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Knight Rider 1x09

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[Theme music]
A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.
Michael Knight - a young loner on a crusade
to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless,
in a world of criminals who operate above the law.
Huh? Huh?
Just like I said, Rev. This is the place.
I don't like this. "Thou shalt not trespass on thy neighbour" or somethin' like that.
Rev, don't start with the Ten Commandment stuff again.
Here, have another slug. You'll feel real warm and spiritual.
We won't find nothing. When a zillionaire like Knight dies, they clean out the joint.
There, you see that?
You think they got guards around here for nothin'? Come on.
If that guard comes back, we'll take care of him.
- I got a bad feeling about this. - And I got a good one.
Just like my horoscope said.
Guys this rich, they got gold and silver on their plumbing.
Michael, do you realise that it's 2.32 in the morning?
This is no time to perform an errand.
KITT, we gotta secure the old laboratory.
The city takes possession of it first thing in the morning.
What's your problem? Am I keeping you from a hot date?
Of course not. But I need to charge my power packs occasionally.
And we could have done this earlier if you hadn't visited that Rosalie woman.
It's Roselynn. Rosalie's the other one. She lives down by the beach.
Why do you need to socialise with so many women? Isn't one sufficient?
You sound like my mother. What's wrong with a little companionship?
- You can understand that. - No, Michael, I cannot.
When you're one of a kind, companionship does not compute.
Come on.
Tony, look!
Ah, that's just to scare people away.
Hey, this place is big.
- Let's go. - Are you kiddin'? It's a gold mine.
- What was that? - It's gone now.
(engine running)
(Rev) I think we should leave.
I... I think you're right.
(engine revving)
(Tony) Oh, no, no. No.
Hello? Hello?
That's funny.
"Funny"? I detect no source of amusement.
No, I mean there's supposed to be a guard on duty.
Come on, KITT, let's check it out.
What's wrong? Didn't you hear me? I said, come on.
- I'm getting some unusual readings. - Readings of what?
I don't know. They appear to be echoes of my own telemetry, but that's impossible.
Buddy, if it's impossible, ignore it. Come on.
Michael, I have a strange feeling about this.
You don't have feelings.
I know. That's what's strange about it.
If something strange is going on, I want you to stay here and back me up.
- Stay here. - You don't have to tell me twice.
- Lab three... Lab three... - (engine revs)
KITT! We gotta get this guy to a hospital, buddy!
Michael, that car, it could have been my twin. It was exactly like me.
Not exactly, buddy. It almost killed me.
That was the hospital. Security guard is still unconscious,
but he's out of danger. In an hour, he'll be able to give you a statement.
- I want a statement from you. - Pardon?
- Why wasn't I told about the other car? - Please.
- I had a right to know. - Indeed you did.
Let me explain. Six months before we found you in the desert, near to death,
Wilton activated what was probably the crowning invention of his life.
- KITT? - No, KARR.
- K-A-R-R. - What's KARR?
The Knight Automated Roving Robot. Wilton's title for his prototype vehicle.
- I think I like KITT better. - You can say that again.
KITT's primary function is to serve you, to protect you from harm.
KARR, the earlier model, had no such program.
Instead, its primary function was self-preservation.
- And that was a mistake? - A major one.
- Like not telling me about this? - Don't look at me. It was before my time.
Just as Wilton realised his mistake in not programming KARR properly,
his company was toppled by the same people who left you for dead in the desert.
As we struggled to save your life and I attempted to build a safer car,
the earlier model was put in storage.
I thought Wilton had had it dismantled before he died, but I was wrong.
I still don't see how a simple computer program can make much difference.
KITT's primary function, to protect human life,
is, for want of a better word, altruistic.
But KARR, without that programming, is self-serving, almost animalistic.
Devoid of a conscience, it's potentially dangerous.
If the people who now have it misuse it -
program it with information it considers threatening -
they could create a menace that could quickly grow beyond their control.
- Devon? - Yes, Michael?
- I think we should get that car back. - So do I.
- Are you awake? - We're moving, we're moving! Moving!
It wasn't a dream.
You're here. I'm here. It's here.
Wait a minute, wait a minute. Where are we?
This is where your companion told me to stop last night.
I did?
Actually, most of what you said was incoherent.
I did, however, distinctly hear the word "stop".
- You're just a car, ain't you? - Not just a car.
I am the Knight Automated Roving Robot. KARR, if you prefer.
I am the prototype of the car of the future.
I mean, you're a regular real thing,
not somethin' out of a nightmare like last night.
Nothing has changed since last night.
Oh, yeah. That's easy for you to say.
Where did you come from, anyway? And how did you get in that building?
That edifice was the laboratory where I was first activated.
And where I was also deactivated.
"Deactivated"? You mean somebody turned you off?
My creator, Wilton Knight.
He brought me into the world and then turned on me.
Aw, take it easy, take it easy. My old man, same way.
Yeah, you can't count on nobody, except me and Tony.
Interesting. I will enter that information in my data banks.
I am indebted to both of you.
You have reactivated me. How may I serve you?
Serve us? What do you mean, serve us?
I have checked my data on basic human desires.
- Therefore, I understand your needs. - Come on.
You wish to eat.
Well, yeah.
- You wish to drink. - Yeah.
- You wish to reproduce. - Yeah!
Which one first?
How about a couple of eggs, sunny-side up?
I have no eggs. Perhaps you can direct me to a chicken.
What are you, a comedian?
I am the Knight Automated Roving Robot. KARR, if you prefer.
I am the prototype of the car of the future.
It's coming back to me. Last night there was a guy in another car, just like you.
You are mistaken. I am one of a kind.
No, no, no. Rev's right. I saw it too.
(revs engine)
I am the prototype of the car of the future.
What you saw was merely an inferior production-line model,
a pale copy of the original.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You must be right, KARR.
This guy has got a touchy motor.
Very well. Now, may I take you somewhere for food?
Yeah, sure. Why not?
Do you wish to drive, or shall I?
Go ahead.
Far out.
Far out!
It's a miracle.
I detect numerous purveyors of food. Please tell me where you wish to go.
Uh, how about the 3 Rings? It's over there on the right.
When this guy wants to go somewhere, he don't fool around.
Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages,
welcome to the centre ring.
The ringmaster is ready for your order.
- What is that voice? - It's just the ringmaster.
Ringmaster? I scan no such person.
I'll have... What do they call that breakfast thing?
(KARR) This is a primitive remote, devoid of locomotion.
(server) I said the ringmaster is ready!
- Uh, the Tiptop Tent? - No, that's not it.
Your order, please.
Tony, Rev, the operator of this device must be nearby.
Huh? What are you talking about?
Snap it up. I don't have all day.
There. Did you hear? He is becoming abusive.
You wise guys or what?
- Amazing. His anger grows. - KARR, be quiet now, please!
That's it. Get out of here before I come out there and throw you out. You hear?
Do not fear, my friends. I will protect you. Brace for collision.
You're asking for it.
You see? Most of the interior was empty.
It was a clever trick, my friends, but not clever enough.
- We gotta get outta here! - But you haven't eaten yet.
Perhaps you wish to reproduce?
- Don't you hear the alarm? - That harmonic disturbance?
- What does it mean? - The cops are coming!
- Is that a problem? - Are you kidding?
- They'll throw us in the slammer. - What is the slammer?
- Remember that room you were in? - I will never forget it.
The slammer's just like that.
I do not wish to go back to the slammer. How may I avoid it?
You may get us out of here as fast as you can, you stupid hunk of tin!
I hope the security guard has some answers for us.
Those sensor echoes last night were very puzzling.
- Michael? - Yeah, KITT, what is it?
You're quiet. Is something bothering you?
- Yeah, I'm a little worried about you. - About me?
Yeah, this whole thing has been a bit of a shock.
Learning about another car, having to hunt it down.
If I'm a little shook up, I can imagine how you feel.
Michael, really. By now you should know me better than that.
I admit that I was somewhat surprised to discover that I was not a prototype, but...
There, you see? You are upset. It's gotta be a little blow to your ego.
Not at all. On the contrary, it's a compliment.
Instead of being a problem-ridden prototype,
I'm the new, improved model.
- Tony, slow down! Please! - Slow down?
I'm not driving! KARR, you gotta stop!
Negative, Tony. I do not wish to go back to the slammer.
You and your big mouth!
Attention all units:
black Trans Am reported heading south on Vincente Street.
You can level with me. Weren't you even a little annoyed
when nobody told you there was another car?
Why should that be upsetting? There's a reasonable explanation.
- Yeah? What? - Of course,
I wasn't informed due to the all-too-common problem of human error.
- KITT, go to police frequency. - Of course.
(man)... last seen at 3 Ring drive-in restaurant, 9211 Vincente Street.
- Did you hear that? - Let's go. The hospital can wait.
I should think so. That other car will give Trans Am a terrible reputation.
I have evaded our pursuers. You may resume manual control now.
Thanks a lot. First thing we do is take these wheels back where we got 'em.
I do not wish to go back to the slammer.
No, wait a minute. He's just kidding, KARR. Honest.
Would you put it back on that manual thing?
Come on, you can trust me and the Rev.
Yes, that information is in my data banks. I can trust you.
Would you excuse us for a minute, KARR?
Don't go away.
I wanna talk to you.
We could've ended up in jail today, all for a lousy mechanical ringmaster!
I got two outstanding warrants, Tony!
I don't need a Wizard-of-Oz car putting me behind the eight ball for nothin'.
Hey, Rev, I'm with you all the way.
- You are? - Sure.
If we're gonna walk the edge, let's do it for something worthwhile, right?
Not just the Tiptop Tent.
We were lucky today. Next time...
Next time, it's gonna be the same thing.
Did you see how that car handled those cops? Those moves, those turns?
Rev, with this car we could go all the way.
We could go for the... we could go for the brass ring.
Nothin' on this earth could stop us.
You and me.
Excuse me. Tell me what happened here.
- Is that your car? - Yes.
Why? Was there another car like mine here?
- I'm glad things are straightened out. - You understand the confusion.
Maybe until we nail the stolen car, you should paint yours another colour.
We'll take it under advisement, Officer. Thank you so much.
(KITT) I hope you didn't take that seriously.
I am quite happy with basic black.
Aren't we overreacting a bit?
They just blew away a ringmaster. They didn't even steal any burgers.
Michael, KARR is like a loaded gun in the hands of a small child.
It's a matter of time before there's an explosion.
Bonnie, unless I'm mistaken, you're repositioning my main power booster.
- I'm making room for a new component. - What kind of component?
We don't know yet if it's going to be necessary.
- Just planning ahead. - I see.
Michael, considering the confusion of the authorities regarding me and KARR,
I'll understand if you want to work without me until this is over.
No, buddy, that's OK.
I had a lot of partners when I was a cop. You're the best of any of 'em.
Thank you. I, of course, make no such generalisation about you.
However, I project odds of a thousand to one
against my meeting a more compatible human than you.
Thanks, buddy.
You got any ideas about that other car? Maybe some chinks in the armour?
I have insufficient data to be certain.
However, since KARR is as powerful and as nearly indestructible as me,
Zeno's paradoxes should be a factor.
- Zeno? - A Greek philosopher and scientist.
335 to 263 BC.
- Very good, Mr Miles. - Thank you.
Zeno first postulated a question which my twin would certainly be aware of, to wit:
"What would happen if an irresistible force met an immovable object?"
- (Bonnie) What? - I see what you mean.
So, KITT, what's the answer?
No one knows, Bonnie. No one knows.
(engine revving)
Seven... Look at this! Eight...
Mmm... Moolah.
I'm gonna buy me my own church.
Again and again they've struck.
That nobody's been hurt is a miracle, but we can't assume a continuance of it.
- What do we do? - There's one approach.
- But it's very dangerous for you and KITT. - Go on.
We all know that KITT and KARR are made of a virtually indestructible alloy.
Hardly anything could damage either car.
Hardly anything, that is, except this.
- Very interesting. - It's a resonating laser,
powerful enough to send a burst of energy into KARR's only vulnerable spot:
the front scanner... here.
As the scanner is protected by an alloy grill, only a dead-on shot can work.
Then the scanner will blow and with it all of KARR's systems.
It'll become an immobilised hunk of metal.
That's very impressive.
Well, that seems doable.
Wait a minute. Why all the long faces?
To perform this task, you and KITT must be directly in front of KARR.
For maximum effect, you must fire at a distance no greater than 100 yards,
and you must hold the laser on target for at least two full seconds.
Two seconds?
A hundred yards?
KITT and KARR can travel 100 yards in two seconds.
Yes. That's the problem.
By the way, the laser's only good for two shots.
(Devon) Any more would deplete KITT's batteries.
(Tony) Aah!
Welcome to Easy Street, amigo.
Easy Street? It's automobile heaven. Right, KARR?
I am unfamiliar with your reference, Rev.
However, there is no cause for celebration. We have a problem.
A problem? Like what problem?
I have analysed my self-monitors,
and my beta and lambda circuits are in need of realignment.
Also, the fibre optics in my scanners have suffered a 20% reduction in opacity,
probably due to my long incarceration.
- What do you want, a tune-up? - Hardly.
I require attention from an experienced cybernetic technician.
Cybernician? Where do you find one of them?
We have seen a car similar to myself. Since I am the prototype,
it is most likely an inferior production-line copy.
However, someone must own it and therefore maintain it.
By following this line of reasoning,
we can locate the individual who cares for that other vehicle.
Sure, sure. I was just gonna say that.
Then you can get that person and bring them here.
- We can't do that. - Why? Is there a problem?
- Yeah, it's called kidnapping. - I am unfamiliar with that term.
I only know that I require skilled maintenance.
you're gettin' a conscience kinda late in the game, you know that?
I know I'm no saint, but nothing we've done has hurt anybody so far.
- You talk about grabbing somebody... - OK, OK.
Relax, relax, relax, relax.
- So we don't do it. - We don't?
- But KARR just said... - Leave it to me.
It sounds good, but it's about as smart as a toaster.
We'll buy him some spark plugs. He'll be real happy.
Then, when he's in tiptop shape, we pull one big job
and then - oh, oh, oh -
then it's you and me flyin' down to Rio with you-o and me-o.
What do you say?
OK. OK, I like that.
Now, you get some rest. I'll go break the news to motor-mouth.
You want a technician, I'll get you a technician.
Once the laser is calibrated, Michael, you or KITT can fire it quite easily.
As you see, the triggering mechanism is simple.
I don't know what's worse - the fact it's a long shot or I'm stupid enough to do it.
- (alarm) - That's the security system.
- KITT, where are you? - In your parking space. Where else?
- Meet me at the main building. - Very well.
Hello. What the devil's going on?
We tried to stop it, but it ran the main gate.
- What ran the main gate? - The car, Mr Miles, the car!
The car.
Security, this is Dr Barstow. What's happening with the alarm system?
- KITT, where are you? Come on! - There he is!
That's not KITT!
- KARR, get rid of this guy! - Very well.
KITT, KARR was here! It's got Bonnie and Michael!
- That way. - Well done, Mr Miles. I'll take it from here.
Michael, Michael, I'm on my way. Hang on.
Yeah, that's easy for you to say!
Stop it! You'll kill him!
- KARR, somebody's behind us. - Yes, I see.
It is the inferior production-line copy.
(KITT) I heard that, KARR, and you haven't seen anything yet.
Michael, I'm in position. Get ready to jump.
OK, KITT, let's pour it on!
(KARR) You waste your time, my twin. You cannot triumph over a prototype.
Desist your pursuit. You will be damaged.
(KITT) KARR, I didn't know you cared.
KARR, perhaps you should be a little more careful and a lot less belligerent.
(KITT) We're approaching a residential area. We dare not continue this chase.
Innocent people may be harmed.
- Look out! - Aah! Oh, no!
- Anything? - No.
Except for that brief reading on the highway, I have no indication of KARR.
Let's try a new direction. How's the laser?
It's a tight fit, but otherwise it's fine.
It cannot be fired until it is properly calibrated.
Bonnie is the only one who can do that.
- She'll take care of it when we find her. - You mean if we find her.
No, I mean when we find her.
Think positive, KITT. Just keep thinking positive.
Do not attempt to sabotage me again. I will defend myself.
He means it, sweetheart.
- You want some, babe? - No, thanks.
- Even Michael Knight wouldn't eat that. - Who's he?
When you find out, you'll wish you never asked.
Hey, Tony, I thought you said you didn't like talk...
- Who is she? - Rev, look at this.
You kidnapped her. You lied to me and still went out and did it!
Rev, come here. Look! Look, will ya?
I want you to look at this.
- This is the big score. - I don't care!
This has gone too far now, Tony.
KARR, I'd like to check out your video system.
You have permission.
Michael, I just got a strong reading. One of KARR's sensors has been activated.
We need to make two more circuits of the area to triangulate it.
You got it.
You're not the man I used to know. It's that car that changed you!
You know what Lucifer did before he fell?
Don't start that holy stuff with me again, Rev!
- I ain't changed! - He made an infernal machine!
We gotta stop it before it's too late. The police will know what to do.
Yo, yo, what's this police stuff?
Let go of me, Tony! It's for our own good!
Like hell! What about all the money?
I don't care about the money! I care about your immortal soul, Tony!
(Rev groans)
You hunk of tin! Didn't you see her?
I was watching you deactivate the Rev. Was he malfunctioning?
(tyres screeching)
Michael! What kept you?
Get back, get back!
He jumped his buddy. Call an ambulance on the way.
- On the way where? - The gems for the museum exhibit.
- Devon, this is Michael. - Did you find Bonnie?
She's fine. But KARR's going after the gems, the new exhibit for the museum.
Jewels for the exhibit? They'd still be in the county warehouse.
I'll meet you there with reinforcements.
- Are we too late? - They're inside.
Beautiful, huh, sweetheart?
- KITT, you ready? - Aren't I always?
- Bonnie, I think you'd better get out. - Like hell.
This laser has never been calibrated. I'm the only one that can fire it.
- Even KITT can't do it. - She's right.
Ah, you always liked her better.
- That thing ready? - It's almost calibrated.
- KITT, keep him talkin'. - KARR, desist from your actions.
- Many people may be hurt. - That is no concern of mine.
KARR, forget the family reunion. Get outta here!
(KARR) This conversation is nonproductive.
My analysis of KARR's movements leads me to believe
he is manoeuvring for a long enough run to leap the barricade.
- Come on, Bonnie. You ready? - Almost.
- What are you doing? - I must eliminate excess weight.
Oh, no. The calibration must be off.
OK, we'll try another pass. Let's go!
(Bonnie) Almost... right... now!
(Bonnie) That's our last shot.
- (Bonnie) You're not going after him? - (Michael) Wanna bet?
- He's gone. - KITT, scan for him!
Already scanning. KARR is taking the coastal road north.
l-90 north goes the same way. We'll cut him off.
You're putting us on a collision course with KARR.
(KITT) I noticed, too. What are you doing?
We're gonna stop that car one way or another.
I should point out that KARR may be planning to ambush us.
I know that, KITT, but we gotta try, buddy. We gotta try.
KITT, I am warning you, change course at once!
- I am not in control, KARR. - Tell the humans to turn. This is folly.
- He's right. - He's right.
- No way. - What are you doing?
Remember Zeno and that immovable object?
We're about to find out the answer.
Your lives mean nothing to me!
Pardon the expression, but he does have a few screws loose.
Turn! KARR doesn't have my programming to protect human life.
- That's what I'm counting on, buddy. - What?
I cannot allow you to jeopardise your life. I am assuming control.
No, you're not, KITT!
All those times I called you irresponsible and impulsive, I didn't mean it.
All those times I called you bossy and demanding, I didn't mean it either.
- Michael? Bonnie? - Yes, KITT?
Why are you lying to each other?
(KARR) Turn away. Turn away!
No! No!
- (Bonnie) Things are back to normal. - At what a cost. All that destruction.
Not to mention Zeno's paradox could go unanswered for 2,000 years.
I have a question. What made you so sure that KARR would turn away first?
- How did you know you wouldn't... - Chicken out?
Thank you, Bonnie. How did you know you wouldn't chicken out first?
You provided that clue, KITT.
You told me how you two differed in your programming.
Yours is to protect human life, but KARR's was self-preservation,
so in head-to-head confrontation, KARR would always chicken out.
- Eloquently put. - Michael, I'm speechless.
- A likely story. - Really.
Your logic here is totally illogical, and yet it's absolutely correct.
- This is just amazing. - No, KITT, it's just human.
- Here's to KITT. - To KITT.
(Bonnie) To KITT.
How about you and I go out for a drive? A celebration of our own.
Get you a little car wash, a little wax. I'll let you beat me at chess again.
- What do you say? - Thanks, but it's been a draining day.
- My power packs could use a rest. - OK, pal. See you tomorrow.
Good night, KITT.
Oh, yeah. How's it feel to be one of a kind again?
I do not have feelings. However, for want of a better expression,
being one of a kind is a very familiar feeling.
Right. Good night, buddy.
Being one of a kind is a very familiar feeling.
Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world,
the world of the Knight Rider.
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