyanji is a patriot.
Talk to him in Hindi. Don't exhibit your brains by speaking in English.
You cut out your exhibition. Get the card out.
"Bapu Patel, you are right. But after the New York incident..."
It's risky living in America. - What're you saying? That is America
Didn't you see how Bush whacked them?
That is right but what will be the outcome? God alone knows.
In today's world wars benefit none. Wars only create losses.
Millions were killed by the quake in Gujarat.
But no country mourned their deaths. - That's true.
But a few thousand die in America...
...and our entire country mourned for them.
America is great. They've woven a spell on everyone.
Everyone sings its' praise. - America is America!
It's a terrific country!
God! Are we here to distribute wedding cards or praise America?
"Forgive me, our car went off the track."
What does your son-in-law do?
He runs many motels there.
His father is dead. Now he himself manages the business.
He is very competent. He has done MBA!
"Good, at least your dream of an American son-in-law is fulfilled."
That is true. - Right.
When will he come to India? - He'll come much later.
His mother and her sister and her husband will come tomorrow.
Please come in... - Welcome...
"How are you? - Wine, super wine."
Don't interrupt. Let me speak today.
She has the bad habit of interrupting me.
Where was I?
How was yourjourney?
Suffering? Any problem? - No problem at all.
Tell me, how is Billu?"
He affectionately addresses Bill Clinton as Billu.
He loves him a lot. Billu!
He's a great man.
He visited our village on his trip to India.
The way he danced with the village women...
Everybody is now his fan!
Every leader must emulate him.
Hillary as well as Monica...
Have the cake and eat it too. - Stop it now. Enough.
I'm asking him to leave some topics for indoors.
Please come in.
Cook, get their bags in."
Come here, dear."
Come dear. Keep it.
This is your daughter-in-law, Jaya."
Hello. - Hello.
You won't find such a super wine girl in the district.
He means fine, good girl."
Dear, sit beside me."
You can see how pretty she is. How can I praise her?
"Stitching, knitting, painting, and booking..."
Her booking is so good that her mother pales in comparison.
You'll lick your fingers!
He means cooking.
"I imagined a bride like her for my son, Jatin."
When they're together...
they'll make a great pair.
When is our son-in-law coming to India?
"Yes, do tell us. - Next week."
His ticket has been okayed. - That's good news.
He could drink milk from our farm buffaloes if he's early.
The buffaloes would love it!
The American son-in-law drinks our milk!
What a country America is!
Great country! - But you get only powder milk
what a country America is!
We apply powder and they eat it!
He's joking. He's very jovial! - Great country.
Why are you standing here? - Why is Jatin throwing this party?
That he alone knows. I've come because I was invited.
"I've got a mail"
"Asking me to return home early"
"Pals, I've got a mail"
"Asking me to return home early"
"Under the shady banyan tree..."
"there's a girl in my village..."
"waiting for me"
"I'm off to India"
"Guys, I'm off to India"
"what says the letter?"
"It says, come over..."
"There's lots of work"
"But I've read what isn't written"
"Forget it, carry on"
"I've heard rumours..."'
"My mother has chosen a girl"
"I've heard rumours..."'
"My mother has chosen a girl"
"The girl too has accepted"
"Don't ask me what I want"
"I've been ready for long"
"Guys, I'm off to India"
"She's lining her eyes with kohl"
"Decorating her forehead"
"She's lining her eyes with kohl"
"Decorating her forehead"
"She's far away but she's stealing my heart"
"She's like Ranjha's Heer"
"Like a quiet picture"
"Neither have I set eyes on her..."
"Nor has she ever seen me"
"we're in love without meeting"
"Pals, I'm off to India"
"Traveller to my nation..."
"Do me a favour"
"Traveller to my nation..."
"Do me a favour"
"Greet everyone on our behalf"
"The song you're singing..."
"brings back memories"
"we too would like to go home"
"Not die in a foreign land"
"There's no guarantee of life... Man, you're off to India"
Hello son.
How are you? - Absolutely fine. I miss you a lot.
Now you're grown up. How long will you miss me?
I'd ordered a wedding ring for the bride.
Have you taken delivery?
I'd forgotten just that. I promise to get it today.
"Don't forget, son. - Don't worry. I'll get it."
Where is she?
"Where were you? Tell me, how do I look?"
I meant this ring not you.
You Indian girls won't change even in America. Very bad manners.
My friend...
I know you boys well. First you tease girls...
then you misbehave. You should be ashamed.
You should be ashamed. You're messing with me.
"Am I...? - Yes, because you are mad."
What did you say? You called me mad? I'll show you how mad I am!
Dropped the phone too! I got to send you to India in one piece. Come on.
What a pest!
I'm calling from JB Designs. Your dress is ready.
What's wrong with your voice?
Who is that? - You don't recognise my voice?
It's Jackie!
"Listen, be dominating right from the beginning."
Otherwise these Indian girls treat husbands like dogs.
Another thing... if you want some tips for the nuptial night...
consult me. I'll show you such tricks that. Do you get me?
I'm calling from JB Designs Your dress is ready.
Karishma, call from JB Designs."
She's a trifle busy. She asks what the matter is
Ask her whether she wants elastic or a cord in the skirt.
What do you want in the skirt? Elastic or drawstrings?
I've kept the skirt 2 inches below the navel.
If you like I can keep it another 2 inches lower.
Should I make the blouse shorter?
Please ask her to take delivery in an hour.
I'll have to switch the phone off.
Tell me why must you go to India to get married?
"Who are you? - What's wrong with your voice, Jatin?"
I... was joking.
I think our phones got mixed up. - What...?
"Is that why I'm getting your calls? - Look, I have no time to argue."
Take down my address and get the phone here.
I can't come there now. I'm going to India by the 4 o'clock flight.
Meet me at Terminal B we'll exchange the phones.
And listen...
There was a call for you from JB Designs. Your dress is ready.
"Light a lamp with a lamp"
"Light lamps all the way"
"Let the river of love flow"
"Every needy man that crosses your path..."
New watch? - No.
Then why do you keep looking at it? - I'm late.
Going to India? - Yes.
India is great.
"Only the rulers must change, they can move the world."
Do one thing. Kiss the earth once on behalf on Baba Singh.
Meaning? - The earth is mother for us.
Our culture teaches us to love the motherland.
Do you have relatives in India? - Plenty.
I was a truck driver in India.
My route was to go from Gujarat to Rajasthan through Delhi.
I have relatives from Gujarat to Delhi.
You must be going to India quite often.
"No, son. I had to leave India because of relatives."
"I don't understand. - Son, you will understand in India."
We're at the airport.
Get free... come on.
"Can't you even see? - Sorry miss, it's not his fault."
I banged into him and he with you. - I won't listen to you!
There's a limit to fooling.
Fooling? - Of course!
You told my tailor to put elastic in my skirt instead of drawstring.
Now the skirt is so heavy it won't stay on my waist!
If it wasn't time for my flight... - Your flight...?
Yes. - Going to India?
Yes! - So we're on the same flight?
"Remember, mess with me again and I'll set you right!"
God knows what he thinks of himself!
Stay away from her in the flight. Don't mess.
She's hot. Her mother must've eaten chilies before giving birth to her.
Miss Hot Chilli. - Come in time. Okay?
Be in time.
What...? No flight will take off?
"Yes, the Delhi air traffic is on indefinite strike."
This is the last flight that's been allowed to land.
Can you tell me when I can get the first train to Ahmedabad?
No possibility of that.
Last night a terrible rail accident took place in Gujarat.
Every train going to Gujarat has been cancelled.
Can you please tell me some way to get to Vijaynagar?
There's only one option. If a cabbie agrees to take you to Gujarat...
Anybody wanting to go to Gujarat?
Brother, want to go to Gujarat?"
Yes, I want to go to Vijaynagar."
Come along.
What is your name? - Veer Singh.
Do you have a relative in America? - My relatives never left Delhi.
Strange. I met a taxi driver in America. He is your replica.
Okay, what does your father do?"
My father died when I was little.
Mother says, he was a truck driver."
He'd drive from Gujarat to Rajasthan... - To Delhi?
Yes. True.
But how do you know? - From the American taxi driver.
Stop joking. Get in the car.
Is he also coming along? - But...
I can't survive such a long journey with him!
Me neither.
Just a minute.
Are you family foes? - Yes!
I'm your first passenger. Do as I say!
I'll pay double but disembark her!
Want to go to Agra?
Think it over. Your destination is the same.
"If I go to Agra, you won't find a cab to Gujarat."
They've agreed.
Forgive and forget.
Shut the door.
Where are you taking us through this wilderness?
It's a shortcut. We'll reach a couple of hours earlier.
Please stop the car.
There's a public phone. I need to make a call.
My parents must be waiting for me.
"Right, go ahead. Meanwhile I'll grab a bite."
Why are you following me?
I'm not following you. I have to call my Mom.
Do you have to call at the same time? - What...?
Strange character.
What's on the menu?
Are you imitating me?
You're copying me!
I... spoke first!
So what? You must have heard that I stammer.
I'm coming from Delhi. How would I hear?
People know me right up to Delhi!
That Guru stammers. - I'm Veer Singh.
Don't mess with me!
You too don't mess! - Why not?
I'll break your shop! You don't know me!
You don't know me! I'll fix you!
I won't spare you!
Fighting in Lamba Singh's area?
I didn't... - I'm KK Lamba Singh.
I can be seen from afar.
I knock sense into people.
But... - He...
No ifs and buts.
Lamba Singh doesn't hear a word at the crime scene.
Give your explanations in the police station.
Put them in place of the stepney.
I say... - He started the fight.
Why is the police taking away our driver?
He was fighting with my master.
How far is the police station? - Quite close. About 5 kilometers.
The driver left the keys behind. You may take it.
Can you drive?
What asses! Why didn't you say both of you stammer?
Wasted police fuel unnecessarily.
Pick them up from the motel then drop them back...
Stop laughing. Drive fast.
Sir... my car...
Thief... stop the jeep!
Theft in my area? Turn the jeep round.
Hurry up!
Chase them.
The cops are chasing us. - What?
Reduce speed! - That's what I'm trying.
"Stop the car! - Shut up, will you?"
I think the brakes have failed.
Please stop the car.
Shut up. That's what I'm trying to do.
Stop! Stop!
Stop the car! - Stop!
Stop the car somehow!
Who will pay for the damages?
The one who banged it.
Who asked me to speed up? - I asked you to speed up not bang it
Stop fighting with your spouse like cats and dogs.
We're not married! - Am I blind?
My name is KK Lamba Singh I can be seen from afar.
I've been married for 15 years. We also fight.
But... - No buts.
I also eloped to get married.
I like those who elope to get married
Hence this time I excuse you.
Drop them to the bus stand in the jeep.
This is the bus stand. You'll get a bus here.
From here? Okay.
Some tea...? - No thanks.
I'm not in the mood for tea.
Here you are.
For the tea. - What is that?
He wasn't offering us tea. He wanted money to drink tea.
"Tea means tip. - That's right, Mr Jatin."
Out here nobody helps you for free.
Does anyone need a porter?
What are you looking at? What's wrong?
Has the police confiscated your cab? From a cabbie to porter in a day?
I haven't earned a penny since morning. And you're joking?
I've never driven anything in life.
I'm Jeet Singh. Talks like a fool.
"But you resemble Veer Singh. - Maybe, but I'm Jeet Singh!"
Tell me, what did your Dad do?"
Father...? I don't really know.
But my mother used to say he was a truck driver.
He'd drive from Gujarat to Delhi via Rajasthan?
But how do you know?
Veer Singh from Delhi told me. - Cut the jokes. Where's your luggage?
I'll carry my bag myself.
You look new to these parts. Have you seen our buses?
Try putting your bags in...
The bags will leave in the bus while you'll be left behind.
"How much will you charge, brother? - Brother? You called me, brother?"
All right. One single green 100 note.
Otherwise you'd charge 500? I'll pay Rs. 20. Take it or leave it.
20 bucks? - Yes.
What's wrong?
Tell your husband he wont' get a porters picture for 20.
These days they make films on porters costing millions...
And one day they'll make Jeet Singh Rathod...
All right.
Here's 100 bucks. Happy?
Look at that.
"Mister, the crowded bus is the one you take."
What...? - Yes.
Now jump in like a soldier in a battlefield.
I'll throw the bags up. - Throw...?
I mean pass them in. Plunge into the battle field.
Push in...
open the door... please...
Are you hurt? - No but my bag...!
This isn't your America.
"If you couldn't get in the bus, you could've asked a porter."
This is funny. We lose our luggage and you fire us.
Of course. We'll be put to difficulty You just write the complaint.
There's no guarantee here.
What? - Yes. I've taken down the address.
"If you're lucky and the bag is found, we'll send it home."
Cheer up. You'll get the bag. And no big deal if it isn't.
My wedding dress was in it.
What? You too have come here to get married?
What do you mean? Have you also come to be married?
Poor girl.
It will be a lucky girl who will marry a boy like me.
The one who marries you has my sympathies.
He'll be the luckiest man on earth.
Sure. Is it a love marriage?
No. Why? - Because man is blind in love.
Then you are definitely marrying for love.
No. I have never seen her.
Mother has chosen her for me. Have you met your fiance?
No, my parents selected him."
And my belief is that my parents will choose the right man.
But I can't figure out about your marriage.
Why? - You were born in America
How can Mummy's choice be your choice?
My mother is responsible for what I am.
"After Daddy's death, Mother raised me alone."
She fulfilled every wish of mine. We share the same tastes.
That is why I trust mother's choice completely.
I agree with this.
Our thoughts match on this at least.
I think we could think alike on another topic.
On what? - Food. I'm famished. Let's eat.
Will the food be hygienic?
100% hygienic but Indian style.
Meaning? - Meaning...
rats must be running free in the kitchen.
Cockroaches must be tasting the dishes.
The people here do not like washing vegetables.
The spices are adulterated. The cook bathes just once a week.
Another thing. They never add salt to the food.
The cook's sweat makes it salty.
Drink some water.
"I can't eat this! - Don't act smart, you'll stay hungry"
You won't find a 5 star hotel up to Vijay Nagar. I was joking.
Now what's the matter? - Take a look at that.
I wonder where else the man sowed his oats.
This too looks like his offshoot.
What are you looking at? They are gypsies.
They wander around and entertain people.
"Hats off to you, Jeet Singh. - Jeet Singh...?"
"Jeet Singh, who? - You're a super actor."
Porter by day and entertainer by night.
"You are terrific, Jeet Singh. - Sir, you are mistaken."
"I'm not Jeet Singh. I'm Bhanwar Singh, the gypsy."
Sir? - Tell me...
what did your father do? - I have no idea...
"but mother would say, he was a truck driver."
He'd drive from Gujarat to Delhi via Rajasthan?
Right. But how do you know?
Jeet Singh told me. - I see.
Not again!
"Sir, we've arranged for you to spend the night."
The owner of the guest house is my friend. I've called him.
My man will take you there.
Welcome. Let me introduce you to the special articles here.
Everything has been made keeping NRI tastes in mind.
This drawing room has been made with such love and care...
If you wish to sit here and get turned on...
Everything is right here.
No thank you. Just show us to the bedroom.
I will. What's the rush?
You have the entire night. Winter nights are pretty long
Nothing like that... - Come on.
Take a look at my wardrobe.
You may wear whatever fits. We'll charge a little extra.
"In India, you're respected only if you have money."
I'll go freshen up.
Sir... anything else?
"I mean imported spray, vitamin pills..."
Look mister... - Razzak Shahjahan Puri is the name.
"Mr Razzak, don't you... - I won't disturb you."
In fact I won't disturb you till you call me to disturb you.
The girl is terrific... - Look I said...
Good bye. God be with you.
Good night.
What is it?
Let go!
"Why are you beating me? Help! - Stealing, eh?"
What's the matter? - Caught him stealing.
He's my man. Stealing from me? Clobber him!
Thief sir...
take whatever you want. I won't lose a thing.
"Inspector, you scared us! You came without being called."
Did you get a call? - I wouldn't reach so fast.
I heard a scream I was passing by.
You...? Are you a man or an atom bomb?
You create a scene everywhere you go. - He had come here to steal.
Is it your Pop's house? - Nobody touches him. I'm here.
"Come here, you blanket! Stealing in my area?"
I'll kill you in an encounter. I'll fix you in such a case...
that no lawyer will fight for you!
Sonofagun! I am a lawyer myself!
Son of a gun!
"If he's the owner, why did he enter like a thief?"
"Right, my foot! I saw the lights on in the house."
"I saw shadows, came in to check and he ambushed me!"
"We rented it. - Man, I own the house."
No one enters without my permission! Who rented it out to you?
He did.
He took advance payment. - Razzak? You did?
"She is lying, master! I live off you. How can I cheat you?"
"Sir, don't beat me. I suffer from TB and diabetes..."
"Ulcer, asthma. My liver too has some problems."
Tell you something? When Mr. Dinshaw is never around...
I rent this palace out to the needy to fulfill my needs.
Now you'll be the most needy!
Even if you beg for medicines outside the hospital...
Nobody will give you a penny!
You turned Dinshaw Palace into Dinshaw guest house!
Shameless! You wear my clothes? Idiot!
Inspector arrest him! Never release him!
Driver, why did you stop?"
The police is in front. - I'll check.
"What's the matter, inspector? - Where are you going?"
Bikaner. To celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of our parents.
Our family deity resides there. - Give them a lift.
"They want to go to Vijaynagar. - But sir, we're family..."
They're also family. They just got married.
But sir... - Their bag went in the bus.
They got left behind. Drop them at Bikaner.
They'll take a vehicle there. Please help them.
Okay. Come on.
I can be seen from afar.
What's your name? - Karishma.
And you? - Jatin.
Did you have a love marriage?
Yes. - No.
Yes. - Yes.
First you fell in love.
The family would've opposed. Finally they gave in. Right?
Yes. - Yes.
Just like us.
What? You had a love marriage 50 years ago?
This custom is going on in our country since the Mahabharat. Right?
Arjuna eloped with Subhadra.
Have you also kidnapped your Subhadra?
Grandpa, how did you get grandma?"
Silly, by singing a song."
"Coming for the night show?"
Am I right?
"Son, we weren't allowed to watch the night show."
It's almost midnight. Go to sleep and let us sleep.
I'll answer your question when we reach Bikaner in the morning.
"Okay, grandpa. - Put out the lights. Let us sleep."
"Grandpa, from here we'll manage to Vijaynagar."
How can you leave like this? You called me grandpa.
You must stay for the 50th anniversary.
But... - It's a matter of a day.
After the function we'll drop you at the Vijaynagar bypass.
"Yes, you are our guests. We can't let you leave without a meal."
Come on, come with us."
What are you thinking of? Come on in.
Let's freshen up and go to the temple. - But we have no clothes.
Don't worry about clothes. We have enough.
Live long.
Now I understand your flowing river of love.
Lost on the steps? This is a holy place.
You'll be blessed if you take the priests' blessings.
Be happy.
These are our guests. - I see.
They are newly married.
May you live forever in marital bliss. Come in.
You're looking great in borrowed feathers.
Shall I speak the truth? You too look handsome in this dress
Looking? I am handsome.
Both of you look good. - Let's go. Everyone is downstairs.
You haven't worn vermilion?
Actually we don't believe in old customs.
Old customs? This is our culture. Our identity.
If Mummy sees a married woman without vermilion...
She'll make a mountain out of a molehill.
She'll create quite a ruckus.
"You're still chatting? Come on, it's getting late."
Karishma hasn't worn vermilion.
This won't do. You'll have to adorn your hair.
I always carry it in my purse.
You don't have to feel shy.
"Jatin, apply the vermilion to her forehead, fast."
"Dearer than the dearest"
"Like the strings of a guitar"
"You are a part of me"
"Love was looking for us"
"Asking for our address"
"Love came searching for us"
"Asking for my name and address"
"I swear, we are caught..."
"Caught in handcuffs"
"Destiny came in search of me..."
"Asking for me by my name"
"Love came searching for us"
"Asking for our address"
"Stealthily it came and stole into our hearts"
"First it stole the heart"
"Then the peace of mind"
"The fire that can't be quenched by the seven seas"
"The fire that can't be quenched by the seven seas"
"I felt the life go out of me when you appeared"
"I swear by you..."
"I swear by you, I am caught"
"Locked in cuffs"
"Destiny came in search of us..."
"Like a gust of wind..."
"who stopped me in my path?"
"Let me teach you the game of love"
"It got a chance when our eyes locked..."
"It got a chance when our eyes locked..."
"what could we do when the hearts met?"
"I swear by you..."
"I swear we are caught"
They are newly married. Will they have children?
Sister, they will have kids..."
They are also lucky.
They will do better in a foreign country than here.
But... - What?
That's what the lines say...
what do they say? - Their lines depict separation.
They won't be able to live together. They will be separated.
No, this can't be true."
I'm not saying this. Their lines say it.
But is there a solution?
There must be some way... - There is.
But only if they do it.
Why not? We will make them do it. - But grandma...
For my sake, you must."
"Grandpa... - Listen, my son..."
You have accepted us as your grandparents. Then you must obey us.
What happened? Why did you stop?
Sir we're at the Vijaynagar bypass.
The Vijaynagar guests must get off here.
Vijaynagar is to the right.
It's almost morning. You'll get some transport.
We'll miss you a lot. - So will I.
Take care of Karishma.
"Grandma, we take leave. - Bless you, dear."
My dear...
okay, grandpa... bye."
It is from Indians that one must learn love.
"Here and there..."
"Here and there..."
"the fire rages in both hearts"
"Both have fallen in love"
"You and I..."
"You and I..."
"we are so far..."
"yet so close"
"How far yet so close"
"Far yet so close"
"The path of love is twisted"
"Bind me to yourself"
"The path of love is twisted"
"Bind me to yourself"
"The heart wants to hold you"
"The heart wants to hold you"
"The feeling is to lose oneself"
"To lose ourselves..."
"is what the heart desires"
"Not here, not there, you'll never find love even across the seas"
"People find God but not their beloved"
"Not here, not there, you'll never find love even across the seas"
"People find God but not their beloved"
"Not everyone in the world finds a love like this"
"Those who find it are special"
That's a rick. - What?
"Auto rickshaw, silly man. - But who is driving it?"
Nobody ever finds out who is driving. It's been going on for years.
Let's take a lift. It'll be fun. - But where's the place?
They'll make place. Come on!
We want to ride in the rick.
Can we get a lift to Vijaynagar? - We're not going there.
We're going to a fair a little ahead.
You may sit if you want to go there. It will cost 20 bucks.
"Want to go to the fair? - Yes, it will be fun."
Turn around to sit.
Carry on.
This one is an antique. You won't find it anywhere.
It will look great round your wife's neck.
"How much is it for? - Rs. 3,000."
No, credit cards don't work here."
"This? - Yes, it will do."
He gave his bracelet?
"Man, get off. We're at Vijaynagar."
How far is the city from here? - About 15 minutes if you go walking.
This road goes to Nagardas Colony and that to Patel Colony.
"If we hadn't been together..."
"possibly we wouldn't have fallen in love"
"If not today, it would happen tomorrow"
"I'd lose my heart to you"
"whatever happens, there must be something between us..."
"whatever happens, there must be something between us..."
"Not everyone falls in love"
"Destiny came in search..."
"Asking for us by our name"
"Love came looking for us"
"Asking for our whereabouts"
"So far yet so close"
Do you get it?
You Sikhs are so intelligent.
So why do people crack jokes at your expense?
I'm doing a research on that. - Sir! The son-in-law is here!
The son-in-law is here! - Indeed! Congratulations!
"Madam, the son-law has arrived. - Jatin has arrived...?"
This is how the sari is worn here in Gujarat.
"When your husband sees you, his beard's going to flap for you."
Madam... - What is it?
The son-in-law has arrived. - What...? Let's go!
The son-in-law has arrived, dear."
This way, sir."
Welcome, son-in-law! Welcome!"
What are you doing? Don't be a moron in front of the American son-in-law.
"You're messing up the words! Just say "welcome"
"out of happiness, it was only a slip of taang (leg)."
Where's your luggage? - The luggage went with the bus.
"Never mind, son. Thank God, you are here."
I couldn't go to sleep. I was so worried for you.
"You didn't have any problems during the journey, did you?"
No, Ma. Not at all."
Ramaben... why are you crying?
Your son is now here. Why do you have to cry?
"My son, this is your would-be father-in-law. Bapalal."
"Pay your respects to him. - God bless you, son."
"Meet her, your mother-in-law. Koki."
May God give you a long life.
May God bless you and Jaya together
Know what? To pray for your safe arrival...
Jaya has been fasting from the last four days.
She hasn't had a morsel of food.
"Yes, my son. You're a very fortunate boy."
Only in India do you find women who fast for their husband's long life.
No praise is enough for Jaya.
Go now and personally feed her something.
Go on. She's in her room.
Namaste. - Namaste.
I was told you haven't had anything to eat in four days.
Why must you believe in such things? You're an educated girl.
"Education makes man wiser, no doubt."
But only God can work miracles.
I believe in God.
Had I not come here in 10 days. What would you do?
I would have fasted till you arrived.
We aren't yet married. So why must you...?
Once a marriage is decided here...
girls take their fiances' for their husbands.
What is good for the husband is blessed for the wife.
Come and eat now. - All right.
There's so much more! Just listen.
He thought there was a burglar in the house.
And we thought someone had come to steal at the guest-house.
The thrashing he got...
It's like the story of a Hindi movie!
Of course! - Karishma!
"Papa, where have you been all this while?"
"Karishma, where else would the president of the Municipality be?"
Shut up, Geeta. Will you?"
We had a General Body meeting today.
"But as soon as I got to know my little boy had returned, I rushed here."
So how's the little boy? - How does he look?
Not much of a difference. He's just the same.
Really? So how about it? - Sure!
Don't fight! - There is a difference all right!
When did you buy this bracelet?
"I didn't buy it, mother. It was gifted to me by a friend."
Looks like a boy's bracelet.
"It even has the initial "J". - You start the moment she's here!"
"Have you ever been to America? - No, sir."
"Exactly! Boys there live like girls, and girls live like boys."
Do you understand now? - Really?
There are very few days for the wedding.
Get on with the arrangements. There's so much to do.
The guests will start arriving from tomorrow.
And arrange for some food first. I'm terribly hungry.
"You're hungry, aren't you? - Oh yes, Papa. Very."
Jaya! Where are you? Come on out!
Have you forgotten? - What?
When did you return from America? - Yesterday.
But I'm terribly angry with you. - What for?
You're getting married and you didn't even tell me!
"It all happened so quickly, I didn't have the time to tell anyone."
Didn't you find the time or didn't you want to invite me to the wedding?
"That's not true, Karishma. - If that's not true..."
why did you fix your wedding on the day I'm getting married?
"Anyway, forget all that. I hear you've chosen an American boy."
"Won't you introduce me to him? - Of course, I will."
But I have a condition. - Well?
Don't start eyeing him. - Forget it!
I don't eye every Tom Dick and Harry.
This is Karishma. A special friend.
And Karishma... he's the one.
Namaste. - Namaste.
She was away studying in America.
She's getting married on the same day as we are.
"A letter for you, son-in-law. - For me?"
It's from some Rahul Agarwal in Jaipur.
"Already making friends in India? - No, this one is an old friend."
"Jaya, here's the invitation card for my wedding."
"Won't you invite him? - He'll come, so will you."
So give the card to him.
Here you are.
I'll see Karishma off at the door.
"Yes, Mother? - Don't go out anywhere today, son."
We've got to go out this afternoon.
Haven't these clothes still been sent for a wash?
I'll wash them. - But Mother...
It's a busy house. We'll soon have a pile of clothes if everybody forgets.
"I can't understand. Talk in Hindi, if you can't tell me in English."
So it's Natya! Why were you talking to me in English? What is it?
Haven't you received the list of the people coming for dinner?
Give me your number. I'll ask Bapalal to give you a call. Okay?
One moment.
What's the number?
"Chef, note down this number in the diary."
I'll talk to Nattu later. - Very well.
"They'll ask me to write the number, but they won't call anyone!"
To hell with it!
"As if the chef would do all this! Will I cook, or note down numbers?"
What's this? Why have you shut the door?
What if someone saw us?
This isn't America.
"Before the marriage, the bride and the groom don't meet like this."
Yes, but it isn't that..."
what's on your mind... I know very well.
There are just a few days to go.
I'll belong only to you then.
Well... - You... are misunderstanding me.
What happened? - What are you doing?
Nothing. - Please don't do this.
What...? - Now look...
it's not right...
"it would be a sin before marriage. - No, I'll do nothing of the sort!"
Mother won't approve of it.
Don't be so hasty... there are just a few days to go.
I understand.
Looks like someone has come. - Yes.
"May I leave? - Sure, go ahead."
God! God Almighty!
God! What explosion is this in my house so early in the morning!
Jackie? You?
Why's it so dark in this house?
"It isn't dark in this house, it's dark on your eyes."
Take off your glasses.
"This is Jatin's friend, Jackie. He has come from America."
From America? The Americans are amazing!
They come and leave like the rockets.
Amazing country, America!"
God knows when I'll get to go there. But it's an amazing country!
You mustn't laugh at those who fall. You must pick them up.
Out of my way, please."
"I mean, it's a slip of tongue. I'm speaking!"
Ramesh here. - Ramesh? Go on.
How will we be able to come to the henna-applying ceremony?
We have guests at home. I'll send them over.
There's Preetam Singh too. He'll kick up quite a racket there.
"My life, my soul and my youth, my love..."
"I'd bequeath to you"
"May you live instead of me..."
"and may I die for you"
"So listen to me, my love"
"So listen to me, my love"
"without horses and elephants and an accompanying band..."
"I bring a bridal procession for you"
"That God will bless those in love..."
"I come here"
"Fetch a pinch of vermillion..."
"I'll apply it on you and make you my bride"
"So listen to me, my love"
"The world's a crowded fair..."
"but you alone and Ionely"
"I wish I could raise my hands in prayer, and seek you from God"
"Before it's too late..."
"I must rush to the temple"
"So listen to me, my love"
"My life, my soul and my youth, my love..."
"I'd bequeath to you"
"May you live instead of me..."
"and may I die for you"
"So listen to me, my love"
"So listen to me, my love"
"Ma, it's just that... - You needn't say anything."
I've seen it all for myself.
"Tell me the truth. This is Jatin's bracelet, isn't it?"
"Now look, Karishma. This isn't America, it's India."
What you are doing isn't right. You know your Papa very well.
"If he gets to know anything, he'll make life miserable for all of us."
But listen to me... - I don't want to listen to anything.
"Just get what I say very clearly, Karishma."
You must always tread a path that takes you to your goal.
"And your goal is Nimesh, not Jatin."
It's in your welfare and ours...
that you forget your love forever.
"Well, Jatin? Will you live in America and play the Indian jilted lover?"
You had better cry for a day than weep all your life.
I'm with you. Just rise in revolt!
Turn the valiant lover and shake the portals of Rameshbhai's house!
Provided my lady-Iove agrees. - She will agree. And sing too.
"Why be scared, if you're in love...?"
"Son-in-law, what's happening here quietly, behind closed doors?"
We've been drinking... a soft drink.
An American soft-drink. Will you have some?
"If someone offered me poison from America, I'd drink it with a smile!"
And this is only a sop-drink!
"Give it to me! - Not sop-drink, it's soft-drink."
"It's to be drunk, not bathed in. - Same difference."
Give it to me. - That's mine. I'll give you another.
"He's like our father. - No, not that father..."
the name is Bapalal Patel!
Your English is getting to be like mine.
It's frothy.
Hail America!
Hail Bush!
Hail Bill!
Hail Monica!
"I've been looking for you and you're sitting here, chatting him up?"
Sweet-hut! I haven't been chatting him up!
I'm drinking a soft-drink.
An American soft-drink!
An American soft-drink? - It's amazing!
"Come on... try some, it's fun."
Give me some!
Here you are.
"Drink it up! It's slightly bitter, but you must have it."
"It's different, isn't it? - Different in the beginning..."
but it's fun later. Go ahead and drink it!
Wasn't it fun...?
It's over.
Is there more? - Oh yes
It's great.
Is there more? - Give Koki some more!
It's great.
One more.
Here you are. - Frothy stuff!
This American soft-drink is unbeatable!
D'you have anymore? - No. It's finished.
So what do you think...? - Fantastic!
The huge kick... gets to you slowly.
Not in front of the kids.
Let's go.
"Excuse me, kids. Good night."
That's mine.
Amazing soft-drink! Why don't we get it in India?
This is a miracle!
I've made khandvi for breakfast. Everybody will like it.
You should've ordered some pizzas. - Sir! Guruji is here!
"Guruji! Go and bring everyone out, I'll bring Guruji in."
Move... don't stand there like an idiot.
Bless you.
This is the family's Guru.
"And this is daughter's mother-in-law, Ramaben."
"This is her sister, Rajni. - Greetings."
"That's her husband, Preetam Singh. She had a love marriage in America."
He's a Punjabi guy. But he's become a true Gujarati now.
Greetings. - Greetings.
"Do you know Gujarati? - I manage to speak a bit, priest!"
The son-in-law...?
"Where are you going, son-in-law? Come down, son."
"Guruji, that's our future son-in-law."
Come down here... and take his blessings.
Oh yes. I'm coming.
"Watch it, Guruji. - You..."
"Before you bless me, I must have a word with you in privacy."
"Guruji, my son-in-law wants a cigarette from you."
You're the limit! A cigarette is supposed to be smoked!
He means the boy wants to talk to you in private.
I want to have a word with you. - Please go with him.
Please come. Come along.
What say? What could he want to say to the priest in privacy?
"Guruji, what we went through and what you saw was beyond our control."
I have nothing to do with that girl.
What? Was all that a farce? - Yes.
We did it because didn't want to break the old folks' hearts.
Please forget all that. - How can I forget it?
How can I lie to this family? - You'll have to lie!
Or I'll tell everyone the truth about you.
The truth about me? What do you mean?
"Simple, Guruji. Tell me what your father did for a living."
You're talking about Baba Jyoti Shankar Dayal?
He was a very well-read man. - False. He's a car-driver.
And his name is Baba Singh. He used to drive a truck earlier...
and drive through Rajasthan to reach Delhi.
"En route, he seduced many women and sired children like you."
He's now a taxi-driver in New York.
"Let me tell you, if you don't know. One of your brothers..."
is a taxi-driver at Delhi airport. Another's a coolie in Rajasthan.
Yet another is a gypsy and you're the fourth.
I don't know how many more... - Enough!
Please don't let anyone know about my father's misdeeds.
Those who fall at my feet will beat me with slippers.
You and I will both keep quiet. Okay?
Shall we go now? - Oh yes. Let's go.
"Wow! This is excellent! - What happened, Guruji?"
There can't be a better match!
Not even the sun and the moon...
"nobody can prevent your daughter's marriage, I say!"
Make arrangements for the wedding.
What a son-in-law you've found! He's so resourceful!
Get the sweets! Hurry!
Wait till I open the door. Be patient.
Is this Karishma Patel's house? - Yes. What is it?
We've from the state transport. She had left her luggage in the bus.
We brought it on her complaint. - You've found it?
Here it is. Take a look.
Please sign this.
"Uncle Dhansukh, please take sister's luggage to her room."
What's this? Someone has opened the lock on the bag.
He must even have taken out something from the bag.
Let me check what stuff he has taken for his fiance.
"I have a crazy heart..."
"you have a crazy heart too"
"In our craziness lies the fun of being crazy"
"You're the one my heart knows. I'm the one your heart knows"
"Those who love from the depths of their hearts, are often called crazy"
"I'm crazy about you"
"You're crazy about me"
"You're crazy about me"
"I'm crazy about you"
"when I dream about you, when you come alive in my eyes..."
"I pray that my dreams may never be shattered"
"what need do you have for dreams anymore, my love?"
"Your dreams are now reality"
"You share a strange relationship with my heart-beat..."
"every time you remember me, my heart starts pounding"
"If I'm the heart, you are my heart-beat..."
"my heart tells me, when you suffer a blow..."
"I'm the one it hurts"
"I'm crazy about you"
"You're crazy about me"
"You're crazy about me"
"And I'm crazy about you"
"I have a crazy heart..."
"you have a crazy heart too"
"In our craziness lies the fun of being crazy"
"You're the one my heart knows. I'm the one your heart knows"
"Those who love from the depths of their hearts, are often called crazy"
"You're crazy about me"
"I'm crazy about you"
"I'm crazy about you"
"You're crazy about me"
I gave you such a lecture last night. Has it had no effect at all?
Do you want your parents to drink poison out of shame?
"Dhanji, have this luggage sent to Bapu Patel's house."
The journey of your love and the lipstick marks on this photograph...
amply proves that passions run high on both sides.
So what am I to do?
What's up, son?"
Whose love makes you dance like this?
"It's nothing, Mother. You know how Jackie is, don't you?"
"My son, I know Jackie very well. And I know you well, too."
Things have reached this stage... and you hid it from your mother?
"What thing, mother? What have I hidden from you?"
Take a look.
I'm glad I found these pictures in your room yesterday.
Or else...? - It isn't what you think...
"No matter how smart a kid is, he can never keep the truth from his mother."
Now tell me the truth. For my sake.
It has to do with your life, my son."
"If you wish, I can talk to Bapu Patel even at this stage."
I don't consider any commitment to be more important than your happiness.
"No, mother. Nothing is greater for me than my mother's commitment."
And it is your mother who's asking you to break the commitment.
"You don't get carried away and make such decisions about life, my son."
Think it over. There are still some days to go for the wedding.
Karishma! Come out!
Jatin...? Here?
Karishma, it's just that..."
I'm madly in love with you.
I know you're in love with me too.
What madness is this?
It isn't any madness. It's the truth.
Karishma and I love each other. Ask Karishma.
Tell him the truth, Karishma."
Tell him that you're not happy with this marriage.
"Why don't you speak, Karishma? Speak up!"
"Karishma's silence is her answer to you, Jatin."
"Before I do something reckless, go away from here!"
"And don't even think of
"If you remain silent today, Karishma, you'll regret it all your life."
Tell him, Karishma"
why are you silent?
I'll let you go today for Bapu Patel's sake.
"But if I see you in my house again, I'll kill you!"
What is the matter, Jatin?"
Looks like you've been dreaming about Karishma.
Yes. - If you only keep dreaming...
Karishma's even going to get married someday.
Your dream of having her will only remain a pipe dream.
So listen to me. And do as I say.
Uncle, is Karishma there?"
Who's this?
"This is Jaya here. - Jaya? How are you, my child?"
"I'm fine, uncle. Please give the phone to Karishma, uncle."
"Sure, hold on. I'll get her to talk to you."
"Karishma, dear. - Yes, Papa?"
Jaya has called for you. Take the phone.
"Karishma, this is Jatin here. - Jatin? Why have you called here?"
"I want to meet you, Karishma. I have something very important to discuss."
Why don't you understand, Jatin?"
"Four days before the wedding, girls in our family don't step out of the house."
"You can make the excuse of going to a temple, can't you?"
I'll wait for you at Shiva's temple at 6 this evening.
"If you don't turn up, I'll come straight to your place."
What is it, Jatin?"
I'm in love with you, Karishma."
Why are you quiet? Answer me.
Don't you love me?
If you're not in love with me...
why did you break all traditions to come and meet me?
You kept looking at me from the balcony on the day of the ceremony...
wasn't that love too? And this...?
Isn't this proof enough of your love?
"Yes, I love you! You're the I love, Jatin."
So get married to me.
"You know it, Jatin. If I say yes to you..."
it'll kill my father.
The future of my sisters...
and the honour of the family will be rendered to dust.
"I don't want that to happen, Jatin. I don't want that."
"You're the one who's got to lead your life, Karishma."
How will you live with someone you don't love? Think it over.
The storm you're afraid of... will die on its own.
"Or else, we'll be separated forever."
"Jatin, we meet so many people in ourjourney through life."
Not everyone has the same destination.
Maybe God has set different destinations for the two of us.
"Listen to me, Karishma! For the sake of our love!"
If only we could kill our love!
Forget me, Jatin. Forget me."
"Love gives us laughter..."
"Love gives us tears"
"Love makes us"
"Love breaks us"
"And yet, every man has a fascination for love"
"is beautiful"
"Seen through the heart..."
"it's devastating"
"Love gives us pain. Love gives us wounds..."
"Love gives us a yearning"
"why then is the world mad about love...?"
"Love gives us laughter..."
"Love gives us tears"
"Love makes us"
"Love breaks us"
"And yet, every man has a fascination for love"
"without you, my love..."
"there's a void in the world"
"My heart's in agony, I pine for you..."
"where am I to go?"
"I walk a few steps and pause..."
"I wonder where you are"
"Heed my cries... come to me"
"Hold me in an embrace... wherever you are"
"Love gives us laughter..."
"Love gives us tears"
"Love makes us"
"Love breaks us"
"And yet, every man has a fascination for love"
He has to appear for his exams. - I see.
I'm sorry to be late.
Please start eating.
"Karishma isn't here. Where's she? - Sister isn't hungry, Papa."
Why not?
The very idea of leaving their parents' house...
kills the girls' hunger.
Please start, Deepakbhai."
Papa? You?
"You've grown up, and you're still at the "l-won't-eat" stubbornness?"
I'm not hungry, Papa."
I'll feed my daughter with my hands. She's bound to feel hungry.
"Remember? As a child, you used to run all over the place..."
and I used to chase you with the plate in my hand.
When I used to pretend to be exhausted...
you would relent and eat it up. It used to make me very happy.
"My child, I come looking for the same happiness even today."
Eat as much as you want to.
"I'll eat on my own, Papa. - No, my child."
I don't know if I will ever have the opportunity to pamper you again.
What happened, Papa?"
You were a baby then... about 10 or 11 months old.
You had just about four teeth.
"When I fed you a biscuit, you used to bite my finger..."
and laugh so much.
You had a different way of even asking for chocolates.
"You said,"Papa, eating chocolates spoils the teeth, isn't it?"
"Mine will get spoilt, too. I don't want any chocolates."
No chocolates from today. That was it...
I'd fall for your trick and immediately get chocolates for you.
You have fulfilled every whim of mine.
"From the smallest of things, you gave me whatever I chose."
So what made you think that I'd force you to marry against your wishes?
"Yes, my dear. I know you're in love with Jatin."
So why are you marrying Nimesh then?
"Because my Papa, who fulfills my every whim, wants that to happen."
And I can't refuse him.
But it's your Papa who's giving you the freedom to marry Jatin.
"No, Papa. It's like the arrow that will wreak havoc, if called back."
You have brought me up like a son.
People ask for sons so that their lineage will live.
So that their pride and honour is always maintained.
Why must I take a step that will render your respect to dust?
And give you a bad name?
No, Papa. I do love Jatin."
But my parents, my sisters..."
I love equally too. I've fallen in love...
but what wrong have my sisters done?
"What wrong has my friend Jaya done? What right have I, Papa..."
of shattering their dreams?
"Everyone is born with his destiny, my child."
Why are you worried about others? - Because I don't want people...
to poke fun at you.
"They'll say,"The president couldn't handle his own daughter"
You command so much of respect in society.
"Your decisions are revered by everyone, Papa."
"What is it with people, my dear? They will become quiet..."
after they've poked some fun. But you will at least have your love.
"For the sake of my love, I can't give your love a stigma, Papa."
I can't bear to see your pride being squandered.
"But, my child, to save my pride..."
I can't bear to see my darling daughter in sorrow.
"This is our culture, Papa. We'll sacrifice our lives..."
but never compromise our honour. I'll marry only Nimesh.
I'll marry only Nimesh.
"They've arrived! Koki, come out quickly!"
It has arrived! - What has arrived?
The funeral has arrived! - God! Whose funeral is it?
It's the son-in-law! Can't you hear the band?
God! We've met on earth. Please don't meet me in hell.
Why not? - It isn't a funeral.
It's called a procession! - Same difference...
"you get it, don't you? So hurry up and get cracking!"
Hurry up guys! Dinner will start as soon as the ritual is over!
Hurry up!
Put that in the couple's hands.
Fantastic! There are two weddings here!
Here's Bapalal's daughter's wedding.
And that's Rameshbhai's daughter's wedding! Jatin's getting married here.
And Karishma's getting married there. Two weddings! This is fun!
Now begins the next of our rituals.
What happened?
Someone put out the fire!
Someone put out the fire! Karishma's in there!
Papa! Help!
Help, Papa! Help!"
Someone save Karishma!
Karishma's caught in the fire! Someone save her...
call the fire-brigade, someone!"
Save Karishma someone!
Get up, Karishma! Get up!"
Get up! C'mon!
My child! Open your eyes!
"Open your eyes, Karishma! Open your eyes..."
Nothing can happen to you! Nothing!
I won't let anything happen to you! Nothing will happen to you!
"Wake up, Karishma... I can't live without you!"
Open your eyes! Karishma!
I love you very much...
I can't live without you.
I can't live without you.
What's all this?
"What's happening here? - This is natural justice, Nimesh."
No matter how hard man tries...
no one can separate those whom God wishes to unite.
What do you mean? She's my fiance!
She was your fiance. Till such time...
that you left her in a burning altar to save your life.
I'm glad God opened my eyes before you could take the vows.
"What rubbish is this, Rameshbhai? Are you in your right senses?"
My heart always ignored. I used only my senses.
I was strangling my daughter's love to adhere to traditions.
A companion for life is one who stands by her in joy and sorrow.
"And who stood by whom, you saw... so did everybody else here."
What rubbish are you talking...? Jatin's going to be my son-in-law.
He'll marry only my daughter.
No, Papa."
This marriage can't take place anymore.
"What are you saying, Jaya? - Yes, Mother."
"A marriage isn't just about taking the vows, mother."
Marriage is a union of hearts.
Till such time as both come to love and worship each other...
there's no meaning to the marriage.
Jatin and Karishma love and worship each other already.
There's no place for me in his heart.
Didn't you always tell me, Papa?"
Never go to the place you don't belong.
Am I right?
As they say...
These relationships are decided in heaven.
"My word! You've done the right thing, my child."
This craze of America had driven me mad actually.
But you've opened my eyes today.
"Rameshbhai, Jatin and Karishma will be married in our house."
What? - Oh yes.
Play the band, guys!"
"Here and there..."
"on both sides is the fire of passion and desire"
"You and I..."
"You and I are so far..."
"and yet so close"
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Kate And Leopold
Kate and Leopold (2001)
Kavkazskaya plennitsa - Kidnapping Caucasian Style (Leonid Gaidai 1966)
Kaze No Katami - The Wind Carpet (Kamal Tabrizi 2003)
Kdo chce zabit Jessii
Keeping The Faith
Keeping Up Appearances 01 - My Name Is Bouqet
Keeping Up Appearances 02 - Welcoming The Dishy Vicar
Keeping Up Appearances 03 - Visiting Acquaintanance Stately
Keeping Up Appearances 05 - Daisy And Her Toy Boy
Keeping Up Appearances 06 - How To Manage Christening
Keeping Up Appearances 11 - Googley-Eyed Registrar
Keeping Up Appearances 12 - Coctails With Greek Millionaire
Keeping Up Appearances 13 - Unfortunate Prospect
Keeping Up Appearances 14 - Playthings For Daddy
Keeping Up Appearances 15 - Three Piece Suite
Keeping Up Appearances 16 - Picnic For Daddy
Keeping Up Appearances 17 - Very Merry Hyacinth
Keeping Up Appearances 18 - Sea Fever
Keeping Up Appearances 19 - Angel Gabriel Blue
Keeping Up Appearances 20 - Historical Pageant
Kees de jongen CD1
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Keetie Tippel
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Kellys Heroes (1970)
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Kiki delivery service
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King In New York A 1957
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Kiss Me Stupid - Billy Wilder 1964
Kiss Of Death
Kiss of the Dragon
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Kitchen Stories
Kites Over Helsinki
Kitne Door Kitne Paas (1999)
Kjrlighetens Kjtere
Klumps The
Klute 1971
Knafaim Shvurot
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Knockin On Heavens Door
Koi mil Gaya (2003 Hindi)
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Kukushka 2002
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