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- Goodbye, and thanks. - Bye.
You, too... I'll see you later.
- We're going to win this time. - Damn right we are!
- We did okay, didn't we? - As usual.
Let's get out of here, Klaus.
You were dreaming of cigarettes during the whole speech.
I noticed you drumming your fingers.
- What can I do?
Instead of behaving like a little boy who steals a whiff in the bathroom.
I can't do that. I'm a role-model for the non-smoking lobby.
A bona fide quitter... Klaus, have you got a light?
And about Saturday...
Kiddie Hits IV. Including
- Hi, honey. - Hi there.
- You smell sweaty! - Nice, isn't it?
Dad, can I have the new All Stars CD?
- Don't you have it already? - That's no. 3. This is no. 4.
So you just came to pester me? Not because you're happy to see me?
- Julie speaking. - Don't forget to pick her up.
I can take a message.
Daddy, it was your boss. He wants you in his office right away.
Aksel Bruun's condition is critical.
His wife Gitte suffered minor injuries.
The Centre Party is in the lead according to the latest polls.
11 days prior to the election, a coalition with the Liberals looks...
- Wait 10 minutes before leaving. - Okay. I'll see you there.
The timing couldn't be any worse!
I'm supposed to be there in... No, Mads hates flying.
At noon. Yes, okay...
I can't help wonder what'll happen, if Aksel dies?
Hey! This is a non-smoker.
I hadn't imagined I'd get the position in this way.
No one says you have to accept it.
No, I'll wait. I'll wait... Fine.
One second, Torp.
It was going to be the biggest landslide victory in 25 years.
- Then he crashes at the finish-line. - It's crazy.
- How long have you been with us? - Four and a half months.
And you want to be transferred to Parliament?
Yeah, this is he.
Do you have a moment? Okay, thanks. Bye.
I thought I'd let you have a shot at it for a couple of days.
But you should know that some of your colleagues will get pissed off.
They'll think it's because your dad is former Minister of Justice.
Well, is it?
I can't deny that you have connections I could use?
- I was 10 the last time I was in there. - But they know who you are.
Some of them might, I guess.
Any news? How is Aksel doing?
The hospital won't comment. At the family's request.
- Have we got anything if he dies? - An obituary was written last year.
- Can the Centre Party win if he dies? - It's possible.
- Who's set to take over for him? Lone Kjeldsen?
- Isn't that premature speculation? - Lone Kjeldsen? Oh, God!
Can we print that? If Bruun dies, Kjeldsen takes over -
- and becomes our first woman Prime Minister.
Double check it with our sources,
I wouldn't want them to think we have an opinion... Why are you here, Torp?
Vestgaard sent me to Parliament for a couple of days.
Nice to know.
- Lars, you can use an extra guy, no? - Well, sure... Why not?
Erik... How is Aksel doing?
He's fine.
You just take it easy. I'll handle everything.
- Here you go. - No. The name is TORP.
- That's what it says. - No, it says TROP.
- T-O-R-P. - Are you Gunnar Torp's son?
- You should fit right in. - Button it, Moll.
- What do you mean by that? - Come on.
Forget Moll. He thinks he's the only honest journalist around here.
The rest of us are part of some big conspiracy... Morning.
Turn right here.
I've spoken to the doctor, and we've agreed -
- not to comment on Aksel's condition because of his family...
Dreier just came out of the hospital but he won't comment.
- There's a press conference in five. - Ulrik... and Kasper.
The Christians won't get a seat,
You'll have to settle for the former trainee's desk.
The name on everyone's lips is Lone Kjeldsen, the party spokesman.
We've been unable to reach her for a comment at this moment.
She is known as the strong, but sensitive woman in Danish politics.
She has been a central figure in the Centre Party for many years...
Ulrik Torp?
Peter Schou. Press Officer for the Centre Party.
- Welcome to the Fort. - Thanks. I wanted to see you.
I'm a big fan of your father's. If he was still a Democrat -
- I might have switched sides. How is he?
- Life in the corporate world suits him. - I can imagine.
- Any news about Aksel's condition? - No. I don't know anything.
Just trying to keep my mind on the election.
You think the majority will go with Lone Kjeldsen, if Aksel dies?
She looks pretty strong. And she's very good, you know.
If it wasn't for that stupid "Children's Trust" affair...
- "Children's Trust"? - I thought everyone knew about that.
- But it's her husband, not her... - Sorry, I've been busy elsewhere.
- What story is that? - Lone's husband, Mads Kjeldsen.
He's chairman of "Children's Trust".
The police think he's bamboozled the board of directors.
- Bamboozled? - Funds for a hospital in Cambodia.
They seem to have disappeared, and the board knew nothing.
It's not Lone's problem, of course.
Why are you giving me this story?
There's no story. Welcome!
Good luck.
- Hello, Christian. - Didn't they call you?
- Who? Be specific, please. - Dreier already started the meeting.
Thank you.
- I tried calling you. - What's this?
- A moment's silence for the driver. - And Aksel?
We have an agenda, but I'm not sure where to begin.
We need to parcel out Aksel's election meetings -
- and I suggest we go ahead with Ole's anniversary celebrations -
- now that the press has been invited.
The first issue to deal with has to be: What do we do, if Aksel dies?
I suggest we give Lone our full support for now.
We can always withdraw it later if Aksel's condition improves.
I find it inappropriate to talk of a new chairman the day after the accident.
Poor Aksel is still helpless and in intensive care.
Election is coming up. We go on TV tomorrow.
And Aksel was supposed to appear on "Face to Face".
Do you want the camera crew to turn up at the hospital, Erik?
I suggest that Finsen take over Aksel's interview tomorrow.
If there are no objections, that is.
Good. Shall we move on?
Kaj, you wanted to say something about a bypass road?
S°ren Krogh from Fraud Squad, please.
- Yes? - S°ren? Ulrik Torp speaking.
I'm busy. What do you want?
You're working on a case involving Kjeldsen and "Children's Trust".
- Who told you that? - I just need some background info.
- I didn't say there was a case. - Just give me an outline.
I know Kjeldsen spent a lot of money on a Cambodian hospital.
- How much? - More than 10 million.
- Some of the money has disappeared? - The hospital was never built.
- Hello, Ulrik Torp, Daily News. - We already subscribe.
- Mads Kjeldsen, please. - Mads has called in sick today.
- Any idea where I can reach him? - Sorry, I'm not at liberty to say.
Listen, I've heard that Mads misappropriated the trust's money.
Who can I speak to if I want Mads' side of the story?
- I'll check with our PR officer. - Thanks.
- Yes? - Ulrik Torp here...
No, it's me again. I'm sorry, but he's not available at the moment.
- When can I catch him? - Sorry, I don't know.
- Okay, well, could you... - Sorry, I can't help you.
Right, thank you.
Torp? "Children's Trust" on the line.
- Yes? - Hello. You just called.
- I just thought... - Sorry, who is this?
- Not over the phone. - Could we meet somewhere then?
Yes, here. But don't tell anyone you're a journalist.
I'll be there at 5.30 p.m.
I just want to know where you stand.
Are you sure?
Lone is on her way.
Well, that's a shame. But it's your choice to make... Bye.
- You were at the hospital today? - Yes.
- How does it look? - It could go both ways.
- Anything else? - Yes. Why're you drawing things out?
You know what? I was thinking...
Remember that photo from Sudan that got an award two years ago?
A little girl in the sand. Emaciated. Skin and bones.
And right behind her there was a vulture, waiting to eat her.
- Stop it, stupid! - Takes one to know one.
- It's my tree! - Julie, calm down.
She's been so nice. She's helped prepare the birthday party.
And I think she's fallen in love with the neighbour's son.
No, let me. Go and say hello to your dad.
- Is he in? - You know him and his birthdays...
- How long have you been there? - Two and a half years.
I used to work at Tuborg. "The Water" is what we called it...
Hi! Just carry them down to the basement.
- All set for tomorrow? - Not really.
I'm still 25, but the women don't seem to notice.
Check this out.
- Parliament! Way to go! - On a trial basis.
You must have some gossip! Is the Centre Party panicking?
- The story is there. Go for it. - But why did he hand it to me?
It's a classic spin. Drown out bad news with bigger news.
We did it with the Vedbaek scandal. Poured out all the dirt in two hours.
Buried it.
So Schou knew Mads' story would emerge during the election?
But he leaks it now and hopes it drowns out news of Aksel's accident?
Man, I miss the game! It's the best thing about Parliament.
- I envy you. - Right...
Daddy, Jonas eats worms!
- We need to do something... - Yes, we need to buy that CD.
- Yes, we'll do that tomorrow. - Grandpa gave me money for it!
- Tomorrow, sweetheart! - No, now!
Listen, I'll be back in 10 minutes.
- What do you do at the Trust? - I'm an accountant.
- I don't feel comfortable about this. - But you called me.
What do you know?
Your boss has spent 13 million on a non-existent hospital.
The site is 9,000 miles away, so it's hard to check up on things.
How come the board wasn't informed?
Mads ran the project on his own. I never saw any of the accounts.
Looks pretty bad.
Sounds like Mads Kjeldsen has lined his own pockets.
Listen... This is off the record, or whatever you call it. Okay?
I have a lot of respect for Mads, so this is hard...
Mads gets these anxiety attacks Occasionally, he has to be alone.
And it's been getting worse He's had severe depressions -
- and my guess is that it has affected his judgment.
- Why doesn't the board intervene? - We were about to.
But the police came this morning, and now it's all happening so quickly.
- We were hoping... - What? They came this morning?
Yes. I guess they've known about it for a while...
Dreier, the son of a bitch! What's he up to?
Lone must have the party's complete support.
If we get the MPs, we'll get the party too.
Then Dreier can call her a vulture or whatever. It won't matter.
- Did you talk to Kaj? - I gave him a bypass road for his vote.
That really made his day!
- Hi, honey. - Hi.
- Hello, everyone. - I thought you were resting?
Don't patronize me!
I just wanted to see who was paying us a visit.
- Coffee? - No. I'll pop back upstairs.
But let me know if you need anything.
Excuse me.
Hello, Ulrik Torp, Daily News.
No, he's not here. Can I help you?
Neither Mads nor I will comment on filth like that!
- Hello. - Hi, mom!
Bye, Honey. I'm off.
Sorry! I had to take over for Ole. It was an emergency.
- Are you leaving? - Yes, I...
Ulrik T-R-O-P?
- Parliament!? - Only for a couple of days.
But that's incredible. I thought one had to wait for years.
Yes... But one doesn't. See you later.
- Congratulations. - Thanks. Bye, Julie.
Good story, Torp. Well written. A bit heavy on the human interest.
- You can't tell if he's guilty or not. - But he's responsible no matter what.
He initiated the project. And the money can't just vanish.
My source says that Mads lost control because of a depression.
- What do you say, Boss? - Well done. Front page tomorrrow.
- Front page? - Can you cut it down to 30 lines?
According to a recent opinion poll The Centre Party is still ahead...
The party's constituency seems to be behind Lone Kjeldsen...
We've tried to get a statement from the hospital...
We've asked the Centre Party for an official comment...
The party is backing Lone Kjeldsen...
All eyes are on The Centre Party. The next few days will be crucial.
Children's Trust CEO Mads Kjeldsen was accused of embezzlement.
Kjeldsen, who is married to Lone Kjeldsen of The Centre Party...
Well, I finally made it into the spotlight...
...was not available for comment.
Morning. Would you fax this to Ritzau right away, please.
I can't do that. It has to go through Peter first.
What's the number?
It's right there. At the bottom.
- What do you think of the lodge? - The lodge?
All the journalists, the MPs and their spin doctors.
What are you talking about?
See the journalists over there? They're sucking up to Peter Schou.
Know why? Cause he could become their prime source after the elections.
Absurd, isn't it? All he ever does is smother critical journalism -
- and yet they hover around him like little flies on a giant turd.
See you, Moll.
Bon appetit!
Torp, you bastard! TV News has picked up your story. Way to go!
- Beginner's luck. - Well...
Congratulations. Perhaps not front page material, but anyway...
Say hello to Erik. Erik...?
- Torp. New guy at the Daily News. - Good God! Ulrik Torp.
I can remember when you were this tall.
You were always in the front office, reading Donald Duck.
The Hulk... A big, green man.
Did Gunnar tell you how we spent nights finalizing budget proposals?
At 5 a.m. he'd order pink champagne, because it had to be something red.
Sounds like the old man all right.
We never agreed politically, but we had a lot of fun.
I read your article about Lone's husband.
- It's not what we need right now. - I guess not.
But the truth will out, of course.
We can't have him bamboozling the board of directors.
Torp, have a nice day, and let's meet after the elections.
Christ, that's about time! What does Jesper say to that?
What is he... 15, right?
By the way, did he recover from his knee injury?
That sounds good. Very good.
Well, I wanted to hear if you could round up a couple of voters -
- and make them write a few letters to the newspapers?
Erik is the incumbent premier... Lone is losing the party's backing...
That kind of thing. Just write the truth. I really think he'd appreciate that.
I'm already looking forward to it. Give my regards to... Susanne.
Bye, bye.
You have an election meeting in 45 minutes.
Lone just summoned all MPs for a meeting tomorrow -
- to elect a new chairman.
- But she can't do that without... - Don't tell me that! She just did.
She already notified the Press. Can't you see what she is doing?
We've got two positive write-ups in the papers today.
I talked to Karsten at the City Paper. He calls Lone an amateur.
And we've only just begun.
Are you in control of the... Aksel situation?
They won't let me see him. They just say his condition is critical.
- What do you mean? - He may be all right. Or dying.
- Nothing more specific? - No. Family's request, apparently.
But Dreier was allowed to see him?
What the hell is going on?
Environmental crisis in Centre Party continues
Lone Kjeldsen's environmental reform met with skepticism...
- Mads Kjeldsen. - Ulrik Torp speaking.
Why don't they make an announcement?
Did you know Lone Kjeldsen called a meeting to elect a new chairman?
Holy shit!
What the hell is that?
Hotel receipts...
"Mads spends sick children's money on luxury holiday with Lone."
Somebody thinks you deserve all the best stories, eh?
It's from the Centre Party.
How stupid can they be, infighting during an election campaign?
- Aren't you going to write it? - Leave it!
What's up, Torp? How did you know I was here?
You're not the only one I know on the force.
There are details in the Kjeldsen case that puzzle me.
Can't blame you. I looked at the file myself...
- And? - A half-built hospital in Cambodia...
Floods destroyed a wing last spring. It's a mess.
- And the missing millions? - A mess, but there's no foul play.
I wouldn't put Mads in charge of mowing a lawn, but there's no case.
Listen, I'll keep this off the record -
- but I need to know how the case ended up on your desk?
I can't reveal information about our sources.
The source is the Centre Party.
Who was it? Dreier? Peter Schou?
And you never wondered why? You just thanked them?
The top brass say be friendly with the legislative powers...
I really don't know why. They only run our budget.
Besides, you ran the story on the front page this morning...
- May I have your autograph? - Will you be cutting school budgets?
No, we'll give you longer weekends.
Take care. Nice meeting you all.
What am I doing here 10 days before an election?
Ulrik Torp wants an interview at 5 o'clock. I've booked a room.
- He bought it? - Of course.
He's going to hit us with Lone's holiday story.
Initially you act shocked, and then you distance yourself from her.
- Have we got anything on him? - I'll dig something up.
Hello. Follow me, please.
I'm glad they have someone like you at the Daily News.
I've read your features on the environment. Great work.
I'm a journalist myself. Did you know that?
These were Aksel's. Some performance theatre on Friday.
Life is too short for performance theatre, right?
I have questions regarding Mads Kjeldsen.
Yes... But if Lone isn't involved, it's not really the party's business.
I hear Lone and Mads spent Children's Trust funds on a holiday.
I don't know anything about that. But it throws a new light on things...
- If it's true, that is. - Actually, I don't think it is.
I checked. There's no evidence company accounts were milked.
You'll have to ask Lone about that.
This seems rather convenient for Lone's opponents.
Other candidates for the leadership, for example.
Are you running by any chance?
Aksel is our chairman, and as long as he's alive, he's our man.
But if need be, Lone has my full support. I've said so before.
I wouldn't make a point of repeating it, if I intended to run, would I?
So you're not a candidate. Can I quote you on that?
Are you having trouble hearing me?
I don't mind repeating it, if you're that slow. Lone has my full support.
- And now I... - You have to say that, of course.
Lone has a small majority in the party and if you say you're running -
- they'll smell a rat and elect Lone at once... Aksel or no Aksel.
I think we'll stop here.
I really sympathise with the young reporters who come here.
They parade in here with hard-ons and front page dreams.
They all have one thing in common: They only last a few months.
I've been here for 22 years. Let me give you a survival tip:
Next time you interview me, you behave yourself.
And you treat me with the respect, I deserve. You are under my roof!
Do you understand?
You still haven't answered my question.
Nice meeting you, Torp. Give my best to your dad.
- Hi, Torp. - All right, listen...
Schou leaked the story to the police. They both said "bamboozled" -
- as if they'd already worded the headline.
Dreier wants to be Prime Minister, and that's always been his goal...
- Hold on! Dreier, Schou... - They planted the Kjeldsen story.
That's why Lone Kjeldsen called a meeting tomorrow.
She's trying to beat them to it.
Go easy on the coffee, Torp!
The story behind the story? Lone Kjeldsen on holiday sounds better.
Why didn't you come to me with it? It's an important story.
Apart from the fact that it's a big, fat lie.
He never stole the Trust's money. It's mud-slinging.
Lone Kjeldsen represents the new party line.
Her environmental reform has farmers up in arms. Aksel Bruun...
Get to the point, Torp. This isn't a political rally.
We all know that Dreier sided with Aksel Bruun.
He dug up the Mads Kjeldsen thing, and handed it to Schou.
- Suddenly the Kjeldsens are crooks. - The board says otherwise.
But three members of the board openly back Aksel Bruun.
They're lying to help Dreier. Aided by the accountant guy.
- I didn't call him. He called me. - That's speculation.
There's no story.
People ought to know their future Prime Minister.
Torp, don't make this personal. It's not your job to fight for justice.
You'll make a lousy ambassador for our readers, if you're out in the cold.
- Your taxi is here. - I'll be right there.
So I should suck up to them? - A politician trying to kill off another?
Happens every day. It's taken us years to gain the Parliament's trust.
Listen, I have to go.
And the holiday story?
It's your story. If you don't want to run it, we won't run it.
Forget the Dreier witch hunt. It's amateurish.
- Who's heading the party right now? - Aksel Bruun is still our leader.
Our deputy chairman stands in for him when he's away.
Will you be wearing that?
You know my dad: Men in dinner jackets. Ladies in dresses.
- Why not elect Kjeldsen now? - It's not party procedure.
We have a deputy chairman for a reason.
But had Aksel Bruun died in the accident, she would be chairman...
That's speculation. I don't see any reason to discuss...
- Honey? - Yes?
- Why won't the doctors say anything? - I don't know.
- I work at another hospital. - But isn't it strange?
- Haven't you got a friend there? - Yes. Lise.
I can't.
Dreier is stirring. Tomorrow's editions back him.
- One editorial is critical of you. - Is Mads' case swinging things?
No. You'll be chairman tomorrow. I promise you.
Hans Erik... I'll call you later.
- Lone, we're from The Express. - May I get out of my own car?
Did you spend 200,000 of the Children's Trust funds on a holiday?
Who told you that? That's absurd!
Did you know that the hospital was never built?
I'm okay.
I can't hear them, with the shower on.
The money was intended for a hospital in Cambodia -
- but she spent it on a luxury holiday in Crete with her husband.
Horrible! Ole says The Express is on to the story.
- Did Ulrik tell you the good news? - Are you expecting?
- No. - Ulrik is reporting from Parliament.
- Well done! - He's already had a front page story.
Is this fish? Fish doesn't agree with me.
Would you taste it and tell me if it's fish?
- What the hell is going on? - Schou planted the story for Dreier.
Dreier wants to be Prime Minister.
- You won't write that, I hope. - No. I need more information.
- But I have to warn Lone. - Are you out of your mind?
- You'll ruin your career. - But I'm to blame if she gets bagged.
Come on in... What do I tell the guests? We just took our seats.
- I'll be back as soon as possible. - Don't do anything stupid.
Why doesn't anybody tell me anything?
I want to see my son!
- I understand... - It can't go on like this.
- No. I'll visit her tomorrow. Thanks. - How is she?
- Stop it. She's okay. - Don't use that tone! I'm only asking.
BUILD THE HOSPITAL Children pay the price
No, move it to the top of the list.
Yes, we can. Sure we can do that, Michael.
Go ahead and do it.
Item number 4: The by-pass road.
Dear Lone Kjeldsen, I feel that...
...anonymous police source...
...that Mads is innocent...
We can't announce anything before it's official. There's a heated debate.
It's difficult to say. The case is still on-going.
- So far we're doing OK in the polls. - Fuck the polls! We need a chairman!
I'd like to discuss it with Erik first.
Lone, what is it with this holiday thing? Is it true?
- What do you think? - I think it's hot air.
- Why do you ask then? - Dreier will move in for the kill today.
- If I side with you, I need to know. - Are your getting cold feet?
- I'll see you downstairs. - Right.
Hans Erik!
Look at this.
No comment!
Lone, with all due respect it's difficult for us to support you -
- with a case like this on the front pages of a leading newspaper.
I maintain that Bruun is our chairman, and I move for a vote.
I find it inappropriate of you to bring that front page up.
We're 9 days from a general election, and you're running as candidate -
- fully aware that this scandal could ruin our party.
Is that appropriate?
10 years ago a Prime Minister lied about some telephone calls.
The entire coalition was split. And he wasn't even from our party.
A decade of political darkness followed.
Now the tables are finally turning. We've regained voter confidence.
But not if voters turn on the news and see our chairman on a holiday -
- paid for with funds intended for starving children in Cambodia.
- We never touched that money. - Well, that settles everything then.
Don't take my word for it. I have a mail from a journalist here.
He describes how this smear campaign is meant to harm me.
And planted by party members, who don't want me as chairman.
Will you pass this around?
We'll lose this election, if we don't make a decision now.
And I would like to know if you're behind me.
Or if, as Dreier suggests, we should let the tabloids decide.
- Lone, could I have a word. - Not now, Christian.
- I need to speak to you right now! - Well...
Mads has committed suicide.
The Centre Party still doesn't know how serious Bruun's condition is.
But this doesn't prevent Erik Dreier from going to the theatre.
- How can you go out at such a time? - I'm here on Aksel's behalf.
And I must admit, I've always shared his interest in performance theatre.
- Doesn't his condition affect you? - Of course it does.
Many point to you as the new chairman, and many oppose you.
- Are you running? - Let's see what the MPs decide.
But I'd like to say that Aksel is our leader. If we win, it's thanks to him.
And from the country's largest party to one of the smallest...
I talked to Lise.
From the hospital?
She says things are unpleasant -
- Bruun has been brain-dead since he was admitted on Sunday.
There are exceptions, but usually when patients are brain-dead -
- we switch off the life support machines after a couple of hours.
Or the next day, if the family needs more time.
They've kept him alive for 3 days, although technically, he's dead.
Thanks for coming. I know you all usually support Lone -
- and some of you believe I planted the story about Mads and Lone...
- But frankly, I don't care. - Get to the point. I'm busy.
- Ole has the figures. - We conducted a poll yesterday.
say they would vote for Erik today.
Is that so? They wouldn't happen to be the members in Schou's files?
It's foolish to wrangle over the party leadership. We take office in a week.
The numbers speak for themselves.
And I can promise you that there will be no infighting, if I'm elected.
There will be room for everyone.
Looking forward to meeting the Queen, aren't you?
Why don't you leave the party, Kolt?
No, I'm serious.
I can't have a member of my cabinet, slinging accusations all the time.
It's okay you've chosen to be Lone's little puppy until now.
- Too bad the tables have turned. - You just said there's room for all.
I don't mind if you stay.
But all the issues you raise will be shot down.
So why not avoid the humiliation?
You can't threaten me like that.
You told Mette that Bruun was brain-dead.
- I didn't expect she'd tell you. - And things are getting unpleasant?
It's Aksel's wife... She screams Simon's name all night long.
- It's rather unnerving. - Simon?
Their son. He hasn't visited them yet. I don't know why.
Why would they keep Aksel alive, if he's technically dead?
- I need to know what's going on. - Nothing... Hello.
I can't discuss our patients.
Imagine you were the patient and some stranger asked questions?
I have to go now... Nice meeting you. Mette speaks so fondly of you.
- Yes? - Ulla. Daily News.
Vestgaard wants to see you, as soon as it's convenient.
I'll be right over.
Come in, Torp.
You really screwed up. Does this sound familiar?
"Dear Lone Kjeldsen. It is my duty to inform you of a conspiracy."
- What the hell are you thinking? - Where did you get this?
That's irrelevant. You've broken our rules of conduct.
And you can't prove any of this.
I've got evidence that Bruun is being kept alive artificially.
Listen to yourself! Erik Dreier says you've been threatening him.
Is that true? And your colleagues at the Fort say you're uncooperative.
You're secretive, and you invent your own fantastic allegations.
- Per, calm down... - No, wait!
He's done a lot of damage already.
- We can't have you going it alone. - Going it alone?
Dreier wants to be Prime Minister. He knows Bruun is technically dead.
- But he's been hushing it down. - Here we go! Listen to yourself!
If you don't want me on the story, then put me on something else.
But you need to follow up on this. You can't just let it go!
Ulrik, I'm really sorry, but...
We're going to have to call off our collaboration. It's just not working.
Will you buy me a cell-phone?
- I don't know, darling. - They have one especially for kids.
- It's called My First Phone. - Stop it now, Julie!
- But... - You watch too many commercials!
Damn it! Our 7-year-old daughter has become a full-fledged consumer.
All because politicians think it's okay to show that crap on children's TV.
And why? Because the companies that scream into her head -
- pay hundreds of thousands in contributions to the parties.
I want to help you.
People need to know what Dreier's been doing.
If I did that, my career in politics would be over.
Isn't that a price worth paying?
Dreier is no worse than all the other power hungry people.
Always thinking of the next fix, and it has to be bigger every time.
- We're all playing the same game. - I'm not playing games.
You're not?
If you hadn't written this story to further your own career...
...then maybe I wouldn't have had to bury my husband.
Aksel was brain-dead on arrival.
I think Dreier kept him alive, so he would have time to oust you.
Aksel is dead. They switched off the life support machines this morning.
Hey, can I see your ID?
- You're not listed. - What?
- I've been here since Monday. - Write down your name and address
Today we lost one of this country's great political figures.
This morning it was decided to switch off the life support machines -
- that kept Aksel Bruun alive since the tragic accident 6 days ago.
We will all miss him. There's a memorial service on Friday.
The parliamentary group will meet tonight and appoint a new chairman.
Why was Aksel kept alive when he's been technically dead since Sunday?
Perhaps Torp would let me finish according to procedure?
You said on the news there was hope, although you knew this to be untrue.
Aksel's son, Simon, was on a study trip to Latin America at the time.
We had to wait for him to be present. This is standard hospital procedure.
Yesterday, Simon came home and parted with his father -
- and this morning Aksel found peace.
If that's all, perhaps I might be allowed to proceed?
Torp? Hold on a second.
Wait, for God's sake. I have something to show you.
- Forget it. I just got fired. - I heard. What did you expect?
School of Journalism, class of 1977.
Here, look...
Your editor-in-chief and Dreier were school buddies.
- I thought you knew that. - No.
The journalists in Parliament can't see the forest for the trees.
And Dreier is one of the star players.
How do you think he feels, when he makes reporters shush each other?
He's laughing all the way down to his chauffeur-driven car.
The problem is that reporters and politicians are the same.
Handsomely paid, living in nice neighbourhoods, promising careers...
But if they are the same, then who speaks out for the less fortunate?
If reporters dream of being politicians or spin doctors -
- or hosting their own crappy TV-shows?
Some of the MPs have been members of extreme right wing groups.
And how do the papers react to that? Two fucking lines on page 8.
The modern average politician is a little man who yearns for power.
If he can't get his ideology through in some media, he fires the board -
- and employs all his friends.
The educated are ridiculed. Human rights issues may be questioned.
What does that remind you of? The Soviet Union or Nazi Germany?
And reporters do nothing about it. They're too afraid to be side-lined.
- You're paranoid, Moll. - Reporters rub shoulders with MPs.
It's like a referee dining with Brazil just before a World Cup final.
- And what do you suggest we do? - There's nothing we can do.
- You just spent 2 hours telling me... - If I were you, I'd go home.
Lick my wounds, and take charge of my life.
At least you have a family, and I'm sure they love you dearly.
- Hi, Peter. - It's official. You're now chairman.
- Have you been drinking? - Yes. A little.
We have guests.
Hi... I heard what happened. What a mess.
I think you can get your job back.
- What do you mean? - I talked to Erik.
You only have to apologise. Then he'll ask Vestgaard to take you back.
You've talked to Erik Dreier?
Dreier is no crook. This isn't one of your cartoons.
All he did was leak a story that would have come out anyway.
- It was in everybody's interest. - What are you talking about?
Lone Kjeldsen as Prime Minister. Do you realise the implications of that?
I can't support a woman, whose reforms would have cost me millions?
- It's ridiculous. - You knew Dreier planted the story?
- Don't... - A story that killed a sick man!
Don't blame me for your lack of analytical powers.
- Please leave. - You're behaving like a 12-year-old.
- I mean it! Get out! - Gunnar!
- Why don't you come back tomorrow? - Mind your own business, Mette.
Don't speak to her like that! She's not mom waiting on your fancy friends.
- Was grandpa here? - Honey, it's past your bedtime.
- You should have told me... - Say goodnight.
Night, daddy.
I want to get Dreier.
He'll kill you. You'll end up writing about killer anacondas.
- I'll take my chances. - We'll never make it.
- Once he's Premier, it'll be too late. - Why? If the story's air-tight...
This type of story depends on the judgment of the people.
The chancellor was elected despite that big farming scandal?
Nope. Once he's in, the voters will have no say.
Listen! Aksel was dead for 4 days. Time enough to oust Lone.
How does Dreier fit in? Simon had to fly home, you know.
Why did it take him 4 days to get home? Very convenient, no?
Hello... Is Simon in?
Hello. Sorry to bother you. Torp and Moll, reporters.
You must be kidding! Don't talk to them.
Take it easy, Pernille.
Moll and Torp. Sounds like a second rate rock band.
We have some questions concerning your flight home.
You intended to be home on Monday 11th, the day after the accident?
Yes, and I had my ticket and all, but suddenly the plane was full.
- Did you book for the 14th yourself? - No, Parliament took care of it.
And you couldn't fly earlier? It must be easy from Buenos Aires.
Everything was booked solid. I spent 3 days in a hotel, waiting.
- It must have been tough. - Because of my dad, you mean?
We weren't too close, he and I.
- Oh, you won't write that, will you? - Of course not.
- Simon? - Will that be all?
Simon, which airline did you fly on the 14th?
SAS. Via Stockholm.
- Nice guy. - If Dreier did that to him!
Leaving him in Buenos Aires, while his dad's in intensive care.
We only have to prove that Dreier cancelled the flight on the 11th.
Aksel Bruun! It says here that you will cut student grants -
- and slash unemployment benefits. Is that true?
Look at that. We used to call that "Aksel Bruun's evil stare".
That stare lost him the last election.
Get used to smiling at criticism.
If you sound tolerant, the accusations will sound hollow.
No matter whether your opponent is right or wrong.
Let's focus on tomorrow. I'm the only one on Bo's show.
Bo loves using specific cases.
Why can't you help an old lady evicted from her home, for example.
It makes good television. Both you and Bo know it's not your department.
But don't say that on the air.
- The jerk treats me like a child! - Torp has joined up with Moll.
They're looking into Simon's tickets.
- What have they got? - That's what we have to find out.
Simon Bruun. From Buenos Aires to Stockholm on the 11th.
The Centre Party.
We didn't cancel it? But he was not on the plane.
Was he booked for the 14th on the same destination?
Okay, thanks... SAS didn't fly from Buenos Aires on the 14th.
- Simon was lying. - What about the 11th?
They don't give out information about passenger lists.
Hello. We're from the TV-show "They Never Came Home".
- Ulrik Torp. - Kjeld.
We're on the trail of Jesper Jensen, who vanished 3 years ago.
Without a single word to his wife and four kids.
We've heard that Jesper arrived from Stockholm on the 11th at 23:47.
23:30 until 00:30.
On screen 3.
Hey! Stop the tape. Rewind, please.
That's him. He's been in the country the whole time.
My God, has he got four kids?
- What was his girlfriend's name? - Birgitte... No, Pernille.
Could you print that out?
Simon! Hello! Simon!
They are not in.
Okay, we know that Pernille picked Simon up at the airport.
They leave. They go to Dreier's place.
To Dreier's place? No way.
- Why not? - Somebody could have seen Simon.
Dreier must go to the airport himself.
He asks Simon to lay low for a while, until Lone has been dealt with.
Simon doesn't care for his dad He'd just say "Fuck that!" No...
There's nothing in it for him.
Simon is 22. What do you want more than anything else at 22?
- I don't know. Pussy? - He already has that.
I'm tired of brain-storming.
It's brand new! 275 kilometres on the clock.
So we base the story on Simon confessing the whole thing?
- It's been a while. - Yes.
Thanks, dear.
So what can I do for you?
Your son has joined forces with Henrik Moll.
- And what can I do about that? - I need to know what he's up to.
He's chasing his own tail. There's no case
He's just a bitter journalist on a personal vendetta.
You thought you could wrap Gunnar Torp's son around your finger.
You got him the job in Parliament through Vestgaard, right?
If things got sticky, you figured Ulrik would be loyal to his old dad.
- So you won't do me this favour? - What do you want me to do?
Stab my own son in the back?
I have an idea. It calls for some courage under fire.
Daddy, the police is here.
- Then you'll have to wake him up. - But what's it all about?
- Charges of harassment. - Ulrik Torp?
- Yes, what is it? - Come with me, please.
Simon Bruun and Erik Dreier have asked for a restriction order on you -
- pursuant to article 265 of the penal code.
- Is this some kind of joke? - No. Don't contact these persons.
If you run into them, you must leave immediately.
If that's impossible, you must refrain from any interaction.
Making contact can lead to a fine or imprisonment.
If you come to the station with us, we'll get your statement right away.
- Take your own car, if you like. - I'll just get my jacket.
The Express is running an interview with Dreier tomorrow.
Dreier says they knew that Simon was here from Monday.
That he disappeared in the airport and stayed away for 3 days.
- He's running a counter story. - We haven't got shit on Dreier.
- What are you saying? - We should stop while we're ahead.
You think we're ahead?
What if we got Dreier to lie?
- He'll be on TV tonight, right? - Yes.
- On Bo Andersen's "Face to Face". - What if he lies and we can prove it?
How? Have you got proof hidden somewhere maybe?
We've been handed restraining orders on everyone involved in this case.
The Fall of Man, The Old Testament and a new version... Yes!
Could I have a word with Pernille?
I have an important message from Simon.
- That's absurd. I can't. - Why not?
It's just not done. Dreier and I already agreed on what issues we'd broach.
His press manager calls me all the time for details.
Any idea how much shit I'll get from upstairs if I attack him on the air?
Why should you obey rules set by politicians' spin doctors?
Why should we bow to those in power?
Listen! Every single party in the cabinet has already complained -
- demanding changes in the management here...
I don't want to find myself out of a job!
Bo, you're the only one, who isn't totally corrupt.
- Are you going to sell out now? - Moll, you sound like my grandma.
She keeps asking me, "When will you topple the government?"
Imagine if you succeed? Your show would make history, man!
- We'll be talking about it in 10 years. - I'm sorry. You need better proof.
- It's not me. - You don't have to get involved.
I just need to know when and how Dreier contacted Simon.
I didn't see Simon till Friday, when we parted with his dad.
- Look... - Listen! It's not me!
Anyway, do you think I would tell you, if it was?
- Yes? - Ulrik Torp speaking.
Ulrik? What do you want?
Listen, I feel bad about what happened.
I'm willing to do what it takes to get my job back.
- That's your business... - I know.
But I got Moll into it, and he has no scruples at all.
He's made up some sick story for the Express. I'm really sorry.
- What story? - They'll print anything, you know.
- But what is the story? - Meet me at the Thimble Bar in 30.
- Deal. See you there. - Bye.
- Wait here. I'll find Bo for you. - Thank you.
- Welcome. - Thank you.
Christina...? Is it okay to send you down to make up now?
- Of course... Hello. - Hi.
What do you want? Erik isn't in.
You're the one, we're looking for.
Will you sit down for a minute, please?
What's this all about?
We know Dreier kept Simon away to postpone Bruun's death.
- What are you talking about? - You took Simon to Dreier's place.
Look at this picture. It was taken at the airport on the 11th.
You lied to the press. You misled the hospital staff.
You can't stop the story being written. Question is, will your name be in it?
- What's this? - Simon's hotel bill. He hid downtown.
And that's a transfer of a quarter of a million to his account.
Let's take it from the top, shall we?
- So Tuesday is the big day, right? - Erik Dreier to studio 2, please.
Leave that with me. Cell-phones disturb the broadcast sometimes.
- I'll take good care of it. - I'm sure you will.
I took him to the hotel, where Erik was waiting.
When did you agree to pick him up?
In the morning, after he'd seen Gitte in the hospital.
What the hell was he thinking?
He just wants to be Prime Minister.
Peter Schou? I have a message from Ulrik Torp.
He said to say this one was on him.
Hey! You're not allowed in here.
We have something for Bo Andersen.
- You'll have to wait till he gets out. - It's very important.
- It's for you. From your grandma. - From my grandma?
With the cord and everything? Thanks a lot.
- Where's Signe. - She went home. She seemed upset.
Right, we're ready! 3... 2... 1... And mix!
Erik Dreier Jensen, welcome.
- It's been a hectic week for you. - That's true.
- But it's all going to end happily. - I wouldn't use that word.
We lost Aksel, and a wound like that takes time to heal.
- And Lone Kjeldsen? - She has my sympathies.
Beyond that, I won't discuss her private life on TV.
- The latest polls are positive. - Are they? That sounds good.
But let's wait till Tuesday.
Will he use it?
First he has to make Dreier admit he didn't know about Simon.
He has to. To make it effective.
Ulrik, relax!
There's nothing more you can do now.
Jesus, did you see that? He just got up and left!
- I'll talk to the producer. - And who might that be?
- You can't broadcast this. - It was a live transmission.
This will be forgotten in two weeks. I hope you realise that.
Two weeks is more than enough.
Well, Ulrik...
I'm going home now. I need my beauty sleep.
- Satisfied? - Yes. I am.
See you around.
Erik Dreier contacted Simon Bruun and asked him...
He planned it all...
The Centre Party suffers the biggest setback...
Parliament is deciding whether Dreier is to be held responsible...
It's certain the current government will win...
The Centre Party couldn't avoid the Dreier scandal...
Mads Kjeldsen is declared innocent of all charges...
An investigation of the board of The Children's Trust...
Former press officer Peter Schou is accused of planting...
Ole Finsen will be the new chairman...
Ole Finsen promises to unite the...
Erik Dreier is now the party's official candidate for the EU commission.
This is seen as a comeback for the seasoned politician.
Recent surveys indicate, Erik Dreier will win the election in October.
Subtitles: Allan Hilton Andersen Dansk Video Tekst
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