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Knight Rider 1x05

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[Theme music]
NARRATOR: Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man...
who does not exist.
Michael Knight, a young loner...
on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent...
the helpless, the powerless...
in a world of criminals who operate above the law.
[Upbeat instrumental music]
KITT: Michael, do you know why Mr. Miles has sent for us?
No, I don't know, but since we don't have an extensive social relationship...
it's probably to brief me on another mission.
KITT: Brief you? MICHAEL: I'm sorry, I meant us.
KITT: Thank you.
For a collection of microprocessors, you're awfully touchy.
KITT: Wrong. It's that my circuits function better when we operate in a reality mode.
MICHAEL: KITT. KITT: Yes, Michael.
Just keep driving.
OFFICER: Good. This sucker will make my quota.
[Upbeat instrumental music]
[Police siren wailing]
You sure you're doing only 55?
KITT: Of course I am. Look at the readout yourself.
Then why is that cop chasing us?
KITT: I wouldn't know. After all, I'm a computer, not a psychic.
KITT: However, I would strongly suspect the officer behind us...
may be trying to meet his daily ticket quota in a somewhat irregular manner.
MICHAEL: One thing's sure. Bum rap or not, I'm not taking any citation for your driving.
KITT: I see. Listening to you explain that to the police officer should be fascinating.
MICHAEL: Five miles to the county line. Let's hit the turbo.
KITT: Very good thinking, Michael.
[Upbeat instrumental music continues]
"Whence croquet sprang to benefit the Earth
"What happy garden gave this pastime birth?"
Devon, don't let anyone tell you differently:
You are a little strange.
This is a game of gentlemen, of serenity...
of Charles II and Samuel Pepys.
Know them?
Only by reputation, from what I understand, they spent most of their spare time in bed.
Trust you to take the poetry out of poetry.
DEVON: Now to business. MICHAEL: Yes.
Twelve years ago, a fellow named Sammy Phillips bought a race track.
It's called Slammin' Sammy's Super Stunt Show Spectacular.
- Don't ask me to say that again. - I wouldn't dream of it.
I've seen the guy perform. He is incredible.
Unfortunately, Sammy's show may be closing shortly.
MICHAEL: Why? DEVON: For some months now...
the Foundation's computers have been tracing the movements of a fellow...
named Lawrence Blake.
One of Blake's tricks is to pick up second mortgages on marginal businesses.
What's wrong with that?
DEVON: Nothing on the face of it.
The interesting thing is that once the mortgage has been acquired...
the business in question suffers an unexpected misfortune and folds.
And Blake picks up the property for a song.
Something tells me Blake just picked up Sammy's second mortgage, right?
Very perceptive today, Michael.
And you figure that maybe I can stop him...
before he does something nasty to Sammy or his stunt show.
Exactly. Or better still, catch him in the act.
Blake is long overdue to be put away for a bit.
- It'll be a pleasure. - Any thoughts?
No, but I'll think of something.
Michael, don't forget to clear it first.
Don't go getting any anxiety attacks here.
- Trust me, will you? - Do I have a choice?
Do I ever have a choice?
[Telephone ringing]
Hello. Oh, yes. I certainly will.
Bonnie's ready for you.
I only wish that meant what it sounded like.
[Playful instrumental music]
Always was a kid's game to me.
[Upbeat instrumental music]
Dad, listen. I just worked out a great stunt.
I'm on my motorcycle and I do a headstand.
I have enough problems without you splattering yourself all over the track.
But I've been practising. I can do things on my bike as good as anybody.
I said no.
You'll never give me a chance, will you?
SAMMY: I didn't say that. When you're ready. MARK: But I am ready, Dad.
I got my routine down pat.
Your technique is fine. You're just too eager, that's all.
And in this line of work, enthusiasm can get you killed.
A little more maturity is all you need.
Now, just be patient, okay?
Now, go on. Gas up my car before the show.
MARK: Big deal. LISA: Hi, Mark.
Let me guess. He wants to perform on his motorcycle.
- Kids. - He is getting real good, Dad.
Look. Like I told him, not now, okay?
- Well, what's with you? - Nothing. Nothing at all.
We're just barely breaking even here.
I got 500 condemned seats out there...
I can't use till the stands are fixed. I got no money to pay for it.
The last thing I feel like talking about is Mark who wants to be a star...
even if he kills himself doing it.
[Sighs heavily]
I'm sorry, Lisa. I guess I'm just a crotchety old man who should be put to pasture.
Knowing you, you'd probably try to work up a stunt show with the cows.
No, they're too slow.
Lisa. You promised we'd rehearse the new routine today.
Not now, Mario.
Afraid to be alone with me?
Mario, you've really got to stop watching soap operas.
Go find one of your groupies. I'll catch you later.
[Slow instrumental music]
KITT: Yes, Bonnie, that should be a perfect calibration.
BONNIE: Then that's it, KITT.
BONNIE: You should be functioning flawlessly...
BONNIE: at least until that nut abuses you. MICHAEL: Thanks a lot.
Speak of the devil. I've made a few additions to KITT.
Oh, yeah? Like what?
KITT is now equipped to oxygenate the interior upon command.
- That should be great for the morning after. - Funny.
BONNIE: I've also increased the booster power by about 25%...
so keep that in mind when you switch to alternate power.
I will.
[Romantic instrumental music]
- You know something, Bonnie? - What?
I'd like...
I'm really glad you told me about those new additions to KITT.
You might need them if you get caught between a rock and a hard place.
Yeah. I know what that's like.
- What? - Nothing.
Nothing there. It's nothing. I'll see you later.
[Engine starting]
[Upbeat music playing]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for the grand finale...
of Slammin' Sammy's Super Stunt Show Spectacular.
The most death-defying, logic-defying...
gravity defying group of daredevil drivers...
this side of the Mississippi.
[Celebratory music playing]
One, two, three.
[Celebratory music playing]
[Tyres screeching]
Two, three, four, five, six.
[Celebratory music playing]
Now, I know you folks have seen this sort of stuff before...
and maybe even a bit more spectacular...
but Slammin' Sammy is now about to show you something you've never seen before...
and probably will never see again.
Sammy's going to repeat the very same stunt you just saw...
only this time he will try to do it driving blind.
[Audience gasping and murmuring]
ANNOUNCER: To ensure your complete confidence in this performance...
we've asked the Reverend Henry Jackson to inspect the hood...
and secure it on Sammy's helmet.
Actually, ladies and gentlemen, the Reverend is here to serve a dual role.
If anything should go wrong during this stunt...
it's always handy to have a reverend available.
Just a little joke, folks.
SAMMY: One, two, three, four.
SAMMY: Come on.
SAMMY: Get up!
[Tense instrumental music]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
- Dad? - My leg.
[Tense instrumental music]
MICHAEL: That's terrific. LISA: Thanks.
- How's your father doing? - He's okay. He won't be driving for awhile.
- Who are you, anyway? - A guy looking for a job.
- Your timing is incredible, mister. - Knight. Michael Knight.
Lisa Phillips. Got no jobs, Mr. Knight.
I don't know. Seems to me you're short a driver for a while.
Think you can replace my dad? That's a laugh.
You haven't seen me drive yet.
We can't spare a car for you to wreck up, Mr. Knight.
MICHAEL: That's okay. I use my own.
Unless you're afraid I'll wreck your track.
Okay. Go ahead, show me what you think you can do.
You got it. Thanks.
- So who is that? - Some nut wants to be a stunt driver.
Instead of letting me fill in?
What'd you tell him?
- Said we'd look. - Why?
Why not?
KITT: How did it go, Michael? MICHAEL: Jury's still out, KITT.
MICHAEL: We're about to audition. KITT: Meaning?
Meaning, we got to prove we can perform stunts.
KITT: You must be joking. I can easily outperform the primitive stock machines...
they refer to as "stunt cars."
KITT: My data indicates that if you wish...
we could perform a 360, 540, or even a 720-degree turn.
KITT: There's also a multitude of more advanced evolutions we could perform.
You're forgetting one very important element.
MICHAEL: We're not supposed to be good. KITT: Oh.
Now you got it.
[Upbeat instrumental music]
[Tyres screeching]
- How did I do? - Not bad for an amateur.
When my life's on the line, I learn real fast.
- You think you can teach me? - Yeah. Maybe you'll get us both killed.
- Maybe I won't. - Maybe we'll give it a shot.
- That a firm maybe? - Maybe.
There sure are a lot of maybes in this business, aren't there?
You hang in here and I'll check it out with my dad. Okay?
- You weren't too bad out there. - Thanks.
- Michael Knight. - Mark Phillips.
- Phillips? - Yeah. Lisa's my sister. Sammy's my dad.
If you join up with us, could be real tough you learning them routines.
That's okay. I got a real smart car.
Well, I guess.
- You want to see my act? - Sure, man. Shake it down.
All right.
[Upbeat instrumental music]
- That was terrific. - Thanks.
- When will Sammy put you in the show? - I don't know. Better be soon.
Don't worry. It'll come.
It's taking long enough.
SAMMY: Mark. MARK: Yeah, Dad.
I told you to change the tyres on Mario's car.
I was just getting to it.
Don't give me that. I just saw you hot-dogging around.
What do you think?
You better get it in gear and do what I tell you.
SAMMY: Don't let it happen again. Now do you understand?
[Slow instrumental music]
You know, your son, he's really terrific.
Yeah, I know. He's got a lot of talent.
Why are you so rough on him?
Just trying to teach him discipline and responsibility...
because I don't want him getting hurt.
Stunt cars are bad enough, but motorcycles are the pits.
Yeah. I wonder if he sees it that way.
Well, if he doesn't now, he will.
It's the way I was taught, and if it was good enough for...
- Who are you, anyway? - Michael Knight. I'm your new driver.
- Who says? - Well, I did, sort of.
- I've been looking for... - Whose show is this, anyway?
- Yours, Dad. - Then how come you're hiring me a driver?
Three reasons. One: we need a temporary replacement for you.
Two: he's not bad for an amateur. And three: no one else has applied.
All right.
- So you want to drive for me? - Yes, sir. That's the idea.
All right. Then show me something. Something interesting.
All right. What would you like to see?
- How about a little skiing? - What's skiing?
"What's skiing?" See what I mean?
That's driving on two wheels.
Two wheels. Which ones, right or left?
Your choice.
Or better still, why not try it both ways?
Both ways. Got you.
Dad, that's not really fair. Probably nobody can do it both ways.
Let him find it out for himself the hard way.
Guess this time we better pull out a few stops.
MICHAEL: Sammy won't be an easy audience. KITT: I'm yours to command, Michael.
KITT: Anything you can think of, I'm sure I can perform.
You know, I sure do admire your modesty.
KITT: Modesty is a state of mind, Michael. I only deal in facts.
KITT: Is this impressive enough? MICHAEL: Let's hope so.
What did I tell you?
There, Dad. Did you ever see anyone do that both ways before?
- Like that? - Not bad. Not too bad.
- Don't let him kid you. You were great. - Thanks.
Well, Sammy?
Let's go up to the office and talk about how much I'm gonna underpay you.
MICHAEL: All right.
BLAKE: Nice job, Gordon. We'll get the place by the end of the month.
It's $5 million, cool profit.
Thank you, sir.
With Sammy out of action, we ought to be able to take him over in three weeks.
I sure hope so, Mr. Blake.
You sound like there might be a problem.
Last week the show was just hanging on.
After Sammy's accident, the audience dried up just as we expected it would.
I don't need the details, Gordon. Just give me the broad strokes.
Sammy's got himself a new driver, sir.
Doesn't matter. Sammy's the show. Without him, they're dead.
What if the new guy's good?
I expect you to handle it, Gordon.
If you don't, I'll find someone who will.
BLAKE: Do you understand? GORDON: Of course, Mr. Blake.
Good. Now get going.
[Tense instrumental music]
By the side door, if you don't mind.
Yes, sir.
[Menacing instrumental music]
KITT: If I were you, I'd get out of there before you get yourself trapped.
MARIO: Who said that?
KITT: Really. Some people are simply too much.
MICHAEL: Now, that they've tried to sabotage you...
you know we must've stirred something up.
KITT: I must confess I have a difficult time...
computing the logic of this sport, as you insist on calling it.
KITT: On a mathematical basis, these so-called stunts...
do present a slight challenge...
but is seems a somewhat pointless and rather dangerous activity.
MICHAEL: That's not the point. KITT: Then what is the point?
People pay money to see the stunts.
Without money, Sammy's show is going down the drain.
KITT: I see. Well, Michael, if our object is to save this enterprise...
we'd best come up with something quite exceptional.
MICHAEL: That seems logical. KITT: What else would it be?
Now that we've got that settled, what would you suggest we do?
KITT: How would I know? You're talking show business...
and that's completely outside the scope of any known system of logic.
MICHAEL: You know, what, KITT? KITT: What, Michael?
Sometimes you're no help at all.
You sure do understand your capabilities.
KITT: Of course. But you are the best judge of what will turn people on, as they say.
KITT: I'm afraid this time the ball is in your court, as they also say.
- Hi, kid. - Hi, Sammy.
I'll tell you. We'll have a good show this week.
You know, I've been watching you, Michael.
- You're good, real good. - Thanks, Sammy.
What we really need, though, is a showstopper.
I've been thinking about that. How'd you feel about me doing the finale?
My stunt? No way you can do that blind.
Maybe in a year or two, but...
Well, do I have to do it blind?
Kid, I'll level with you. Without the blind finish, the act is nowhere.
As a matter of fact, the whole show isn't really much, not these days.
The blind bit's the only thing keeping us in business...
and that just barely.
What do you think about a jump over a car and a truck?
Big deal. I jump four trucks just for a build-up.
Not while they're moving in the same direction.
Oh, no.
- No, forget that. It's impossible. - I know I can do it.
The ramp is simple enough but you couldn't build enough speed.
- How about letting me try? - You'll wreck a car and maybe yourself.
I'll use my car.
If you're that determined try it at practise tomorrow.
What about the finale this afternoon?
MICHAEL: You said you need a showstopper. SAMMY: Yeah, but I...
SAMMY: Okay, kid. It's your neck. MICHAEL: Okay, thanks!
[Upbeat rock 'n' roll music playing]
There you go, KITT.
You're starting to look pretty nifty.
KITT: Really, Michael. Is all this garishness really necessary?
Of course it is. We're in show business now.
You're going to be a star. It'll be more appropriate.
KITT: Really? I fail to understand how these stars enhance my functional capabilities.
MICHAEL: That's not the point. KITT: Then exactly what is the point?
I don't think I can explain it so you'd understand.
KITT: Very weak reasoning.
All right. Look. Either you get the stars...
or get painted red, white, and blue like the other cars.
MICHAEL: Now which is it? KITT: Keep pasting. Please keep pasting.
Ladies and gentlemen, one of our drivers will now try...
a jump over two moving vehicles.
A stunt that has been attempted dozens of times...
by various driving legends...
and they've all been unsuccessful.
We are about to see stunt driving history...
or witness one hell of a wreck!
All we can say is good luck to Mike!
Sure we can do this?
KITT: The chances for successful completion...
are somewhat less than optimum.
What? Why didn't you tell me that before?
KITT: Would it have made a difference? MICHAEL: Well...
KITT: After all, you're the expert on showstoppers, as I think you call them.
KITT: All I have to do is all the work, take the punishment...
- the abuse of my circuitry... - Not now, KITT.
[Tyres screeching]
[Celebratory music playing]
Thank you!
[Audience cheering and whistling]
That's some kind of driving. I couldn't have done better myself.
A few days for publicity, we'll really pack them in.
You got it.
You really turned this whole show around.
For a guy who never drove professionally before, you're incredible.
That was a business kiss, not a social one.
[Romantic instrumental music]
That was a social one.
GORDON: How you doing?
Name's Bill Gordon, and that was some fantastic stunt you just pulled off.
A guy like you could go a long way in this business.
MICHAEL: Think so? GORDON: Oh, yeah.
How would you like to be making 50 times what you're making right now?
- Keep talking. - I represent a large corporation...
and I think a man with your ability definitely has a place in our company.
- Maybe we got something to talk about. - Fine.
GORDON: Let's you and me take a walk... MICHAEL: Not you and me.
Me and the guy you work for.
- I don't know about that. - Yeah? Well, I do.
If I'm as valuable an asset as you say I am, I don't deal below top dog.
MICHAEL: So you touch home base with that and let me know.
[Slow instrumental music]
DEVON: Yes. I understand completely, Mr. Prime Minister...
and of course, you're quite right.
As Henry Kissinger once said, "Even paranoids have real enemies."
No, he wasn't making a joke.
He was being funny, but there is a difference.
Yes, all right. I'm sure that by the time the meeting convenes next month...
the whole thing will have been worked out.
Yes. See you. See you very soon. Goodbye.
Sorry about that. He's the most insecure man I've ever met.
How he managed to get himself elected in the first place...
is one of those insoluble political mysteries.
Back to the business at hand.
- You were saying? - I think they've finally taken the bait.
And what leads you to that assumption?
I was approached with an offer I'm not supposed to be able to refuse.
- And, of course, you didn't. - No, I did.
I'm holding out for a one-on-one with the top dog, Mr. Blake himself.
And precisely what is he supposed to do, confess all?
That depends on exactly how badly he wants to buy me off.
- Let's hope you're right. - Meaning?
Meaning that if he's worried about you...
there are cheaper and easier ways to solve his problem.
Like terminating with extreme prejudice.
- Yes. That's exactly what I mean. - Yeah.
BLAKE: Yes, that's exactly what I mean.
- Waste him. - You sure you want to go that far?
- You offered him money, right? - Yeah.
Any two-bit stunt driver would have grabbed at it.
But not him. He wants a face-to-face with me. Why?
I don't know, Mr. Blake.
And I don't care.
I don't know who he is or what he wants, but nobody gets to me direct.
That's what I pay you for, to run interference.
He doesn't want to play ball with you, that's fine.
He doesn't get to play ball at all. You take care of him.
BLAKE: Quietly.
No, not quietly. Noisy. Big and noisy.
So you see he has an accident, a nice fatal accident.
A really for real showstopper, if you get my point.
[Upbeat instrumental music]
I tell you, this stunt driving stuff is real thirsty work.
It's all that dust, kid.
I've been eating it for damn near 40 years now...
and that's a long time to be living on burnt rubber and carbon monoxide.
I always thought this was a young man's game.
What do you mean "young man's game"?
SAMMY: That's only 'cause being crazy and cautious...
at the same time is a rare combination.
Like the pilots used to say, "There's old pilots and bold pilots...
"but there's damn few old, bold pilots."
Dad, why don't you just pack it in?
SAMMY: Do what, sit around, wait to die?
This is the only life I know, the only life I want.
Yeah, but, Sammy...
if you sold out... After all, this place must be worth a chunk of money.
Almost all belongs to the bank, too. Do I look crazy or something?
You think if I wasn't up to my eyeballs in hock I wouldn't do something about it...
like fixing up that section over there?
- I see what you mean. - Now, that's the whole problem, Dad.
Even when things are going great we just barely get by.
Now listen. All I have in this world, all I have to leave you and Mark, is this place!
Maybe you two can do better with it than I have...
but it's going to be here for you to try, okay?
Besides, another couple of weeks, the way Michael's act draws, I'll be home free.
I don't know why a driver as good as you are...
is willing to settle for a little two-bit operation like ours...
but believe me, Lisa, Mark, and me really appreciate what you've been doing for us.
That's okay. Let's just say it was my pleasure to help.
Wait a minute.
MICHAEL: You figure you owe me one, right? SAMMY: Right. Name your price.
Let Mark perform tomorrow.
- Okay. - Okay.
MICHAEL: Let's get back to work, huh? LISA: Sure.
But that still don't tell me why.
MARIO: Only half the money is here.
I asked you to rig up a couple of accidents that would close that show down.
Sammy's doing better business now than before I hired you.
MARIO: What do you want me to do? GORDON: Take care of Knight.
If Knight goes, the show goes. If the show goes, you get your money...
plus a $5,000 bonus.
MARIO: It ain't going to be easy.
MARIO: I already tried to fix his car.
GORDON: What happened? MARIO: Don't ask.
GORDON: Try again. MARIO: I'll see what I can do.
You better, 'cause if you don't, I'm going to be there to pack you up.
MARIO: With what? GORDON: With a big bang...
- under the stands. - I don't want any part of it.
Just do your job and nothing will happen.
The show can't go on without Knight.
It's up to you. By the way...
if you're thinking about backing out, don't.
Otherwise you might find some nasty, unexpected surprise in your gas tank.
[Ominous instrumental music]
SAMMY: Mark. MARK: Yeah, Dad.
Get your act together. You're in today's show.
- Did I hurt you? - No.
- You all right? - Yeah.
- What made you change your mind? - Let's just say I got a little persuasion.
MARK: Thanks a lot. I won't let you down. SAMMY: I know.
SAMMY: Mark. MARK: Yeah, Dad?
Wear my helmet...
at least till we get you a show helmet of your own.
Good luck, kid.
[Cheerful instrumental music]
- Show them how to do it, kid! - Knock them dead, Mark!
[Audience cheering and applauding]
[Celebratory music playing]
With this new stunt you're performing...
I realised that you're actually saving the show for us...
I want you to know that I apologise for being so hostile towards you.
Forget it. We're all under a little pressure.
[Menacing instrumental music]
Here's to a good show.
What is this, teatime?
- Come on. You're next. Start getting ready. - Okay.
Thanks, Mario.
[Audience cheering]
[Celebratory music playing]
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, now we have the main event.
You were great!
ANNOUNCER: An impossible stunt performed successfully only one time...
in the history of mankind.
The man who did it once...
will press his luck and try to repeat it.
Daredevil driver Michael Knight...
and his faithful car nicknamed KATT!
[Celebratory music playing]
KITT: Did you hear that announcer? He called me KATT.
That's a four-legged feline.
So go complain to your agent.
[Tyres screeching]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
KITT: We're not at speed for this manoeuvre.
KITT: Michael, do you understand?
- His timing is off. - He's not going to make it.
KITT: Michael, please hit the automatic pilot.
[Celebratory music playing]
KITT, oxygen.
It's got to be Mario. That's it. Let's go get him!
[Upbeat instrumental music]
ANNOUNCER: Looks like there's something more in the show, folks.
All right, KITT. Put me next to him, huh?
- You rigged Sammy's car, didn't you? - Yeah.
- Attempted murder, that's a long time in jail. - It wasn't all me.
- Who you working for? - Bill Gordon.
- He said he's going to plant a bomb. - Where?
The transformer. It's under the stands near Section E.
[Ominous instrumental music]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
- Stop! - Where's the bomb?
It wasn't my idea! It was Blake's!
Where's the bomb?
It's over there! It's going to go off any second!
Thank you.
KITT, you okay? KITT!
KITT: We'll discuss that at a more appropriate time.
All right.
- Who the hell are you? - You know damn well who I am.
And what I want is money, lots of it.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Let's not dance around all day, okay?
I told Gordon I wanted to talk to you one-on-one...
instead you had him try and snuff me out.
Very, very hostile, Mr. Blake.
But as you noticed, it didn't work.
So now I'm here, we talk. The price? Maybe triple. You get my point?
Assuming I knew you were talking about.
What I'm talking about is I got to Gordon and Mario...
and they unburdened their somewhat grimy souls to me.
- Does anyone else know about this? - Nobody. Not yet.
Nobody's gonna know if we make a deal.
Either we deal, or I take Gordon to the cops.
- What'll it take to make you happy, Knight? - Money.
- How much depends on what you want. - You know what I want.
Tell me again, just so we're reading the same book.
I want that show closed down for keeps.
I want that property and I want it fast.
No restrictions on the methods?
None. Just get it done, whatever it takes.
You mean like that so-called accident to Sammy or my accident?
All right. What exactly do you want, Knight?
I got what I want, Mr. Blake. You got what you want, KITT?
KITT: Every word, loud and clear, Michael.
- What is that? - It's your confession.
In this day, you can't convict on the uncorroborated testimony...
of an accomplice, like Gordon, so we got you on tape.
How much longer are you going to insist on revelling in chaos and destruction?
Tough world out there, Devon.
Hi, Bonnie. How's it going?
BONNIE: Well, the muffler is shot.
- But other than that, the damage is minor. - Good.
Feel better, Devon?
What are you doing?
Removing these disgusting decals you've defaced KITT with.
- Just leave them where they are. - I don't quite understand.
You've nailed Blake. You've put his operation out of business.
The mission is over.
For you and the Foundation it is, but not for me and KITT.
- I don't quite follow you. - Whether Blake is in jail or not...
Sammy, Mark and Lisa can't make it without a showstopper.
Until Sammy can drive again, KITT and I are going to have to pinch hit for him.
How much longer will that take?
MICHAEL: Maybe three weeks.
- Three weeks. - That's right.
We look forward to seeing you in three weeks then.
Maybe not.
Why don't you and Bon-bon drop by and catch our act?
KITT: What do you think of a stunt where I could somersault end-over-end?
KITT: It's never been done before.
KITT: Or better still, how about a flaming chariot?
KITT: We could set my wheels on fire and do a jump.
KITT: At night it could be quite spectacular, don't you think?
Can't do anything about me.
I think you better consider reprogramming him after the job.
KITT: How about a double-barrel roll...
or a barrel roll with a somersault combined?
KITT: My data confirms that 100-mile-per-hour approach...
to a 48-degree angle...
[Upbeat instrumental music]
NARRATOR: One man can make a difference, Michael.
Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world...
the world of the Knight Rider.
[Theme music]
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