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Knight Rider 1x03

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[Theme music]
[Theme music continues]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
[Tense instrumental music]
[Tense instrumental music continues]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
My God, no.
[Ominous instrumental music]
[Tense instrumental music]
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
PERKINS: He was inside. Did you see who it was?
SOLDIER: Does it matter? We gotta stop him. Move!
[Car tyres screeching]
[Gunshots firing]
[Car tyres screeching]
[Michael exclaiming]
MICHAEL: That's a close one.
KITT: Slow down. You're going to crash. MICHAEL: I can handle it, KITT.
KITT: But you're approaching a dangerous curve.
Your chance of survival is less than.04%.
Will you stop with the odds? I can handle...
[Michael exclaims]
KITT: Sorry, Michael. That makes it 42-to-3, my favour.
These computer things are just a waste of time, anyway.
Present company excluded, of course.
MICHAEL: KITT, go to manual. We're stopping.
KITT: Really? Why? Is there a young lady in the vicinity?
MICHAEL: How'd you know that? KITT: Really, Michael, you're so predictable.
Michael, I hate to bring it up, we still have a mission waiting.
MICHAEL: Don't worry about it.
- Hi, Lieutenant. Need a little help? - Nope. I need a lot of help.
- I'm Michael Knight. - Robin Ladd.
MICHAEL: What's the problem? ROBIN: It won't go.
Don't get too technical on me here.
MICHAEL: Mind if I take a look? ROBIN: Be my guest.
MICHAEL: Pop the hood?
[Michael exclaiming]
You're right. Won't go.
MICHAEL: You got a bad hose in there. It's totally shot.
MICHAEL: Where are you headed? ROBIN: Englehart Army base.
No kidding. I'm going right past there. You want a lift?
ROBIN: Thanks. I'll just get my gear. MICHAEL: You got it.
KITT, looks like we're going to join Travelers' Aid.
MICHAEL: Going to give the little lady a lift. KITT: What about her car?
MICHAEL: We're going to have to tow it in. KITT: What do you mean "we"?
KITT: Did I hear wrong or did you say "tow"?
Yeah, you know, tow. Connect her car to our car. Tow.
KITT: Me? Michael, I was not designed to be a tow truck.
I have numerous complex systems which could be adversely affected.
Come on, KITT. You're built like a brick garage.
KITT: [Whining] Michael.
[Lively instrumental music]
[Car engine starting]
ROBIN: So what brings you to our neck of the desert?
MICHAEL: Work. ROBIN: What kind of work?
[Michael stuttering]
Something like insurance.
- How long you been away? - Two years, in Germany.
It's funny. When I was just an army brat at the post school...
Englehart was my home. Now it's my assignment.
Army brat? Was your mom an officer?
No, my dad.
And he's still there. He's not expecting me till next week.
But I wanted to be able to march into his office and say:
"Col. Ladd, sir, I'm reporting for duty."
- Hope he won't mind. - He won't.
If they had officers like you when I was in uniform...
I never would've left.
[Upbeat instrumental music]
ROBIN: Col. Ladd?
I'm sorry, sir. I thought this was Col. Ladd's office.
It is. You must be Lt. Ladd.
I'm Maj. Sanderson. Gen. Duncton's adjutant.
Pleased to meet you, sir. Could you tell me where to find my father?
I think perhaps you'd better talk to Gen. Duncton.
Come with me, please.
What? Problems?
You know the army. Hurry up and wait.
Excuse me, General, but...
[Excitedly] Robin Ladd, as I live and breathe.
Look at you! You're a poster for the modern army.
What's going on? Where is my father? Is he on leave?
- Or didn't he get my message? - Sanderson, didn't you tell her?
No, sir, I didn't. I thought you'd rather.
- Then you don't know. - Know what?
Oh, Robin.
[Sighing] There's been an accident.
DUNCTON: I'm sorry.
DUNCTON: His jeep went into Buena Vista Gorge out in the desert.
He probably blacked out before he ever felt anything.
[Sombre instrumental music]
[Robin sniffing and crying]
DUNCTON: There we were, two old war horses Ernest Ladd and I...
toasting each other over our latest promotions.
Suddenly he tells me:
"Fred, you're not gonna bust those two trainees, are you?"
And I say, "Ernie, we found them in the CO's residence...
"having a party with some nurses. What do you expect me to do?"
He looks at me and he says...
"I expect you to remember that you and I did the same thing...
"in Eisenhower's office."
[Michael chuckles]
DUNCTON: That was Ernie to a T.
Anytime you'd swell up like a pompous balloon...
there he'd be with a stickpin.
I don't know what they'd say at the war college, and I don't care...
but to me, Ernest Ladd was the ideal soldier.
A man of war who loved peace most of all.
- Is there anything I can do? - Thank you. I'm all right.
Robin, your father sounded like a fine officer, a fine man.
He was.
What are your plans now? Are you gonna stay?
This is my new post. Of course I'll stay. I have a job to do.
No, nobody said he'd been drinking. He just lost control of the wheel.
I guess his reflexes weren't what they used to be.
[Airplane motors whirring]
Maybe there is something you can do. Didn't you say you are in insurance?
MICHAEL: Yeah, something like that.
Then answer this. Could a healthy, sober man...
Iose control of a vehicle he drove every day...
on a road he drove every day?
I don't know. Why don't we find out?
Terrific. Meet me in half an hour outside of BOQ.
- That's 1600 hours, got it? - Yes, ma'am.
Sorry. You can take the girl out of West Point, but...
I'll be there. No demerits if I'm late, okay?
[Slow instrumental music]
[Car door closes]
KITT: I'm afraid I have some alarming news.
I'm sitting down.
KITT: I've checked my circuits. Due to that towing incident...
my alpha circuit is malfunctioning.
I'm sorry, KITT, but I think we can manage for a while without it.
KITT: Michael, what if it was your alpha circuit?
Okay. You're still under warranty.
Call the home office.
[Upbeat instrumental music]
- That was very convincing. - And productive.
You sure your father was coming in this direction?
ROBIN: Yeah. Why?
The turn is inside towards the cliff not outside towards the drop.
If your father was coming in this direction...
and he lost control exactly where I did...
he'd end up exactly where I did. Against the hill.
At worst, he'd end up messing up his paint job.
Then what made him go off the road?
MICHAEL: This could be the reason. I found it near the edge.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
What do you think, Sarge?
I think it may be time for another funeral.
MICHAEL: While you were overseas your father never said anything...
he never wrote anything about unusual events back here at the base?
- Nothing like that? - Nope.
If he discovered anything it must have been recently.
- I could check out his quarters. - Good idea. I'll check out his office.
[Car door closes]
MICHAEL: We gotta find a way in there. KITT: "We," Michael?
I would attract a great deal of attention inside that building.
Unfortunately, so would I.
KITT: Michael, I detect a certain tone in your voice.
What tone is that?
KITT: The one where you're convinced you've come up with a brilliant idea.
The next thing you know, you're doing something foolhardy...
and I'm in my surveillance mode.
MICHAEL: KITT. KITT: Yes, Michael?
Go into your surveillance mode.
[Pop music playing]
- Stupid thermostat! - Can I have a candy bar?
SANJ: Yeah, sure.
Can I have all your candy bars?
- Mac, I run a business here. - For an hour, maximum.
- I gotta sell my sandwiches. - I'll buy them, too.
SANJ: I got chips and pretzels. MICHAEL: Buy your chips and pretzels.
And if anybody asks, I'm your nephew.
You know, for another $20, I'll adopt you.
MICHAEL: Oh, hi.
Would you guys like a snack?
Where's Sanj?
Sanj? What's that? Some kind of Indian thing or something?
No, Sanj, the regular sandwich vendor.
Sanj? He's on vacation. I'm covering for him.
- Yeah? Where's your health card? - Health card?
Yeah. The one that shows you vendors got no diseases we might catch.
That health card. I left that at home.
But I'm the picture of health. See?
- Do you see that? - I don't see that.
Let's take him in for a checkup. Come on.
[Michael stuttering]
What exactly were you doing, Mr. Knight?
Just trying to make a buck, Major. Is that a crime?
No. Then you could explain the cards in your wallet.
What cards?
"Michael Knight, Speedy Repairman."
"Michael Knight, Quick Carpet Cleaner."
"M. Knight Enterprises."
"Swedish massage while you wait."
Major, times are rough. I gotta take odd jobs to make ends meet.
I was very lucky that Uncle Sanj gave me this job.
Uncle Sanj. Even his family calls him that.
Yeah, yes, sir. We're a close family. Very close.
That should be easy enough to check, Mr. Knight.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
Yeah. Help yourself. Anything for our boys in uniform.
[Mischievous instrumental music]
Your Uncle Sanj verifies your story, Mr. Knight.
The next time you want to make a buck, get a health card.
Yes, sir.
[Michael exclaiming]
Candy bar on the house?
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
- What's that vendor here for? - Nothing much. Why?
No reason. I thought I served with him in Nam.
[Tense instrumental music]
[Sombre instrumental music]
Cotler, James. I got a job for you.
Lt. Ladd's civilian was snooping around the post.
That certainly was food.
- What, not everyone likes junk? - I do. I like junk food...
but that stuff goes beyond junk.
Are you ready to compare notes?
ROBIN: Your turn. MICHAEL: Yeah, right.
Was your father a handyman type? A do-it-yourself guy?
No way. He had to call the quartermaster just to change a light bulb. Why?
I sort of borrowed a file from the military police.
It said your father had blue paint on his hands.
Blue paint?
- Yeah. That ring any bells? - No.
Michael, I've been thinking.
I know I started this whole investigation of ours...
but it just seems like we're running around in circles.
We really haven't found anything.
I did find that empty cartridge case at the gorge.
On an ordinance testing centre that's not much.
[Sighing] You want to call it quits?
You make it sound like retreating before the enemy.
I have my own life, my own career.
Dad wouldn't have wanted me to waste that by chasing down shadows.
And you have your insurance business to take care of.
All right. You got your career waiting...
and I got the General Patton Motel waiting.
What do you say we sleep on it? Maybe inspiration will strike in the night.
If not, we'll throw in the towel tomorrow morning over breakfast.
- Okay. - Okay.
- Good night. - Good night.
[Slow instrumental music]
[Car engine starting]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
- There he is. - There he was.
KITT: I hate to bring it up again, but we still have a mission waiting.
Mr. Miles will be quite miffed if we don't get on with it.
MICHAEL: Don't worry. It's my responsibility.
KITT: I know. That's what worries me.
KITT, how about a little music?
KITT: Sorry. The alpha circuit took out the radio, too.
You're never going to forgive me for that?
KITT: Forgiveness implies an emotional state that has no application in my case.
However, I doubt that I shall ever forget it.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
[Fast-paced instrumental music continues]
[Michael exclaims]
KITT: I believe, as usual, you may have attracted the attention...
of some highly homicidal personalities.
[Fast-paced instrumental music intensifying]
KITT: Michael, are we going to just sit and take this?
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
[Fast-paced instrumental music hastens]
[Tense instrumental music]
[Gunshot firing]
[Slow instrumental music]
Okay, now send the same data back on the pipeline to Washington.
We'll pick up any glitches when we compare copy.
It's already done. Sir.
[Duncton huffing]
DUNCTON: It's amazing how you handle this, Robin.
DUNCTON: My generation still gets nervous around adding machines.
You have to be confident around them. They can sense fear, you know.
Glad to see you haven't lost your old spark.
ROBIN: Thank you, sir.
I'm glad to see you haven't lost your old devious charm.
DUNCTON: What? ROBIN: Begging your pardon, General...
but you didn't come here to check on the Pentagon computer link.
- You came out here to check on me. - Why would I do that?
- It's not regulation. - Then I must be wrong.
Like hell.
Robin, I need to talk...
DUNCTON: Mr. Knight, isn't it? MICHAEL: Yes, sir.
What could keep a footloose civilian like you in a boring place like this?
General, it's the colour scheme. I love olive drab.
DUNCTON: Robin, now you remember, call me for anything.
Yes, sir.
It's a little late for breakfast. And where's your towel?
I'm not throwing in the towel yet, Robin. You've been right all along.
We hit the jackpot, Lieutenant.
- Came back clean as a whistle. - That's excellent, Webb.
- Why don't you take a break now? - Thank you, ma'am.
What are you saying?
MICHAEL: Your father didn't die in an accident.
Something's going on around here, something worth several murders.
Why didn't you tell Gen. Duncton? He could ask the MPs to investigate.
The MPs wrote your father off a long time ago.
I'm not ready to trust anybody around here yet.
- How do you know all this anyway? - Partly a hunch, partly a whiplash.
Got a map of this base?
Okay, right there.
Unless your father liked to climb mountains in the moonlight...
the only place he could have been coming from is C-11.
What is complex C-11?
ROBIN: C-11 is munitions.
[Paper rustling]
- You can't go in there. - Of course not. It's still daytime.
Put that goodbye breakfast on hold.
I was wrong. Your efficiency is anything but subtle.
[Lively instrumental music]
KITT: Michael.
MICHAEL: Yes. KITT: The home office has arrived.
They're waiting 2.4 miles to the northwest.
How nice of them.
[Upbeat instrumental music]
Hi, Bonnie. Devon.
We came as soon as we got KITT's signal.
What's wrong with you?
KITT: It's my alpha circuit, Bonnie. BONNIE: Your alpha circuit?
KITT, the only way you could damage that is to do something stupid, like...
towing another car.
BONNIE: Right? KITT: Bonnie, no comment.
MICHAEL: You're one in a million, pal. KITT: I know.
Michael, may I have a word with you?
- Excuse me. - Any time.
Yesterday you were sent on assignment for the Foundation.
MICHAEL: I know, but... DEVON: But what?
You never arrived. You never called.
You were out here doing... What are you doing?
If you let me get a word in, I'll tell you.
I was investigating something at the Englehart Weapons Centre.
Really? I didn't know that the military police had been disbanded.
I appreciate the assignment and I'll get to it. By tomorrow morning...
I can no longer sanction your wild-goose chases.
Devon, someone tried to kill me last night.
I have an alibi.
Believe me, Devon, this army thing is important.
You have my word it'll all work out.
Excuse me.
[Michael stuttering]
Where was I?
"Believe me, this army thing is important. You have my word it'll all work out."
Thanks. I knew you'd see it my way.
[Playful instrumental music]
[Car engine starting]
[Sinister instrumental music]
[Tense instrumental music]
[Tense instrumental music continues]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
Oh, my God.
- General... - Can I help you, Lieutenant?
ROBIN: Where's Gen. Duncton? SANDERSON: He's off the post.
- Something wrong? - Yes, sir.
Something is very wrong.
This is a printout of the artillery inventory.
Take a look at that list.
This is a classified document. You're under arrest.
- You knew all along. - You're too much like your father.
He didn't know when to keep his eyes closed either.
[Buzzer sounded]
You killed him.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
[Car tyres screeching]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
Where is Lt. Ladd?
WEBB: I'm sorry. I have some bad news. MICHAEL: What?
Sgt. Perkins arrested her last night. Drove her off in an MP jeep.
MICHAEL: Maj. Rainey?
Maj. Rainey, why was Robin Ladd arrested?
- lf it isn't the sandwich man. - Major, it's important. Why?
What are you talking about? Lt. Ladd hasn't been arrested.
Sgt. Perkins picked her up in an MP vehicle.
Perkins isn't in the Military Police. He's in Munitions.
[Tense instrumental music]
[Upbeat instrumental music]
Get a move on. Get that last batch loaded.
The plane with our customers arrives at 1000 hours.
MICHAEL: KITT, stop those two!
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
- Where is Robin Ladd? - I don't know.
You're gonna be in big trouble, Knight...
accosting army personnel, destroying government property.
Major, these shells are blue.
According to that chart over there they're armour-piercing shells.
What if somebody repainted them? I know it's an awful thought...
but just suppose.
Then they might be tactical nuclear weapons...
that somebody was planning to sell to nasty people around the world.
MICHAEL: Don't worry. There won't be an explosion.
Just enough radiation to last quite a few half-lives.
MICHAEL: You know the saying:
MICHAEL: "One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day."
- All right! Stop! - Where is she?
- She's at ground zero. - What are you talking about?
The test range! She's locked inside a target vehicle.
Move, KITT.
Okay, you guys. Over here!
Get in there! Come on.
[KITT humming]
MAN: May I have your attention, please?
This is Ordinance Test Control Centre.
Clear all personnel from target vehicle test zone and commence firing.
Repeat: Commence firing.
[Siren wailing intermittently]
KITT, can you get me army frequency?
KITT: Certainly. The Pentagon? MICHAEL: Duncton! Get me Duncton!
- Yes, Mr. Knight? You're where? - Halfway across the target zone.
Are you out of your mind? You'll be killed if you don't get out.
General, listen. I have proof that a group of men at the post...
tried to steal tactical nuclear weapons.
- Sanderson was the ring leader. - Are you positive of that?
Yes, sir. Sanderson locked Robin Ladd up at ground zero.
I'm going after her. Can you stop these tests?
Yes, of course, immediately. You're a brave man, Mr. Knight.
Attention, all personnel.
DUNCTON: This is Gen. Duncton. May I have your attention, please?
There is a black, unmarked car approaching ground zero.
I repeat, a black, unmarked car.
This vehicle is a remote-controlled drone.
It is part of today's tests.
The gun crew that blows it off the map, will get a three-day pass.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
KITT, they're still shooting at us!
KITT: Thank you, Michael, but I noticed that myself.
I don't think we should've called our buddy, Gen. Duncton.
Can you take a direct hit, KITT?
KITT: I don't think we want to find that out.
Make up your mind! I got to get back to the PX for the lunch break.
Lupo, we gotta go to Munitions on the double.
They're running out of armour-piercing shells.
Stupid thermostat.
She's in a target vehicle. It has to be a tank.
They couldn't lock her inside anything else.
KITT: Michael, I'm scanning a tank 350 meters over that ridge.
Since it appears to be inhabited, there is a strong possibility...
that the occupant is Lt. Ladd.
Let's hit it!
KITT: Michael, could you use another word besides "hit"?
That drone is tougher than we thought.
Ready the heat-seeking missiles.
WEISS: Armour piercing. All ready to go. LUPO: Great.
Fire the heat-seeking missiles.
KITT: Three heat-seeking rockets are approaching from the southwest.
Can we dodge them, KITT?
KITT: Not as long as they're homing in on the heat of my engine.
We got to find another source of heat.
Let's hit that underbrush over there.
Fire your rocket booster.
Where's three?
SANJ: Stupid thermostat.
Three. Let's go, KITT.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
ROBIN: Help!
MICHAEL: Robin, come on!
[Michael heaving]
What do you say we pay the General a little visit?
- Is this a car or a spaceship? - A little bit of both.
[Upbeat instrumental music]
KITT: We're getting closer to the guns. MICHAEL: That's the idea.
[Missile firing]
Here's your armour-piercing. Give us a hand, okay?
MICHAEL: Cease fire!
DUNCTON: Soldier, move out! That's an order.
[Upbeat instrumental music continues]
I think you've just lost your pension.
[Sombre instrumental music]
Yes, a typical Michael Knight situation.
Total confusion, mass destruction, all in a good cause, of course.
- But without the slightest regard... - Mr. Miles, please.
I got him into this in the first place.
DEVON: Yes, I know. Another part of his typical pattern.
A young lady who innocently causes...
I want to thank you all for joining me.
RAINEY: I see you left your candy bars outside.
RAINEY: It's certainly been a confusing morning.
All the top brass on post are in the stockade...
and I find myself Actg. Comm.
[Phone ringing]
Maj. Rainey. Yes, sir. Yes, they're right here, sir.
They want to speak to someone from the Foundation.
RAINEY: Whoever's responsible for what happened here.
I guess that's me, since I've just been told I was operating on my own.
RAINEY: It's the White House. DEVON: I'll take it.
Devon Miles here, sir. Thank you, sir.
No, we had no inside information.
We were depending on our crime busting instincts.
Yes, the Foundation for Law and Government...
- How can he tell such outrageous lies? - With a sincere expression.
[Slow instrumental music]
MICHAEL: Since it's an official Foundation effort, can we discuss expenses?
MICHAEL: I bought that dinner for Robin. I got the motel room.
DEVON: There's absolutely no justification for any form of expense.
MICHAEL: What are you talking about?
MICHAEL: What happened to intuitive thinking, individual effort, flexibility?
[Theme music]
[Theme music ends]
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