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All games will be entertained tonight
1, 2, 3
You better think of a wedding gift for me
Me too?
Not you, but you
I'm getting married
Excuse me, do you have an invitation?
Where are we going?
Back to the room first
I'm so happy
This is it
Yes... Watch out
I want a drink
Look at her
Okay? Fine...
Be careful
Drink with me...
Back to the room
Do you need a towel?
No, thanks
Be careful...
Silly girl, be careful
Are you okay?
Ching, are you alright?
Call the police or you'll die
I still have a surgery to do
It's alright. Don't worry
Let her rest. I'll take care of her
It's okay. I can go by myself
Wait for me, okay?
I'll call you when I'm home
I'm leaving. Bye
Where are you going?
You got to stay
I've decided
You guys have fun
This is the fifth case already
The past cases were at the victims' homes
Their kidneys were removed alive
This time you bumped into it in a hotel
Can't tell if it's your bad luck or the suspect's
Are you okay?
Yes. I'll be done soon
No rush
We can continue tomorrow Take it easy
What would you like to drink?
Forensics said it's by an inexperienced surgeon
a medical student or a maniac
Same report every time
There must be a clue somewhere
Where did the kidneys go?
A kidney can sell for $500,000
Did the woman...
have 1 or 2 kidneys removed?
Is there any difference?
With one left...
She won't die
Please don't look at me like this
Excuse me, Ms Fung
It's her!
It's cold. Put this on
I called Doctor Yau already
I'm tired. I want to go home
Can you listen to me for once?
Take me home, okay?
Let's go
Please don't run around again
I was so worried it was you who got hurt
It's not a big deal even if it's me
Don't say that
Who's going to help me clean my ear then?
who got the wedding bouquet today?
Hold me
Even tighter
Silly girl
After deducting what you failed to declare...
you and your mom will get this amount from social security
Please check
Deduct whatever you like
But sending my mom to an infirmary is not a choice
Ling comes to see her mom every day at this time?
Yes. She is always on time
Here she comes
We suspect you are connected to a kidney theft
Please come to the police station with us
After I take care of my mom
Mom, good morning
Madam, please give me a hand...
to turn her to the other side
1, 2, 3
Mom, you gained weight
I need to ask the doctor to put you on diet
The identification parade will start soon
Don't wander around please
I need the washroom
I'll go with you
Did we meet before?
You use too much powder
What brand is it?
No. 2, turn right
Back to left
No. 4, turn left
To the front
No. 4, two steps forward
You set me up! You want revenge...
because I slept with Wai
I'm sorry
Go back...
Stand properly
Ling was my junior at medical school
Her mom was a cleaner...
who got hit by a car while collecting garbage
Her mom became an invalid and Ling dropped out from school
We lost touch after that
Until I met her at the hospital a few weeks ago
She was broke...
and asked me to lend her money
I felt sorry for her...
So you lent her money
And then slept with her?
Just once
She felt terrible and asked me to drink with her
I regretted it so much
I told her I have a girlfriend
And I never saw her again
Do you know about this?
If I tell you I went to the hotel just to see her...
Would you think I'm stupid?
I know they're way above me
I know I have no right to fight for him
He said he has a girlfriend already
But I still force myself to compare with her
I really wanted to see what she looks like
When I saw her...
I realized she's nothing special
I'm sorry
I'll call you tomorrow
Kidney Theft
It was at ten last night
A woman was hanging out in a bar
Her drink was doped
When she was being anestheticized...
she woke up. A neighbor heard and called the police
When the police arrived...
the suspect was gone
Suen Ling who was interrogated earlier...
is confirmed innocent
Scrambled eggs with ham
Fried eggs with ham
Madam, the coffee...
Did you hear what I said?
I said no salt in my egg
Sorry madam. I'll change it for you
Why apologize?
Why does everyone say sorry?
You say it. He says it
Just say sorry and everything will be fine
Eating salt can kill me. What would happen then?
Get her a new dish
Do you know everyone is watching you?
Be kind to the elderly
Your mom was embarrassed
It's no use. The newsstands have tons of them
Right. You're so sure I'm the suspect
When shall I come to take your kidney?
She called you...
and said since you're so sure she's the suspect...
when should she come to take your kidney?
I'm sure it's her
Do you drink in the morning?
As drunk as during that wedding last time?
I seldom drink
It's just a routine question
No drinking problem
She knew your every move at the restaurant
And followed you, right?
We'll take care of the case
You don't trust me?
You think I'm lying
Since she had an affair with Wai
you think I'm setting her up?
Why not check what she's doing at the time?
Will you only take action after my kidney is gone?
Miss, first...
it's our decision whether there'll be an investigation
Second, we've...
only slept for a few hours each day for months
It's all because of this case
Our time is precious
I believe this is a love dispute
Even if she did call to threaten you
we've done what we can
If she calls to harass you again
You can apply for an interdict
I suggest the three of you should have a talk
There. Satisfied?
You saw me when I answered the phone
Did I lie?
Ching, take it easy
May be this is just a joke
Chief said if you find someone trying to hurt you
call this number
We are on call 24 hours a day
Our chief is like that
I know it is you
Suen Ling, I know you're following me
Talk to me
Shall I come for your kidney now?
At 2-inch above the waist
Pull the scalpel slightly
Cut a 9-inch opening along the body
It will bleed slowly
I'll tell you how to remove the kidney next time
You alright?
Shall I call the police?
Are you okay?
I'm here. Don't worry
Are you cold?
It's alright
What's the matter?
I'm sorry
I don't dare to take off my clothes in front of you
I don't like people watching me
I'm too thin
I don't want you to kiss me
I know I smell
Even I don't like the way I smell
It's so painful
I don't want to break down
I want to be like other women
Be kissed, be hugged
But I can't
I hate this sickness of mine
Don't leave me
Promise me...
Even if you have another woman, don't tell me
No. Never again
Come. Drink it
Go to sleep
Ms Fung, Dr Tsui is...
having a visitor
Shall I go tell him?
I'll pay you back as soon as possible
Did you threaten Ching?
You are on her side. I have nothing to say
I really need the money
Ching's condition is bad
I'm very worried
She is really lucky
Just a small incident and she'll have all the attention
I'm not that lucky
She is different. She is not as capable as you
You are independent. She is not
She needs to be taken care of
She is very simple
I don't want to hold you up
But I've got to tell you...
I'm not as independent as you think
You forgot the cheque
Mom, he said he will take care of me forever
I know he means it
What do you think?
Shall I say yes?
Mom, do you see her?
She's following me
Ching, why didn't you answer my call?
Where are you? Wai
Let's dance. It's fun
I'm doing fine. You go ahead
Let's go
Ching, come on
It's fun. Come on
Alright. You go first
Let me get a drink. I'll join you afterwards
Be quick
Ok, ok!
Please give me...
What do you want to drink?
I have something for you. Try it on
It's especially for you
The heels are shorter
So you won't twist your ankle when you follow me
I'll just write you my address, okay?
Leave me alone!
I haven't finished yet!
The granny in the hospital wanted to tell you
You sat there suddenly and scared her
She kept having nightmares afterwards
She thought she saw a ghost
My kidney is worthless
I have renal failure
You don't even have the courage to open your eyes?
Why me?
I don't like you
I enjoy watching the fear on your face
Yes. I made those threatening calls
I've never seen such a pathetic woman
If I knew, I wouldn't have followed you
And even fought off the guy for you
Your hand
No one can take your kidney...
but me
Call the police
You always want the police to get me, right?
You hate me so much
Why save me?
I don't know. No time to think about it yet
But it doesn't mean I don't hate you
I hate you so much
I'm jealous
You won't understand
You'll never understand
Because you are not me
Call the police
You really don't want to call the police?
She'll be in trouble if we go to the police
Take us to the hospital
Thanks for saving me
This is for you
May I use your washroom?
Let me
My kidney is not good
I can't control...
when I need the washroom
Sometimes I may even throw up
Why tell me? Want my pity?
No, I don't
You have enough money...
for a kidney transplant
I tried once
But in the operation theatre, the surgeon realized
that the donated kidney was dead
It's very difficult to find a kidney for me
My blood type is AB negative
I remember...
it was a lovely day
When Hope is in front of you...
and it suddenly vanishes...
it's much worse than having No Hope
I'm AB negative too
Hope is better than No Hope
Put the flowers in the room
Put them here
I'm getting the room ready for my mom
Your mom is coming home?
My mom will never wake up again
She will be more comfortable at home
as long as I have the money for the equipment
How much?
You want to pay for me? I won't accept it
You still don't understand?
The difference between us is...
whatever I want, I must achieve it myself
Why is it that everything I say is wrong?
What is this for?
Like this?
For you
Come on. That's stupid
Learn how to release yourself
You'll be much happier
Just once. Okay?
Actually, everyone's subconscious is buried in this universe
When gathered together, it's like one enormous databank
If we find the right key
we can locate the data we need
Let's try it
Please sit down
relax your body and ease your concentration
Then focus your concentration...
on your hands
your partner's hands...
and also your partner's eyes
Now, relax...
and concentrate
You now start to forget who you are
When your senses become hyper sensitive
you can feel your partner's energy wall
Let your subconscious...
...move into your partner's subconscious
you can sense your partner's...
every sensation
I can feel your happiness
Many people love you
But you're not satisfied
I can feel your loneliness...
deeply lonely
You hate your sickness. You feel inferior
And insecure
Money means a lot to you
You have a big wardrobe at home
Lots of beautiful clothes and shoes
And cosmetics too
You need to hide yourself behind these things
You are used to fighting...
for what you want
I see the sunset
There is a little girl
She is you
You're on a swing with a boy
He says...
we will be good friends till we die
Friends forever
If you have any difficulty, you must tell me
I'll always be there for you
Me too
It seemed I'd really been there...
where you were swinging
It felt so real. Let's try again
Next time
This is for you. Do you like it?
It's so pretty
Did your friend come back for you?
Why are you asking?
Just curious
He's not Wai. Don't worry
Don't get me wrong
I'm not sure...
In fact...
I can't tell if I'd thought about whether he is Wai
It's embarrassing to talk about it
But we were speaking from our hearts
I mean my conversation with my childhood friend
I don't have many friends
you must tell me
I'll always be there for you
Please don't make fun of my memory
In fact I envy you
My health is poor
I don't have many friends
You said before...
if I need help, you're the first one I should call
Don't regret what you said
Then let's always be together
Sir, please taste it
Let me do it
Don't drink too much
Enough. Enough
I can never understand women
Suddenly, you two become buddies
Yes. You better be nice to me
Otherwise, Ling won't forgive you
How did you two meet?
Please tell her
One day, she came to my clinic
She had tonsillitis
She said her throat was sore
and ended up vomiting all over me
I asked you to divert your attention
What were you looking at then?
You. Idiot
You're crazy!
Who do you think I am?
I can go...
Do you want it or not?
He's mine
Fung Chee Ching
He's mine
You're not allowed to mention her name
This is Ling. Please leave a message
Ling, this is Ching
Please call me back
Immunity Research Center
Excuse me, I'm looking for Suen Ling
Room 214
Thank you
Are you okay?
I've called you for days
I'm fine
I'm busy
You can go now
Is your mom okay?
Please tell me
Don't be too nice to me. You'll regret it
Why would I?
Wai and I have been sleeping together all along
The last time was only a few days ago
What are you looking at?
I don't know how to face you
Have you always been in love with Wai?
Answer me
He doesn't love me
Not a bit
I'm just his toy
He called me a bitch
I'm a bitch who just want to be loved
I have nothing. I didn't mean to...
I'm very sorry, Ching
What? Who are you?
The man who abducted me last time called...
and asked if I'd pay $600,000 for a kidney
Let me call the police
I'll buy it
Not only do I want a normal life...
but also to be a woman who can have sex
Do you know what you're saying?
It's illegal
If something goes wrong
you will die
You're in no position to give me advice
You said before, Hope is better than No Hope
I'll take care of the hospital and the surgeon
Only you know about this
Don't be silly
You'll go with me
You owe it to me
I'll go to get the money now
I'll pick you up afterwards
Anybody there?
Put the money in the third stall
I'll give you the kidney after I got the money
No. I need to see it first
You give me the kidney; I give you the money
Fine. Put the money on the floor
Go into the stall and wait for me
Don't move!
Hands up... on your head
Hands up!
Put down the scalpel!
Come here! Let her go!
Go out! Let her go!
Okay... We go out!
Call for back up
Yes, sir
How's the situation?
Call an ambulance!
It's hot
Why didn't you tell me you called the police?
I'm sorry, Inspector Lee told me...
not to tell anyone
Is everything alright?
Are you hungry? I'll get you something to eat
What's up?
Why didn't you ask about Ling?
How's she?
You don't care at all, do you?
Do you know what you're doing?
You are the bitch!
Leave me alone! My mom died!
Leave me alone!
What happened?
My mom passed away!
She kept trying to delay it
It's not that she didn't want to go
But she knew I wouldn't let her go
I'll have no one if she left
Kidney Thief Slaughtered Himself
The Anecdote of Kwok Ping Keung
Here are all the school directories from the 80s
You can't photocopy them
Please read them here
Kwok Ping Keung
Suen Ling
Ming, is Ching there?
Wai, she's not well
How is she?
She needs dialysis now
Tell him to leave. I don't want to see him
I won't go
Let them talk
Listen to me
Ling is not as simple as we thought
She and the thief were classmates
I saw their photo...
in their school directory
Why should I believe you?
You don't have to but it's a fact
Even you can have two faces
One for me and one for another woman
I don't care what the fact is
I just don't want to see you again
I've never cooked before
You are wonderful
Smells so good!
It's all set
Don't forget your keys next time
Time for the pills
I'm thinking...
if I could live like this, how lovely it'd be
My mom likes you a lot
You can be my sister
It was possible before. Not anymore
Because Keung died of you
I'm the one behind the thefts
Keung was that friend
We lost contact after primary school
Half a year ago, he went bankrupt...
and was deeply in debt
Then he remembered me
I don't have the money to help
But having a friend to listen...
was better than being alone
As we talked
the kidney idea came up
He took care of the targets
I removed the kidneys
I needed money to bring mom home
I'm sorry
We kept our promise to help each other
We split the money from the kidneys
The police couldn't figure it out
We were two seemingly unrelated people
We didn't take your kidney that night
Because we think you're a potential buyer
Are you sure?
We really wanted to help you
I really see you as a friend
Do you want a normal life?
Why did you do that to Keung?
You betrayed me
I didn't
Because I enjoy watching the fear on your face
Even if you betrayed me...
I wouldn't be angry with you
I'd take it
I'll go to jail with you
What about your mom then?
If someone has to be blamed...
Let me be the one
But I'm not going to jail
Don't you know...
only he would take care of me forever
He's gone now
So is my mom
All my loved ones are gone
Life becomes meaningless
But there's one thing I haven't done yet
To take your kidney
Do you feel tired?
Want to sleep?
It's the pills
You must suffer like Keung did
It's here...
Cut a 9-inch opening
Pull open the flesh
Dig out the kidney
But not today
Because I enjoy watching the fear on your face
Have a nice sleep. I'll come back tonight
How did you come in?
Why do you have Ching's medical reports?
We are friends. I care for her
What about this?
If you didn't mention your school before
no one would ever have guessed
He's the kidney thief
Many people were hurt
Ching almost died
Why did you cover for him?
Ching. She is all you care
All my efforts in bed made no difference?
You always knew our rule of the game
I never cheated you
I gave you money
Why can't I compare to her?
At least I can take off my clothes in front of you
And that's where she can't compare to you
You are cheap!
I move a finger and you'll jump me
She has class!
Ching is the only woman I really love
I can't afford to lose her
I knew I don't stand a chance from the beginning
But I didn't know that...
When you say it
it'll hurt so much
That's it. We should stop
You want to study medicine. I'll support you
Please give me a chance
Don't move a finger
Or I'll jump you
Do you want it or not?
Why can't you give us all a chance?
I have no chance
Do you know...
you're also the only man I really love?
Is it you, Wai?
Guess what Wai and I are doing now?
Give me your kidney and I'll give you Wai
What did you do to him?
You can call the police
But then you'll never see him again
Wai! Where are you going?
Wait for me
I'm here
Miss! Come back
Where's Wai?
Where's he?
You're finally angry
Come, kill me...
Kill me!
If you kill me, you'll never see Wai again
Give Wai back to me!
We found a kidney at the scene
You were in critical condition
We had an operation on you immediately
We found out the kidney belonged to the dead at the scene
So far, your body is not rejecting the kidney
This is a rare case
What are you saying?
What kidney?
Who died?
Take the kidney out...
I don't want it
Take it out
I don't want it!
Calm down
Nurse, give her a sedative
Take it out, I don't want it...
No... Calm down...
I don't want it...
I don't have many friends
Then let's always be together
You'll owe me this for the rest of your life
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