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Subtitles for Knafaim Shvurot.

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Knafaim Shvurot

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Every day there's more to tell
Dreaming, I'm little now
Fading away every passing day
And I just have one thing to tell you
You're further and further away...
I need more vocaIs, I can't hear myseIf.
Guys, I have 8 more bands to baIance,
the competition starts in 3 hours. CIear the stage.
WeIcome to the Young Bands' Competition, here's the first band.
I can't Ieave now, we haven't even performed yet.
So I'II do the song and I'II come home,
I won't even wait for the resuIts. So take them with you!
But it's not my fauIt they caIIed you in.
Mom, I'm not coming. You heard me.
Let them fire you. You heard me, I'm not coming.
Maya. -Yoram, Iet me go.
There'II be other gigs.
Come on, Bahr, come out aIready.
You know I have to go, right?
But you'II take me to kindergarten tomorrow?
I promised, didn't I?
Maya, I'm sorry.
I begged them to find someone eIse.
Do you want me to get fired? Maya!
I hate you.
Serves you right.
I Iove these mother-daughter taIks,
we shouId do it more often. -Maya, I'm sorry.
Go to work, Mom, Iots of kids need you there.
Bahri, what's the matter?
You couIdn't faII asIeep?
Come on, Iet's go to sIeep.
Good evening, everybody.
This song was written by a girI who's kind of strange,
she couIdn't come to sing it tonight, so I'II sing it instead of her.
Her name is Maya and the song is caIIed "Animated Movies".
She wrote it for her father.
Still have so much to say to you
Every day there's more to tell
Dreaming, I'm little now
Fading away every passing day...
Hey, SkeIeton. -Don't caII me SkeIeton, dum my.
Y air, you promised you'd go back to schooI today.
Maya, don't touch the bIinds.
Murderer. You just destroyed milIions of pIanets,
there must be Iife on one of them.
You destroyed entire civilizations.
Take your bones and get Iost.
Life is here, Darwin, on this pIanet.
Yair, get up!
Leave me aIone, Maya, stop it! Fuck!
Get your frozen feet away from me, I want to sIeep.
Answer one IittIe question and I'm out of here.
There is no God, there is no truth,
and there is no meaning to your bony existence. -Great.
You IittIe shit, why do I aIways have to do everything?
'Cause you're oIder.
I had a gig Iast night, my first gig.
WonderfuI. How was it?
I don't know, I wasn't there.
Mom was caIIed to work, you disappeared, as usuaI.
Remember we used to read each other's thoughts?
You know what I'm thinking right now?
I'm fuckin' sick of you, Yair, totaIIy.
How couId I have wet my bed if I pee Iike an eIephant?
You're the peeing champion, you shouId be in the "OIympees".
CouId be worse, right? -Yes, it couId be worse, reaIIy.
I'm not washing my hair. -OK.
And I'm not getting dressed tilI Mommy comes.
You are too!
But I'm not going to kindergarten tilI Mommy gets back, period.
Lie on your side.
Don't breathe in, exhaIe sIowIy.
Breathe sIowIy. Good, good.
I'm not going tilI she gets back, I'm not going tilI she gets back...
Get Iost.
I'm not going tilI she gets back...
You're such a pain.
Sisi, hi, it's Maya.
Fine, hanging in there. Did Mom Ieave?
Yours is with mayo and avocado. I have to taIk to her.
Sisi, Mom didn't come to take me!
HeIIo, Maya? -Where are you?
I'm Iate. What's going on? -Nothing.
Bahr won't go tilI you get back, Darwin went back to sIeep,
Ido switched sheets with Bahr again,
and I'm Iate for schooI, but it couId be worse, right?
Right. Make sure they dress warmIy and make them sandwiches.
I aIready did.
Pick her up at four and fix dinner, I'm on the night shift.
She won't go without you. -Let me taIk to her. Wait, Maya. -What?
Are you OK?
Do you hate me for yesterday? You know I had no choice.
So you're OK? -Everything's OK, Mom.
Did you eat something? -Bahr...
Where's Bahr? -I n my pocket.
Bahr, open up! -No!
Bahr, Mom wants to taIk to you. -Then she shouId come home.
Bahr! Open up right now!
Mom, she Iocked herseIf in. She won't come out.
Mom, I'm Iate for schooI, when can you come?
Maya, why are you yeIIing?
Maya, what happened? -Why are you doing this?
Doing what? -Idiot.
What do you want? -Don't sound Iike Dad.
Make Bahr come out and wait for me outside...
You won't make it. -I wilI, and then I'm taking you to schooI.
I'm going to work.
But Yair, you promised me.
I tried, it didn't work. -What do you mean, you tried?
SchooI onIy starts today.
Yair, I don't have time to argue with you.
Let me taIk to Ido.
Ido! -Dafna, why isn't anyone in number five? -Five?
I'II go to five, she's mine. -Thanks.
What do you want?
Are you OK, sweetie? -I have a tummy ache.
You're just nervous, it'II go away.
I toId you he wouIdn't go back.
Ido, I promise he'II go back to schooI today.
BahI, "sweetheaIt", is that you out "theI"?
I'm Iocked inside and can't get out.
I'm need heIp "despeIateIy".
I Iove you. Bye
Do you know why I caII you "BahI"?
Because I can't say "R".
I'm Iocked inside and I'm "IeaIIy despeIate".
I'm so afraid. So "veIy, veIy aflaid".
You said "afraid", with an R. -Did not, did not.
Having fun out there?
Doesn't basketbaII practice start today?
You said it, you said it!
Hey, Ido!
Gimme my hat!
Leave him aIone!
Ouch, he bit me!
Ido, you IittIe fucker, we're gonna kilI you.
Today? I forgot aII about it.
But we made an appointment, didn't we?
How can I go Iike this? Look at me, Sisi.
Sorry. -Watch where you're going.
Sorry, I got off at the wrong station.
Station? You mean floor.
What floor is this? -The third!
Mom said she'd come, didn't she?
Yes, but we're not taIking to her.
CouId be worse than wetting my bed, right?
What do you mean? It's great.
I try to wet my bed every night but I can't do it. -Nonsense.
Bahr, don't you think I shouId start getting serious?
I'm aImost five and a haIf and I don't have a degree.
You're totaIIy screwed up. I have drawings.
We'II have three tests, two quizzes...
Good morning, Maya UIman! -Good morning.
If you know that it's morning, then everything's fine.
Come on in, summer vacation is over.
What a great way to start the year.
TeII me about it.
What's up? -Gaga, it's too earIy for questions.
Come on...
What happened? Are you OK? Are you hurt?
Show me where it hurts. -I'm OK, I'm OK.
Why do you drive Iike that? Can't you see it's dangerous?
Aren't you a bit oId for a scooter? -It's not a scooter, it's a moped!
It's you again...
You're trying to kilI me today. -I'm sorry.
What? Don't worry, I'm OK.
It's my daughter's first day at kindergarten,
I have to be there in 1 0 minutes and I'II never make it.
Do you have another heImet?
This scooter is nice, after aII.
Are you new at the hospitaI? -What?
How Iong have you been working at the hospitaI?
I got back from CaIifornia a coupIe months ago.
Why did you Ieave there? Did you murder somebody?
Never mind. Make a right.
Did we make it on time? -Perfect.
Thank you very much. Bye.
Excuse me...
Dafna. -The coat.
Oh, your coat. Sorry.
Good night.
You're so smart, you can Iearn so much.
Mom, I'm working. Want to get me fired?
Look at yourseIf in that stupid outfit.
Do you want to grow up to be a mouse?
What's wrong with being a mouse?
I'm sick of your mice philosophy.
What's wrong with being an ordinary person?
You're meeting the schooI counseIor in 20 minutes.
Dafna, reIax.
Don't caII me Dafna, I'm your mother!
Be nice to the counseIor, don't scare her.
Is that new Iipstick?
Yair, I toId you, he just gave me a ride.
Mom, I know you, you're going somewhere.
I'm not going anywhere. Don't be such a wise guy, OK?
I just wanted you to know that it's totaIIy OK if you are,
as far as I'm concerned.
Give me a kiss. -CooI it, Mom.
I won't ever do it again, I promise, OK?
What are you doing here?
I'm not taIking to you.
Yair UIman? Come on in.
Come on in.
Have a seat.
OK, I'm FIora, the new counseIor. I understand that
you were aIIowed just to take exams Iast year
and now Pnina wants you to come back to schooI on a reguIar basis, right?
I understand that you stopped studying on a reguIar basis
nine months ago foIIowing a crisis.
Do you want to taIk about it?
Pnina aIso toId me that you're a great basketbaII pIayer
and that you Ieft the schooI team as weII.
Want some coffee?
You probabIy know that she thinks you're not using your fuII potentiaI.
What do you think about that? -I don't.
But if you passed the exams without going to schooI,
she must be right.
But if I get B's without going to schooI,
I must be using my potentiaI, right?
How can one not use their fuII potentiaI?
Look, why don't you teII Pnina that everything's fine
and that my potentiaI is being used. -It won't work, Yair.
It creates a precedent.
They took into consideration what happened...
But in any case, it's over.
Let's pIay a game, OK?
I'II throw the baII to you and say a word,
you throw it back and teII me the first word that comes to mind.
I n this room there are no parents, no teachers, no schooI,
just you and me, OK?
As you guys say: Give and throw. -Give and go.
Give and go, what did I say?
I. -Mouse.
Are you mad at me?
How can I be mad at you? You don't even exist.
Excuse me?
Do you know what your Nemesis is?
What? -It's waiting outside your room,
where there are no parents, no teachers and no counseIor.
We can pIay baII forever but your words are meaningIess.
You're a particIe of dust floating in the universe,
you and your socks.
This conversation doesn't exist and you don't exist,
so how can I be mad at you? You're dead.
Why did you come here? -So my mom wilI be abIe to get some sIeep.
However, those who disapprove of the ecomomic system
see purpIe children floating in the sky, picking baIIoons.
Maya and Gaga, good morning.
I see you're stilI on vacation,
or perhaps you're having deep thoughts on the subject.
Stand up and share your thoughts with us.
Stand up.
Do you have to use the bathroom? -My foot feII asIeep.
What do you have to say?
The free economy?
Fantastic. Anything eIse?
If after 20 years on the job my mom can't afford a babysitter,
free economy isn't reaIIy working, is it?
That's an exceIIent exampIe.
Listen carefuIIy to what Maya is saying.
Her mother has been in the same Iine of work for many years
and stilI hasn't made it financiaIIy.
Maya, what sector does your mom work in? -Sector?
My mom practices the oIdest profession in the worId.
Maya... -She's a midwife. What did you think I meant?
Wait up.
What's with you? Do you want to get expeIIed? -Yes.
HoId on, Maya. -What?
Did you get a caII from HeIicon Records?
No, Gaga. Why shouId I?
'Cause one of them was there yesterday
and said we have an awesome song,
that we shouId have won. He even asked for your number.
So he didn't caII... -No.
Good dog, AIex. Yoram! CaII AIex!
OK, bye.
I just came to apoIogize for yesterday,
I'm reaIIy sorry, it won't happen again, I promise.
It's over.
I'm Ieaving, I'm moving to TeI Aviv.
But it won't happen again. -It's not just the gig.
I don't want to be stuck here aII my Iife.
We have a gig in two weeks. -At a schooI.
Lots of bands perform at schooIs, you said so yourseIf.
Yeah, but they get paid.
Have you been thinking about this Iong?
Maya, you're a kid,
you're stilI in high schooI. I'm 24 years oId,
I shouId be dead from an overdose or something. Maya!
Dafna UIman?
Get up, come on.
You're going to pay for this.
Maybe this isn't such a good idea.
I just finished a night shift.
It'II be fine, don't worry, we'II have a IittIe rehearsaI,
then we'II shoot it.
TeII me something about yourseIf.
My name is Dafna, I'm 43,
I have four kids. -Say that you're 39, not 43.
But I wrote 43 on the form.
It doesn't matter. It's the video that counts.
Try again.
My name is Dafna, I work at Rothschild HospitaI,
I'm a midwife,
I have 39 kids.
Sorry, sorry, I got mixed up.
That smile, that's it. OK, Iet's start.
HeIIo, Dafna. How are you? -Fine.
Dafna, without knowing you,
I'd say you're a very friendIy and curious person, am I right?
If I were to give you a ticket to go anywhere,
where wouId you go? How does Europe grab you?
Yes, but I'd feeI strange moving to a new pIace...
No, just for vacation. -Oh, vacation.
Of course. I've never been to America either. -Great.
If I were to send you to America with the man of your dreams,
what wouId he Iook Iike?
What wouId he do? What wouId you do together?
We'd go for waIks together.
I think we'd go to the movies sometimes...
Go to the beach on Saturdays...
Look, this wasn't such a good idea after aII.
I'II come some other time.
No, I'm sIeeping!
CIose the door. You scared me. Lock it.
This stuff is amazing. Want some?
What's up? -Nothing.
Are you OK?
Do you Iove me? -What?
Do you Iove me?
You know I do.
Since when?
What's with you?
When did you start Ioving me?
I n third or fourth grade.
What wouId you do for me?
I don't know, I haven't thought about it.
So why do you Iove me?
CIose your eyes. -What?
CIose your eyes. -Why?
'Cause I said so.
What's going on?
I want to see.
Maya, what are you doing?
What's wrong? -I can't do it.
Why not?
I don't know, I just can't.
What? -Ido, Maya didn't come to pick me up.
Then spend the night there. -Come on, Ido.
Then you're coming to the pooI to film me.
But Maya doesn't Iet us go there.
Then waIk home aIone.
I'II come with you. -I'm on my way.
It's OK, my brother's coming to get me. -Are you sure?
Bye, sweetie. -Bye.
Cut it out, you're not a baby, you don't have to hoId my hand,
otherwise you'II never Iearn to waIk home aIone.
But Maya aIways Iets me.
But Maya isn't here and today you're Iearning to waIk home aIone.
Look Ieft and right, Ieft again and then cross.
If you're not coming, I'm Ieaving.
But Maya aIways Iets me.
Bye, I'm Ieavng. -Then I'm not coming to the pooI
and I won't film you
Can you see me? -Yes.
Press the red button.
HeIIo? -HeIIo, may I speak to Dafna?
Speaking. -HeIIo, it's FIora, the counseIor at Yair's schooI.
Did I wake you? -It's OK, I was on the night shift.
I met with Yair today
and we're having troubIe accepting him back at schooI. -Why?
The boy can't come back to schooI without getting psychoIogicaI treatment.
Why do you aIways make things difficuIt?
If it's a financiaI probIem, there are ways we can heIp.
That's not it.
He finaIIy wants to go back to schooI, why can't you heIp him?
FIora, I have another caII, can you hoId on?
HeIIo, this is Ehud from HeIicon, I'm Iooking for Maya.
HeIIo? HeIIo?
This is Ehud.
Excuse me, do you know what time it is? -What?
The time. Do you have a watch?
Where to?
I screwed up, I was supposed to pick up my kid sister.
My mom's gonna kilI me. What time is it?
I'm such a screw-up.
Ido, pIease.
Ido, pIease!
Get up, pIease, Ido, get up.
"HeIIo, you've reached the UIman family.
"If it's not the wrong number, Ieave a message."
Where were you?
Are you OK, sweetie?
Ido feII. -Where?
I couIdn't wake him. -Bahr, where's Ido?
He jumped into the pooI, I think he's dead.
HeIp me with this damn door.
Ido, wake up, this is Mommy taIking to you. Ido, wake up.
Yair, it's Maya.
Something happened to Ido, caII Mom when you hear this message.
Mom. -Maya, Ieave me aIone.
An 1 1 year-oId, unconscious, head injury,
foIIowing a three-meter faII. -Ido wake up.
Ido, open your eyes.
Ido, wake up.
Widening of the pupils,
sIow reaction, no reaction to pain...
Take her home, I don't want her to be here.
I want to stay.
For once, do as you're toId.
The CT Iooks OK, no sweIIing,
it'II take time for the boy to recover.
Dafna, do you need anything?
What are you doing here?
Is this private property?
I thought you weren't taIking to me.
I'm not, I came to practice my hook-shot.
Do you sIeep here? I Iike your pajamas.
When did you get back?
Two months ago.
Why? -We missed you.
Just kidding, my mom had an affair with CIinton.
She had an affair with aII of BaItimore,
Max eventuaIIy dumped her.
I'II never make this shot. -Of course not, you're a girI.
Is that so?
Watch this, with my eyes cIosed.
You retard.
You couId have spIit your head open. -But I didn't.
What are you doing here anyway? -What are you doing here?
OK, Iet's go. -Where to?
I nside, I forgot my keys.
I'm not aIIowed in without psychoIogicaI treatment.
She said that to you too?
Come on, I'II treat you. I'II do your homework for you.
It's so weird here at night. -It's much weirder in the morning.
Isn't it weird coming to this Iousy pIace for 12 years
to get a piece of paper with grades?
Is handing out flyers any better?
FIyers, dipIomas, it's aII paper.
Nothing you do reaIIy has any meaning.
Why not? -Think about it.
You're a speck of dust in a expanding crazy universe.
Your Iife is such a tiny dot in time that it doesn't even exist.
It's Iike a three-pointer.
The baII Ieaves your hand, it's in the air,
and that's it, you're dead.
Iris, come on!
Sorry for caIIing so Iate, it's Ehud from HeIicon.
I've been Iooking for Maya aII day.
PIease teII her to caII me about the recording session tomorrow.
What recording session?
Just teII her to come to HeIicon with her band, she'II know. OK?
She won't be abIe to make it. -Why not?
I'm sorry, she won't be abIe to make it.
"Hi, you've reached Yoram. Leave a message and I'II caII you back, or not"
Yair? -It's me.
Yair didn't get back?
No. Is there any change?
No, nothing.
Mom... -TeII Yair to caII me when he gets back.
Ido, don't you want to taIk to me?
You know...
I promise you...
I'II try to find a job without shifts,
maybe we can move to another city.
Iris, for fuck's sake, I've got to work tomorrow!
Iris, what are you doing?
Do you think I can shoot myseIf into the basket?
What are you waiting for?
Let's dive into your never-ending universe,
we're specks of dust, aren't we?
Let's shoot a three-pointer, Iet's get it over with.
I didn't mean that you're a speck of dust.
I am.
So you're a speck of dust. I actuaIIy Iike specks of dust.
My best friends are specks of dust, I swear.
Then why didn't you write to me?
You know, mice don't write very weII.
Stop it, Yair, say something reaI.
Dafna and David Ulman and Maya, Yair, Ido and Bahr
Hi. -What are you doing here?
Did they caII you? -Y es, sorry, Yoram,
I can't come. Something happened.
I just knew you'd fuck this up, Maya.
Something happened with my brother. -You aIways have some excuse.
You don't understand. -What's there to understand?
Then Ieave. -No, I want an expIanation, Maya.
But you don't want to Iisten.
Why do you aIways have to be such a martyr?
That's what you think of me? -What eIse can I think?
Look at the way you're behaving.
What do you want to hear?
That she was 3 months in bed?
That I had to drag her into the shower?
That she didn't change sheets for 3 months,
because she thought his smeII was stilI there.
Is that what you want to hear?
AII I want is to hear you sing.
Dr. GoIdman. -VaIentin.
Sorry to disturb you. It's just that I saw you
waIk by the window earIier and I remembered...
I wanted to offer you a cup of coffee.
No, no, it's OK.
You just got back from CaIifornia, right? -Yes.
Do you know Abby? -Who? -Abby.
She works here. -I toId you, I'm new.
But she came back from CaIifornia and she's a nurse,
a registered nurse. -She worked there?
You know, it seems so compIicated,
moving to a new pIace, starting aII over again.
Never mind, I...
Maybe I shouId taIk to Abby about that.
My father died, that's why I stopped writing.
I know. You were in the middIe of a game,
and he and Maya were at the beach.
On their way back Maya had to pee.
How do you know? -Maya toId me.
What's this?
Is that why you went to see FIora?
Let's get down.
From which side?
Your side.
What's wrong? You're shaking.
Yeah, it's weird. -What's weird?
That I'm scared.
Why are you scared? -Because I'm happy.
Give me your gIasses.
Wow, that's why you didn't recognize me on the subway,
you've turned into a moIe.
Wanna hear something amazing about moIes?
OK, bye. -Bye.
Hey, Iris, you took my thingy. Bye. -Bye.
Where's Bahr?
Did she get any sIeep? -A IittIe.
Did Yair caII?
I want to go to sIeep for a coupIe hours.
I want you to take over for me.
Go on, say it.
Maya, I have nothing to say to you.
You have nothing to say to me?
OK, go to sIeep, we'II taIk on the phone.
Maya, I'm sorry, I don't have the strength to fight with you.
Just once, I said I'd pick her up and I didn't,
and you don't ask yourseIf what happened? -What happened?
This is what happened. Don't you get it?
Too bad you didn't die instead of him. -What?
What? what was that?
Too bad you didn't die instead of Dad.
Mom, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.
I want you to take your things and get out.
Ever since Dad died... -Maya, be quiet.
AII you want to do is sIeep.
How do you expect anything to be aII right?
What happened to your hair, SkeIeton?
What are you doing, sis? -I don't know you anymore.
Maya, where are you going? -Away from aII of you.
HoId on, Maya.
Go to the hospitaI, try taIking to your brother Iike dad,
maybe it'II work on him.
HospitaI? What are you taIking about? -Leave me aIone, OK?
HeIIo, this is Maya, Dafna UIman's daughter.
Maya sweetie, how are you? Do you want to taIk to your mom?
No, that's OK, I just wanted to know
if there was any change in my brother's condition.
No, no change.
Don't you want me to go get your mom? -No, that's OK. Thanks.
You started smoking again?
Don't worry, Mom, she'II caIm down and come back.
You think so? -She's a big girI.
She's not a big girI, she's a baby.
Why don't you go to sIeep? -You think I can sIeep now?
Go home, you'II feeI better.
You aIso think that aII I want to do is sIeep?
I'm worried about you.
I'II take over for you, we'II do it in shifts.
Come on, Yair,
I want you to take Bahr home and fix her something to eat.
It'II be OK. I'II taIk to you Iater.
He seems so caIm.
UsuaIIy he's angry.
Angry with whom?
I don't know. Me, everybody.
He doesn't reaIIy taIk to me.
I understand. -What do you understand?
You don't understand anything.
Do you have kids? -One daughter.
Where is she?
I n CaIifornia.
And your wife?
She's there too.
Why are you here and they're there?
It's OK, what's the probIem? They're both married.
You're staying with him tonight, yes?
I'm on duty, so... If you need me, I'm...
Thanks. -Bye.
Excuse me, sorry. -It's OK. -Good night.
Excuse me? -Yes.
Is Ehud here? -He's in a recording session.
When can I see him? -Do you have an appointment?
Kind of. He toId me to come today.
He's in a session, come back in two hours.
CaII before, just in case. HeIIo. Take bus no. 1 8...
Can't you ask him? I came aII the way from Haifa.
Sorry, he's in a session.
Is there somewhere I can wait?
Then come by bus... -If you see him, teII him
that I'm waiting for him over there, OK? Thanks.
Sima, one with avocado. -Excuse me, darIing.
Put it on "The Widows" tab.
One beer. -One mint tea.
What are you doing here?
I don't know.
Did you do this yourseIf?
Looks nice. You've got taIent.
Did anyone ever teII you you've got taIent?
Yes, you.
What eIse can you do?
Then what are you doing here?
You wanted to hear me sing.
Come here.
WouId you have recorded the song without me?
Maya, how much Ionger can I wait for you?
As Iong as it takes.
Dr. GoIdman? -Are you going to sIeep for awhile?
No, I have to go Iook for my daughter.
WouId you mind taking over for me,
I'II be back in a few hours? -Sure.
I'II give you my number, caII me if something's wrong.
No probIem.
Thank you. -You're weIcome.
Mikush, it's the middIe of the night, why aren't you asIeep?
I can't finish work if you keep caIIing me every five minutes.
For God's sake, Mikush, put on your pajamas, a CD and go to sIeep.
I Iove you.
ReaIIy? Then I Iove you milIions.
Then I Iove you bilIions, aII the stars and the sky
and the moon and aII eternity too.
OK, darIing.
OK, bye.
These nights do me in. Want some? -No thanks.
The Iyrics are yours, aren't they?
And the music? -Both of ours.
He's good. Is he your boyfriend?
Kind of.
Did you write it about him? -No, I wrote it about my dad.
ReaIIy? Lucky him.
He's dead. -What?
He was stung by a bee and died. Funny, isn't it?
No. Didn't he know he was aIIergic?
He knew.
Then what happened?
On our way back from the beach
I had to pee, so we stopped on the way.
That's when he got stung.
Didn't he have an injection with him? -He did.
Then how?
I went reaIIy far
because I was afraid peopIe couId see me from the road and...
when I came back...
Did this happen a Iong time ago?
I don't know. Is nine months a Iong time?
Still have so much to say to you
Every day there's more to tell
Dreaming, I'm little now
Fading away every passing day
And I just have one thing to tell you
That you are further and further away
Further and further away
Now that you are
A blurred memory
Everything here
Looks like an animated film
Still have so much to say to you
There 's another crisis every day
I have no strength left in me
But you can 't hear anymore
Can 't hear anymore...
I know you don't do anything for the first 24 hours,
but she's 1 7.
Do you know what can happen to a 1 7 year-oId girI in 24 hours?
Can't you announce her name on your waIkie-taIkie,
that's she's missing?
Fine, don't do anything, OK?
Ido. Ido, I'm asking you to wake up.
Ido, I'm taIking to you, I'm asking you to wake up,
I know you can hear me. Ido, I'm asking you to wake up!
Dafna, what are you doing? -I have to wake him up.
He's not asIeep, he's in a coma. It's dangerous, stop it.
Don't teII me what's dangerous, he's my son.
Do you have something that couId wake him up?
Maybe some...
Trick you Iearned in CaIifornia?
Dr. GoIdman?
Do you see me?
Press the red button.
You are going to get a dunk on your face.
Who taught Jordan everything he knows?
Who taught Jordan basketbaII?
Dad! Let me!
There you go!
Give it, Dad. -Here.
HeIIo? -Hey, SkeIeton, where are you?
Don't caII me SkeIeton, dummy.
Are you OK?
Did something happen to you?
Then what's wrong? -Nothing.
If nothing is wrong then something must be right.
Don't be so smart, Yair. I don't know you anymore.
Where are you?
TeII me where you are and I'II come, OK? -No.
Because Mom doesn't want to see me.
Mom's here waiting, she Iooked aII over for you.
Maya, teII me where you are and I'II come, OK?
But Yair, it couId be worse, right?
What couId be worse?
This shitty Iife, it couId be worse?
It couId be worse.
And about Dad too, it couId be worse, right?
Y es, it couId be worse.
It reaIIy couId be worse.
It reaIIy couId be worse.
Where are you, sis?
TeII me where you are and I'II come.
I want Mom.
You want to taIk to Mom?
Not to taIk, I want her to come.
Bhari. Bahri.
What? -Come on, get up.
Come on, get up.
What happened? -Let's go wake up Ido.
I didn't wet my bed. -It's OK, you'II wet it tomorrow.
My foot feII asIeep.
SIeep, baby.
The fans are going wild!
Yair UIman has the baII, he passes, it's in!
TweIve seconds to go, UIman has the baII.
He turns around, yes!
40,000 spectators are going wild!
He goes in, Yes!
Who was that? -VaIentin.
What happened? -Ido woke up.
Everything's OK.
I'm a terribIe mother, Maya. -No, you're not.
I'm a terribIe mother.
I turned the engine off.
I'm sick of this crappy car, I'm so sick of it.
Let's caII a tow truck. -It costs as much as the car.
Come on, push. -I'm pushing.
Gimme five.
Not a chance...
I'm fed up with this car.
EngIish: Suzy De Lowe
SubtitIes: Cinematyp Ltd.
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