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Subtitles for Koi mil Gaya (2003 Hindi).

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Koi mil Gaya (2003 Hindi)

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The universe is made of several groups of stars...
which are called the galaxies.
The galaxy our planet Earth belongs to
is called the Milky Way.
My husband, who was a space scientist firmly believed...
that like the Milky Way, there exist several other galaxies...
on which there could be life.
He had just one goal in life: To discover life on other planets.
He had invented several types of gadgets to collect data.
He used to send sound signals into space...
and always said that a sound is something that never dies.
That it reverberates in space forever.
He was sure that some day...
someone from another world would listen to his sound signals...
and respond.
One evening...
Coming, dear. What happened?
Look! They're responding!
These sounds...?
I used the word "OM" to make a pattern on this octopad.
I converted it digitally on the computer to send sound bytes into space.
And look at this. Someone from another world is responding to me.
I've succeeded in my research!
I've achieved a breakthrough, Sonia!
We must inform the space centre immediately.
You see this Research Centre, Dr Mehra?
This is what we have been researching for years...
and they contacted you of all the people? How is that possible?
Why not? I too have spent a lifetime doing this research.
I sent them various sound waves...
I invented so many sound producing instruments
And after all my experiments, when I sent the word "OM" to them...
in different variations and notes, why isn't it possible that...
I must go home, to bed.
They don't realise that every discovery or find is initially a dream.
Don't be disheartened.
People in the world always reject new findings...
but accept them later. That's what they're doing to us.
Is it possible for the worlds in the universe...
separated by millions of miles...
to ever meet? - Why not?
Man has gone to the Moon. He has sent space-shuttles to Mars and Jupiter.
Similarly, they must be trying to find out about our world too.
Which is why UFO's have often been sighted.
Why are the lights going on and off?
What's happening?
Sanjay! Look there!
They didn't believe what I said. But they've come!
In a single moment, every dream of our life was shattered.
The one who tried to locate another world...
was lost to a world no one knows about.
After his death, I had no other support in Canada.
Rohit was very small, so I came back home.
From what you say, I now understand the whole case history.
These are the x-rays of Rohit's brain.
See this white patch? It's called the gliosys.
It's caused by an injury to the brain.
But nothing of the sort ever happened to Rohit, Doctor.
It did, Mrs Mehra, when you fell on your stomach during the accident...
it caused an injury to the baby's brain...
Who was in your womb and this part of his brain was damaged.
That's why he doesn't have a normal mental growth and is weak in studies.
Although he's eight, his brain is that of a two-and-a-half-year old's.
I'm afraid, even when he grows up, his mental faculties will be stunted.
There surely would be a cure, doctor? - There is. A brain surgery.
However... - What?
Chances of success in this case are very bleak.
If the surgery fails, his whole body could be paralyzed.
Or it could even result in death.
No. I've already lost everything I ever had.
I have nothing except Rohit.
I can't afford to lose him.
"Although he's eight, his brain is that of a two-and-a-half-year old's".
"Even when he grows up, his mental faculties will be stunted".
Sorry, my foot! Look at what you've done to my house with that ball of yours.
I'm in the police force. If you break another window pane...
I'll have you locked up. Get that?
Argues with me. Bloody crooks.
What harm have I done to you? You've broken a window pane again!
I break your window pane. But I do say sorry, don't I?
Are you doing me a favour? How many years have I put up with you!
I'm not sparing you today. I'm not!
No one needs to be scared. - Oh yes, let him come.
God! What have they done! They've wrecked all the window panes!
The rain, the sunshine, the dust...
everything's in there, except me!
Don't get angry uncle.
When I grow up, I'll mend all your windows Uncle.
How much more do you want to grow up? You're as tall as a tree already.
You want to be the Eiffel Tower? - Don't insult our friend.
We'll replace all your window panes. - Go ahead and do it!
Let's have five hundred bucks first. - Five hundred bucks? What for?
We'll have to buy new ones, you see. So let's have the money.
Rascals! You ask a policeman for money?
Get going before I give you a thrashing! Scram!
Rohit, hurry up son. You'll be late for school
Today's a very important day, Lord. I'm going to a higher class.
The seventh standard. Take care of me, Lord.
Ma, have you never been to school?
We don't carry old books to a new class.
I'll be given new books in the seventh standard.
You're not going to the seventh standard.
Why not? All my friends are!
You've failed your grades.
I've failed again?
I'm not going to school. Never!
That teacher's a nasty man. I do all my studies, he still fails me.
And he promotes everyone else. That's why I will not go to school.
Study harder this time, Rohit. You will surely pass.
There will be new students in my class, Ma.
They'll tease me and make fun of me.
They'll call me a tall stick and other things. I'm not going to school.
Throw those books away. I don't want them.
It is not possible, Mrs Mehra.
Forget about promoting Rohit to the seventh standard...
he shouldn't be in this school in the first place.
There are special schools for children like him.
There is no school like that in this town.
But I'm trying to get a transfer to Delhi...
where there are special schools for children like Rohit.
The chairman of the bank I'm working for has even promised me a transfer.
It's only a matter of a year, sir.
One last favour, sir.
Teachers never consider educating children a favour.
But giving him a promotion like this won't help him in any way.
Father, I know Rohit will never become what I wanted him to be...
nor what his father wished for him.
But still, for the sake of Rohit's happiness...
please, I request...
This is the last time.
If x is equal to 12, and y is equal to 8...
what would x plus 3y be? Hurry up and write down the answer.
How much would x plus 3y be? Show me your answer.
This is the right answer.
Yours ought to be the first hand to rise in the class next time.
"The sight of the birds..."
"awakens a desire"
"Although we tread the earth..."
"we will reach for the skies"
"Can you tell me how we will fly so high, without any wings?"
"Anything is possible, anything can happen..."
"we aren't so naive"
"You will see, there will come a day..."
"a day like that will surely come..."
"when everyone in the world will want to shake hands with me"
"Happiness will embrace you"
"Life will change some day"
"The skies will bow at your feet..."
"and there will be no one like you around"
"The sight of the birds..."
"awakens a desire"
"Although we tread the earth..."
"we will reach for the skies"
"We will reach for the skies"
What are you shaking your head for? You're all of six feet...
and you move around with these two feet nothings. Aren't you ashamed?
Get out of our way.
We got here first, so we'll cross first.
Get your bikes out of our way.
We do not believe in going in the backward direction, moron.
We'll do the needful. You will always keep moving in a backward direction!
He's begun to talk too much, Raj.
Rohit, these dogs are barking far too much today. So let's give them a shot.
Oh yes, the formula... - 320!
Catch him.
Move... move.
May I ask, where you gentlemen were going to, in such a hurry?
How dare you enter a no-entry zone? - He knocked our bikes down, sir.
That doesn't mean you will violate traffic rules.
Sukhwani, give them a ticket.
Excuse me, sir. Perhaps you don't know who I am.
I know. You're Raj, the District Magistrate Harbans Saxena's son.
Sukhwani, collect double the fine from them. - Yes sir.
And have this news splashed in the local newspapers.
People ought to know that when Inspector Khan is in-charge...
no one can take things for granted. Not even if he's Distt. Magistrate's son...
or the District Magistrate himself. I hope you've got the message.
Colonel! Come on out!
Harbans! I have never seen a moron like you!
Couldn't you even come to receive me?
Malhotra, there can't be a bigger idiot than you in the world!
You sent a fax that you were coming, but you didn't tell me when and how!
Where would I have come to receive you, you idiot?
Relax... must you welcome someone with swear words like this?
But that's how this duffer is! Look at him! He won't even embrace me.
My dear friend! So nice to meet you.
Now that he has retired...
he has come to spend the rest of his life with his friend.
And this friendship we will celebrate for a whole year to come.
To begin with, we'll have a grand party at our bungalow this evening.
At least come and sit down first. - Come.
Well, well! I forgot to ask you the most important question!
Where's our little doll...? Our tiny little girl?
Your tiny little doll has grown up. - Is it?
But where is she, Indu?
Why're you late? - Not late at all.
The bus has yet to come...
and we'll have a blast watching the three and half hour movie!
Three and a half hour movie? - That's the fashion nowadays.
The bus has arrived!
Come quickly... we may miss the bus. Come quickly.
The bus has left, we miss the movie and our holiday's in ruins!
I've just arrived in the city. Can you tell me where Shanti Villa is?
Shanti Villa? Over there... - No, it's on this side!
But... - The jeep's going empty...
the girl's gullible, she'll drop us at the movies.
Let's go. We'll take you there.
By the way, my name is Nisha What's yours?
What places could one see here? - Several.
How about the nightlife here? What do folks do in the nights?
They sleep.
Are there no discos in town? - There are. But kids aren't allowed.
Hey! This is not Shanti Villa! - This is a cinema hall.
But I... - You want to go Shanti Villa.
And we want go to the movie!
Shanti Villa's not far though, Take a right, a left...
then right, left, left... you'll reach Shanti Villa.
So you guys wanted a lift! - Right, auntie!
You ought to be ashamed! You fool people along with these kids?
And on top of that, you are laughing? - I'm laughing at your nose.
When you scream, it twitches funnily! Like a deflated balloon!
You shouldn't have done that, Rohit.
When someone asks for your help...
you must help him, not make a fool out of him.
But I'd have missed the movie.
What did I read out to you from the Gita?
God is forever willing to help those who help others.
Didn't I read that out to you? - You did. But I forgot.
The next time you meet that girl, you're going to apologise to her.
You'll say sorry to her. - I will.
What's this, Ma? - It's a computer your Papa made.
Papa built a computer?
Through the computer and the instruments he invented...
he spoke to people who live far away, on the stars.
There are people on the stars? - Yes.
I can't see anything, Ma.
There are several things one cannot see.
But they do exist.
What? - Party!
Know what, Harbans? Your jokes are still as hilarious.
Nothing has changed in all these years. - Why not, daddy?
Look at Raj. He used to be a little kid, but he's now as tall as a pole.
I'm sure someone pulled his legs!
She used to be small and fat too, crying, "Mummy!" for everything.
You've met after years and you've already started fighting?
Fights make the bond of friendship stronger, Right?
One must eat on time and sing praises of the Lord!
Give me more.
Their age to eat, all right.
So what's the spread like? Where are the papad?
It's a queue. I'll come in the line.
Is that mutton? Give me some, I do eat it.
Give us some food. - You just took a plateful!
That's gone down already. - Where's down?
Here. - God! Amazing tummy!
300 million people in the country live under the poverty line.
They don't get to see a fistful of foodgrains...
and you're taking a second helping? - That's none of your business.
Give us some food.
Bittu! Give me some more!
Oh my god! Escape from here.
Let the boys continue drinking, I'm famished.
Who does he think he is? If I could get my hands on him!
I'm not going to spare him!
What are you upto? What were you stealing?
No... I was only saying sorry.
Take a look. That's his way of saying sorry.
By sticking chewing gum to the seat.
So you were sticking chewing gum, were you?
He's was the one last night!
Jerk, you've started getting too big for your boots?
You challenged us the day other and you're now teasing girls?
He's the one who took me to a cinema hall...
pretending to show me the house. He even spilt food on my head!
That was nothing, Nisha. With what he was doing today...
you'd have had to cut your hair! Look at the chewing gum!
Such a rascal behind that innocent face?
We ought to hand him over to the police!
Oh no, why hand him over to the police for something so trivial?
We'll let him go. What say, Raj?
Get lost.
Raj, why're allowing him to leave? He should be taught a lesson.
Don't hit me! I'm telling you the truth. I was only saying sorry.
Quite a champion with your scooter, aren't you?
To be honest, that madcap isn't at fault Nisha.
The sight of you could drive anyone crazy.
Are you flirting with me?
Not at all. On rare occasions, I speak the truth.
He won't get into mischief anymore.
He's been given a solid punishment.
But my son isn't like you, because God hasn't made him like you.
He's a youth, no doubt. But he has the brains of a child.
A naive, innocent child...
who can't tell the difference between good and bad.
You boys beat him up mercilessly and broke his scooter!
Because you thought he was teasing this girl?
He came here not to tease you or to harass you...
he came to apologise to you. Look at this!
He wanted to say he was sorry.
Anyway, I can't hold this against you because you are new to this town.
But Raj...? He knows everything.
He used to be Rohit's class-fellow.
Because he's normal...
he moved ahead in life. And my son remained where he was.
But you know something? I don't regret it at all!
Because if normal people are like what you are...
I'm glad my son is abnormal.
Rohit, what are you doing in this computer class?
Rohit has also chosen computers in his options, sir.
Go and take your seat.
I want to learn computers too, sir.
You need brains to learn computers.
And you're so bright, you're still in the seventh.
My father was a great scientist, sir. He even had a computer.
I want to become like my Papa, sir. - So go and learn from your father.
He's no longer in this world, sir.
So go to the world he's in and learn. And stop picking on my brains!
Go away. Out!
Avon cycle!
Is this cycle for me, Ma? - Yes, it's for you.
It's a very nice bicycle, Ma! Avon! Thank you, Ma!
Say thank-you to her. She's the one who brought it for you.
I'm not saying thank-you, and I'm not saying sorry either.
I don't want the cycle.
Have you seen his anger?
It's true I've made a mistake.
But how was I to know that you weren't upto any mischief...
and had come to say sorry to me? Anyway, let bygones be bygones.
I'll say sorry to you now, okay?
And not just me... Raj, Monty and the other boys will say sorry to you too.
And no one will bother you ever again.
What if someone does bother me?
You and I will get together and beat him up!
God! You too? - Of course.
We're friends now, aren't we? - Really?
All of you will now say sorry to Rohit.
Didn't I tell you? Are you happy now?
And listen everybody... no fights ever again.
Only friendship.
Wait here, I'll be back in a minute.
No, I don't know to dance. - There's nothing you've got to know.
Just hold my body like this and sway to the music.
No, I feel scared. - What are you scared of?
I'll teach you. - No, I don't want to learn.
Hey! You're breaking into a sweat.
Oh yes, a bit of it.
It'll rid you of your fear and you'll stop sweating.
But I'm all right. - Have some.
It's not nice at all... - It's very nice. Have it. Go on.
Then, let's dance together.
You're forcing him to have liquor?
What harm will some Bacardi do? He's not a kid anymore.
I told you not to bother Rohit anymore. But you guys...
Let's go, Rohit...
"I'm breaking free, I'm breaking loose..."
"who knows where I'm going..."
"I'm sliding..."
"what have you done to me?"
"I'm breaking loose, I'm breaking free..."
"who knows where I'm going..."
"I'm giving way..."
"I'm moving with you"
"What spell is this..."
"that we slip, as we walk?"
"We're having so much of fun, things have changed so much"
"Why have things changed?"
"They have changed, all right"
"I'm breaking loose, I'm breaking free..."
"who knows where I'm going..."
"I've begun to slide..."
"what have you done to me?"
"What's makes you so innocent?"
"It's because you're so sweet"
"And why do you find me so sweet? Tell me"
"Why must I tell you?"
"Say something"
"What should I say?"
"I'm breaking free, I'm breaking loose..."
"who knows where I'm going..."
"I've begun to slide..."
"I'm moving with you"
"I'm breaking free, I'm breaking loose..."
"who knows where I'm going..."
"I'm slipping..."
"what have you done to me?"
"Over to you, I come"
Mr Sukhwani...
What is it...? Sister!
What madness is this? - All thanks to your darling son!
I've got into the habit of living with broken windows.
I got breeze, water and even the sunshine inside my house.
But ever since I fixed these panes, it's suffocating and hot in there.
But why must you break the panes? Can't you just open the windows?
Why didn't it occur to me! Thanks for the suggestion.
Shame on me! I must be the first Sindhi to cause losses to himself!
She's now your girlfriend. - How?
She presented you a bicycle? - She even took you to the club?
Yes, she danced with me too. - She dropped you home...
and said good night? - Did she give you a good-night kiss?
So how does she become his girlfriend? - Why not?
They become boyfriend and girlfriend only when they exchange kisses.
So what should he do?
My Mummy's absolutely right. Men are real idiots.
They don't even know that they must further their friendship...
before getting down to kisses. - I want to meet your Mummy!
She thinks we men are idiots? - Oh yes.
Know what, Rohit? Give her a nice present.
Where do I have the money to give her a present?
Ma gives me just a rupee every day.
But you can give Nisha a rose. Can't you?
Didn't you tell me about a boy whose mind is like a child's?
There was a nice article on the Net, I've got a print-out.
It says, such people ought to be given a lot of love and sympathy.
That is their only cure.
What are you up to?
Come on up here.
Why're you hiding the rose? - I'm not.
It's a present for you.
Why're you blushing?
My friends say...
that when a girl and a boy exchange kisses...
they become boyfriend and girlfriend.
Your friends are right. I am indeed your girlfriend.
Really? - Yes.
Nisha... - Yes, Papa?
I must leave now. - No, come on inside.
My Mummy and Papa will be very happy to meet you.
Papa, Mama... this is Rohit.
Sit down, son.
Will you have something to drink, Rohit? Tea, coffee...?
Bournvita (a malt drink). - Bournvita?
Yes, Bournvita is a must for strength and vigour.
Look at me. I'm in the seventh, but I'm the tallest in my class.
Thanks to Bournvita.
Sorry, Rohit. We have no Bournvita.
But you must have Bournvita at home! You must drink it every day.
Oh yes. We'll have some bought today. - And we'll drink it too.
Call from District magistrate, sir. - Tell him I'm coming.
Nisha, save the page, my child. I'll be back soon.
You know computers? - Yes.
I also know that you want to learn to operate it.
Will you teach me? - Of course.
So let's go to my house! I have my Papa's computer.
These stars...? - Yes!
My Papa was a big scientist. He spoke to people living on the stars.
Really! - Yes indeed.
What's this?
I don't know.
Looks like one of your Papa's projects.
Look, it says "press B"
Nothing's happening. - That says "B" too. See?
Let's connect them and see.
How did you play that? - I know the tune. Ma taught me.
Want to hear it?
Rohit, teach me to play it. - It's very easy. Give me your finger.
"My dreams, my imagination..."
"and my desires now have a face"
"My existence has a reason..."
"now that I've found someone"
"Whom have you found?"
"I've found someone"
"You and I did always meet..."
"but why do I feel today..."
"that I've found someone?"
"Whom have you found?"
"I 've found someone"
"What does meeting me do to you? Tell me, will you?"
"Tell me, will you?"
"I'll tell you in your ear..."
"come closer, will you?"
"I know what you're going to tell me"
"I'm not going to heed your request to come closer"
"Listen to me... do listen!"
"You and I did always talk..."
"but why do I feel today..."
"that I've found someone?"
"Whom have you found?"
"I 've found someone"
"When you are with me, you're close to me..."
"you're close to me, even when you leave"
"There can't be a realisation like this one"
"I can't figure out why all this happening..."
"I can't figure out what's happening in my heart"
"You must, figure it out!"
"My heart did always beat..."
"but why do I feel today..."
"that I've found someone?"
"Whom have you found?"
"I 've found someone"
"My dreams, my imagination..."
"and my desires now have a face"
"but why do I feel today..."
"that I've found someone?"
"I've found someone"
Rohit, come quickly. Dinner is served.
Kasauli Tigers are a strong side...
But the Blue Bulls are no easy team, score is even at 50:50.
Gas has entered the final few minutes with score at 60:58.
Blue Bulls passed the ball & Kasauli Tigers have snatched it mid-way.
Kasauli Tiger's Raj Saxena is moving forward swiftly...
...Crosses the halftime with the ball.
You idiot!
A beautiful girl walks away with the boy.
Girl takes away the boy and players take away the ball.
I'm confused over which game's commentary should I give?
Anyway, Raj moves forward and passes the ball...
But Blue Bulls snatch the ballonce again...
The game has resumed again and the Blue Bulls seem to be in control.
And a basket from the Blue Bulls!
The scores are even, a few seconds to go and the match is getting exciting...
The game has resumed again and Blue Bulls seem to be in control.
The supporters of both the side are vociferously cheering their teams.
And there's another basket by Raj Saxena!
The winners of the Hero Cup are the Kasauli Tigers!
What's happening here, Rohit?
I want to play basketball too. I too want to become a champion.
People will clap for me then.
Like Nisha was clapping for me?
But how will you learn on your own? Let us teach you.
Will you really teach me? - Of course. We'll teach you.
You're not hurt, are you? - No... it's okay. Go ahead.
I don't want to learn! I don't want to!
How will you get any applause unless you learn?
You dare take me on over Nisha?
Watch your step in the future. Understand?
Ma says those who sin are always punished.
But I have committed no sin. So why am I being punished?
Everybody pokes fun at me.
If You don't help me, who will?
You have so much of strength.
Give me some of Your strength, Lord.
Please... give me some strength, Lord!
What are you up to...?!
What have you been doing! - I did nothing.
It's happening on its own, Ma! - You did nothing...? Nothing?
What's happening, Ma?
There's a power failure in the whole of the city, sir.
It's pitch dark everywhere.
What's up with this torch, Sukhwani?
It doesn't work on electricity anyway.
Looks like there's going to be a storm. A deadly storm.
Sir! Look!
There's news of a UFO being sighted in Kasauli, in Northern India.
Several space organisations all over the world refuse to believe this incident
Because no radar station in the world nor satellites in space...
could detect any signals of the UFO.
But UFO legends abound, like ghost stories.
Those who see them, believe them. Those who don't, refuse to believe it.
A similar UFO sighting was reported in Bangalore in May, 2001.
There are claims of UFO sightings not only in India...
but all over the world.
Although there is no strong evidence, there are people who believe in them.
The burning grass and this crater is evidence that the spacecraft...
that flew over Kasauli last night landed right here.
Looks like this is where the spacecraft landed.
This is amazing!
The aliens from another planet chose our town over the rest of the world!
Lmagine how popular and famous our little hill station is going to be!
I announce a two-day official holiday to celebrate this event!
What's all this?
There's a carnival at Mall Road. People are dressed like aliens.
C'mon, Rohit. Wear something unusual. - All right. I'll be back in a moment.
What are you doing? - I'm making eyes and a mouth on this pitcher.
What for? - I'm going to dress up like an alien...
and go to the carnival with my friends.
Like an alien...?
You're not going anywhere.
Why not? All my friends are going, Ma.
There's a difference between the rest of them and you...
What difference? - No arguments, I say!
You're not going. That's it. - God! Let's go!
Extra terrestrials... aliens?
What are you saying, Mr Khan?
It's a fact that a spaceship landed here, Harbans.
It could also be a fact that someone emerged from the spaceship.
That's right, sir. That's exactly what has happened.
I have inspected the whole region.
From the footprints, it appears as if some aliens came out of the spaceship.
But... - But what?
One of them did not go back. - What makes you say that?
There were footprints of some aliens which led to the jungles...
but the footprints of one of them did not lead back to the spaceship.
What if they are indeed the footprints of an alien?
We'll capture it.
That will be a bigger achievement that man landing on the Moon.
It'll unravel thousands of secrets of the universe.
But what if the alien is dangerous? - We'll simply shoot it.
Whatever it is, till this is fully proved...
we must keep it to ourselves.
The whole of the hill station is in a festive mood...
it'll unnecessarily spread panic.
It's no use calling me! Ma won't let me go! Go away, Bittu!
What are you whistling for? Haven't I said, I can't come? Go away!
Know what, Rohit? There's an alien in the forest.
What's an alien?
Those from other planets are called aliens.
How are they to look at? - I don't know.
They could look like animals, or even like us.
Could they even look like Bittu? - Bittu?
Yes, a kid came from the forest last night. I thought it was Bittu.
I smashed the pitcher and shouted at him. He ran away into the forest.
And see...? The pitcher's been put together.
It must've been another pitcher. - No, this is the one.
I drew eyes and a mouth on it. Take a look.
It wasn't that alien, was it? - Let's go and check.
If it can put together a pitcher, it can do anything. I'm feeling scared.
What's there to be scared of? I'm with you. Come on, come.
Rohit, looks like it was really a kid. - Yes. Let's go back. - Let's go.
Have you landed from up there?
That's where he seems to have come from.
We must do something for him.
If the police catch him, God knows what they will do.
And if he remains in the jungle, the wild animals will eat him up.
So what must we do? - We'll have to hide him.
Will you go with us?
Will you be my friend?
Jai Hind, sir. - Jai Hind.
Good morning, sir.
Have this roll developed and printed. - Okay.
Make it fast.
You've done an amazing job, sir! This is a fantastic idea!
A policeman's job can't be trusted. Hired today, fired tomorrow.
Especially with an honest man like you, anything is possible.
What rubbish are you talking Sukhwani? - I'm only praising you.
This is a terrific side-business. As long as weddings are held...
you're going to do roaring business! - Sukhwani! Do as you are told
This is Khan here, sir.
I've taken pictures of the footprints as you asked me to.
I'll soon have them sent to you.
Your opinion in this matter is very important, sir.
What happened...? What's wrong?
What happened?
Rohit, open the door
I'm glad you're here. - Why? Any problem?
Yes, he was screaming away!
He must be hungry.
There are so many things here. He won't eat anything.
He must be eating something else.
What do you eat?
The net? The ventilator?
- No, Rohit He's trying to say something else.
The air...? The rays?
Sunlight? - Sunlight!
God! He speaks!
He understands what we say!
Which means, apart from having those powers, he's also very intelligent.
Oh yes. But how's he going to eat the sunlight?
Sunlight isn't something you eat, is it?
What we eat gives our body its energy.
Maybe they draw their energy from sunlight.
Rohit, look...
Hide quickly! Hurry!
What are you doing here so early in the day...?
Nothing at all, Ma.
Nisha! When did you arrive? - Right now, auntie.
So join us for breakfast. Come on. - Go ahead. We'll come in a while.
I'm getting late for the office. Come quickly.
Why's that jug of water here? Bring it along when you come, okay?
Don't come out. We'll be back in a moment, okay?
Bye, Nisha... Rohit, make sure you finish your breakfast!
Found the ball, Bittu? - No.
What a sixer. The ball's disappeared outside the stadium!
Not outside the stadium. It's inside that outhouse. Look.
Yes, come on. - Come on.
Where's the ball?
What are you guys doing here? - There's someone in there!
A ghost! - A monkey! - Our ball is in his hand.
Why have you come out? Didn't I tell you not to come out?
What ball? You've ruined everything! Everybody's got to know!
Who's that?
First promise us that you will not utter a word about this to anyone.
He's a friend of mine. Like all of you are.
He came in that spaceship.
The spaceship has left, but this poor chap got left behind.
Magic! - That's magic! Magic!
"The earth and the skies..." "the rose and the rosegardens..."
"the hills and the winds are meeting today"
"This is magic..."
"sheer magic"
"What spell is this?"
"It's a new language of love altogether"
"No one despairs anymore"
"We're silent..." "so are you"
"And yet, we say so much"
"How did this wonder happen?"
"It's magic..."
"sheer magic"
"You are the one our eyes cherish..."
"you are the one who lives in our heart..."
"we expect nothing from you in return"
"That you have come to see us..."
"we dream lovely dreams"
"Promise to be a friend always"
"It's magic..."
"sheer magic"
Why're you guys laughing so much?
Some new spaceship joke on SMS?
The spaceship is old hat. We're laughing at a new twist to the story!
Will Nisha and Rohit's children be normal or abnormal?
Rohit and Nisha's children?
As if you don't know. Nisha spends all her time with Rohit.
Raj, do something while you have the time.
Else, that madcap will make away with your goodies.
Harbans, any news on the alien?
No. Looks like Inspector Khan was mistaken.
Else, we'd have had some information on it by now.
I have good news for you. - Good news? What good news?
Your son has decided to get married.
It's Nisha, Uncle.
Hear this? Nisha and Raj have approved each other!
Really...? This is wonderful news!
What say, Indu?
What happened?
Do you guys know? Nisha's getting married to Raj.
How did you get to know? - My parents were at the club last night.
They're the ones who told me. - But how's that possible?
Nisha is Rohit's girlfriend. Let's go and tell him. - C'mon.
Why did you lie? When did I agree?
You didn't disagree either. And that's what our parents want too.
It isn't about our parents. It's about telling lies.
Where have I spoken a lie?
That we like each other doesn't mean we get married, Raj.
In any case, it's necessary to get to know each other before getting married.
As things stand today, we won't get to know each other all our lives.
What do you mean? - Do you think I'm blind?
Can't I see you and Rohit are having an affair?
What did you say? Rohit and I...? An affair?
Even if we are having an affair, what is it to you?
Whom I see is entirely my business.
You have no right to interfere in my personal life.
Do you get that? - You're insulting me for that fool?
He is not a fool.
Looks like you've got to know him very well!
Yes. Very well. Him... and you, too.
What's going on over here...?
What happened, Rohit?
Nisha's getting married, Ma. With Raj.
So why are you upset? Every girl gets married some day.
But Nisha's my girlfriend, Ma!
What...? Nisha...? Your girlfriend? - Yes!
Because she spoke lovingly to you, does that make her your girlfriend?
She herself told me that she's my girlfriend!
And that I'm her boyfriend. - She mustn't have meant it.
Nisha is an educated and sensible girl.
She can be your friend... not a companion for life. - Why not?
Rohit, although you have grown up... you're still a child.
You're not like boys of your age. - Why not?
Why am I not like the other boys?
I haven't done anything wrong... so why's Nisha also leaving me?
Everything would have been fine...
had only we not seen that spaceship.
Your father would have been alive today and you...
you wouldn't have been like this.
A spaceship? Papa...? What happened, Ma?
We met with an accident.
What are you doing here?!
Get ready quickly. I'll serve the breakfast.
Stop smiling and go back to the outhouse.
Don't come out again, you'll get caught. Go!
Ma! I can't see anything!
Wash your eyes... you'll be able to see.
Ma! I can see everything!
You say you can't see anything and then you say you can see everything!
Hurry up, son. You'll be late for school.
Time for computer classes.
You mustn't come, Rohit. The teacher will again scold you.
Why will he scold me now? I'm already studying computers.
Rohit, where are your glasses? Have you forgotten them at home?
No, I left it them home. This morning, I could see everything clearly.
Really? - Oh yes.
In that case, read what Mr Chaturvedi is writing on the blackboard.
I want the answer to that, boys.
Who gave that answer?
Rohit, you orally solved a problem meant for the tenth standard?
Come inside.
Was that guess-work, or was it...? - Was that the right answer, sir?
Absolutely right. But how did you solve it?
I don't know, sir. It just came to me.
Rohit...? I can't believe it. - Neither can I, sir.
But this is a fact. - Where is Rohit?
How many times have I told you that you can't learn computers.
You'd rather learn carpentry or masonry!
But you turn up every time and I have to insult you and drive you out.
Mr Mathur! Is that the way you talk to your students?
Father, this boy has zero I.Q.
He needs a doctor, not a teacher.
See for yourself.
Tell me: Without opening a particular file...
how will you copy data from Windows drive "A" to any other drive?
You are deliberately asking him a difficult question to belittle him.
To begin with, go to programs...
when the Windows Explorer has started, right-click on the file.
And without releasing the button, take the file to another drive...
and release the button. The file will be copied, sir.
Didn't you tell me to learn it from my father, sir?
I've learnt it from my Papa.
You are a teacher, who's responsible for thousands of students, sir.
You ought to inspire them to move ahead in life.
Computer did not make man, man made the computer.
So what the brains can accomplish, your computers never can, sir.
Do not ever consider anyone to be small, sir.
Because what is small will become big some day, sir.
Did you notice the look on Mr Mathur's face?
But what makes you suddenly so smart, Rohit?
There is a hitch. You will forget about us now, won't you?
You'll have grown up friends. - Rubbish! That's not true.
You are my friends and will always remain my friends.
Rohit, pass the ball.
Whom are you asking? This idiot, who's still feeding on his mother's milk?
What are you staring at?
Rohit! Look at the ball!
You think you've become too tough? Go check him out.
What a punch!
You've even got the strength!
Muscles! Take a look!
Don't stare... c'mon!
Looks like you guys haven't had your mother's milk.
Make sure you have it next time. We'll have a nice bout.
Why have you come here?
Are you angry with me? - Yes.
Why? - Because you're not my friend.
You're going away with Raj.
I'm not going with Raj. - No?
I've turned him down. - Great! I don't like him.
I don't like him either. - We share our likes, don't we?
We share our likes and understand each other too.
Which is why I have come to make you see reason.
Every girl has to get married some day. She has to settle down.
Oh yes, that is true.
So tell me what kind of a boy you would like.
I'll find him for you. - You will find him for me?
Yes. We share our likes, after all.
You will like what I like.
Okay then, which boys do you like?
There's Bunty, Bittu, Aslam... several others too.
They're kids. - But I'm a grown up.
It'll be great fun! We'll always be together.
We'll go out together and drink Bournvita all the time!
Marriage isn't just about drinking Bournvita, Rohit.
It's a huge responsibility.
A responsibility of giving his wife lots of love, isn't it?
One can't live on love alone, Rohit.
Every girl seeks a companion who's mentally and physically strong.
Am I not physically strong?
Yes you are. - A bit raw mentally? But I'll ripen.
Just keep watching.
I threw an amazing punch!
And Nisha...! She was stunned with my attitude!
And that ball! One kick and it kept flying and flying!
You're the one who did all this, isn't it?
No, Ma. Don't be afraid! This is Jadoo, he's a friend.
Get away from there!
How did this thing land here!
Don't scream, Ma! Someone might come here... listen to me, Ma!
Hear me out at least...! - Keep away from it!
What is it?
He came in that spaceship we saw recently.
What? - I brought him from the forest.
He has been with me ever since. He's very nice, Ma.
Very nice? Are you out of your mind?
He's not staying here another moment!
I'm calling the police right now!
Listen to me, Ma! - How dare you hide that thing here!
He has done us so many favours and
You'll turn him over to the police?
Favours! What favours? - Take a look at me, Ma! Listen to me!
I'm not looking or listening to anything!
Mrs Mehra? This is Father Rodericks.
How have you managed this? Rohit is a changed man.
The whole school is astonished at his knowledge and intelligence.
And we have decided to promote Rohit to Class 10.
Are you listening?
What's the matter, Ma? Who called?
The Principal.
They've promoted you to Class 10, Rohit.
That's because they don't have a higher class than the tenth, Ma!
But how did all this...?
It's a miracle Jadoo has worked, Ma.
Look, I'm not the same Rohit anymore.
Your glasses...?
I can see everything now, Ma. And I can understand too.
I have become worldly wise.
From the photographs Inspector Khan sent us, it is proved...
that they are the footprints of an alien.
We are here for further research.
Which means your hunch was right, Khan.
Tell me something, doctor. This creature from another planet...
is it dangerous?
Had it been dangerous, it would surely have done something by now.
But we haven't received any such reports.
Couldn't the silence also mean that it's dead?
Perhaps. But even its dead body will be very precious to us, sir.
To capture the alien dead or alive, I'll have to comb the entire area, sir.
I'll need extra forces for that.
Hey Jadoo, how do I look?
Rohit! What's gotten into you? - I don't talk to kids.
It isn't my age to play children's games anymore.
It's time for me to sing and dance. Tell that to everyone.
What? Rohit's turned a hero? - Yes, didi (sister)
And he says, it's time for him to sing and dance.
Rohit! What are you doing? - Practice!
Practice? - Yes, look at them.
I'm a bit raw. Trying to ripen.
Or else, people will laugh at you. - Me? Why will they laugh at me?
Because you're my girlfriend.
If I'm raw, won't they laugh at you?
You're participating in the contest? - Yes.
Listen carefully to what I say, Rohit... - No.
Instead, watch what I'm going to show you.
Everyone's laughing at you, Rohit. Let's go.
No way! I'll give it another try.
Rohit, this is no child's play. C'mon.
All right. I'm leaving!
One more try.
"Nothing's raw, nothing's ripe..."
"all that happens is part of the game"
"Curtains drop, curtains rise..."
"things which haven't changed, do change"
"For nothing's raw, nothing's ripe..."
"all that happens is part of the game"
"Why is the grass..." "always greener on the other side?"
"Why does one not appreciate..." "what one has?"
"The heart always speaks the truth..."
"but why does one not hear what the heart says?"
"Does not hear, does not hear"
"Nothing's raw, nothing's ripe..."
"all that happens is part of the game"
"take a look..."
"and give it a thought"
"Think about it..."
"and consider what I say"
"That which appears small, isn't really small..."
"there's something big about it"
"There is something big about it"
"Nothing's raw, nothing's ripe..."
"all that happens is part of the game"
"Curtains drop, curtains rise..."
"things which haven't changed, do change"
"For nothing's raw, nothing's ripe..."
"all that happens is part of the game"
Well? Ripened a bit, haven't I? - You, I...
all this...?
This is only the beginning. Just wait and watch.
This isn't meant for kids.
If it bursts, you run out of gas.
We'll see who runs out of gas. How about a match?
All pepped up? - You'll know after the match, sonny.
Really? So let's have a match. - What's the bet?
The Hero Cup!
Alongwith the Cup, whoever wins, gets a kiss from Nisha.
The two of us are playing a basketball match.
You will kiss the one who wins.
I'm not kissing Raj ever!
You will kiss me, won't you? - That is, if you win!
There's a huge difference between dance and basketball, Rohit.
You can't win it on your own!
You've challenged him without a team and invited trouble!
Now you're going to lose and Raj is going to give you a thrashing!
Why? You guys are my team.
We? They're so tall, and we're so short!
We can't even manage a proper jump.
Look here.
Today's match is a strange one indeed.
Have been challenged by Rohit Mehra's team.
His team is called the Pandavas.
What do I see?
Is this the team of the Pandavas or is it their children?
Don't move, okay?
There goes the referee's whistle and the match begins.
Ball has been tossed up.
Raj Saxena, taking advantage of his height, tosses the ball to a team mate.
The Kasauli Tigers pass the ball to each other, across halfline...
here's another pass, and another to Raj Saxena...
Raj Saxena advances, but Rohit Mehra, takes the ball away from Raj Saxena...
maneouvres the ball from between his legs...
advances towards the D, jumps up and... it's a basket!
The match gets underway again with the referee's whistle.
Monty passes the ball to Raj Saxena who moves forward and this pass...
but Rohit Mehra snatches the ball midway and...
Moves forward, eavdes, jumps and basket.
The excitement is mounting, the applause is getting louder...
and the scoreboard ticks on.
The match begins again. The ball is with the Kasauli Tigers...
Raj Saxena gets hold of the ball and...
Rohit Mehra knocks it out the danger area, passes it to a team member...
he once again takes charge of the ball, advances towards the basket...
he jumps up and this is the third basket!
Let's surround Rohit.
The ball is with PCB and the match begins.
The ball is with Kasuali Tigers.
And Rohit Mehra is surrounded by members of the Kasauli Tigers.
Jumping over the little boy, Raj Saxena moves forward...
and this is a basket!
This is the first scoring point from the Kasauli Tigers...
much to the delight of their supporters.
The little boys pass the ball to one another...
but Rohit Mehra's still surrounded, not being able to do much...
and the kids are utterly helpless.
The ball's now with Raj Saxena and... that's a basket!
Raj Saxena and his team rejoice. The children are disappointed.
Rohit Mehra is still surrounded and the ball's with Raj Saxena...
and what do I see...? Rohit Mehra falls to the ground!
Whether he fell or was made to fall, Raj Saxena takes advantage and...
that's a basket!
The children protest. They want a foul called, but the referee's unmoved.
The scores are now even.
The ball is now with the little boys, with Rohit Mehra...
he makes a pass which takes the ball to another member of his team...
who's trying to jump high...
surrounded by the tall Kasauli Tigers players...
there's little the boys can do. The ball is with the Kasauli Tigers...
and here's another basket!
Why aren't you guys jumping? - We're trying, but we can't jump.
The Kasauli Tigers are getting more and more aggressive...
and Raj Saxena moves forward to score another basket!
The score is increasing.
One basket after another... and here's another!
Raj Saxena and his players now seem to be toying with the kids.
The kids are all jumping around...
but Raj Saxena is scoring baskets from where he stands!
It appears as if it isn't a match, as if the Pandavas...
have been invited for a practise session!
Here's another basket!
That whistle signals the half-time.
Jadoo... what's happening? Why aren't we being able to jump?
Jadoo gets his energy from sunlight.
Unless he gets sunlight, he can do nothing.
You mean, if there is no sunlight, Jadoo can do nothing?
So what are we going to do?
Lord Krishna, please do something.
With the referee's whistle, play in the second half has begun again.
The ball's in the air, going once again to a player of the Kasauli Tigers.
He moves forward, passes the ball ...once again comes into Raj Saxena.
Kasauli Tigers continue the game without bothering about Rohit.
Children's team are making a sincere effort to give them a competition.
But they're unable to manage the tall Players.
Kasauli Tigers are surging ahead in the game...
But Rohit snatches the ball mid-way and passes it to young team mate.
This child flies into the air, passes the ball to another boy...
One child flies high into the air and grabs the ball... this a twist in the match or am I getting unwell?
Whatever happening here is amazing, ladies & gentleman.
Spectators are stunned.
Jadoo... Didi... Jadoo!
Match resumes once again and the ball us with Kasauli Tigers...
Raj Sexena is moving forward with the ball...
Three Kids fly high into the air and pass the ball... Rohit Mehra who flies high into the air and baskets it.
Blessed is the one who sings glories of the Lord.
Praise the Lord!
The spectators are ecstatic. The match moves on.
The Kasauli Tigers move forward, passing the ball to each other...
they are surrounding the opponents...
but this boy flies ahead, picks up the ball & passes it to Rohit Mehra...
and Rohit Mehra scores another basket!
I'm not having to look down much, I can see it happening right up here
The Kasauli Tigers are falling apart and the children refuse to come down.
They're scoring the baskets right up there in the air...
teasing the grown ups all the way.
Match is getting existing. I couldn't imagine this match would take this cause.
This match sure is getting exciting.
Looks like the little kids are going to wear out the Kasauli Tigers.
Raj Saxena is exhausted and the kids help themselves to another basket
They're no kids, they've turned out to be everyone's fathers.
They're scoring at will and the score is way ahead.
25 seconds to go and we must see which team clinches the match.
The scores are 48 and 49 points.
Now we've to see which teams wins the hero cup.
Match resumes and the ball is once again with the Kasauli Tigers.
...They're holding the ball firmly & pressing it cautiously to team-mates.
...And appear determined... not let the ball reach the opponent.
...Ball reaches Raj Saxena an experienced player.
...Moving forward he throws the ball into the basket.
...But Rohit Mehra once again gets hold of the ball...
Spectators excitment is running high, just 10 seconds move to the final whistle.
Final scores is 50:49.
I see the Kasauli Tigers, dejected, heads hanging...
And the little are moving forward in glory... to receive the Hero Cup.
Rohit is being presenting the with Hero Cup. Give them a big hand.
Ladies & Gentleman little Pandavas have won the Hero Cup...
There's another reward with the Cup. The Hero Honda motorbike!
Not time for the kiss yet. One more victory to achieve.
Get the Hero his Honda!
How did the kids start flying?
Something is surely fishy.
We must find out from the kids.
What are you talking about, Harbans? - It's true.
My son is the butt of jokes among his friends.
And it's all happening because of your daughter.
I understand that, Harbans. I did my best to make Nisha see reason. But...
Are you telling me that if Nisha decides to marry Rohit...
you will give her hand in Rohit's, despite knowing he's mad?
Just calling someone mad won't do!
The word "mad" doesn't make it clear what kind of a madman someone is...
and what category of madnes she belongs to
For example, schizophrenia is madness. So are megalomania, obsession...
psychopathy and mental imbalance. And there's also plain madness itself
And madness has no limits.
Mad, idiot, crazy... are names for the mad.
So are crack, cuckoo and dimwit.
There are people who the world thinks are mad, but they aren't really mad.
And there are those whose madness is not obvious, although they are mad!
In short, this is a small summary on... madness!
Why have you stood up? Please remain seated.
As I was saying, there are several signs of madness.
To shake your legs in a state of nervousness is also a sign of madness.
And you folks think I'm mad!
That's because I'm madly in love with your daughter.
"It has indeed happened"
"Your touch has started it all"
"I'm slain"
"What have I done to myself in a state of ecstasy?"
"Our pining..."
"brings about a cloudburst."
"The touch was but an excuse..."
"I feel you all over"
"Our love was meant to be eternal..."
"and today, I've told you"
"I admire you. I know you for what you are today"
"You sure have turned out to be a true lover"
"My secret... - I had discovered".
"Your fair arms... - Why're you grabbing?"
"It sends a tremour through my heart"
"It's has indeed happened"
"Your touch has started it all"
"I'm slain"
"What have I done to myself?"
"Our yearning..."
"makes the cloud shower again"
"I tried to prevent my heart..."
"it could not be held back. No, it couldn't"
"At what you did..." "it went out to you"
"I wonder what I did and what that did to you..."
"it brings a smile to our face"
"Through days... - And nights..."
"together... - We shall talk of love"
"We have reined in our love"
"It has indeed happened"
"Your touch has started it all"
"Our pining..."
"brings about a cloudburst"
"It has indeed happened"
"Your touch has started it all"
"I'm slain"
"What have I done to myself in a state of esctacy?"
"The cloud showers love again"
Why've you stopped? You were jumping around so much the other day.
Jump over us again.
What are you looking down at? What's in that bag?
Run! There's no sunlight! Jadoo needs to be saved!
Sir, I've seen it with my own eyes.
Check what's in the bag.
Come and take a look.
Go... go home.
But how did you escape, Jadoo?
It was a narrow escape! - You were amazing, I say.
What happened?
Is Jadoo here, Ma? - Yes, he's inside.
Rohit... what happened?
The way Inspector Khan was looking at me...
I'm sure he suspects me.
We'll have to hide Jadoo somewhere else.
Let's hide him in my house. My parents are away.
No, my house should be right. No one will ever imagine...
that Jadoo could be in District magistrate's friend's house.
For how long will you keep hiding him like this?
He's bound to be discovered some day. - No.
I'll take Jadoo away to some other town.
Once the police start looking for him...
you won't be able to hide Jadoo anywhere in the world.
So what are we to do, Ma?
There's only one way of saving his life, Rohit.
Send him back to where he has come from.
No, Ma! No one can separate Jadoo from me.
As long as I live, no one can even touch him.
Rohit, auntie is right.
You can't take on the world on your own.
Jadoo will not go.
Everyone's going to feel sad at the parting, Jadoo.
But it's in your interests to return.
If Jadoo goes... all powers will also go away.
What does that mean?
It means...
all the powers that he has given me will go away with him.
Don't worry about me, Jadoo.
I'll live the way I used to.
Go, Rohit. Before it's too late.
We're going to miss you, Jadoo.
What's the matter, Rohit?
There's no response, Ma.
We know, the alien from another planet is with you.
Hand it over to us.
We have surrounded your house from all sides.
Till the count of ten, if you do not turn it over to us...
we'll launch an attack on your house.
Jadoo, do something!
They're responding, Ma!
Rohit, hand it over to us. - Never!
Do not compel us! Else, we'll have to use force against you.
Do anything you want to! I'm not handing him over to you!
Snatch it from him!
Leave my son alone!
Leave him.
Khan speaking. We shall be there very soon.
I will not let Jadoo go. I will not, let Jadoo go.
Ma, where's Jadoo?
They've taken him away.
Where to? - I'll tell you.
Yes, me.
I have never seen so much love for a friend.
They're taking your friend to Delhi, and from there to America.
Rohit, this is the time to repay Jadoo's favours.
Go, save him and prove it that humanity still exists in the world.
Go Rohit.
Hurry up! Follow him!
You people?
Go fast, man.
You? Where's Rohit?
You won't find him.
Go, Jadoo. They're waiting for you.
Thank you.
"Rohit Mehra in police custody"
"Special Court to deliver verdict on Rohit Mehra's fate today"
This is Zee news correspondent reporting from Kasauli...
where the special court yesterday acquitted Rohit Mehra...
on the grounds that he is mentally abnormal...
and today, the citizens of Kasauli are felicitating Rohit Mehra...
for setting a rare example of humanity and friendship...
in helping an alien, whom he considered his friend, go back to his own world.
Let's all felicitate Rohit Mehra.
See, auntie? Rohit said he'd make it big some day.
And he's become such a big man today.
I know what you're thinking about.
Jadoo has taken away the powers he had given you.
Not my love.
You had become one hell of a hero.
What're you looking at?
He's gone, because of whom you had changed.
Now kick the ball and show.
Let's go.
Yes, yes, take him and make him wear your bangles.
Rohit, look! The ball is flying in the air!
I can't see.
Now I can see clearly!
Looks like Jadoo has given your powers back to you.
Look there...
Thank you, Jadoo.
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