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- Hi.|- Hi, Jacob.
- Camilla.|-Please sit down.
Would you like something to drink?|A little wine, perhaps?
I'll just have some water.
Excuse me!
Since we don't know each other|I have some questions. If that's okay?
Yes, sure.
Do you watch a lot of TV?
Not more than average.
-Okay. What's normal for you?|-I don't know. Enough.
Do you have plants at home?
Next question.
In the add you wrote that you're|a guy with humour. Is that true?
Yes, my job is in a tough environment, -
- so it's important to cheer up|by laughing sometimes.
What do you mean?
Well, that sometimes we laugh.
- I see. Why do you have a moustache?|- Excuse me?
Well, I like it.|I think it looks nice.
Okay, that was all.
Sorry about the questions, but it's not natural to meet someone like this.
No, no. Quite okay.
I think that's over with.
- Have you decided yet?|- Yes, I have.
- What would you like?|- I think I would be honest with you.
You're not my type.
Noh, but... But we have...
Yes, but you know it at once|when there isn't anything there. You know...
- Yes...|- Then I'll might as well leave.
I thought about...
- How did it go with the girl?|- Didn't work out well.
What the hell...?
What kind of crap music is that?
- No, no...|- That's mine, that's yours.
Place you bet.|Did you place your bet, Lasse?
- Lasse, did you place your bet|- Yes.
- Don't look at my cards.|- I do not look at your cards. Benny!
- I've got aces.|- I've got house.
That's the third time you have a house.|You're cheating.
- There's no cheating here.|- No, never.
- I guess it just luck then.|- Luck? No, skill...
- Hurry!|- Shut up, everybody!
- On the floor!|- Down, down!
-Hurry, hurry, hurry!|- 30 seconds!
It's time for lunch.
-Oh... What?|- Waffels and sausage.
Agneta, no mustard on mine.
I'll have some grilled onions too.
Lasse, say it again, tell it.
- I love you.|- What? I didn't hear that. What are you saying?
- I love you.|- He can't say it.
- I just said it.|- Lasse, are you embarrassed? Just say it.
- What is it he should say?|- He can say "I love you".
- About me?|- No, Agneta.
-Do you love Agneta?|- No, Lasse.
No. I just think we have moved|past this stage.
- What stage is that?|- Exactly. What is it?
- Suddenly everyone is against me.|- Lasse, you're no romanticist, okay?
And he starts to get|really fat. Look at that.
- Stop that!|- Then say it.
I love you!|Are you happy?
No, I'm not.|Put some feelings into it.
-Jacob here.|-"This is Håkan".
-"Hi", "Jacob. We have a 2471".|- What, again?
-"Yes".|- We're on our way.
Lasse, we have to leave - a 2471.
What are we going to do now?
A cup of coffee|after lunch wouldn't be bad.
- What are you doing?|- I'm just talking a bit.
- Stop that, we're catching it now.|-Mooh. Okay.
- Yes. We are...|- One, two, three, now.
Go back to work!|We are in full control here!
Yes, Dicken, yes.
Håkan, the shampoo in the shower...|Is it dandruff shampoo?
- It's so good. It foums so well.|- Yes, it makes a lot of foam.
Shampoo for dogs has to be like that|to create some volume.
- Hi!|- Hi, hi!
Yes, now we're all here.
- Yes, hello officers.|- Hello, Folke!
- Are everybody feeling good?|- Yes.
That's good.
- Yes, Agneta.|- Okay.
8.30 AM they are calling from the hotdog stand.
A guy wearing a cowboy hat|went on the railway track...
- Wearing cowboy boots.|- Yes, cowboy boots too.
He went on the railway track.|As we got there he was gone.
What are the cow doing out there?
I think it is grazing.
Aha! Anything else?
I and Agneta would like to|talk about the radio cars.
- There's been turmoil about those.|- It's important we call them radio cars.
- Radio cars?|- That's what they're called.
I will not drive around|saying "radio cars".
Then some errors will occur. There's|a lot of vehicles in the police force.
Emergency vehicles, Black Marias...
Benny, we just have two cars.| Number one and number two.
That can't be too difficult|to understand.
- Very nice buns, by the way.|- I've baked them.
- Very good.|- Thanks.
Dicken, stop that.|Stop. Go away. Like that, yes.
- Bloody hell, Jacob.|- Yes, but I have to.
- What would happen if you didn't?|- Seriously. Nothing.
But if I don't I can't,|stop thinking about it.
- Haven't you just tried to stop?|- Yes, but then I didn't think on anything else.
And I had to do it twice the next day.
- I just think it's so weird.|- Weird or not. That's how it is.
Oh, no, the troll kid.
What do you want?|Every time I'm here you run after me.
- Who are you?|- I'm Jennie.
You're the mad one|I sometimes pick up here.
-You're the mad one!|- And you're impudent too?
Now you'll have it.
Violence against an officer.|You'll get life as minimum.
That's what going to happen.
Shit, 28 seconds.
What the hell... Into the hole.
Two, three, four, five, -
- six, seven, eight...
- Hi, Benny!|- Hi, Mike.
- How are you?|- Fine.
- What are you doing?|- Oh, it's just a bit of...
- Shit, what a faggot! You knit.|- So what?
My mom knit.
Hell, that sounds all wrong.|"Fack", you sound like a fool.
- You have to say "fock". Gangster style.|- That's what I'm saying. "Fack you".
What are you doing here, Mike!|Go inside and eat! Go! Go!
- Hi, Benny!|- Hi, Ramzi!
- How are you doing?|- Fine. And you?
What are you doing? Do you knit?
Yes... It's going to be a little...
The police can't knit.
- Why not?|- Have to help people, you know.
My wife at home knit.| Are you a wife?
No, you know I'm a police officer.
- What an officer... Bye, Benny.|- Bye.
Yes, I got you're message, and...
Yes, it's going to be|very funny to meet you too.
I'll just mention what I'm going to wear,|so that you'll recognize me.
I'll wear blue...|Bright blue jeans.
And a shirt with white stripes, or -
- maybe one with blue stripes.|I haven't really decided yet.
But, I thought...
I've got dark hair and will be wearing moustache,| I think I've got a moustache.
Then I'll see you this evening.|See you this evening.
Which one do you think I should choose?
- That one.|- Do you think it's nice?
The blue then?| It matches with the jeans.
- No.|- It doesn't?
Then I'll have to take that one.
Hi!|Nice of you to come.
No problem.|I didn't have anything else to do.
- I have a date today.|- Again?
This time it actually|feels very good.
That one I've heard before.
- Hi, Jennie!|- Hi!
Listen to this:| Woman, 28 years old, looking for a nice guy.
And she likes long walks| and "cousy evenings at home".
Hello there!
- You're drinking white wine, I see.|- Yes...
Then I'll have that too.
I'll have a glass of white wine.
My daughter thought that I should|wear the one with white stripes.
- I see.|- What are you reading?
A book.
It feels a bit odd|meeting this way. You know?
No... Or...?
- It's not odd to meet...|- We don't have to talk about it.
It's nice just to talk.
What do you do? Except for|walking and cousy evenings at home?
- Well, nothing else.|- I don't either. Nothing else.
I do nothing.
I see.
- Do you take snuff?|- Yes...
No, no, but I... I think|it's fine that girls take snuff.
-Do you?|- Yes. Can I...
- Do you take snuff?|- No, but I thought I'd show you something.
- O Lord, wizard.|- Well, I'm a bit nervous now, but...
But I think it'll work out fine.
No, but...
No, but what the hell.
- How disgusting.|- No. Yes. Sorry...
Sorry!|Can I have a napkin?
I've done that since I was little.
It has improved,|as the mouth grows bigger.
- So skilled you are.|- Yes... Thanks. Can you?
No, I can this...
I can do that too, great.|No, I'm joking.
Be careful.
No. Yes, almost.
- Hi|- Hi.
- You're Jacob?|- Yes.
I'm Lena.
- What... Are you sure?|- Yes. We should meet here.
Yes, you should wear blue jeans, a shirt with|stripes and dark hair and a moustache.
That seems as if that's right.
But maybe we can do it some other time?
Be good.
I'm sorry about that.
I didn't understand that -
- it was...
I have to get up very early in the morning,|so I think I have to...
- Maybe we can meet again some other time?|- Yes, I believe I'm here tomorrow.
- Nice meeting you.|- You too.
- Goodnight.|- Goodnight.
- Did you get laid?|- Shut up, I'm a serious guy.
Yes, but I'm seri...
It's serious to get laid, I guess. If I didn't|have Agneta I would show you...
The secret behind getting a good woman|"is a fine rug and nice curtains".
"When she sees it", "it signals"|"safety, and they'll pop right open".
- Lasse, I've never heard about that.|- Yes, that's what it's about.
- Nice!|- Thanks!
But what now? Airy, just airy.
Lasse has never... Talked...
I'd like to...
I have some presents that...
It isn't anything extraordinary,| I've made them myself...
- It feels so stupid.|- No, look at that!
Show them to us.
- What, is it kettle holders?|- No, no, it's a headband.
- Did you make them yourself?|- They are very smart.
And there's letters for|every name, then you just have to...
Jacob, here you go.|Håkan.
- Thank you!|- Agneta.
Try them on.
- Do you like them?|- Yes, they are great.
- Lasse, you look nice.|- Yes, you too.
Think if we play bandy sometimes.
Then we could become like a team.
That's fucking great.| Smashing.
Good day, officers.|This is Jessica Lindblad -
- fra the Regional Police Central...|- Staff.
... Staff. And she has|something important to tell and...
- Maybe you'd like to take over?|- Thanks.
Yes, hello everyone.
Well, I've been studying the|statistics all over the country -
- and the positive thing to say about it|is that you haven't got any crime -
- to support your work.
We are fighting with a tight budget -
- which have let to changed priorities and cut backs.
Therefore this department will|unfortunetaly be closed in three month time.
And I have a small initiative program|which you could have a look at.
No, but wait. Wait a bit.
Does that mean that|we no longer are officers?
There are other regions where the|need for labour is bigger.
- But why?|- It says, if you read it, in the program.
Yes, but what the hell,|it can't be true.
- Aren't there anything we can do?|- All of the uniforms, -
- the radio cars... What do we do with those?
There must be something we can do.
- Hi.|- Hi.
Can I have a sixer with whisky, please?
- Why didn't you say anything?|- But what should I say?
I thought it was nice|meeting you yesterday.
You too.
- Why are you closing the station?|- I'm not the one doing it.
- Do you know what that station means to us?|- I'm just trying to do my job.
You're sitting behind your desk, make|a lot of decisions and calls it a job.
You don't know anything about that.|You haven't been in the streets.
- Yes, I've been there.|- Well, then prove it.
If you're an officier you must be good at|catching bad guys and stuff like that.
Hold up your hand. We'll count to three,|and see who's the quickest.
The quickest,|hits the other here.
- Ary you crazy?|- Sorry, it wasn't... My meaning too...
Jacob, that wasn't necessary.
But it's a game...|You hold up your hand like this -
- count to three and hit.|I don't know what happened.
We're been told that the police station|are to close in a short while.
It has been a surprise for both myself and my imployees.
And we...|Maybe you'd like to ask some questions?
Then something than not many know:|We have for a long time been working -
- after an american method|called pre-crime -
- or PP, predict and prevent -
- the crime before it happens...
To create a relationship...
Do you any steps to prevent the closing?
We've put up a protest list in ICA.
What are going to happen with all your desks?
Jacob, what is it with you?
They are right, we are superfluous!|Nothing happens in this shitty town.
Elsewhere they've got a lot of crime.
Can't they share it?|We could get a little thief in here.
I feel completely worthless, no girl, and soon to be unemployed!
Cool down!
Jacob, I think it's difficult too.
Are you listening...? But now we'll|have a waffel and a sausage, okay?
I know every street, every corner...|I like you, Lasse, Jacob...
You're like a family to me.|You can't just exchange it.
- You and Lasse, what are you going to do?|- We can't just sell the house and leave.
We stay here.
Benny, do you think my tits are baggy?
No, no... I don't know that.| Yes, a bit.
But it's nothing serious.|Nothing you wander around thinking about.
- Did Lasse say that, or...?|- I just thought about it.
Ohhh, fuck, Agneta, wait.
Okay, what is this?
- Look.|- Benny, see this.
- What is is?|- Brake marks.
- It's worn down Michelin tires.|- Someone must have run it down.
Do you think so?
I think it looks|a bit more professional.
It's like a "drive by"-situation.
Two meters from the edge.
Parallel tracks.
"Hi", "This is Jessica".|"Leave a message. Goodbye".
Yeah, hi.|Jessica, this is Jacob.
I'd just like to apologize|for what happened yesterday.
I was wondering if you could give me a call.|You can call me anytime.
I'm here most of the time.
Not thursdays, because|I start early friday...
That's okay... You can call.
Okay, talk to you later.|Bye.
Rabbit!|Rabbit, Dicken! Rabbit!
I want it to sit like a rabbit on the table.
Look, rabbit.|It'll soon do it.
- Stop it.|- Rabbit. Look. Rabbit.
Hi, guys.|Did you see anything unusual in this town?
What would unusual be?
I've had a collision|down at Östervegen.
The trashcan on the left side is completely wasted.
Hell, it looks as if|a fucking psychopath have been there...
But you haven't seen anybody on the road?
Okay. I'll write a report. Håkan,|would you help me with the computer?
Yes, I'm coming.
Håkan, hurry!
- Just push the button.|- There's a lot of buttons here.
Ctrl, pause, delete, home...|Come on!
- Håkan.|- Take it easy now.
- We're eating. Why the rush?|- What is it with you?
Typical for you. Just because I've found|something that could lead to...
It could be a serious crime.|Come on, Håkan.
Press this one first.
I knew that.|I just forgot.
If it has locked up, like now...
- Lasse.|- Yes.
- Do you think the same thing as I?|- Yes, probably.
- What are you thinking about?|- The same thing as you.
- What is that then?|- Well, you know...
- Say it.|- No, you go first.
Come on, we're leaving.
There he is.
- Hi, Göran! How are you?|- Hi, guys. I'm doing fine.
- It's empty I hope.|- It is empty. I'll stick it in my pocket.
- Nice jacket, green and fine, and with a hood.|- Yes, the jacket is fine.
- Do you have something you must do in particular?|- Yes, now I'm going to sleep a bit.
How would you like if we gave you this?
What?|Is that for me?
You can have it, but before that|you have to do us a favour.
- What kind of favour?|- Come with us to the car.
We'll do it in the car.
Okay, Göran.
- You just have to go into ICA.|- Steal something and come back here.
- What should I steal?|- Anything.
- And then you get the hell out of there.|- No, I will not do that.
No, you will not do it?
- No. I will not do it.|- Okay. Let's talk businness.
You'll get this.
- Smells good, eh'?|- Let's drink a bit? No, let's do this.
No! No! Stop it!
- I'll do it!|- You'll do it?
I'll do it for two bottles.
If I get two bottles I'll do it.
You'll get one bottle|and a new fishing rod.
- Yes, a new fishing rod.|- That's alright.
- That's okay.|- I like you!
- Likewise, I like you two too.|- Fine.
Do you really believe him?
Yes, there's no problem.|He'll do it. Take it easy.
I don't mean him, I mean us.|What are we doing? We are police officers.
Should we just sit down watching|while they're closing the station?
No, but...
We don't commit any crime,|we're just raising the statistics a bit.
- The statistics? We are conspirators now.|- Yes, but we hand back the goods.
Yes, but...
- Is that all?|- Yes. Do I get the bottle?
If I see you drink in the city,|you'll go to prison.
This is between us.|Is that understood?
- Do I get the fishing rod?|- You'll get it later.
- Later when?|- Later! Now go.
- You promised.|- Go now. You'll get it later.
- Did you see anyone?|- No.
Think, Benny, think...
What if they'd decided to|blow up the trashcan?
Aren't we going to eat?
Then they wouldn't have braked.
It's an ordinary trashcan.
But that is what's so...|There's breaking marks there too.
Benny. Look, Benny.
Hey! Stop! Freeze!
Stop! Freeze!
- Hell! Damn!|- Did you see who it was?
Damn...|I couldn't see it.
Vodka, 75 centiliter.
Think, Benny, think.|Change the angle.
- Imagine if there's a connection?|- A connection?
Yes, between what happened yesterday|and the masked man.
Hallo there!
- Is everything alright?|- Yes.
It's sad about the closing.
If we look at the list,|we see 22 signatures.
And then the Åkessons comes|this afternoon. They are some too.
- Thanks.|- Are you going to grill sausages?
Have you seen a suspicious|person here today?
No... How is that?
You've been robbed, Kent.|These are the stolen goods -
- and the perpetrator went out there.|- What are you saying?
It's ugly when things like that happens.|You're sure you haven't seen the perpetrator?
No, I was on the bog.
Kent, it's probably best if you report it.
No, that isn't necessary...?|I've gotten my sausages back.
It's important to report it anyway, Kent.
Yes, but that'll result in a lot|of papers and things like that.
According to the law your duty is to report it,|or else we can report you -
- not to report, for not-
- reporting the report|that it is your duty to report.
And now your report can be|reported because you didn't report it.
And now your report|can be reported by us.
Do you understand?
No, but now I'm going to report it.|I'll do it.
Damn, Lasse, you're good at talking bullshit.
I don't if it's bullshit. If people are|to know the truth you have to pile it on.
- At least we got a report.|- And we're going to get more.
Is there anything wrong with the lock, or...?
No, there's nothing wrong with it.
No! Don't!
- I'll kill you, your devil!|- No! Don't!
One, two, three...
-What are you doing, Mike?|- It doesn't move like that.
It doesn't move like that.
-Benny, will you help us with something?|- What is it?
Isn't it true that you can|move that one three paces.
The paws can move|two steps the first time and then one.
- It doesn't move like that.|- Yes.
He can just do like this; watch.
Like that. Like that.|I can be done like that.
No, not in this game.|That's chess.
- Who told you?|- Well, the father, or...
- Screw the father.|- Shitty game!
Hey, wait, wait, wait...
There it is again...|There's ICA, the trashcan...
The masked man.
- Benny, are you alright?|- Is there a pattern here...?
Are you alright?
- How are you?|- I'm fine.
- Are you sure?|- Yes...
Okay, then have a nice day.
Strange things has started to|happen in our little town.
We've had reports about vandalism, theft...
I don't know how to interpret it.
I've told you all the time.|It's some kind of league.
They waited for the station to be closed -
- and then moved the entire company to here.|Do you realize the seriousness of this?
Yes, you've got something there.
Well, keep your eyes open|and be careful when you're out there.
A league?
Yes, but wait a minute,|this is just speculations.
For example; the drunk we saw,|he looked like an ordinary drunk.
I certainly do not think that this is a league.
-Hi, Göran!|- Hi!
I have to talk to you.
Stand against the car.|Come here.
Okay, spread your legs a bit.|Do you have anything?
- That's enough, Benny.|- Yes, precisely.
Get in, Göran.
Are you nervous...?
-Yes.|- Why are you nervous?
We had a theft in ICA some days ago.|Do you no anything about that?
- Among other things a package of sausages.|- Yes, but that was for a fishing rod...
- What fishing rod?|- Fishing r... Now I'll get... Damn it.
No, now I've...|Now I've done it again.
Do you want us to pierce you|through the scrotum, Göran?
-Come on, Göran.|- Tell it now, Göran!
- Haven't you grilled before?|- What do you mean?
There have to be a decent base.
That's enough.|Are you up to burning down the shop completely?
That's fine.
What the hell are you doing?
There was a small fire in the wastebasket,|we tried to put it out.
No, stop it, we've talked to Göran,|so stop it! What are you doing?
We're doing this for you too,|we just want to keep the station.
- Why haven't you told us?|- We just want to change the statistics a bit.
- What do you think we would do?|- We just wanted to surprise you.
Don't you trust us?|Do Folke know about this?
Damn, the fire is getting bigger.
Raise the statistics|and then steal a package of sausages!
- You can't do anything right!|- Hell, it's burning here!
If we have to raise the statistics, we have to|do it ourselves! What kind of crappy fire is this?
- Now you know, anyway.|- It burns like Hell!
- Why are you firing up Jannes shop?|- We just wanted to make a small fire.
- Damn, it burns!|- What the Hell!
We have to call the fire brigade,|there are gas cylinders in there.
- Gas cylinders?|- What the Hell!
- Did it blow up?|-I don't know. I didn't here anything.
Oh, shit.|Where the Hell are we going to have lunch now?
Respect the cordon, please.
Thank you.
- I'm sorry, Janne.|-Ja.
- Do you know who could have done it?|- What do you mean?
It looks like a professional job.
- Do you have any enemies?|- Not that I know of.
Are you in debt?
Yes, I owe Greta, the neighbour, 150 crowns,|but I don't think she would do a thing like this.
Search. Come on, Dicken, search.
Yes, it looks like a professional job.
I wouldn't be surprised|if the Mafia was behind it.
Hello! Hello!
- Can I ask a question?|- No! Wait. Get out.
Damn, Agneta, now the press is here too.
- Agneta!|- Yes?
- I've found something here.|- What is that?
I don't know... It looks like a|detonator or something similar.
Take it to the technical department.|Og tag nogle billeder af den først, ok!
But that's my waffle iron!
Nowadays things like that|can look like anything.
Listen to what he writes:|"Högboträsk has never experienced anything similar".
From idyll to inferno.|According to the police a league is behind.
- "Even I agree", says Fredriksson.|- Unbelievable that Fredriksson is so easy to convince.
- Yes, but a good thing for us.|- It's really good.
What the hell?
Benny, what the hell are you doing?
Yes, no, according to my calculations|I should have been a little more to the...
Damn it, Benny,|you drive like an idiot!
- Are we to catch him?|- We catch him!
A full house, I see.
As you can see we have|a new visit by Jessica Lindblad.
Strange things have happened since the last time.|I have wanted to talk to you about that.
One on one, if that's alright.
- Hi!|- Hi!
About Benny: We just wanted to lighten up.
That's alright.
I've tried to call you,|but you haven't called back.
Why haven't you?
You haven't had crime for ten years.|Can you explain the recent incidences?
Well, I guess it's coincidence.
We've started to work in a new|way, an American method.
"Pre Crime".|We're a step ahead.
That's how it is in the real world.|Increasing crime everywhere.
- Coincidence?|- No, I think it's a league.
It could be anything.|PKK (Kurdish communistic terror organization) or...
- Why do you think that?|- They probably new that the station -
- was to close|and thought the road was clear.
If there's no police,|you could just steal and shoot...
Too few resources.|We need more police officers.
Too few resources.
I'd like to have more police officers.
You haven't caught the|perpetrators. Can you explain that?
I've caught one, once,-
- but he escaped.
- It was actually close.|- How close?
There's been some exchange of shots...
It doesn't say anything about|any exchange of shots in my papers.
There been some wild shootings around here.|Not particularly funny.
Yes, it has really been wild.
I almost got hit myself|in both hands and feet.
- Where did the exchange of shots take place?|- North.
We'll drive there tomorrow,|then you can show me.
Yes, sure. That's...
Yes, sure, absolutly.
Absolutly. Maybe I could pick you up?
No, I think we meet up there.
On this watch I can record things|so that I remember them.
I've recorded a bit from the exchange of shots.|Would you like to hear it?
Yes, please!
Have you seen Dicken?
- That...|- Yes, very sweet.
Wait for a moment.
I'd like to apolize for what happened last time we met.
I didn't mean to... It was|a game... You hold up your hand...
I was drunk.
You should't drink in that conditions,|but... I did it anyway.
My name is Jessica Lindblad|and I'm from...
I know. The rumour is spreading-
They are very nice all of them.
They're nice.|We play poker with them.
Wonderful people, fantastic.
You've been robbed.|Did the co-operation with the police go well?
Very nice co-operation.
You see that door there,|they are the ones who've fitted it.
Look at the fan,|they've done it.
I see Jacob the most.|When he walks here with his club.
Does he often walk here with his club...? Why?
It's his daughter playing over there.
Jennie, the one on top of Mats.|She's running at a high gear, like her father.
Benny can't stand mustard...|Agneta is a little funny.
One day she wants grilled onions,|the next day she doesn't want grilled onions.
She says that she gets gas in her stomach|if she eats too much onion.
- Last week I won 300 from Benny.|- Yes, but I took home 500.
- Would you like to by some vegetables?|- No, thank you.
- Half price?|- No, thanks.
- Do you play poker?|- No.
- But I would like a bun.|- You're welcome.
This is good.|Where did you buy it?
- It's a present.|- Really good.
Thanks a lot.
This is fine.
Yes, this is fine.
Really good.
- That's enough.|- Yes, calm down.
- We must not overdo it.|- We must be a little noisy. It is an exchange of shots.
That's enough now.
Yes, this is fine, that'll do it.
Radio car one here.|It's nine-zero-twelve o'clock -
- and we're heading for the shop|to investigate the crime scene.
"I've got buns".|"Then you can get here later".
"Buy some cookies too".
So, what do you do?
What do you mean?
What do you really mean?
Did I talk to you?
- You're so very unclear.|- And where did you get air?
Unclear?|Say that....
That's what he says. He doesn't know a thing.|He can't even say that he loves me.
How does he look?|What kind of fat is this?
Looks like a bun around his stomach.|Do you have a spare tire if we are to puncture?
And you say that with those baggy tits.
Shitty saddlebags pointing south.
Jessica, take a bath with me and I'll show you.
Well, this is Jannes shop.
Before it was blown up.
- How are you, Janne?|- Well, I try...
Benny, could I have my waffle iron back?
Sorry, it'll take some time.|It's evidence, so...
Do you buy a pizza oven|when you get the insurance money?
No, I'll stick to the sausages. That I know what is.
- Wouldn't you like a sausage?|-No, thank you.
Do anyone know how it happened?
According to my calculations the shot must have come from over there.
But why should they blow up|Jannes shop with a grenade launcher?
A manoeuvre of distraction.
They blow up the shop while|they plan something another place.
It's "Die Hard 3".
I see, okay...
Well, this is where the shooting took place.
You can see for yourself in the trunks.
And what happened else, exactly?
Well, I and Lasse|stood here, I think...
- You are certain about that?|- Yes, I'm sure.
Benny and Agneta|stood about here.
Yes, I stood here.
- I stood here.|- Yes, precisely.
- Yes, and then...?|- Then...
The other ones stood over there.
And how many were they?
I'm not sure.|I guess they were... Four or five.
Well, they were more, right?
About ten, roughly.
One thing I don't understand:| If you shot from over there -
- and they shot back, why are there|a bullet hole there and there?
I can answer that.
We simply gave those guys quite a show.
Well, it wasn't quite like that|it happened, but almost...
I see.
- Goodbye for now.|- Thanks. Bye.
Can I ask you a question?
What the hell do you think you're doing? You think|you're some damn supercop, making us look dumb!
It had to look real, right?
- Is that what you call real?|- Relax now.
- Do you want to keep the station?|- Yes, that is what I want.
Shut up, here she comes.
- Have a nice day.|- You too.
- Be good.|- Goodbye.
Damn, I don't get it....|What was wrong with him?
Do you think I exaggerated too?
- It may have been a little too much, yes.|- Lasse?
For once I'd agree with Agneta.
What do you mean for once?|What the Hell to you mean?
- I heard it. But what do you mean?|- That I agreed with you this time.
- For once...|
Wait a minute.
- There's something I must explain.|- Good. What is really going on here?
Benny is a good cop,|but tends to exaggerate somethimes.
- He's really not like that.|- Do you think I'm stupid?
No, but you...
But we think what is happening is weird too.
Screw you...
It's good that you're here anyway.
Well, I thought that...
Well, I thought that what's happening|in the town is new for us too -
- and we're working on it, examining.
But then I thought something different;|if you'd like to go bowling.
Well, bowling, you know.|If you feel like it.
Actually I don't know.|See you.
- You.|- Yes?
I'll go with you.
- I'll just put on my shoes.|- They've bowling shoes in the bowling alley.
- I can't go down there bare-footed.|- No, of course not.
It's your turn.
I think that...| The first time we met -
- we had good contact with each other,|you laughed and so on.
So couldn't you laugh a bit while we're bowling?
I have a funny story.|Would you like to hear it?
It's actually extremely funny.
Okay, there's a farmer|who lives up by the church.
He has some sheep|that he wander around with...
Just wandering around with them.
Anyway... One day one of the sheep disappears -
- and when the priest goes there to...
No, by the way, that will not work.
You need to be from here to understand.|But it's extremely funny.
It's something about the look of the priest and so on.
Ohhh! Did you get hurt?
That's alright.|There has to be something wrong with the alley.
- It was almost a strike!|- How's the hand?
- It's not hurt.|- No, is it? Can I have a look.
- Does it hurt?|- A bit, but it'll pass. Let's continue.
- It doesn't look too good.|- It's fine.
- Sure?|- Yes.
- Now it's your turn.|- Okay.
Will it take long for it to heal up?
Keep this on for a couple of weeks,|then it'll probably soon be fine again.
Thanks a lot.
- How did it go?|- It's just a sprain.
Thanks for waiting.|That wasn't necessary.
I mean: It was nice of you to wait.
I'm fine.|Let me help you.
- No, I...|- I'll do it.
It was really weird,|something must have been wrong with the alley.
Since I slipped like that.
- Good, then we won.|- Very good.
- Well, I live here.|- Yes.
Anyway, thanks for the evening.| It was nice.
- It was lovely.|- Yes, don't you think so?
Yes, not this,|but it was fun...
Go home and practice.|So it will not happen again.
Goodnight then.|Sleep well.
- Sorry.|- No, I forgot it myself.
- Sleep well.|- Yes, you too.
- Goodnight.|- Goodnight.
I just want to say -
- I don't think it's particularly great|to come here to close the station.
I don't like to do it.|I want you to know that.
I understand you.|You're just trying to do your job...
It has a little to do with the job too.|I know that I was a little rough on you.
But I have to be, you know.
I don't know how to|tackle the situation otherwise -
- if I didn't kept my distance.|- I really understand what you mean.
Yes, okay...
I hope that you'll get a little sleep.
Okay. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.|- See you.
- See you. Sleep tight.|- Thanks. Bye.
Jump! Rabbit!
Rabbit! Hello.
"Is this the police"
- Yes, for some time at least.|- "I'm in the hunter's hut".
"I've kidnapped a child. I want a million for it".
Hello, hello, this is Håkan.
I got a call from a man who says|that he has kidnapped a child in the hunter's hut.
He sounded a bit crazy.
It would be nice if you drove there right away. Others|"that listen to this; please stay indoor".
"It may be dangerous,|there's weapons and stuff".
But you in radio car 1 and 2|"must go there right away".
We are there in three minutes.|Out.
Thanks, Rabbit, Dicken.
I'll stay here a little while longer,|I haven't quite finished yet.
There is a lot of things...
I would play "Rabbit" with Dicken,|and the the phone rang...
Get to the point, Håkan.
I'll tell in on the road.|Come on. Come!
- Do you see anything?|- Not a thing.
- What is this about?|- Let me handle it.
We want to co-operate,|but first we want to see the child!
Agneta, do we know anything, or...?
We want to co-operate,|but first we want to see the child!
- Do you know who it is?|- No. No.
- How many are there?|- I don't know.
I want a million,|or else Hell breaks loose!
Benny, can I borrow that thing?
Okay, but we need time to procure the money -
- and we want assurance|that nothing have happened to the child!
Fuck you.|There are no assurances here!
- I pump you full of lead.|- I'll pump you cops!
- That's enough your idiot, you sound like...|- That's enough, idiots!
- Do you know him?|- No.
Idiot, you shall not say this!
- We're going in!|- We're going in!
Cops! I want a million,|or all Hell breaks loose!
Mentally ill, exposes the child to great danger.|How fast can the special task force be here?
- Well... What do you think, Håkan?|- I really don't know!
- Contact Råberga.|- Should I call Anders, or...?
I'm calling from Högboträsk police station,|my name is Håkan.
This is Håkan|from Högboträsk police station.
We can't wait.|Cover me, I'm going in.
- No! Benny, wait!|- It doesn't go well.
Benny, come back!
I'm doing fine! I'm cool!
- What are we going to do now?|- Come here.
Stand there.
Benny, he's completely hopeless.|He was going to shoot himself.
It will not work, he's nervous.
- We should have picked someone else.|- Mike, shut up. Grab me.
Put the gun here.
Mike, relax, not now.
- Okay, put it in the table.|- I want my vodka bottle now.
Göran, do as I say.|Mike, come.
Okay, easy.
Okay, we're coming out!
I exchange myself with the child!|I exchange my self with the child!
Everything is under control, but we're still negotiating!
Just take it easy!
- How are they doing?|- It was action-packed in there.
Wait, the guy is in chock,|I'll take care of him.
- Is it just Benny and Göran in there?|- Yes, Göran was going to shoot himself.
- How will he get out of there?|- That's probably difficult...
- Did you see me? I was cool.|- Go home to your father, now.
- No, I want to see some action.|- Go home to your father!
- Are they on their way?|- Yes, they'll be here shortly.
- Who?|- The special task force.
They... I called Holmberg.
Breath. Take it easy.
- What's happening? What are you doing?|- Relax.
What do we have here?
- Why don't you say anything?|- I've thought about what you said.
You're right, I know|that I exaggerated in the forest.
So I thought of something more believable.|That they'll believe.
I know what I doing.
The entire special task force is on their way.|What are you going to do about that?
- Did you have contact?|- Yes, but he's mentally unstable.
Who the Hell is that?|Thank you guys. We'll take over from here.
Delta grouping! Now!
First group!|Reinholm! Alp!
Johnsson! Hay!
O Lord, so many police officers.
Second group! Fredriksson!|Åkesson! Pettersson! Get down there!
Are there supposed to be that many, Folke?
Reinholm! Alp! Johnsson!|The front!
Feucht! Djupan! Lindqvist!|Stay back!
Stay back as far as possible, Djupan!
What the Hell are you going to do now?| Well, you must have a plan...?
I'm thinking, okay?
A bit closer!|Thanks!
Good!|Hold your positions!
You've kidnapped a child,|you must know what to do.
I didn't know that all of those would show up.
You have a plan, you don't know a thing.
I do have a plan. You and Lasse|didn't even have a plan.
We had a really good plan.
- The shop, or...?|- Yes, a bit exaggerated, but good.
Why are you screaming?
Stop fighting!
Stop fighting!
What the Hell are you doing?|Make them stop!
A vodka and two fishing rods for this!
Make them quit now!|Stop!
Hold your fire!
What the Hell are you doing, giant idiot?|I've got one of my officers in there!
If you order to fire at one of|my officers again I'll kill you!
Everyone await new orders.|No weapons are to be fired!
Take it easy. Those things happens|when you're under pressure.
- Yes, there's quite some pressure right now.|- I understand.
What's your name?
- My name is Gunnar.|- My name is Håkan.
- Yes, but I should...|- Yes, I understand.
There's another matter, also.
You're the leader of a SWAT-team...
You fill out your waistcoat,|not just litterately...
You're competent.
You know, something is missing here.
You're missing a hug.
Take it easy, we're coming out of the house
I'm coming!|We're coming out of the house!
We're out of the house now!
Everybody wait.
Hi, Benny.
Hi, Benny.
Shit, they got some really cool waistcoats.
Hi, we're colleagues.|Everything's fine.
Everybody into the cars!|Get moving!
Ohhh, fuck it, fucking cotton dicks!
That was... I should get a vodka and a fishing rod too.
Now Hell breaks loose.
I should get a vodka and a fishing rod too.|Tell them that I haven't received them yet.
- What with the gear change.|- Easy with the gear. It hurts like Hell.
Into fourth.
Look ahead!
- What the Hell are you doing?|- It's a car chase.
There's nobody after us.
Where the Hell did you get your license, Benny?
What the Hell are you doing?
Look ahead! Look ahead!
Take it easy!
Take it easy!
- What has happened to you hair?|- Nothing.
- Nothing? You're god damn...|- Stop it.
- Do you wear a wig?|- I guess not...
Jacob, god damn,|don't tell anyone.
- No.|- Don't tell anyone.
Nobody's going to like me.
- Yes.|- No... I can't do a thing.
I don't want to be a cop anymore.
I can't even...|I'm so fucking bad.
I can't even drive a car proberly.
I'm just a bald egghead.
Benny, everyone likes you,|it's just a little late to talk about that now.
Damn, you look awful.|Bring your hair with you, we're leaving now.
- Where's the hair?|- There.
- Don't tell anyone, damn it...|- No, that's okay.
Jacob, god damn it, forget it.
Benny, I will.
Jacob, damn, wait.
Jacob, wait.
What the Hell?
Damn it, I've eaten something bad.
- I have to shit.|- Are you dumb? Come on.
- I can't help it.|- Damn it. We're being chased and you have to shit.
- Are you out of your mind?|- Stop it.
If I don't do it now,|I will while we're running. I have to.
Then shit!|Where's the keys by the way?
- In the car, I think.|- Damn it, in the car.
But help a bit, god damn it!
Hell.|Make me stand, god damn it.
Are there anything happening?
There's so fucking quiet.|Could you please sing something?
- Never.|- Please sing something.
Your eyes... On mine...|And the Moon...
God in London!
Okay, into the forrest, all of you!
Hurry! Hurry!|Easy and firmly! Get in, all of you!
- Do you have some paper?|- Are you stupid, or...?
- Can I borrow some of your bandage?|- Use your hair.
Okay. Here.
Come on.
Slacken the chain a bit.
I can't reach down there, god damn it. You're|at the flute up there. It must go to the butt.
Ouch, damn it, there are ants here.
I don't really know what to say.
The station are,|as you know, to be closed -
- and there's nothing I can do about it.
I've finished the report about the incidences that have happened in this town lately.
Can I ask: Is everything in the...?
Yes, everything is there.
- And our names...?|- Yes, but you've already asked about that.
Are we going to jail because of it?
We do like this.
I just want to wish you good luck with everything you have to do now.
Whatever it's going to be.
Then goodbye.
We just tried to change the statistics.
That's alright.
There's still a bit of kiwi cake in the kitchen if anyone would like some.
That's good, Dicken, go attack them now.
God damn it, we have to look at the bright side.|We still got each other.
What? No, I don't really know.
- Lasse, come on.|- What?
I've got an idea.
I know it may sound a little dumb.|It's actually rather good.
I think we should...
- No...|- It's fucking great.
Three month later
The Pizza Police.
Yes, they're on their way,|five minutes, ten at most.
60 crowns,|but I haven't got any change.
I must knead it proberly....
My dad has known how to do this for a 100 years.
These four are for someone called Pyk Jonsson.
- The adress?|- Wait a moment.
One Die Hard, One Scarface|and three Rambo with extra cheese.
- I'll do that.|- So many Rambo there has been today, unbelievable.
- Lasse, stop eating the cheese!|- I'm checking if it's fresh.
-Göran, dough!|- More dough!
... And a Scarface.|- The American Psycho...
- Does anyone order that?|- Rarely.
Maybe it's the name...
- What are you doing here?|- Well, I just came by.
I'm working for the food control now|and I'm here to close down the pizzeria.
- Too bad!|- Yes, very.
- It's just a joke.|- I see.
- Would you like a pizza?|- No, I do not dare to.
Sure you do, I know exactly which one you're going to have.
You'll have a "Jacob Special".
With extra cheese.
Okay, I'm not afraid of that.
Benny! Wake up, god damn it!
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