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Knight Rider 1x10

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[Theme music]
NARRATOR: Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man...
who does not exist.
Michael Knight, a young loner...
on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent...
the helpless, the powerless...
in a world of criminals who operate above the law.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
POLICEMAN: Yeah, we got something.
Got a, whoa, 80 miles an hour.
Damn kids. They think they own this road.
225? He's off the scale.
Maybe it ain't a car.
What was that?
A Pontiac.
KITT: Michael, if you want me to drive, don't bump the controls.
Just finish him off and take the wheel.
MAN: Damn it.
KITT: Michael, are you tying him up again?
MICHAEL: KITT, open the sunroof.
KITT: You don't have to shout.
[KITT humming]
MICHAEL: Sorry about the accommodations, but it's the height of the season.
You understand.
We were so worried. Are you all right?
MICHAEL: Yeah, I'm okay. I had a couple of bruises.
How are your shocks? Are you still in alignment?
KITT: Everything is in proper order. But thank you for your concern.
KITT, that's sweet.
Let me check anyway. Your surveillance scanners might need adjustment.
DEVON: Michael. MICHAEL: Hello, Devon.
When we didn't hear from you, we decided to intercept you en route.
What happened?
Mr. Dugan got loose about an hour after I picked him up.
He jumped me while I was driving.
You seem to have managed all right. Is he secure now?
I locked him in the trailer you prepared, but I still think he'd be more secure in a prison.
In case another inmate recognised him, he'd blow the whistle.
- What's this? - I found that on Mr. Dugan.
DEVON: A sort of cryptic invitation.
Maybe to the Army-Navy game, huh?
Michael, Kincaid is a very clever man. I suggest you treat him seriously.
Although his style may be somewhat outrageous...
his techniques, I assure you, are deadly.
It's perfectly safe. Kincaid and Dugan have never met.
As far as Kincaid will know, I'm the world-famous wheelman.
I sincerely hope so.
Several law enforcement agencies and military intelligence...
have tried to put an end to his criminal career several times...
and all those efforts have come to a disastrous end...
for each one of the operatives concerned.
- Can you rephrase that? - They got knocked off.
They didn't come back.
- You know, I liked it better the first way. - Really?
[Horn honks]
BONNIE: How's that? KITT: A little higher.
KITT: No, lower. Stop. That's it.
MICHAEL: I gotta get out of here.
I wish you'd had more time to prepare.
MICHAEL: I wasn't patient when I was a cop. I'm still not patient.
There is a fine line between audacious and foolhardy.
Relax, Devon. I'll watch it.
And I'll still nail Kincaid from the inside out.
DEVON: You really are quite impossible.
If only Wilton Knight hadn't conceived such an extraordinary obsession for you...
We'd both be out of a job.
I'll stay in touch.
Good luck.
How's Frankenstein? Ready to roll?
BONNIE: I've increased the range of all his scanners...
and I've added an electrical jamming device.
MICHAEL: Yeah? What's that?
KITT, I think that's your cue.
[KITT humming]
KITT: As you can see, Michael...
I can now disrupt electrical activity within a range of 50 yards.
DEVON: KITT, I think you've made your point.
Boy, you certainly turn him on.
And off.
Right now there's only one thing wrong with this car.
I know.
The nut behind the wheel.
That's very funny.
MICHAEL: I wonder if there's a real woman under those overalls...
or just a robot.
KITT: Under the overalls, she is 168 centimetres tall...
54 kilos in weight.
Other measurements: 97 centimetres, 61...
MICHAEL: KITT. KITT: Yes, Michael?
Shut up.
KITT: Michael? MICHAEL: Yes, KITT.
KITT: I've been wondering about something. MICHAEL: Nuclear physics?
KITT: No. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we en route...
to Col. Kincaid's current base of operations?
MICHAEL: Yeah. What about it?
KITT: Unless I'm mistaken, didn't Mr. Miles say...
that no law enforcement agent had ever returned from there?
MICHAEL: That's right. KITT: I see.
KITT: Do you happen to know what happened to their cars?
GUARD: Go ahead.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
Yes, KITT?
KITT: Have you considered parking me out here?
KITT: I didn't think so.
Mr. Dugan.
We've been waiting for you.
Kindly raise your hands.
What is this?
You're late.
Since you're known for promptness, I'm highly suspicious.
What are you talking about? I'm right on time.
But one full day late.
THOMPSON: You've had it, turkey.
Hold it, Thompson. Stay put.
He tends to be a little impulsive.
I'm nobody's employee, Colonel. I'm a professional for hire.
This little kangaroo court of yours is gonna cost you an extra $10,000.
Nobody, I mean nobody shakes down the colonel.
I think I'm capable of handling this matter.
We have a contract. The price was set.
And dance lessons weren't a part of it.
I get another $10,000, or you get yourself another man.
Very well.
KINCAID: Linda, show our driver to his quarters.
Colonel, are we gonna buy this bunch of lies?
Thompson, we are trying to get Mr. Dugan into the team spirit...
and I would appreciate it if you would show some.
And get yourself a towel.
LINDA: In here.
This is your room.
Workout clothes are in here. If they don't fit, please speak up.
And wake up is at 6:00 a.m.
Sure you don't mean 0600 hours?
I see, you've heard about the colonel.
I heard he doesn't know he's been retired.
What's with all this West Point stuff?
What's the caper? Why does he need a driver like me?
As our leader says, that is on a need-to-know basis...
and so far he's the only one who needs to know.
- Lights out at 10:00. That's... - 2200.
Right. And if you're outside after that, your room had better be on fire.
That about covers it. Any questions?
Yeah, how about a personal one?
What's a nice girl like me doing in a racket like this?
I would've phrased it better.
LINDA: And got the same answer.
I'm here because I spent too many of my formative years with lowlife and scum.
- Like Kincaid. - Like you.
KITT: Nice of you to drop in.
It's also necessary. My room was bugged.
KITT: Interesting. Should I scan the area?
That's exactly what I had in mind.
KITT: It's not just your room, Michael.
There are monitors all over the estate. Every telephone line is tapped.
Then we can't contact Devon from here, can we?
KITT: Not without being overheard.
I estimate one-quarter mile away would be secure. Shall we go?
No, not just yet. Let's wait till we get something definite.
Maybe I can get something from the girl.
KITT: I wouldn't touch that line with a 10-foot drive shaft.
What's that supposed to mean?
KITT: Merely that you always seem to use assignments...
as convenient springboards for your social life.
Don't be ridiculous.
That girl is a source of information. That's all.
KITT: I've heard that one before.
Mr. Dugan, since you are our latest recruit...
no doubt you'll have a few questions.
- Yes, sir, I do. - I'll try to fill you in.
The next few days are gonna be spent in practice.
Without training, without drill and practice...
any military manoeuvre is doomed to failure...
and I do not fail.
Where was I, Dugan?
You don't fail.
People at the Pentagon would argue about that. But then, what do they know?
They gave me napalm and defoliants, helicopter gunships...
and they called me brutal.
- Imagine. - Shocking, Colonel. Really.
Yeah, indeed.
One man's "brutal" is simply another man's "efficient."
And watching lesser men rise through the ranks over the years...
I learned a very valuable lesson:
The deadliest weapon in the world is the human mind.
We'll hone that weapon to a fine edge.
By the time I'm through with you, young man, you'll cut steel.
I'm looking forward to it.
Miss Elliot, your drill, please.
KINCAID: The ball, Miss Elliot.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
KINCAID: Always expect the unexpected. Overconfidence can be fatal.
Speaking of which, now that you're dead, you can do without lunch and dinner.
KINCAID: We'll hope that your stomach will inspire a better performance next time.
MICHAEL: He acts like he owns you. LINDA: He does.
Mr. Dugan, they call you the driver, don't they?
Yes, sir. It's a bit obvious, but descriptive.
All right, I'd like to see you and your vehicle duplicate that jump.
Not until you move those ramps another 20 feet apart.
I like a challenge.
Move Mr. Dugan's ramps for him.
MAN: Ready? Lift.
KITT: Michael? MICHAEL: Yeah, KITT.
KITT: Do we really have to do this?
That's why we get the big bucks, buddy.
MICHAEL: You ready? KITT: Of course.
KITT: With my rocket power thrusters, I could do this on four cylinders.
You can't use your thrusters. We're supposed to be undercover.
KITT: Do you think they could lower the ramp?
That's excellent, Mr. Dugan.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
- What are you doing? - Trying to hold on to my dinner.
Since you're dead, I thought you might like one yourself.
- I don't know what to say. - How about "thanks"?
- You don't happen to have some... - Right here.
I guess, for a change, crime does pay.
What, not always?
Not for me.
I guess you wouldn't know about that, would you?
We've all heard about the job you pulled in Paris.
Yeah, Paris. Well...
KITT, activate the surveillance unit.
The usual routine.
KITT: Meaning, I keep you out of trouble.
Don't start giving yourself a tune-up while I'm in there.
KITT: In where?
Since the colonel has a little boudoir labelled "off limits"...
I think that's just the place I'm going.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
You got trouble?
KITT: That's a reasonable assumption.
Two people are headed your way. They'll enter from the hall in 15.4 seconds.
I would recommend you exit via the back door.
Good thinking.
The only trouble is...
there is no back door.
KINCAID: That's something I don't want to concern myself with now.
- Dugan's a phony. - We've been through many campaigns.
I trust your nerve. I trust your loyalty. I even trust your trigger finger.
When it comes to your instincts, that's a different matter.
Colonel, I'm telling you, there's something wrong with this guy Dugan.
THOMPSON: I don't like him. KINCAID: Do you like anyone?
- Come on, Colonel, I'm serious. - So am I.
This operation goes into high gear within 12 hours.
There is no time for rivalry in the ranks.
Okay, fine. Forget I said it.
But when I turn out to be right, there's one thing I want...
- This is a formal request, I assume? - You bet it is.
I want him.
Okay, KITT, I got the caper.
In less than 12 hours, we break into the Federal Penitentiary at Flint Mountain.
KITT: We're going to break into a prison? That's a new one. Why?
I think it's obvious. It's a maximum-security prison.
The kind of clients they got in there would pay plenty for a ticket out.
Looks like Kincaid's playing travel agent.
KITT: Michael, I believe Devon would find this information very interesting.
No kidding. But this place is bugged. You slip out of here and contact him.
KITT: Trouble?
Don't worry. I'll distract her.
KITT: I'll bet.
Go make the call.
- You're breaking curfew. - So are you.
Gonna turn me in?
As a matter of fact, I was looking for you.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
[KITT humming]
[KITT humming]
[Low-pitched humming increasing in pitch]
Why were you...
[Soft pop song plays on radio]
You don't seem to have much faith in our employer.
Do you?
What's that supposed to mean?
About those nuns in Paris, the ones at the orphanage.
I told you I wasn't responsible for that.
I made that up.
I said, I made that up.
You're obviously not Dugan. Who are you?
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
Sorry, ma'am, but there's a tractor-trailer overturned up ahead...
and we got molasses and honey all over the highway.
But if you make a U-turn, you can take Route 13 and get on the next off-ramp.
DRIVER: Thank you, Officer.
Hang a U and drive down Route 13. Sorry about the inconvenience.
Sorry about the inconvenience, but we got a tractor-trailer spill up ahead.
Know the cutoff on Route 13?
KITT: Yes, Officer.
KITT: It's 3.2 miles to the southwest. POLICEMAN: Yeah, right.
Just take that and catch the next on-ramp.
KITT: Thank you, Officer. POLICEMAN: Drive careful, hear?
KITT: I always do.
Come back here. Stop.
- What's wrong? - That car. That's the car.
The one that went like...
Over up high.
- Did you get a good look at the driver? - Yeah, I...
[Soft pop song plays on radio]
Michael Knight. That's a nice name.
Getting used to it.
I was hoping you might tell me a little bit more than just your name.
When we know each other better.
I mean, the ambience here...
I'll break the ice.
I'm not like the other people here.
Kincaid's paying them.
With me, it's a different relationship.
He's blackmailing me.
Five years ago, I was a champion gymnast at an ivy-covered school.
I think you'd know the name.
But what I didn't know was my father was paying my tuition with dirty money.
Eventually, he got caught with his hand in the till.
The trial didn't go well with him.
He got very sick.
He didn't want to go to prison.
So when I got on the stand, I said all the right things.
Within a week, my father did die.
But he was a free man...
thanks to my convenient lie.
At least that's what I called it.
But Kincaid called it perjury.
And he said that I would end up in prison if I didn't help him.
He's got a point.
But if you help me nail Kincaid, I think the courts will see things your way.
- Help you how? - We gotta catch Kincaid red-handed.
If the caper doesn't go down, neither does he.
If you and I stay in the colonel's little army...
he'll get the prison sentence, Linda, not you.
Dune buggies? Beanie bags?
KITT: No, beanbags. A beanie is a small head covering which...
Yes, I can speak English, KITT.
KITT: Yes, sir, and splendidly.
You tell me that they are attacking a prison?
KITT: Yes, sir. Flint Mountain Federal Penitentiary in 10 hours and 38 minutes.
Yes, it's unbelievable.
It's absolutely unbelievable. And Michael is quite certain of this?
KITT: I am, sir. Would you like a 40-point, cross-indexed statistical readout?
Good Lord, no, it's 2:00 a.m.
KITT: 2:02 a.m., to be exact.
Thank you.
All right, KITT, I'll deal with it.
Tell Michael we'll be ready, and tell him "good show."
[KITT huffs]
And you, too, KITT.
KITT: Thank you, sir. KITT signing off.
Thank God.
Okay, go.
- I trust you. I know this is gonna work. - I'm glad one of us knows.
KITT: What was that all about?
MICHAEL: Biology. KITT: Oh, that.
MICHAEL: Did you call? KITT: I certainly did.
KITT: Michael, we've got them right where we want them.
Okay, you hold on to that thought.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
[Knock on door]
- Excuse me, Colonel. - Yes.
I just captured an intruder by the north wall.
Intruder? What'd you do with him?
He's out cold. I put him in the basement cell.
When he comes to, call me.
It's been a long time since I interrogated anyone.
Gentlemen and lady...
you've all been waiting very patiently to learn our ultimate objective.
Now is the time.
I assure you, you're going to be very pleasantly surprised.
Interesting, this little operation?
For some other time.
Within a matter of three hours...
we're going to use every skill, move, and technique we have practised...
and we are going to steal...
$12 million in gold.
If you listen carefully, I'll explain each and every step of the operation.
WARDEN: Of course it's very short notice, Mr. Miles...
but my men are trained to go into instant action.
A Team, position to repel assault. Arch.
B Team, position for cover fire. Arch.
- Very impressive, Warden. - Thank you.
This is the moment we've all been training for.
This is the ultimate test of our will...
our courage: : :
our fine cutting edge.
Regardless of the outcome...
I want you to know that I personally am proud...
to have served with each and every one of you...
and I'll be with you every step of the way.
You have your maps, your communicators.
Good hunting.
And good luck.
All right, Thompson, move them out.
All right. You heard the colonel. Go.
[Martial instrumental music]
KITT, we gotta call Devon soon as we're secured.
KITT: Why? What's wrong?
Because we're robbing a gold shipment.
KITT: That's alarming. What do you suggest we do?
You're the computer. You figure it out.
KITT: I think we're in trouble.
KINCAID: All right, everyone, listen closely.
You've been briefed on the convoy and its defences to protect the gold.
If you follow my instructions to the letter, they'll present no problems.
But remember...
the monitoring device attached to the bullion truck wheels...
will be activated if the truck stops for any reason.
That device will alert law enforcement officers within a 50-mile radius.
Therefore, we must execute this operation while it is moving...
without any of them realising that we're doing it.
All right, Baker, Waldorf, get ready.
We'll need a copy of all the convoy transmissions.
Convoy, this is Midas.
We're on schedule and approaching checkpoint 19.
Request status check.
FRONT GUARD, RADIO: This is Front Door. All clear.
BACK GUARD, ON RADIO: Midas, this is Back Door. All clear.
Roger, Back Door. Condition: green.
Repeat. Condition: green.
Maintain normal status.
KINCAID: All right, everyone, take up your positions. Deploy.
What are we waiting for? With all this, you must have a phone in here.
I do, but Kincaid will monitor any calls we make.
We gotta go along with the robbery until we think of something else.
What about last night? I thought you had a plan.
So did I.
WALDORF: Colonel, this is Waldorf.
I have the convoy in sight. They're passing my position now.
KINCAID: You know what to do. Knock out that rear jeep.
WALDORF: Bingo, Colonel. They're sleeping like babies.
KINCAID: They'll be out for hours. I'm taking their convoy position.
Baker, Clark, snap to it.
Convoy, this is Midas. We have just passed checkpoint 20.
Repeat. We have just passed checkpoint 20. Doors report, over.
FRONT GUARD, RADIO: This is Front Door. All clear. Condition: green. Over.
GUARD, RADIO: Roger, Front Door.
Back Door, please report.
Back Door, do you read?
Baker, Clark, what's happening?
CLARK: Come on.
[Tape rewinding]
Back Door, request status check. Back Door, do you read?
RECORDING: This is Back Door.
Roger, Back Door. Request status check.
RECORDING: Midas, this is Back Door. All clear. Over.
FRONT GUARD: This is Front Door. Request status check.
Front Door, this is Midas. We are A-OK all the way.
Condition: green.
FRONT GUARD: Roger, Midas. Good work. Over and out.
All right, Mr. Dugan, Miss Elliot.
It is up to you.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
KITT, take over. I'm going out.
KITT: Affirmative. Do you think that's safe?
Of course not.
Hang on!
LINDA: Who's got the car?
MICHAEL: It's okay. I got you.
KINCAID: Dugan, Elliot, what's going on? Report.
- You all right? - I think it's sprained.
Kincaid, it's Dugan. We got a problem. Linda's hurt and can't get in the truck.
All right, then let her drive and you go out.
- Can you do it? - lf I don't do it, we can't bust him.
If we don't bust him, I can't help you in court.
Kincaid, this is Dugan. We're still on.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
Kincaid, this is Dugan. I'm inside.
That's excellent.
All right, Miss Elliot, drop back about three feet.
Miss Elliot, do you read me?
Yeah. It's all taken care of.
Mr. Dugan...
empty that truck.
Bravo, team.
All right, all of you rendezvous at headquarters.
Thompson and I will linger just a bit to humour the convoy.
Colonel, since your gear is packed and stowed, could we move out now?
No, not just yet.
Mr. Dugan.
- Yes, sir? - No.
No, not you. The real Mr. Dugan.
Mr. Dugan and I had a conversation this morning, Mr. Knight.
I didn't want to distract you from your duties today by discussing it with you.
Thank you. That was very thoughtful.
Goodbye, hotshot.
KINCAID: I'm sorry about this, son.
I really like you.
Yeah? Personally, I thought you were a jerk.
Kincaid, we've been had. It's just lead covered with gold paint.
BAKER: Lead? What are you talking about?
CLARK: I don't believe it.
KINCAID: Get in there.
First thing in the morning, huh?
- Right? - Right.
Unimpeachable source. Right?
Did I really say that?
Michael. Where in the name of heaven have you...
Hello, Devon. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding? Do you realize what you've done?
You've caused me a great deal of difficulty. You've embarrassed me...
MICHAEL: Devon, I'd like you to meet Col. Kincaid.
You've saved me a great deal of paperwork.
[Theme song]
NARRATOR: One man can make a difference, Michael.
Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world...
the world of the Knight Rider.
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