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Knight Rider 1x06

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[Theme music]
NARRATOR: Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man...
who does not exist.
Michael Knight, a young loner...
on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent...
the helpless, the powerless...
in a world of criminals who operate above the law.
[Theme music continues]
[Slow instrumental music]
Yes. That's good. I see. Now, what about the weldings?
They all exceed the state safety regulation.
Okay. Then everything looks okay to me.
- Keep up the good work, Charlie. - You, too, Senator.
[Drilling in background]
MAGGIE: My committee will be very happy with the results of my inspection.
Are you all right, Devon? You don't look so good.
Maggie, isn't there somewhere we could go...
a little more conducive to quiet conversation?
I'm sorry, Devon. I don't have time for one of your famous five-course lunches.
If you want to talk, let's talk. If not, write a memo.
[Drilling continues]
[Elevator clanking]
Thank you.
MAGGIE: Hi, fellows. ALL: Hi, Maggie! How are you?
MAN: Hi, Maggie.
When you gonna get out of politics and get an honest job?
I'll tell you when...
just as soon as you lose that beer belly. I'll take that.
Hey, that's not bad.
Hey, Senator. I meant to ask you up top...
what's gonna go on with that power bill?
If it passes, you guys are gonna get ripped off again.
- What are you talking about? - I'm talking about a bill...
that was designed to destroy the environment, cheat the people...
and line the pockets of the private power companies.
AL: So what are you doing about it? MAGGIE: I'm trying like hell to defeat it.
All right. Maggie Flynn speaks for the people.
[Men cheering]
Okay. But remember, somebody's gotta do it.
ALL: Yeah. Right.
And thanks for the sandwich. Big spender.
Maggie, don't you think it's rather unwise for you to be visiting a construction site?
- It's very dangerous, you know. - I'm not visiting. I'm inspecting.
And since when do I need a bodyguard?
DEVON: Since you've been receiving threatening phone calls...
had your office broken into, found bugs in your telephones.
My, aren't you well-informed.
My feeling is that these incidents...
may have something to do with the bill you're currently opposing.
Devon, I'm currently opposing a lot of bills. You'll have to be more specific.
All I'm asking is that you allow me to provide some protection.
- Not a chance. - Maggie, won't you listen to reason?
Devon, you're a very good friend. I appreciate your concern.
But I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
[Maggie gasping]
Is that so?
[Slow instrumental music]
Hi, Bonnie. What are you doing now?
I'm about to make a very delicate adjustment to KITT's laser ducts.
KITT: Bonnie, with those hands, you should've been a surgeon.
That's what my dad always said.
I had to practically slash my wrists to convince him...
I couldn't stand the sight of blood.
Medicine's loss. Our gain.
BONNIE: There. How's that feel? KITT: Perfect.
KITT: I don't know what I'd do without you.
You'd break down. That's what you'd do, buddy.
That's for sure, the way you abuse him.
- Hello, you two. - Hi, Devon.
- Bonnie, is KITT fully prepared? - Yes, sir.
- Prepared for what? - For your next assignment, of course.
My next assignment? Wait a minute here. I got a date tonight.
That's already been taken care of.
What do you mean it's been taken care of?
That poor girl, Sabrina? She was quite heartbroken.
But I assured her that you always honour your rain checks.
We have to have a little talk about this.
Yes, indeed we must. But there's precious little time.
What do you know about Maggie Flynn?
MICHAEL: Maggie Flynn, state senator, highly controversial...
steps on a lot of toes, got the best voting record in the state legislature.
- Not bad. - Thank you very much.
- She's also a friend of yours, isn't she? - That's correct.
She's also a member of the Foundation's board of trustees.
I thought the Foundation didn't get involved in politics.
As a rule, it doesn't.
But we're gonna bend that rule a little bit, right?
Well, that'd be nothing new to you, would it?
No, Devon, it wouldn't.
- So, what do you want me to do? - Well, this assignment is perfectly simple.
I have reason to believe that Maggie's life may be in danger.
Until further notice, I would like you to be her constant companion.
- All right, you got it. - Good.
She's expecting you at her office.
By the way, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask KITT.
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I have a few further questions.
Who gave Devon Sabrina's number?
[KITT humming]
[Up-beat instrumental music]
[Up-beat music continues]
[Car tyres screeching]
Oh, no. Any suggestions?
KITT: Back up. There's a space behind you.
[Car tyres screeching]
This is ridiculous.
MICHAEL: I don't care. This is where we park.
Okay, KITT, you're on your own. Try not to look too conspicuous, okay?
[Car engine starting]
Lester, it's Ben.
Can you send a tow truck?
Yeah, we've got an illegally parked car down here.
Lester, forget it.
Look, I need those environmental impact reports no later than this afternoon, Roger.
This is important.
Listen to me. I don't have time to listen to your troubles.
I have enough of my own, all right? The point is, Maggie needs your help.
Right. Tomorrow. Well, talk to you later. Bye-bye.
- And what can I do for you? - Hi. I'm here to see Maggie Flynn.
- For starters, who are you? - Michael Knight.
Of course. You're from the Foundation, right?
- Is she in? - No, but she's due back at any moment.
JANE: Would you mind shutting the door? Thank you very much.
FORBES: I don't understand you.
Your opposition to my bill is a complete waste of your time and mine.
MAGGIE: Really? What about the taxpayers' dollars?
That's the waste I'm worried about.
The state needs that power plant.
Come off it, Forbes.
The only reason you're pushing that bill...
is because the company that wants to build that worthless plant...
just happens to be the chief source of your campaign funds.
I wish you'd reconsider your position. I don't wanna fight you on the senate floor.
MAGGIE: I'll just bet you don't. Well, you're in for one whether you like it or not.
The people of this state will not be swindled out of their natural resources.
Not if I can help it.
Oh, yes. Good day, Senator.
MICHAEL: Hello, Senator.
- Who are you? - Michael Knight.
MICHAEL: Devon Miles asked me to... MAGGIE: I know.
I was hoping he'd forget about me.
On the contrary, I'd say he's very concerned about your well-being.
Of course he is. Devon's more of an old lady than I am.
He's blowing this whole thing out of proportion.
Well, Senator, I'm here just in case he isn't.
Oh, yes. And, by the way, call me Maggie.
Nobody calls me Senator except my enemies.
Here are your messages, Maggie.
Now, what's the latest head count on that power bill?
No change. It's still too close to call.
What's next on my agenda?
Okay. You have a TV interview over at KTSM.
- Can you push it back an hour? - Sorry. It's live from the studio.
- Can you get me across town in 20 minutes? - Are blueberries blue?
Now, that's funny.
MAGGIE: Come on. Let's go.
[Door closes]
[Car engine revving]
[Slow instrumental music]
Lester, it's Ben.
Okay, where are you parked?
I'm not sure.
Wait. If you wait here I'll try and find it, then come back and pick you up, okay?
Michael, I'm not a princess. I'm a politician.
Well, for a politician, you are a princess.
From what I've read, you've received practically every award...
from practically every civic group in the state.
Those awards are easier come by than campaign contributions.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
MICHAEL: KITT, where are you? KITT: I'll be right there, Michael.
[Car tyres screeching]
MICHAEL: Watch out, Maggie!
[Suspenseful music intensifies]
Hurry up, Maggie. Come on. Jump on in.
MICHAEL: Come on, KITT! Let's go get him!
I can't believe I'm living through this. What do you call this car?
- It's called KITT. - Kit? It's a kit car?
No, it's not a kit car. It's called KITT.
It's called KITT. I'll remember that.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
I can't believe this.
[Car accelerating]
[Tense instrumental music]
MAGGIE: Can't we catch them? MICHAEL: I don't wanna go any faster.
MICHAEL: I might hit a pedestrian.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine, I think.
- Did you get a good look at that driver? - No, I didn't, but maybe KITT did.
- What are you doing? - Punching in "Instant Replay."
MICHAEL: Wait. Hold it. Hold it right there. Zoom in on that, will you?
- What is it? - License plate, USA 256.
Can you run a check on that with the DMV?
KITT: I've already made the inquiry. Unfortunately, the response is delayed.
You know how difficult it is to deal with bureaucratic computers.
It talks.
Is there anything this car cannot do?
MICHAEL: Well, it can't cook. KITT: I wasn't programmed to cook.
Maggie, I think I ought to take you back to the office.
I beg your pardon? We were on our way to a television studio.
I think you should keep a lower profile while I'm doing some investigating.
Really? And what are you going to discover? That I have powerful enemies?
We already knew that.
We also know the guy in the garage is playing for keeps.
I don't care who wants me out of the way. I am not going to be intimidated.
Maggie, if you stay visible, you're making yourself a very, very easy target.
But isn't that why I have a bodyguard?
Devon, I got a problem. Somebody just tried to kill Maggie again.
Now, I can't investigate her properly as long as I have to protect her.
Very good point, Michael.
I think I may have an idea that'll help solve your problem.
Whatever the solution is, buddy, it's gotta be fast.
I assure you I'll take care of it, personally.
MAGGIE: Well, I'll put it as simply as I can.
The Portage River Power Bill is an attempt by a handful of greedy profiteers...
to exploit both the people and the resources of this state.
Now, if this bill were to become law...
not only would a lush, unspoiled valley be turned into a desert...
but the people living there would be forced to buy back both the water...
and the power that rightfully belongs to them in the first place.
Now, who makes out on a deal like that? Not you or me.
DIXON: That woman is a menace. FORBES: That's putting it mildly.
DIXON: Has she got the votes to stop us? FORBES: I don't think so.
But if she can create enough public outcry to sway the undecided...
the bill could be in trouble.
Well, then I suggest you get back to the capitol and start twisting some arms.
DIXON: Look, I want a victory, Forbes. And if you can't assure me that...
then come election time, I'm gonna find somebody from your district who can.
FORBES: I'm doing the best I can.
But you saw for yourself Maggie Flynn isn't giving an inch.
Don't you worry about her.
I can handle Maggie Flynn.
MAGGIE: Do I still have that television makeup on?
- No. You look fine. - Well, what'd you think?
- How did I come across? - Like gangbusters.
- I wasn't too pushy? - Of course you were.
I thought that's part of your image.
MAGGIE: My image?
Listen, with me, what you see is what you get.
Maggie, I gotta hand it to you. You are one very gutsy lady.
When you spend your life in political hand-to-hand combat, it toughens you up.
- What are you doing? - I'm taking KITT out of surveillance mode.
- Surveillance mode? - Yeah. See, he has a sensory device...
that can detect any movement within a 200-yard radius.
MICHAEL: Anything to report, buddy? KITT: All clear, Michael. It's safe to proceed.
I remember Devon telling me about this special car...
they had developed at the Foundation. I had no idea it was so sophisticated.
[Whispering] Don't flatter him. He has a tendency to show off.
KITT: Not true, Michael.
KITT: Flattery implies that I'm capable of responding to my own unique capabilities.
KITT: The truth, Senator, is that I deal solely in empirical data.
- See what I mean? - Well, in any case, I'm impressed.
KITT: Thank you. The feeling is mutual. MAGGIE: Thank you.
All right. Where to now, Senator?
Back to the office. I have a climbing date with a mountain of paperwork.
[Sombre instrumental music]
- I believe she's out to lunch. - Hello, Devon. What are you doing here?
I'm trying to solve a problem.
MAGGIE: What kind of problem?
You're familiar with the Foundation's...
International Conference on Democracy in the Emerging Nations?
Of course I'm familiar with it. I organised it with Prof. LeCalir.
MAGGIE: He should be up at the Blue Lake retreat now.
That's my problem. Prof. LeCalir has had to cancel.
There's nobody to moderate the discussion groups.
I fear a fiasco for the Foundation.
- Devon, is this a setup? - What on earth are you suggesting?
I am suggesting that in order to get me out of town...
you would stoop to something underhanded.
DEVON: Stoop? MAGGIE: Like a subtle form of blackmail.
- It can't be blackmail if you care. - Well, of course I care.
I have spent six months putting that conference together.
That suggests a vested interest.
I also have a vested interest in defeating that power bill.
The vote on the bill's not till next week.
DEVON: You'll be back long before then.
It'll give me some time to check out who's harassing you.
Okay, Devon. You win.
Excellent. Come with me. We have a car waiting.
MICHAEL: Be careful, okay? DEVON: Yes, of course.
MAGGIE: And you, too. MICHAEL: Okay. See you when you get back.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
MICHAEL: KITT? KITT: Yes, Michael.
Turn up anything on that license plate yet?
KITT: The car was registered to the Interstate Auto Rental Company.
A rented car? Great. That's another dead end.
KITT: Will you permit me to complete my report?
Sorry. Very sorry. Go on.
KITT: I checked their computers.
KITT: The name on the credit card used in the transaction was Brian Owendorf.
- Brian Owendorf? That's impossible. - Why is that so impossible?
Because it doesn't make any sense, that's why.
He's one of Maggie's oldest and most loyal supporters.
Besides, why would an environmental activist try to kill her?
We've been working together on ecology issues for years.
It's not unheard of for supporters to manifest their support in radical ways.
What's that supposed to mean?
Maybe he's staging this whole thing to win political support.
Nobody would expect a friend of Maggie's to run her down in a parking lot.
No, they'd point fingers at the conglomerates behind the power bill.
Maybe that's exactly what Brian Owendorf hopes will happen.
I don't know, Michael. How can you be so sure?
Actually, I'm not. That's why I wanna go talk to Brian Owendorf.
Michael, what are all those lights on your dashboard?
That's a little computer gadget the Foundation installed.
Cuts down on my speeding tickets.
Slow down. It's right over there, the building across the street.
I want you to stay in the car just in case things get nasty.
I don't wanna stay in the car by myself.
- It's okay. KITT'll keep you company. - Who's KITT?
KITT: The "little computer gadget."
I'm sorry. You're not the easiest thing in the world to explain.
KITT: Next time you have trouble, just ask me. I know exactly who I am.
I'll remember that.
Hang in here.
KITT: Jane, according to my information, you went to Stanford University.
[Stuttering] That's right.
KITT: Part of my circuitry was developed there. Excellent school.
[Jane responds affirmatively]
KITT: I don't suppose you know anyone in the Engineering Department?
[Knocking on door]
- Can I help you? - Hi there.
Yeah. Well, that depends on whether or not Brian Owendorf is here or not.
Yes, he's here. Do you have an appointment?
No, but Brian and I are old buddies.
MICHAEL: I thought I'd drop by to say hello. KATIE: I see.
MICHAEL: You know, we marched together to save the redwoods.
MICHAEL: Wow, those were the days. KATIE: Yeah. Why don't you have a seat?
MICHAEL: Okay. Thanks.
What is it, Katie?
There's a man out there. Says he's an old friend of yours.
[Whispering] Do you know him?
- I've never seen him before in my life. - Well, what should I do?
Just stall him.
KATIE: All right. BRIAN: Okay?
He'll be with you in a minute. Can I get you a drink? We've lots of juices.
Yeah. I'll take an orange juice. Thanks.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
KITT, a man took off. He's headed down an alley behind the building.
KITT: I'm picking him up on the scanner. MICHAEL: Go for it!
[Fast-paced music continues]
KITT, what are you doing?
KITT: Employing my self-propelled guidance system.
You can follow on the screen.
I don't believe this.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
[Fast-paced music continues]
I give up!
Michael, will you kindly tell your car to back off?
MICHAEL: It's okay, KITT. Back up.
Jane, can you tell me what's going on?
It's okay, Brian. They're with me.
Why'd you take off like that?
- I thought you were one of the goons. - What goons?
We've been getting calls telling us...
if we don't stop protesting the Forbes bill, we'll all be dead.
JANE: You, too? BRIAN: Yeah.
They broke in and ransacked the office, destroyed the files, the whole bit.
When I saw you going through the filing cabinets, I got scared.
- I'm sorry. - It's all right.
I'm just glad we established we're on the same side.
Brian, did they take anything from the office?
Not much. A few bucks from petty cash.
Just to make it look like a burglary, I suppose.
That's all they took?
Oh, yeah. My credit cards. They got those, too.
There's somebody out there that wants that power bill to pass real bad.
[Tense instrumental music]
I hope that the conference enables you to take home a few more new ideas.
I'm certain it will.
It is a delight to see you. Miriam.
Prof. LeCalir.
I was under the impression you were unable to attend.
- It's a pleasant surprise. - For me as well.
And I was under the impression you wouldn't be here.
Good heavens. Where did you get such erroneous information?
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
LUGER: Hello. Mr. Dixon?
LUGER: Yeah, everything's under control. She's up at the retreat, nice and isolated.
Splendid. What about that hotshot driver that she had?
You won't have to worry none about that boy.
I got him going around in circles.
DIXON: Have you assembled the necessary support personnel?
All set.
Luger, I want you to use whatever methods are called for.
Now you make sure that Maggie Flynn stays put.
DIXON: I'll handle the rest of the operation. LUGER: You got it.
JANE: What are you doing here?
MICHAEL: Thought you might like breakfast. JANE: Thank you.
That was very thoughtful of you.
- How'd you sleep? - I didn't.
I spent the whole night worrying about Maggie.
MICHAEL: Here you go. This'll make you feel a lot better.
Thank you.
That's good.
You may act like a crazy person sometimes...
but you sure know how to make a cup of coffee.
- I'm taking that as a compliment. - That's the way it was intended.
Now tell me, how's a girl like you get to be a girl like you anyway?
I don't know. Four years of college...
then grad school, an internship in Washington...
and then a major stroke of luck, I met Maggie Flynn.
- You really admire her, don't you? - Yeah.
I'll tell you, she has more integrity and plain old guts...
than anybody I've ever known.
- To Maggie. - You bet.
[Telephone ringing]
Excuse me.
Hello. Yes, this is Jane.
Hold on. Just take it slow.
No. How could he?
Don't you worry. She'll be there.
Yeah. I'll see you later.
- What? - That creep Forbes did a number on us.
He got his cronies to push the bill through committee last night.
He's bringing it up for vote before the senate this afternoon.
- He knew Maggie was out of town. - Russel Forbes is as slick as they come.
He knows if Maggie isn't there, the opposition will fall apart.
That's okay. I'll go up and get her.
MICHAEL: I'll call the retreat and tell her I'm on my way.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
What's wrong?
[Suspenseful music intensifies]
And yet I maintain that only by standing up for our ideals...
by striking out against injustice...
and acting to improve the lot of others...
can we advance the cause of freedom...
and enrich this world.
Position yourselves straight up the road a ways.
Anybody try to get through, stop them.
We got this place sealed off tighter than a drum.
Ain't no way that lady's getting out of here now.
[Tense instrumental music]
JANE: Do you really think they're in trouble?
I learned in the Special Forces...
when you cut off an enemy's line of communication...
- you cut them off from help. - But why would somebody do such a thing?
My guess is someone doesn't want Maggie to find out about the vote today.
Yeah, well, unfortunately, that's my guess, too.
It's up to us to make sure she not only finds out about the vote...
but has a chance to do something about it.
What is going on here?
I've tried to reach my office and the phones are dead.
Yes. I know.
MAGGIE: Don't give me that British "stiff upper lip" routine.
Now, what's going on out there?
- We're under siege. - We're what?
An unidentified group of armed men have set up a roadblock. We're cut off.
Well, I knew Forbes was desperate to stop me...
but I never thought he'd go this far.
- Do you think he's responsible? - Well, maybe not directly.
But who else, except the men he works for...
would be ruthless enough to try a stunt like this?
None of this would have happened if I'd left well enough alone.
I should never have brought you here.
Will you knock off the hindsight and try to figure out a way to get me out of here?
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
MAN: Hey! Stop!
Sounds like our first visitor's arriving sooner than expected.
Get ready for them.
KITT: Michael, there's a roadblock up ahead.
I'm almost afraid to ask this, but how are we gonna get past them?
KITT: May I suggest we continue down the road?
- You got it, KITT. My sentiments exactly. - But it's blocked!
Well, then I guess we'll just have to go over them.
Oh, no.
What the hell's going through that boy's head?
MAN: Watch out!
[Guns firing]
What's that?
Sounds like KITT.
Hop in the car.
- We gotta get you back into town. - What?
JANE: They're taking a vote on the bill in two hours.
I thought as much. Devon, will you be all right?
Yes. They don't care about us. Get in the car.
JANE: Will you just go? You're...
All right, come on. Let's go.
Hope you're as good getting out as you were getting in.
- So do I. - Good luck.
MAGGIE: Michael, this isn't the way out. MICHAEL: It is now.
LUGER: I'd like to see them try to get past us now.
MICHAEL: We're gonna bypass the roadblock.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
LUGER: Holy Toledo! MAN: How does he do it?
[Tense instrumental music]
It's okay, Maggie. KITT's got a pretty thick skin.
KITT: Please be precise, Michael. It's not thick. It's simply a bullet-proof alloy.
I can't tell you how I'm counting on that.
- What do you mean she got away? - All I know is...
this guy's not gonna get caught from behind.
I need all the help I can get.
All right. I'll arrange all that. You just try to stay on his tail.
MICHAEL: We'll take the short cut and cut them off further down.
KITT, get a hold of the state police yet?
KITT: Yes, Michael. Go ahead. MICHAEL: Listen to me.
There's been a terrorist assault on the Foundation retreat at Blue Lake.
A group of international dignitaries are there and their lives may be in danger.
OFFICER: [On radio] National Guard Unit 13. We're en route to the terrorist attack. Over.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
LUGER: There they are. We've got them.
KITT: Michael, I advise you to use the rocket thrusters, or they'll cut us off.
LUGER: We lost them.
What's that car got in it?
KITT: I detect a dangerous obstruction in the road 200 yards ahead.
Take the next left fork up a hill.
LUGER: Where'd they go?
[Luger screaming]
Good work, KITT.
KITT: Thank you, Michael. It was all quite elementary.
KITT: We're not out of the woods yet. MICHAEL: What do you mean?
MAGGIE: That's what he means.
MICHAEL: Can we take a direct hit? KITT: I prefer not to find out.
KITT: But the real problem is the bridge at Twin Forks.
KITT: They can take it out with two rockets, and even I can't jump that far.
MAN #1: Can't you hit it? MAN #2: It just seems to dodge the hits.
MAN #1: Let's see if we can knock it over.
KITT, open up the sunroof.
Here. Take over, buddy. You're on your own.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
MAN #2: Take it up. We're so close, I think I can hit them.
[Fast-paced music continues]
KITT: Nice to have you back. MICHAEL: Nice to be back.
MAGGIE: Michael, you're a very brave man. MICHAEL: Yeah.
I just hope the next time you go for a ride like this, you take me along.
- It's fun. - Yeah, it's a real blast.
Out of sight.
[Theme music]
FORBES: You're in time. The session convenes in a few minutes.
FORBES: I got the champagne.
Let's hope we're able to celebrate.
FORBES: What's gonna stop us?
Maggie Flynn is on her way to the capitol.
What? I thought you...
Just get out there on the floor and see if you can move things.
DIXON: Now come on. We don't have enough time.
- When's the afternoon session begin? - I think it already has.
- Hang on. It shouldn't take us much longer. - Perfect.
You're saying that Maggie Flynn has withdrawn her opposition to your bill?
SPEAKER: Don't believe it. FORBES: It was a shock to me, too.
But that's what she told me. I just got off the phone with her.
And she said she wasn't even gonna show up for the vote?
I think that's more a face-saving gesture.
It'd be really embarrassing for her to throw in her towel in public.
She's a proud woman.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
[Car tyres screeching]
KITT: Give them hell, Maggie.
If no senator wishes to speak in opposition to the bill...
we'll proceed with the vote.
All in favour of the Portage River Power Act...
- signify by saying... - Point of order, Mr. Speaker!
I wish to speak in opposition to the bill.
You may have the floor, Senator.
DEVON: Mr. Dixon.
Your friend Luger here had some very interesting things to say about you...
while we were flying back to town.
Would you come with us, please?
All right!
[Up-beat instrumental music]
MAGGIE: It's not fair, you know.
A fancy dinner to celebrate our victory, and I don't even get to be there.
Maggie, we'd be delighted to bring the party to you.
I love Palm Beach at this time of year. By the way, is the fishing good?
MAGGIE: All I've seen is the airport, the hotel, and the convention hall.
How is the response?
MAGGIE: Ever tried to talk to diamond-studded country-clubbers...
about world hunger?
After what you've just been through, that should be easy...
unless you want me and KITT to come help you out.
MAGGIE: Not this time. You've already done your bit for democracy.
KITT: Democracy. The absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions.
KITT: A system of government based on rule of the majority.
Somewhat idealistic, but functional.
MAGGIE: I never said it was perfect. But with a little nudge now and then...
to keep it on the right track, we may get lucky.
KITT: You might find it stimulating to participate in a dialogue with me...
on democracy versus imperialism, socialism...
KITT, can it, will you? We're almost at the restaurant.
- We'll miss you, Maggie. - Yes, Maggie...
we'll have a drink to your continued success.
MAGGIE: I'll be thinking of you, too.
KITT: And I'll be waiting in the parking lot.
- Bye, Maggie. Take care. - Goodbye.
JANE: Oh, boy. I'm starved.
MICHAEL: Order anything you want, and don't look at the prices.
MICHAEL: The Foundation's picking up the tab.
I am?
KITT: That's not necessary.
KITT: I prefer to find my own place.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
[Theme music]
NARRATOR: One man can make a difference, Michael.
Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world...
the world of the Knight Rider.
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