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Knight Rider 1x08

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[Theme music]
NARRATOR: Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man...
who does not exist.
Michael Knight, a young loner...
on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent...
the helpless, the powerless...
in a world of criminals who operate above the law.
[Humming classical music]
[Police siren wailing]
SAUNDERS: Pull over.
WALLACE: Hey, rich car.
SAUNDERS: This guy should be good for some big bucks.
Your driver's license?
- What seems to be the problem, Officer? - I was going to ask you that.
- You got a burr up your muffler? - I beg your pardon?
You ran through a posted intersection without stopping.
I don't wish to tell you your business, Officer...
Then don't.
...but that sign is not legally posted. It's hidden.
- You want to write up the vehicle, Rex? - Right, Sarge.
You broke that light. You'll pay for it.
Me? Never touched it.
A broken taillight, running a stop, failure to produce license.
WALLACE: You're running up a fine. DEVON: I have no intention of paying.
That stop sign is nothing but a poorly concealed trap.
I think he's trying to tell us that we set him up.
DEVON: Crudely put, but accurate.
If you'll excuse me, I'll see if I can find a lawyer to deal with this matter.
That'll come later.
WALLACE: Let's put him in the squad. DEVON: You're not serious.
MICHAEL: We're making real good time, buddy.
We should be at the Foundation in about an hour.
KITT: I'm afraid there'll be a slight delay. I'll have to make a pit stop very shortly.
Pit stop? Quit kidding around. You're not that human.
KITT: I was using the term in its literal sense, Michael.
If you'll glance at my fuel gauges...
you'll see that I'm virtually operating on fumes.
You're right. Bonnie really goofed up, didn't she?
KITT: It wasn't Bonnie's fault.
It's just that her route plan didn't include the 200-mile diversion...
involving you and that young lady you met back in...
Yeah. Never mind that. I'll find you some blood, Dracula.
KITT: A very inept analogy, if I may say so.
Blood has virtually no combustible capabilities at all.
Now, remember...
my synthesisers can operate on any kind of combustible fluids.
That's some kind of car, Mother.
Ought to be good for one new tyre and a couple of hoses, at least.
Give me the ice pick, will you?
KITT: I don't want to have to spend a day getting my tanks purged.
KITT: A very distasteful procedure. MICHAEL: Okay.
Afternoon, mister. What'll it be?
Afternoon. Fill her up, please.
Where's your cap, buddy?
That's okay. It's complicated. I'll take care of it.
MAN: I'll check under your hood? MICHAEL: No, don't bother.
MAN: No trouble.
KITT: I wouldn't do that to my tyre if I were you.
That's enough help, my friend.
MICHAEL: You okay? MAN: Sure.
MICHAEL: How much do I owe you there?
Nothing. Forget it.
- It's on the house. - Hey, thanks.
KITT: Some people. MICHAEL: I know, buddy. I know.
MICHAEL: He do any damage? KITT: To me? You must be jesting.
Perhaps with some plastique, a jackhammer, a diamond-edged hacksaw...
he may have had an outside chance of throwing out a circuit or two.
But damage?
DEVON: The least you can do is give me decent bread and water.
- His Highness is still complaining, huh? - Nonstop.
WALLACE: You can listen to him. I'm due over at Sinclair Headquarters.
I'm acting night watch commander for the whole county tonight.
DEVON: What a delightful thought.
Almost makes me feel glad to be spending the night in jail.
He's all yours, Rex, old buddy.
Have a cool evening, hear?
I don't know, KITT, I don't know.
KITT: Michael, if you didn't want my expertise...
why did you just programme me with all this data?
KITT: Here it is, Michael.
I'll take S.C. over Notre Dame, but you're wrong about Penn State.
They'll never make the point spread.
Hi, Bonnie. What's up?
BONNIE: Help. MICHAEL: What's that supposed to mean?
It means Devon's in jail.
Devon's busted? Come on. That's ridiculous.
BONNIE: Unfortunately, it also happens to be true.
What did they get him for? Assault with a deadly crumpet?
BONNIE: He was on his way to meet a reporter named Reston...
when he was picked up on a traffic violation.
A traffic violation? And he's probably gonna fight it, huh?
This I would love to see. Where's he being held?
A little town called Lyndhurst Flats.
KITT: Strange. That's exactly 412 miles straight ahead of us on this route.
Why I called.
And that's where we're going.
SMITH: All right. Let's go. RESTON: Okay. All right.
SAUNDERS: Well, what have we got here?
Our favourite member of the press, Frank Reston, in person.
RESTON: You guys are absolutely hilarious.
SMITH: Come on. Let's go.
Wait a minute, bozo. You can't book me without a breath test.
You're a troublemaker, Reston.
We don't need no breath test to tell that.
Why don't you just get on in there?
Reston? Frank Reston?
Fifth Amendment, old boy.
I'll have a Fifth Amendment.
That's a great name for a booze, huh?
I'm Devon Miles.
That's an okay name for a liqueur, I guess, but not for a real booze.
I'm Devon Miles from the Foundation.
You wrote me a letter about an investigation you're conducting.
I remember you.
How come you never wrote me back?
I decided to come and talk to you personally.
Well, you picked a lousy place for a meeting.
We can't talk here.
[Phone ringing]
WALLACE: Wallace here. SAUNDERS: Hey, Sarge.
You're never gonna believe who we picked up on a D&D rap.
WALLACE: The mayor. SAUNDERS: Come on. Be serious.
SAUNDERS: Frank Reston, that creep.
That reporter's been trying to nail something on us...
for the last three-and-a-half years.
WALLACE: Reston, huh? SAUNDERS: Yep.
- All you got was drunk and disorderly? - That's it.
Too bad you couldn't get something real good, something like a sex offence.
Well, you know, Sarge, something could be arranged.
I'll tell you what. It's gonna be a slow night.
Why don't you bring good old Frank over here to see me at Sinclair?
He and I are gonna have a long talk.
- Right away, Sarge. - Thanks, Rex.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
RESTON: Okay, guys, fun time's over.
How much is it gonna cost me to get out of here?
You insinuating that we might take a bribe?
Just a shot in the dark.
I don't know what ever made me think that I could corrupt...
a couple of honest officials such as yourselves.
Why don't you just take it easy?
I'd like to give you the same advice.
These fellows have a unique way of interpreting the law.
You don't have to tell me about it, pal. I know all about these guys...
and their boss, Judge Paxton.
- Ain't that right, boys? - I wouldn't know about that.
But I do know they want to see you at headquarters in Sinclair. So let's go.
Suppose I don't wanna go to Sinclair just right now?
Well, the book doesn't say anything about what you do or don't want.
They tell me to take you, you're gonna go.
An offer I can't resist, huh?
All right. Okay.
Let's go.
My mother will get mad at you.
SAUNDERS: All right. Let's go.
[Rooster crowing]
KITT, you sure you know where this place is?
KITT: Of course I do. We're approaching the city limits even as we speak.
Right you are, old buddy.
KITT: Michael, remember we're due in Phoenix at 5:00 today.
Yeah. That can wait.
I wouldn't miss the chance to bail out our illustrious leader...
for all the pasta in Italy.
[Adventurous instrumental music]
MAN: Two officers are here to see you, Judge Paxton.
PAXTON: Show them in.
All right, Wallace. What's the big emergency?
What's the problem?
It's that reporter Reston we busted last night.
What about him?
WALLACE: We were sort of talking to him and went a little overboard.
He's dead.
- What? - Look, we barely touched him. I mean...
Well, the guy sort of blacked out all of a sudden.
You incompetent fools.
Do you realise what this means?
That's the last thing we need for this county, to be swarming with investigators.
I think we can cover it up. Make it look like an accident.
WALLACE: No one knows he was arrested. SAUNDERS: Except that guy in jail.
What are you talking about?
Some British dude we picked up in the speed trap. He's the only witness.
In that case, you boys better make sure...
you find a way to keep his mouth shut...
till this whole thing blows over.
- Right? - Right.
MICHAEL: This looks like the place.
Don't you go sightseeing, huh? I shall return.
KITT: What if you need to post a bond? MICHAEL: Don't worry.
I promise I won't put you up for collateral.
Sorry, Mrs. Reston, we can't find no arrest record for a Frank Reston.
Who said anything about arrest? All I want to know is where he is.
Now I've checked down at the paper, and they don't know.
I've looked in every bar in town. Nothing.
He couldn't have just disappeared.
If I were you, I'd go home and wait for him. He's bound to show up.
- First of all, he's my ex-husband. - I wish I could help, Mrs. Reston.
Yeah, I bet you do.
- What can I do for you? - Well, I'm here to pick up Devon Miles.
Well, as you can see, Mr. Miles is no longer staying with us.
MICHAEL: Did he spring himself? WALLACE: Nothing like that.
We transferred him over to Sinclair. It's 20 miles from here.
WALLACE: We're not equipped for long stays.
Besides, your friend preferred a cell to a fine.
So we moved him where he'd be more comfortable.
When's his court appearance?
You'll have to check with the county clerk about that.
WALLACE: That's all. I'm busy.
Excuse me. Seems like we got a kind of similar problem.
I'm kind of a stranger in town. I was hoping maybe you could help me.
Don't see why not.
Look, I'm on my way to Sinclair.
You're welcome to come along. Maybe he's there.
Okay. Thank you.
CAROL: Hey, this is some car. MICHAEL: Yeah, it is. Thanks.
Wait a minute. Carol Reston? My boss, Devon Miles...
stopped off here to see a guy named Reston.
- Same fellow? - Yeah. It has to be.
- Any idea why? - No, not a clue.
Maybe our meeting like this could turn out to be a lucky break for both of us.
Maybe it could at that.
MICHAEL: When was the last time you saw your ex?
It's been about a week or so. He says he's been busy working.
Of course, that was always his excuse when we were married.
- What kind of work does he do? - He's an investigative reporter.
And let me tell you, in this town that's a full-time job.
- There. - There it is.
Sorry, we haven't got a Frank Reston or a Devon Miles.
The police at Lyndhurst Flats just told me they sent him over here.
- You're telling me you don't have him here? - That's correct.
I'm a little confused.
- Want me to call them? - I'd like you to call them.
MICHAEL: I'd like to find some answers. CAROL: No, that's okay.
We've gotta go back there anyway. We'll straighten everything out.
- Whatever you say. - Wait. We're not going anywhere.
Michael, your boss is not here. Please, let's just get out of here.
You folks have a nice day on your way out of town.
What was that all about?
I think there's a few things that you're not aware of.
Yeah, like the whereabouts of Devon Miles.
If you want to go back on your wild goose chase, go ahead.
I thought you might like to know what you're up against.
- What do you mean? - Have you ever heard of Judge Paxton?
- No. Who is he? - He runs this county.
From what Frank tells me, he does it with an iron fist.
If he wants someone to disappear, nobody ask any questions.
Carol, all Devon did was break the speed limit.
He enjoys his tailor-mades.
My, my. What a smell. All squeaky clean, are we?
I've had the pleasure of one of your antiseptic showers.
Well, the county hates the thought of nasty bugs in their designer pants.
By the way, I love your accent.
Just a fitting. Save the socialising.
- What's your shoe size? - Ten-and-a-half D.
I'm terribly sorry. We've just had a run on half sizes.
You'll have to wear two pair of socks instead.
- Here you go. - Thank you.
We aim to please.
If you need anything else, Your Highness, just ask for Pink.
Come on, before he invites you to tea.
WALLACE: There's some guy in town asking questions about Devon Miles.
Well, I don't doubt that.
This just came in.
Seems that Mr. Devon Miles is the executive director...
of The Foundation of Law and Government.
You have gotten us into one fine fix, Wallace.
Now, you listen to me and you listen good.
We can't take the risk of Miles talking.
Judge, you can't do much talking at the facility.
I said I don't want to take any chances.
Now, Miles is the only link that can tie us to Reston.
So I want Mr. Miles out of the way for good.
[Telephone ringing]
It's for you.
Butler. That smart-mouth Knight just left with Mrs. Reston.
They're heading back to Lyndhurst Flats.
- I don't think either one left here very happy. - Thanks, we'll take care of it.
Pauly, come in, this is Sergeant Wallace.
Yeah, this is Pauly. What is it, Sarge?
We got a report on a black car. License plate: Knight. K-N-l-G-H-T.
Came shooting through town like a bat out of hell.
- Where's he headed? - Toward Lyndhurst Flats.
WALLACE: He's about three miles ahead of you, heading your way.
PAULY: I should be coming up on him real soon.
That boy's gonna hurt somebody the way he's driving.
WALLACE: You mind helping us nail him? PAULY: Not at all, Sarge.
Thanks, Pauly, we'll be right there.
The more I see of this county's law enforcement...
the more suspicious I get.
Yeah. If you knew half as much as I do...
you'd be positively paranoid.
KITT: There's a large vehicle approaching at high speed on the wrong side of the road.
I advise evasive action.
CAROL: What was that? MICHAEL: I'll explain later.
- I'm coming up on him now. - You know what to do.
That truck sure picked a bad time to pass.
Michael, he's coming right at us.
CAROL: Do something. KITT: Michael, hit the brake.
KITT: Michael, put it in reverse.
MICHAEL: Just hang on.
What the... No car can go that fast in reverse.
KITT: Michael, why reverse? We could have jumped over.
MICHAEL: I want to stay with these guys and find out who put them up to it.
PAULY: How can he drive that good going backwards at that kind of speed?
What the hell kind of a car is that?
Look out!
SAUNDERS: Aren't you sorry we gave that guy such a hard time?
WALLACE: We're gonna fix him now.
MICHAEL: You okay? CAROL: I think so.
That trucker sure has a strange way of getting his jollies.
That's only because you think he was kidding.
CAROL: Anyway, as I was saying, the judge has this county in his pocket.
Not a buck changes hands that he doesn't get a piece of somehow.
- And Frank was onto this? - That's what was keeping Frank alive.
Look, five years ago, Frank and I were this real hotshot team...
working on the biggest newspaper in Texas.
And then, he started drinking heavy and...
Well, one thing led to another, and we wound up in Lyndhurst Flats.
And that was mostly the judge's fault, too.
Really? Why's that?
CAROL: Remember that skywalk that collapsed...
at the Skylighter Hotel down here about three years ago?
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do.
MICHAEL: A hundred people were killed. CAROL: Right.
The judge's principal source of income was the Paxton Cement Company.
Anyway, it seems that there was too much sand...
and not enough cement in that skywalk.
Things got pretty hot down here for a while.
MICHAEL: And Frank found a story. CAROL: Right.
He could smell the Pulitzer Prize...
and just see The Washington Post or The New York Times...
begging him to go back big-time.
Anyway, he has been sniffing at Paxton's heels for three years now...
and getting nowhere fast.
The story's there all right. It's just the proof isn't.
Well, that's tough. It's tough for both of you.
I mean, the connection's there between Devon and Frank and the judge.
MICHAEL: I mean, where are they? If they're not in the jails...
where could the judge be stashing them in this county?
Killing them would be the easiest.
MICHAEL: Ease up. If the judge wanted to do that...
he could've done that a long time ago.
If he put up with Frank all these years, he won't do something that drastic now.
Especially with Devon Miles in the picture.
Of course, there is the county correctional facility.
- Can we get in there? - No way...
unless we announce ourselves, and then we'll get the same old runaround.
Well, then we'll just have to go in unannounced.
Pink, you awake?
Shep, what are you doing here?
- How did you get those keys? - It wasn't easy.
Look, I got it all figured out.
We're busting out of here first thing tomorrow morning.
What's the matter?
- Damn! Who's he? - He's my new cell mate. Name's Devon.
I think he's British or something.
I don't care what he is. He's fouling up my plan good.
SHEP: Because three is a crowd when it comes to escaping.
Put your mind at rest. I have no intention of leaving this place...
until I have my day in court.
- That's what you think. - Wait. Why does he have to go with us?
'Cause he knows we're going, that's why.
What's to stop him from blowing the whistle on us when we make our break?
- You have my word. - Right, we have his word.
Shut up, Pink. I say he's coming, and that's final.
I assume I have some say in this matter.
Look, you either come out with us, or stay here dead.
Personally, I'd just as soon not kill you.
SHEP: The choice is yours. DEVON: Thank you. What's your plan?
- We get out in the truck. - Truck? What truck?
The one that starts with this key. It'll be outside in the morning.
All we gotta do is get over the wall, and we're home free.
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
How do you propose to climb the 15-foot wall in broad daylight?
SHEP: I was working on it. DEVON: You were working on it.
The whole key to the success of this plan is our success in getting over the wall...
- and you were working on it. - You got a better idea?
Not at the moment, but if pressed, it wouldn't be difficult to come up with one.
Somehow, Devon, you don't strike me as your typical jailbreaker.
Yes, that's what the Gestapo thought.
That's how I was able to escape from two German prison camps during the war.
That's kind of interesting.
So if you insist on my coming with you, please give me the pleasure...
of devising a suitable scheme for our departure.
MICHAEL: How much further? CAROL: About 40 minutes.
CAROL: Maybe you can tell me some more about this wonderful car of yours.
Since we'll be going into action real soon...
I think this is as good a time as any to introduce you to KITT.
MICHAEL: You're on, KITT. KITT: Very well, Michael.
KITT: Allow me to introduce myself, Carol.
I am KITT, whom you may regard as the voice of the Knight Two Thousand.
What was that? A recording?
KITT: Not exactly. In fact, not at all.
If you'll allow me to continue, I will attempt to describe...
most of the qualities and capabilities of this truly unique vehicle.
MICHAEL: You only got 40 minutes. KITT: I'll try to squeeze it all in.
KITT: At any rate...
starting with the indestructible alloy that makes up my outer shell...
PINK: Sign, Devon.
- What the hell do you think you're doing? - You looked hungry.
- Man, you're asking for it. - So are you, pal.
That does it!
Hold it!
[Alarm sounding]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
PINK: Way to go, Devon.
Save the applause. We're not out of the woods yet.
WALLACE: Wallace. COP: You better get over here right now.
WALLACE: What's going on?
Three men just escaped from the workhouse...
and one of them is Devon Miles.
- Excuse me. Where is the warden? - Someplace around. Who are you?
I'm just a messenger. Judge Paxton sent me over with a message for the warden.
Judge Paxton? I guess that's okay.
You might look for him in the administration building. To your left.
Thank you. By the way, what's going on around here?
Big deal. Three guys just busted out of here. It's gonna be hell to pay.
I bet. Glad it's not my problem. Thank you.
COP: They are over the wall but not off the grounds.
Step on it! We can still catch them.
There they are. We got them. No sweat.
SHEP: They're still gaining on us.
There's no way. We can't outrun them.
PINK: Devon, watch out. There's a work crew there.
DEVON: I got an idea. SHEP: What are you gonna do?
You'll see.
ALL: Oh, my God!
COP: Watch out!
CAROL: Hey, KITT? KITT: Yes, Carol.
What's going on?
KITT: I'm receiving a transmission from Michael. Go ahead, Michael.
MICHAEL: KITT, we just hit the jackpot. Devon's here.
WALLACE: Correction.
Was here.
MICHAEL: Where's Devon? WALLACE: I'm trying to find out.
He and two inmates just busted out of here.
Devon Miles busting out of jail. I don't believe that.
- It's true, all right. - What was he doing here in the first place?
Your friend was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and so are you.
Let's go, hero.
MICHAEL: I need help fast.
[KITT humming]
CAROL: Where are we going? KITT: To save Michael.
[Tyres screeching]
SAUNDERS: Sarge, this is Saunders.
WALLACE: Yeah, what is it? SAUNDERS: We caught Pink and Shep.
What about Miles?
SAUNDERS: We think he's hiding in the grove down by the river.
All right. Flush him out and shoot to kill.
All right. Get in the car. In the back seat.
WALLACE: You'll never get out. They'll blow this car to pieces.
MICHAEL: We'll see about that. Get in! COP: Wallace is in trouble!
COP 1: Put a hole in them! COP 2: Open fire!
Where are those groves your partner was talking about?
- Take a right at the next road ahead. - Get on that walkie-talkie.
Call your boys. Tell them you're on your way.
Forget it.
Shoot him.
WALLACE: Saunders, listen to me.
Don't worry, Sarge.
He's hiding in the grove down by the river.
Keep him cornered, but don't, I repeat, do not kill him. Wait for me.
Whatever you say, Sarge...
but I ought to tell you Judge Paxton's got a $10,000 price tag...
on His Highness's head.
These boys want at him pretty bad.
We got him now. He went this way. Come on.
KITT, you got the scanners going?
KITT: I'm picking up a single individual being pursued by two others.
It should be Devon. Heading: 1-8-3. Range: 350 meters.
Who said that?
I'd love for you to stick around and find out...
but I'm afraid we need the room.
MICHAEL: Enjoy your flight.
[Wallace screaming]
Your timing couldn't have been more felicitous.
Felicitous? That mean you're glad to see me?
I've never been happier to see anyone in my life.
I hit him! I swear I hit that car!
COP: Come on. We can't let them get away.
How do we get out of here?
You better swing around and go back the way we came in.
[Horn honking]
COP: Damn farmers!
MICHAEL: We'll take the high road and cut them off.
KITT: There's one above us and one below us.
KITT: Michael, the brake.
[Man yelling]
Look out!
Now, that's incredible.
We still have to make it to the county line, though.
We should have a clear shot now.
KITT: Doesn't that deserve a word of thanks?
Pauly, this is Saunders.
Listen, I don't care what it takes. Just don't let him cross that county line.
You got it. Pete, are you anywhere near the bridge?
About a half a mile, Pauly. What do you need?
Block the bridge for me. There's a guy in a black car that needs stopping.
Will do, Pauly.
PETE: I'll hold them here in the middle of the bridge. They won't get past me.
KITT: Michael, we're approaching the county line.
- It's just over the bridge. - Thank God.
PAULY: Yeah, I'm on their tail. We got them in a squeeze play.
KITT: I've done a scan on the stalled vehicle ahead.
Automotively speaking, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.
MICHAEL: It's a trap.
PAULY: We got them. We're gonna make tin tortillas out of that flashy car.
- Don't you think you better do something? - Hold on.
KITT: You're not thinking of... Oh, my word, you are!
What is that?
Good afternoon, Judge. I was beginning to fear that you might not show up.
Who are you? And how did you get in here anyway?
Details. Mere details.
The important thing is that I'm here...
and I'm quite sure that you know who I am.
- Yes, Mr. Devon Miles. - Very perceptive of you.
They told me you'd escaped yesterday.
And how right they were. But, as you see, I've come back.
PAXTON: For what? DEVON: Why, to collect you, of course.
Once we got away, we went straight to the state police.
They were very interested in our assorted tales...
about you and your colleagues...
especially in how you killed Frank Reston.
Just a minute.
In point of fact, they've already rounded up Sergeant Wallace...
Officer Saunders, and all the others, whom I'm happy to say...
talked quite freely about a great number of things, but mostly about you.
So you see, Judge, you've been bagged.
Not on your life, Miles.
I'm leaving, and you're not about to stop me.
That felt simply wonderful.
DEVON: I'd forgotten how exhilarating freedom can be.
Nothing like little time in a slammer to make you appreciate the wide, open spaces.
True, but it was time well spent.
We managed to clean up some rather nasty business there.
The bad guys behind bars, and the good guys walking away.
DEVON: All except poor Frank Reston.
I'm afraid he paid a rather heavy price for his persistence.
Yeah, but like Carol said when she found they killed him:
"By dying he accomplished everything he tried to in life."
The story he left behind is a cinch for the Pulitzer Prize.
But rather expensive price, don't you think?
- I wonder if he would have thought so. - Yeah, I wonder.
KITT, what's happening? Why are you slowing down?
KITT: I've picked up what could be a police officer about a hundred meters ahead.
That's okay. You're only doing 55.
KITT: I know. But considering Mr. Miles' tact...
when it comes to dealing with the police...
I thought it'd be best not to take any chances.
Now look here, KITT. What are you trying to say?
[Theme music]
NARRATOR: Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world...
the world of the Knight Rider.
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Kama Sutra A Tale of Love 1996
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Kate and Leopold (2001)
Kavkazskaya plennitsa - Kidnapping Caucasian Style (Leonid Gaidai 1966)
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Keeping Up Appearances 01 - My Name Is Bouqet
Keeping Up Appearances 02 - Welcoming The Dishy Vicar
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Keeping Up Appearances 05 - Daisy And Her Toy Boy
Keeping Up Appearances 06 - How To Manage Christening
Keeping Up Appearances 11 - Googley-Eyed Registrar
Keeping Up Appearances 12 - Coctails With Greek Millionaire
Keeping Up Appearances 13 - Unfortunate Prospect
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